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From July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

December 31: The Epoch Times: An interview with Rick Green [Constitutional Attorney and
former Texas State Representative] about the Louie Gohmert lawsuit
This 40 minute video is not only a history lesson on Electoral College disputes – including Jefferson, Nixon, and Gore – but it also lays out several things that could happen on January 6th when the Electoral College meets in Washington, DC to count the votes for President.  One of the issues discussed is if the Constitution limits one vote per state when the House of Representatives is selecting a president, does it also limit the votes on selecting electors from the several battleground states to one vote per state?  Or is it a majority vote of the 435 members of the House?  Well worth your time to view this video.

December 31: The Epoch Times: Ruling on Gohmert lawsuit could alter the counting
of elector’s votes on January 6th
A federal judge’s decision in the lawsuit filed against Vice President Mike Pence by a fellow Republican could substantially alter how the events unfold when Congress convenes for a joint session on Jan. 6 to count the Electoral College votes, according to Constitutional expert Rick Greene.  While the main thrust of the lawsuit filed by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is to clarify how much authority Pence will have over the counting of the electoral votes, the case also seeks a court determination on how Congress should vote when objections are raised over a slate of electors – such as is expected over seven states with dualling slates of electors in the 2020 election. The lawsuit specifically challenges the constitutionality of a provision in the Electoral Count Act which the lawsuit argues attempts to override the Constitution’s Twelfth Amendment, which directs the House to vote by state delegations rather than via individual members.  It is clear that if nobody gets 270 electoral votes that the matter goes to the House where each state gets one vote.  Gohmert lawsuit says if the only direction given by the Constitution is that each state get one vote, that the same should apply to the acceptance or rejection of electors.  If that is found to be the case, then it will be a “game changer” since the Republicans have a majority of the states, not the members. At least 25 House members plan on challenging the electoral votes.  Objections are filed in writing and must have support from at least one member of each chamber. If they do, they trigger a two-hour debate and a vote by the House of Representatives and the Senate. How that vote is to be conducted could be decided by the judge in the Gohmert case.

December 31: Inside Scoop Politics: Cover Blown: Georgia election equipment
hacked on live TV during hearing
Virtually every election ‘expert’ that you’ve heard from on mainstream media has told you that Dominion voting machines are not able to be connected to the internet. They’ve discounted anyone saying vote switches that occurred saying evidence is sketchy. They’ve said, “it’s not even possible to hack a voting system”.  Guess what? They lied, and they got caught!  Worse yet, they got caught on live TV during a Georgia Senate hearing.  Jovan Pulitzer, American inventor shocked everyone when he said his team had hacked one of the polling stations and was communicating in real time with the machines and documenting the traffic. It was receiving data and sending data to the machines conducting the Senate runoff election. At that very moment.   This poses quite a problem for the Dominion folks as well as Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and other election officials who have testified there could be no connection to the machines because they are not online.  The Dominion executive who testified said they were unable to connect, despite witness testimony that they were connected to the internet during the November 3rd election.  Following this devastating testimony, the Georgia Senate Subcommittee voted to audit the absentee ballots of Fulton County, GA.

December 31: The Epoch Times: Meanwhile on Monday a Georgia court will hear an
emergency petition calling for an inspection of Fulton County absentee ballots 
The Superior Court of Fulton County is set to hear a petition Monday from a group of Georgian voters demanding a “forensic inspection” of mail-in-ballots in the county’s Nov. 3rd presidential election.   Garland Favorito, one of the petitioners, said “That includes those processed at State Farm Arena and those that auditors detected as potentially fraudulent.”  The petitioners are seeking to visually inspect all Fulton County’s mail-in ballots, rescan them for a forensic exam, and obtain electronic copies of the Dominion ballot images and standard election reports. Questions arose after security camera footage showed workers processing ballots on election night after observers were sent home and which showed suitcases, purportedly holding tens of thousands of ballots, being taken out from underneath a skirted table by a group of workers, who appeared to be scanning the same batches of ballots repeatedly after poll watchers and media were told counting was done for the day.  Digital ID systems inventor Jovan Pulitzer said his team could detect within hours whether whole batches of scanned ballots were discarded because of equipment issues and then rescanned or whether they were just rescanned and recounted.  He also said they would be able to determine whether these ballots were folded or counterfeited; whether they were filled out by a human hand; and whether they were batch-fed continually over and over.  Biden is ahead in Georgia by about 12,000 votes.

December 31: The Epoch Times: UK ends long journey to BREXIT with economic break from the EU
The United Kingdom completed its split from the European Union on Thursday.  Britain formally exited the EU’s single market and customs union as the transition period expired at 23:00 GMT, and began trading with the 27-member political and economic bloc under the new free trade agreement reached on Christmas Eve.  The split comes 11 months after the UK formally left the EU on Jan. 31, 2020—three and a half years after the UK public voted to leave the EU in a 2016 referendum.

December 31: NewsMax.com: U.S. rattles PRC cage as two warships transit
the Taiwan (Formosa) Straits

China accused the U.S. of staging a show of force by sailing two Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday morning.  The Navy said the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers USS John S. McCain and USS Curtis Wilbur “conducted a routine Taiwan Strait transit” in accordance with international law.  Their movement “demonstrates the U.S. commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” the Navy said in a statement on its website.  China’s Defense Ministry called the move a “show of force” and a provocation that “…seriously endangered peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait area.”  While China claims Taiwan as its own territory, the busy Taiwan Strait is generally considered an international waterway. China fiercely opposes any signal of U.S. military support for Taiwan, a self-governing republic that relies on Washington for defensive weapons and political backing in the face of Chinese threats to annex the island by force.  Taiwan's Defense Ministry issued a statement saying it had observed the passage of the ships passage and that “the situation is normal."

December 30: NewMax.com: Census Bureau will miss its end of the year deadline;
could mess up Trump plans to exclude illegal aliens

The Census Bureau announced it will miss a year-end deadline for handing in numbers used for divvying up congressional seats.  That delay could undermine President Donald Trump’s efforts to exclude people from the count for representation in Congress who are in the country illegally. If the figures are submitted after President elect Biden takes office Biden could rescind Trump’s presidential memorandum directing the Census Bureau to exclude people in the country illegally from numbers used for divvying up congressional seats among the states.  It will be the first time that the Dec. 31 target date is missed since the deadline was implemented more than four decades ago by Congress.  Internal documents obtained earlier this month by a House committee show that Census Bureau officials don’t see the apportionment numbers being ready until days after Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20. 

To our Readers:
You may have noticed that in recent days we have been using The Epoch Times as a resource. This is because they are providing balanced and indepth election coverage. Because of the depth of their coverage some of the summaries shown here are longer than our normal shorter paragraphs.
We encourage our readers to subscibe to The Epoch Times.
It will be well worth the investment!

December 29: The Epoch Times: What could happen January 6th — Election of a President
At 1 p.m. local time on Jan. 6, members of Congress will gather in the chamber of the House of Representatives to observe the formal certification of Electoral College votes for president of the United States.  While it’s usually a formality, nothing has been usual so far about this year’s election amid numerous allegations of voter fraud in key swing states.  The situation is complicated by a lack of clarity on the legal and constitutional guardrails for the process. The joint session of Congress may well result in gridlock, in which a clear winner of the race isn’t announced at all.  This year seven swing states have dualling sets of electors.  Many members of the House and at least one Senator have said they will object to the Biden electors from these states. 

The counting of votes is primarily governed by the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and the amended Electoral Count Act.  The amendment stipulates that the President of the Senate (Pence) shall “open all the certificates and the votes shall be counted.”  The Electoral Count Act of 1887, establishes a procedure for how the votes are counted, how to raise objections, and how to resolve disputes. First, it says that the vice president indeed presides over the proceedings. Then, it says the House and Senate leaders each designate two tellers. The VP opens the envelopes with the vote certificates and hands them to the tellers for counting. The tellers then read them out loud, count them, and hand them back to the VP to announce the results.  At that point Congressional members can object.  Under the bill, if both chambers agree the votes are rejected.  Under the act if two sets of electors are presented for counting, the House and Senate need to separately vote on which set is legitimate and which should be rejected. If each chamber votes differently, the set certified by the state’s governor should count.

The problem is, there’s a voluminous body of legal analysis arguing that the Electoral Count Act is unconstitutional. Congress has no business granting itself the authority to decide which slate of electors is the correct one and which votes should be rejected. Nor does Congress have the power to designate state governors as the final arbiters since the Constitution clearly says the state legislatures have that authority.  Some jurists say it’s the VP who has the sole discretion to decide which votes to count and there is precedent for their contention. Thomas Jefferson did so as the VP in the 1800 election, counting Georgia’s constitutionally deficient votes and de facto securing his own presidency.  But not everybody agrees.  “The Constitution does call for counting the votes with both houses present, so I think that setting up procedures for a count is within Congress’s power,” University of Virginia professor John Harrison, an expert on constitutional history said.

[Editor’s Note: An interesting scenario might be that the President of the Senate (Mike Pence) finds that -- given the allegations of voter fraud and unlawful processes used in the November election -- there no way to determine which of the dueling sets of electors should be chosen and consequently gives each of the legislatures in these seven states a week (seven days) to meet and determine which set they want to represent them.  If any given state fails to act within the seven days, then none of their elector’s votes would be counted.  If neither of the candidates obtains the 270 required to become President the selection would be up to the House of Representatives with each state casting a single vote.]

December 30: The Epoch Times: Behind the scenes negotiations to unseat Pelosi alleged
Closely guarded talks are allegedly taking place seeking a coalition in the 117th Congress to oust Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as speaker of the House. Meetings are being held among House Republicans and 10 Democrats who voted against Pelosi becoming speaker in 2019.  An unnamed staffer said, “A serious effort is underway to prevent Pelosi from becoming speaker, backed by the GOP and Democrats, who are disturbed by their party’s embrace of extreme rhetoric and policies like ‘defund the police,”   The staffer said “The odds of success are less than 50-50 but it’s one of the more intriguing leadership challenges to emerge in recent decades.”  Pelosi and other Democrats confidently expected to gain 10 to 25 seats to add to the majority they won in 2018, but when the votes were counted, it was the Republicans who gained at least 10 seats. They also lead in the two remaining disputed races, further narrowing the Democrat majority to around five seats.

December 30: The Daily Caller: Senator Hawley (R-MO) says he will object to certifying the Electors
U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) became the first Senator to say he will object during Congress’s counting of the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6.  He made his announcement in a statement released Wednesday citing big-tech platforms interference in the election in support of Biden and saying election laws were broken in Pennsylvania.   “Following both the 2004 and 2016 elections, Democrats in Congress objected during the certification of electoral votes in order to raise concerns about election integrity. They were praised by Democratic leadership and the media when they did. And they were entitled to do so. But now those of us concerned about the integrity of this election are entitled to do the same,” Hawley said.  “I cannot vote to certify the electoral college results on January 6 without raising the fact that some states, particularly Pennsylvania, failed to follow their own state election laws. And I cannot vote to certify without pointing out the unprecedented effort of mega corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, to interfere in this election, in support of Joe Biden. At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections. But Congress has so far failed to act,” he concluded.

December 30: The Epoch Times: A million demonstrators expected in Washington, DC
on January 6th to pressure Congress in counting electoral votes amid election disparities

Ali Alexander, a national organizer of the “Stop the Steal” movement, spoke to news outlet NTD about the upcoming rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, where he says over a million people will show up to protest alleged election fraud.  “We’re going to have over a million people in Washington, D.C., because we have the president even tweeting about the event,” said Alexander. “What we’re working on right now is lobbying members in the House and members in the Senate.”  He contends that at least three Senators and as many as thirty members of the House will object to the certification of the Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, which will trigger a debate over the voter fraud allegations. 

December 30: The Epoch Times: New study released estimating 289,000 excess
votes in the battleground states
A new study by economist John Lott  calls into question Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s victory over Trump.  It purports to show that there were 289,000 “excess votes” across six battleground states, and claims that differences in absentee votes between counties with alleged fraud and adjacent counties is “suspicious.”  President Trump posted a link to Lott’s study on Twitter.  Lott’s study seeks to provide measurements of vote fraud in the 2020 presidential election by comparing precincts in Georgia’s Fulton County that are adjacent to similar precincts in neighboring counties where there were no allegations of fraud.  “In layman’s terms, in precincts with alleged fraud, Trump’s proportion of absentee votes was depressed—even when such precincts had similar in-person Trump vote shares to their surrounding” counties, Lott said.  He contends it’s “suspicious” that the shift happened only in absentee ballots, and only when a county line was crossed.

December 30: The Epoch Times: Trump team wants to present evidence of
voter fraud to the joint session of Congress on January 6th
President Trump’s campaign adviser (Miller) said the team is aiming to present evidence during a potential congressional debate on Jan. 6 if lawmakers in the House and Senate object to states’ Electoral College votes.  Should that happen, Miller said President Trump’s team is seeking to present alleged evidence of voter fraud or irregularities in the Nov. 3 election, including law changes regarding mail-in ballots in Wisconsin, “suitcases of ballots” in Georgia being wheeled out late at night on Nov. 3 in Atlanta’s State Farm Center, and being blocked in Arizona and Michigan from inspecting voting systems, alleging that ballots were counted several times.  “These are the specific types of evidence we want to present to the American people on the national stage and not allow local politicians to sweep it under the rug,” Miller said.  Elaborating, he said, “Article II of the [U.S.] Constitution makes it very clear, the state legislatures, and state legislatures alone, set up the voting systems for each state, the codes and the way they are conducted.” Continuing he said, “And what we have here [in Wisconsin] is … over 20,000 ballots that were cast without actually having an application on file… Wisconsin’s [law is] very clear, very specific you‘ve got to have an application on file” in order to cast an absentee ballot in Wisconsin.

December 30: Fox News: McConnell introduces his own COVID-19 bill to boost
payments and get rid of some of the pork
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) introduced on Tuesday his own version of a bill to increase the $600 stimulus checks from the Chinese coronavirus relief package to $2,000, but also repeal Section 230, the controversial liability protection for online platforms (Twitter and Facebook), and create a committee on the Election Assistance Commission to study election integrity.  McConnell did not promise any of these issues would receive a vote.   His bill itself is unlikely to gain the support of the 60 senators that would be needed to break a filibuster. Republicans who support increasing the stimulus checks to $2,000 per person earning less than $75,000 per year are likely to support the measure.  However, many Democrats are likely to block a vote because they oppose striking Section 230 and investigations into the 2020 election process.  What McConnell's lets senators say they voted for $2,000 stimulus checks while protecting priorities of the majority of his caucus.   Senator Perdue (R-GA) supports the increase to $2,000 and said "The Democrats themselves held this up for months and so here in the last minute, they're complaining about the normal operation of the Senate.   I'm an outsider of this process but I can tell you these things Mitch McConnell is trying to do are in line with what the President has said. I support what the President is trying to do relative to Section 230, the repeal of that and also the $2,000 stimulus checks. We're in full support of that."   

December 30: YouTube.com:  Full video of testimony before the Georgia Senate
Judiciary Committee on the November 3rd election

December 30: The Washington Free Beacon: Media blackout on alleged abusive
behavior of Dem candidate for U.S. Senate

Allegations have surfaced against Georgia Democratic senate candidate Warnock involving the abuse of underage children decades ago. They center on a Maryland church camp where a young Warnock served in a senior role, and where he was arrested in 2002 for obstructing a police investigation into alleged abuses taking place on camp grounds.   After further investigation we now know that state officials revoked the camp’s authorization to operate, citing unreported incidents of child abuse and a bevy of health and safety violations. One of Warnock’s campers, Anthony Washington, has now come forward saying that as a 12-year-old, counselors tossed urine on him and forced him to sleep outside.   Additionally, there are the allegations from Warnock’s ex-wife, Ouleye Ndoye, who said Warnock ran over her foot in March of this year after a domestic dispute.   Body camera footage from police responding to her call shows a teary woman telling police, "I’ve been trying to be very quiet about the way that he is for the sake of my kids and his reputation, I’ve tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time, and today he crossed the line."  Interestingly, the mainstream media have maintained a blackout on covering any of these stories.

December 29: The Epoch Times: Trump urges Senate GOP not to override NDAA veto
President Trump called on GOP leaders in the Senate not to override his veto of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) after the House did so.  Trump wanted to have Section 230 terminated and, among other things, military installations to maintain their current names – some of which were named for confederate military leaders.  The NDAA was passed in the Senate in an 84-13 vote, making it difficult to stop the Presidential veto.  About a week ago, Trump vetoed the NDAA because it failed to change or remove Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which has been flagged by him and other Republicans as an enabler of censorship by tech companies such as Facebook or Twitter.  In vetoing the measure Trump said it contradicts efforts by my Administration to put America first in our national security and foreign policy actions.”   “Not only is this bad policy,” he continued, “but it is unconstitutional.  Article II of the Constitution makes the President the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States and vests in him the executive power. Therefore, the decision regarding how many troops to deploy and where, including in Afghanistan, Germany, and South Korea, rests with him.”

December 29: The Epoch Times: Arizona GOP Electors join Gohmert lawsuit to
have the Vice President decide which electors’ votes to count
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, a co-plaintiff in the Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) lawsuit cleared up misconceptions about why the lawsuit was being filed. “We love Vice President Mike Pence,” she said. The suit is being brought to ensure Pence has – according to the U.S. Constitution --  the exclusive authority to decide what Electoral College votes to count during the Jan. 6 Joint Session of Congress. All 11 of Arizona’s Republican electors joined the lawsuit. According to Ward “What we all want here is election integrity.” What the lawsuit is arguing is that the “Constitution takes precedent over statute.”  “We can’t and could not allow fraudulently certified electors to Washington, D.C. to be counted in a presidential election.” According to Ward the vice president (the President of the Senate) has the duty to count “legally cast electoral votes.” Pence could say that none of the electoral votes—either the ones cast by Republicans to preserve lawsuits or ones cast by Democrats that were certified by governors in contested states—should be counted.  The lawsuit (pdf) notes that Pence has the role to count all 50 states’ Electoral College votes, and it is asking a federal judge to strike down the 1887 Electoral Count Act and to grant, if appropriate, Pence the authority to overturn the election results.  Gohmert is also asking Judge Jeremy Kernodle, a Trump appointee, to determine that Pence is authorized to pick GOP electors who cast votes for Trump during the Joint Session of Congress.  “Vice President Pence determines which slate of electors’ votes count, or neither, for that state,” Gohmert’s lawsuit states. “If no candidate has a majority of 270 elector votes, then the House of Representatives (and only the House of Representatives) shall choose the president.”  According to the Constitution’s [12th amendment] provision on the counting, “The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted.”  Some legal experts have weighed in on Twitter, saying the lawsuit has a slim chance of going through.

December 29: The Epoch Times: Obama-appointed Judge, sister of Dem
candidate Stacy Abrams, strikes a blow to the rule of law
The ruling blocking two counties from removing voter from the voter registration rolls who appeared to have changed addresses struck a blow to the rule of law, according to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.  “This ruling is a direct attack on rule of law in Georgia and the integrity of elections in this state, and I will not stand for it,” he said.  “Without even hearing from Muscogee County, a President Obama-appointed judge has decided to overturn the express will of Georgia law and the county elections officers around the state who follow it,” he added.  District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner is also the sister of the former Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams.  The judge contended that two Georgia counties violated the National Voter Registration Act when moving forward with the removal of thousands of voters from voter rolls.  The election boards in each county voted this month to approve removals, after challenges from fellow voters that relied on the U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address system. The system, and supporting commercial databases, showed that voters moved within Georgia to a different county from which they’re registered or from Georgia to another state, the challengers alleged.    Secretary of State Raffensperger said “That a judge would rule on case brought by a group heavily funded by her sister is very concerning.” Hours before the ruling, the Muscogee County Board of Elections and Registration filed a motion calling on Gardner to recuse herself. Gardner wrote in a footnote in her order that the court “has reviewed the motion and finds no basis for recusal.”

December 28: The Epoch Times: SCOTUS rules illegal aliens are to be
excluded from the Census Count

Following its ruling earlier this month that allowed the Trump administration to remove illegal aliens from the 2020 Census count, the Supreme Court on Dec. 28 threw out two lower court decisions that went the other way, that barred the government from eliminating that population from the process of allocating congressional seats and Electoral College votes that officially determine the presidency.  In the two cases the court vacated the judgments of the lower courts  sending the cases back to those courts “with instructions to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.”  The unsigned order didn’t explain why the court acted.  Even though the processing of 2020 Census data is expected to wrap up in coming weeks, existing law requires the president to file a mandatory reapportionment report with Congress, which could lead to reduced federal funding in states with large illegal-alien populations.

December 28: The Washington Times: GA Democrat senatorial challengers defensive
over support from Black Lives Matter PAC
Georgia Democrat Senate candidates Ossoff and Warnack both insist they oppose defunding the police, a message that might be more convincing if they didn’t have the staunch support of the Black Lives Matter PAC.   The two-month-old political-action committee, which champions the “defund the police” slogan, has embraced the Democratic hopefuls, holding voter-turnout events and releasing a campaign ad Dec. 22 that includes a mural of NFL free agent and staunch law enforcement detractor Colin Kaepernick.  Launched Oct. 7, the BLM PAC’s co-founders include Black Lives Matter Global Network executive director Patrisse Cullors, -- a self-described “trained Marxist” whose Twitter account is titled, “fund the us postal service – defund the police.”   In addition, the BLM PAC is sponsoring virtual phone banks on behalf of the Georgia Democrats with the Working Families Party, whose “people’s charter” includes, “Shifting resources away from policing, jails, and detention centers.”

December 28: The Washington Examiner: Democrats scoff at Trump call to claw back spending
President Trump’s stated plan to claw back government spending as a condition of signing the coronavirus relief and government funding bill is being met with a prompt dismissal from congressional Democrats, who are hardly taking his request seriously.  “The House Appropriations Committee has jurisdiction over rescissions, and our Democratic Majority will reject any rescissions submitted by President Trump,” House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) said in a statement. “By turning the page on this request, we will allow the Biden-Harris administration to begin to ‘Build Back Better.’”   Trump on Sunday signed the coronavirus relief and government spending bill that he had previously hinted at vetoing after its passage, demanding $2,000 relief payments to the public rather than $600 and objecting to millions of dollars in foreign aid. Had he not signed the bill, funding for the government would have expired on Monday night.

December 28: United Press InternationalBiden funding for NASA puts
2024 moon landing in jeopardy

The possible handoff from the Trump administration to Biden, and a lack of congressional funding, have cast doubt on NASA's goal for a lunar landing by 2024.  "We can say, really, it's impossible at this point to meet that 2024 goal," said Casey Dreier, chief advocate for The Planetary Society, which says it is the largest nonprofit in the world to support space exploration.   NASA had been aiming for a 2028 moon landing. But Vice President Pence advanced that by four years in a March 2019 address to the National Space Council in which he cited growing competition with China as a key reason.

December 28: Townhall.comNYPD union president calls out Mayor de Blasio’s
poor leadership to his face after NYPD officer shot in the back
"Why does a perp feel bold enough to shoot at a police officer? That’s the question we have to ask and we have to answer. There’s a number of reasons this is happening. Lack of support on the street, defunding the police, bail reform, lack of prosecution. That’s why this is happening," Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York President Pat Lynch said, referring to de Blasio's role in those policies with de Blasio standing only a few feet away.  "When a perp has no fear to pull out a weapon to shoot a gun. Sometimes they’re not the worst perps in the world. But they’re still doing it. We have to stop saying we’re lucky. We have to stop counting our equipment. There has to be fear in the hearts of the perps that they know if they shoot at a police officer, they won’t walk the streets," Lynch added.

December 27: The Washington Times: Trump’s minority outreach laid
groundwork for expansion of GOP base
A wounded Democratic Party is terrified that President  Trump has laid the groundwork for an expansion of the Republican base in the 2020s, said a veteran pollster.  Despite his still contested loss on Nov. 3, Trump made significant inroads with Hispanic and Black voters. The GOP also managed to stave off disaster by holding on to several vulnerable  Senate seats and picking up seats in the House.  “The expansion of the base is a really, really big story and I think it shows real inroads and I think it scares the heck out of the Democratic Party,” said Jim McLaughlin, a veteran Republican pollster who did work for the Trump campaign.

December 27: Townhall.comUnemployment benefits expire amid tensions over COVID relief
Millions of Americans had unemployment benefits expire Saturday night at midnight eastern time because President Trump failed to sign the $900 billion COVID relief bill that Congress sent his way.   The president, who had attempted to negotiate with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for months, warned last week that he would not be signing the bill, but instead would be sending it back to Congress for them to reconfigure it. Specifically, he wanted to see the $600 per person direct cash payments upped to $2,000 per person. He also demanded that Congress get rid of the wasteful pork spending for nonCOVID-related funding found in the bill.  "It's called the COVID relief bill but it has almost nothing to do with COVID," he explained in his address. "This bill contains $85.5 million for assistance to Cambodia; $134 million to Burma; $1.3 billion for Egypt and Egyptian military, which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment; $25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan; $505 million to Beliza, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama; $40 million for the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., which is not even open for business…”

December 27: The Washington Examiner: Trump supporters’ “favorite
Democrat” (Tulsi Gabbard) works with GOP
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is reaching across the aisle on her way out of Congress, raising speculation that she might have a future outside the Democratic Party.  She proposed two pieces of legislation on abortion. One would ban abortions on fetuses capable of feeling pain. The other would protect fetuses from failed abortions by ensuring “a healthcare practitioner exercises the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion,”  a bold move for a pro-life Democrat.  Gabbard also teamed up with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-TN) who was elected with the help of the Tea Party, on a bill that would repeal the Patriot Act. While more in keeping with her civil libertarian image, she made sure the rollout was bipartisan. In a video announcement, Gabbard said the legislation "reexamines how best to strike this balance of protecting our national security interests while also ensuring that the constitutional rights of every single American is preserved.”

December 27: The New York Post: Police officer debunks myths of the #DefundPolice movement
I’ve been a big-city cop in the Pacific Northwest for 26 years. Before that, I served in the military. The raging #DefundthePolice movement doesn’t know me and my colleagues at all — and persistent myths about police and their critics do more harm than good.  There are four myths that need to be debunked. 
1) Police are killing large numbers of civilians. Simply not true. In New York City, the police department has meticulously tracked every shot fired by its officers since 1971. These officers represent roughly 5 percent of the entire American force, so it’s a large sample. The NYPD’s annual report shows a dramatic, sustained drop in killings by police — from 93 in 1971 to just 5 in 2018. 
2) The anti-cop movement is largely peaceful. False. Anyone who watched the protests on television would know that the daytime ones were lawful free speech. But the dynamic changed dramatically at night. Protests became intentional ­riots, designed to draw a police response that allowed rioters to claim victim status.
3) Abolishing police wouldn’t lead to lawlessness. Many of the defunders are anarchists who want no government at all. 
4) Today’s police are “militarized.” Wrong! As a soldier, I rode in an armored vehicle and sat in a turret with a belt-fed machine gun. My job was to shoot enemy soldiers. In my 26 years as a cop, I have done no such thing.  SWAT teams’ armored vehicles, armored clothing and special training help them avoid deadly force, not commit it. A regular cop is often justified shooting someone who threateningly brandishes a gun. A SWAT officer wearing protection, however, will wait longer before resorting to deadly force.

December 26: The Epoch Times: President calls upon GOP Senators to step up and fight
President Trump on Saturday called on Republican senators to “step up and fight for the presidency” as many continue to distance themselves from efforts to challenge electoral college votes on Jan. 6.  “The proof is irrefutable! Massive late-night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters, fake signatures, illegal immigrant voters, banned Republican vote watchers, more votes than actual voters (check out Detroit & Philadelphia), and much more. The numbers are far greater than what is necessary to win the individual swing states, and cannot even be contested,” the President tweeted.  The president has ramped up his criticism of Republican senators in recent days for their reluctance to support efforts to challenge votes cast by presidential electors in contested states during a joint congressional session on Jan. 6, where Vice President Mike Pence will be counting the votes.

December 26: The Epoch Times: Giuliani: Election-Related cases
are going to “Blow Up” after Christmas
Election-related lawsuits and similar matters are going to “blow up” after Christmas, President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said this week.  In a self-hosted podcast episode, Giuliani told listeners that there is “considerable movement” in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin towards decertification of the election results amid a growing body of evidence of election fraud.  “So starting after Christmas, this is really going to blow up,” he said.  The Democratic presidential candidate was certified the winner of the four swing states Giuliani mentioned, though alternate slates of electors cast votes for Trump. Giuliani and Trump’s legal team were working to convince state legislatures to take back the power to appoint electors, but none did so before the votes were cast on Dec. 14. They’re now pushing state lawmakers to decertify the election results, and potentially certify Trump as the winner of the states, citing irregularities including alleged fraud.

December 26: The Epoch Times: Trump: SCOTUS is “incompetent and weak” over election fraud
President Trump said that the U.S. Supreme Court failed to address massive election fraud properly.  “The U.S. Supreme Court has been totally incompetent and weak on the massive Election Fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election,” he wrote on Twitter.  “We have absolute proof, but they don’t want to see it—No ‘standing’, they say. If we have corrupt elections, we have no country!” he added.  SCOTUS refused to hear the Texas election case and then scheduled to hear an appeal of the Pennsylvania case two days after inauguration day. At issue is will the Supreme Court allow the election fraud case be heard; to have evidence presented; and do so in a timely manner.  The Supreme Court didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment
[See related story]

December 26: The Washington Examiner: Lin Woods; Trump’s Chief of Staff stiff
armed Sidney Powell and should be fired
Attorney Lin Wood, who has repeatedly claimed President Trump won reelection, has rebuked White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for allegedly stiff-arming fellow pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell, who has made similar claims to Wood.  Last week, Powell was in the Oval Office in a meeting about the president’s plans to continue to contest the election results. Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, and former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn were in the meeting in which the idea of the president appointing Powell special counsel designated to investigate voter fraud was discussed.  Subsequently, when Powell attempted to talk with the President and to submit paperwork to him, she was kept from reaching him, allegedly by Meadows. [See related story]

December 26: The Washington Times: Senate hopeful Ossoff’s (D-GA) China ties
compound Democrat party’s Hunter Biden and Swalwell woes
Democratic Senatorial candidate Jon Ossoff is fighting Republican attacks over his business ties to China as the Georgia runoff nears, but the Hunter Biden and Eric Swalwell scandals involving Beijing aren’t making it any easier.  Hunter Biden and California Democratic Rep. Swalwell have kept stories about Beijing’s influence in the news, lending oxygen to Republicans hammering Ossoff’s link to a Hong Kong conglomerate owned in part by the Chinese Communist government.  Ossoff’s chances against Senator Perdue (R-GA) slipped a few points in the Dec. 18 poll by the Trafalgar Group, which pollster Robert Cahaly attributed primarily to the China issue.

December 26: Townhall.comNashville: Six police officers ran into the danger and
saved countless lives by their heroic acts of bravery
Nashville Mayor John Cooper on Friday praised six officers with the Nashville Metro Police Department as "incredible heroes" for jumping into action to save lives. The six officers took "swift action" to evacuate those in close proximity to the RV that ultimately detonated. The RV had been playing a recording saying it would go off in 15 minutes.  "They ran to danger with uncertain outcomes ahead of them; they were responsible for so many innocents being saved," he said. "They immediately began knocking on doors, not knowing if the bomb was going to go off immediately. They didn't care about themselves, they didn't think about that, they cared about the citizens of Nashville. ... They are heroes and I am grateful to them.”

December 25: The Daily Caller: Japanese Deputy Defense Minister:  Taiwan is a red line,
Biden must be strong

Biden should be firm in supporting Taiwan against Chinese aggression, a top Japanese defense official urged Friday, emphasizing that Taiwan’s safety is a red line.  “We are concerned China will expand its aggressive stance into areas other than Hong Kong. I think one of the next targets, or what everyone is worried about, is Taiwan,” the Japanese State Minister of Defense Yasuhide Nakayama said on Friday. 

Houston Fire Department, Engine 5 personnel, deliver baby while waiting for an ambulance to arriveDecember 25: Breitbart News: Houston firefighters deliver baby on Christmas Eve while waiting for an ambulance
In the early evening of Christmas Eve, members of Houston Fire Departments Engine 5 responded to a call regarding a woman in labor. The crew, based on the city’s west side, provided care for the mother while they awaited the arrival of an ambulance.  As it became apparent that the baby would not wait, the firefighters delivered the baby girl.  The Houston Firefighters Association tweeted the photo of the proud parents and the happy crew of firefighters.  Houston Firefighters Association President Marty Lancton told Breitbart Texas, “Houston firefighters are grateful that we could help deliver the family’s new bundle of joy and that Mom and baby are recovering well. Our crew appreciated the opportunity to help. We applaud Mom’s bravery in the delivery. We wish the family a Merry Christmas!”

December 25: The Epoch TimesPowell; White House staff blocking her efforts to help Trump
Attorney Sidney Powell said in a Dec. 23 interview that senior White House aides are preventing her from communicating with President Trump and are blocking her efforts to assume a formal coordinating role in pursuing contest-of-election challenges on the president’s behalf.  The interview followed what has been reported as a tense meeting at the Oval Office on Friday with the participation of Trump, Powell, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and White House counsel Pat Cipollone. National security adviser Robert O’Brien and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani reportedly participated by phone.  Powell said the was verbally offered the position of “special White House counsel” by Trump but has been unable to present the president with paperwork that would make it official.   It is alleged that senior White House staff have blocked her from speaking or communicating with the President. 

December 25: The Washington Free Beacon: Georgia Democrat senatorial candidate
cashed checks from entity partially owned by the Chinese Communist Party
Even after a number of controversial payments to Jon Ossoff's foreign film company surfaced in September—including one from a Chinese-backed media giant—the Georgia Democrat refused to release additional financial documents from the company.  In a recent  interview Ossoff declined a Washington Post request to "release further financial information" relating to his company, noting that "the particulars of our annual finances are confidential." The refusal comes months after Ossoff quietly disclosed receiving at least $5,000 from a Hong Kong-based media corporation owned in part by the Chinese Communist Party.  Ossoff's withholding of financial information could undermine his ability to fend off attacks from his Republican opponent. Senator David Perdue who has criticized Ossoff for accepting funds from a "communist Chinese news agency" and called on him to explain "where his money comes from" in an October debate.  Additionally, Ossoff failed to include the payment in his May candidate financial disclosure until two months later in an amended filing. 

December 25: The Washington Examiner: Georgia Judges refuses to limit
mail in ballot
drop box hours
A Fulton County judge on Thursday rejected a Republican-led push to close off absentee ballot drop boxes after normal business hours.  The lawsuit from the Republican National Committee and the Georgia Republican Party argued that drop boxes should be limited to the same hours as county election offices in the lead-up to the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs in Georgia.  But Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams's ruling would allow drop boxes to continue to be used 24 hours a day under video surveillance until polls close for the runoff elections.  Earlier this year, an attorney for the secretary of state's office said drop boxes were allowed to remain open at all hours under a newly approved State Election Board.

December 25: The Epoch Times: Wisconsin legislators join lawsuit to block presidential electors
Two Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin have joined a federal lawsuit that seeks to block the counting of Electoral College votes from several contested states when Congress meets in a joint session on Jan. 6.  Wisconsin state Reps. Jeff Mursau and David Steffen signed onto a suit filed on Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society and the Wisconsin Voters Alliance, among others. Also included in the list of plaintiffs are two GOP members of the Michigan House, Reps. Matt Maddock and Daire Rendon.  Attorney Erick Kaardal of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society argued in the complaint that the state legislatures of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona were prevented from exercising their power under the U.S. Constitution to certify the presidential electors’ votes cast on Dec. 14.

December 24: The Epoch Times: House stalled on COVID-19 & federal spending bill 
There were multiple attempts on Thursday from both Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives to amend the pandemic aid and government spending package, after President Trump’s surprise demand for more stimulus money for U.S. citizens and less foreign and frivolous spending.  One of Trump’s requests was to increase direct payments to Americans from $600 to $2,000 per person, which Democrats attempted to approve on Thursday. Republicans who opposed the higher amount blocked that effort.  Republicans then moved to change the amount of foreign aid included in the package, but Democrats ended up blocking that request as well. Trump, in his announcement, had objected to the millions in foreign aid. The House then adjourned for the day.  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wrote his colleagues Wednesday night saying Republicans would offer a unanimous consent request to “reexamine how our tax dollars are spent overseas while so many of our neighbors at home are struggling to make ends meet.”  Meanwhile the Democrats seemed to have selective hearing, only being willing to increase the payments to Americans from $600 to $2,000.  The actions on December 24th did nothing to change the status of the $2.3 trillion omnibus spending bill which most members of Congress had not had time to read.  The measure remains in limbo until Monday when Speaker Pelosi plans to hold a recorded vote on the stimulus check increase.

December 24: NewsMax.comPresident determined to expose what happened in the 2020 election
President Trump was "resolved" and "determined" to expose voter fraud in the November election, said a Pennsylvania lawmaker who met with him on Wednesday.  State Sen. Doug Mastriano was among several Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers who joined the President in the Oval Office to discuss election fraud in the Keystone State.  "The mood was determined. We need to find out what the heck happened here," Mastriano said.   He added he had "never seen anyone more resolved or determined" as President Trump, "because truth is on his side."  The Pennsylvania lawmakers expressed various election concerns to the president including a period of time in the middle of the night when Democratic nominee Joe Biden received 570,000 votes and President Trump just 3,200 votes.  "Even in the bluest of blue areas of Pennsylvania that’s statistically impossible," said Mastriano, who held a Nov. 25 public hearing in Gettysburg where witness testimony outlined allegations of voter fraud.  "And we talked about how if this is not only fixed in the future, but if it's not fixed for what just happened here, at what point does the republic collapse?"  Mastriano added that President Trump was "laser focused on this republic."   "It's not about him, it's about our nation and our republic," Mastriano said. "If this is allowed to stand, what comes of us? Will we just be a republic in name only? Probably."

December 24: The Epoch Times: Georgia Senator alleges election fraud after
hearing testimony at investigative hearing 
Georgia State Senator William Ligon said Wednesday that the report he released Dec. 19 shows there was an alleged effort to cause disrupt the 2020 election and cause irregularities and fraud.  “[The report] obviously, focused in some counties around Atlanta in some of the large metro areas. But just when you read it as a whole, it looks like it was just a concentrated effort to disrupt the election and cause irregularities and fraud,” Ligon said.  He released a summary of the report on his official District website, calling on the Governor and Secretary of State again to address the issues.  Ligon said that the testimony of Susan Voyles, a witness who had been a poll worker for 20 years, confirmed the disruption and chaos in the election. He said she was fired because of her testimony.   Ligon said the Secretary of State downplayed reports of election workers sending observers and the press home and then resuming counting and pulling out boxes of ballots from under a table.  “I find that disingenuous because, under the law, the press, and the parties have the right to have observers, there. They are the eyes of the public. And if they had a representative there that saw them go and send them away. He should have stopped the counting right then and not allowed it to resume until the press and the observers were notified to come back and be able to observe what was going on,” Ligon said.

December 24: NewsMax.com: President and First Lady applaud Americans response
to COVID-19 pandemic in their Christmas Eve message

Americans’ "kindness and courage" during the COVID-19 pandemic have been inspiring to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump, the couple said Thursday in their annual Christmas message.  "Through this great challenge, we have been inspired by the kindness and courage of citizens across this country," Melania Trump said.   "Teachers have worked extraordinarily hard to keep our children learning. Students have delivered groceries to elderly neighbors. Communities have found new ways to stay connected to one another."  The President called the COVID-19 vaccines a "Christmas miracle."   He thanked the scientists, researchers, and manufacturers who produced a safe and effective vaccine in less than a year.

December 23: Fox News and The Daily Caller: Trump vetoes the NDAA bill before
heading to Florida for Christmas
President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2021 (NDAA) Wednesday calling it a “gift: to U.S. adversaries China and Russia and making good  on a promise to veto the measure if it did not repeal the law that shields certain Big Tech companies from liabilities.  "My Administration recognizes the importance of the Act to our national security," the president wrote after vetoing the bill. "Unfortunately, the Act fails to include critical national security measures, includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military's history, and contradicts efforts by my Administration to put America first in our national security and foreign policy actions."  He singled out Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act as a reason for the veto arguing the failure to terminate it “will make intelligence virtually impossible to conduct.”  Section 230 grants Internet companies liability shielding not available to other forms of media.   He also contended the NDAA directly opposes one of his major foreign policy goals – bringing more U.S. troops home, calling it "unconstitutional" to supersede his authority as commander-in-chief.

