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The Republican Candidates in Galveston County

County Judge: Candidate Mark Henry Judge John Ellisor, 122 Judicial District Court (incumbent)  
Commissioner Pct. 2: Candidate Kevin O'Brien Judge Galveston County Court #1: Candidate John Grady  
County Clerk: Candidate Dwight Sullivan Judge Galveston County Court #2:Candidate Barbara Roberts  
Galveston District Attorney: Candidate Jack Roady Judge Galveston Probate Court: Candidate Kim Sullivan  
District Clerk: Candidate Jason Murray    
Commissioner Ken Clark [Incumbent]    
County Treasurer, Kevin Walsh [Incumbent]    
Representative Larry Taylor, District 24 [Incumbent]    
Representative: Candidate Gary Wilsion    

Candidate for County Judge: Mark Henry

Mark Henry, Candidate for Galveston County Judge

It is time for a New Era in Galveston County. We need to stop playing political games like telling the voters we are holding the line on taxes by keeping the tax rate down when we know full well their property tax bill will go up because of increased appraisal values.

Let’s be honest, roll up our sleeves and be about the business of delivering quality services to our citizens in an efficient and cost effective manner!

Visit Mark's Website

Mark Henry's Vision for Galveston County First, we’re struggling with the highest tax rate and debt load in our County’s history and we must get this under control.  As an Air Force reservist, I was sent to a school specifically designed to identify and eliminate waste in government operations.  I hope to be the first County Judge to bring these skills to this office, implement the cost-cutting measures I learned and reduce your tax rate.

Next, we need to ensure professional and reliable law enforcement.  More support for our first line of protection to include the implementation of an airborne unit, paid for almost exclusively by the federal government.  With a background in this federal program, I can implement this aerial support and other within two years.

Finally, with the tax rate lowered and the best law enforcement in the state, we will attract new industry and development and broaden our tax base.  I’ll install a “red-tape cutter” to help any business wanting to locate in Galveston County, or any existing business that’s getting bogged down in bureaucracy.

Experienced in Disaster Management: As a reservist, Henry volunteered to work at the New Orleans Airport after Hurricane Katrina, and volunteered to work with the Texas Air National Guard at Ellington Field after Hurricane Ike.

“I have seen first-hand that there is room for improvement in the way government at every level responds to natural disasters. I was on Galveston Island the day after Ike passed," Mark Henry said. "I would like to see the government services required in a natural disaster to be pro-active and less reactionary."

Experienced Business Owner: As a business owner, I have built or rebuilt several businesses into successful operations.

“The operation at Galveston Airport was just hanging on when I bought it in 1995. I cut costs, practically overnight, and kept the business alive,” Mark Henry said.

As a business owner, I am very disciplined about adhering to a budget. I believe politicians are all too willing to look to tax payers for budget shortfalls. Not only will I ensure the County lives within its means, I will always be looking for ways to reduce the budget and still deliver quality service to the citizens of Galveston County.

In addition to a property management company, Henry owns Talon Air, a helicopter company based out of Dickinson. Talon Air is an authorized vendor to the United Stated Government and Department of Defense for various aircraft and defense related parts.

Candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 2: Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien, Candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 2

Vote for the only candidate in Precinct 2 Commissioner's race (Kevin O'Brien) that has the conservative, business, and management experience to be your County Commissioner.


Kevin is an independent businessman who makes a payroll every week and faces the challenges of running a business along with providing for a family.

He knows you are as angry and frustrated as he is about the direction our country is going. On the top of his list of concerns are: the continued illegal immigration and out-sourcing of American jobs – both causing high unemployment; the Cap & Tax Energy Bill – costing every household $1500 a year; the Government seizure of the American Automobile industry; and the total Government takeover of the American health care system.

"When the proverbial Rome in our country and county is burning, most of our elected officials do nothing but make the problems worse," Kevin says.  "I said that so you would recognize that I understand the problems we are facing as a country – and that I believe government cannot, and was never meant to, solve all our problems. But let me also share my heart with you that we as neighbors and community members can work together to solve our local issues – including immigration, taxing issues, and local health care. Most of our current officials fiddle and the County burns, costing you more money," he concluded.

Please let me be up front with you. I do not have all the answers. But my business experience and conservative philosophy will allow me to make decisions based on good common sense judgment.  It is time to put big government on a short leash. We must cut expenses and not raise taxes. The solution is that simple. I ask that you vote for me in November, I will not let you down!

