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We The People:
Demanding Their Nation Back!

March 21, 2016

During this election cycle we’ve witnessed real anger from the electorate.  People are fed up with voting for candidates who, once elected, do whatever they want.  Seeing that over 90% of incumbents get reelected, many elected officials haven’t felt threatened, until now!  Many of them are starting to feel the heat from the wrath of voters.

For example, those who promised never to vote to fund ObamaCare turned around and did so as part of the omnibus spending bill. Now they are discovering they cannot have it both ways because the American people are waking up!  Business as usual is no longer the rule of the day. 

One of the latest examples of anger was exhibited in Chicago when thousands of people protested at a Trump rally.  The problem, which was not reported by many of the mainstream media outlets, is that the protesters were organized by George Soros’ left wing group, MoveOn.Org.  Their goal was to shut down Donald Trump and they were successful! 

Those who came to hear Trump, some of whom had traveled many miles and stood in line for hours just to have an opportunity to see him in person didn’t get the chance and that, rightfully, upset them!  When the leftwing protestors provoked the Trump supporters violence resulted. 

Was Trump to blame? Partially!  Remarks about a Nevada Heckler “… I’d like to punch him in the face,” and unsubstantiated reports that one of his campaign staff struck a Breitbart reporter have done little to further the discussion of real issues and, at least in the last example, an apology -- that has yet to come to the reporter -- is in order.

Although the Three Musketeers are not supporting Trump, we all agree that it’s sad to see organized groups like moveon.org are out there creating mischief and trying to close down rallies.  When a rally is closed down it adversely impacts all of our rights to free speech.  The only defense of free speech is more free speech.  Shutting a candidate up is a tactic that clearly means those who want to shut the candidate down, really have nothing to say.

As many of you know, in 2012 Mark, John and I ran, along with six others, for the Congressional seat vacated by Ron Paul.  With very few exceptions, the campaigns were run with respect toward each other. We stuck to the issues. It was out of that campaign that new friendships were formed and, in fact, it was because of one of these friendships that three of us came together back in 2013 to start writing these weekly columns.

Angry rhetoric, especially without substance, has no place in campaigns and yet it’s commonplace these days.  Speaking to the issues, being truthful, developing trust, and keeping promises are important to campaigns!  Our advice to candidates at the national and local level…?  Keep it civil, keep it on the issues, and always remember, it’s never about you, it’s always about those you seek to represent!

Bill, Mark and John

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