December 23: The Epoch Times: Trump floats the idea of a special counsel
to investigate voter fraud in the 2020 election
President Trump late Wednesday floated the idea of a “Special Counsel” to investigate election fraud allegations.  “After seeing the massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, I disagree with anyone that thinks a strong, fast, and fair Special Counsel is not needed, immediately,” the president wrote on Twitter. “This was the most corrupt election in the history of our Country, and it must be closely examined!”  This is the first time Trump has on Twitter personally suggested the idea of a Special Counsel to investigate allegations of election fraud. It comes the same day as Attorney General William Barr’s last day at the Department of Justice (DOJ).  On December 10th at least twenty six House Republicans called on Trump to have Barr appoint a Special Counsel to investigate alleged election fraud and irregularities.

December 23: Fox News: Georgia Secretary of State says he opposes no excuse absentee voting
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger joined fellow Republicans Wednesday in calling for an end to allowing all voters in the state to submit absentee ballots without providing justification for why they cannot vote in person.  [Some would say that he is showing up a little late to the party!]  Many states instituted "no-excuse" absentee voting in 2020 so that voters could avoid crowds at polling sites during the coronavirus pandemic.  After the high voter turnout and tumultuous aftermath of the 2020 election, Raffensperger endorsed eliminating the practice during a Georgia House hearing.  He also called for the imposition of a voter ID requirement for absentee ballots instead of the current signature-matching system, which could be subjective.

December 23: The Epoch Times: Arizona Senators sue to
enforce subpoena over potential voter fraud

The president of the Arizona Senate and the chairman of the state senate’s Judiciary Committee filed a lawsuit on Dec. 21 asking the Maricopa County Superior Court to enforce a pair of subpoenas that sought ballot tabulation equipment and voting records from county election officials.  The Senate had issued the subpoenas to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on Dec. 15. In response, the board voted 4-1 against complying and filed a lawsuit to determine whether it is obligated to produce the materials sought.The first subpoena requested access to ballot tabulations used in Maricopa County for the Nov. 3 election, in addition to related software, hardware, and removable media. The senators also requested voter rolls, voter records, paper ballots, and other records. The second subpoena demanded a number of electronic files, including images of all the ballots cast in the county on Nov. 3.  The county could have fulfilled a substantial part of the request by Dec. 18, but didn’t do so as of Dec. 21, according to court documents. The senators asked for an order from the court enforcing the subpoenas.

December 23: Daily CallerDems want a review of Capitol Hill gun policies
as GOP members ask for permission to carry
Democratic members of the House have asked for a review of gun policies after several representative-elect Republicans quietly made inquiries about carrying firearms on the floor of the House and Senate.  The matter is expected to be reviewed by the Capitol Police Board which is made up of the sergeants-at-arms of the House and Senate, as well as the Architect of the Capitol.  Several incoming Republicans, notably Colorado Representative-elect Lauren Boebert, have asked permission from Capitol Police to carry firearms in the federal building.  Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) who was reportedly concerned about the inquiries said that the moves would be a “provocation” in light of the current volatile political climate. Representative Andy Biggs stating that he was “fine” with members bringing guns into the building.  Washington D.C. has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, but these restrictions do not apply to the Capitol complex, where lawmakers can set their own rules. Members are allowed to carry guns in House and Senate office buildings around the capitol, but cannot carry them directly into the chambers or other rooms around the chambers.

December 23: The Wall Street Journal: Fourth Trump-brokered Israel peace deal
sealed as Morocco signs a diplomatic and economic agreement with Israel
Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner flew Tuesday aboard the first direct commercial Israeli flight from Israel to Morocco, which may be the capstone of his four-year campaign to help Israel shift power dynamics across the Middle East.  In Rabat, Kushner and a delegation that included his White House team and Israeli officials met with Moroccan leaders to sign diplomatic and economic agreements between the U.S., Israel and Morocco.  “It is now time to put the region and all of its people on a truly transformative patch toward stability, security and prosperity,” Kushner said after meeting with King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

President Trump delivers four minute statement on COVID-19 relief and omnibus legislation to fund part of the Federal GovernmentDecember 22: C-Span: President Trump delivers message on the COVID-19 relief measure
In a four-minute message from the White House, President Trump slammed the COVID-19 relief and omnibus spending bill because it granted funding for special oversea projects while short changing payments to American workers.  In the address, the President called upon Congress to strip the measure of the special interest groups pork while increasing the payments to American workers to $2,000 per person earning less then $75,000 per year or $4,000 to couples earning less than $150,000.  The measure remains in limbo after it was blocked by Speaker Pelosi for months and now faces tough opposition from some in the President’s own party.  If the measure is passed by both houses of Congress, without addressing the President’s objections, it faces a possible pocket veto which cannot be overridden by the Congress.

December 22: Fox News: Trump expected to veto the NDAA;
Congress uncertain whether it can override his veto
President Trump is expected to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Wednesday, forcing the House and Senate to reconvene immediately following Christmas.  Trump’s promise to veto the $740 billion defense package will force Democrats and Republicans to attempt to override his ruling.  Some Senators are saying it looks as if there is a 50/50 chance the House will be able to obtain the two-thirds majority vote needed for an override.  If they are successful the Senate will consider the bill.  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has already said he would not vote in favor of overriding the veto.  Trump first promised to reject the defense bill earlier this month, after Congress omitted language on Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which the president has called "a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity."  The Senate could face its own challenges in getting an override vote successfully though before Jan. 3, when the 117th Congress will take office.  Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) pushed to stop the bill from passing through the Senate earlier this month, when he contested a measure in the legislation that would prevent the president from being able to unilaterally withdraw troops from war zones.

December 22: The Daily Caller: Trump authorizes Durham to use classified information
for Grand Jury presentations related to “Russia Gate”
President Donald Trump on Tuesday authorized the Department of Justice to use classified information in grand jury proceedings connected to a special counsel’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.  He allowed DOJ “to use classified information as he deems necessary in connection with his review, including in a grand jury or other proceeding.”  AG Bill Barr said recently that Durham has made “significant progress” in his investigation.  Barr tapped Durham May 13, 2019 to conduct a review of the government’s Trump-related intelligence activities during the 2016 presidential campaign.

December 22: The Washington Examiner: Man arrested; charged with casting an
illegal ballot and registering dead voters in Pennsylvania
A Pennsylvania man was charged with perjury and unlawful voting after he registered and voted in place of his dead mother and mother-in-law, authorities said.    “The fact that Mr. Bartman was able to register two deceased individuals through the Commonwealth’s online voter registration system should trouble our state lawmakers,” Delaware County’s District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said.

December 22: The Epoch Times: More House member to contest election on January 6th
Another member of Congress has pledged to challenge the Electoral College vote submissions when the Joint Session of Congress meets Jan. 6, joining several others who said they will do so.  Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) wrote to Sens. Cruz (R-TX) and Cornyn (R-TX) that “I intend to object to the certification of the Electoral College vote submissions on January 6th, and I respectfully ask you to stand with me.”  Neither Cornyn nor Cruz have publicly said whether they would challenge the votes. The process requires at least one House representative and one senator.  “We must stand up for the tens of millions of Americans who want answers to the irregularities surrounding this election,” Gooden said in his letter. “It is our duty to ensure the integrity of our election is unwavering, and the American people deserve to feel confident their vote matters.”  “There needs to be a full audit of every ballot in states like Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania,” he said, adding in those states, “widespread reports” of fraud and irregularities have been reported. If the audit isn’t completed, Gooden argued that Congress would be doing the country a disservice by certifying the Electoral College results. So far, there have been no senators who have publicly committed to challenging a state’s results. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) suggested he might do it, while Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-AL.) has said the same.

December 22: Townhall.com: House Democrat asks her colleagues
to overturn an election she lost in Iowa
Democrat Rita Hart, who lost her Second District Congressional seat, is filling paperwork to have Democrat colleagues in the House of Representatives "review" and overturn her defeat.  Hart lost to Republican Mariennette Miller-Meeks in the initial vote tally, then lost a second time in the recount.  Miller-Meeks' victory was formally certified by the state, and the Hart campaign chose not to challenge the outcome through Iowa's court system.  Instead, the defeated candidate was said to be strongly considering appealing to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in order to uproot the voters' decision and achieve "the result we need."  And apparently that is what she is doing.  Republicans calling foul and are outraged  to Hart’s maneuver, saying she is bypassing a review by Iowa judges while attempting to have her fellow Democrats declare her the winner.

December 22: United Press International: Lebanon's brain drain under economic uncertainty
Lebanon, which is witnessing the collapse of one professional sector after another due to an unprecedented economic crisis, is losing its highly skilled workforce, with an increasing number of doctors, nurses and engineers leaving out of despair and uncertainty. The brain drain has grown over the past months at a time of changing dynamics in the embattled region and accelerated normalization between Israel and some Arab states that might greatly impact the tiny country.  Even some top companies have also started to relocate abroad.  The Aug. 4 explosion at the Beirut port, caused by the ignition of a large depository of ammonium nitrate unsafely stored in a warehouse since 2014, was a turning point. With more than 200 people killed, 6,500 wounded, 300,000 turned homeless and 200,000 homes destroyed, fear for family safety and the future is an additional factor fueling desire to leave the country at any cost.

December  22: Fox Business: New COVID-19 Stimulus payments
may be coming your way IF you qualify
After months of stalled negotiations, Congress on Monday night overwhelmingly passed a $900 billion coronavirus relief package, sending much-awaited aid to millions of Americans still reeling from the pandemic.  The stimulus measure, which was attached to the $1.4 trillion government spending bill, includes a fresh round of stimulus checks, an extension of unemployment benefits and more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program.  The $600 stimulus checks will be paid to American adults who earned less than $75,000 in 2019 or less than $150,000 for couples.  Higher earners will received tapered payments that will phase out for individuals earning more than $87,000 ($174,000 for couples).

December 22: The Epoch Times: Arizona GOP files motion to intervene in Maricopa County lawsuit  
The Arizona Republican Party has filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit filed by Maricopa County against state senators, as the county fights against subpoenas to audit voting machines and ballots.  In their 16-page motion Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward and other Republicans say they have several interests related to the legal battle, including being registered voters in the state and being selected as GOP electors – thereby having an obvious interest and standing.  The Arizona state Senate last week issued two subpoenas against Maricopa County, ordering its Board of Supervisors to audit scanned ballots and ballot tabulation equipment and software; stating that the legislature needed this information in order to make an informed decision.  But the Maricopa Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 not to comply with the subpoenas.  The Arizona GOP criticized the Board’s decision saying  “They’re trying to run out the clock, and they’re trying to not share the information, which, of course, raises the question of, what are they hiding?”

December 21: NewsMax.com: Newly elected Congressman to object to electoral votes in swing states
Rep.-elect Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) said Monday he will be joining the effort to overturn Joe Biden's election by objecting to electoral votes in swing states during the joint session of Congress on Jan. 6.  Cawthorn, 25, made the announcement at a conference in Florida.  "When you look at what’s happened in a lot of these liberal swing states, that have liberal governors and liberal secretaries of state, you can see that they have broken the law and gone against our Constitution with this election," Cawthorn said. "And so, because of that, on Jan. 6, as the people of western North Carolina sent me to do a job, I will be contesting the election."  Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) who’s leading the effort, has at least six other house members who say they intend to join him. At least one member of the Senate must object as well to bring the matter up for debate.  "In my opinion, at this moment, the issue is not whether there will be a senator who will join this effort on the Senate side," Brooks said. "The issue is how many are going to join us."

December 21: The Daily Caller: Barr sees no reason to appoint a special counsel
to investigate Hunter Biden
Attorney General Bill Barr, in likely his final public comments before stepping down from his Justice Department post, said Monday that he will not name a special counsel in the investigation surrounding Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.  “To the extent that there’s an investigation, I think that it’s being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department,” Barr told reporters at a press conference. “To this point, I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel, and I have no plan to do so before I leave.”

Table that shows alledged voter fraud issues by stateDecember 21: NewsMax.com: Navarro about “brass knuckle” politics and the 2020 election
Exposing the "chessboard" of the stolen election, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro rebuked the "Democrat Party strategic blueprint for toppling" President Trump.  "The top line here is very simple: The Democrat Party, as a coordinated strategy across six battleground states – you've got Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – a coordinated strategy to stuff the ballot box with mail-in and absentee ballots, and do it in a way where they bend and often break the law," he said.  “They used the shield of the Chinese Communist Party virus as part of their way to flood the zone with these absentee ballots,” he contended.

December 21: Fox News: What is in the $900 billion COVID-19 stimulus package
Congressional leaders on Monday unveiled a mammoth agreement on a roughly $2.4 trillion spending package that includes $900 billion in coronavirus relief after a half-year stalemate, securing another tranche of aid as a surge in COVID-19 infections threatens to further derail the nation's faltering economy.  The House is expected to move swiftly to pass the bill on Monday night.   The measure includes about $325 billion in small business relief, including $284 billion in forgivable loans for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program; an extension of boosted federal unemployment benefits at $300 a week through March 14, 2021, and a second $600 stimulus check for Americans earning less than $75,000. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday he expects the federal government to begin issuing checks to millions of Americans as soon as next week. The legislation notably excludes two of the thorniest issues, which have plagued negotiations for months: funding for state and local governments and a liability shield for businesses against coronavirus-related lawsuits.

December 21: Breitbart News: Members bristle over being given six hours
to read and digest 5,593 paged spending bill
Meanwhile, several Members of Congress are taking to social media to complain about a handful of hours they have been given to read the massive 5,593 page $2.3 trillion spending bill.  Monday afternoon the huge piece of legislation was uploaded with a vote scheduled for that evening.  “5600 pages. Votes allegedly in 6 hours,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) wrote on Twitter about the $2.3 trillion bill, $900 billion of which is earmarked for COVID-19 relief.  “Neither Democrats nor Republicans should vote for this nonsense. There should be bipartisan rejection of this absurdity,” he added.  “Sorry, Speaker Pelosi,” Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) said. “I actually like to read legislation before I cast my vote,” he wrote, adding it would take more than six hours to read the bill.

December 21: The Washington Examiner: Matt Gaetz to join GOP bid to challenge
the election results in Congress
Rep. Matt Gaetz (r-FL) said he will join the congressional challenge to the results of the 2020 presidential election. Gaetz who is a critic of the widespread mail-in voting adopted during the pandemic, tweeted on Monday that he will join fellow GOP lawmakers in both the House and the Senate to "OBJECT to electors from states that didn't run clean elections.    The effort to protest President-elect Joe Biden's victory in Congress began with Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) who this month declared his intention to overturn the results of what he called a "stolen" election.   Gaetz adding his name gives the campaign more star power, but the Trump allies can't hope for success without at least one member of the Senate joining the cause. Brooks appears to have that ally in Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) who said he would fight to "get [the election outcome] corrected."    Meanwhile, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has indicated he may also object to the electors unless the issues of election fraud have been vetted.

December 20: The Epoch Times: Sidney Powell to Dominion and Smartmatic;
bring on your lawsuits
Lawyer Lin Wood announced he will represent fellow attorney Sidney Powell after voting machine manufacturer  Smartmatic demanded that she retract statements alleging the company was involved in voter fraud during the Nov. 3 election.  “Knowing my background & experience in defamation law, Sidney [Powell] asked me to represent her & respond to SmartMatic litigation threat,” Wood wrote on Twitter. “Since everything Sidney is saying about election fraud is documented TRUTH, my response to SmartMatic was simple & to the point.”   Wood said he had carefully reviewed the SmartMatic letter and then said “I am not impressed. Ms. Powell retracts nothing.”  “File your lawsuit,” he added.

December 20: NewsMax.com: Economist Stephen Moore: COVID vaccine
will trigger “blockbuster” economy in 2021
Economist Stephen Moore is predicting the economy will soar next year as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out across the country.  In an interview Moore said that “the calvary is coming — and that the vaccine will set up the economy for a “blockbuster 2021.”   He said the Federal Reserve is estimating economic growth between 5-6% next year.  The Department of Labor reported a seasonally adjusted 885,000 jobless claims in the second week of December, a three-month high.  Health and government officials began the massive inoculation effort this week, administering Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine to at-risk and essential populations. On Friday, and the government began distributing Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine. The government's on track to allocate 20 million does by the end of the year, officials said.

December 20: Fox NewsFormer DNI Grenell 'very concerned' over Biden admin's reported ties to China: They've 'been playing us'
Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said Sunday that he is "very concerned" about President-elect Joe Biden's reported ties to China, and raised questions about other key administration officials who have advocated for supporting China’s “rise” in the past.   Grenell said he was "extraordinarily concerned, as are many Americans, that the Biden family is so bought off in so many ways by the communist Chinese government [and] that this is exactly the wrong man at the wrong time to be anywhere near creating and leading American foreign policy." 

December 20: The Washington Examiner: Report:  Sidney Powell at White House
to pitch executive order to seize voting machines? 
Attorney Sidney Powell was seen at the White House on Sunday, a sign that President Trump and his advisers are considering drastic action to scrutinize and challenge the results of the 2020 election.  Multiple journalists believe Powell was “pitching” an executive order to seize voting machines for inspection, although it is not clear she got actual face time with the president.  Unnamed sources also reported that during a Friday Oval Office meeting, Trump discussed appointing Powell as a special counsel to investigate voter fraud.  Powell has claimed that voting machines in several battleground states flipped Trump votes to Joe Biden. These allegations have not been considered in any court cases, meaning that Powell has as of yet not had an opportunity to present evidence that this occurred.  This doesn’t mean the evidence doesn’t exist, only that it has yet to be presented in any courtroom.  The electronic voting machine companies have threatened litigation against Powell, to which she has essentially said, bring it on, we have the evidence. 

December 2020: The Epoch Times: Investigative Documentary on Election Irregularities
On election night, on Nov. 3, an assortment of election anomalies were observed, followed by a large number of specific allegations of election fraud. As the integrity of the election continued to be questioned and evidence continued to emerge, most mainstream media stuck to a one-sided narrative by calling the election the most secure in American history while they sought to silence opposing voices.  This included Twitter, which scrubbed postings questioning whether there was election fraud.   Following election night, The Epoch Times’ investigative team went to work in an attempt to uncover the issues behind the election.  In this one-and-a-half-hour video, investigative reporter Joshua Phillip traveled across the country to swing states to interview whistleblowers, big data experts, and election experts in an attempt to determine the truth.  Mr. Phillip tried to determine  why the vote count was halted in key swing states on election night; whether there were potential problems or fraud associated with mail in ballots;  whether the Dominion Voting Systems were secure; and what lies behind the $400 million received by Dominion’s parent company less than a month before the election.  This investigation is worth watching.

December 20: Fox News: China used internet troll ‘army’
to shape coronavirus narrative
News about the coronavirus-related death of a Chinese doctor who had warned the public about the virus set off a massive propaganda and censorship effort to help the Chinese government regain control of the narrative inside the country about the rapidly growing crisis, according to a report.  The response to the Feb. 7 death of Dr. Li Wenliang and other events during the early days of the virus outbreak are outlined in leaked documents reviewed by ProPublica and the New York Times in a jointly produced article that was published Saturday.  Two main objectives of the Chinese government’s effort appeared to be making the virus impact seem less severe and making government officials appear to have a firmer grip on controlling the outbreak than they actually did, the report said.  China’s censors, worried that news about Wenliang’s death would set off a "butterfly effect" of subsequent damaging news stories about the virus ordered news outlets not to promote stories about Wenliang and instructed social media sites to remove his name from lists of trending topics, the report said.  They also hired internet trolls to post "distracting chatter" on the internet to help influence public opinion as the coronavirus gradually became a bigger news story and ordered security personnel to silence commentators whose views were not aligned with those of the government.

December 20: The Epoch Times: Trump campaign appeals to SCOTUS for
emergency appeal of its Pennsylvania lawsuit
President Trump’s campaign team filed an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse cases by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that changed mail-in ballot laws.  The case is attempting to reverse three cases decided by the state’s Supreme Court that “illegally changed” the mail-in ballot laws “immediately before and after the 2020 presidential election.” The lawyers contend the state Supreme Court’s decisions are in violation of Article II of the Constitution and the 2000 Bush v. Gore ruling.  The lawsuit is seeking “all appropriate remedies,” which includes the vacating of electors that were committed to Joe Biden and allowing the Pennsylvania Legislature to call up their own electors. The Campaign also moved for expedited consideration, asking the SCOTUS to order responses by December 23 and a reply by December 24 to allow the Court to rule before Congress meets on January 6 to consider the votes of the electoral college.  “This represents the Campaign’s first independent U.S. Supreme Court filing and seeks relief based on the same Constitutional arguments successfully raised in Bush v. Gore,” Trump’s legal team said.    “Collectively, these three decisions resulted in counting approximately 2.6 million mail ballots in violation of the law as enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature, more than enough” ballots are involved to affect the election outcome.

December 20: The Epoch Times: The left over played their hand and the truth will come out 
Timothy Lotz, just a Pennsylvania citizen, said “People in Pennsylvania who truly believe that their votes have been stolen, or that they’ve been disenfranchised through this election process, need to continue to put pressure on the legislators and the state government itself, in order to have the truth revealed,” he said.  “The enemy has overplayed the effort of fraud, to the degree that it’s obvious to most of us,” he said. “And so it’s just a matter of whether people who have that position of authority will concede to the truth, and when they concede to the truth, then then the election will be made right.”

December 20: The Epoch Times: Texas sheriff; what everybody wants is the truth about
the election... we can live with the outcome as long as we know everything was done lawfully
Large grassroots protests have been taking place since the general elections, in all 50 states across the nation, and they have continued on even in states where the results have not been contested.  Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn attended one such Stop the Steal rally in Dallas, Texas on Dec. 19.  “I think the number one concern, and the polls are overwhelming on it, is that people are concerned about the elections in those five key states, and that there was some corruption and that there was some problems with it. And I think they just want to know the truth,” he said.  “What I’m here about as a law man, as a rule of law issue, is that the way that we have unity in this country is we all agree with what the laws are, and we uphold the laws, and they’re just and they’re fair. So I think that’s all these people want, is this. They’re not afraid of the truth, whatever that truth is,” he said.

December 19: The Daily Caller: After FBI briefing, GOP leader wants to
have Eric Swalwell removed from the House Intel Committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Friday that Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell should be removed from the House Intelligence Committee due to his contacts with an alleged Chinese spy.   McCarthy issued the recommendation following a briefing from the FBI about Swalwell’s interactions with the alleged Chinese agent, Christine Fang.  “The House Intelligence Committee is a special committee. The members on it have access to many of America’s top national security secrets,” McCarthy wrote on Twitter.  “Long story short—There are 200 other Democrats who would be better to be on the Intel Committee than Eric Swalwell.”

December 19: Fox News: Congress in weekend session, having not
accomplished what it should have throughout the year; Politics?

Senators are still in the nation’s Capital, as Congress works to approve funding for the long-awaited coronavirus relief package by Sunday afternoon.  On Saturday Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) checked off a list of grievances on the $900 billion package - the latest hold-up in Congress passing the bill.  "We’ve never asked the Fed to engage in fiscal policy or social policy, or to allocate credit based on political standing," Toomey said.  He wants language be added to the latest bill that would ensure termination of three federal lending programs established in March to help credit markets function during massive U.S. economic shutdowns.  The CARES Act created a corporate bond credit facility, along with municipal and mainstream lending programs, that were originally intended to expire Dec. 31, which the Democrats want extended.  Toomey argued extending the programs would be superfluous because they went underutilized after private credit markets quickly resumed normal functions. He added that the corporate credit facility was never used at all.  He argued, further,  that extending the emergency spending authority would allow the Federal Reserve to become an extension of the administration, and to implement fiscal policies through lending stipulations, such as climate policy-based conditions.  "Fiscal and social policy is the rightful realm of the people who are accountable to the American people and that’s us, that’s Congress," he added.

December 19: The Epoch Times:  
Dominion audit reports shows races were flipped; analyst says
The analyst who led the forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems in Michigan said on Friday the information state officials pushed to redact shows that the outcomes of races were changed.   “The original report had log evidence that we published in the report to show exactly what we did and exactly the findings.”  “Dominion’s argument is with their own user’s manual and their own logs, because the logs—had they been able to be published—show very clearly that the RCV [ranked-choice voting] algorithm was enacted. It shows very clearly that the error messages were massive. It [shows] very clearly [sic] that races were flipped,” he said.   The Allied Security Operations Group audited the Dominion machines and software in Antrim County, Michigan where election officials reported election night that Biden won and later said that Trump actually received more votes in the county.   The Allied Security Operations Group conducted the first post-election audit of the Dominion products. 

December 19: The Epoch Times: Biden  outperforms Trump in counties using
Dominion and Hart voting equipment
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden outperforms in counties that use the Dominion or HART InterCivic voting machines, according to a data analyst.  “Analysis evidence suggests the use of the Dominion X/ICX BMD (Ballot Marking Device) machine, manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems, and machines from HART InterCivic appear to have abnormally influenced election results,” the data analyst wrote in a report that went public on Thursday.  The data analyst, who chose to remain anonymous for safety reasons, has 30 years of experience in data analysis, according to his profile reviewed by The Epoch Times.  The results show Biden falling above the prediction line in 78 percent of counties that use voting machines from those two companies.  His analysis also indicates that Biden consistently received 5.6 percent more votes in those counties than he should have.

December 19: The Washington Examiner: Trump may be considering appointing
Sidney Powell as a special counsel to investigate election fraud
Rudy Giuliani said the Trump legal team is retooling its strategy to focus more on voting machines, even as the companies that provide the hardware and software used in the 2020 election demand retractions of fraud claims that have not held up in court. It has been rumored that the president raised the prospect of appointing Sidney Powell -- an attorney involved in the Michael Flynn case who has been involved in several unsuccessful election lawsuits even after being disavowed by the Trump legal team – as a special counsel to investigate allegations of election fraud.

December 19: Breitbart News: Pompeo: Russians were behind the cyberattack
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented on the cyberattack on the federal government and said that “we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity.”  Pompeo said, “[S]uffice it to say, there was a significant effort to use a piece of third-party software to essentially embed code inside of U.S. government systems, and now it appears systems of private companies and companies and governments across the world as well. This was a very significant effort, and I think it’s the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity.”

December 19: The Washington Times: Not one, but two, Operation Warp Speed
has been a major success
U.S. Army General Perna said the U.S. is on track to get COVID-19 shots into 20 million Americans before the end of the year.  The FDA approved Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use late Friday, clearing the way for an initial shipment of 6 million doses on top of the Pfizer vaccine that was approved December 11.   Already, the Pfizer shots are being given to health workers, nursing-home residents and senior members of the U.S. government.

December 19: United Press International: SpaceX launches second spy satellite
with safe landing of its first stage rocket

SpaceX launched the company's second spy satellite mission for the U.S. government Saturday morning.  The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The payload fairing separated about 2 1/2 minutes after liftoff.   The reusable first stage Falcon 9 rocket landed at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station about 8 1/2 minutes after liftoff -- the fifth time for this particular booster and the 70th time for a Falcon 9 to date.

Fireside Chat with attornry Lin Woods, talking about Chief Justice John Roberts' actionsDecember 18: YouTube.comAttorney Lin Woods talks
about election lawsuits and Chief Justice John Roberts

In a “fireside chat” interview, Lin Woods, an attorney involved with some of the election fraud lawsuits said (at 25:05) “I will tell you one thing.  You look at how John Roberts has ruled in some key cases… he has not ruled consistently with his [conservative] past. It’s almost as if somebody has something over him and they’re telling him what he can and can’t do.  So, I think we’re going to learn a lot more about John Roberts; there have been a lot of rumors floating around about his children and other things…”  Woods said he is not making any accusations about Roberts other than to say there is ample evidence to show he is an “avid anti-Trumper” and that he is doing everything he can to keep President Trump from being reelected.    

December 18: NewsMax.com: Reporters growing frustrated with little access to Biden
Reporters are growing frustrated with the lack of access to President-Elect Joe Biden and are asking for longer and more frequent briefings.  Biden’s transition team has been holding weekly briefings on Zoom. If a reporter wants to ask a question, they type a request in the chat section. Biden’s team decides which reporter to call on.  Just five journalists were allowed to ask questions during Friday’s briefing and none of them asked about Hunter Biden, who earlier this week said his taxes were being investigated by federal officials. 

December 18: Fox News: Supererogation doesn’t count!  Georgia Secretary
of State speaks out about firing of whistle blower
Georgia's elections chief criticized the firing of two Fulton County poll workers who publicly spoke about irregularities they said they witnessed during last month's election. 

December 18: The Epoch Times: Maricopa county rejects complying with
subpoena to audit voting machines
The Board of Supervisors in Arizona’s Maricopa County on Friday voted 4-1 to file a complaint in the Arizona Superior Court and won’t comply with state Senate-issued subpoenas to hand over voting machines used in the Nov. 3 election for an audit, as well as an audit of scanned ballots.  A lawsuit will be filed against lawmakers in the Arizona State Legislature to block the enforcement of the subpoenas, county officials said.  The subpoenas were issued earlier this week to audit Dominion Voting Systems machines and ballots in the county, with a deadline for Friday at 5 p.m.  The Board of Supervisors said during Friday’s session the subpoenas were unconstitutional.   and a “slap in the face.”  They said they are concerned about how private voter information would be handled in an audit of the machines.  The lone dissenting board member said he was “in favor of a transparent audit.”  The action taken by the Board of Supervisors raises the question “Why fight the subpoena if there is nothing to hide?”

December 18: The Epoch Times: Georgia officials warned counties not to
grant open records request for voting software

Georgia’s elections director in November sent a memo, warning counties that voting machine software was not subject to open record requests as public demand was growing for transparency over Dominion Voting Systems software and other electronic poll book data.  The memo claimed that software and software patches was not releasable under FOIA requests and should not be provided.  The memo was made public on Dec. 17 by a local voter integrity campaigner.  The secretary of state’s office declined to comment on the matter, but did not deny the authenticity of the letter when contacted.

December 18: The Washington Examiner: Cybersecurity analyst: “significant information
will emerge in the coming days that could disrupt the results of the 2020 election”
The cybersecurity analyst who wrote the "forensic audit" of Dominion Voting Systems equipment in Antrim County, Michigan, predicted significant information will emerge in the coming days that could disrupt the results of the 2020 election.  Russell Ramsland Jr., who wrote the Allied Security Operations Group forensic report was heavily criticized by Dominion and Michigan election officials.  "I think that there is going to be some information coming forth in the next few days that is going to drastically change the playing field," he said.  Ramsland also said there is "tons of evidence" of election irregularities but claimed the courts have chosen to ignore it across the country.  The report produced by the Allied Security Operations Group said the Dominion equipment examination in Antrim County revealed an error rate of 68.05%, which the report said is far above the "allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines" at 0.0008%, and "demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity."

December 17: The Epoch Times: Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, it’s not over yet
Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis on Wednesday urged the American people concerned with election integrity to have hope in the ongoing efforts aimed at exposing voter irregularities and alleged fraud.  “I would just say to the American people: Take heart. This is not over yet. And we absolutely have every intention of continuing to fight for election integrity,” Ellis said.  Although Dec. 14, the day that presidential electors case their votes for president, has come and gone, Ellis argues that President Donald Trump still has time to challenge the election results and that state legislatures still have time to decide which set of votes from dueling slates of delegates to send to Congress on Jan. 6, the day when the electoral college votes are counted. 

Republicans in the seven states said their rationale for sending dueling electors to Congress was to preserve Trump’s legal claim in the election as his team pursues legal challenges over the counting of “illegal votes.”   Ellis is urging state legislatures in the contested states to hold an electoral session to consider evidence of potential election fraud and pass a resolution to send to the Republican slate of electors.  Having dueling sets of electors will likely trigger a contested electoral vote in Congress.  If the Georgia races goes to the GOP, Trump would still need a near-unanimous support in the Senate to block the approval of Biden’s electors.

December 17: Townhall.com: Georgia Secretary of State orders random signature verification
After approving a signature review of ballots in Cobb County, Georgia earlier this week, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has announced a study to look at a sampling of ballots from each county throughout the state. Despite concerns over voter fraud in the previous election, Raffensperger said the review is intended to be "forward-looking."  In a press release Georgia Secretary of State  "…has asked researchers at the University of Georgia's School of Public and International Affairs to conduct research, including a randomized signature match study of election materials handled at the county level in the November 3 Presidential contest.  This work will also include research on processes used at the county level to perform signature-matching."

December 17: The Daily Caller:  Peter Strzok internal FBI messages declassified and released
The Justice Department declassified a batch of internal FBI messages from Peter Strzok, the former counterintelligence official who oversaw the bureau’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia.  The messages, which were released Thursday, provide new insights into the thinking of investigators who worked on Crossfire Hurricane, the code name for the surreptitious investigation into the Trump campaign.  The documents show Strzok and his colleagues discussing strategies for how to handle the investigation, as well as how to approach interviews with targets of Crossfire Hurricane.  The declassified documents show that Strzok was provided with real-time updates as FBI agents or undercover sources were meeting with Trump campaign advisers Carter Page and George Papaodpoulos, who were early targets of the investigation. 

December 16: The Epoch Times:  Special Prosecutor Ken Starr: Pennsylvania
violated the law in changing election procedures

 Former Clinton-era investigator Ken Staff testified in front of a Senate panel that Pennsylvania’s last-minute changes to election laws before the Nov. 3 election were violations.  “The principle here is … [the] Constitution is very clear that it is the prerogative of state legislatures to determine what these rules and laws are,” Starr told the Senate Homeland Security Panel. “And that was, I must say, flagrantly violated in Pennsylvania, and perhaps elsewhere as well.”  In responding to a question from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Starr said this issue may recur again.
Pennsylvania’s Act 77 law has come under scrutiny as a violation of the state’s Constitution. The 2019 law made voting by mail without an excuse legal in the commonwealth, but, according to Gov. Tom Wolf, was necessary to make “voting more convenient and more secure for millions of Pennsylvanians and continues my commitment to modernizing our elections.”  Republicans contend it is an “illegal attempt to override the limitations on absentee voting” enshrined in the state Constitution.  They say Wolf and other state officials didn’t follow the necessary procedure of amending the state constitution, which would require far greater support from state lawmakers. Ken Starr noted the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling that allowed boards of elections to count mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day if they were received as many as three days later as a “constitutional travesty.”

December 16: Fox News: House Republicans urge Trump to
veto the omnibus spending bill

A group of House Republicans on Wednesday urged President Trump to veto an approximately $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill being negotiated in Congress, describing it as an example of "swamp politics" in Washington D.C.  The letter, signed by 14 Republicans, including Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Chip Roy of Texas, describes the measure as a "massive take-it-or-leave-it bill, negotiated behind closed doors, that expands government, spends at record levels well above 2011 base cap levels, and funds unnecessary or even harmful federal programs."  The letter states, "Supporting this [bill] is a vote to fund an education system that is failing to educate our children while teaching them that America is evil; it is a vote to fund grants to states that run a badly broken election system; it is a vote to fund a healthcare system that empowers insurance companies at the expense of hard-working Americans; it is a vote to underfund border security and empower cartels; it is a vote to continue war without so much as a debate much less a vote on a new AUMF for our men and women in uniform; it is a vote to fund Planned Parenthood; and, among many other things, it is a vote to send money to state and local agencies that are perpetuating the shutdowns that are destroying our way of life.”

December 16: The Washington Times: Dr. Who?  Jill Biden’s doctorate spurs controversy
Jill Bidenholds a doctorate in education, but her insistence on being referred to as “Dr. Jill” has touched off a political and media uproar over whether that makes her a courageous feminist role model or a pretentious credential snob.  Her title became a cause celebre after Joseph Epstein suggested Sunday in the Wall Street Journal that she lose the “Dr.,” telling her it “sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic.”  Heatedly, but not universally. Conservative writers and intellectuals are sticking to their long-held posture that with few exceptions, those who insist on being referred to “Dr.” for anything other than an M.D. — Mrs. Biden’s degree is an Ed.D. — deserve to be taken down a peg.  “Joseph Epstein had it exactly right in his Wall Street Journal article,” said Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars. “He had the temerity to say aloud what almost every academic, and lots of other people, know but seldom say.” 

December 16: The Daily Caller: Hunter Biden was due to receive “significant”
payments from China starting in 2019, emails show

Hunter Biden was repeatedly told by his business partner that he would begin receiving significant payments from a Chinese private equity firm starting in 2019, emails show.  Eric Schwerin, his partner told Hunter in a December 2018 email that the Chinese private equity firm, BHR Partners, would generate income for him “over the next couple of years.”  These revelations conflict with an October 2019 statement by Biden’s lawyer that said Biden had not received any return on his investment in BHR, nor had there been any distributions to the firm’s shareholders since he obtained his 10% equity stake two years prior through his company, Skaneateles LLC.  

December 16: The Washington Examiner: Big Pharma, traditional capitalism to the rescue
The prospective impact of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines on public and economic health is virtually incalculable. But the fact that two private pharmaceutical firms are the agents of discovery and production of such a profoundly important public good should not be taken for granted. Two publicly traded companies, putting their own funds at risk, will, we hope, deliver social benefits worth trillions in return for profits in the low billions. This flies in the face of an emergent narrative about traditional, for-profit firms: that absent clearly set out social and environmental goals, corporate behavior will not achieve them.   The benefits of success are real. But so has been the risk.   Moderna incurred new debt to finance its vaccine development. And, as the New York Times observed before the vaccine was found to be effective, “Moderna and other companies have already begun making their vaccines ‘at risk,’ meaning financial risk, because if the products are found not to work, they will have to be thrown away.”

December 15: Fox News: Dems threaten remove Congressman after
he supports Trump election fight... what will they try next!

Democrats who are calling for the removal of their colleagues for supporting President election fight are making an "absurd" argument, Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) said Tuesday. “Well, I guess it is because we support the president and I guess it is because we were worried about election integrity,” the former Democrat said.  Van Drew said “regardless of the issue” pertaining to Trump, there needs to be an assurance of the “highest level of integrity in the U.S. election.”

December 15: The Epoch Times: Arizona GOP Chair says Republican electors
represent legal votes cast in her state
 Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward said that her state’s Republican Electoral College electors, who on Monday cast their votes for President Trump, believe they are the electors that “represent the legally cast votes in our state.”  Republican electors in seven states, including Arizona, on Monday cast their Electoral College-style votes for Trump, which critics argue are merely symbolic and have no force of law. Meanwhile, Democrat electors voted for Joe Biden setting up a possible showdown when Congress meets on Jan. 6 to review the potentially competing sets of electoral votes.  Ward, who serves as one of Arizona’s 11 GOP electors, told NTD in an interview Monday that she believes Republican electors said  “It was required as part of our duties so that, on January 6, the correct electors can be recognized whenever Congress gets back together.”

Republican electors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Nevada all cast alternative votes for Trump. It  is presumed these votes will be transmitted to Congress for consideration during the Joint Session of Congress when the House of Representatives and Senate meet on Jan. 6 to count the votes and declare a winner of the presidential contest.  According to the U.S. Code, when the House and Senate meet, they have to look into “all the certificates and papers purporting to be certificates of the electoral votes.” Several Republican members of Congress have said they would attempt to object to the counting of the Electoral College votes for some states, which would then trigger a series of debates and votes.

December 15: The Epoch Times: Texas electors encourage
other state legislatures to appoint new electors

As former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday claimed victory in the 2020 presidential election, Texas’s members of the Electoral College voted on a resolution calling on four battleground states to appoint alternative electors to vote for President Donald Trump.

The resolution, authored by elector Mark Ramsey, was passed 34-4 by the Texas electors, who also condemned the U.S. Supreme Court for dismissing a lawsuit challenging election results led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton last week.  The resolution requests the legislatures of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin set aside the election results and appoint new electors to back Trump. According to The Texas Tribune, all four battleground states had already cast their electoral votes for Biden.

December 15: NewsMax.com: McConnell congratulates Biden as President-Elect
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell congratulated Democrat Joe Biden Tuesday, calling him the president-elect and saying the Electoral College “has spoken.”  The Republican leader's statement delivered in a speech on the Senate floor ends weeks of silence over President Donald Trump's defeat. It comes after electors met Monday and affirmed Biden's election win.  “Many of us had hoped the presidential election would yield a different result,” McConnell said. "But our system of government has the processes to determine who will be sworn in on Jan. 20. The Electoral College has spoken.” McConnell prefaced his remarks with praise for Trump's four years in office, saying Trump and Vice President Mike Pence “deserve our thanks.”