Kevin O'Brien has been endorsed by Galveston Tax Collector-Assessor Cheryl Johnson, Constable Jimmy Fullen and former County Commissioner  Eddie Janek.

Candidate for County Clerk: Dwight Sullivan

Dwight Sullivan, Republican Candidate for Galveston County Clerk

Dwight is a low key kind of guy who quietly and efficiently gets the job done for you and for me. He has made a positive impact in the Treasurer’s office, now it is time to let him do the same as the County Clerk! 

Visit Dwight's Website

Dwight's Vision for the County Clerk's Office Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t file documents electronically instead of having to travel to the Island, go through security and then standing in line?  Many have asked this very question and it is time for the Clerk’s Office to modernize its approach to public service, and improve efficiency.  Electronic services need to be expanded giving the public better access to public records. Doing this will not only help the citizens of Galveston County, it will also help the Clerk’s employees work smarter and quicker.   I am tired of seeing an attitude of “business as usual” in some parts of our County Government.  If you elect me as the next County Clerk, I promise never to forget who you elected me to serve, you the citizens of the county!

In the Elections Division we need to make sure that honesty and integrity are the standard by which we operate.  Under my administration there will be no more publishing in the Daily News that the “public testing” of the vote counting equipment will be held on a Saturday when the building is locked and closed so that the public cannot observe!  There will be no more announcing this testing will be held on a specific day at a specific time and then doing the actual testing on another day because the Clerk’s Office was not able to successfully test the equipment on the day it publicly announced.  Complete transparency must be the rule and not the exception!  The voters of our County need to have complete confidence in the integrity of the election, something that lacking in the current management of the Election Division.   I intend to improve the management of this division if you elect me to be the next County Clerk.

His Experience Dwight Sullivan has worked as the Assistant County Treasurer for the past eight years and has had the privilege of working for Kevin C. Walsh, CPA, Galveston County Treasurer, for the past seven years. It was during this time that Dwight distinguished himself as a leader in the use of new and existing technologies to maximize efficiencies. This has led to the annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars to County taxpayers.

Dwight has played a major role in overseeing the investment portfolio of the County. He has managed cash and investments in excess of $150 million dollars of taxpayer funds.  In the FY 2010 budget hearings it was recently said that the work of the County Treasurer's office have resulted in possibly the highest investment yield of any County in the United States. Dwight has overseen the payroll of Galveston County's nearly 1300 employees and election workers. In addition, he has streamlined, through innovation and efficiencies in technology, the printing and distribution of thousands of checks weekly.

Dwight has a degree in Business Management from Texas Tech University and holds the designation of C.I.O., Certified Investment Officer.

Candidate for Galveston District Attorney: Jack Roady

Jack Roady, Candidate for Galveston County District Attorney

Jack is a no nonsense kind of guy, an experienced professional who listens and looks for ways to improve over the status quo.

Visit Jack's Website

Jack's Vision for the District Attorney's Office Jack Roady is committed to restoring public confidence in the District Attorney’s Office.  He will work to reduce the alarming case dismissal and employee turnover rates.  He will focus on training, equipping and supporting his staff to effectively and aggressively prosecute criminals and protect the citizens of Galveston County. 

His Experience Jack is a career trial and appellate prosecutor with ten years’ service in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, handling thousands of cases in the third largest county in the country.  He attended Texas A&M University at Galveston, earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas, and graduated with honors from the University of Houston Law Center.

The Motivation Jack and his wife are raising their four children in Galveston County – this is their home,  and Jack cares about our community. He serves on the Boards of the Santa Fe Lions Club, West Galveston County Interfaith Caring Ministries, the Christian Legal Society, and the Crisis Pregnancy Support Center in Texas City. 

Endorsements Jack has already been endorsed by the Texas City Municipal Police Association, the Santa Fe Police Officer’s Association, the Dickinson Police Officer’s Association, and the Galveston Municipal Police Association.

Candidate for District Clerk: Jason Murray

Jason Murray, Candidate for Galveston County District Clerk

Young, energetic and dedicated to fixing the neglect that has plagued the District Clerk's Office, Jason Murray is a man who will focus delivering quality service to the people of Galveston County.

