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A Letter to His Representative -- One Man's Opinion

Source: Tom Perry, a letter from his son

Representative Gingrey,

In light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook this past month, you will surely be confronted with a cavalcade of new anti-gun legislation.  I'm sure I don't need to remind you that the Second Amendment as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights, is not out-moded or outdated, nor should it be subject to knee-jerk reactions to acts of evil men.  The bill of rights was indeed a well thought out, and precious gift from our forefathers, and the second amendment is in fact what gives the bills of rights any teeth at all. How can I refuse an unlawful search and or seizure with out a weapon?  

Please consider that this Second Amendment was not installed to ensure hunters, and competitors could enjoy their hobby freely.  Better yet remind yourself and your colleagues that the Second Amendment was written into our Constitution to deter tyranny from ever reaching our shores again.  I realize emotions are high, but the random act of a mentally deranged or purely evil person, should not deprive me of defending myself from oppression... in any form! History shows, without a doubt, governments are quite efficient at oppression.  Any new gun legislation that even hints at: registration, limits of magazine capacity, or banning the manufacture, sale or transfer, should be rejected out of hand.

Why do I need this type of weaponry? Because if its good enough for the government to have, then its is good enough for me and my fellow citizens to have to oppose any enemy foreign or domestic.  This government serves at the pleasure of the people, and therefore should not be able to stack the deck further, in an already lopsided arms race with its own people.  Please Vote NO  to any of this "common-sense-gun-laws" non-sense.  Let's focus on the root cause of this evil, and not blame inanimate objects.  Lets put criminals behind bars and enhance the people's ability to protect themselves, and find help for the mentally ill.  Let's pull our heads out of the sand and take a realistic approach to securing our schools...which might actually include the best thing to stop an active shooter....another man with a gun!  A righteous warrior, on site, armed and willing to defend the innocent is the best defense, and we as a country need to embrace this, not reject it, because it is uncomfortable.  Please do the right thing...the American thing, and say no to any new restrictions on our precious Second Amendment.


Brandon Perry