December 15: Fox News: Big tech gives lots to Biden campaign, none to Trump,
then censor Hunter Biden corruption story
Top executives at Facebook and Twitter donated tens of thousands of dollars to President-elect Joe Biden's campaign, Federal Election Commission records reveal, as the social media platforms come under fire for limiting the circulation of reports surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

December 15: The Epoch Times: Another state, another election lawsuit; New Mexico
The Trump Campaign filed another lawsuit over the 2020 election in New Mexico. The campaign accuses the state of allowing the use of drop boxes which could’ve led to voting irregularities.  The Trump Campaign alleges that New Mexico’s Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver violated state election laws for not handing ballots to a presiding election judge. Instead, she allowed voters to put their absentee ballots in drop boxes outside polling locations.  The effort to reduce overcrowding polling places opened the possibility for ballot harvesting and invalid ballots b3eing “dropped off.”  It should have been monitored; the GOP contends.    The lawsuit asks that New Mexico delay the certification of its election results. Alternatively, it asks the court to order the state’s legislature to appoint electors.  The legal team is also asking the judge to mandate a state-wide canvass of absentee votes and requesting the court separates ballots turned in at drop boxes and investigates each location of the drop box to determine whether the procedure was followed. Adding that those ballots should be excluded from the vote count if the boxes violated rules.

December 15: The Epoch Times: Attorney says Trump should act after voting machine forensic audit
A Michigan attorney involved in the Antrim County case said he hopes President Donald Trump will act after a forensic audit report of Dominion Voting Systems machines described the devices as faulty and “intentionally” programmed to produce significant numbers of tabulation errors.  Matthew DePerno, representing an Antrim County plaintiff, said he hopes Trump and the White House read the report (pdf) from Allied Security Operations Group “and understand how significant the findings are.”  “We hope that we’ve given him something to go on here based on our investigation because if this happened in Antrim County and with these machines, there’s 48 other counties in Michigan that used the same machines, and there’s hundreds of counties across the country that also use them.  The team said they found the ballot-adjudication logs and the security logs for the November 3 general election in Antrim County’s Dominion Voting Systems machines had been removed. They said the logs of prior elections before November 3 were still there.

“The adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes. The lack of records prevents any form of audit accountability, and their conspicuous absence is extremely suspicious since the files exist for previous years using the same software,” the Team noted.   “We must conclude that the 2020 election cycle records have been manually removed.” Ramsland furthermore said his team found that Antrim County’s machines rejected a considerable number of ballots for adjudication, a manual process that allows election workers to cure ballots before they are re-submitted. Those machines had an error rate of 68.05 percent—while the Federal Election Commission only allows for an error rate of 0.0008 percent.  Additionally, the report also stipulated that Dominion’s machines were “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors” to produce “systemic fraud” during the election.

December 15: The Epoch TimesArizona State Senate Subpoenas Maricopa County
to Audit Scanned Ballots, Dominion Voting Machines

The Arizona state Senate on Monday announced two subpoenas to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to audit scanned ballots, voting machines, and software.  “One subpoena calls for a scanned ballot audit, to collect an electronic ballot image cast for all mail-in ballots counted in the November 2020 general election in Maricopa County, Arizona. The second subpoena calls for a full forensic audit of ballot tabulation equipment, the software for that equipment and the election management system used in the 2020 general election,” State Senator Fann said.   She added that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors were served the subpoenas on Tuesday afternoon. The subpoenas request that the information be delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman on or before 5 p.m. on Dec. 18, 2020. “I appreciate Board Chairman Clint Hickman’s commitment to the integrity of the Arizona election process, and I know he shares all of our concerns,” Fann added.    He noted that if such an audit showed that the election results were incorrect, that could help convince members of Congress to file objections to Arizona’s electoral votes.

December 15: The Epoch Times: Dueling electors in seven states vote for two
separate candidates for President
Republican electors in Pennsylvania,, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico cast alternative slates of votes for President Donald Trump on December 14, as the certified Democrat electors in the same states cast votes for former Vice President Joe Biden.  While there is precedent for dueling sets of electors casting votes in a presidential election, the number of states involved in Monday’s action sent the 2020 election into unchartered territory.   “Sending more than one slate of electors is not unheard of,” said Meshawn Maddock, Michigan Republican at-large national elector in an emailed release. “It’s our duty to the people of Michigan and to the U.S. Constitution to send another slate of electors if the election is in controversy or dispute—and clearly it is.”  Some states (Nevada and Pennsylvania) have said they have not received the GOP elector’s certifications.  “In America, when questions are raised about the legitimacy of any election, those questions are resolved through a legal process. And that is precisely what happened here. The Trump campaign brought dozens and dozens and dozens of legal challenges to test the results. They were heard. And they were found to be without merit,” he added.

The dueling sets will likely trigger a contested electoral vote count in Congress. Each slate of electors can be challenged with the approval of one member of the House and one senator. Both chambers of Congress would then retire to debate and vote on the slate.  If the Georgia run off races goes to the GOP, Trump would still need a near-unanimous support in the Senate to block the approval of Biden’s electors.

December 14: NewsMax.Com: Michigan Audit of Dominion Software finds “Rigged” votes
A forensic audit of the presidential vote tally by Dominion Voting Systems software used in Antrim County, Michigan, showed a more than 68% error rate, with auditors claiming the system intentionally creates the errors so the machine can have them "adjudicated" – allowing individuals to change the result.  The error rate is astounding considering the Federal Election Commission allows a maximum error rate of just 0.0008 percent for computerized voting systems.  "We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results," the audit report prepared by Allied Security Operations Group read.  "The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail."

December 14: The Epoch Times: Wisconsin Supreme Court rules on
absentee ballots and associated voter ID requirement

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin today ruled that public health restrictions amid the CCP virus pandemic are not valid reasons for people to vote absentee without showing an ID.  Under Wisconsin’s election law, a voter may declare him- or herself “indefinitely confined” because of age, physical illness, or infirmity — a status that allows one to request an absentee ballot application without providing a photo ID. In a March 25 statement on his Facebook, Dane County clerk Scott McDonell encouraged “all voters who request a ballot and have trouble presenting a valid ID” to “indicate as needed that they are indefinitely confined due to illness.”    The GOP promptly sued McDonell suggesting his message was an abuse of the “indefinitely confined” provision and was a means to circumvent the voter ID requirements.    In its final decision the court sided with the GOP saying  whether to declare oneself indefinitely confined is up to individual voters, not county clerks or anyone else. The justices also ruled that the governor’s stay-at-home order doesn’t mean everyone is indefinitely confined.  In addition, the court ruled that votes could not count for those who falsely claimed the status of indefinitely confinement. It’s unclear whether the decision will invalidate some of the votes cast in this year’s presidential election, or if it is simply for future reference.

December 14: The Epoch Times: Michigan judge allows release of forensic audit
of Dominion Software
 A Michigan judge ruled on Monday that parties in a court case are permitted to release the results of a forensic imaging examination of  Dominion Voting System machines, with redactions of code.  The report was published soon after by Allied Security Operations Group and included expert analysis from group member Russell Ramsland.   At the request of Matthew DePerno, the 13th Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer agreed to remove the protective order.  DePerno argued that confirming the accuracy of the electoral process is a greater public interest in this case than any potential issues related to Dominion software and that the company had an opportunity to intervene in the case but did not do so.  Antrim County initially reported Biden received more than 2,000 votes more than Trump but later changes the results to show Trump nearly 4,000 votes ahead of Biden. The county blamed the discrepancy of “human error.”  However a new lawsuit said many questions remain unanswered, including whether Dominion tabulators in the county were tampered with and whether they have the capacity to connect to the Internet. 

December 14: The Epoch Times: Loeffler and Perdue urge Georgia officials to release the list of registered voters in order to preserve the integrity of the runoff election
As early voting got underway on Monday in Georgia’s twin Senate runoffs, candidates for reelection Senators Perdue (R-GA) and Loeffler (R-GA) called on Georgia Secretary of State to release the list of registered voters in order to preserve “the integrity of our elections.”   “It’s been one week since the voter registration deadline passed and the Secretary of State has failed to compile and release a final list of newly registered voters,” the pair of senators said.           Georgia saw a record voter turnout in the November election, with more than half of the record 5 million votes cast during the two-week early voting period. The last day to register December 7, and Loeffler and Perdue said that not having a list of who was registered is “totally unacceptable.”   “In-person early voting starts today, and the public remains without a full accounting of who is registered and who may attempt to cast a ballot in the runoff.” “This lack of transparency needs to be rectified immediately, or the integrity of our elections will remain threatened,” they contended.  It is a longstanding practice for voter registration lists to be provided to candidates in elections.  Loeffler and Perdue said “Georgians demand transparency, accountability, and accuracy in our elections process” and accused Republican Secretary of State Raffensperger of failing to provide the lists in a timely manner.

December 14: The Epoch Times: VA Congressman-Elect supports contesting electoral votes in January
Newly elected Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) said he supports Rep. Mo Brooks’s (R-AL) pledge to contest the presidential election results in Congress on Jan. 6, 2021.  “Election integrity is the foundation of our Republic, our representative democracy,” Good said at an election integrity rally in Washington on December 12.  “If we don’t have election integrity—not just this election, but future elections—we don’t have a republic. And so we have got to root out fraud, cheating, stealing.”  Two senators, Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Rand Paul (R-KY) have both said they’re considering objecting to the electoral votes. At least one House member and one Senate member must join to object to a state’s results.  Six states—Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada—are still in contention after election irregularities have resulted in multiple lawsuits being filed.  Cases in Pennsylvania and Georgia have been docketed with the U.S. Supreme Court, while lawyer Sidney Powell has filed an emergency petition for Arizona with the highest court. Powell’s team also sent a letter on December 13 to the Supreme Court asking for permission to file new evidence under seal regarding Michigan. 

Good said he believes widespread voter fraud and “widespread inappropriate activity” also occurred in Virginia on November 3.  The Democrat-controlled legislature in Virginia in 2019 passed a slew of new election laws, of which many took effect on July 1, 2020.  The Division of Motor Vehicles has moved to automatically registering drivers when they apply for a driver’s license.  The new laws also include one that allows voters to use absentee voting without requiring a reason and such ballots can be accepted up to three days after the day of an election. 

A group in Virginia is working to uncover potential fraud in one Senate and five House races in the state. The Virginia Project, set up in 2019, is hoping to complete data analysis, collect affidavits from voters and poll watchers, and file a lawsuit before the end of the year.

December 14: The Epoch Times: House Dems consider panel to decide on
seating two GOP members who won by a handful of votes
Election officials in three New York counties are recounting contested ballots in the contest between incumbent U.S. Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) and former Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) the woman he defeated two years ago.  Tenney has a 12-vote advantage in the 2020 rematch. A judge ordered the recount on December 11 after 55 previously uncounted ballots “mysteriously” appeared.  Among the observers of the recount is an aide to House Committee on Administration Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) hose panel has jurisdiction over federal elections.  The aide’s presence at the recount is a sign of interest among House Democrats in potentially refusing to seat Tenney and Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who was certified by election officials as winner by six votes over Democrat Rita Hart in Iowa’s 2nd District.  While Democrats had expected to gain seats to strengthen their House majority, they instead lost at least 10 seats, leaving them with an 11-seat advantage. Should Miller-Meeks and Tenney both be seated, the Democrats’ majority would shrink to nine seats.  Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution makes Congress the final arbiter of who will be accepted as duly elected or appointed members.

December 14: The Washington Examiner: Trump electors blocked from entering the Michigan state Capitol as Democrat electors vote for Biden
As Michigan’s electors gathered in the state Capitol to vote for President-elect Joe Biden unanimously, a group of Republicans who claimed they were supposed to be part of the vote and tried to enter the building.   The Capitol building in Lansing, along with state House and Senate office buildings, were closed to the public on Monday due to “credible threats of violence.” The state police refused to allow the GOP electors to enter the building and declined to accept a manila envelope with their votes.  The GOP electors in numerous battleground states gathered and voted for Trump in order to preserve any legal claims that may be presented going forward.

December 14: The Washington Times: Trump electors in Georgia, Pennsylvania,
and Arizona cast their votes for Trump
Republican electors in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania cast votes for President  Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on Monday in hopes a court might overturn Biden’s win, even as the Electoral College voted across the nation to certify the Democrat’s victory.  Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer said Republican electors met at the state capitol to cast votes for Trump because a Trump campaign lawsuit challenging the state’s election is still pending.  “Had we not meet today and cast our votes, the President’s pending election contest would have been effectively mooted. Our action today preserves his rights under Georgia law,” Mr. Shafer tweeted.

December 14: Fox News: Hunter Biden email shows $400G in unreported income
from Burisma; perhaps he should amend his tax return?
Hunter Biden failed to report “approximately $400,000” in income he collected from his position on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings when he joined in 2014, according to an attorney for his firm who noted that his tax returns needed to be amended, a new email obtained by Fox News discloses.  The memo dated Jan. 16, 2017, one of multiple new emails, detailed President-elect Joe Biden’s son's income for the years 2013 through 2015 for tax purposes.  The email stated that in 2013 Hunter Biden’s taxes reported “$833,614 in income,” in 2014 “your taxes reported $847,328 in income. (To be amended at $1,247,328),” and in 2015 reported $2,478,208 in income.”

December 14: The Daily Caller: Barr to step down just before Christmas
President Donald Trump announced Monday evening that Attorney General Bill Barr will step down from his position atop the Justice Department “just before Christmas.”  “Just had a very nice meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr at the White House. Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job,” Trump tweeted. Barr will be leaving just before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family, Trump said.  Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, who he called “an outstanding person,” will serve as Acting Attorney General and Richard Donoghue will now perform the duties of the Deputy Attorney General.

December 13: The Washington ExaminerA fifth nation normalizes relations with Israel: Bhutan
Bhutan,  an isolated Himalayan kingdom,  has established full diplomatic relations with Israel for the first time, this is the fifth country to establish ties with Israel in the last year. Although this agreement is not directly related to the others which came about with the help of the U.S., they all occurred after President Trump started to help  broker diplomatic deals with Israel that had eluded other administrations for decades.  Vetsop Namgyel, Bhutan’s ambassador to India, and Ron Malka, Israel’s ambassador to India, signed the agreement at the Israeli Embassy in India on Saturday, following a year of secret talks.   Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the establishment of relations between the countries was “additional fruit of the peace agreements,” adding that Israel was in discussion with other countries that want to establish diplomatic relations.

December 13: Breitbart News: Iran warns U.S. if it flies B-52s over its nation
A senior Iranian military commander warned that U.S. Air Force B-52s in the Persian Gulf will meet a “crushing and fiery response” if they dare to venture into Iranian airspace.  Brigadier General Qader Rahimzadeh, said the “smallest potential violation of Iran’s airspace” would trigger the response.  “The country’s airspace is among our redlines and, as enemies have experienced in the past too, the smallest violation will be met with the (Iranian) air defense forces’ crushing and fiery response,” he said. Breitbart News reported that a pair of U.S. B-52H Stratofortresses flew a show-of-force mission across the Persian Gulf on Thursday in a display intended to deter attacks from Iran.  The New York Times said the bombers flew over the Middle East alongside aircraft from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. These were likely fighter jets, as all three countries maintain sizable inventories of American fighters, particularly F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters.

December 12: Fox News: Trump success! First trucks with COVID-19 vaccine
depart facility headed for destinations across the nation
Sunday is a historic day in the nation's fight against the coronavirus pandemic.  The first truck carrying a COVID-19 vaccine for widespread use in the United States pulled out of a Portage, Michigan manufacturing plant Sunday morning, with the shots that are critical to stopping the nation's coronavirus outbreak destined to reach locations in all 50 states a day later.  The loading process began Sunday morning. The first wave of deliveries will see 150 locations supplied with the Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, and a further 450 sites will see supplies in the second shipment. It took the Trump Administration less than a year to fast track the development, approval, and shipment of the vaccine, a process that normally takes over three to accomplish.

Thousands of Trump supporters rally in Washington, DC to encourage the SCOTUS to look at election fraudDecember 12: The Washington Times: Trump supporters rally
in D.C. by the thousands from all across the nation
Thousands gathered in D.C. on Saturday for pro-Trump rallies in support of the president’s claims of widespread voter fraud leading to a victory for Joseph R. Biden.  Supporters flocked to the District’s downtown area for the Million MAGA March and the March for Trump, both of which attracted thousands of participants last month.  Before flying over Freedom Plaza in Marine One, President Trumpo tweeted “Wow! Thousands of people forming in Washington (D.C.) for Stop the Steal. Didn’t know about this, but I’ll be seeing them! #MAGA.”  

December 12: The Epoch Times: Arizona GOP to file election integrity case with SCOTUS
Arizona’s Republican Party says it’s going to appeal its election integrity case to the U.S. Supreme Court. This comes days after Arizona’s Supreme Court rejected their case.  Dr. Kelli Ward the Chairwoman of the Arizona GOP noted that it’s only the third election-related case to go to the Supreme Court. It joins Texas and Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.).  “Today, it’s the day that you’ve been waiting for. Our case is going to the Supreme Court of the United States,” Kelli said. “If we are accepted, we’ll be only the third case in this presidential 2020 to be accepted by the Supreme Court.”  Ward claims the case needs to go to the Supreme Court because her party has not had due process—meaning having time to make a case, do discovery, hold a hearing all while working under what she calls “unrealistic deadlines” by the judge.  The appeal says the state needs more time to examine thousands of duplicates of damaged ballots in Maricopa County.  It also asks the court to invalidate the December 8th safe harbor deadline and the Electoral College meeting on Monday, in which the president is formally selected.

December 12: The Epoch Times: PA Republicans ask SCOTUS to review election lawsuit
Pennsylvania Republicans on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review their claims that Pennsylvania violated the Constitution by allowing anyone to vote by mail.  Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and other party members, including congressional candidate Sean Parnell, filed the suit last month, over a state law enacted last year.  “Act 77 is the most expansive and fundamental change to the Pennsylvania voting code, implemented illegally, to date,” the suit stated, describing the law as “another illegal attempt to override the limitations on absentee voting prescribed in the Pennsylvania Constitution, without first following the necessary procedure to amend the constitution to allow for the expansion.”  A Pennsylvania judge said the plaintiffs would likely succeed and blocked the state from certifying the results of the Nov. 3 election but the Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down the injunction days later. The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this week denied a request for immediate relief.  Petitioners responded by filing an emergency application an immediate stay, pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a review of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling.

December 12: The Daily Caller: Feds slap Hunter Biden with subpoena for foreign business records
Federal prosecutors subpoenaed Hunter Biden on Tuesday for records for his business dealings with more than two dozen entities, including Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings and companies based in China, the Associated Press reported.  Biden announced on Wednesday through his father’s transition team that his attorney had been notified that he was the target of an investigation into his “tax affairs.”  The younger Biden did not disclose any other details of the investigation in his statement. A source familiar with the probe said the investigation started in 2018, before Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign.

December 11: The Epoch Times: Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear Trump recount appeal on Saturday
The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal by the campaign of President Trump over a challenge to the result of the presidential election recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties.  With the Dec. 14 deadline for the Electoral College vote looming, the conservative-majority court set a hearing for noon on Saturday.    The court agreed to take the case hours after a circuit court judge sided with the defendants and affirmed the results of the election in the state.   The Trump campaign challenged roughly 220,000 ballots recounted in Milwaukee and Dane counties. The ballots included absentee ballots cast by voters who did not fill out a ballot request application, and ballot envelopes that had missing witness address information filled by election clerks.    At the center of the dispute was whether Wisconsin elections officials followed the state’s election law in recounting the ballots challenged by the Trump campaign. The campaign had challenged the ballots arguing they were processed by state officials in violation of Wisconsin’s election laws.  The statutes must be complied with. Absentee voting is subject to enormous fraud. That’s why this state made the choices it did and that’s why the complaint must be granted,” Trump attorney Jim Troupis said.

December 11: The Epoch Times: Lin Wood appeals Georgia election case to the Supreme Court
Attorney Lin Wood has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court asking the justices to review his case that argues Georgia’s 2020 presidential election was “unlawful.”  Wood’s case argues that an agreement between Georgia election officials and the state’s Democratic Party that changed the process of handling absentee ballots in Georgia is unconstitutional.  Under the U.S Constitution, only state legislatures and Congress can prescribe the “times, places, and manner of holding elections.”  He argues that the state officials were not authorized to change the manner of processing absentee ballots in a way that was contrary with the state election code, and hence, the counting of absentee ballots for the general election in the state is therefore “improper and must not be permitted.   The March 2020 agreement between Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the State Election Board, and various state Democratic entities changed the way absentee ballots are processed in a way that isn’t consistent with election laws passed by the Georgia Legislature.  Wood’s lawsuit has been rejected because of a “lack of standing;” the same reason the SCOTUS rejected the Texas lawsuit.  Wood argued he had standing because he suffered an injury because his vote and the votes of all other in-person voters were given less weight in comparison to mail-in voters in a manner that was not intended by the election framework adopted by the Georgia Legislature.  He added that the questions presented in his case are not moot because the constitutional violation “will be repeated again on January 5, 2021, during the runoff election for the two Georgia U.S. Senate seats.”

December 11: United Press International: SCOTUS refuses to
consider Texas election lawsuit; cites issue of standing
The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday denied Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawsuit challenging the election results in four battleground states.  The high court said Texas hasn't demonstrated a sufficient interest in how another state handles its elections for the lawsuit to move forward.   Allen West, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, said the Supreme Court ruling allows the four states to "take unconstitutional actions."    "This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the U.S. Constitution and not be held accountable," he said. "This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic. Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution."

December 11: The Washington Examiner: After SCOTUS rejects Texas
election case Giuliani says “We’re not finished”
President Trump will seek another avenue of legal recourse after the Supreme Court rejected a Texas challenge to President-elect Joe Biden's wins in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Rudy Giuliani, who leads Trump's legal effort, told Newsmax on Friday that the case wasn't rejected on the merits, but rather on standing.  "So the answer to that is to bring the case in the district court by the president, by some of the electors, alleging some of the same facts where there would be standing, and therefore get a hearing," he said.  Alleging there was widespread voter fraud that cost him the election, Trump himself motioned to intervene in the Texas case, claiming through attorneys on Wednesday that the case was a federal issue because it violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution.

December 11: The Daily Caller: FDA approves vaccine ten months after
the Chinese Coronavirus released upon the world
The FDA approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use Friday, officially beginning a nationwide mass vaccination effort in an attempt to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.  Its approval follows a key FDA panel’s overwhelming vote to endorse the vaccine’s safety and efficacy. President Donald Trump called for the agency to approve Pfizer earlier Friday, telling its commissioner, Dr. Stephen Hahn, to get the vaccines out as soon as possible.

December 11: Breitbart News; Biden names Rice to post despite her record of lying and failure
Former Vice President Biden has named Susan Rice to lead his White House Domestic Policy Council, despite her long history of failure and her record of lying to the American people.  Rice has no experience in domestic policy. She has extensive experience in foreign policy, however – much of it bad.  She lied on numerous Sunday news programs about the reasons for the attacks on U.S. personnel in Benghazi, Libya.  

December 10: The Epoch Times: Pennsylvania House leaders urge SCOTUS
to take the Texas Election case

Pennsylvania’s GOP House speaker Bryan Cutler and majority leader Kerry Benninghoff on Thursday filed an amici curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court against the state of Pennsylvania and in favor of Texas’s lawsuit against the commonwealth and three other states.  The brief  requests that the Supreme Court “carefully consider the procedural issues and questions raised by Texas concerning the administration of the 2020 General Election in Pennsylvania.”  “The unimpeachability of our elections requires clear procedures of administration so that everyone gets a fair shake. Unfortunately, outside actors have so markedly twisted and gerrymandered the Commonwealth’s Election Code to the point that it is unrecognizable from the laws that [were] enacted,” they wrote, adding that the state of Texas “raised important questions about how this procedural malfeasance affected the 2020 General Election.”   Cutler and Benninghoff, further stipulated that “under the pretextual guise of COVID-19, special interests began attempting to use Pennsylvania courts” to carry out “election procedures of their own choosing,” citing mail-in ballot extensions implemented by Kathy Boockvar, the Pennsylvania secretary of state.

December 10: The Epoch Times: Georgia election official demonstrates
how the Dominion software allows the changing and adding of votes
An elections supervisor in Coffee County, Georgia, demonstrated in recent videos posted online how Dominion Voting Systems voting software allows votes to be changed through an “adjudication” process. The process allows the operator to add vote marks to a scanned ballot as well as invalidate vote marks already on the ballot.  Adjudication should only serve to resolve issues of voters marking ballots incorrectly, such as filling the bubbles in a way that doesn’t clearly show who he or she voted for. Yet it appears a substantial number of ballots went through that process, at least in some Georgia counties. As the Coffee County supervisor, Misty Martin, showed, the system can be set to allow adjudication of all scanned ballots, even blank ones, and effectively allow the operator to vote those ballots.
(Editor’s Note: In Galveston we use the Hart InterCivic equipment and have an adjudication process in which both the Republican and Democrat members of Central Counting discuss and decide a voter’s intention when ballot adjudication was needed.  Having served in Central Count for many election cycles not once did I observe a disagreement about a voter’s intent and the process is transparent.)    

December 10: The Epoch Times: 106 Members of Congress join
the Texas lawsuit, urging SCOTUS to hear the case
A group of over 100 House Republicans is urging the SCOTUS to take up a lawsuit challenging 2020 election results filed earlier this week by the state of  Texas.  The 106 lawmakers asked the nation’s top court on Thursday for permission to file a friend-of-the-court brief that asks the justices to uphold the power of state legislatures to establish how presidential electors are appointed and to determine the constitutionality of ballots cast and counted under election rules established by non-legislative officials.  The U.S. Constitution affords legislatures the power to prescribe the manner in which presidential electors are appointed in each state.  “No state constitution, state law, state governor, state election official, or court can alter or constrain that grant of power,” the lawmakers argue.

December 10: Townhall.com: Key FDA committee approved Pfizer vaccine;
full FDA approval expected tomorrow
After a daylong meeting on Thursday, the independent FDA advisory panel, the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, voted 17 to 4, with one abstention, to approve the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. In its final clinical trials, the vaccine was found to be over 95% effective.  With the committee's blessing, the FDA is expected to approve the vaccine within the next few days, perhaps as early as Friday.

December 10: The Daily Caller: Media reason for suppressing Hunter
Biden laptop story based upon fake premises

Pre-election, much of the media disregarded the Hunter Biden laptop story first published by the New York Post.  The reasoning, as journalist Glenn Greenwald noted on Thursday, was twofold: Some members of the media claimed the story was Russian disinformation while others doubted the authenticity of the documents.

December 10: The Washington Times: Trump asylum policy due to be
implemented prior to inauguration day
The Trump administration is preparing to implement fully a new government regulation that overhauls the U.S. asylum system and dramatically restricts eligibility for admission for migrants at the border.  The Justice Department and Homeland Security are expected to publish the changes Friday and have them go into effect Jan. 9, days before inauguration day.   The new policies automatically disqualify migrants who have passed through two countries or anyone who stayed in another country for two or more weeks before arriving at the U.S. border, making all migrants except Canadians, Guatemalans, and Mexicans ineligible. They would also block requests from anyone who has been illegally living in the U.S. for more than a year, as well as anyone in the country who failed to pay taxes, paid taxes late, or failed to report income made in the U.S. to the Internal Revenue Service.

December 10: Fox News: Minneapolis cuts $8 million from police budget;
Police say they won’t be able to keep the city safe
Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll on Thursday morning criticized a decision by the Minneapolis City Council to move $8 million from the city's police force to mental health and violence prevention programs as part of the latest city budget.  The cut comes as Minneapolis, like many other major American cities, is dealing with a spike in violence.   "The City Council is decimating the police department," Kroll told Fox News. "The number of working officers is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. Murders, shootings, and other violent crimes are approaching record levels. Our officers are severely overworked, understaffed, and cannot keep the public safe with these cuts."

December 9: The Washington Times: FTC and 46 states
file antitrust lawsuit against Facebook
The federal government, 46 states, Guam, and the District of Columbia filed antitrust lawsuits against Facebook on Wednesday charging that the social media giant is unlawfully working to eliminate its competition.  The lawsuits could end with a judge forcing Facebook to spin off Instagram and WhatsApp.  The lawsuit wants a federal judge to act to undo Instagram and WhatsApp’s affiliation with Facebook entirely. It says Facebook bought the two messaging services in an effort to squash any competition.  The suit contends Facebook moved to squelch competitive threats to its dominant position — Instagram and WhatsApp — Facebook moved to squelch those threats by buying the companies, reflecting CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s view, expressed in a 2008 email, that ‘it is better to buy than compete.’”  The only states that did not join the lawsuit are Alabama, Georgia, South Dakota and South Carolina.

December 9: Fox News:   Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs” under federal
investigation; links to China funds emerge
The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs,” Joe Biden’s son confirmed Wednesday, saying he is taking the matter “very seriously” and is “confident” he handled his affairs “legally and appropriately.”  I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors,” Hunter Biden said.  Biden is apparently the subject/target of the grand jury investigation. According to the a, a "target" means that there is a "high probability that person committed a crime," while a "subject" is someone you "don't know for sure" has committed a crime.   Reports indicate that Hunter’s father, Joe Biden is not a subject of any grand jury investigation at this time.  Sources say the case may include suspicious foreign transactions related to "China and other foreign nations." The investigation apparently started in 2018 and may include looking at a laptop hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden in connection with a money-laundering investigation in late-2019. 

December 9: NewsMax.com: Seventeen states join Texas election suit against
Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia
Seventeen other states have filed a brief in support of the Texas suit, brought by the state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton. Texas is seeking to prevent electors from Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania from participating in the Electoral College on Dec. 14.  The Supreme Court on Tuesday evening gave the states until 3 p.m. Thursday to file responses.  In addition to Missouri, the states joining Texas were: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia. All of the states were represented by Republican officials in the filing. All but three of the states have Republican governors.

December 8: The Washington Examiner: SCOTUS rejects
Trump Pennsylvania election challenge

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a Republican-led attempt to overturn the election results showing a win for Joe Biden.  In orders released Tuesday afternoon, the court rejected Rep. Mike Kelly's request for injunctive relief. Kelly petitioned Justice Samuel Alito last week to take up the case, claiming that Pennsylvania's mail-in ballots violated the state constitution.  The court may have passed on this case because of the larger suit brought by the State of Texas.  Alito had briefly given Republicans hope for the case on Sunday when he ordered that the requirements for Pennsylvania to respond be moved from Wednesday to Tuesday, giving the court a chance to weigh in before the cutoff.

December 8: NewsMax.com:  Texas lawsuit is the “be-all, end-all case according to Sekulow
According to Jordan Sekulow of the Trump legal team ,Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawsuit filed with the U.S. Supreme Court is the "be-all, end-all case" for President Trump's ongoing and long-running election challenge.  "The Supreme Court is not just considering what Texas filed, they are now going the next step, which is to say, 'We want a response from the states named."  "This is the case we've been talking about to reach SCOTUS. This is the outcome-determinative case, 62 electoral college votes, enough to change the outcome of the election." 

The Supreme Court, in a case of "original jurisdiction," will weigh the lawsuit's proposed remedy of the four state legislatures seating new electors, because the "electors clause" was violated, along with "due process" and "equal protection."  "These are all constitutional challenges that Texas is bringing," Sekulow added.  The four states have until Thursday at 3 p.m. ET to "actively respond" to election fraud allegations in AG Paxton's bill of complaint.   All the other cases brought before – regardless of their lack of success in courts – are included and germane to Paxton's case.    In papers filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, Paxton claimed the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin unlawfully enacted last-minute changes, which skewed the results of the general election and that the majority of the rushed decisions, made by local officials, were not approved by the state legislatures, thereby circumventing the Constitution.

The Epoch Times: Status of Election Lawsuits
Since the founding of our nation there have been 1,302 proven cases of voter fraud, resulting in 1,125 criminal convictions.  It’s possible that this year could add to those figures.  There appears to be overwhelming evidence that outcome-altering irregularities occurred and the Trump legal team has already submitted over 800 sworn eyewitness statements across five states. Evidence of alleged anomalies, mismanagement, and voting machine malfeasance have been cataloged on HereIsTheEvidence.com.
Here is a summary of the highlights for five pivotal states [Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania] and the State of Texas lawsuit which was brought December 7th:

- A witness an Arizona state legislative hearing testified to truckloads of ballots arriving to be counted for 10 days after the election. Her supervisors gave no answer as to why the ballots kept arriving.
- A data expert testified Arizona’s voting statistic abnormalities can only be recreated by manually adjusting the values of each candidate. Furthermore, expert witness Bobby Piton testified that he personally wouldn’t have certified Arizona’s election based on the mathematical abnormalities and impossibilities before him.
- In a paper published Dec. 4 by the nonpartisan Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project, data experts estimate that 300,000 potentially fraudulent ballots influenced the outcome, including more than 200,000 illegal ballots that were counted and about 75,000 legal votes that weren’t counted.

- Legislators were presented, at an oversight committee hearing, more than 100 sworn affidavits  as witnesses testified to potential fraud and irregularities and the statistical implausibility of the reported results.
- The Election Department in Atlanta sent election workers and observers home at 10:30 on Election Night and then surveillance tape shows four election workers subsequently pulling out four containers of ballots hidden under a table and started to count them between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m..  A massive spike in Biden votes was recorded at 1:34 a.m.
- Trump’s legal team established that 2,056 felons voted illegally; 66,248 underage teenagers voted;  1,043 people voted illegally using a P.O. Box as their residence; 4,926 voted past the legal registration date; 10,315 dead people; 395 people who illegally cast ballots in two states; 15,700 people voted who had filed change of address forms with the Postal Service prior to Election Day; and 40,279  people who moved to another county and failed to re-register.
- Biden allegedly leads Trump by only 12,670 votes in the Peach State making it possible that the winner could change with approximately 200,000 tainted ballots in play.

- At a Senate Oversight Committee hearing witnesses, including a Dominion Voting Software employee, attested that at 4:30 a.m. on November 4th, a truck arrived at the rear of the polling station basement with 100,000 ballots in garbage cans. A staffing company employee contracted by Dominion testified that batches of ballots were scanned 8 to 10 times. And one witness was told to backdate ballots with phony dates.
- According to one expert’s sworn affidavit, in the counties of Kent, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne, there were 289,866 more ballots processed than humanly possible, given the time and equipment on hand. The Amistad Project’s experts identified more than 500,000 potentially fraudulent ballots statewide. Biden’s lead there is 154,188 votes.

Evidence submitted at a December 3 court hearing documented the following:
- 4,000 noncitizens voted; 8,000 ballots cast by voters with addresses that are physically nonexistent; 15,000 votes cast by those registered at vacant or commercial property addresses; 42,000 Nevadans voted twice; 1,500 dead people voted; and 20,000 voters had out-of-state addresses.
- According to the Election Integrity Project, 2,410 Nevada voters registered to vote in California but voted unlawfully in Nevada. More than 140,000 illegal aliens were registered to vote when they applied for a driver’s license. 
- Biden’s lead in Nevada is only 33,596.

- Jesse Morgan, a truck driver for a U.S. Postal Service subcontractor, signed a sworn affidavit that he drove 288,000 completed ballots across state lines to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, from Long Island, New York. Morgan says the trailer he was driving subsequently disappeared overnight from its parked location.
- Trump legal team contends -- based upon witnesses and expert analyses -- the that on election night, 848,977 votes were entered secretly with no observation.
- On December 8, the Supreme Court rejected a Republican-led attempt to overturn the election results showing a win for Joe Biden.  In orders the court rejected Rep. Mike Kelly's request for injunctive relief.
- Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania is reportedly 81,660 votes.
- December 9th SCOTUS rejects Trump's election challenge against Pennsylvania

Texas Lawsuit:
- On December 8th the State of Texas sued the States of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin in the Supreme Court saying these states held flawed elections. The suit seeks to have SCOTUS order the legislatures of these states to choose their presidential electors to the Electoral College.
- On December 9th seventeen states petitioned the Supreme Court to allow them to join with Texas in its lawsuit. The states joining Texas are Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.
- On December 10th 106 Members of the U.S. House asked to join with Texas in their lawsuit.
- On December 10th Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisonsin filed responses to the Texas lawsuit with the Supreme Court.

December 8: The Washington Times: SCOTUS: Texas sues
four states over flawed election
Texas has gone to the Supreme Court to stop Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin from appointing presidential electors for presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden, saying those states held a “flawed” election.  Ken Paxton’s (TX-AG) motion is to have SCOTUS order the legislatures of those four states to choose presidential electors, presumably for President Trump. He said election irregularities in the states “cumulatively preclude knowing who legitimately won the 2020 election and threaten to cloud all future elections.” 

Under Article III of the Constitution Paxton’s action means the case goes directly to the Supreme Court. Texas argues that the actions of these states violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution by making changes to voting rules/procedures and that, by so doing, they “debased” the legal votes cast by other states such as Texas.    The complaint says the defendant states ignored state laws regarding absentee and mail-in voting; flooded their citizenry with tens of millions of ballot applications while disregarding statutory controls as to how they can be lawfully received, evaluated, and counted.  Paxton said the Electors Clause of the U.S. Constitution requires that only state legislatures may set the rules governing the appointment of electors, and “cannot be delegated to local officials.

December 7: The Epoch Times: Georgia lawmakers don’t need Governor to
call a special session to consider the selection of electors
A group of Georgia state senators are pushing for a special session of the legislature to consider choosing electors for President Donald Trump because of alleged election fraud.  “What we’re seeing in Georgia is a violation of the law, there’s fraud,” state Sen. William Ligon said, pointing to ballots being counted after poll watchers were told to leave because of a supposed water leak that was to halt ballot counting for four hours on Election Night and also pointing to a consent order that was entered into by state election officials and Democrat activists.  Ligon contended there were votes counted from felons and others who aren’t qualified to vote; that the laws regarding signature verification of absentee ballots were not followed; and instead, contrary to law and the Federal Constitution, a consent order that was not approved by the Georgia legislature was followed.  The senator has drafted a petition calling for a special session so the legislature can look into the abnormalities and, if need be, select the electors who will represent Georgia in the Electoral College. 

December 7: Fox News: Cruz is willing to argue the Pennsylvania election
case before SCOTUS if they consider it
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said, Monday, that he has agreed to present the oral arguments before the SCOTUS in a key election-related case -- should the high court take the matter up -- because the matter "raises very serious issues."  The case brought by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) alleges that a 2019 state law allowing no-excuse mail-in voting is unconstitutional. If the court agrees to hear the case most of the commonwealth's mail-in votes in this past presidential election could be thrown out.  The plaintiffs were initially granted a stay by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough, but Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf's administration summarily filed an appeal with the State Supreme Court which has a 5-2 Democratic majority. The higher court sided with Wolf, and Kelly's team moved to get the U.S. Supreme Court to rule.  Kelly argues the state does not have grounds to allow non-absentee vote-by-mail without a constitutional amendment.   He has nearly 30 members of the state legislature have signed a document in amicus with Kelly’s case.

December 7: Fox News: Amazing; in a NY Congressional race with a 12 vote margin,
now they discover uncounted ballots in a drawer

New York State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte said Monday that officials have discovered additional uncounted ballots amid an ongoing legal dispute related to the outcome of the state’s CD-22 race.  The unofficial results of the race put Claudia Tenney (GOP) ahead of incumbent Congressman Anthony Brindisi (DEM) by a mire 12 votes.   According to the judge twelve uncounted ballots were found in a drawer in rural Chenango County.  Last week officials discovered another 55 uncounted ballots in the same county, eleven of which were cast by unregistered voters.  Still under discussion is how to proceed while the  chain of custody for these ballots should be considered.

December 7: The Washington Examiner: Is it time for Judge Sullivan to get a life;
he ignores Michael Flynn’s pardon and continues hearing the case
Federal judge Emmet Sullivan appears to be stalling on dismissing the case against President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn.  Sullivan has given a long list of groups, who previously weighed in on the Justice Department’s motion to drop the case, permission to submit briefs again; even after Trump granted Flynn a full pardon.  The judge, who has been involved in the Flynn case since December 2017, has instead of dropping the case has seemed to move forward with further debate.  The President’s pardon is “full and unconditional” for “(1) the charge of making false statements to Federal investigators … (2) any and all possible offenses arising from the facts set forth in the Information and Statement of Offense … (3) any and all possible offenses within the investigatory authority or jurisdiction of the Special Counsel … and (4) any and all possible offenses arising out of facts and circumstances ... related to the investigation of the Special Counsel,” the Justice Department told the court at the end of November, adding that “no further proceedings are necessary or appropriate, as the Court must immediately dismiss the case with prejudice.”