Visit Jason's Website

Jason's Vision for the District Clerk's Office I want to lead the District Clerk’s office into the 21st Century – streamlining processes and making systems more efficient. Here are four things I would do if elected:

  • I will implement systems that are user-friendly and efficient;
  • I will work with Commissioner’s Court to implement an online filing system that allows real-time filing and reduces the number of workers needed to get the job done;
  • I will reconcile the office finances.  It is shocking to learn that a recent audit found that over 6 percent of the trust accounts were in some form of misreport; and
  • I will never forget that you have elected me to serve you. You are our clients. You are the people who place your trust in us and that you expect nothing less than a full court press to improve the efficiency of the office.

I believe that by making these improvements we can improve our service to the public while also improving the morale in the District Clerk's Office. 

Jason's Background and Experience: He is a native Texan born in Houston in 1974.  He served as a police officer in Harris County from 1998 until 2006 when he left to pursue a law degree. Jason is a 2009 graduate of South Texas College of Law where he earned his Doctorate of Jurisprudence.  He is married to Jane Murray, an attorney in private practice. 

Prior to leaving the Sheriff’s Office, Jason was chosen by his peers to serve as president of the Harris County Deputies Organization making him the youngest ever to serve in that role.  Jason has remained a reserve officer and holds a master peace officer license. 

The Murrays have one child, Ryan who attends intermediate school in League City, where their family resides.


Galveston County Treasurer Kevin Walsh (incumbent)

Galveston County Treasurer, Kevin Walsh

The County's "Banker"
Kevin Walsh, Treasurer

Kevin's Website

As the County Treasurer, Kevin is the Chief custodian of the County's finances. You could call him the County's "Banker!"

Galveston County has a budget exceeding $100 million which involves thousands of transactions each month. Kevin has worked hard to modernize and streamline the payment of these transactions without jeapodizing the security and stability of the county's finances. For example, when Kevin took office in 2003 the county employees were getting paid by payroll checks. Today most, if not all, are paid by direct deposit.

As we enter 2011, the county will be negotiating a new bank contract to invest County funds (your tax dollars). This will requre vast knowledge of County finances as well as bankiing relationships built over the past eight years. Kevin has negotiated the two prior contracts which have earned the county over $30 million dollars since he took office.

"I have implemented numerous programs that have streamlined the Treasurer's office," Walsh said. "This included the electronic submission of deposits, automated check printing of accounts payable, jury payments and Tax Office refunds. These and other efforts have helped me to cut staff positions, saving taxpayer dollars, and to always submit and maintain a balanced budget."

Judge John Ellisor, 122 Judicial District Court (incumbent)

Judge John Ellisor
Justice, accountability, equal treatment of all people and common sense application of the law form the foundation of my judicial approach.

Visit John's Website

Judge John Ellisor was elected judge of the 122nd District Court in November 2002 in a contested election. Then in November 2006 he was re-elected with no opposition. Now he is seeking re-election in November 2010 again in a contested race.

A Galveston County native, Ellisor has experience working in the legal system since 1976; with 18 months as a correctional officer, 8 years as a juvenile probation officer, 17 years as an attorney and eight years serving as a district judge.

“Presiding over a busy general jurisdiction court is a challenging and rewarding position in which I am honored to be serving the citizens of Galveston County. Justice, accountability, equal treatment of all people and common sense application of the law form the foundation of my judicial approach. I welcome your support for re-election as Judge this November 2nd. Your vote is important!”

Judge Ellisor is endorsed by:
• Galveston County Deputy Sheriffs Association
• Galveston Municipal Police Officers Association
• Dickinson Police Officers Association
• Santa Fe Police Officers Association
• Texas City Police Officers Association
• League City Police Officers Association


Candidate for Judge, Galveston County Court at Law #1: John Grady

John Grady, Candidate for Judge, County Court #1

Believes in a conservative common sense approach to the law; not activism but just applying the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.

Visit John's Website

John Grady's Vision for County Court at Law #1: My goal is to bring conservative common sense to the Court. All cases before the Court deserve to be heard fairly and impartially, free of political influence and intimidation. Repeat offenders will be held accountable and the revolving door at the Galveston County Jail will be closed. I am a firm believer  in the RULE OF LAW  and the U. S. Constitution.  The judicial branch provides checks and balances of power for the President and the Legislature. As judge, I promise to interpret, apply, and enforce the laws of Texas.

My experience as a prosecutor, probation officer, and civil law practitioner has given me the ability to be tough on crime and lawsuit abuse while effectively presiding over the diverse types of cases presented to County Court Number 1.

