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The Vice Presidential Debate
A Lesson in Manners

October 10, 2016

Vice Presidential debates are watched by small audiences.   Most people don’t focus on the number two guys.  Because the Vice President is just one heartbeat away from the Presidency we shouldn’t skip over the opportunity to consider the VP choices.
For those who watched Senator Kaine (D-VA) and Governor Pence (R-IN) “debate” last Tuesday, perhaps you were surprised. What we witnessed was a display of outright rudeness.  According to ABC news the Democrat nominee (Kaine) interrupted the Republican nominee (Pence) over seventy times, including 27 times in the first thirty minutes.

When a person interrupts it’s saying several things.  First, that the interrupter has no manners.  Second, it’s saying the interrupter feels he, and what he has to say, is more important than anybody else in the room.  Even the moderator lost control and couldn’t shut up the Democratic Party’s nominee. Third, it’s saying the interrupter isn’t listening, only thinking about himself and what he will say next.   How egotistical and downright rude is that? But that is exactly what we witnessed on Tuesday evening.  We were faced with one well behaved, well reasoned candidate on one hand and another who wanted to talk regardless of what anybody wanted to hear or whether anybody was listening. 

When the three of us ran for Congress back in 2012 we never acted like this.  None of our six other opponents did either!   It never occurred to any of us to act in such a manner.  We respected each other and that respect turned into friendships which led to the three of us penning these weekly columns for you for over three years now.

But, in case you missed the debate here are some of the key points.

  • Paying Taxes:  Kaine claimed Trump doesn’t support the military, teachers, and schools because he didn’t pay taxes for a number of years.  Pence noted Trump’s multiple-billion dollar loss one year and that just because Trump took the legally allowed deductions until he could get his feet back on the ground it didn’t mean he doesn’t support the military, teachers, etc.

  • The Economy:   Pence said reducing taxes (such as the corporate tax rate) will spur investment and bring companies and jobs back from overseas.  This is what Canada did (going from 28% to 15%) and it resulted in a major revenue gain for Canada and its economy.  Pence said the goal is also to reduce government regulations which will spur economic growth and create jobs.  Kaine contended the Trump tax relief is only for the rich.

  • Foreign Policy: Kaine said the Hillary/Obama team has the foreign policy experience, touting the nuclear agreement with Iran.  Pence pointed to the killing of the U.S. ambassador and three others in Benghazi and that the nuclear deal will allow Iran to continue on its path toward becoming a nuclear weapons power; all of which happened during Hillary Clinton’s watch!
The Hillary/Kaine team is living in a universe of failed policies.  The Trump/Pence team is discussing the right issues!

Bill, Mark and John



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