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November 24, 2014

We have a lot to be thankful for.  Every generation has struggles. There is always the clash between good and evil. There is the sting of death and the beauty of new life. We experience success and failure.  Sometimes the burden seems too much to bear and sometimes the joy is unspeakable. 

There are many concerns today: new diseases, a weak economy, rising costs, and seeming unending political wrangling in Washington, not to mention foreign dangers, ISIS, continued unrest in Gaza, and the renewed threat of Russian aggression. 

In the midst of seemingly increased deceit from many we have placed our trust and from enemies treating us wrong, it could be easy to be disheartened. It is vital to our well-being to reflect on what is good, what is right and what could have happened but turned out better.  There is always better if we only look for it.  We simply need to stir up an attitude of gratitude. 

This Thanksgiving take time to count your blessings like the Pilgrims did. They had experienced many deaths, they had come close to starvation and they were nervous about their relationships with their Native neighbors.  Half died in the first winter.  By fall, only four of the women were alive.  They were hungry.  Yet, at the beginning of another hard winter and after the last harvest for the year, they shared with their neighbors what they had.  The Natives shared, offering fish, game, and over time their knowledge of farming. 

In the early years, the Pilgrims saw little evidence of future success, yet faced that unknown with unshakeable faith. They simply made a decision to stop and take time in the middle of life's business to celebrate God's goodness. William Bradford, a pilgrim and governor, recorded much about the struggles and history of the Pilgrims. He stated the purpose of recording their journey was so "that the children may see with what difficulties their fathers wrestled...and how God brought them along notwithstanding all their weaknesses and infirmities. “

We encourage you this Thanksgiving to remember to hug those you love, forgive those who esteem you an enemy, bless those who curse you, and let all know you are thankful for them. Share your bounty with those nearby, and take time to say a prayer of thankfulness. It will raise your spirits and do your heart good.

John, Mark, and Bill