December 6: The Epoch Times: Georgia county can’t find chain of custody records for mail-in ballots
Georgia’s Dekalb County doesn’t know if it has the ballot transfer forms used to record the chain of custody for  absentee ballots dropped into some 300 drop boxes around the state. In response to a FOIA request by The Georgia Star News, the county responded that “it has not yet been determined if responsive records to your request exist.”  A spokesperson for Georgia Secretary of State told Breitbart News last week that the ballot transfer forms are in the possession of individual counties.  Georgia election rules require ballots from drop boxes to be picked up by teams of at least two people who must complete a transfer form upon doing so.  The proscribed procedure is that the collection team complete and sign the ballot transfer form upon removing ballots from drop boxes and that the ballots be immediately transported to the county registrar, processed, and stored.

December 6: The Epoch Times: Alito moves up SCOTUS deadline for submission of
briefs in the Pennsylvania election case
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito asked officials in Pennsylvania to file briefs by 9 a.m. Tuesday in response to a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) in a bid to overturn the state’s election results.  Tuesday, notably, is the “safe harbor” deadline that requires controversies surrounding elections to be ended so states can choose their electors before the Dec. 14 meeting of the Electoral College. Alito had initially called for response arguments by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9.  The Tuesday, Dec. 8 deadline could be a signal that the Supreme Court takes up Kelly’s case, which was shot down by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court last weekend. Kelly has argued that the 2019 Pennsylvania law, Act 77, violates Pennsylvania’s state Constitution and the U.S. Constitution with its “no-excuse mail-in” voting provision. Kelly’s lawsuit was joined by GOP congressional candidate Sean Parnell and others.

December 6: NewsMax.Com: PA certifies electors but 64 PA House members
ask Congress to block them
Pennsylvania has certified its election results, but 64 state Republicans have signed a letter Friday urging Congress to not commit the state's 20 electoral votes for Biden.  The congressional block of Pennsylvania's electors is "extremely unlikely," according to University of Iowa law professor Derek Muller, especially because it would require Democrat support.  The 64 House members represents less than half the GOP membership of the PA House.  Still, legal scholars like Alan Dershowitz have hailed the Trump campaign's potential constitutional challenges in the state as credible, saying the legislature was unlawfully overridden on election law by Democrat leaders and their friends in the state courts.  Regardless, Pennsylvania Republicans will be introducing election law reforms, but they face a roadblock in approval by Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf.

December 6: Fox News: Michigan judge allows probe of Dominion software and machines
A Michigan judge is allowing a forensic investigation of 22 Dominion vote tabulation machines in rural Antrim County amid claims that votes there were compromised.  Trump campaign attorneys celebrated the decision although the case is not related to the presidential contest. "Our team is going to be able to go in this morning at about 8:30 and will be there for about eight hours to conduct that forensic examination and we’ll have the results in about 48 hours, and that’ll tell us a lot about these machines," attorney Jenna Ellis said. 

December 6: The Epoch Times: Wisconsin Assembly to hold public hearings on alleged election fraud
Wisconsin lawmakers this week will hold a public hearing on alleged election irregularities. The state Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections hearing will take place on Dec. 11 at the Wisconsin State Capitol. It will deal with the investigation into “numerous irregularities with the 2020 general election,” Rep. Ron Tusler, a Republican who chairs the committee, said in a statement. “The goal of the ongoing investigation is transparency. Wisconsin voters deserve fair and accurately counted elections. I want you to know that their vote counted,” he said.  The hearing will include testimony from eyewitnesses, experts, and elections officials.

December 6: The Epoch Times: Three state legislatures may change
electors sent to the Electoral College

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that the legislatures in Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan might end up deciding what electors are sent to the Electoral College, suggesting it could end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. He said the GOP-controlled legislatures in those three states could vote on sending their own slate of electors, noting that such a move is supported in the U.S. Constitution. Trump lawyers have lobbied state legislatures in recent days to reaffirm their power to choose their own electors due to evidence of fraud during the Nov. 3 election. Giuliani said on Sunday that Georgia lawmakers “started a petition to hold their own session, which they’re allowed to do under the Constitution,” adding the GOP members are “disgusted” by the evidence that was shown during a hearing last week -- video from the State Farm Arena surveillance video in Atlanta that showed election officials pulling black containers on wheels from underneath a table after poll observers and election workers were sent home. While state elections officials have said the process was not unusual, they have not yet answered key questions raised by Trump’s team when presenting the video.

December 6: The Washington Times: Biden’s choice for national security advisor
has “direct link” to Fusion GPS and Russia-gate
Biden’s national security adviser has held favorable views of the Hillary Clinton campaign-financed dossier that proved to be highly inaccurate with its various felony allegations against President Trump.  Jake Sullivan, who served as the Clinton campaign’s senior policy adviser, attended a postelection meeting in February 2017 with Glenn R. Simpson, co-founder of the investigative firm Fusion GPS. Mr. Simpson orchestrated the dossier’s distribution to the FBI, other government agencies and Washington reporters in an effort to try to bring down Trump.  The meeting, also attended by campaign chairman John Podesta, showed that Mrs. Clinton’s operatives had not relinquished their “get Trump” goal.

President Trump at rally in Georgia supporting GOP senatorial candidates with thousands of supporters in the crowdDecember 5: YouTube.com:
President Trump speaks to thousands at rally in Georgia

Thousands of people attended a rally held by President Trump in Georgia ahead of the January runoff election for two seats in the U.S. Senate.  See the entire speech [1 hour 48 minutes].

December 5: Breitbart News: Arizona court rules against Trump; an appeal to the Supreme Court is anticipated
An Arizona state court rejected on Friday a challenge claiming that observers were blocked from meaningful monitoring, the flipping of ballots from Trump to Biden, and the state’s methods for verifying absentee ballot signatures.  “The court finds no fraud, no misconduct, and no effect on the outcome of the election,” Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Randall Warner ruled.   Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) who has in the past referred to Trump’s base as “neo-Nazis” praised the ruling.  The GOP plaintiffs have said they will appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.  Arizona has 11 electoral votes which are currently slated to go to Joe Biden.

December 5: Breitbart News: Arizona lawmakers call for a audit of the Dominion software
Meanwhile members of the Arizona state legislature formally called for an audit of the Maricopa County Dominion election equipment and software.  Senate President Karen Fann, as well as Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, formally made the call on Friday for “an independent audit of the Dominion software and equipment used by Maricopa County in the 2020 General Election.”    Both have had numerous conversations with members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and indicated the board is supportive of conducting an independent audit of both the equipment and software.  The House Majority Leader said a “significant number of voters believe that fraud occurred and with the number of irregularities it is easy to understand why.”

December 5: The New York PostTrump urges Georgians to vote in runoff election
amid controversy over election fraud
On Saturday night, President Trump delivered his first election speech since Election Day telling an enthusiastic Georgia crowd that the 2020 election was “rigged,” including in the Peach State — but that they still need to save the Senate by voting in droves in next month’s critical runoff election.   Still not conceding his reelection Trump insisted that both the national contest and the upcoming runoff have fallen prey to massive, vote thievery.   “If I lost, I’d be a very gracious loser,” Trump told the crowd of thousands as he stumped for Republicans Perdue and Loeffler before an outdoor crowd of thousands on the tarmac of an airport in Valdosta.   The pair are fighting to hold onto their seats in a double-barrel runoff on Jan. 5 that will decide which party controls the upper chamber. 

December 5: The Epoch Times: Witness says some of Georgia’s absentee votes
looked like scanned copies
Susan Voyles has worked as a poll manager for over 20 years. She told a committee of the Georgia Thursday about an “odd” batch of absentee ballots that caught her attention during the Georgia recount.  “Most of them were pretty worn, until we came up to a batch that … … ‘pristine.’ It was white, it was so white. And this is a typical absentee ballot. You can see how when it comes to you in the mail, how it’s got many folds in it. These had no folds,” said Voyles.  Voyles said what first struck her about these ballots was the feel of the paper. She said when you have counted and held ballots for as long as she has, you know the feel of them. And compared it to knowing the feel of a genuine verses a fake dollar bill.  “But the thing that really jumped out at us besides the feel of these ballots, besides there were no folds, was the fact that the first one that was bubbled in had almost a little eclipse of white in the bubble where you would bubble in,” said Voyles.

December 5: YouTube.com: Ballots pulled out from
underneath a table at Georgia counting station and
scanned after observers were told to leave

President Trump’s legal team presented surveillance footage at a Georgia state legislature hearing that appears to show ballot-counting workers telling poll observers late at night on Election Day to leave before continuing to count and pulling out what appears to be boxes filled with ballots. Jacki Pick, a lawyer who is volunteering with the campaign’s legal case, said the team received video footage from State Farm Arena’s vote-tabulation center in Fulton County, Georgia. Describing the video footage, Pick said, “Everyone clears out, including the Republican observers and the press, but four people stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night.” The four counted unobserved until about 1 a.m., according to the video. Pick said that video footage shows Fulton County election workers waiting at their scanning areas until GOP poll observers and reporters left the room before they started “scanning ballots,” ostensibly without any observation.

December 5: The Epoch Times: Dominion Software may have connections
to the Chinese Communist Party
Attorney Lin Wood claimed on Dec. 1 that communist China purchased Dominion Voting for $400 million dollars. Wood published a link to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, showing Dominion Voting Systems’ parent company receiving $400 million dollars from a Swiss bank subsidiary.  The transaction itself does not directly show what the attorney alleges it to be. However, it does show ties between the voting software company and the Chinese regime.  The transaction happened less than a month before the election.  According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the investment firm UBS is among the major western banks that played a key role as middlemen in helping Chinese communist officials set up trusts and companies at offshore centers usually associated with hidden wealth. In a previous voter fraud lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell, a former military intelligence official claims in an affidavit that Chinese operatives had access to Dominion Voting Systems in several key states.

December 5: The Washington TimesTrump urges GA Governor Kemp to
verify signatures on Georgia’s mail-in ballots

President Trump called on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Saturday to allow verification of voters’ signatures on mail-in ballots, saying it will show “large-scale discrepancies.”  “I will easily & quickly win Georgia if Governor Kemp or the Secretary of State permit a simple signature verification,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Has not been done and will show large scale discrepancies. Why are these two ‘Republicans’ saying no? If we win Georgia, everything else falls in place!”  His comment came hours before the president holds a rally in Valdosta, Georgia, for Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Both are facing runoff elections on Jan. 5 to hold onto their seats and keep the GOP majority in the Senate.

December 5: The Epoch Times: Georgia Governor calls for signature verification audit
Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp called on Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to order a signature verification audit of votes after the release of video footage appears to show poll workers in Fulton County processing ballots in the middle of the night with no observers. Kemp said, “I think it should be done. I think especially with what we saw today, it raises more questions. There needs to be transparency on that.”  The video he refers to was presented by the Trump campaign during a hearing this Thursday. The surveillance footage was filmed on Election Day, inside Georgia’s largest vote-counting center. 

A Trump lawyer testified that “According to the witnesses… there is the lady who has blonde braids, who comes out to announce ‘we’re going to stop counting, everyone go home,’” said Jackie Pick.  After the Republican observers left, four poll workers stayed behind. “And they will continue counting unobserved, unsupervised, not in public view, as your statute requires, until about one in the morning,” said Pick.  At around 11 p.m., the workers pulled out boxes of ballots from a table covered with cloth.  “So what are these ballots doing there separate from all the other ballots? And why are they only counting them whenever the place is cleared out with no witnesses?” asked Pick.  During the time these ballots were being processed unsupervised, Pick contends over 18,000 ballots could have been tallied, well over the 11,769 threshold of Biden’s purported lead.

December 5: The Washington Examiner: Trump seeks do over in the Peach state (GA)
The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Georgia that alleges illegal votes and calls for a new election.  The lawyers requested that certification of the election "be enjoined, vacated, and nullified and either a new presidential election be immediately ordered that complies with Georgia law or, in the alternative, that such other just and equitable relief is obtained so as to comport with the" state’s constitution.   The lawyers said there was “systemic misconduct, fraud, and other irregularities” during Georgia’s election and that thousands of illegal votes were included in the certified results of the matchup.  According to the current count, Biden leads Trump by a mire 11,769 votes — or by just about 0.2%. A statewide hand recount of the more than 5 million ballots cast reaffirmed Biden’s lead but failed to check absentee ballot signatures that could have affirmed whether or not votes were counted that should not have been.

December 5: The Daily Caller: Trump takes another step regarding China,
some say it will be irreversible.
“What [the Trump] administration has done, particularly over the past one-and-a-half years, is basically throw the kitchen sink at China on these technology issues,” Sourabh Gupta, a senior fellow at the Institute for China-America Studies said.  “The fact of the matter is that he has changed the conversation.  This had to begin at some point of time. He [Trump] has begun it in an irreversible way.”   Trump’s November executive order originally applied to 31 Chinese security, technology, aerospace and construction companies listed by the Dept. of Defense (DoD).   Thursday, four additional Chinese firms were added, which are involved in construction, engineering, energy and semiconductor manufacturing.  Beginning Jan. 11, 2021, U.S. citizens and entities will be prohibited from purchasing shares in the listed firms, according to the executive order. “The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is increasingly exploiting United States capital to resource and to enable the development and modernization of its military, intelligence, and other security apparatuses, which continues to allow the PRC to directly threaten the United States homeland and United States forces overseas,” Trump said in the order

December 4: The Washington Examiner: 20 House Republicans demand DOJ investigation
into suitcase full of ballots episode
Some 20 House Republicans, showing dissatisfaction with the Justice Department’s lax approach to national charges of voting fraud, demanded today that Attorney General William Barr open an investigation into the Georgia election.  Citing video showing suitcases of ballots during the counting, the 20 lawmakers, led by Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks and including incoming members, also urged Barr to issue a restraining order or temporary injunction to block groups suspected of registering illegal or invalid voters from the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election.  Brooks, who has already pledged to challenge state Electoral College votes in the House, said, “The evidence is overwhelming that Georgia’s election process has been corrupted by voter fraud and election theft. The perpetrators of these heinous acts must be investigated, and, as appropriate, prosecuted to the fullest.”

December 4: The Epoch Times: Trump campaign files affidavits
outlining alleged voting violations in Wisconsin
On December 3, the Trump campaign filed a number of affidavits and declarations in Wisconsin which make five key allegations:
- that elections officials ignored or compromised state law limits on the availability of mail-in balloting for people who were reasonably able to cast in-person ballots;
- that they allowed for the proliferation of unmanned mail-in ballot drop boxes, making it easier to engage in ballot harvesting and other forms of mail-in ballot fraud;
- that vast numbers of mail-in ballots were processed and counted outside of the visibility of poll watchers;
- that there was a reduction or outright elimination of mandatory voter information certifications for mail-in ballots, reducing the integrity and security of the election; and
- that “ballot tampering” was permitted, namely that election workers were allowed to alter the certification of the voter or witness on mail-in ballots, which undermined the uniform treatment of absentee ballots in Wisconsin.

December 4: The Daily Caller: Durham seeks jail time for Clinesmith
U.S. Attorney John Durham is seeking a prison sentence of up to six months for Kevin Clinesmith, the former FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty to altering an email from the CIA regarding former Trump campaign aide Carter Page’s past relationship with the spy agency.

December 4: The Epoch Times: Arizona legislature calls for audit of election software and equipment
The Arizona House and Senate have called for an audit of the Maricopa County election software and equipment following allegations of fraud and other irregularities presented by President Donald Trump’s team earlier this week.  GOP leaders of the Republican-controlled legislature sought an independent audit of Dominion Voting Systems software—used in Maricopa County—called for the audit.  House Majority Leader Warren Petersen said that “a significant number of voters believe that fraud occurred,” citing “the number of irregularities” that allegedly occurred in Maricopa County and elsewhere in the state.  “Especially concerning,” he said, “are the allegations made surrounding the vendor Dominion,” adding that the county needs to carry out a “forensic audit on the Dominion software to make sure the results were accurate.”

December 3: The Daily Caller: SCOTUS decision sends message to churches;
you can’t be treated as second class citizens
Last week’s Supreme Court ruling against New York’s restrictions on religious organizations sends a message that churches may not be treated as second class citizens, legal experts say.  The Supreme Court sided with religious organizations challenging Cuomo’s coronavirus restrictions the night before Thanksgiving, calling the New York Democrat’s measures “discriminatory” in its injunction for emergency relief. It was 5-4 decision with Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal justices. It was the first time Barrett was a deciding factor as the court’s newest justice after replacing the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Cuomo’s restrictions limited the number of people who can attend religious services to 10 in areas where the threat of coronavirus is highest, regardless of a church or synagogue’s capacity. In areas with slightly less risk, attendance is limited to 25 people.

December 3: Fox NewsLawsuit claims 40,000 double votes in Nevada
The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit telling a Nevada judge they had evidence of deceased people voting and thousands of “double votes.”    President Trump supposedly lost Nevada to Joe Biden by 33,596 votes, which were certified by the state’s Supreme Court and Gov. Steve Sisolak last week.  Trump campaign attorney Jesse Binnall, told Judge James Russell that 1,506 votes received in the general election came from deceased voters.  He also alleged that 42,284 voters voted twice, roughly 20,000 voters were found to have voted without a Nevada mailing address and 2,468 voters had changed their address to another state.

December 3: The Epoch TimesVoting machine USB drives in Nevada
had totals altered overnight, Witness says
A witness at an evidentiary hearing in Carson City, NV alleged that the memory disks used to store vote totals from election machines during the early votilng period had the vote tallies inexplicably changed overnight.  According to a Trump campaign attorney, Jesse Binnall, the witness, whose name is shielded by a protective order, said that the vote tallies were collected from the machine at the end of every voting day and stored on Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives overnight.  “What they would do is they would log these disks in and out. Good practice. And the disks had a serial number on them. And numerous times that disk would be logged out with one vote total on it and logged back in the next morning during the early vote period with a different number on it,” Binnall said.  “What that means is that literally in the dead of night, votes were appearing…”  The USB drives were not encrypted nor the voting machines password protected, he continued. 

December 3: The Epoch Times: Missouri lawmaker: AG should
prosecute Dominion for violating state law
A Missouri state lawmaker called on Attorney General Eric Schmitt to prosecute Dominion Voting Systems for allegedly not paying state income taxes while operating election systems in the state, adding that under state guidelines, Missouri can obtain the company’s election systems’ source code.    Rep. Justin Hill (R-MO) encouraged AG Schmidt to revoke Dominion’s authority to do business     in the state as provided by state law. He also urged Missouri’s Secretary of State to demand Dominion’s “source code” to be “held in escrow for inspection by state authorities.” The reason why, Hill said, is because voting system vendors like Dominion—under Missouri state guidelines—have to “execute an escrow agreement with an escrow agent for the manufacturer’s source code for each system fully qualified by the Office of the Secretary of State.” The rule further stipulates that the state of Missouri can “receive full access to the source code” within seven days if there is reason to believe “that the vendor will fail to meet future obligations.”

December 3: The Epoch Times: Powell lawsuit in Georgia gets expedited hearing
A federal appeals court agreed on Wednesday to expedite the appeal in a case brought by lawyer Sidney Powell against election officials in Georgia.  A judge on Sunday blocked election officials from wiping or altering Dominion Voting Systems machines in three counties, but Powell was seeking a statewide order, prompting her to seek an emergency appeal from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  The court granted the emergency appeal requiring the filling of briefs by December 6.  The plaintiffs later filed two affidavits and an export report from Matthew Braynard.   The Democratic Party of Georgia has entered an emergency request to allow them to participate in the appeal and the request was granted. 

December 3: The Epoch Times: Federal Appeals Court upholds NC voter ID law
In a unanimous decision, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on Wednesday reversed a lower court’s block on North Carolina’s 2018 voter ID law. District Judge Loretta Biggs in December 2019 issued an injunction blocking the newest version of voter ID law citing North Carolina’s “history of racial discrimination and voter suppression.”  Her order prevented election officials from requiring voters to provide identification in the 2020 election.   The federal appeals court’s opinion said that Biggs’s ruling had “fundamental legal errors” that penalized the lawmakers who passed the law “because of who they are, instead of what they did.”  The court said that Biggs didn’t provide enough evidence that the 2018 voter ID requirement was passed with the intent of racial discrimination.  “A legislature’s past acts do not condemn the acts of a later legislature, which we must presume acts in good faith,”  The court said.  It also highlighted the fact that a majority of North Carolina voters had approved the voter ID requirements as a constitutional amendment. In November 2018, about 55 percent of the state’s voters voted “Yes” on a ballot measure to enshrine voter ID in the state constitution.

December 2: Fox NewsData scientist witnessed canvassing irregularities in PA
A data scientist and retired Naval officer said, Wednesday, he was a poll watcher on Election Day in Pennsylvania and witnessed irregularities in the canvassing of ballots in a key Philadelphia-area county.   So far, courts and state and local election officials have not found evidence of widespread voter fraud in sufficient numbers to overturn the results of the election. Gregory Stenstrom appeared with two other sworn witnesses to canvassing irregularities days after testifying about his experiences at a hearing held by Republican state legislators last week. Stenstrom said that as a certified poll watcher in Delaware County, he witnessed "at least 24" instances of USB drives being uploaded to computers in a Chester canvassing building without any outside oversight.

December 2: The Daily Caller: Trump files personal  lawsuit in Wisconsin 
The lawsuit is the second Trump has filed in Wisconsin this week, with his campaign also seeking to invalidate more than 220,000 votes they say were improperly counted. Trump’s latest suit alleges a “plan by the mayors of Wisconsin’s five largest cities” to implement a new form of absentee voting that the president argues is unconstitutional.  “The United States Constitution prevents the rules in a Presidential Election from being changed at the last minute by un-elected bureaucrats and local politicians who may have a more narrow interest in the outcome of the election,” said attorney Bill Block, Trump’s lead counsel in the suit.

December 2: The Daily CallerDHS Blocks Cotton Imports From Chinese Slave
Labor Camps From Entering US 
A November 30 withhold release order targets Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps following recent information that the company used forced labor from internment camps in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, officials with the Customs and Border protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said during a press conference  The order says the Chinese government is committee systemic human rights abuses against the Uyghurs and other religious and ethnic minority groups, CBP says.  “Forced labor is not an isolated event as many believe, it’s pervasive with tens of millions of victims across the globe. These modern-day slavery networks, many of which are associated with transnational criminal organizations, generate a profit of about $150 billion annually,” CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said.

December 1: The Washington Examiner: Powell: Election fraud
witnesses being threatened and attacked
Sidney Powell claimed witnesses involved in her 2020 election legal ventures are being threatened, one of whom claims to have evidence of massive voter fraud.  Some people, including government officials are unable to come forward "without certain protections in place."  Powell said some are in danger of losing their jobs and their "lives have been threatened." She said one witness has been "beaten up and is in the hospital.There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth."

December 1; The Epoch Times: Judge lets Arizona GOP review of
sampling of ballots as part of lawsuit
Maricopa Superior Court Judge Randall Warner in Arizona has ruled the state’s Republican Party can inspect 100 randomly selected mail-in ballot envelopes and an additional 100 ballots that were duplicated from originals.  Kelli Ward, the Republican Party chairwoman, filed the lawsuit last week against the 11 Arizona Democrat presidential electors.  Warner said he capped the number of ballots because he didn’t believe it was necessary to view more.  “From a statistical standpoint, I don’t think you need a huge sample to know whether there are irregularities or misconduct,” he said.  The ballots will be selected at random by election officials.

December 1: NewsMax: Kayleigh McEnany: Pelosi “derelict” in her duties re: COVID-19 relief
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the ongoing impasse over coronavirus relief stimulus legislation, accusing her of being "fundamentally unserious" and "derelict in her duties."  "Her stimulus bill was chock-full of, guess what, mail-in voting regulations to try to secure Democrat power in the halls of Congress," McEnany said, that President Donald Trump has been serious about negotiating.  Her comments come as pressure grows on lawmakers to take action. 

December 1: NTD.Com: Cybersecurity Expert: 35,000 Fraud Votes
Embedded for Democrat Candidates in Arizona

Cybersecurity expert and retired army colonel Phil Waldron testified before members of the Arizona State legislature on Monday.  He presented an analysis of data that shows a vote spike on Election Day shortly after counting started.  At 8:06 p.m. bout 143,000 votes were injected and that was in excess of [more than] the machines could have processed,” he said. Waldron presented an email sent on Nov. 10 from an anonymous individual claiming to have witnessed a detailed plan to embed 35,000 fraud votes to each Democrat candidate’s total votes while at a Pima County Democratic Party meeting in September.  The source shared the email with the criminal division of the Department of Justice and all members of the Arizona legislature.  “Please be advised that Pima County Recorder … and the Democratic party added ‘fraud votes’ in the initial count to the vote-by-mail totals released at 8 p.m. on Nov. 3rd, 2020,” reads the email.

December 1: NewsMax: Trump lawsuit claims WI absentee ballot abuses affected 220K voters
President Donald Trump's campaign filed a lawsuit in the Wisconsin Tuesday claiming the absentee voting process was abused. The suit seeks to disqualify more than 221,000 ballots in the state's two most Democrat-heavy counties.  It comes after the state completed its partial recount and after Wisconsin’s Democrat Gov. Tony Evers on Monday night formally certified Joe Biden as the state's winner. The legal team in Wisconsin, led by former Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Jim Troupis, said the recount gives an excellent opportunity to expose “…exactly how the election processes were abused in Wisconsin [holding] enormous value for this election beyond a victory for President Trump. Regardless, we're demonstrating that the results of this election unequivocally ought to be questioned."  In the lawsuit, the campaign complains that officials on the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the city clerks of Milwaukee and Madison "willfully disregarded the current statute and made conscious efforts to circumvent Wisconsin election law,” resulting in tens of thousands of votes being cast.  The lawsuit also claims Wisconsin state law was violated several times by altering absentee ballot envelopes and accepting ballots without a required absentee application on file.  Also alleged is that election workers "illegally altering ballot envelopes themselves" when information was missing or incorrectly completed.  Additionally, it is alleged voters were allowed to circumvent voter ID laws by claiming an absentee voting status that was only to be used by people who are indefinitely confined. Similar to Texas, Wisconsin state law prohibits the fear of COVID-19 as a reason for voting absentee.  

December 1: The Washington Times: Witnesses tell Michigan Senators of instances of voter fraud
Republican election monitors told a Michigan state Senate committee on Tuesday that they witnessed widespread fraud during the counting of absentee ballots in Detroit, including the scanning of the same ballots multiple times in tabulation machines.  Mellissa Carone, an information technology worker employed by Dominion Voting Systems, said, “What I witnessed at the TCF Center was complete fraud. The whole 27 hours I was there, there were batches of ballots being ran through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted 8 to 10 times. I watched this with my own eyes; I was there to assist with IT.”  Corone said the proper way to scan ballots when there is a paper jam is to reset the count.  In other words, discard the count on the machine and rescan all of the ballots with the one that jammed on top.  But apparently, this didn’t happen and counters rescanned ballots without resetting the count.
[Additional coverage of the same story]

December 1: NTD Media: Counting machines connected to the Internet (Michigan)
Former Michigan state Senator, aerospace engineer and poll challenger (in Detroit), Patrick Colbeck served at the Absentee Voter Counting Board from 5 p.m. on Election Day to roughly 5:30 p.m. the next day.  He contends that the counting machines were connected to the Internet.  He noticed WIFI networks on his phone including one called “AV_Connect,” which he suspected stands for Absentee Voter. (AV).  He became suspicious and started investigating.  “I went to all the different tabulator workstations,” he said, and “went underneath the table monitor and checked out where all these cables were routed. All the tabulator computers were connected via Ethernet cables to a network router. And that router in turn was connected to another router was connected to the adjudicators. Those were connected to another router/slash firewall,” said Colbeck.  Having seen the physical connection underneath the tables, he decided to check all of the terminals. In the schematic, all of them had an Internet connection based on the connectivity icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

December 1: The Epoch Times: Nevada lawsuit may show 40,000 votes were cast twice 
A lawyer for President Trump’s campaign said the team is preparing to file a lawsuit soon alleging that 40,000 people voted twice in Nevada, which, if true, could potentially erase Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s lead.   Jesse Binnall, Trump’s attorney said they found evidence of “real voter fraud” including “thousands of thousands of instances” in Nevada that will be submitted to a court in the Silver State.  Binnall  also said that some people who said they were recorded as having voted via mail never received ballots and told Trump’s team that they didn’t vote.  Several weeks ago, in response to allegations of fraud.

December 1: NewsMax.com:  Fraudulent pattern
There is enough episodic evidence to establish a pattern of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, according to political strategist Dick Morris.  "I think that the issue of scale, you have obstruction from the secretaries of state, you have obstruction from the courts, the Democratic-controlled courts, and it's very hard to penetrate that to get evidence enough to reverse several million votes, but there certainly is enough episodic evidence to establish a pattern of fraud," Morris contended. 

November 30: The Washington Times: Georgia Secretary of State
opens probe into voter fraud allegations
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Monday his office is probing allegations of voter fraud in the Peach State, even as he continues to defend the results of the Nov. 3 election.  There are about 250 cases being examined, but a spokesperson for the Secretary of State said it’s unlikely the investigations would change the results of the presidential election.  Part of the probe is looking into groups registering people to vote by mail, some of whom have not resided in the state for more than 25 years.

November 30: The Washington Examiner: NY judge personally reviewed
spoiled ballots until Biden pulled ahead by 13 votes

A New York congressional race came down to a judge personally reviewing individual spoiled ballots, resulting in the Democratic incumbent erasing his nearly 30,000-vote deficit to take a 13-vote lead and declaring  “In NY-22, the Democrat incumbent was trailing by almost 30K on election night,” said Hot Air editor Jazz Shaw on Twitter. “The mail-in ballots got him close. Then a Democrat judge from Syracuse ruled he would personally ‘review’ all of the spoiled ballots that had been rejected. Guess what happened next.”  “The judge miraculously ‘found’ enough ballots that he felt were okay and the incumbent now ‘leads’ by 13 votes,” Shaw continued.

November 30: NewsMax: Trump attorneys demand Georgia conduct a signature match recount
A lawyer for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in Georgia, Ray S. Smith, is asking for an audit of up to 45,000 signatures on ballots that allegedly have been illegally cast in the presidential race before the state’s recount is completed.  “It is not possible for you to accurately certify the results in the president race… until and unless there is a thorough audit of the Signatures, which we have now requested four times in writing prior to this request," Smith wrote.  He said in a letter to the Georgia Secretary of State "You cannot in good faith conclude the ongoing statutory recount until you have institute a Signature matching audit. The margin in Georgia at this time is 12,670 votes — and the potential illegal absentee ballots included in that number is between three and four times the margin of votes awarding the victory to Joe Biden.”  Smith asserted he estimated that "between 38,250 and 45,626 illegal votes may have been cast, counted, and included in your tabulations for the presidential race."

November 30: The PJ Media:   Lawsuit claims MI illegally counted or ignored 500K ballots
In the wee hours of Thanksgiving Day, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society filed an explosive election lawsuit asking Michigan’s Supreme Court to prevent Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson from certifying the election results until the Michigan legislature can fully investigate fraud claims and to force election officials to hand over all election materials to the legislature for this purpose. The lawsuit claims that officials illegally counted or threw out no fewer than 508,016 ballots, far more than Joe Biden’s 154,000-vote margin over Donald Trump.  “State and local officials brazenly violated election laws in order to advance a partisan political agenda,” Phil Kline, director of The Amistad Project, said in a statement. “The pattern of lawlessness was so pervasive and widespread that it deprived the people of Michigan of a free and fair election, throwing the integrity of the entire process into question.”

November 30: The Epoch Times: Arizona lawmakers call for resolution
to hold back Electoral College votes

At a public hearing in Arizona with  members of the state legislature and members of President Donald Trump’s legal team, lawmakers called for their colleagues to support an upcoming resolution that would delay the release of the state’s Electoral College votes. Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem said during the Nov. 30 hearing that they hope to have a resolution “within the next 24 to 48 hours.” The state holds 11 Electoral College votes.  YouTube Video of Arizona Legislative Hearing on Elections

November 29: The Epoch Times: Powell; People purchasing Dominion election
machines should be investigated, family members may have benefitted
Sidney Powell, who is investigating Dominion Voting Systems, said those responsible for purchasing the software in Georgia should be investigated over a lucrative contract that was awarded to the election systems maker.  “There should … a thorough criminal investigation, frankly, of everyone involved in acquiring the Dominion [Voting] System for the state of Georgia,” Powell said, adding that there were potential “benefits being paid to family members of those who signed the contract.”  “I think there are multiple people in the Secretary of State’s office and others that should be investigated in Georgia for what benefits they might have received for giving Dominion the $100 million, no-bid contract,” Powell said in a interview.  The Governor of Georgia and Secretary of State are Republicans.

November 29: The Epoch Times: Wisconsin recount done; its about finding illegal voters
The recount “is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally, and that case will be brought after the recount is over, on Monday or Tuesday,” Trump said.  “We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!” he added.  Several legal matters are ongoing in Wisconsin with regard to election results.  One group filed an emergency petition asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to block the certification of election results because of alleged irregularities. Another lawsuit filed last week also seeks to block the state’s certification of election results, arguing that all ballots cast via drop boxes are illegal and should be discarded.

November 29: NewsMax.Com: USS Nimitz moves into the Gulf
A US aircraft carrier group has moved back into the Gulf region, but a navy spokeswoman said Saturday its return was not triggered by any "threats" after the killing in Iran of a top nuclear scientist.  Tensions in the region are extraordinarily high after the assassination Friday of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, an act still unclaimed but which Iran has blamed on close US ally Israel. The movement of the carrier group led by the nuclear-powered USS Nimitz was unconnected to any "specific threats," a navy spoke person said.

November 29: The Epoch Times: FBI requests fraud/disenfranchisement evidence
The FBI has reached out to an election integrity researcher for evidence of potential crimes in the 2020 election, according to the researcher, who is also a former Trump campaign official.  The evidence was collected by the Voter Integrity Project (VIP) led by Matt Braynard, former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign.  “By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.”

November 28: Fox News: More people die from suicide than COVID-19
Japan is struggling with a mental health crisis as the CCP virus pandemic rages on, with more people dying in one month from suicide than from COVID-19 all year longThe National Police Agency said suicides surged to 2,153 in October alone, with more than 17,000 people taking their own lives this year to date, CBS reported.  By comparison, fewer than 2,000 people in the country have died from COVID-19 in 2020.   Experts say the pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues due to prolonged lockdowns, isolation from family members, unemployment and other financial concerns, and a lack of school structure. 

November28: The Epoch TimesFacebook’s CEO Zuckerberg-funded groups
come into spotlight in election cases
A group that received hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is accused in post-election lawsuits of contributing to constitutional violations in key battleground states.  The Center for Tech and Civic Life, a national nonprofit based in Illinois, provided funding to over 2,500 election offices across the country to run elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds were used to pay poll workers, put up ballot drop boxes, and acquire mail-in ballot equipment and supplies.

November 27: The Epoch Times: PA judge says GOP is likely to prevail in its election lawsuit
The judge who ordered Pennsylvania to not certify the results of the 2020 election wrote in an opinion on Friday that the Republicans who filed the related lawsuit will likely win the case.  Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough made the assessment as part of an opinion explaining her rationale for blocking Pennsylvania’s election certification.  Additionally, McCullough opined that it appeared that the state had rushed to appoint presidential electors in an effort to avoid injunctive relief by her court.  She noted that the formal appointment of electors had not been completed by the time she ruled on the matter.

November 27: The Epoch Times: Pennsylvania Republicans to introduce
resolution disputing election results

Republican state lawmakers in PA announced Friday a resolution they will soon be introducing to dispute the results of the 2020 election.  The resolution states the executive and judicial branches of the Keystone State’s government usurped the legislature’s constitutional power to set the rules of the election.  Specifically noted are:
(1) on Sept. 17, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court “unlawfully and unilaterally” extended the deadline by which mail ballots could be received, mandated that ballots without a postmark would be treated as timely, and allowed for ballots without a verified voted signature to be accepted, the resolution says.
(2) on Oct. 23, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that signatures on mail-in ballots need not be authenticated.
(3) on Nov. 2, the secretary of the commonwealth “encouraged certain counties to notify party and candidate representatives of mail-in voters whose ballots contained defects,” the resolution says.
The resolution declares that the “selection of presidential electors and other statewide electoral contest… is in dispute” and “urges the secretary of the commonwealth and the governor to withdraw or vacate the certification of presidential electors and to delay certification of results in other statewide electoral contests voted on at the 2020 general election.” 

November 27: The Epoch Times: Meanwhile legislators in Arizona will meet Monday
to hold “urgent” election integrity hearings with Trump lawyers and witnesses

The Arizona State Legislature is scheduled to hold an election integrity hearing on Nov. 30 that will include President Donald Trump’s lawyers Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani.  Sources say the hearing is designed “to gather the evidence that justifies calling a special session to contemplate what happened and take immediate action accordingly.”

November 27: The Washington Times: Dominion software manipulated votes;
289K in Michigan and 96K in Georgia, lawsuit claims
Lawyers working to prove President  Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud said more than 1.5 million ballots were manipulated in three states — enough to change the outcome of the Nov. 3 election.  Sidney Powell, who is not on the president’s legal team but is filing pro-Trump lawsuits, sued officials in Michigan on Wednesday alleging Dominion Voting Systems software switched tens of thousands of votes for Trump to presumptive President-elect Biden.  The software manipulation, according to the complaint, was coupled with other fraud such as backdating absentee ballots.  “While this complaint, and the eyewitness and expert testimony incorporated herein, identify with specificity sufficient ballots required to overturn and reverse the election results, the entire process is so riddled with fraud, illegality, and statistical impossibility that this court, and Michigan’s voters, courts, and legislators, cannot rely on, or certify, any numbers resulting from this election,” said the lawsuit.

November 27: The Epoch Times; Data shows: ‘Weird’ spike in Incomplete Nevada
voter registrations, Use of ‘Casinos’ as Home Addresses
Scientist, Dorothy Morgan said in a sworn affidavit that she spotted a “historically strange” increase in voter registrations missing the sex and age of the voter, as well as registrations where casinos and RV parks are provided as “their home or mailing addresses” in the Third Congressional District, which covers much of Clark County and Las Vegas.  Citing the other presidential elections Morgan said there was a jump in voter registrations that were missing critical information from 68 in 2016 to 13,372 in 2020.  About 74% of the allegedly incomplete registrations occurred between July  and September 2020 Morgan said.  She noted that even though one could expect a few registrations with errors the spike coming within such short timeframe raises questions.  She said her findings are merely scratching the surface.  “Based on the results I have found in the limited time I have had to analyze this dataset, I expect to find additional oddities in the election data as I conduct further analysis,” she wrote in her affidavit.

November 27: The Washington Examiner: Mexico’s President refuses
to accept Biden victory until all challenges are settled
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico has declined to recognize Joe Biden as president-elect of the United States. The Mexican president was doubling down on a comment made several days after the election earlier this month.   “With regard to the U.S. election, we are going to wait until all the legal matters have been resolved," Lopez Obrador said on November 7th. “I can’t congratulate one candidate or the other. I want to wait until the electoral process is over.”

November 27: Breitbart News: Trump calls for Section 230 repeal as
Parler CEO says Facebook and Twitter are not neutral actors
Trump called for the termination of Section 230 protections – which protects internet companies from lawsuits over content posted on their platforms -- as an upstart social media CEO has urged a more nuanced approach.  “For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!” Trump posted on Twitter late Thursday.  Earlier this month, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) clashed with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over his company’s use of “warnings” on tweets related to the election.

November 27: The New York Post: Reports say Iran’s top nuclear scientist assassinated in ambush
One of Iran’s top nuclear scientists — who’s been accused of leading the Islamic republic’s atomic-weapons program — was killed Friday in an ambush that Iranian officials blamed on Israel, according to reports.  Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was shot by assassins who attacked a vehicle in which he was traveling through the city of Absard, outside the capital of Tehran, state media said.  Fakhrizadeh was “seriously wounded” during a battle between the gunmen and his bodyguards, before being rushed to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

November 27: The Daily Caller: Another House seat flips to GOP; the eleventh
David Valadao has won California 21st Congressional District over Democratic Rep. T.J. Cox, the eleventh House seat to flip to the GOP in the 2020 general election.  Valadao, who lost the seat Cox in 2018 by 862 votes, is the third Republican to flip a Democratic seat representing California this year.    He will represent Fresno, Kern, Kings and Tulare counties in the heartland of central California.  The “Blue Wave” predicted by the mainstream media and Democrat activists has turned into major losses for Democrats, even though it is not enough to give the Republicans a majority.

