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Raising Taxes on "the Rich" will pay for
Less Than Ten Days of Government Spending!
The Fiscal Cliff: Some Facts You May Want to Know and a Strategy

With all the discussion these days about the "fiscal cliff" and raising taxes on "the rich" it might be worth noting a few facts on the subject.

First of all, even with all the hype about raising taxes on the rich, the truth is that even if this does happen (and it looks as though it may) it will scarcely scratch the surface of solving the government's financial problems. The truth is that increasing the amount of tax revenue received from the top two percent will just about pay for operating our government for ten days! So then, where is the government going to find the money to run itself for the remaining 355 days of the year?
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What we are seeing in Washington and in the press is about politics and not economics. What the rich pay is a drop in the bucket. It is folks like you and me who are paying the bills in Washington and it is high time that those in D.C. start paying attention to business! That means start paying attention to the "debt crisis" and stop allowing the staggering and unprecedented deficits taken on by the Obama Administration. No other administration in history has ever finished the year with a trillion-dollar debt and this administration did it in just one year!

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If you have been reading various articles on this Website or heard what I was saying when I ran for Congress in the Primary, you know that there is one strategy that will work with this administration, but it will take courage, a disregard for whether a Member of Congress will get reelected, and require that our elected representatives to be statesmen not politicians. It means being courageous enough to make right decisions and letting the chips fall where they may.

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Here is the strategy:
All revenue measures must start in the House of Representatives. The Republicans control the House. So simply stop funding programs like ObamaCare. Fund everything else, but not this program.

Do you remember the "Hyde Amendment" prohibiting the use of Federal funds for abortion? That amendment was put on every Health and Human Services (HHS) appropriation bill that passed the House. The House could put a similar "Hyde-type" amendment on appropriation bills essentially cutting off funding for specific programs. For example they could do that with the HSS and Treasury appropriations bills denying the use of Federal funds for implementing, administering, or enforcing ObamaCare. If the Senate removed the prohibition, the House could refuse to accept the Senate version when they conference the two different versions of the bill.

If the two houses could not agree, then it is highly likely that they would attempt to pass a continuing resolution (CR) to keep these agencies funded. If that were to occur, then the House should add their "Hyde-type" amendment language to the CR, essentially allowing the agencies to continue to operate but not allowing funds to be spent on ObamaCare.

The Senate and certainly the President would not accept such a measure. But the time has come to play hardball. The House would not be shutting down all of HHS and Treasury. In our example, it would only cutting off funding for certain programs within those two agencies. If the Senate and the President are not willing to go along with the will of the House, then it would be they, and not the House of Representatives that is responsible (in this example) for shutting down these two agencies.

Of course, were this to occur, it is highly likely that the President, the Democrats, and the mainstream media would attack the House of Representatives and claim that the House is responsible for shutting down the government. As I said, it is time to play hardball, to stop being politicians and start being statesmen. They need to do what is right and let the chips fall where they may!

As Captain Mancuso said to John Ryan in the movie Hunt for Red October, the problem with playing chicken is knowing when to flinch. Unfortunately the Republican leadership in the House has never learned when to hold firm. So now that we have elected people to send to Congress it is time to hold their feet to the fire! Keep them accountable! If someone in Washington doesn't start taking on responsibility and acting responsibly we may soon find ourselves in the situation that Greece finds itself, and most of us do not want that.


February 6, 2013