Experience: John is a lifelong conservative with a strong background in law enforcement.  He served as a Probation Officer in Harris County prior to attending law school. Licensed to practice law for over 12 years now, John is currently serving as Chief of the Misdemeanor Division at the Brazoria County District Attorney's Office. Prior to re-entering public service, John worked with his wife Patricia at the Law Offices of Vargas-Grady and Grady, litigating a wide variety of cases throughout southeast Texas for over eight years.

John is a member of Galveston Rotary, Texas District and County Attorney's Association, the National Rifle Association, the Galveston Rifle and Pistol Club, Galveston Pachyderms and Galveston Republican Network.

Candidate for Judge, Galveston County Court #2: Barbara Roberts

Barbara Roberts Candidate for Judge, Galveston County Court #2

If you want a better judicial system, a judge with broad trial and appellate experience and a judge concerned about your community, on November 2, 2010, you will want to vote for Barbara for Judge, Galveston County Court No. 2.

Visit Barbara's Website


Barbara's Vision for Galveston County Court #2 I want to have our courts be a place where proper justice is delivered in a timely manner. Here are some of the things I will do if elected to this position:

  • I will rule on dispositive motions quickly and efficiently.  I am aware of the frustration and hardship imposed on attorneys and their clients when those motions go unaddressed by the Court for many months;
  • I will not delay ruling on simple motions or deciding tough issues when those issues are properly addressed by the parties;
  • I will ensure that cases go to trial as quickly as practicable.  I will not tolerate avoidable delays that keep cases in pre-trial for two or more years;
  • I believe plea agreements are essential to the efficient administration of justice.  However, I will accept plea agreements only when the punishment fits the crime!

Her Experience: She has 18 years experience as a trial and appellate attorney in state and federal courts; she has served as a Mediator; she was the City Attorney for Galveston; and prior to this she served as the Assistant City Attorney and Prosecutor for the City of Galveston. Barbara has served as a briefing attorney in the Fourteenth Court of Appeals; a member of the State Bar grievance committee; and she is a Life Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation and a member of the State Bar College.

Barbara has a history of also dealing with issues in our county that are outside the legal system. She has served as a member of Galveston City Council; served on two charter review committees; the Finance committee; the Industrial development committee; the Zoning board of adjustment; the Ethics Commission; and, as a member of the Board Member, Houston-Galveston Area Council.

Candidate for Judge, Galveston County Probate Court: Kim Sullivan

Candidate Kim Sullivan for Probate Court, Galveston"Experienced and Innvoative"

Visit Kim's Website

Kim's vision for the Galveston County Probate Court is to bring the Court into the 21st century. "We need to create a more streamlined process for setting court dates, putting your tax dollars to work in an efficient manner," she said.

Her Experience: Kim is the only candidate who has actually worked in the Galveston County Probate Court.  As the former Probate Court Investigator she knows how this Court runs and what needs to be fixed!

Additionally, Kim is a Member of the College of the State Bar of Texas, and a former Assistant District Attorney.  She is currently in private practice, emphasizing probate law.  Professionalism through education, trial experience and private practice in probate, family and criminal law make her the most qualified candidate.

Strong family values, compassion, and dedication in personal and business life will allow Kim to get the job done honestly, fairly, and in a timely manner. 

Kim has been endorsed by numerous Police Associations in Galveston County and is committed to serving the public in a positive, efficient manner. 


County Commissioner Precinct 4, Ken Clark [Incumbent]

Commissioner Ken Clark

"I feel as you do that you can spend your money better than the government can!"

Ken Clark

Commissioner Clark is running unopposed
but we are including his information here
for you as a service to the voters:

Cut spending, don't raise taxes.

Ken voted against the six cent tax increase for socialized medicine.

He supported split pay option for taxes, and will fight for fair and equitible redistricting.


Texas House of Representatives, District 24: Larry Taylor [Incumbent]

Representative Larry Taylor, District 24 of the Texas House

Larry's Website

As your State Representative since 2002, I have worked to lower taxes, keep government from growing, and protect your Constitutional rights.  Below are just a few of the most recent actions I have taken to represent your interests.

  • Supported proof of U.S. citizenship (ID) in order to vote in an election

  • Supported protection of your right to carry a concealed hand gun

  • Supported relief for small businesses under the state franchise tax

  • Supported Texas’ sovereignty under the U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment

  • Supported property tax reforms to empower homeowner’s

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