November 26: The Epoch Times: Data expert says “I cannot say with confidence who won this election. I don’t think anybody can.”
The former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign Matt Braynard says he and his team have found enough evidence to suggest the election results could be “easily” turned to favor the current president while concluding that he cannot say with confidence who actually won the election.  “We just can’t know [who won] because of how bad this election system has operated.” Braynard and his team looked for inconsistencies in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.  They initially identified 1.25 million voter issues and followed up on them through phone calls and by cross-checking data against other databases.  They found 138,221 people in Georgia who had submitted change of address forms with USPS saying they had moved out of state but who also voted in Georgia. Biden obstinately won Georgia by 12,670 votes. In Michigan there were 51,302; 26,673 in Wisconsin; another 27.271 in Nevada; 19,997 in Arizona and 13,671 in Pennsylvania. The vote totals in Arizona (11 electoral votes), Georgia (16), and Wisconsin (10) surpasses the Biden vote margins.

His team also uncovered, to a lesser extent, people who voted more than once.  “I can show you the names of the people and the records of them having voted in multiple states and the raw data that the states make available,” he said.  Meanwhile, the secretaries of state from Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan have said they found no evidence of voter fraud or mass irregularities.  Based upon Braynard’s findings a lawsuit has been filed in Georgia alleging more that 150,000 illegal votes were counted and that 43,688 legal votes were not.

Additionally, Braynard’s investigation found that 1,000 people in Georgia were registered using a P.O. Box with attempts to disguise them as apartments or suite numbers. By law, registrations are required to be where the person actually lives.  Most of these people voted early or absentee rather than in person, he said.  1,400 voters did the same happened in Pennsylvania.

Five of the contested states Braynard’s team looked at required voters to request a ballot by mail.  Only Nevada mailed out ballots to everybody on its voter rolls.  In the five, a significant number of people requesting ballots failed to return them.  The team contacted them and many said they never requested a ballot while others said they returned it but it had not been received nor counted.  Of those contacted 44% in Arizona, 24% in Michigan, 32% in Pennsylvania, and 18% in Wisconsin and Georgia said they did not request an absentee ballot, despite the state receiving a completed ballot in their name; leaving the questions of who requested it, who filled it out, and who submitted it.  In Pennsylvania, more than 160,000 uncounted mail-in ballots were requested by, or in the name of, registered Republicans.

Braynard contended that short of a judge ordering a “do-over” or another election he doesn’t see a remedy to this situation.  Another option would be for the SCOTUS to order -- as provide for in the Constitution -- that the House of Representatives (where each state has one vote) decide the outcome.  
[Editor’s Note:  I normally do not give such long summaries of stories in the news, but took the liberty of doing so in this case because of the wealth of information in this one.  The actual story goes into more depth than can be covered here.]

November 26: Breitbart News: There are more Israel peace deals are coming
On Wednesday  National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said that more peace deals between Israel and other nations will come about.  O’Brien said, “[W]e have three peace deals with the Israelis between the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan. There are more coming. And one of the reasons that there’s an interest, I think, between the Arabs and the Israelis in getting together and putting aside old differences and embracing a common future which is great for their people and great for the economies of the region, is a shared distrust and dislike of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and is racing to get a nuclear weapon.”

November 26: The Washington Examiner: Sidney Powell files lawsuits
in Georgia and Michigan alleging mass voter fraud
Sidney Powell filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan late Wednesday, continuing efforts to reveal alleged voter fraud that she claims rigged President Trump of an election triumph.  Both cases revolve around issues related to voting machines, mail-in ballots, and the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.   The lawsuits target election officials in both key battleground states and include other allegations about forged ballots and observers being unable to watch the vote count.

November 26: Townhall.comHere’s the part of Powell’s lawsuit
that could impact the outcome of the elections
It’s a high bar to convince a judge that ballots should be tossed. It should be.  Until now the Trump team has had problems successfully proving voter fraud.  But this week, the Trump campaign scored a huge win in Nevada where they will be allowed to present evidence of fraud and make their case conceding shoddy ballots. There is a multi-pronged approach in Powell’s lawsuits. 
- The first is over numerous irregularities in vote-counting based on ad hoc law/procedure changes including putting ballots in the wrong stacks en masse, pre-printed ballots that were “pristine” and unlined; blocking Republican observers from vote-tabulation tables; counting votes after the so-called “pipe burst” election night even though there were no Rep. observers. 
- The second is that the Dominion voting machines are easily hackable and experts have written scripts to show how one can manually manipulate vote tallies, alter setting so as to put more ballots into a “question” pile and then just delete them.
- The third part of the suit is simpler; that thousands of specific, identifiable voters, cast ballots after they moved out of state as evidenced in their registration in a national database, and may even have cast votes in their new states also.  This combined with registered addresses that are post office boxes, not actual residences, could be another key piece of evidence. These are easily verifiable.
Given the slim Biden lead, proving these could change the outcome. 

November 26: The Washington Times: Barrett confirmation sparks flood
of SCOTUS-bound challenges from pro-gun groups
Pro-gun groups have flooded the federal courts with challenges to various firearms restrictions, expecting the cases will work their way up to the newly constituted 6-3 Constitutional Supreme Court.  The high court generally has declined to take up major gun cases in recent years, but activists are banking that the recent addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett will help force the court under Chief Justice John Roberts to take up some of these cases in sooner or later. 

November 25: The Daily Caller: Judge orders halt to certification of PA election results after state already certified them
A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge ordered a halt to the certification of the state’s election results Wednesday, though it is unclear what effect the order will have as the state certified its election results Tuesday.  Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough handed down the order, which the Daily Caller has confirmed with the Commonwealth Court office. The order blocks certification of results “to the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results.” Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that the state department certified Biden’s win in the state Tuesday.  State Attorney General Josh Shapiro says the order does not affect Tuesday’s certification, and his office is ready to file an appeal.

November 25: C-Span: Pennsylvania lawmakers hold hearing on 2020 election in their state
During the three hour long hearing in Gettysburg, PA lawmakers heard evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election.  They were also reminded by Trump representatives that under the Constitution, state legislatures has the exclusive right to choose electors. When asked if this applied when they had delegated this authority to the Governor, Trump’s personal attorney said they always had the authority to take back that delegation and to make their own decisions.  The Trump campaign attorney, Rudy Giuliani  added that they not only had the right to take such an action, they had a reason to do so given all the evidence he others had presented during the hearing.

November 25: The Epoch Times; Math professor concedes
shortcomings in analysis but stands by concerns of malfeasance

In analyzing the results in Pennsylvania math professor Steven Miller said  “I am not concluding fraud happened, or that state outcomes should be changed… What I said was, assuming the accuracy of these numbers, then we have a large number of people who had a ballot requested in their name but say they did not request it, and we have a large number of people who said they mailed their ballot back but it was not counted.”  Miller, who specializes in analytic number theory and sabermetrics,  said in a sworn statement attached to a court filing in a Pennsylvania lawsuit brought by the Trump campaign against Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, that his analysis showed that tens of thousands of ballots requested by Republicans were either not counted or were requested by someone other than a Republican.

November 25: The Epoch Times: 2017 video shows Dominion Director
demonstrating how to manually enter votes

In a video reportedly from 2017, Dominion Director Eric Coomer demonstrates how Dominion’s voting machines and software works. One feature, he explains, is the ability to manually enter votes. A feature Dominion calls “adjudication.”  Coomer says this feature is meant to be used when a voter doesn’t mark the ballot correctly and the machine cannot read which candidate was selected.  At a recent press conference, Attorney Sidney Powell brought up this feature when discussing allegations of election fraud against Dominion. 

November 25: The Epoch Times: Gingrich: The thieves who stole our election got sloppy
Stealing the 2020 election was a mammoth undertaking, involving widespread lawlessness and illicit partnerships between private actors and public officials. They’ve been working to cover their tracks but they didn’t work fast enough. Now the courts need to stop them from destroying evidence so that Pennsylvania and the rest of the country can accurately assess the ramifications of their wrongdoing, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House said.   The evidence shows a wide variety of illegal practices were used to inflate the number of votes received by Biden, including disparate treatment of voters based on where they live and outright manipulation of Pennsylvania’s voter registration system by partisan activists, Gingrich contended.  In Pennsylvania, tens or hundreds of thousands of ballots were likely to be rejected, based on historical patterns but instead only .03% of mail-in ballots were ultimately rejected—somewhere in the neighborhood of about 1,000 votes, he continued.

November 25: The Daily Signal: Texas and Louisiana can exclude
Planned Parenthood from Medicaid funding
Texas and Louisiana may exclude Planned Parenthood clinics from Medicaid funding, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday.  “Undercover video plainly showed Planned Parenthood admitting to morally bankrupt and unlawful conduct, including violations of federal law by manipulating the timing and methods of abortions to obtain fetal tissue for their own research,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.  The ruling reverses an earlier appellate ruling that had blocked Texas from enforcing the state’s ban.  Chief U.S. Circuit Judge Priscilla Owen said in the ruling that the state had determined that Planned Parenthood was not qualified to receive Medicaid funding and that Planned Parenthood affiliates had not been able to contest this.

November 25: NewsMax.com: Trump pardons General Michael Flynn
President Trump pardoned former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn on Wednesday, taking direct aim at a Russia investigation he has long insisted was motivated by political bias.  Flynn is the second associate convicted in the Russia probe to be granted clemency by Trump, Roger Stone was the first who was granted clemency just prior to reporting to prison.  The Flynn pardon comes as a federal judge was considering whether to agree to the Justice Department’s recommendation to drop all charges against the former National Security Advisor.

November 24: The Daily Signal: Study says Illegal votes from noncitizens
likely affected the 2020 elections
Noncitizens likely voted at a high enough rate to alter the 2020 Electoral College tally, potentially flipping the states of Arizona and Georgia in the presidential election, according to an analysis by Just Facts, a research group.  That’s significant, and while it wouldn’t be enough to hand the election to President Donald Trump, it potentially could have made a difference. Only U.S. citizens are legally allowed to vote in federal elections.   The revised estimate, as of Monday, shows that Trump could have won 259 electoral votes if noncitizen votes were not counted. But that would likely still leave former Vice President Joe Biden with 279 electoral votes, nine votes more than the 270 needed to win. 

November 24: The Epoch Times: Michigan Supreme Court justices urge lower courts to move quickly on election fraud allegations
Two Michigan Supreme Court Justices urged a lower court to move quickly and “meaningfully assess” allegations of voter fraud, according to a Monday order that also denied an appeal by two Wayne County voters who sought to halt certification so that an audit could be carried out.  The state supreme court’s order acknowledged the presence of “troubling and serious allegations of fraud and irregularities.” It also noted that the plaintiffs presented evidence to substantiate their allegations, including in support of claims that ballots were counted from voters whose names were not on poll books and that instructions were given by elections officials to “disobey election laws and regulations.”

November 24: NewsMax.Com: Michigan: Whoever threatens most wins
On Monday, Norm Shinkle drew national attention as the lone member of the Michigan Board of Canvassers who abstained from voting to certify the state’s 16 electoral votes for Joe Biden.  But the vote of Shinkle, a Williamston attorney and 8th District Republican chairman, came after what he called “a whole string of anonymous calls threatening my family and me, and 20 to 30 protesters on my front lawn Saturday night.”  “The mentality here was ‘whoever threatens the most wins,’” Shinkle said soon after the six-hour meeting of the Board of Canvassers. “And I was ‘Dr. Evil’ to the left wing.”

November 24:
The Epoch Times: Signature Matching in Georgia Recount
Can’t Be Done, Says Secretary of State

Georgia’s secretary of state said Monday that signature matching will not be possible for the state’s second recount of votes set to begin Tuesday morning amid demands from the Trump campaign and Republicans to “conduct an honest recount.”  The office of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has repeatedly asserted that at this point in the process, signature matching is impossible because of state election rules designed to protect voter privacy.  [Editor: But as an REO (“Registered Election Official”) I can tell you that it would be possible to determine how many, if any, mail-in ballots were accepted for counting that should not have been; even if you cannot identify the actual vote that was cast.]  The Trump campaign has alleged a lack of due process during the initial count, citing instances of voter irregularities, issues with voting machines, and poll watcher access.  The campaign has disputed the result arguing that “Georgia simply recounted all of the illegal ballots that had been included in the total.”

November 24: The Epoch Times: Additional Stories:

Georgia Ballot Counter: “Recount hard to watch… chaotic” (Video)
Gordon Rolle, a Georgia recount worker said he doesn’t trust the result of the previous hand recount due to his personal experience.   An insider described the first statewide recount as a chaotic process and lots of the workers were not following the rules.

Attorney Challenging Georgia election outcome appeals case to the 11th Federal Circuit
Lin Wood, an attorney with President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, has escalated his efforts for an emergency request to prohibit the certification of the state’s election results or the tabulation of “defective absentee ballots.” He filed a notice informing the district court that he is appealing its decision to deny his emergency motion for relief to the U.S. Court of Appeals. He said the request was made because the “Court erred in not granting the temporary restraining order for the unconstitutional, unlawful election,” according to a court filing. He also asked the court to consider the matter as a matter of urgency because presidential electors will meet on Dec. 14.

Thousands of Georgia voters registered at commercial postal
addresses, portraying them as residences

Thousands of people registered and voted in Georgia using addresses of postal facilities or businesses, but making it look like they were residential addresses, according to a former Trump campaign official whose team analyzed the states’ voter data.  The addresses listed on the voter rolls included information that didn’t make sense for the actual locations, but on paper made the addresses look like residential ones, according to information published by Matt Braynard, former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Nearly all those “who disguised a postal facility as their residential address” used an absentee ballot to vote, he said.   Georgia law says anyone who “knowingly gives false information when registering as an elector” can be charged with a felony and put in prison for up to 10 years or fined up to $100,000.

Emergency petition filed in Wisconsin after 150,000 potential fraudulent ballots identified
The Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project filed an emergency petition Tuesday with the Wisconsin Supreme Court challenging the state’s unofficial election results.  “We have identified over 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots in Wisconsin, more than enough to call into question the validity of the state’s reported election results,” said Phill Kline, director of the project.  “Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law,” he added. Biden allegedly leads Trump by about 20,000 votes.  The group said it found that more than 10,000 Republican ballots weren’t counted and around 100,000 illegal ballots that were counted anyway.

Trump Campaign alleges Wisconsin illegally issued absentee ballots to
in-person voters; could impact thousands of votes

Jim Troupis, a former Dane County judge and lawyer representing President Donald Trump’s campaign, said that both he and his wife voted via Wisconsin’s early, in-person absentee option. The Trump campaign has sought to deem such ballots as illegal, saying that Wisconsin elections officials illegally issued absentee ballots to in-person voters without requiring them to first fill out an application.  The challenge would invalidate about 170,000 votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties, which lean heavily Democratic.

Michigan AG probing threats against Wayne County canvassers
Attorney General Dana Nessel said her Criminal Investigations Division is probing threats made against members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers.  “We will investigate any credible complaints of threats to government officials, elected or appointed, and will prosecute criminal conduct to the fullest extent of the law,” Nessel said in a statement.  The county board met online earlier this month to vote on certifying the county’s election results. The two Republican members initially voted against certification, triggering harassment and threats from opponents during and after the meeting.

Wife and children of Michigan GOP canvasser threatened – death threats
The lone Board of Canvassers official to not vote to certify Michigan’s elections results for Democrat Joe Biden said that both he and his family received death threats.  According to him “a whole string of anonymous calls threatening my family and me, and 20 to 30 protesters on my front lawn Saturday night.” He said that overall, more than 40 phone calls and 7,000 emails were sent to him, calling on—and threatening—him to certify the result that favors Biden.  The campaign was “most likely orchestrated by the state Democratic Party and labor unions,” he said. “The [threats] that mentioned my wife and children or said ‘we know where you live’ I turned over to the police.

November 24: The Epoch Times: Nearly 10% of Biden voters said they would
not have voted for him if they knew about the Hunter Biden allegations

Large numbers of seven battleground state voters who backed former Vice President Joe Biden would not have voted for him had they known about major stories the national news mainstream media ignored, according to a survey made public Tuesday.  Knowing about the scandals involving Biden’s son Hunter’s dealings with officials and firms in China, Ukraine and Russia would have prompted 9.4 percent of those surveyed to change their vote, according to the survey of 1,750 Biden voters in Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan.

November 24: The Epoch Times: Giuliani reveals why Sidney Powell
is not part of the Trump legal team

President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani offered an explanation on why Trump’s legal team issued a statement saying lawyer Sidney Powell is not with the campaign.  “I think it’s because we’re pursuing two different theories,” Giuliani said.  The Trump legal team is focused on “misconduct of the election” by state officials in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and elsewhere.  He argued that Trump’s constitutional rights were deprived in some of these states, and he predicted that some of their lawsuits will make it to the Supreme Court.   Meanwhile Powell has spoken on an alleged transnational scheme that flipped votes via election software with the aid of “communist money” from Venezuela, Cuba, and possibly China.

November 23: The Washington Examiner: Most voters favor a Republican-controlled Senate
A new poll shows the majority of voters prefer that Republicans maintain control of the Senate after the Georgia runoff races.  “As of now, the voters want divided government and their votes for the Senate and House indicate that as well,” said Mark Penn, Harvard CAPS-Harris polling director, after the poll’s release. “This is a strong headwind for Democrats in the special election though [President] Trump’s continued failure to concede could muddy the waters here.”  The poll found that 56% of voters said they prefer a divided government with Republican control of the Senate. Only 44% of voters said they prefer Democratic control of the Senate.

November 23: The Daily Caller: Rand Paul to Georgia libertarians: Vote
Republican in the senatorial runoff elections
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime” Monday that he wants to convince Georgia libertarians to vote Republican in the upcoming U.S. Senatorial election runoffs.  Republican Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face a January 5th runoff against Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in order to keep their jobs in the Senate and maintain GOP control.  “One of the things that I’ve taken upon myself is to try to encourage – there was a little over 100,000 people who voted for Shane Hazel, the libertarian candidate, and I think those people can find a place and reason to vote for Republicans.”

November 23: The Epoch Times: PA Supreme Court rejects six appeals
challenging 10,684 votes; the case may be heading to SCOTUS
The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania rejected five appeals by the Trump campaign and one appeal by a Republican candidate challenging a total of 10,684 ballots cast in the 2020 election because they were missing required voter information on the outer envelopes.  “Here we conclude that while failures to include a handwritten name, address, or date in the voter declaration on the back of the outer envelope, while constituting technical violations of the Election Code, do not warrant the wholesale disenfranchisement of thousands of Pennsylvania voters,” the court’s opinion stated.  The Pennsylvania secretary of state specifically directed election officials on Sept. 28 that “A ballot‐return envelope with a declaration that is not filled out, dated, and signed is not sufficient and must be set aside, declared void, and may not be counted.” 

November 23: The Epoch Times: GOP pursuing 16 post-election legal challenges in 4 states
The reelection campaign of President Donald Trump and a handful of Republican groups are litigating more than a dozen active post-election cases in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada as of Nov. 23, with some of the cases already moving up the judicial pyramid.  The plaintiffs are racing against time with just over two weeks left until the safe-harbor deadline on Dec. 8, when the states are supposed to have resolved all disputes and settled the vote counts.  “This is not about overturning an election on our part, it’s about making sure that we protect and preserve free and fair elections for all future American elections,” Rudy Giuliani said. “If the United States caves to corruption or this type of election integrity disaster, then no election will be secure from here on out, and we all need to be keenly aware of that.”

November 23: The Washington Times: US intel officer’s visit shatters another Taiwan taboo
The Trump Administration is stepping up pressure on China with the unprecedented visit of  a senior military intelligence officer  to Taiwan and the transit of a guided missile destroyer through the Formosa Strait.  U.S. officials said Rear Adm. Michael Studeman, director of intelligence for the Pentagon’s Indo-Pacific Command, arrived unannounced in Taipei on Sunday for intelligence-sharing talks with the island’s government, which has been a major target of Chinese military intimidation attempts in recent months.  In the past senior military officers were blocked from visiting Taiwan over concerns the visits might upset relations with Beijing, which considers Taiwan a renegade province that will eventually join the mainland.

November 22: The Epoch Times: Dershowitz: Trump still has several constitutional paths to victory
Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School attorney and Constitutional scholar,  said there are a few “constitutional paths to victory” for the president’s legal team.  For example, in Pennsylvania, they have two very strong legal arguments. One, the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of Election Day.  The second is an equal protection case that some counties’ flawed ballots were allowed to be cured while others were not.  The “Bush v. Gore suggests that an Equal Protection argument can prevail,” Dershowitz said but the question remains whether there are enough votes impacted to make a difference in the outcome.  Both are conceivably winning arguments before the US Supreme Court.   “The other legal theory they have, which is a potentially strong one, is that the computers, either fraudulently or by glitches, changed hundreds of thousands of votes. There, there are enough votes to make a difference, but I haven’t seen the evidence to support that,” he elaborated.  Last week, Dershowitz noted if Trump can “keep the Biden count below 270, then the matter goes to the House of Representatives, where, of course, there is a Republican majority among the delegations of states.

November 22: Dick Morris.Com: Major SCOTUS reshuffle opens pathway for Trump (Video)
With Amy Comey Barrett joining the Supreme Court the justices have realigned the circuit courts they oversee.  In this process Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are now under the conservative justices with Arizona and Nevada being under Justice Kagan.  The way the process works, appeals from the various circuit courts come to Supreme Court justices assigned to them.  Each justice has the authority to accept a case or deny its hearing.  This realignment puts four of the battleground states in Barrett’s (WI), Kavanaugh’s (MI), Alito’s (PA) an Thomas’ (GA) within the jurisdiction of these justices which will make it more likely that the Trump legal arguments will be heard by the Supreme Court.

November 22: The Epoch Times: Trump lawyer promise major lawsuit is coming
Trump campaign attorney Sidney Power said the president’s lawyers will file a lawsuit of “biblical” proportions, alleging that some elections officials were embroiled in a pay-to-play scheme with a prominent manufacturer of voting software.  “We’ve got tons of evidence; it’s so much, it’s hard to pull it all together,” Powell said.  Powell said the voting system’s algorithms provided Democrats 35,000 extra votes, although she didn’t elaborate. She added that Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s votes were “weighted” at 1.25 times while President Donald Trump’s votes were parsed at 0.75.  The longtime lawyer and former federal prosecutor also alleged that there were modifications to some voting machines after the legal cutoff for changes.  The chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Trey Trainor, has repeatedly said there was voter fraud in key states.  “The massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place,” he said.

November 22: The New York Post: US withdraws from the Open Skies Treaty
The Trump administration has officially withdrawn from a decades-old arms agreement with Russia, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday.  “Today, pursuant to earlier notice provided, the United States withdrawal from the Treaty on Open Skies is now effective. America is more secure because of it, as Russia remains in non-compliance with its obligations,” the US’ top diplomat said.  The treaty, signed in 1992 and put in effect in 2002, allows nations to conduct unarmed surveillance flights over each other’s territories.  The Trump administration, which had been reviewing the pact for the past six months, determined that Russia violated the treaty numerous times.  “During the course of this review it has become abundantly clear that it is no longer in America’s interests to remain a party to the Open Skies Treaty,” an Administration spokesperson said.

November 22: The Daily Signal: Alito issues warning about American liberties
In an address earlier this month to the Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention, Supreme Court Justice Alito touched on several subjects, including COVID-19, religious liberty, the second amendment, free speech, and “bullying” of the Supreme Court by U.S. senators.  Alito made a case for how each issue contains elements that contribute to a slow erosion of our liberties.

November 21: Townhall.com: Sidney Powell: Some of our witnesses may need
protection after we file our lawsuit
Trump Team attorney Sidney Powell on Friday said that once the campaign drops evidence of voter fraud there will be a number of people who will need to be in witness protection.  Powell said evidence of fraud will be released this coming week.  "This was very widespread, very deliberate, well-funded and everybody and their pet rock is trying to stop me from exposing it," the attorney said.   According to Powell, the various election software that was used went far beyond just the presidential election and was used so specific people were put in government positions. She believes it was also used against John James, the Republican candidate for Senate in Michigan, and Leon Benjamin, the Republican candidate for Virginia's 4th Congressional District.  "I think they did it to any particularly strong Republican candidate this time around," she said.  "We have a number of smoking guns," Powell said. "And we may have to get witness protection for them."   Powell believes roughly seven million votes were purged from Trump and given to Biden. She estimates that Biden received at least 10 million fraudulent votes. Although the Trump Team is still verifying the data they were provided, Powell said if it ends up being solid, several million dead people voted in the 2020 election.  "We've also got evidence of people being paid, check stubs of people being paid to ballot harvest and do fraudulent voting," she said. 

November 21: The Washington Examiner: Dominion Software backs out of public
legislative hearing the night before it was scheduled to begin
Pennsylvania lawmakers are expressing frustration after an electronic voting company at the center of President Trump’s voter fraud allegations backed out of a scheduled hearing.  “Last evening, Dominion Voting Systems lawyered up and backed out of their commitment to the people of Pennsylvania to provide input in a public format in which 1.3 [million] Pennsylvanian's entrusted,” Pennsylvania State Rep. Seth Grove said Friday after the news that Dominion Voting Systems representatives canceled a scheduled appearance before the State Government Committee.  Trump’s legal team has called out Dominion several times while making the case that widespread voter fraud and irregularities altered the outcome of the presidential election earlier this month.

November 21: NewsMax.Com: Sidney Powell responds to Tucker Carlson
Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell, during an appearance on Fox Business Friday morning, responded to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s calling her out for not providing “evidence” for her claims that communist countries were behind the development of the Dominion election software.  "I didn’t get angry with the request to provide evidence," Powell told  Fox Business. "In fact, I sent an affidavit to Tucker that I had not even attached to a pleading yet to help him understand the situation, and I offered him another witness who could explain the math and the statistical evidence…”  Powell, during a Thursday afternoon news conference with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, claimed that countries like Cuba, China, and Venezuela were behind Dominion Voting Systems, the company behind the voting machines.
[See the Trump legal team's news conference on C-Span]

November 21: The Epoch Times | NewsMax.com:
Week’s end wrap up of the 2020 Election


Wisconsin recount – Trump wants ballots cast illegally cast out
The recount of the presidential election in Wisconsin’s two most heavily Democratic counties began Friday with President Donald Trump’s campaign seeking to discard tens of thousands of absentee ballots that it alleged should not have been counted.  Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell said he expected the campaign was building a record before filing a lawsuit.  Joe Biden allegedly won Wisconsin by 20,600 votes and carried Dane and Milwaukee counties by a 2-to-1 margin. Trump’s team is seeking to have ballots discarded where election clerks filled in missing address information on the certification envelope where the ballot is inserted; any absentee ballot where a voter declared themselves to be “indefinitely confined” under the law; and any absentee ballot where there was not a written application on file, including roughly 69,000 that were cast in-person during the two weeks before Election Day.

Elections Commission agrees to order a partial recount
The Wisconsin Elections Commission has issued an order to recount ballots in two counties following a request by President Donald Trump’s campaign.  They argued nearly six hours about how the recount would be conducted before ultimately agreeing to conduct the recount.   Republican Commissioner Dean Knudson said he believed the commission should issue guidance to canvassers that they should set aside ballots that had a correction made to the witness address.  He further sparked stronger pushback when he wondered whether clerks sent out thousands of ballots that weren’t requested by voters as he proposed including written applications in the recount.  The commission eventually approved the order that made no reference to its recount manual, which has guidelines for how local officials should conduct recounts.

Voting machines appeared to be connected to the Internet
A poll watcher said voting machines used in a Detroit vote-counting center appeared to have been connected to the internet, which makes them vulnerable to remote manipulation.  That’s according to a sworn affidavit signed by Patrick Colbeck who works as an aerospace engineer.  He was a poll watcher on Election Day in Detroit where absentee-votes were counted. A photo Colbeck said he took at the vote-counting center on Election Day shows wireless routers.

Certification of Wayne County votes
After public scrutiny following the initial deadlock, board members Monica Palmer and William Hartmann rescinded their votes to certify the election in Wayne County and submitted affidavits. Hartmann had a number of concerns, one being because 71 percent of Absent Voter Counting Boards were unbalanced and had no explanation.  Both members said they were enticed to vote to certify because they were assured there would be a full, independent audit of Detroit’s unbalanced precincts.

Pennsylvania House votes for non-partisan 2020 election audit
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted Thursday to establish a non-partisan audit of the 2020 general election, in an effort to restore the public’s faith in the state’s future elections.
The resolution passed in a largely party line vote of 112–90, and allows the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, which is made up by an equal number of Republicans and Democrats from the state House and Senate, to examine the election procedures to both confirm the accuracy of the results as well as provide suggestions for improvement.  The Republicans generally voted in favor of the audit, arguing that a review of the state’s election system is necessary, especially after the confusion and chaos stemming from this year’s high-turnout election with large-scale mail-in voting.

Williams College mathematician flags up to 100.000 ballots in Pennsylvania
In a sworn affidavit, professor of mathematics  Steven Miller at Williams College flagged nearly 100,000  ballots in Pennsylvania after analyzing current election data and phone interviews.  Miller said in some cases votes weren’t counted.   Pennsylvania’s state data for early and absentee ballot requests showed 165,412 ballots requested in the names of registered GOP voters that were not counted as of Nov. 16, Miller stated.  Data shows Democratic nominee Joe Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump by around 80,000 votes in Pennsylvania.  Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor told news outlets that Miller’s affidavit is evidence of potential voter fraud.  “This data, which is provided by an expert witness, who would be qualified in almost any court in the country, adds to the conclusions that some level of voter fraud took place in this year’s election,” Trainor remarked. “Therefore, the rush to certify results that are this suspicious from places with known election violations would nullify millions of votes that were legally cast by individual voters.”

New lawsuit in Georgia will be shocking, Sekulow says
An election challenge lawsuit planned to be filed early this week is new and will be "shocking," according to President Donald Trump lawyer Jordan Sekulow.  "We have got lawsuits likely to be filed in Georgia on either Monday or Tuesday; I can't get into the details," he said.  “…what's coming in Georgia will be shocking, when we file this in federal court Monday or Tuesday." He continued.  "It's nothing that we have talked [about] before. It's not what you heard in the press conference [Thursday] either.  This is something completely separate."  The fact Sekulow pointed to federal court, it is likely a constitutional legal challenge. He did allude to some challenges to the constitutional issue of "equal protection under the law."

Georgia’s Governor certifies vote count; acknowledges it still gives
Trump Team ability to officially call for a recount

Gov. Brian Kemp certified the state's slate of 16 presidential electors, but acknowledged  it "paves the way for the Trump campaign to pursue other legal options and a separate recount if they choose."  Kemp expressed concerned the completed Georgia audit looked only at ballots, not the signatures on the absentee ballot applications or absentee ballot envelopes.  “As a former Secretary of State, he is the first to know and confirm that a signature is matched twice prior to an absentee ballot being counted," Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs said. Biden’s current lead in Georgia is 12,670 votes or .25%.  The Secretary of State said absentee ballot applications and ballot envelopes are required to be checked when received, the audit is only meant to ensure the voting machines counted the ballots correctly.   

Trump Campaign disputes Georgia hand count audit
Georgia has finished its statewide risk-limiting audit of the razor-thin presidential race, involving a hand recount that the Secretary of State’s Office said “upheld and reaffirmed the original outcome produced by the machine tally of votes cast,” with the Trump campaign disputing the result.  “Georgia’s historic first statewide audit reaffirmed that the state’s new secure paper ballot voting system accurately counted and reported results,” Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said.  The Trump campaign dismissed the report, arguing that the hand recount did not include a signature matching process and so “simply recounted all of its illegal ballots.”  “We continue to demand that Georgia conduct an honest recount, which includes signature matching. We intend to pursue all legal options to ensure that only legal ballots are counted,” said Jenna Ellis, senior legal advisor to the Trump campaign, in a statement.  “Headlines are already falsely reporting that Joe Biden is declared the winner in Georgia. Sorry, media, that’s not how it works,” Ellis added, and urged the state not to certify the results.

Georgia’s vote count could be overturned: Dick Morris
Political strategist Dick Morris told Newsmax TV “Georgia may well be overturned, not just because the three counties where they forgot to input the results into the machine, but also because of people who are voting who are probably dead and people who are not registered.”   He added, “The problem in Georgia is that the state will not give us the list of people who voted. And they have that and will not turn it over to us. And we need that list to be able to call those people and find out if a they're alive and see if they actually voted.”

Nevada lawsuit alleges substantial fraud
President Trump’s electoral college candidates in Nevada filed an election contest against Joe Biden’s electoral college candidates, alleging substantial irregularities and fraud in Nevada’s 2020 general election. Nevada has 6 electoral votes.  The lawsuit seeks to challenge at least 40,000 votes cast in the presidential election, and contest the results of the race in Nevada. According to the latest unofficial results, Democratic nominee Joe Biden enjoys a margin of over 33,596 votes over President Trump, fewer than the 40,000 votes challenged in the lawsuit.  The plaintiffs allege that Nevada election officials developed and implemented an election system that was highly susceptible to fraud and abuse, rendering the purported results of the state’s election illegitimate.

Election contest claims 15,000 voters in Nevada also voted outside the state
Nevada’s Republican Party announced a new election contest to “throw out fraud and ensure election integrity,” citing a slew of alleged voting irregularities that include claims of evidence that 15,000 people who voted in Nevada also voted in another state.  The election contest filed in Carson City District Court by Nevada Electoral College candidates who pledged to President Donald Trump, is contesting the results of the presidential election in Nevada. It alleges “substantial irregularities, improprieties, and fraud” that occurred in the election, and that Nevada election officials put in effect an election system that was “highly susceptible to fraud and abuse.” 

A state judge rejects Arizona election lawsuit from GOP and Trump campaign
Election-related lawsuit from Republicans and the Trump campaign were rejected by a state judge in Arizona.  The GOP filed a lawsuit seeking a new audit of ballots in Maricopa County, the most populous county in the state. Their lawsuit filed last week had accused the county of having violated state law by not assigning voters polling places in their own precincts.  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Hannah rejected the lawsuit with prejudice, thereby barring the Republican party from refiling the case. He had little explanation in this ruling, saying only that the GOP’s request to amend its lawsuit was futile. He promised a full explanation of his reasons for the decision in the future.  The Trump campaign may appeal the judge’s decision.

November 20: The Daily Signal: Seven ways the Carter-Baker Report
could have helped avert the 2020 election issues

They called on states to increase voter ID requirements; to be leery of mail-in voting; to halt ballot harvesting; to maintain voter lists, in part to ensure dead people are promptly removed from them; to allow election observers to monitor ballot counting; and to make sure voting machines are working properly.   They also wanted the media to refrain from calling elections too early and from touting exit polls.   All of this may sound eerily similar to the issues in the prolonged presidential election battle of 2020. But these were among the 87 recommendations from the 2005 report of the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, known informally as the Carter-Baker Commission. 

November 19: Breitbart News: Giuliani: The opening statement
for the case about election fraud 2020
President Trump’s legal team held a press conference on Thursday about the election fraud that has been uncovered – a large amount of it reported by ordinary American citizens from both major parties who wanted to preserve the integrity of the U.S. election process.  “That takes us to Michigan, where there was an honest Democrat who said they were cheating,” Rudy Giuliani,  said to reporters at the press conference. “We’ll show you her affidavit, because I know you keep reporting, falsely, that we have no evidence.”  One was Jessie Jacob, an employee of the City of Detroit, who made a sworn affidavit under the penalty of perjury.  See said, she was assigned to voting during in September where she was trained, basically, trained to cheat. She said, ‘I was instructed by my supervisor to adjust the mailing date of these absentee mail-in packages to be earlier than when they were sent.’  “The supervisor made that announcement for all workers to engage in that fraudulent practice,” Giuliani said. “That’s not me saying that.  She’s an American citizen saying that under oath.”  Giuliani also said this same woman said she saw election workers illegally coaching people on whom to vote for. 
[See the entire news conference on C-Span]

November 19: The Epoch Times: Republicans make major gains in the House
The GOP made gains in the Congress this election, coming out of the Nov. 3 election winning all 26 of the districts considered “toss-ups” by the Cook Political Report. Republicans also picked up seven of the 36 seats that the major political forecaster rated as leaning in favor of the Democrats, that’s a total of 33 seats. The current “…House count stands at 221D-209R, and here are my information ratings of the five outstanding races following today’s developments,” Cook Political Report Editor Daven Wasserman said on Twitter. “#CA21 – Likely R; #CA25 – Lean R; #IA02 – Lean R (recount); #NJ07 – Likely D, #NY22 – Toss Up.” If this holds it would bring the total to 221Dems and 212 GOP with two undecideds. It takes 218 to have a majority.

November 19: The Washington Times: Michigan legislature file articles
of impeachment against Governor
Three Republican lawmakers in Michigan filed articles of impeachment Thursday against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, accusing her of violating the state constitution and abusing her powers.  Reps. Beau LaFave, Matt Maddock and Daire Rendon said the state’s Democratic chief executive had committed crimes and misdemeanors via her lockdown orders and her legal and enforcement action related to them.  “She has exceeded her constitutional authority, violated the constitutional rights of the people of Michigan, issued orders that are not in the best interests of the people of this state, and used the Pandemic as an opportunity to reward political allies,” the resolution states, according to a report by TV station WWMT.

November 19: NewsMax.ComWayne County board members want to rescind their votes
Two Michigan Republicans who reversed course and voted to certify the election results in the state's most populous county Tuesday now say they were pressured to certify the election and want to rescind their votes.   The two Republicans on the four-member board, filed affidavits Wednesday night saying they had been improperly pressured and claiming Democrats on the board reneged on their promise  to seek an audit of votes from Detroit.   Their affidavits said they thought they had a firm commitment to the audit. However, the Michigan Secretary of State, a Democrat, said later she did not view their resolution that asked for an audit as binding.

November 18: The Washington Free Beacon: Election losses spark conflict among Florida Democrats
While congressional Democrats have downplayed party infighting, Democratic state lawmakers in Florida told Politico that significant Election Day losses have sparked divisions between the party's moderates and progressives.  November's election dealt a blow to Democrats in the Sunshine State, where Republicans flipped five seats in the state house and two Congressional seats.  In Washington, congressional Democrats pointed fingers at one another in another chaotic post-election phone call on Nov. 5. On the call, Virginia congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D.) blamed leftist Democrats' anti-police and socialist messaging for her near loss on Election Day. The "Squad," a quartet of progressive House Democrats, has led the party's march to the left since taking office in 2019.

November 17: Townhall.com: Detroit’s votes may not count
President Donald Trump's re-election campaign has repeatedly called into question "voting irregularities" in Wayne County, home to the Democratic stronghold of Detroit. The campaign was delivered a small victory on Tuesday when two of the four Wayne County Canvassers voted not to certify the election results.   In particular, Monica Palmer, the Republican chair of the committee, took issue with discrepancies in the county's 43 precincts, in particular the fact that the number of absentee ballots counted verses received were not the same.   "I believe that we do not have complete and accurate information on those poll books," Palmer aid.  Palmer has indicated she would be open to certifying some precincts, but not Detroit and other areas that had unexplained discrepancies. 

November 17: The Washington Times: Rudy Giuliani goes to court to have 600,000
tainted ballots thrown out; CISA head fired
Rudolph W. Giuliani led President Trump’s legal team into battle in federal court Tuesday with a call for more than 600,000 Pennsylvania ballots to be tossed out.  The court battle is meant to put the state back in play in the Presidential election. Giuliani said the ballots were sullied as part of massive, widespread voter fraud across in heavily populated Democratic-run cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Detroit that blocked Republican poll observers from viewing the vote count as required under state laws. Meanwhile, Trump has fired Chris Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), after the Homeland Security agency asserted it had found no evidence of major voting irregularities or foreign interference in the U.S. election.  The CISA has representatives of the two election software companies on it, companies whose software has been questioned in recent days about possible fraudulent activities.  See the related story. The Trump campaign charges that more than 680,000 votes were not reviewed and thus should be tossed. Trump currently trails Biden for the state’s 20 electoral votes by 73,832 votes or roughly 1.1%.

