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The Decline of
American Leadership

April 27, 2015

"Nero fiddled while Rome burned."  Some believe he caused the fires to be set. Today the world is on fire. Christians are being singled out, robbed, chased from their homes, beheaded, burned alive, raped, and tortured by (fill in the blank _____________). We could say it’s by ISIS or ISIL or dozens of other names. Like the Hydra of Greek mythology it has more heads than the painters could paint. If you cut off one head, two grow in its place; this monster takes on a new name as soon as we get a handle on who we are against.

We are told again and again that Islam is a religion of peace and that their religion has been hijacked by radical elements.  We have been asked “If this is true, then where are the moderate voices?  Where are the Muslin voices that are repudiating the beheadings, the singling out of Christians and slaughtering of them?  Where are the Muslim relief agencies?  Are they helping Christians in the region?”  ISIS has even been killing many of its own members for not being radical enough and it’s ruling by fear and not with compassion or tolerance. 

Meanwhile some in Washington refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of this threat. Recent intelligence reports have surfaced that they even have a camp within ten miles of our southern border. Our President has taken token measures, firing cruise missiles at targets in the desert; with the same effect as a little boy stirring an ant bed with a stick.  But there doesn’t seem to be any grand strategy to deal with this very real threat.

We are not proposing U.S. Military action in foreign conflicts that don't affect our Security.  But the U.S. seems to be abdicating the leadership roll we have had since WWII; we are no longer defining what is acceptable in order to maintain free trade and worldwide stability.  With the absence of leadership in Washington the world is spinning out of control. Cities in the Middle East that we paid billions of dollars and American blood to free are now falling back into terrorist hands.

Warnings, by brave military leaders of what would happen if we gave the enemy a timeline for withdrawal or if we left too soon, were not heeded. Now we’re seeing daily the proof of what was predicted.  Time and again leaders were removed from their roles through scandal or other constant media assault. We don't condone the infidelities of our leaders, but we should all remember what it says in scripture… “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  Learning from our mistakes is a good thing and true repentance is available to all and is a good place to start!

Do you believe America is on the wrong path as we do?  Then it is time for you to become an activist!  Pray for our President and for the Congress.  Get involved in the political process.  Perhaps even consider running for office or supporting candidates who hold beliefs similar to yours.  Why? Because your voice is important!

John, Mark, and Bill