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The "Trump Phenomenon"

August 24, 2015

The process of picking a candidate for U.S. President is never neat or tidy.  Many citizens even though qualified; don’t vote.  They say things like, "Why should I?  My vote doesn't count.  Politicians promise to move the nation in a positive direction but once elected they do whatever they want."  

So the electorate becomes jaded and disillusioned -- hopeless that they can effect change. Many conservatives don’t vote because they can’t vote for “establishment Republicans” because many of their positions are the same as liberal Democrats.

Enter Donald Trump and the conversation changes. Some say he takes all the air out of the room but maybe he is actually breathing life into the process. We don’t support Trump, or any candidate for that matter, but the “Trump phenomenon” has people talking.  24 million people watched the first presidential debate of 2015 over 20 million more than watched the first Republican debate in 2012 campaign. 
The truth is there’s no perfect candidate and anyone who has Trump's notoriety, money and success will have baggage, mistakes and enemies as well.  His brashness/candor is lampooned and attacked but welcomed by many people on the street.  It has been said he seems to defy political gravity.  How can this be?

When attacked, he doesn't cower or apologize; he fires back. Americans cheer for the underdog and they like a fighter who stands up for what he believes.  Issues like unchecked illegal immigration and spending money we don’t have are issues that strike a harmonic chord with most Americans.  

The Republican Party has promised time and again to fight for conservative values and yet once elected they don’t live up to their promises.  Trump, Walker and Cruz have taken on Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) for this very reason.

Trump tells things the way he perceives them, even when he knows those listening may not like what he has to say.  He scares the “establishment” in both parties because he doesn’t play by their rules, thereby appealing to a broader base than either party. The American people want a President who has a plan and who will do what he/she says.  Trump is one of several Republican candidates who at least has a plan. 

One thing that concerns us about Trump was his response to the question if he’d support whomever the party nominates and if he’d agree not to run as a third party candidate.  Depending upon who is finally chosen as the Republican nominee, we can understand his unwillingness to endorse the final nominee, but running as a third party candidate is to allow the Democrats to win just like Ross Perot did before him.

We don’t endorse anyone at this point, but Trump has certainly broadened the political conversation.  Maybe some of Trump’s ideas are needed to pull America out from its fear induced “Political Correctness.” 

John, Mark and Bill

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