Evidence of vote switching shown in reduction of election vote count for GOP candidate
November 17: SGT Report: Recording of CNN shows election night coverage vote switching in real time (Video)

[click on image for enlarged view]

November 17: The Washington Examiner: Cruz asks Twitter CEO whether twitter would put a disclaimer on his tweet on voter fraud: Here is the voter fraud story
A Limestone County Social worker will be charged with 134 counts of voter fraud, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) Ken Paxton, announced.  Kelly Reagan Brunner allegedly submitted voter registration applications for 67 residents of Mexia State Supported Living Center without their signatures.  She could face up to ten years in prison.    Paxton said “Registering citizens to vote or to obtain mail ballots without their consent is illegal. It is particularly offensive when individuals purport to be champions for disability rights, when in reality they are abusing our most vulnerable citizens in order to gain access to their ballots and amplify their own political voice.”

November 17: The Epoch Times: New lawsuit in Nevada over voter fraud
Nevada’s Republican Party announced a new lawsuit to “throw out fraud and ensure election integrity,” citing a slew of alleged voting irregularities that include claims of evidence that 15,000 people who voted in Nevada also voted in another state. The lawsuit is contesting the results of the presidential election in Nevada. It alleges “substantial irregularities, improprieties, and fraud” that occurred in the election, and that Nevada election officials put in effect an election system that was “highly susceptible to fraud and abuse.” “Evidence will show that the nature and scale of that fraud and abuse renders the purported results of the Nevada election illegitimate,” the lawsuit read.  Former Nevada Attorney General and Trump campaign Nevada Co-Chair Adam Laxalt said that the lawsuit alleges many mail-in votes were “improperly cast.”

November 17: The Epoch Times:  Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania Not Registered
in State Data, Hundreds of Voters Say
More than 400 Republican voters in Pennsylvania say they requested  mail-in ballots and returned them to vote, but the state absentee voting data say the ballots weren’t returned, according to a fraud detection team that contacted the voters.  And more than 500 voters said they received mail-in ballots despite not requesting them, according to the team.  The team managed to reach 1,706 Pennsylvania registered Republican voters who, according to the state data, received mail-in ballots, nearly a third of the voters (556) said they never requested the ballot.  Of the 1,137 who did request a ballot, nearly 40 percent (453) said they mailed the ballots back, but the state data show the ballots weren’t received or counted.  If the results are representative of the whole state, they could throw into question the election result.

November 16: The Epoch Times: Whistleblowers reveal how voting software
manipulates votes without being detected
Trump campaign lawyer and former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell released an explosive affidavit on Nov. 16, from a whistleblower who purports to have witnessed how election software secretly manipulates votes without leaving a trace.    The whistleblower said the “software and fundamental design of the electronic electoral system and software of Dominion and other election tabulating companies relies upon software that is a descendant of the Smartmatic Electoral Management System.”  According to the whistleblower it is the same software that ensured that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez won every election.  “In short, the Smartmatic software is in the DNA of every vote tabulating company’s software and system.”  The affidavit states that Dominion is one of three major companies that tabulates votes in the United States.  The whistleblower said Smartmatic created a system that anonymized the voters’ choices inside the machine and then spat out the desired outcome by the end of the election day. No vote could be traced back to an individual voter. The state of Texas would not certify the use of the Dominion software in its elections.

November 16: The Epoch Times: Dominion part of group that disputed
election integrity concerns in the DHS statement
After allegations emerged that called into questioned the integrity of voting machines produced by Dominion Voting Systems, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) —part of the DHS – issued a statement Nov. 12 disputing the allegations, saying “the November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.”  The problem was that the agency failed to disclose that Dominion is a member of CISA, an agency that had a hand in authoring the statement!  In addition, Smartmatic, a separate voting machine company that has been the subject of additional concerns, is also CISA member. 

November16: The Washington Examiner: NV vote discrepancies lead to redo
of county commission race
Discrepancies in 936 ballots in Clark County, Nevada, included six people who voted twice and caused the county's board of commissioners to authorize a redo of a razor-thin county commission race separated by just 10 votes.  No other races had a winner with margins smaller than the number of ballots that had discrepancies, however, and an all-Democratic commission voted on Monday to certify the results of the 2020 election canvass in every other race. Clark County accounts for the vast majority of voters in the state of Nevada, where President-elect Joe Biden leads President Trump by just 33,596 votes.

November 16: The Washington Free Beacon: The Administration prepares to crackdown on China
The White House aims to enact a new crackdown on Beijing for its human-rights abuses and threats to national security during the final 10 weeks of President Donald Trump’s first term.  Axios reported that Trump administration officials plan to roll out a series of new sanctions on China that will target the regime's oppressive domestic policies and belligerence toward the United States.  "Unless Beijing reverses course and becomes a responsible player on the global stage, future U.S. presidents will find it politically suicidal to reverse President Trump’s historic actions," National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot said.  U.S. officials said the sanctions will target China's crackdown on Hong Kong, forced labor camps for Uighur Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang, forced labor in the fishing industry, and China’s intelligence operations within the United States.

November 16: The New York PostMore sheriffs say they won’t enforce NY Thanksgiving limit
Three more upstate New York sheriffs have announced their refusal to enforce the state’s private gathering limit on Thanksgiving.  In a scathing Facebook post Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino questioned the legality of Gov. Cuomo’s newly instituted 10-person cap on parties and other gatherings in private residences.  “Frankly, I am not sure it could sustain a Constitutional challenge in Court for several reasons including your house is your castle,” the sheriff said. “And as a Sheriff with a law degree I couldn’t in good faith attempt to defend it Court, so I won’t,” he said.

November 15: Fox News: Media takes heat for ignoring violent attacks
on Trump supporters at DC MAGA rally

The media has been criticized for failing to cover violence against President Trump’s supporters at the so-called Million MAGA March in Washington, DC on Saturday.  "I want to hear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemn Antifa/BLM criminals who assaulted and harassed peaceful demonstrators in DC today, including elderly and families," political strategist Doug Stafford wrote on Twitter. "Of course they won’t. And 'media' won’t make them."  "Watching video of people being assaulted and mobbed by BLM/Antifa in DC tonight brings back awful memories. Want an example of media bias? When Rand Paul and I spoke out about our mob assault, the AP reported our claim was 'without evidence' despite 10 minutes of video," Paul's wife Kelley Ashby Paul wrote.  The Pauls were surrounded by a “crazed mob” after the Republican National Convention in August.

November 15: The New York Post: Faced with smaller majority, House Dems
encouraged not to join the Biden Admin.
Confronted with a shrunken majority, House leaders are discouraging fellow Democrats from taking jobs with the incoming Biden administration — out of concern that Republicans could nab any vacated seats, sources told The Post.  Insiders variously accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) of urging Dems to stay put to preserve their fragile majority.  “Nancy is telling House members, ‘Now is not the time to leave,'” a Democratic Party official who’s been briefed by Democratic congressional reps said.  The sensitive topics of jumping ship to work for Biden amid the loss of House seats came up at a House Democratic caucus meeting last week.  “It’s not helpful to talk about that,” a member of Democratic leadership reportedly said on the call regarding House Dems wanting to relinquish their seats and work for Biden.

November 15: The Daily Caller: Texas court blocks countrywide COVOD-19 stay at home orders
A Texas appeals court ruled that El Paso county cannot close nonessential businesses or issue a stay at home order for residents despite an increase in coronavirus cases, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.  El Paso officials ordered a countywide shut down in response to local health officials claiming that tent hospitals and morgue trucks were running out of space as the number of cases continues to rise, according to the WSJ. The court ruled that the county cannot institute measures that go against state mandates.  Around 839,000 people live in El Paso County, where new coronavirus cases averaged 132 a day in September and increased to over 1,120 daily in the past month, the WSJ reported. On average, 10 people die daily of the coronavirus in the county.

November 15: The Washington Examiner: 15 Pacific nations sign free trade agreement
Fifteen countries in the Asia Pacific region signed onto a new economic partnership to create the world's largest economic bloc, comprising one-third of the world's gross domestic product.   All 10 nations in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand signed the regional comprehensive economic partnership during a virtual summit of the ASEAN on Sunday, according to the Associated Press. Those who participated in the deal hope reduced tariffs will help participating countries dig their way out of the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

hundreds of thousands Trump supporters march in Washington DCNovember 14:
United Press International: Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters march in Washington, DC
Hundreds of thousands of President Donald Trump's supporters marched in Washington, D.C., on Saturday to protest the election results that some government security and elections officials have called the "most secure" in U.S. history.  Trump's motorcade did a lap around Freedom Plaza, where the demonstrators gathered to start the event before marching to the Supreme Court. He waved from his car window as supporters cheered for him, The Washington Post reported.    Attendees and speakers made what UPI termed as “false allegations” of widespread election fraud.  However, non-mainstream media sources have suggested there are widespread incidences of fraudulent activity in several battleground states. 

November 14: Fox News: Lou Dobbs talks about Voter Fraud
Video clip of Lou Dobbs of Fox News discussing the possibility of voter fraud with the Trump team

November 14: Townhall.com: Pollsters: It’s curious how Biden underperformed
Clinton in all but four cities
The turnout numbers are odd in some states, like Wisconsin, which saw 89 percent turnout. Now, is that figure impossible? No, but it’s highly improbable given the turnout in the surrounding areas, Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal suggests   Richard Baris on Big Data Poll noted something funny about Biden's numbers in the cities, how it lagged behind Clinton's numbers, but shot off to the moon in Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.  Baris noted further that Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country except for these four.  Robert Barnes, the foremost election analyst, observes in these “big cities in swing states run by Democrats…the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.”   Trump’s victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were on target until, in the middle of the night, counting was arbitrarily halted. Miraculously, several hundred thousand votes – all for Biden – were mysteriously ‘found’; Trump’s real leads subsequently vanished.

November 13: The Epoch Times: Election Data Team to call
1.25 million voters over anomalies in six contested states

The former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign Matt Braynard has assembled a team to look for inconsistencies in the six contested states—Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.  So far, they’ve identified 1.25 million voter issues that they’re following up on through phone calls and against other databases.  The largest issue they’ve found so far is with voters who had submitted a National Change of Address form to the post office indicating they moved out of state, yet appear to have voted in 2020 in the state they moved from.  “We’re calling them to confirm whether they actually cast the ballot, or if that ballot was cast by somebody else in their name,” Braynard said.  In Georgia, the team found 17,877 early or absentee voters who had filed out-of-state move notices—a higher number than the current vote differential in the state. The current vote tally in Georgia as of 1 p.m. on Nov. 13 shows Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of Trump by 14,164 votes.  Braynard’s team has also found conflicting out-of-state move notices and votes cast with 7,426 Pennsylvania voters, 6,254 Wisconsin voters, 5,145 Nevada voters, 5,084 Arizona voters, and 1,688 Michigan voters.  So far, they’ve confirmed 631 double-voters in Pennsylvania and 987 in Nevada—and that’s before they’ve checked the Election Day in-person voting information.

November 13: The Daily Caller: Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine will be available to all by April
President Donald Trump said Friday that Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine will be available to the entire American population by April but seemed to concede for the first time publicly that he might be out of office at that point in time.  “Millions of doses will soon be going out the door. They are already, waiting for that final approval,” Trump stated during a press briefing on Operation Warp Speed, the government’s coronavirus vaccine initiative. “As soon as April, the vaccine will be available to the entire general population, with the exceptions of places like New York state.”  The governor of New York “…wants to take his time with the vaccine. He doesn’t trust where the vaccine is coming from,” the president continued. “…he doesn’t trust the fact that it is this White House, this administration, so we won’t be delivering it to New York until we have authorization to do so.”

November 13: Breitbart News: GOP challenger Owens defeats Dem McAdems in Utah
“If Owens’ lead [of just less than 3,000 votes] holds as those and any remaining ballots in Utah County are counted ahead of the final canvass next week, he will be one of two new members in Utah’s six-member congressional delegation,” the Tribune stated, with 99% of the votes counted.  Owens’ campaigned focused heavily on the far-left’s “socialist policies” and extreme “Marxists.”  Earlier this year, in May, Owens said that he must take back Utah’s Fourth Congressional seat in an attempt to help Republicans “take back our country.”  Owens, a former Oakland Raiders Superbowl Champion, has also been very critical of Colin Kaepernick and his decision to kneel during the national anthem before football games.

November 13: The Washington Free Beacon: Justice Alito savages Senator
for attempting to strong arm SCOTUS
Justice Samuel Alito took aim at Democratic lawmakers over a brief they filed in a recent Second Amendment case, and condemned them for trying to strong-arm the Supreme Court.   In remarks to the Federalist Society Alito slammed Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, one of the brief's authors, for floating the prospect of "restructur[ing]" the Court in response to a pro-gun ruling. Alito called the idea "an affront to the Constitution and the rule of law."  The remarks are turning heads: Supreme Court justices rarely trade barbs with politicians, and Alito’s candid comments provided a rare glimpse inside the Court.  The justice also weighed in on issues from gun rights to the coronavirus, telling the crowd that for many Democrats, the Second Amendment is "the ultimate second-tier constitutional right," and that the sweeping restrictions lawmakers have enacted to battle the coronavirus have revealed their contempt for religious freedom.

November 13: The Washington Times: Governors of NM and OR order Thanksgiving shutdowns
Democratic governors in Oregon and New Mexico issued two-week shutdown orders Friday to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus over the Thanksgiving holiday, while the Pacific Northwest states issued an advisory discouraging out-of-state travel.  New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that the state would “temporarily re-enact a statewide order closing in-person services for all non-essential activities,” beginning Monday and running until Nov. 30.  Meanwhile, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered a two-week “freeze” on non-essential activities, including restricting restaurants to take-out only; placing capacity limits on grocery stores, pharmacies and retailers, and limiting indoor and outdoor gatherings.

November 13: The New York Post: Arizona Secretary of State accused of bias against Trump
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is catching flack over an old tweet — in which she accused President Trump of having a “neo-Nazi base.” Hobbs has been the target of staunch Trump supporters who accuse her of bias in overseeing the state’s presidential election results.  The newly-surfaced 2017 tweet — in which she blasted the president for “pandering to his neo-Nazi base,” added fuel to that fire, according to the Arizona Mirror.  Hobbs, a Democrat, continues to deny that her political views played any role in certifying that President-elect Joe Biden had won the state.  But others said that her tweet in the aftermath of the deadly 2017 riots in Charlottesville suggests otherwise.

November 12: The Epoch Times: Dominion Voting Systems contractor
says she witnessed fraudulent actions during Detroit ballot counting
Melissa Carone, a contractor for Dominion Voting System, said in a new sworn statement that she saw “fraudulent actions take place” at the Detroit ballot counting site on Election Day. She was doing IT support at the center for a period of about 21 hours and said she saw workers count some ballots four or five times, and noticed that one of the counters had even counted a batch of ballots eight times.  “I confronted my manager, Nick Ikonornakis saying how big of a problem this was, Nick told me he didn’t want to hear that we have a big problem. He told me we are here to do assist with IT work, not to run their election,” Carone said.

November 12: The Daily Caller: Malliotakis flips NYC Congressional seat to red
Republican congressional candidate Nicole Malliotakis succeeded in toppling first-term Democratic New York Rep. Max Rose in New York’s 11th congressional district.  The race had not yet been called in favor of the Republican challenger, but after eight days of counting ballots, Rose announced that he had called to offer his congratulations and concede to Malliotakis.  The Republican, who took a commanding lead on Election Day, declared victory that evening. She gave a speech thanking all those who had endorsed her, focusing on a number of law enforcement organizations.

November 12: The Epoch Times: Dead people allowed to vote in Pennsylvania
“Voter records show someone used the identity of John H. Granahan of Allentown, Pennsylvania to vote in the recent election, even though Granahan died in May 2019,” the Trump campaign said. “The Dusckas Martin Funeral Home and Crematory ran an obituary of Granahan’s death when he passed away.”  Then there was Judy Presto of Southpark, Pennsylvania, who died in 2013: “someone registered her to vote in September 2020 and cast a ballot under her name in last week’s election.” It also included an obituary of Presto published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the time. And the list of deceased voters in Pennsylvania goes on.

November 12: The Epoch Times: Pennsylvania court rules Secretary of State
improperly changed deadline two days before Election Day
A Pennsylvania judge ruled that Pennsylvania Democrat Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar overstepped her authority to change an election deadline two days before Election Day last week.  The court concluded that Boockvar “…lacked statutory authority to issue the November 1, 2020, guidance…”  to change the deadline for “…for certain electors to verify proof of identification,” Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote in her order (pdf) on Thursday afternoon.  Boockvar submitted guidance saying proof of identification could be provided to vote up until Nov. 12. State law stipulates that voters have until Nov. 9 to deal with problems regarding a lack of proof of identification.

November 12: United Press International: U.S. churches challenge COVID-19 restrictions
As the COVID-19 pandemic surges again in the United States, churches are fighting state and local orders that cap attendance at services at lower numbers than allowed at nonreligious places and events, such as stores and protests.  Governors and other officials who issue the orders say the restrictions are necessary to minimize the spread of coronavirus. But religious institutions across the United States have filed numerous court challenges since the spring arguing that the different capacity limits and social distancing requirements for them are unconstitutional.  U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern, (R-OK) has introduced a bill that would prohibit state and local governments from setting lower caps in the case of people who are exercising a First Amendment right. The Equal Opportunity First Amendment Act -- which would apply to orders issued during a national or state emergency -- also would allow those who allege they were harmed by unequal enforcement of a public gathering rule to sue in federal court.

November 11: The Epoch Times: Election outcome unclear amid pending recounts and legal challenges
On Nov. 3, Americans voted to elect their next leader. As of Nov. 11, most state results have not been certified and legal challenges and recounts are pending in key swing states.  Key Points on the Status of the Presidential Race:
(1) Legal challenges are ongoing in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona.
(2) A recount has been requested in Wisconsin by the Trump campaign.
(3) In Georgia, the state has announced a recount.
[See detailed election summary]

November 11: Breitbart NewsTrue the Vote lawsuit: Illegal ballots counted in four PA counties
The election integrity group True the Vote is suing Pennsylvania Governor Wolf (D) and Secretary of State Boockvar (D) alleging that illegal ballots were counted in four counties across the state in the Presidential election.  The lawsuit asks for ballots from Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Allegheny County be invalidated if it is revealed that a significant number of illegal ballots were counted because such ballots were “mixed in with and cannot be separated from lawful ballots,” according to a True the Vote release.  “The Pennsylvania election process was an embarrassment to our country and an affront to our deep-seated value of protecting Americans’ basic Constitutional right to vote,” True the Vote Founder and President Catherine Engelbrecht said in a statement

Election workers board up windows thereby blocking view of the vote counting processNovember 11: The Epoch Times: Election workers
board up windows of Detroit vote counting center,
blocking the view of the vote counting process
President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign sued Michigan in federal court late on Nov. 10, alleging pervasive violations of election laws at a vote-counting center in  Detroit.  The lawsuit is accompanied by 234 pages of sworn witness affidavits that describe how Republican poll challengers were prevented from having adequate access to observe the counting process in violation of Michigan’s election code.  The witnesses detail a battery of problems including instances in which election officials ignored their challenges.  The lawsuit is asking the court to order the state and county canvassing boards to not certify any election results that contain ballots that were processed when Republican observers were blocked from having adequate access to observe the counting process, as well as any tally that contains unlawfully cast ballots.  The campaign is also pointing to an alleged software tabulation error to request that any ballots processed by the same software be counted by hand.

November 11: Townhall.com: Another bad day for Nancy Pelosi in the House races
The experts were wrong. Democrats were expected to pick-up 10-15 seats. They lost ground. In fact, one could argue that 2020 was a disastrous night for House Democrats. They lost some longtime veterans. Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota’s 7thcongressional district who’s been in the House for almost 30 years was booted. Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos, the soon-to-be-ex-chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, almost lost her re-election. Republicans made serious gains in the California suburbs and got zero pick-ups in the House in Texas. While it looks like House Democrats will maintain their majority, it’ll be very slim. There are still a dozen or so races to call, and a good share of them have Republicans in the lead. 

November 11: Fox News: Carlson: Defund the police was a disaster for Dems
The people behind defunding the police tried to destroy society itself. That's not politics. Tearing down civilization isn't a political position. It's something much, much darker than that. It's a kind of spiritual battle. That sounds like overstatement, but it's not. We should understand the stakes here, but for a long time we did not.

November 11: The Daily Caller: Georgia Democratic Senatorial Candidate served
as youth pastor at a church that hosted and praised Castro
Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock served as a youth pastor at a church that hosted and praised Fidel Castro, who served as Cuba’s communist dictator for decades.  Warnock, a reverend, is headed to a January runoff against Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA).  He formerly worked at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York, as a youth pastor where Castro spoke 1995 while Warnock worked there.  Warnock’s campaign said he was not involved in decision making and was a junior member of the church staff. His campaign declined to say whether the candidate attended the event.   It was reported the late Castro “blast[ed] the United States with the vigor that was missing from his speech to the United Nations earlier in the day and winding up the evening with a rousing rendition of the socialist hymn Internationale.”

November 10: YouTube A Mathematical Analysis of the Trump-Biden 2020 Election
Vote Counts in four counties in the State of Michigan.

This is an analysis by Dr. Shiva Ayyadura, MIT Phd., Phil Evans, B.S.E.E. and Bernie Smith of the vote count in several counties in Michigan. It raises some interesting questions.

November 10: The Epoch Times: Rundown of election results battleground state by state
WisconsinElection panel guidance led clerks to fill out
witness addresses, contrary to State Law

Guidance issued by the Wisconsin Elections Commission resulted in municipal clerks filling out missing witness addresses on absentee ballot certificates, contrary to the plain language of the state law according to a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice.  Wisconsin’s statute requires each absentee ballot to be accompanied by a certificate signed by a witness who must write down his or her address.  “If a certificate is missing the address of a witness, the ballot may not be counted,” the law states.

Michigan: Poll workers were told to backdate ballots and
not verify signatures on absentee ballots
- A lawsuit was filed in Wayne County Circuit Court alleging, along with sworn affidavits, that county election officials allowed fraudulent processing of votes, including telling poll workers to backdate ballots and not verify signatures on absentee ballots.  
- Earlier another lawsuit was filed to halt vote counting until Republican observers are granted adequate access.
- Additionally, Michigan Republicans are investigating the Dominion software after Antrim County found the software had erroneously tabulated 6,000 votes to Democratic nominee Joe Biden instead of President Donald Trump. The state party said 47 Michigan counties use this software.  The Michigan Secretary of State didn’t deny what happened but said it was caused by human error.  
- It is also being alleged that 10,000 dead people voted in Michigan
- Additionally, according to the court documents, after election officials announced that the last batch of absentee ballots had been received at a Detroit counting facility, trays of unsealed, unsecured ballots without envelopes arrived at the facility.

State told to separate late-arriving mail ballots | Trump campaign wants to stop the counting of incomplete absentee ballots | Tens of Thousands of mail in ballot return dates raise questions | Possible ballot harvesting reported in PA nursing home involving 25,000 residents
- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito issued a temporary order in the Supreme Court case requiring Pennsylvania to segregate ballots that arrived after Election Day. The Trump campaign filed a motion on Nov. 4 to join the Supreme Court challenge to Pennsylvania’s deadline extension for late-arriving mail-in ballots.  
- Trump campaign seeks an injunction to stop the state from certifying the election results, reportedly until the mismanagement issues can be untangled. 
- The Trump campaign sued the Montgomery County Board of Elections on November 5th to stop counting mail-in ballots that do not have declaration envelopes that are missing the state’s required voter signature, address, and date.  The campaign identified 600 ballots, at the time of the filing, that did not meet such requirements.
- The Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit November 4th to halt vote counting until Republican observers are granted adequate access. On Nov. 5 a PA appellate court ruled in favor of allowing observers, prompting election officials to appeal. The state Supreme Court said on Nov. 9 that it would hear the election officials’ appeal. 
- Additionally, over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out.  More than an additional 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date.

Official expects to find illegal votes | Calls for full hand-count of ballots
- An official at GA Secretary of State’s office says that some people did illegally vote in the state. He said he expects an investigation to find that double-voters, and those who do not qualify to register, have voted.  Gabriel Sterling, manager of Voting System Implementation at Georgia Secretary of State’s office, said: “Let me be perfectly clear… We are going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen. There are going to be double voters. There are going to be people who did not have the qualifications of a registered voter to vote in the state.” At least three Georgia counties experienced glitches with the Dominion Voting software. It’s the same software that wrongly handed the winning number of votes to Democrats in one Michigan county.
- Rep. Doug Collins (GA-R), who leads the Trump campaign’s recount team in Georgia has called on Georgia’s top elections official to take steps related to the planned vote recount to ensure “confidence in our electoral process,” including verifying voter eligibility and a full hand-count of all ballots.  Collins asked for a full comparison of absentee ballots cast and in-person and provisional ballots cast, and for carrying out a voter eligibility check to make sure no felons or other ineligible individuals cast a vote in the state.

Nevada:  Nevada GOP refers over 3,000 cases of alleged voter fraud to AG Barr for prosecution and whistleblowers saw people in Biden van opening, filling, and sealing Nevada ballots
- The Nevada Republican Party said its lawyers have sent Barr a criminal referral alleging at least 3,062 cases of voter fraud in the state. The party alleged that after cross-referencing more than 60 pages of voter records with the National Change of Address database they found at least “3,062 individuals who appear to have improperly cast mail ballots in the election.” 
- Meanwhile two whistleblowers have also come forward to provide affidavits detailing that they saw people inside a Biden-Harris van opening, filling out, and resealing mail ballots.  One whistleblower alleged he witnessed the incident while on lunch break. He said the people inside the van were using letter openers to open the ballot envelopes. Once the people became aware they were being watched, they formed a human shield around the van to purportedly cover up the activity.
- Other instances of potential fraud, included 9,000 ballots cast by people who have moved out of the state, two examples of ballots cast using the identities of dead people, and voter registrations issued to minors under the age of 18.

November 9: Washington Free BeaconGeorgia Democrat Senatorial candidate dodges
issue of court packing

Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock (D) on Monday refused to say whether he would support adding seats to SCOTUS if Democrats successfully took control of the Senate.  Warnock is running against Loeffler in a special election that could determine the balance of power in Washington. 

November 8: The Epoch Times: Biden’s lead in Arizona dwindles
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump in Arizona lessened on Saturday after the reporting of some ballots from several counties.  Biden led by nearly 44,000 votes on Friday morning but had seen his lead dwindle by nearly 10,000 early Nov. 8.  According to AZ Family, a local news website, there are about 108,000 ballots left to count in Arizona as of late Saturday. Most are in Maricopa County, which holds about two-thirds of the state’s population.  The remaining ballots in the county are ones that require additional time, such as military and overseas ballots, county officials said in a statement.

November 8: The Daily Signal: Seven big items on the Biden agenda
With a Biden victory still being litigated in the courts, his party did not seem to bring with it a wave of newly-elected Democrats to the House and Senate.  That said, here are seven big things on the Biden agenda:
(1) Taxpayer funded abortions and the elimination of the Hyde amendment that keeps taxpayer dollars from funding abortions; (2) Amnesty for illegal aliens and no more funding of a border wall;  (3) The establishment of a “COVID-19” testing board; (4) Establishing a green economy;  (5) The creation of “Bidencare” with the public option for healthcare;  (6) Two years of “free” college education; and (7)  the passage of the Equality Act which would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

November 7: The Epoch Times: Trump campaign to challenge
mail-in ballots counted in absence of GOP observers
President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign will launch a lawsuit in Pennsylvania to challenge the mail-in ballots that have been counted without Republican poll watchers onsite.  A federal lawsuit will be filed on Monday in Pennsylvania and more expected in other states.   Lisette Tarragano, one of the witnesses, said she was never allowed to enter the polling site along with other five to six Republican poll watchers.  “I was never brought in. Actually, I never got past the first identification stage, they kept saying that mine as well as five or six other Republicans, their names hadn’t been entered into the system,” she said.

November 7: Townhall.com: Biden vows to unite the country, will the left let him?
Speaking from Wilmington, Delaware Saturday night, former Vice President Joe Biden promised to "unite the country" as president and claimed he has a "mandate to march on the course of decency."  But will the leftists in Biden's Democrat Party allow him to do so? After all, the newest members want to keep track of Trump supporters so they can be punished, list Trump administration staffers so they can remain unemployed and members of the media want to "burn down" the Republican Party with "no survivors."  It's up to Biden to live up to his promise of "decency" and unity. He'll have to hold off the left in order to do it.

November 7: The Daily Caller: Trump, pointing to challenges,
rejects media calling the election for Biden
President Donald Trump rejected declarations from the Associated Press and Fox News that Former Vice President Joe Biden had won the presidential election Saturday, arguing his campaign has “legitimate” ongoing legal challenges.  “The simple fact is this election is far from over,” Trump’s statement read. “Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor.”

November 7: The Epoch Times: Rep. Banks asks AG Barr to investigate election fraud claims
Indiana Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is among several dozen Republican Congressmen who are asking for a formal investigation into claims of election fraud.  He joined 38 other representatives in writing a letter to AG Bill Barr requesting that Barr investigate claims of voter fraud and, Banks said, “make sure only all legal votes are counted in this election.”   “The American people need to have confidence that the outcome of this election is legitimate!!” he contended.

November 6: The Epoch Times: PA Dems urge SCOTUS to defer
action on ballot deadline extension case
Pennsylvania Democrats are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hold off on taking any action in a lawsuit filed by Republicans seeking to overturn a three-day extension to a deadline in which absentee ballots could be accepted by the election board.  The filing by the state’s Democratic Party on Thursday was made in a case challenging a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision that requires election officials to accept absentee ballots received up to three days after Nov. 3. The case consolidates two cases, one bought by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and the other by two Republican state senators. Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his statement, “The provisions of the Federal Constitution conferring on state legislatures, not state courts, the authority to make rules governing federal elections would be meaningless if a state court could override the rules adopted by the legislature simply by claiming that a state constitutional provision gave the courts the authority to make whatever rules it thought appropriate for the conduct of a fair election.” He was joined by Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

Meanwhile, SCOTUS directed Pennsylvania to count the late arriving ballots separately.   Alito granted a request by the state’s Republican party to separate mail-in ballots received between 8 p.m. Nov. 3 and 5 p.m. Nov. 6 from those that arrived by Election Day, in accordance with state guidance. He ordered that those segregated ballots must be kept “in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots.”  The justice, however, did not order the counties to stop counting but instead ordered those ballots to be counted separately.

November 6: Texas Scorecard: Social worker charged with 134 election fraud felonies
State and local authorities have charged a social worker in a state supported living center with 134 felony counts related to election fraud, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office revealed today.  Kelly Reagan Brunner is accused of submitting voter registration applications for 67 residents of the Mexia State Supported Living Center, a home for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, without their signature or effective consent.  “Registering citizens to vote or to obtain mail ballots without their consent is illegal,” Paxton said.   “My office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this insidious form of fraud.”  Paxton said his Election Fraud Unit assisted local authorities with the case.  Under Texas law, only a parent, spouse or child who is a qualified voter of the county can act as an agent in registering a person to vote, and must be appointed by the person to do so.

November 6: The Epoch Times: Arizonians concerned over the
integrity of the election as counting continues
As voters across the country wait anxiously for the results of the 2020 presidential race to come through, hundreds of Arizonians gathered outside the Maricopa County Elections Department—where ballots are still being counted—to voice their concerns on the integrity of the election process.  The race between Presidential candidates in Arizona currently remains neck-and-neck. It is one of a few key states that the White House says constitutes a path to victory for President Donald Trump.  Arizonians just want to make sure their votes are counted appropriately and deposited in the right name, said Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who spoke briefly to the crowd. 

November 6: The Daily CallerHow things look in battleground states
Georgia: Out of the nearly 5 million ballots cast in the Peach State, Biden holds an extremely slim lead of just 1,564 votes. Not only does his margin qualify for a recount under the state’s law, but officials themselves said Friday that a recount was likely to occur.
Pennsylvania:  Unlike Georgia, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar is required by law to order a recount if the final margin is 0.5% or less. If the final margin is within that range, a recount would need to be ordered before 5 p.m. on Nov. 12 and be completed within 12 days.  As of Friday afternoon, Biden leads Trump in the state 49.5% to 49.3%.
Nevada: According to state law, the loser of the state’s tally can request a recount within three business days of the count being certified. If the recount changes the state’s outcome, the requester’s deposit is returned, but if not, then it is used to pay for the operating expenses.  As of Friday afternoon, Biden leads in the state by just over 20,000 votes, 49.7% to 48.1%.
Arizona: State law requires a recount in Arizona if the margin between the top two candidates is within 0.1%.   As of Friday, Biden led in the state by 1.3%.
Wisconsin: Any candidate can request a recount in the Badger State if the final margin is within 1%.  The vote spread in this state is approximately 20,500 votes, 49.4% to 48.8%. Immediately after the call, the Trump campaign signaled that it would request a recount.
Michigan: Unlike other states, Michigan requires a recount to be conducted, but only if the final vote margin is within 2,000 votes, according to state law. The only way a candidate can formally petition a recount is if they allege that fraud or a mistake occurred in tallying the votes, and “would have had a reasonable chance of winning the election.”

November 5: The Epoch Times: PA ballot observers blocked, despite court order
Pennsylvania’s appellate court this morning issued an order allowing Republican election observers to watch the vote-counting process from up to six feet away.  Prior to this order, campaign officials said that observers had been forced to watch ballots being counted from as far away as 100 feet.  Two hours later, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said that the court order was not being enforced. She said while the barricades were moved up six feet, the ballot machines had been pushed to the back of the room.

November 5: The Epoch Times: Trump campaign filing lawsuit in Nevada
over 10,000 ballots cast by out of state voters
President Trump’s reelection campaign said they are filing a lawsuit in Nevada, alleging there were more than 10,000 ballots that were cast in the state by voters who don’t live there.  The lawsuit comes as Democratic presidential challenger Biden has an approximately 8,000-vote lead in Nevada. The state, which has 6 Electoral College votes, could be key to the outcome of the presidential race.  “We still have not been able to observe these signatures or meaningfully examine mail-in ballots out of hundreds of thousands of ballots cast,” Laxalt, the former Nevada attorney general, said.   He also said there were “dead voters that have been counted.”

November 5: Praying for the Election by Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann

November 5: The Epoch Times: Nevada woman says
someone stole her ballot and voted for her
A Nevada woman alleges somebody stole her mail-in ballot and voted in her name. She’s part of a federal lawsuit by the Trump campaign demanding the state to stop counting illegal votes.  “I went to vote and was told I already voted,” Jill Stoake said during a Nov. 5 Trump campaign press briefing. “I pursued the matter and in years past I always voted in person. This time, they mailed out the ballot and somebody took my ballot. They also took the ballot of my roommate.”  Nevada decided to mail ballots to all registered voters this year, a move that has led to problems. Before the primaries in Clark County, Nevada, which covers the Las Vegas metro area, more than 223,000 mail ballots bounced due to old or wrong addresses, according to the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which tallied the data.

November 5: The Washington Times: Trump’s strong Hispanic support befuddles Dems and activists
Hispanic activists had promised that Trump ‘s immigration policy, insulting rhetoric and handling of the coronavirus — with a disproportionate impact on Hispanics — would earn him the lowest share of their votes in modern American history. They were wrong.  The main news media consortium’s exit polling showed Trump expanding his share of the Hispanic vote from 28% in 2016 to 32% this year. A separate exit poll for The Associated Press and Fox News showed Trump winning 35%, which would be the second-best performance for any Republican since Ronald Reagan. That success has set off a round of soul-searching among those who insisted that Hispanics would punish this president.

November 5: Townhall.com: Nevada USPS worker
allegedly offers stacks of ballots to undercover reporter
Less than 24 hours after Project Veritas released a video of a United States Postal Service worker in Traverse City, Michigan, coming forward to expose their supervisor, Johnathan Clarke, potentially engaging in voter fraud, the watchdog group dropped another video. The video released Thursday afternoon allegedly shows a USPS worker in Las Vegas, Nevada, talking about handing over a "handful" of ballots to the undercover journalist. The blank ballots were collected because they were allegedly sent to the wrong address.

November 5: The Washington Free Beacon: Pro-Gun Montana ballot prop passes
despite millions spent by gun-control activists
Montana voters blocked localities from instituting their own gun restrictions on Tuesday despite a massive spending campaign by gun-control advocates.  The referendum, which passed with 51 percent support, bars localities from exercising "any power that applies to or affects the right to keep or bear arms." Cities, counties, and other local authorities will no longer be able to regulate where Montanans with state permits can concealed-carry their firearms, restrict people from owning guns beyond what state or federal law says, or limit where they can openly carry firearms outside of government buildings. The referendum is identical to legislation that Gov. Steve Bullock (D.) vetoed in 2019. Everytown for Gun Safety and other gun-control groups spent more than $1.4 million trying to defeat the measure—27 times more than the NRA spent to support it.

November 5: The Daily Caller: McConnell could thwart Biden’s ability to confirm
progressives to his cabinet, if elected
Democrats’ likely failure to flip the Senate could force a Joe Biden administration to nominate more centrist figures to powerful Cabinet positions to appease Sen. Mitch McConnell, according to insiders familiar with the matter.  If Biden wins the presidency, which is still in doubt, a GOP Senate could block the nominations of more liberal nominees, serving a blow to the party’s progressive wing, Axios reported.  Possible casualties range from Susan Rice and Stacey Abrams to Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but all future nominations would likely be contingent on McConnell, according to Axios. The Senate’s likely GOP majority could create opportunities for some moderate insiders like Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.

November 4: The Epoch Times: US formerly exits the
Paris climate change accord
The United States on Wednesday formally left the Paris Agreement, fulfilling an old promise by President Donald Trump.  There are 189 countries that remain committed to the 2015 Paris accord, which aims to keep the increase in average temperatures worldwide below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).  Some scientists claim that any rise beyond 2 degrees Celsius could have a devastating impact on large parts of the world, raising sea levels, stoking tropical storms, and worsening droughts and floods.  The Paris accord requires countries to set their own voluntary targets for reducing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The only binding requirement is that nations have to accurately report on their efforts.

November 4: The Washington Times: SCOTUS orders PA Dems to respond
to ballot dispute by Thursday
The Supreme Court ordered Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by Thursday evening in a case challenging the state’s three-day extension for counting mail-in ballots.  President Trump has moved to intervene in a lawsuit brought by Pennsylvania Republicans, arguing the state’s Democratic Party and Secretary of State violated the law by extending the time for counting mail-in ballots to Nov. 6 at 5 p.m., despite the state legislature setting the deadline as Election Day.  The lawsuit takes issue with a state Supreme Court ruling that postmarked ballots be presumed to have been mailed before Nov. 3, even if not clearly postmarked to that effect.

November 4: The Washington Free Beacon: Hispanic Voters flip two House seats in Florida
Florida Republicans enjoyed down-ballot success in Tuesday's election, bolstered by Hispanic support and President Donald Trump's victory in the state.  Ex-firefighter Carlos Gimenez and journalist Maria Elvira Salazar defeated their Democrat opponents in Florida's two southernmost districts. The two will join a growing Flori

November 4: Epoch TimesFulton County, GA responds to claim poll watchers being told to leave
A spokesperson for a key county in Georgia said Wednesday that she was not aware of poll observers being told to leave overnight.  This afternoon Registration & Elections Director Richard Barron told the Board of Commissioners … It may be possible that observers left at the time the majority of the staff left, but from the information we have, the processing area was never closed to observers.  David Shafer, chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, said earlier Wednesday that county workers told Republican observers to go home late Tuesday “because they were closing up and then continued to count ballots in secret.”

November 4: The Daily Caller: Trump campaign sues Michigan – Demands counting be paused
until they receive access to ballot counting locations and full review of all opened ballots
The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit Wednesday calling for an immediate halt in all mail vote tallying in Michigan.  “As votes in Michigan continue to be counted, the presidential race in the state remains extremely tight as we always knew it would be,” campaign manager Bill Stepien wrote in a statement accompanying the announcement. “President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law.”  The suit demands “meaningful access” to the counting locations and a full review of ballots previously opened and counted by election officials, Stepien added before claiming that “President Trump is committed to ensuring that all legal votes are counted in Michigan and everywhere else.”

