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Galveston County Daily News Header Believe it or not:
The IRS Scandal

June 30, 2014

This story is not just about lies, stonewalling and the willful destruction of possible evidence.  It is a story about arrogance and abuse of power at the highest levels. It is the story of an agency of the government that has the power to harass and intimidate every taxpayer in America being used by the administration for political purposes.  

Back in March of 2012 this information was first reported at a TEA Party-sponsored candidate’s forum in Beaumont when Bill (on information from his contacts in Washington) warned "Beware, the IRS is targeting TEA Party groups just like yours and if you haven't felt it yet, you will. This is a dangerous thing, not just for you, but for all Americans."  Most us in the race were surprised at his statement but some twenty-seven months later the entire country knows what Bill said is true. 

In the past month several new disclosures have come to light that are hard to believe.  The first is that the hard drive on Lois Lerner’s computer died and that all the emails that could shed light on her IRS-targeting activities had been lost with it.  Computer forensic experts will tell you that even information from crashed hard drives can be recovered.  Congress asked to physically examine Lerner's hard-drive. Then the IRS told them it had been recycled and was no longer available.  Keep in mind that the IRS had known for months that the hard drive had crashed but instead of telling Congress about it, they continued to say that all of the “Lerner emails” would be provided even though they now claim the copies of these emails no longer exist.

Most of us know that government computer files are backed up on servers.  Guess what, those backups were erased too!  How convenient!  But wait, it gets worse…not only did this happen to Lois Lerner’s emails during the time the IRS targeting was taking place, it happened to six other IRS officials who it just so happens may have been privy to what was going on.  Again, how convenient!

Do you remember what happened back in the Nixon Presidency when 18 minutes of audio tape were erased by his secretary?  The actions of Nixon led to his impeachment and ultimately his resignation.  Is it any wonder that people are starting to draw comparisons between the Watergate and IRS scandals?  Is there any wonder why people doubt the President’s statement that “there is not even a smidgen of corruption” at the IRS?

Again, this is about arrogance and abuse of power by a very powerful federal agency  that has the power to harass and intimidate every taxpayer in America, to fine them without going to court first, and to garnish their wages.

Earlier this year, we wrote a column suggesting that a federal sales tax might be a viable alternative to having an income tax.  We didn’t agree on all of the details but we did concur that doing away with an income tax and the IRS might be a good thing.  Given the IRS’s history of targeting groups that don’t agree with the political views of the Administration and their willingness to be less than forthcoming with Congress; perhaps it is time to look further into alternatives to having an income tax and dealing with the IRS.  Senator Cruz said as much in recent statements.  On this issue, we concur with our state’s junior senator! 

Mark, John and Bill