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Budget Cuts & the Fiscal Cliff
The Time for Truth is Upon Us!

Source: MinuteManNews.com

If done well, an image can say a thousand words. The Heritage Foundation shows us what Obama has in mind when he talks about a “balanced” plan. [See image right]

This chart, while horrifying and visually powerful, actually understates the case against Obama. The President is not proposing to cut spending by $400 billion. He's only proposing to reduce future spending growth by that amount. In other words, his "spending cut" is only a cut if you play the dishonest DC game of measuring "cuts" against a baseline of ever-expanding government.

To give you an idea of what this really means, here's a chart [below] showing the CBO projection of what will happen to spending if the budget is left on autopilot. That's the blue line. The red line, by contrast, shows the impact of Obama's supposed $400 billion cut. Feel free to pull out a magnifying glass to examine the difference between the two lines because there don't seem to be any!
Heritage Foundation Graphic of the Obama Fiscal Cliff

Obama's proposed cuts actually increase spending!I remember when I use to live in McLean, Virginia, and was chair of the McLean Citizens Association Budget Committee. Time after time governmental agencies would come in claiming that they were making budget cuts. The truth, however, was that they were not cutting the budget. They were only cutting the amount of their requested increase in spending.

The Fairfax County school system was a master at doing this and they didn't like it one bit when we called them on it. But that was small potatoes to what we are facing now. We need people representing us who will tell the truth and hold people accountable.