November 4: The Epoch Times: Neither Blue nor Red wave apparent in House or Senate races
Tales of sweeping victories have proved a will-o’-the wisp as both parties appear poised to lose ground on congressional turf.  Republicans’ Senate majority has eroded, but appears unlikely to evaporate, current predictions suggest.  House predictions lean toward Democrats losing seats but keeping their majority.  The biggest surprise in the Senate races has been the tenacity of Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Conservatives have criticized her for sometimes undermining the agenda of President Donald Trump, but her approach seems to have paid off as she’s more than 8 points ahead of her Democrat opponent with 98% of the votes counted.

November 3: The Washington Free Beacon: Judge finds CA Governor overstepped
authority re: mail ballot order

A California judge on Monday ruled that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) order requiring all registered voters to automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot was outside his authority.  Sutter County Superior Court judge Sarah Heckman issued a ruling that the governor cannot issue executive orders that interfere with state law, but her ruling will not affect Tuesday's election. "Gavin Newsom, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of California is enjoined and prohibited from exercising any power under the California Emergency Services Act … which amends, alters, or changes existing statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy," Heckman wrote.  The plaintiffs sued Newsom on the grounds that his executive orders sidestepped the legislative process and was in violation of the state’s constitution. 

November 2: The Epoch Times: Trump signs Executive Order to promote “patriotic education”
Just a day before Election Day, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to push “patriotic education” by establishing the federal 1776 Commission.  Trump wrote on the eve of Election Day: “Just signed an order to establish the 1776 Commission. We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students, and restore PATRIOTIC EDUCATION to our schools!”  The president made reference to the executive order during his rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Monday.

November 2: Townhall.com: The latest poll in Iowa and why it could spell doom for Biden Camp
Can we please take Iowa off the toss-up list? It was never really a battleground state. It’s not in play. And the latest Des Moines Register poll shows that with President Trump leading Joe Biden by a solid seven points. If Trump wins here, and I think he will, Sen. Joni Ernst’s re-election is also secured. 

November 2: The Daily Caller: PA AG says Trump will lose the election after all votes are counted
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said Saturday that President Donald Trump will lose the election if all of the votes are counted in Pennsylvania.  “If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose,” Shapiro said on Twitter.   Shapiro’s comments come after the president told several thousand people at a Saturday rally that “If we win Pennsylvania, it’s over.” During his 4 rallies that were held Saturday in Pennsylvania, Trump encouraged his supporters to go to polling places in the battleground state to scrutinize them, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. He also criticized a Supreme Court decision that allowed Pennsylvania to continue counting mail-in ballots for 3 days after Election Day.

November 2: The New York Post: Is this the resurrection? Dead people voting in NYC election
Ballots have been mailed in to the New York City Board of Elections in the name of dead voters, The Post has learned.  Records show that the elections board received an absentee ballot from a Frances Reckhow of Staten Island, a registered Democrat.   Reckhow was sent a ballot on September 24. It was mailed back on October 6th. It was received and declared valid on October 8th. The problem is that Frances Reckhow, who was born on July 6, 1915 and would be 105 today, died in 2012, according to an obituary filed with The Staten Advance. And this is not the only example, the Post article states.

November 2: The Washington Examiner: Trump and McSally surge in Arizona
President Trump has narrowed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's lead in Arizona to within 1 percentage point less than a day before the election, improving his standing with Independent voters and once-wavering Republicans, a new poll shows.  It's the first time Trump has been within a point of Biden, who held a 5.2 percentage point lead over him less than two weeks ago.  Trump has captured Independent voters and added undecided voters, along with Independents, who had planned to vote for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen.  Nearly 5% of voters declined to share their preferred candidate.   Arizona's hotly contested U.S. senate race has also tightened. Democratic Party candidate Mark Kelly leads Republican Sen. Martha McSally by 1.1 percentage points. McSally has scored a significant boost after polling at 41.9% to Kelly's 48.1% less than two weeks ago.  "If turnout trends continue to hold as they are, and Sen. McSally continues to minimize Republican cross-voting, she has a real chance of winning reelection," one polling company said, noting that the firm now views the race as a toss-up.

November 1: Fox Business: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorses Trump for
handling of the economy; first GOP Presidential endorsement since 1972
The editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette announced its endorsement of Trump, praising the commander in chief's record on the economy and China.  "Under Donald Trump the economy, pre-COVID, boomed, like no time since the 1950s. Look at your 401(k) over the past three years," the board wrote. "Unemployment for Black Americans is lower than it has ever been, under any president of either party."  The paper also declared that Trump "moved the debate, in both parties, from free trade, totally unfettered, to managed, or fair, trade."  "He has put America first, just as he said he would," the Post-Gazette said.

Election Day Sermon by Pastor Gary in VirginiaCatholic Father Edwin Meeks, Maryland

Spiritual Guidance in the Presidential Race
Father Edwin Meeks, Christ the King Parish, Towson, MD (Above) and Pastor Gary from Virginia (Left) explain the scriptures as it relates to a Christian's choice between President Trump and former Vice President Biden.
[click on images to hear their sermons and guidance]

October 31: Fox News: Trump in Pennsylvania: Why isn’t mainstream
media covering Biden flip-flopping on fracking?
President Trump capitalized on his opponent's wish to "transition" away from the oil industry in Reading, Pa., telling supporters Democratic nominee Joe Biden would "abolish" fracking.   He said the former vice president had flip-flopped on fracking, a major industry in the key swing state.   "He goes for a year 'there will be no fracking,' then he comes to Pennsylvania. Listen, we have a million jobs for fracking we've got $2 gasoline," Trump said.. "He's like 'let me just change my [position]' and he's never questioned about it from the fake news."  Biden said in March at a Democratic primary debate, “No more no new fracking.”  In October at the final presidential debate, Biden said: “I do rule out banning fracking because the answer we need… We need other industries to transition to get to, ultimately, a complete zero emissions by 2025.”  "Joe Biden will shut down your economy, you're already shut down in Pennsylvania," Trump said Saturday.

October 31: Fox News: RNC Chair McDaniel: GOP fighting Dems
attempts to steal election victory from Trump
Democrats are giving themselves every opportunity to sue their way to victory in the election now underway. Republicans are fighting them on all these counts.  “Finding” late-arriving, non-postmarked ballots days after Election Day might be business as usual in tin-pot dictatorships, but it is no way to run an election in the United States of America. This is what left-wing groups want. They have tried to gut election laws through the courts in every battleground state across the country, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel contended.  In response to the legal onslaught, the Republican National Committee has invested over $20 million and launched an unprecedented effort to protect the vote. Through a commitment to election integrity, the RNC secured numerous victories.  They prevented paid organizers from trafficking in other people’s ballots  (i.e. ballot harvesting).  Four people were indicted for engaging in this disreputable tactic in a fraudulent election in Paterson, N.J. Despite Democrats’ best efforts, the practice remains illegal in Arizona, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.  This week the Supreme Court blocked Democrats from changing the law to accept ballots for nearly a week after Election Day in Wisconsin.

October 31: The Daily CallerKeeping Texas Red; Biden campaign bus gives
up after being surrounded by Trump supporters in trucks
Democrats reportedly canceled some campaign rallies in Texas after a group of Trump supporters in vehicles swarmed a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris themed bus.  The bus carrying Democrat congressional candidates Wendy Davis, Roland Gutierrez and Rep. Lloyd Doggett on Friday was surrounded by vehicles displaying support for the president on the I-35 Texas highway.

October 31: Fox News: Biden slams Trump on COVID-19 response but when
questioned on what he would do differently he was short on specifics
Democratic candidate Joe Biden has taken some heat on social media for attacking President Trump’s coronavirus plan, while leaving some with questions about what his own plan entails.  Although both candidates participated in two debates and one town hall leading up to the election, social media critics point to a lack of details on Biden’s plan to fight coronavirus.   “What’s your plan? More lockdowns? Please, be specific,” wrote former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson in tweet responding to Biden Saturday.

October 30: The Washington Free Beacon: Democrat senatorial
candidate Kelly in Arizona wants wife jailed
Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly made an odd request years after his 2004 divorce: The famed astronaut petitioned a Galveston Texas court in 2010 to sentence his ex-wife to 6 months in jail and 10 years of supervised release after she moved to a new town a few miles outside of their children’s school district.  Kelly claimed his ex-wife Amy’s move was a violation of their custody agreement.  Documents, including a temporary restraining order appear to contradict Kelly’s description of the divorce as "amicable."  Kelly is locked in a tight Senate race against Republican Martha McSally.  Kelly has said he met his current wife, former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, at a leadership seminar in China in 2003. His first wife, Amy Kelly, filed for divorce in June 2004.

October 30: The Daily Caller: Border Patrol Chief about the border wall
The Chief Of The Border Patrol Rodney Scott provided the Daily Caller a closer look at the border wall along California and Arizona.  “This wall works. I say all the time and I really mean it — I’ve been doing this job for 28 years,” Chief of the Border Patrol Rodney Scott said, “there’s no other single investment that we can make that lasts this long and has an immediate return on investment.”  Scott added, “every mile of wall we build allows one single agent to cover more border area. That’s a return on the taxpayers’ investment every single day.”

October 29: The Washington Free Beacon: Ex-Philly PC explains why
officers shot knife-wielding suspect

Former Philadelphia police commissioner (PC) Charles Ramsey on Tuesday told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that the idea of shooting dangerous suspects "to injure" is not realistic or an accepted police tactic.   "Officers are trained to shoot at what we call center mass," Ramsey said. The response came during an interview over the police shooting of an knife wielding black man in Philadelphia on Monday. The man, Walter Wallace, was shot and killed when he approached officers.   The PC emphasized police are not trained to "shoot to kill" but, rather, trained to shoot at center mass until the threat stops.   He said the police officers were put in a very difficult position where their own lives and the lives of those around them may have been at stake. "When you're at the scene and you have an individual armed with a knife coming toward you, it's a whole different type of situation,  The officers have to make very quick judgments," he said.

October 29: The Daily Caller: Lifelong Democratic Flint city council member endorses Trump
A lifelong Democrat who serves as a council member in Flint City, Michigan on Wednesday endorsed President Donald Trump, gaining the attention of the president.  During a rally at Flint Bishop Airport, Flint City Council member Maurice Davis got to speak before VP Mike Pence, giving his full endorsement to Trump and criticizing the Democratic party.  He said he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but says he will now vote for Trump.  “Right now the narrative has been spent, President Trump is full of hate. Let me tell you something, the Democrats are full of hate. I have been a democrat all my life, 64 years. The last four years I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year I decided to go with President Trump,” Davis said.

October 29: The Washington Examiner: FBI conducting criminal investigation
into Hunter family days ahead of 2020 election
The FBI reportedly has an active criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and his associates.  James Rosen, a reporter with the Sinclair Broadcast Group, tweeted on Thursday, less than a week until Election Day, that the bureau opened the inquiry into allegations of money laundering in 2019.  "EXCLUSIVE: A @TheJusticeDept official confirms that in 2019, the @FBI opened up a criminal investigation into 'Hunter Biden and his associates,' focused on allegations of money-laundering, and that it remains open and active today," he said.

October 29: The Washington Times: Trump cites economic comeback in Florida rally
President Trump’s reelection bid was buoyed Thursday by the announcement of record third-quarter economic growth, with Trump citing it as proof he would deliver “historic prosperity” in a second term and warning that Democratic rival Joe Biden would impose “punishing lockdowns” if elected.  With just five days until Election Day, Trump seized on the long-awaited economic report.  Trump noted the third-quarter growth of 33.1% was the biggest jump in gross domestic product since the government began keeping records in 1947.  “If you asked me two weeks ago, I’d have taken 12%,” Trump told supporters at a campaign rally. “We created the greatest economy in history, and now we are doing it again. We’re making the turn.”

October 28: The Senate Republican Conference: Video about the
Chinese COVID-19 virus; where was the US Senate?

While the COVID-19 was starting to spread throughout China and the world, the US Senate was tied up with the House Democrat impeachment of President Trump.  One senator said we were required to stay in the Senate chamber without communication devices and to focus on impeachment while we should have been looking at what was happening in China.

October 28: Breitbart News: SCOTUS rules 5-3 on allowing NC to accept
and count votes 9 days after Nov. 3
The Supreme Court voted 5-3 to deny a request by Republicans to overturn a decision by Democrat authorities in North Carolina to allow mail-in ballots to be counted nine days after Election Day and without a witness signature.  Justices Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas dissented, though only Gorsuch and Alito signed the dissent. Newly-sworn-in Justice Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in the decision.  Speculation is that Kavanaugh wished to show deference to the North Carolina State Board of Elections because the state legislature had delegated rule-making power to it.

October 28: The New York Post: Twitter CEO lies to Senators saying
Twitter has lifted ban on NY Post expose
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday falsely told senators that his company lifted a ban on users tweeting articles from The Post’s Hunter Biden exposé, despite the fact that the ban remained on one of The Post’s bombshell stories and was only lifted after he made the claim.  “Anyone can tweet these articles,” Dorsey told Senator Cruze (R-TX) about The Post’s articles on emails implicating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in his son’s work in China and Ukraine.  But Twitter users quickly noted that the social network still banned distribution of The Post’s article describing a business proposal in China involving Hunter Biden and a document indicating a 10 percent set-aside for “the big guy.” 

October 28: Fox News: Air Force jets intercept aircraft too close to Trump rally in Arizona
The U.S. Air Force intercepted an unknown aircraft flying too close to President Trump’s campaign rally in Arizona Wednesday.   NORAD dispatched fighter aircraft which launched signal flares before establishing radio contact and escorting the plane out of restricted airspace "without further incident."   Trump pointed to the flares and then weaved the incident into his monologue, telling the crowd the plane is a fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. He then asked rhetorically, "You know how hard it is to get Democrats to pay for that?"

October 27: Fox News: Poll watcher submits affidavit alleging Houston
election judge and staff committed voter fraud
A retired police officer and  Texas poll watcher submitted a sworn affidavit to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office earlier this month alleging that he personally witnessed an election judge and staff members committing voter fraud.  In the affidavit, Raymond T. Stewart claimed that a Houston precinct judge and staff allegedly used a stack of driver’s licenses to allow people to vote at a drive-through window created because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Stewart said he became suspicious that the unattended stack of driver’s licenses sitting on the table constituted a possible crime. The Democrat Harris County District Attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

October 27: The Washington Times: Democrats falling short in swing states, early voting stats show
New early voting data showed Democrats failing to hit their mark in several battleground states, giving Trump campaign officials more reasons for optimism Tuesday as President Trump rallied voters in key Midwestern states and Democrat Joe Biden made a play for traditionally red Georgia.  In Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona, Democrats are falling short of their target of 70% of early votes cast either in-person or by mail. That’s the lead they hoped to build up to stave off an expected higher Republican turnout on Election Day.  “The Democrats have not opened up a large enough lead in the early vote totals, and they know it,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh. “They have now realized that they put too many eggs in the vote-by-mail basket, and they’re not hitting the marks they need.”

October 27: The Epoch Times: Ballot harvesting, relaxation of voting rules could prolong election
The controversial practice of ballot harvesting, or allowing a third party to deliver a voter’s ballot to election officials, may drag out the Nov. 3 presidential election, experts say.  The hotly contested battleground states of Colorado (9 electoral votes), Florida (29), Georgia (16), Iowa (6), Maine (4), Minnesota (10), Texas (38), and Virginia (13)—which collectively account for 125 of the 270 votes in the Electoral College needed to elect the president—all allow a voter to designate someone else to submit their ballot, a practice known as ballot harvesting.  California, which is not likely to be at play in the presidential election, also practices ballot harvesting, among other states.  What electoral integrity advocates consider to be lax practices also exist in Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania—states likely to be key in deciding the presidential race—which could lead to administrative headaches when the states tabulate the votes. Delayed results could prevent a winner from being determined in the presidential race for days or even weeks after Election Day.

October 27: The Washington Examiner: Michigan judge strikes down order
banning open carry in polling places

A Michigan judge has struck down an order that would have banned the state's residents from  openly carrying guns at polling places.   Judge Christopher Murray of the Michigan Court of Claims granted a preliminary injunction stating that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson didn't go through the proper channels of the Administrative Procedures Act in creating the rule.   Open carry is allowed in most parts of Michigan, including the state Capitol.

October 27: Fox News: Philly police say a thousand looters targeting
business on second night of riots

A second night of unrest in Philadelphia began Tuesday over the police shooting death of a Black man, just as his children recalled their memories of their father in front of reporters and 1,000 looters reportedly targeting businesses, police said.  Elsewhere in the city, looters ransacked a Foot Locker, Rite Aid and other retail stores. At least one vehicle was set on fire.   The Philadelphia Police Department warned people to avoid an area where at least 1,000 looters were ransacking businesses in the Port Richmond area that includes a Burlington Coat Factory, Target and Dollar General. 

October 26: The Washington Times: Trump: PA gas industry faces “death sentence” under Biden
President Trump barnstormed across Pennsylvania on Monday as the race for the presidency entered its final week, warning voters that Democrat Joe Biden’s move away from fossil fuels would be an “economic death sentence” for the state’s natural gas industry.  Holding three rallies in this crucial swing state where he trails the former vice president in public polls, Trump told supporters that he wanted to address “an issue of existential importance to Pennsylvania.” He referred to what he called Biden’s “shocking admission” during their debate last week that he would transition the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels.  Biden “…confirmed his plan to abolish the entire U.S. oil industry. He wants to go with windmills that are made in Germany and China,” Trump said. “Biden’s plan is an economic death sentence for Pennsylvania’s energy sector. He will eradicate your energy and send Pennsylvania into a crippling depression.”

October 26: The Daily Caller: 52-48; Amy Comey Barrett heading to
the White House to be sworn in
The U.S. Senate officially confirmed Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in a Monday night vote of 52 to 48. The only Republican to vote against Barrett’s confirmation was Maine Sen. Susan Collins. Every Democrat opposed Barrett’s confirmation. Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski ended up voting in favor of Barrett’s confirmation.  The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12-0 Thursday to advance Barrett’s nomination to the Senate floor for a full confirmation vote.  Democrats on the committee boycotted the committee vote on Barrett.

October 26: Fox News: What will they think of next? Elections have consequences! 
Now Biden is considering having justices on the SCOTUS rotate off to other courts
Former Vice President Joe Biden indicated on Monday that he might be open to shifting Supreme Court justices to lower courts if elected president, noting that he hadn't made any "judgement" yet on the issue.   “There is some literature among constitutional scholars about the possibility of going from one court to another court, not just always staying the whole time in the Supreme Court but I have made no judgement," Biden said at a campaign stop in Chester, Pennsylvania.

October 26: Breitbart News: SCOTUS: Wisconsin cannot count absentee
ballots received after Election Day
Supreme Court sides with GOP in refusing to extend Wisconsin deadline for absentee ballots received after Election Day.  Meanwhile SCOTUS may revisit Pennsylvania vote-by-mail case now that it has nine justices.  The court could soon revisit a challenge to a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision on extending the deadline for the receipt of absentee ballots with Justice Amy Comey Barrett casting the tie-breaking vote.  Recently Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that one of the most important reasons to confirm Barrett before the election was to avoid 4-4 splits that could create a patchwork of electoral guidelines.

October 25: The Epoch Times: Economic Advisor Kudlow: Biden plan to quit fossil fuels unfeasible
National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said in an interview aired on Oct. 25 that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s plan to transition the United States from fossil fuels is practically impossible to implement.  “In 15 years? Renewables are less than 10 percent of our total energy. And you’re not going to remake that in 15 years,” Kudlow said on WABC. “Pricing is not favorable. Natural gas is very cheap.”  “You couldn’t do it even if you wanted to,” Kudlow added.  Biden has flip-flopped on whether he would ban fracking, a key fossil fuel extraction technique that has propelled the United States to top of the list of the world’s oil producers. The former vice president said in the final presidential debate Oct. 22 that he would “transition from the oil industry.”

October 25: Fox News: Biden grilled by three PA news outlets about his
position on transitioning to green energy
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is getting grilled in Pennsylvania ever since he said during last week’s debate that he plans to “transition” away from the oil industry.  In three separate local news interviews in the key battleground state on Saturday, Biden attempted to clarify his comments and mixed messages regarding fracking.  During the final debate between Biden and President Trump, the president seized on Biden’s comment about moving away from oil.  “That's maybe the biggest statement in terms of business ... because basically what he said is he is going to destroy the oil industry,” Trump said. “Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania, Oklahoma?”

US Aircraft carrier with F-18 Hornet in the foreground October 25: The Washington Times: Trump is rallying Asian allies to be “top gun” in showdown with China
The Trump administration’s push for a military alliance among the major democracies of Asia to contain China showed new signs of moving ahead more rapidly than anticipated, with Australian agreeing to join U.S., Indian, Japanese forces in historic joint naval exercises next month.  While the four have engaged in a loose diplomatic grouping known as “the Quad” for years, they has previously struggled to achieve major military or geopolitical coordination amid reservations from India and the uncertain reaction from Beijing.  But recent days have seen a shift in New Delhi, which announced Monday Australia would be taking part in an upcoming war game with Americans and Japanese — a development following closely on the Trump administration’s push for the Quad to serve as the core of a more formal “Asian NATO” to constrain China.

October 25: The Epoch Times: Eyebrows raised as NYC Jewish neighborhood
locked down while others are not
The Queens neighborhood of Forest Hills, home to the largest Bukharian Jewish community outside of Israel, was recently targeted by local authorities for a strict lockdown, which shuttered schools, gatherings, and all businesses deemed “nonessential.”  According to the state, the neighborhood was a center of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus “cluster.” But data indicates the area wasn’t particularly problematic, compared to some other zip codes that faced no restrictions. Locals offered a mix of opinions on the lockdown. Some supported the decision or even suggested going further. Others were dismayed.  The Forest Hills area of concern only spanned a few blocks, leading to a situation where people looking to buy clothes or eat out could just walk a few more minutes down the street or take one or two subway stops to escape the zone. If the state worried about people unwittingly spreading the virus, the policy seemed to encourage it.  According to several people in the area at one point, businesses on one side of Queens Boulevard were ordered to close, but not on the other.

October 24: The Washington Examiner: Republicans convene weekend Senate
session to ensure Barrett’s swift confirmation to the SCOTUS
Senate Republicans and Democrats faced off in a rare weekend session to debate the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.  Republicans plan to move ahead with Barrett’s confirmation. A key procedural vote is slated for Sunday, and lawmakers are expected to cast the final votes to confirm Barrett on Monday.  Republican leaders said Democrats can’t object to Barrett’s qualifications and are instead making a false claim that the confirmation process is illegitimate.  “It remains our duty to separate right from wrong, fact from fiction, for the good of the Senate and our nation,” said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). “Judge Barrett’s confirmation process has followed every rule. It’s followed the Constitution in every respect. We have abided by the norms and traditions dictated by our history. And we’re going to vote tomorrow.”

October 24: The Washington Times: Texts from Hunter Biden’s business partner
show Joe Biden was involved in China deal talks
Hunter Biden’s former business partner is releasing a trove of text messages that show that former Vice President  Joseph Biden was brought into discussions on his son’s China business ventures.  The texts from whistleblower Tony Bobulinski show Hunter talked of the “family brand” when discussing investments. Another partner warned Bobulinski “don’t mention Joe being involved. It’s only when u are face to face.”  Bobulinski suddenly emerged in the Hunter Biden financial scandal on Wednesday when he issued a statement saying he met with Mr. Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, to discuss Hunter’s business ventures.

October 24: American Announcement: Chinese firm gave Biden family $5 million
in “forgivable” loan, emails disclose

For some families, ‘public service’ pays very, very well. One of those families looks to be the Bidens.  According to an email sent to “Sinohawk” CEO Tony Bobulinski, that has been provided to U.S. Senate investigators, a top official with the now-bankrupt Chinese energy company CEFC, offered to wire $10 million into an account. $5 million of that was to be designated as a non-secured, forgivable loan to the BD (Biden) family.  Peter Schweizer says this gives the Chinese significant leverage over the Biden family.

October 23: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden’s flip-flops on fracking could alienate environmentalists
Former vice president Joe Biden’s platform on climate change and environmental issues could alienate climate-change voters, activists say.  Biden's inconsistency on climate issues was on display at Thursday night’s presidential debate. Biden told listeners he never opposed fracking, contradicting his own position during the Democratic primary. Vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris has also said she opposes fracking, but has backtracked from that position since joining the Biden ticket.  Meanwhile Pacific Research Institute senior fellow Wayne Winegarden said Biden has been unable to balance environmentalist positions against the potential costs to the economy. The burden of the costs associated with the Green New Deal and other environmentalist policies would fall disproportionately on poorer voters, according to Winegarden.  "We can get our emissions down while promoting economic growth," he said. "We can’t do that if we say we have to be net zero by 2035. Those types of policies are going to crush the poor."

October 23: The Washington Times: Biden oil industry remark “worst mistake” ever made in a debate, Trump says
President Trump said Friday that Democratic nominee Joe Biden made “one of the worst mistakes” in presidential debate history when he acknowledged he wants to get rid of the U.S. oil industry.  “One of the most stunning moments last night was when Joe Biden admitted that he wants to abolish the oil industry,” Trump said. “Did you see him this morning, saying ‘I didn’t really mean that’? That could have been one of the worst mistakes made in presidential debate history. We hope it is.”  During their final debate on Thursday night, Biden said he wants to “transition” away from oil and gas with a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2025. He said a clean energy economy will produce many new jobs.  Trump campaign officials say the comment will impact the race in several key states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio

October 23: The Washington Examiner: U.S. sanctions Iran’s revolutionary
guard over 2020 election meddling
The United States leveled fresh sanctions against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other Iranian groups that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said are involved in interfering in the 2020 election.   “For far too long, the Iranian regime has used its state propaganda machine to lie to the Iranian people and fan the flames of hatred against the United States. Iran has now deployed some of the same propaganda and media infrastructure in an attempt to undermine elections in the United States,” Pompeo said on Friday. “The five entities designated — the IRGC, the IRGC-Qods Force, Bayan Rasaneh Gostar Institute, Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union, and International Union of Virtual Media — have engaged directly or indirectly in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in, foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election or are owned or controlled by entities engaged in such activity.”   Pompeo said, “The whole of the U.S. government is using all the tools at our disposal to target those who attempt to interfere in our democratic process.”

October 23: Fox News: C-Span caller leaning toward Trump because of
media blackout on Hunter Biden story
A C-SPAN caller strongly suggested Friday that he is "leaning" toward voting for Trump due to the lack of mainstream media coverage of the growing Hunter Biden controversy.  "Washington Journal" host accepted a call from an "undecided" voter named Jimmy in Maine, who began by saying he liked Biden on "medical" issues, but preferred Trump on "the economy and foreign policy."  Jimmy then pivoted to the issues surrounding Hunter Biden's laptop, which he said was "dividing" his own family. He noted that the lack of mainstream media coverage of the pre-debate news conference given by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski.

October 22: The New York Post: Hunter’s ex-partner Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden is a liar
Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate and Democrat supporter Tony Bobulinski accused Democratic nominee Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his family’s overseas dealings in a stunning appearance just 90 minutes before Thursday evening’s presidential debate.  “I have heard Joe Biden say he has never discussed his dealings with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,” Bobulinski said following The Post’s bombshell reporting on Hunter Biden’s private emails. 

October 21: The Hill: Trump expresses unhappiness with 60 minutes interview
President Trump expressed unhappiness with his interview for CBS’s “60 Minutes” that was taped on Tuesday, tweeting about host Lesley Stahl and saying he may release the interview before it airs for the sake of “accuracy.”  “I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes! This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a fake and biased interview is all about,” Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon, before departing for a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.  After the interview wrapped earlier Tuesday, Trump also shared a video of Stahl purporting to show her without a face mask interacting with others in the White House.

October 21: The Epoch Times: Brit Defense Secretary warms
about China’s maritime expansion
British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has highlighted new global threats such as those posed by the Chinese regime, and has pledged UK support for U.S. efforts to meet these challenges.  “We know China is growing the largest maritime surface and sub-surface fleets in the world,” he said on Wednesday. “And our competitors continue to challenge us in the grey zone between war and peace, especially in the cyber and space domains.”  Meanwhile, he warned, melting polar ice is “opening up maritime routes at the top of the world, halving the transit time between Europe and Asia and increasing our vulnerabilities.”

October 21: The Daily Caller: Did Hunter Biden profit off of his father’s name? Did Joe know?
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said in an interview Tuesday that there was no basis “whatsoever” to say that his son, Hunter, has profited off of his family name, a claim which the younger Biden contradicted in an interview last year.  Joe Biden was asked in an interview with Wisconsin TV station WISN about comments from Senator Ron Johnson, who asserted in a report that Hunter Biden has “profited off the Biden name” though his foreign business dealings.   Asked whether there was any truth to Johnson’s claim, the former Vice President responded: “None whatsoever.”

October 21: Fox News: SCOTUS nominee to move forward despite Dem’s efforts to stop it
The Senate Judiciary Committee's vote to report Supreme Court nominee  Amy Coney Barrett out of committee is moving forward, Republicans say, despite a decision from Democrats that they will boycott the Thursday markup in protest of how close Republicans are moving the nomination to Election Day.   The move follows a declaration from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) earlier this month that Democrats would not "supply the quorum" for votes like the one scheduled Thursday.  So it is not a total surprise, but other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee did not confirm the move until late Wednesday.  “Under the committee rules you need two members of the minority to conduct business," Graham said. "But they're intentionally denying us that participation. They're boycotting the committee.  So, what I will do as chairman there will be a majority of the committee present. We will waive that rule. We will report Judge Barrett out. She will go to the floor. And hopefully by Monday or Tuesday she will be on the court."

October 21: The Epoch Times: Senate Dems block GOP efforts to pass
a followup COVID-19 relief measure
Senate Democrats blocked a Republican-backed $500 billion CCP virus stimulus bill on Wednesday from advancing in the midst of talks between the White House and House Democrats on a larger relief package.  The GOP, led by Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tried to hold a debate on the measure. It was blocked after Republicans failed to obtain 60 votes needed to overcome a procedural hurdle. The Republicans’ bill included a boost to federal unemployment benefits, more Payment Protection Program (PPP) loans for small businesses, and funding for schools and testing.

October 20: The Washington Times: Calls made for AG Barr to appoint a
special prosecutor to investigate possible corruption by Biden family

President Trump and House Republicans called on Attorney General William P. Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate the laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, son of Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden. The lawmakers want Mr. Barr to probe claims that the Democratic nominee played a role in his son’s alleged lucrative business dealings in Ukraine and China.  Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday that GOP committee staffers have independently authenticated through “numerous conversations” that emails discovered on the laptop were sent to or from Hunter Biden.

October 20: The Washington Examiner: FBI and DOJ: Hunter Biden laptop story i
s real and not part of a Russian disinformation campaign
Federal law enforcement agencies do not believe the contents on Hunter Biden's laptop are part of any foreign election interference effort.   The FBI & DOJ concur w/ Ratcliffe that Hunter Biden's laptop & the emails in question aren't part of a Russian disinformation campaign and the FBI DOES have possession of the Hunter Biden laptop in question. Furthermore reporters from Fox News have been told  by a Federal Law Enforcement Official that the emails are 'authentic.' And that the laptop may not have been looked at right away when it was received.

October 20: The Washington Free Beacon: Ex-Seattle police officers cite
socialist city council as reason for resignations
Officers who left the Seattle Police Department this year cited a lack of support from Seattle's "socialist" city council and fear for their safety as reasons for their departure, according to exit interview documents obtained by CBS affiliate KIRO 7.  A record number of officers left Sthe force last month—including Carmen Best, the first black woman to serve as police chief in the city—bringing the year's total resignations and retirements to 110. Officers repeatedly cited issues with the Seattle City Council as the reason for leaving in their exit interviews.     “I refuse to work for this socialist City Council and their political agenda," one officer wrote. "It ultimately will destroy the fabric of this once fine city."   Another officer said he left because of "an unwinnable battle with the City Council," which "will be the downfall of the city of Seattle." Yet another left because the city's "morals" were different from his own.

October 20: The Daily Caller: Carlson and Morgan discuss the “extraordinary collective suppression of freedom of speech” in drive bye media and social media reaction to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal
British television host Piers Morgan criticized the U.S. media Tuesday for choosing not to cover the New York Post’s report about Hunter Biden, calling it a “conspiracy happening right in front of our eyes to make this story go away.”  The New York Post’s story alleges that Biden and his son, Hunter, met with a top executive of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma in 2015. The report was met with social media censorshipp.  “Don’t reporters have an obligation — journalists have an obligation to cover the news as honestly as they can, no matter how they feel about the guy they’re covering?”

October 19: The Washington Times: Trump Administration gets support from
regional democracies to rein in China’s military expansionism
The Trump administration’s push for a military alliance among the major democracies of Asia to contain China showed new signs of moving ahead more rapidly than anticipated, with Australian agreeing to join  U.S,, Indian, , Japanese forces in historic joint naval exercises next month.  While the four have engaged in a loose diplomatic grouping known as “the Quad” for years, they has previously struggled to achieve major military or geopolitical coordination amid reservations from India and the uncertain reaction from Beijing.

October 19: The Washington Times: DNI Ratcliffe: Hunter Biden’s
explosive emails are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Monday that the emails from a laptop purportedly belonging to  Hunter Biden are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign against Democratic nominee Joe Biden, as House Republicans called for a special counsel to investigate.  Mr. Ratcliffe said there is no evidence that Hunter Biden’s explosive emails have any connection to Moscow, and he specifically called out Rep. Adam B. Schiff, California Democrat and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, for spreading the baseless conspiracy theory.  “It’s funny that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence,” Mr. Ratcliffe said on Fox Business.

October 19: Fox News: Trump: Sudan will be dropped from state sponsor
of terrorism list if it pays $335 million to victims of terror
President Trump on Monday said Sudan will be lifted from the list of state sponsors of terrorism once it pays $335 million to U.S. terror victims and their families.   “GREAT news! New government of Sudan, which is making great progress, agreed to pay $335 MILLION to U.S. terror victims and families,” Trump tweeted. “Once deposited, I will lift Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. At long last, JUSTICE for the American people and BIG step for Sudan!”   The move from Sudan would open the door for the African country to get international loans and aid needed to revive its battered economy and rescue the country's transition to democracy.

October 19: The Epoch Times: SCOTUS allows 3-day extension on
receipt of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania

So we have a conservative Supreme Court?  Chief Justice Roberts once again joins the liberal wing in allowing mail-in ballots to be received up to three days after Election Day, even without a postmark, in Pennsylvania. 

October 19: The Daily Caller: Cruz: Twitter and Facebook could face campaign finance violations
Ted Cruz (R-TX) said told reporters Monday that Facebook and Twitter could face “potentially serious campaign finance violations” for censoring stories unfavorable of Democrats while letting critical coverage of Republicans run rampant on their platforms.  “Giant multi-billion-dollar corporations are making multibillion-dollar contributions to support [Democratic presidential nominee Joe] Biden,” Cruz said in response to a question about Facebook and Twitter’s selective censorship of Republicans. “It is at a scale never before seen in our election.”  Cruz said the social media companies “crossed a rubicon that they had not previously even dreamed of crossing” on Wednesday when they censored a New York Post story that reported an alleged meeting between then-Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and an executive of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma in 2015 based on emails obtained from a laptop supposedly owned by the younger Biden.

October 18: The Washington Times: Prince William County, VA
ignores ICE criminal warrant and releases illegal alien

Prince William County’s jail released an illegal immigrant late last month despite a federal criminal warrant for his arrest, marking what federal officials see as an escalation of sanctuary policies.   Edras Onel Vasquez-Perez, 25, had been deported before. When he was found in the U.S. again, federal authorities persuaded a magistrate judge to issue a felony warrant for his arrest.  Prince William County police arrested Mr. Vasquez-Perez on Sept. 28 on charges of assaulting a family member, but the jail released him a day later, apparently ignoring both the criminal warrant and a detainer request from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  The Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center recently enacted a sanctuary policy, but defying a criminal warrant appears to go beyond the terms of that policy, and it surprised ICE officials.

October 18: The Washington Examiner:  Study: A third of the deaths in the US
pandemic were not due to COVID-19
A new study found that a third of excess deaths in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic could not be directly attributed to the coronavirus.   “Although total US death counts are remarkably consistent from year to year, US deaths increased by 20% during March-July 2020. COVID-19 was a documented cause of only 67% of these excess deaths,” the study, published on the Journal of the American Medical Association's website, said. “Some states had greater difficulty than others in containing community spread, causing protracted elevations in excess deaths that extended into the summer.”  One reason for the high amount of excess deaths not attributable to COVID-19 has been disruptions in health services caused by lockdowns.

October 18: The Epoch Times: Data shows 353 counties with 1.8 million more
registered voters than eligible citizens!
A total of 353 counties in 29 U.S. states have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens, according to an analysis by Judicial Watch.  In addition, eight states, including Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont, were found to have statewide registered voter totals that exceeded 100 percent of eligible voters, according to the nonprofit government watchdog.  They compared the registration data available for 37 states with the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recently available survey numbers for the period 2014–2018 on a county-by-county basis.  “This new study shows 1.8 million excess, or ‘ghost’ voters, in 353 counties across 29 states,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “This data highlights the recklessness of mailing blindly ballots and ballot applications to voter registration lists. Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections.”

Dumpster with USPS basket and mail ballotsOctober 17:
The Gateway Pundit:
Pennsylvania rejects 334,000 duplicate ballots while Kentucky reports bins of ballots discarded
ProPublica  reported on Friday that about 372,000 ballot applications were denied, mainly because many of them, about 90 percent (334,000 ballots), were duplicates. Overall, according to the publication, one out of every five requests for mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania were refused. The state predicts that a record number of ballots would be submitted by mail.  Meanwhile, WDRB-TV  in Kentucky reports that over a hundred absentee ballots that were being sent to voters so they could vote were found discarded in a dumpster. The postal employee who is suspected of being the person discarding the ballots was fired and federal charges are possible after absentee ballots were found dumped in Jeffersontown, KY.

October 17: The Washington  Free Beacon: Pro-Trump union blasts Biden
for lying about endorsement

A top official at one of Pennsylvania's most powerful labor groups slammed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for falsely boasting of the union's endorsement.  Shawn Steffee, a trustee with Boilermakers Local 154, said that his members were shocked to hear the Democratic nominee claim their support on national television. While Biden claimed to have "sat down" with union leaders to have an in-depth discussion about his plans, Steffee said the Biden campaign never approached his membership. Biden's criticism to fracking led Local 154—the largest local chapter of boilermakers in the country—to endorse President Trump.

October 17: Fox News: Why wait Joe?  Biden says he will reveal his
position on packing SCOTUS once the Barrett confirmation vote is taken
Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Friday he will “make clear” his position on adding justices to the Supreme Court when the Senate votes on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. “I'm going to make clear my position in the next several days when they vote on this nominee, but I’ve got to keep the focus on that,” he said.  He later said that "when the [Senate Judiciary] Committee makes the decision, and the vote begins to occur, that's when I'll let you know my position.” 

October 17: The Daily Caller: NYC police department sees an increase
in retirements; up 87% over recent years
The New York City Police Department, the largest law enforcement force in the nation, has seen a nearly 90% rise in retirements so far in 2020, the NYPD told Fox News. Around 2,400 officers filed for retirement as of Oct. 6, compared to around 1,300 during the same time frame in 2019, marking an 87% increase a NYPD spokesperson said.  The head of one of NYPD’s most prominent units, Chief of Patrol Fausto Pichardo, retired Tuesday after more than 20 years with the force, according to Fox. The Police Benevolent Association (PBA), the largest law enforcement union in New York, blamed Pichardo’s decision on “elected officials” playing “political games” with the police force.  “This is the highest attrition rate we have seen in over a decade, during a time we are battling enormous spikes in shootings and murders,” PBA President Patrick Lynch told Fox. “And thanks to the City Council and Mayor’s ‘Defund the Police’ lunacy, no help is coming any time soon. Our elected leaders need to be held responsible for the dangerous path they’ve chosen.”

October 17: The Washington Times: Early signs look like Trump could win Michigan
President Trump told supporters here Saturday that early voting trends in Michigan show that he’s defying polls and will win the state, while he tangled with Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the target of an alleged kidnapping plot, calling her an aspiring “dictator.”  “We’re leading,” Mr. Trump said at a campaign rally in this town on the shores of Lake Michigan, calling it an early signal of his comeback. “We’re supposed to be way behind, until Election Day when all the Republicans go and you’re going to have a ‘red wave’ like you’ve never seen before.”  White House officials said Saturday that mail-in balloting and early voting totals in Michigan show that 41 percent of the 1.4 million votes so far were cast by Republicans, and 39 percent by Democrats. Another 20 percent of the vote was by independents.

October 17: The Washington Examiner: China tries to bully U.S. into stopping
prosecution of Chinese nationals working in the U.S. for the CCP
Chinese officials are allegedly warning that the country might detain US citizens.  Leaders from the nation reportedly threatened this action in response to the prosecution of multiple Chinese military-affiliated scholars in the U.S.  The apparent warnings have come repeatedly and through multiple different channels.   Over the summer, the Justice Department began charging Chinese scientists for failing to disclose to customs authorities their active-duty status with the People's Liberation Army. At least some were reportedly still coordinating their activities with Chinese diplomats.   A spokesman for the State Department warned U.S. citizens that business disputes, court orders to pay a settlement, or government investigations into both criminal and civil issues may result in an exit ban which will prohibit your departure from China until the issue is resolved."  In September, the department issued a travel advisory for China, recommending people to avoid going there for multiple reasons, including the fact that the country was known to detain citizens of other nations "to gain bargaining leverage over foreign governments."

October 16: The New York Post: Big tech holding Post "hostage" over Biden story
Twitter has refused to unlock The NY Post’s account unless the news organization deletes six tweets about its own reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails — despite a policy change sparked by outrage over that very same social-media suppr3ession of the stories themselves.   Friday Twitter told the NY Post it would need to delete the previous tweets in order to regain access to its Twitter account.; this while Twitter allows other users to tweet the very same links under the revised policy. 

October 16: The Daily Caller: 100 year old vet honored at Trump rally
President Donald Trump gave a shout out to a 100-year-old veteran at a rally in Florida, which was followed by a standing ovation by the crowd.  During the rally in Ocala, attendees began to signal to the president that the veteran was in the crowd, video shows. Trump stopped his speech to acknowledge the man, prompting the crowd to clap and stand to honor the veteran, chanting “USA.”  “100-year-old veteran right here,” Trump says. “He looks beautiful. 100, huh? He looks better than I do.”

October 16: Fox News: Hunter Biden email chain verifies message about Chinese investment firm
One of the people on an explosive email thread allegedly involving Hunter Biden has corroborated the veracity of the messages, which appear to outline a payout for former Vice President Joe Biden as part of a deal with a Chinese energy firm.  One email, dated May 13, 2017 includes a discussion of “remuneration packages” for six people in a business deal with a Chinese energy firm. The email appeared to identify Hunter Biden as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” in an apparent reference to now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co.  The email includes a note that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” A proposed equity split references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details. Fox News spoke to one of the people who was copied on the email, who confirmed its authenticity.  Sources told Fox News that "the big guy" is a reference to the former vice president. The New York Post initially published the emails and other controversial messages that Fox News has also obtained.

October 16: The Washington Times: Trump on the Biden crime family
President Trump on Friday called  Joe Biden and his son Hunter “a crime family,” and the president’s supporters in Florida began chanting, “Lock him up!”  “It’s an organized crime family, as far as I’m concerned,” the president said at an event aimed at seniors in Fort Myers, Florida.  Referring to reports of Hunter Biden having reaped millions in foreign payments while his father was vice president, Mr. Trump said “Hunter Biden is a middleman.”  “Hunter made no money until his father became vice president, now he’s like a vacuum cleaner,” the president said. “It’s a shame.”  Later at a campaign rally in Ocala, the president referred again to reports of Hunter Biden receiving $10 million annually from a wealthy Chinese businessman while his father was vice president.

October 15: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden: Shoot them in the leg
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden repeated his controversial contention Thursday that police should try to shoot dangerous suspects in the leg as a form of de-escalation.  "You have to teach people how to de-escalate circumstances. De-escalate," Biden said during an ABC News town hall. "So, instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg."

October 14: The New York Post: Smoking Gun? Emails reveal Hunter Biden
introduced Ukrainian businessman to his father, VP Joe Biden

Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post.  The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board at a reported salary of up to $50,000 a month.  “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the email reads.

October 14: The Washington Examiner: Barrett comes off second day of hearings largely unscathed
Judge Amy Coney Barrett left a Senate hearing room Wednesday with her confirmation prospects relatively assured, despite two days of aggressive questioning from Democrats who had hoped to block her from reaching the high court.  Democrats interrogated the 48-year-old federal judge for a second full day, pressuring her to reveal how she would consider cases related to Obamacare, abortion, voting rights, and President Trump.

October 14: The Epoch TimesTrumps wants to make American manufacturing superpower
President Trump said that if he is reelected, his administration will attempt to reduce U.S. dependence on Chinese manufacturing and bring those jobs back to the United States.  “We will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world, ending reliance on China once and for all,” Trump said Wednesday.  The president said he would reward companies that move their jobs to the United States and punish firms that oppose the measure.  The U.S. manufacturing sector, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), added about 450,000 workers during the first three years of Trump’s presidency. 

October 14: Townhall.com: Lancaster, PA police chief forced to resign over his
wife’s posting on social media that she was voting for Trump
According to a local media outlet the Lancaster Chief of Police’s wife Kristy Berkihiser posted a status on Facebook saying she planned to vote for President Trump because of his support for the men and women in blue, including her husband. When Lancaster's Democratic Mayor Danene Sorace received wind of the comments, she told the chief to resign.  “This was an unjust situation that he was placed in, a clear violation of his rights,” John Fiorill, the previous president of the local Fraternal Order of Police said.  “He was advised by the mayor that she wanted his resignation, based on those statements made on Facebook, not by Chief Berkihiser, but by Chief Berkihiser’s wife.”  Mrs. Berkihiser took issue with her husband being forced to resign. She shared a status on Facebook about the ordeal, saying Jarrad was being punished for something she said. What made it even more frustrating was "less than a month ago [he] received national recognition for 'saving' our city after riots following a police involved shooting."

October 13: The Daily Caller: DOJ Closes “unmasking” investigation; criminal charges unlikely
The Justice Department has closed its investigation into whether Obama administration officials improperly unmasked the identities of Trump associates mentioned in intelligence reports, according to a report.  The investigation was recently closed and is unlikely to lead to criminal charges. A report of the investigation will also not be released, according to the newspaper, which cited government sources familiar with the matter.

October 13: Fox News: Key moments from day two of the Barrett confirmation hearing
- Barrett answers questions without any notes: Cornyn (R-TX) noted that she had been under examination for hours and senators had large binders with questions, then Cornyn asked if she had any notes.  The answer was no!
- Barrett invoked the “Ginsburg Rule” declining to give her opinion on hypothetical cases.
- Harris (D-CA) and Vice Presidential candidate said “Judge Barrett, several times today you have quoted Justice Ginsburg’s testimony about not making predictions in future cases,”  after Harris had made a lengthy opening condemning President Trump and his efforts to repeal the ACA.
- Barrett said Roe v. Wade is not a “super precedent” meaning that it is not one of the cases where nobody questions whether it should be overturned.
- Senator Hirono (D-HI) asked Barrett if she ever assaulted anyone.  Barrett’s response was no.

October 13: The Washington Examiner: Pelosi bristles when Blitzer questions
her about not taking the Trump pandemic relief deal
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got angry with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday when he presented her with Democratic demands for her to accept a deal with Republicans on another pandemic relief package.   Blitzer grilled Pelosi on why she is not willing to take a $1.8 trillion deal the White House offered to her on Friday. The two parties remain far apart from a compromise deal. Pelosi is seeking $2.4 trillion, including nearly $500 billion in state, local, and tribal funding, which Republicans oppose.

October 13: The Epoch Times: Veritas founder re: Election Fraud
Investigative journalist organization Project Veritas recently released a series of videos showing what is allegedly incidents of ballot harvesting in Minneapolis. After these were released, the New York Times claimed the reporting was “deceptive”. Following this, Project Veritas announced that they will be suing the New York Times unless it retracts the article. To learn more about this case and the original investigative report, we’ve invited to speak with us, James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas.

October 11: Fox News: Biden silent now on court-packing but
in 1983 he called it a “bonehead” idea
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) have been mum on the question of court-packing should they win the November election, but in 1983 Biden was much more outspoken on the issue, calling it a “bonehead idea.”  “President Roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the United States Senate and the United States Congress a proposal to pack the court. It was totally within his right to do that. He violated no law. He was legalistically, absolutely correct,” Biden, then 40, told the committee. “But it was a bonehead idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. And it put in question, if for an entire decade, the independence of the most-significant body … in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States of America.”

October 11; The Washington Examiner: Trump: Biden is getting a pass on his
flip-flopping on policy issues

President Trump said his Democratic challenger Joe Biden isn't being held accountable for changing his previous positions on a number of policy proposals, accusing the former vice president of lying to voters.  Trump particularly hit Biden on his energy and environmental policy proposals, as well as his vows to reverse the president's tax cuts and impose taxes on households making over $400,000 a year. [But, as Vice President Pence pointed out in the VP debate, eliminating the Trump tax cuts will remove the $2,000 tax credit for most tax payers, thereby increasing the taxes for those earning under $400,000 a year.]  Trump particularly emphasized his claim that Biden would ban fracking, even though the Democrat has opposed that move. [Biden has said on a number of occasions that he would ban fracking but has backed off that position since Pennsylvania and Ohio – whose economies and jobs are tied to fracking – are in play.]

October 11: The Washington Times: Senate report details Democrat efforts
to sabotage probe, attempting to protect the Bidens
The Senate’s explosive report on Hunter Biden’s oligarch-linked finances includes a side narrative on how Democrats, the report says, tried to sabotage the investigation and protect Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden.  The report, headed by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IO) and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI), tells of intrigue and backbiting as they fought Democratic heavyweights in both chambers.  They say the Democrats concocted a story about a Ukrainian operative and then fed it to friendly “liberal press outlets.”

October 10: The Daily Caller: Trump make first in-person appearance since contracting COVID19
President Donald Trump made his first in-person appearance on Saturday since contracting COVID-19, addressing a black conservatives event at the White House.  The White House event highlighted conservative activist Candace Owens’ “Blexit” movement, which seeks to draw black Americans away from the Democratic Party. Trump spoke from the White House balcony facing the South Lawn, maintaining social distancing from his audience and not mingling afterward.

October 10: The Daily Caller: Biden: Voters “do not deserve” to know
whether he will support packing SCOTUS if elected!
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Friday that voters do not deserve to hear his position on expanding the Supreme Court before the head to the polls next month.  “No, they don’t,” Biden responded to a reporter when asked if voters have a right to learn his position.    While the former vice president has repeatedly refused to say whether he supports expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court, his remarks Friday appear to be his most pointed rebuke of voters who care about the issue.

October 10: The Washington Examiner: Biden falsely accuses GOP of
“unconstitutionally” nominating  Supreme Court Justice
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is suggesting that the Senate Republican push to elevate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before the Nov. 3 elections is at odds with the Constitution.  Many Democrats have protested that confirming a new justice this close to the election is precedent-breaking, particularly given Senate Republicans’ 2016 blockade of Judge Merrick Garland, former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick.  But according to the Washington Times few, if any, have said that the Senate’s moving to fill a Supreme Court vacancy after the president nominates a candidate is unconstitutional.

October 10: Breitbart News: Pence: The road to victory runs right through the sunshine state!
Speaking in Orlando, Vice President Pence said at a Latinos Rally , “It’s great to be back in the Sunshine State with some great Americans who are going to drive a victory here in Florida and all across America.  Thank you, Latinos for Trump. I’m here for one reason, and one reason only: because Florida, and America, need four more years of Donald Trump in the White House. The road to victory runs right through Florida.”  Trump currently leads Biden in Florida, a battleground state.

October 10: Breitbart News: Challenger: Maxine Waters doesn’t live in the
district she represents, I do!

Republican Joe Collins is challenging Maxine Waters (D-CA) for her 43rd Congressional seat.  In doing so he is pointing out that she lives in a $6 million mansion that isn’t in her district.  “Maxine does not live in her district. But I do. I was born right here in South L.A., in a place Maxine refuses to live,” Collins says. “Maxine Waters does not drink our water. She does not breathe our air. And while she sits here in her mansion, our district is in ruins.”  Collins has a campaign ad that begins the ad by introducing Waters’ multimillion-dollar home, which is located just outside the 43rd District’s boundary in the wealthy area of Hancock Park.  Collins then proceeds to walk through the district he is campaigning to represent, highlighting the challenges the district has continued to face for decades as a result, he claims, of the policies of Waters, who has served in Congress for over 40 years.

October 9: The Washington Times: Trump to hold rally on south lawn of the White House
President Trump is expected to host hundreds of people on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday in a rally-style event.  Sources familiar with the planning said the president is likely to deliver remarks on law and order, with one person calling the crowd “peaceful protesters” — a reference to his supporters at campaign rallies.  It will be the president’s first public appearance since he announced a week ago that he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Mr. Trump said Friday he feels “perfect” and that he is no longer suffering symptoms of the virus.  One source familiar with the planning said the president will address the group from a White House balcony.

October 9: The Washington Examiner: Trump to hold rally in Florida Monday
President Trump is set to hold a rally in Florida on Monday.   His campaign announced news of the Sanford rally on Friday.   Word traveled early on the morning of Oct. 2 that the president had tested positive for COVID-19. It is unclear whether the president has received a negative test result since his initial diagnosis.  "All attendees will be given a temperature check, masks which they are encouraged to wear, and access to hand sanitizer," according to a press release about the event.

October 9: The Epoch Times: Trump: Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Commission is
about replacing Biden should he be elected
After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced a bill to set up a congressional body about determining whether the president is fit for office, President Donald Trump said she is concerned about Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “I think they put it in so they can get Kamala in,” he said, referring to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Biden’s choice for vice president.  Republicans have frequently alleged that Biden, due to his advanced age, would not be able to serve a full term, adding that Harris could then take over before his term ends.  Pelosi’s proposal would appoint a 17-member commission of experts who would determine if Trump or a future president is fit for office to possibly invoke the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In any event, Pelosi’s brain child will be dead on arrival in the Senate.

October 9: The Daily Caller: The truth is, the Commission on Presidential Debates
is packed with anti-trump followers from both parties
The leadership of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which organizes the general election debates, includes many Trump critics from both parties.  While the commission is officially nonpartisan and includes a mix of both Republicans and Democrats, it is overwhelmingly made up of members of the political establishment who are opposed to President Donald Trump.  Majorities of both the commission’s chairmen and board members include people who have either taken aim at the president in the past or donated to Democratic political candidates, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.  Trump has butted heads with the commission over its decision to conduct the second debate virtually, which Trump cited as a reason to boycott the event.

October 9: The Epoch Times: Second Presidential Debate cancelled after
unilateral actin by debate commission
 The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced late Friday that the second 2020 presidential debate that was scheduled for Oct. 15 “will not proceed.”  “It is now apparent there will be no debate on October 15, and the CPD will turn its attention to preparations for the final presidential debate scheduled for October 22,” the commission announced. Both candidates have agreed to participate in the October 22 debate.”   The news came after the CPD unilaterally decided to conduct the second debate virtually without consulting with the Trump campaign.  The President’s campaign rejected the change and said he would participate only if it was held in person, offering alternative dates, which the CPD declined.

October 8: The Daily Caller: Texas Mayor arrested on 84 charges of mail in ballot fraud
Zul Mohamed, who’s running for mayor in Carrollton, Texas, was arrested Wednesday night and is now facing felony voter fraud charges after he allegedly sent 84 mail-in ballot applications.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that his Election Fraud Unit assisted the Denton County Sheriff’s Office in arresting Mohamed on 84 counts of mail-in ballot application fraud and 25 counts of unlawful possession of an official mail-in ballot. Mohamed faces up to 20 years for the charges, according to an official statement released by Paxton.  “Mail ballots are inherently insecure and vulnerable to fraud, and I am committed to safeguarding the integrity of our elections,” Paxton said. “My office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this form of fraud.”

October 8: Fox News: The Washington Post Fact Checkers: Harris’ history
lesson on Lincoln isn’t completely true
In the Vice Presidential debate, VP candidate Harris attempted to give Vice President Pence a “history lesson,” but according to the Washington Post fact checkers what she said wasn’t completely the truth!  It is true that there was a Supreme Court vacancy 27 days before Lincoln’s second term election and that he did not nominate a replacement prior to the election. But what Harris got wrong is there “…no evidence he thought the seat should be filled by the winner of the election. In fact, he had other motives for the delay."  "The overarching effect of the delay is that it held Lincoln’s broad but shaky coalition of conservative and radical Republicans together," the Post explained. "Congress was in recess until early December, so there would have been no point in naming a man before the election anyway. Lincoln shrewdly used that to his advantage. If he had lost the election, there is no evidence he wouldn’t have filled the spot in the lame-duck session."

October 8: The Epoch Times: 13 arrested in plot to kidnap Michigan Governor
The FBI broke up a conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer, federal and state authorities said.  U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan Andrew Birge told reporters that the six men who were arrested and charged “conspired to kidnap the governor from her vacation home in the Western District of Michigan before the November election.” 

October 8: The Epoch Times: Trump cleared for action this weekend
President Donald Trump has been given the all clear by his physician to return to public engagements this weekend, according to his Thursday health update.  White House physician Dr. Sean P. Conley said in a daily health update that Trump’s physical condition has “remained stable and devoid of any indications to suggest progression of illness” since he returned home from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday.  Conley added that, so far, the experimental therapeutic treatment Regeneron, which was made accessible to the president has not shown any signs of adverse effects for the president.  Conley ended by saying, “I fully anticipate the President’s safe return to public engagements” on Saturday, which will be 10 days since the president’s diagnosis.

October 7: The Epoch Times: Over 2,000 Los Angeles residents
get mail in ballots without the option to vote for President
About 2,100 Los Angeles County voters received mail-in ballots without a way to vote for president as the ballots omitted the presidential race.  The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder office confirmed the erroneous ballots were sent out, saying it was a printing error that affected the more than 2,000 documents. The ballots did not include President Donald Trump, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Kanye West, or the other choices for president.  Registrar Dean Logan said in a statement, “We are now in the process of alerting all affected voters in this precinct of the error by robocall and email, and tomorrow morning we will be mailing out new, corrected ballots with a letter describing the error.”

October 7: The Epoch Times: SCOTUS asked to halt Montana Governor’s
“unlawful” vote by mail order
Good-government group True the Vote urged SCOTUS to send a message to allegedly overreaching state officials across the country who are making 11th-hour changes to voting procedures by blocking  Montana Governor Bullock from sending unrequested mail-in ballots to all state voters.   The group claims that hundreds of election-related lawsuits have already been filed across the United States by Democrat Party operatives, attempting to justify setting aside numerous anti-fraud provisions of state election laws. These cases are “likely to overwhelm the courts and SCOTUS if the Supreme Court doesn’t clearly and immediately reaffirm that only legislatures—not state officials or the courts—have the constitutional authority to adopt election laws…,” True the Vote said.  “Voters in the lawsuit are requesting the Court to explain that long-standing state election laws should not be overturned by state officials or state courts on the eve of an election, as Governor Bullock’s directive does.”

October 7: The Washington Examiner: ICE arrests over a hundred illegal
criminal immigrants in California
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested dozens of criminal illegal immigrants residing in California in “phase one” of a nationwide operation.   ICE took into custody 128 people across Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco between Sept. 18 and Oct. 3, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf announced. Wolf said 96% of those arrested had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges at the time of arrest and had been released from local jails despite ICE’s requests that they be turned over to face deportation proceedings for being in the United States illegally.   ICE defended the agency’s decision to “surge” resources to California because the “sanctuary” cities, or areas where local leaders do not work with federal immigration authorities, had an abundance of people it deemed public safety threat.

October 7: The Washington Times: Conflicting signals; Biden’s “tough talk”
on China is not reflected in the record
On August. 21, 2011, then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden gave a speech in China announcing that 30 years of favorable trade, economic and other policies toward China were not enough.  “In order to cement this robust partnership, we have to go beyond close ties between Washington and Beijing, … go beyond it to include all levels of government, go beyond it to include classrooms and laboratories, athletic fields and boardrooms,” Mr. Biden said.   The remarks reflect policies in support of expanding U.S. engagement with China advocated by Mr. Biden for more than 25 years, policies that reached their zenith during his vice presidency in the Obama administration.  But now as the Democratic nominee for president, Mr. Biden has changed course and is trying to outflank President Trump on China, accusing his Republican rival of being weak on Beijing. The new, harder-line Mr. Biden has criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “thug” and promised new economic sanctions on Beijing if he is elected. In the meantime, Biden’s son has been a big benefactor of China.

October 7: The Epoch Times: DNI Ratcliffe releases 1,000 pages of
materials to Durham for his investigation

“At my direction, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has now provided almost 1,000 pages of materials to the Department of Justice in response to Mr. Durham’s document requests,” Ratcliffe said.  “I will continue to ensure the Intelligence Community’s responsiveness to the DOJ’s requests. We also look forward to supporting the DOJ in further declassifications consistent with their investigation. As the President has made clear, we must be appropriately transparent with the American people and give them the confidence that the extraordinary work of Intelligence professionals is never misused or politicized.”  The DNI’s announcement comes one day after President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he has authorized the full declassification of documents related to the Russia investigation and the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized email server.

October 6: Fox News: Trump authorized the declassification and
release of  ALL Russia collusion and Clinton email probe documents
President Trump on Tuesday said he has “fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents" related to the Russia investigation and the FBI’s investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.  “I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. No redactions!” The president tweeted Tuesday night.  "All Russia Hoax Scandal information was Declassified by me long ago," Trump tweeted. "Unfortunately for our Country, people have acted very slowly, especially since it is perhaps the biggest political crime in the history of our Country."

October 6: The Epoch Times: DNI Ratcliffe declassifies CIA memo that reveals that Obama
and Biden were briefed on the Clinton plan to distract the public from her email scandal
The head of the U.S. intelligence community, John Ratcliffe,  on Oct. 6 declassified a referral sent from the CIA to the then FBI Director James Comey in 2016, which Comey last week claimed to have no memory of receiving.  The three-page referral, released by the DNI to House and Senate intelligence committees apprised Comey and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok that intelligence suggested Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had approved a plan concerning the Trump campaign and Russia’s alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee.  The Clinton plan was meant to distract the public’s attention from the Clinton email scandal, the CIA referral to Comey and Strzok states.  The handwritten notes on the document indicate that President Obama was briefed on the matter.

October 6: The Washington Times: Texas grand jury indicts Netflix for child porn
A Texas grand jury has indicted streaming giant  Netflix on child pornography charges.  The indictment accuses Netflix and its top executives of “promotion of lewd visual material depicting [a] child” with regard to the controversial French film “Cuties.”  State Rep. Matt Schaefer, Tyler Republican, posted a copy of the first page of the Tyler County grand jury’s finding on his Twitter page.  According to the indictment, which was handed down Sept. 23 but only revealed Tuesday, Netflix did “knowingly promote visual material which depicts the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child who was younger than 18 years of age at the time.”The indictment goes on to note, relevant to the legal definitions of pornography, that the visual material in “Cuties” appeals to the prurient interest in sex, and has no serious, literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”

October 6: Breitbart News: Pelosi’s no deal policy kills chances for another COVID 19 stimulus bill
Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s long-running charade came to an abrupt end today.   President Donald Trump on Tuesday finally called a time-out on the pantomime of negotiations that have been going on since sometime last summer over a new tranche of economic relief. House Speaker Pelosi had been in the latest round of talks with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for several days but shown neither the will nor the ability to reach a deal to bring economic aid to American households and business on terms the Trump administration could agree to.  Whatever the exact words and terms exchanged, Pelosi’s message was clear. In fact, it had remained unwavering for months. No deal with the Trump administration—even if it came at an enormous cost to the American economy.

October 6: The Epoch Times: Preparing for the Barrett hearings; some of her decisions
As Judge Amy Barrett prepares to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week here is some background on previous cases she has opined on during her stint with the 7th Court of Appeals:
- Abortion: In 2018, Barrett voted to rehear a case “en banc” involving an Indiana law that required fetal remains to be buried or cremated after an abortion. The trial and appeals court judges found that the law violated the Constitution.
- Gun Rights: In 2019, Barrett wrote a dissenting opinion in a case that barred a non-violent felon from having a weapon.  In her dissent, she wrote “History is consistent with common sense: it demonstrates that legislatures have the power to prohibit dangerous people from possessing guns, but that power extends only to people who are dangerous.”  She contended that “The Second Amendment confers an individual right, intimately connected with the natural right of self-defense, and not limited to civic participation,” she said.

October 5: The Washington Times: Trump returns to the White House
President Trump returned to the White House Monday to continue his round-the-clock fight against the coronavirus after a three-day hospital stay, proclaiming he feels great and his progress is a testament to the “great drugs” his administration is fostering to combat the disease.   Trump said he was “Feeling really good!”  He walked without assistance to his Marine One chopper, which lifted from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and dropped him on the South Lawn around 7 p.m. He waved to assembled reporters, climbed the stairs to the portico balcony and took off his mask before saluting the helicopter and turning inside.

October 5: Townhall.com: NC – Democrat Senatorial contender cancels
townhall meeting after second affair allegation surfaces
North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham’s (D) sex scandal, that broke late Friday night, is reportedly expansive to multiple women outside of his marriage. Cunningham admitted to sending a series of sexual messages to Arlene Guzman Todd, a public relations strategist, planning to meet up and “kiss a lot” during a campaign stop.   Following Cunningham’s weekend scandal, that has gained national attention, the “National File” reports that the Senate hopeful allegedly has a second mistress. The report shows a Facebook comment from a woman named Erin Brinkman, who claims that a close friend also engaged in a multi-year affair with Cunningham, and that she was “devastated” after hearing of his adulterous message exchanges with Todd.

October 5: The Washington Free Beacon: Could Barrett nomination revolutionize gun litigation
Legal scholars say Amy Coney Barrett's judicial philosophy could settle legal stalemates and disagreements that have seen lower federal courts deliver a variety of rulings on gun rights.  Barrett's adoption of what experts refer to as a "text, history and tradition" philosophy—which relies on the text and historic applications of the Second Amendment, rather than the applications of "balancing tests" of individual rights and government interest to determine whether or not a gun law is constitutional—could be revolutionary for Second Amendment cases.

October 5: Fox News: Biden suggests people were able to quarantine because
“some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf
Joe Biden has landed in hot water over a viral clip of him suggesting why people were able to quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.  "They're saying, 'Jeez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf,'" Biden is heard saying in the clip.  The 10-second clip, which was originally shared on Sept. 29, was just a snippet of comments the Democratic nominee made during a Sept. 15 roundtable with veterans in Tampa, Fla.

October 5; The Daily Caller: Florida Democrat charged after allegedly requesting ballot for dead wife
A registered Democrat in Florida was arrested earlier in the week for allegedly requesting a mail-in ballot for his wife who has been dead for two years, according to a local news report Friday.  Larry Wiggins, 62, was charged with a 3rd degree felony after authorities were alerted that the signature on his wife’s ballot request did not match that of her previous registrations, and investigators figured out his spouse was deceased.

October 4: The Epoch Times: Trump surprises supporters;
appears outside hospital

President Trump on Sunday evening appeared in a new video, thanking hospital staff at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Later, he waved at supporters from a car while wearing a mask.  “I learned a lot about COVID … and I get it, and I understand it,” Trump remarked. “This the real school … this isn’t the ‘let’s read-the-book’ school,” he added.  The president released a video about 24 hours ago, speaking about his prognosis.  “Over the next … few days, I guess that’s the real test, so we’ll be seeing what happens over those next couple of days,” Trump said into the camera.  Earlier on Sunday, White House physician Dr. Sean P. Conley said Trump’s condition, after testing positive for COVID-19 last week, “has continued to improve,” and another medical specialist said he could return to the White House “as early as tomorrow.”

October 4: Breitbart News: Vote fraud reminds us why we need the Electoral College
Project Veritas has stirred the pot with a new video report on voter fraud.  It claims Ilhan Omar allies are exposed in an alleged ballot harvesting effort in Minnesota.  Trump called the effort “totally illegal,” and hopes the “U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds under serious review”. Trump tweeted.  What’s notable about this alleged vote fraud is that it took place in the August Democratic primary in the fifth Congressional district of Minnesota. The House seat there is currently held by Rep. Ilhan Omar; in the just-completed primary, Omar defeated challenger Antone Melton-Meaux by some 19 points, or more than 35,000 votes.  It was those votes that were the topic of the exposé. The video shows Liban Mohammed, identified as an Omar campaign operative, bragging about collecting hundreds of ballots… “…Numbers do not lie,” Mohammed said.  “…You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. Can’t you see? Look at all these; my car is full,” Mohammed commented.

October 4: Fox News: Interesting twist - NC senate race; GOP Tillis has COVID-19 while
his challenger admits to exchanging sexually suggestive texts with a woman, not his wife
Within the span of just a few hours on Friday, Republican incumbent Thom Tillis announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, while his Democratic challenger, Cal Cunningham, acknowledged and apologized for exchanging sexually suggestive text messages with a woman who is not his wife.  Tillis has “mild symptoms,” causing him to cancel in person events.  Meanwhile, Cunningham, who has been leading in the polls released a statement saying, “I have hurt my family, disappointed my friends, and am deeply sorry. The first step in repairing those relationships is taking complete responsibility, which I do.”  Cunningham is married and has two teenage children.

October 4: The Daily Caller: Portland police officer hits rioter with motorcycle after getting mobbed
A Portland officer hit a demonstrator with his motorcycle on Saturday, a police press release said.  The policeman attempted to leave a traffic stop after a group of demonstrators surrounded him, according to a press release. When the demonstrators attempted to block the officer’s vehicle, he accelerated and knocked a woman to the ground.  Law enforcement ultimately arrested the woman, who has yet to be named, for allegedly jumping in front of the officer’s bike, the release said. She was being treated in a medical facility and was not booked at the time of the announcement.  The Portland Police Bureau said rioters slashed the tires of the police vehicles present at the hospital that night.

October 4: The Washington Examiner: FL Gov.; “People who advocate school closures
are really the flat-earthers of our day”
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said people who denounce reopening schools due to coronavirus fears are the “flat-earthers of our day.”  “So, now we’re at the point where the people who advocate school closures are really the flat-earthers of our day,” the GOP governor said on a radio program.  “They’re not doing it based on data. They’re not doing it based on evidence. They’re doing it based on either politics or emotion. And so, the harm of school closures, I think, is really considerable.”  “In March we may not have had all the information, but in hindsight, knowing what we know now, the closure of schools was one of the biggest public health mistakes in modern American history,” DeSantis added. “And I think even Europe has said we shouldn’t have closed up.”

Trump rally in Washigton, DC without Trump; he is in Walter ReedOctober 3: The Epoch Times: Thousands turn out for pro-Trump rally in Washington; BLM protestors arrested
Thousands of people traveled to Washington DC on Saturday for a pro-President Donald Trump rally, according to initial estimates.  The event was organized by Brandon Straka, a former liberal who now supports Trump.  The event’s theme was “It’s time for the silent majority to become the unsilent.”  The silent majority being those who hold their views in private but has ample numbers to influence events like the 2020 election.  Straka told the crowd near the Washington Monument, “This is so important, this is so historic, and so important that we’re doing this right now.”  The rally took about 15 miles from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where Trump is being treated for COVID-19.

October 3: Townhall.com: How Whitmer plans to circumvent MI Supreme Court lockdown orders
The Michigan State Supreme Court on Friday delivered a blow to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and her Wuhan coronavirus lockdown orders.   Whitmer was relying on the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act to lock the state down without legislative approval. The high court, however, voted 4-3 saying Whitmer's moves were unconstitutional.  A separate law, the 1976 Emergency Management Act, also prevented Whitmer from extending her original shutdown orders without legislative approval. That means that the lockdown should have expired on Apr. 30th, unless the state legislature decided to extend it.  However, Whitmer contends the decision allows her to keep the lockdown order in place for 21 days, the time she has to respond to the justices’ opinion.  She also said, “many of the responsive measures I have put in place to control the spread of the virus will continue under alternative sources of authority that were not at issue in today's ruling."

October 3: United Press International: U.S. Navy to homeport vessel in Suuda Bay,
Crete (Greece); as frustrations seems to rise with Turkey
A troop-carrying ship will be deployed to Greece for the first time in decades, the U.S. Navy announced this week, which experts call a possible indication of U.S. frustration with Turkey.  The expeditionary sea base ship USS Hershel "Woody" Williams will be homeported at Souda Bay on the Greek island of Crete, 600 miles from the Turkish coast. It is the first time in 40 years that a U. S. ship will use the joint U.S.-Greece base as a homeport.

October 3: The Epoch Times: Trump fever-free and in good spirits, doctors report
President Donald Trump has been fever-free around 24 hours and is in good spirits as he battles COVID-19, doctors said on Saturday.  “This morning, the president is doing very well,” Dr. Sean Conley, the president’s physician, said at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland on Saturday.  “The team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made.”  Trump had a mild cough, nasal congestion, and fatigue, but all the symptoms are “resolving and improving,” Conley told reporters at a press conference.

October 3: The Washington Times: Senate Majority Leader pushes back floor action
by one week, vowing it will not impact the Barrett confirmation process
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed back Senate legislative business for a week on Saturday, due to rising health concerns after three Republican senators test positive for the coronavirus.  The Senate will reconvene on October 19, but Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican, vowed the delay will not interrupt the set start date for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings.  “The important work of the Senate’s committees can and will continue as each committee sees fit,” he said in a statement. “The Senate’s floor schedule will not interrupt the thorough, fair, and historically supported confirmation process previously laid out by Chairman Graham.”

October 3: The Washington Examiner: Trump from Walter Reed, says he is feeling beter and will return soon
President Trump gave a video update Saturday evening from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a day after he headed to the hospital by helicopter following his COVID-19 diagnosis. "I came here, wasn't feeling so well — I feel much better now," Trump said. "We're working hard to get me all the way back."  The commander-in-chief noted that he hopes to be back working at full capacity soon. He called the therapeutic drugs that he has been prescribed as "miracles coming down from God."  Presidential physician Dr. Sean Conley said earlier on Saturday that Trump was doing well and that he is "extremely happy" with his progress.

October 2: Fox News: Trump goes to Walter Reed with COVID-19, says he is doing well
President Trump thanked Americans for their “tremendous support” and said he is “doing very well” in a pre-recorded video he tweeted out  Friday as he was being flown by Marine One to Walter Reed Military Medical Center where he will be treated for mild symptoms after testing positive for the COVID-19. The president's message was upbeat, though his tone was more subdued than usual in the video, which is believed to have been shot just before he was transferred to Walter Reed “out of an abundance of caution,” according to the White House.

October 1: The Austin StatesmanGovernor Abbott returns mail in ballot drop offs to Election Code requirements and allows poll watchers to be present
The Texas Election Code allows mail in voters to drop off their own voted ballots in person to one location on Election Day.  Acting from Austin, Governor Abbott expanded the ability of absentee voters to drop off voted a mail in ballot, including Early Voting, not just Election Day.  However, he kept the provisions that restricted the drop off locations to the office of the County Clerk (the elections office).  Gov. Greg Abbott ordered Texas counties to close multiple locations where voters can drop off completed mail-in ballots.  As an election security measure, Abbott said, counties will be limited to one drop-off site where poll watchers — designated by political parties and candidates — must be allowed to observe ballot deliveries by voters.  Harris County had established over ten locations and had barred poll watchers from observing the process.

October 1: Fox News: Second Presidential debate moderator
interned for Biden; worked for Ted Kennedy
The Trump campaign is questioning C-SPAN anchor Steve Scully, who's moderating the second presidential debate, for his ties to former Vice President Joe Biden.  Scully, who serves as a host for C-SPAN's "Washington Journal," interned for Biden after coming to Washington, D.C. as a student.  He later worked as a staff assistant for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., a Democratic icon who was honored at the party's 2012 convention.  C-SPAN and The Commission on Presidential Debates did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

October 1: The Daily Caller: McConnell moving forward with confirmation before the election
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed his intention to hold a vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before the election, but told Fox News anchor Bret Baier that a lame duck Senate could also vote to confirm.  “Yeah, I haven’t decided when the vote would occur on the floor, but we do anticipate Judge Barrett coming out of committee on October 22,” McConnell responded. “I think that’s a pretty likely outcome and then we will decide when to go forward.”

October 1: The Epoch Times: Dems backpedal on voting by mail
After initially singing the praises of voting by mail in the Nov. 3 elections, some Democratic Party leaders are reluctantly backing away from the idea as enthusiasm for that method of voting fades.  Pennsylvania’s Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman blames Republicans for the declining interest in voting by mail, accusing them of exaggerating problems associated with sending ballots through the mail.  Some observers are concerned about whether the U.S. Postal Service, long-criticized for its lack of efficiency, can handle an unprecedented onslaught of mail-in-ballots.  In addition, experts say voting-by-mail is fraught with problems. That method of voting gives wrongdoers greater opportunities for fraud compared to in-person balloting; they say.

October 1: The Washington Free Beacon: Los Angeles loses case; to pay NRA $150k
A federal court ordered Los Angeles to hand over more than $100,000 to the National Rifle Association after ruling that the city had violated the gun-rights group's First Amendment rights.  Federal district court judge Stephen Wilson struck down a city ordinance aimed at punishing prospective contractors with ties to the NRA as an infringement on the right to free speech and association. On Tuesday, he ordered city officials to pay for the Second Amendment group's attorney fees, which totaled nearly $150,000.  "In this case, the text of the Ordinance, the Ordinance's legislative history, and the concurrent public statements made by the Ordinance’s primary legislative sponsor evince a strong intent to suppress the speech of the NRA," Wilson ruled. 

October 1: Fox News: President and First Lady begin COVID-19
quarantine process after aid tests positive

President Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday that he and First Lady Melania Trump are currently awaiting coronavirus test results after news surfaced that senior White House advisor Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus.  "I just went out for a test ... it will come back later I guess, and the first lady also because we spend a lot of time with Hope," Trump said.

Septembe3r 30: The Epoch Times: Republicans head to court
to fight against Democrat’s revisions to voting process
Republicans in several states are pushing back against Democratic-led changes to state voting laws they say are unfair and likely to cause chaos in the Nov. 3 elections.  Republican state senators asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Sept. 28 to block a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that extended the Nov. 3 deadline for receiving and counting mailed ballots in the Keystone State.  The deadline was shifted from 8 p.m. Nov. 3 to 5 p.m. Nov. 6, provided the ballots are postmarked, or “believed” to be postmarked, by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3. The Pennsylvania court also allowed voters to leave their ballots in drop boxes.  “The court’s judgment … creates a serious likelihood that Pennsylvania’s imminent general election will be tainted by votes that were illegally cast or mailed after Election Day,” Republicans stated in court documents.

September 30: The Washington Free Beacon
House GOP moves to cripple Chinese growing military
The Congressional China Task Force unveiled a legislative proposal Wednesday to cripple China’s military industrial base by blacklisting any company tied to Chinese armed forces. After months of closed-door interviews with policymakers, experts, and military officials, the task force presented multiple proposals, including a boycott of companies known to aid China's military. The goal is to economically isolate the People's Liberation Army (PLA), one of the primary instruments of China’s expanding influence.  Lawmakers and congressional sources said the task force's findings should serve as a wake-up call for the American public about the pressing threat China poses.

September 30: The Daily CallerComey: Ignorance or incompetence; The Steele Dossier
Former FBI Director James Comey pleaded ignorance throughout a Senate hearing on Wednesday regarding significant problems with the Steele dossier, which the bureau used as part of its investigation of the Trump campaign.  Comey repeatedly told Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee that his staff at the FBI did not notify him of issues. The FBI’s FISA applications did not disclose that Danchenko, a Russia analyst, undermined the credibility of the dossier during interviews with the FBI in January 2017. The applications also did not mention that the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team learned that Danchenko was investigated as a possible Russian asset in 2009.

September 30: The Washington Examiner: Here we go again; A short-term
continuing resolution to fund the government
The Senate passed a spending bill that temporarily averts a government shutdown pushing back the deadline to mid-December.  On Wednesday, the Senate voted 84-10 to approve a continuing resolution that funds the government until Dec. 11, which the House passed last week. President Trump is expected to sign the bill Wednesday night before current funding levels are due to expire. The bill also includes $8 billion in nutrition assistance for families amid the coronavirus pandemic and allows for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to access 2011 funding to combat wildfires setting the West Coast ablaze and dangerous storms this hurricane season on the East Coast.

September 30: The Washington Times: Treasury documents prove
Biden wrong about money his son received
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden flatly denied at Tuesday night’s debate that his lawyer son took huge sums of money from corrupt oligarchs and Chinese communists during his vice presidency, but Treasury Department reports show that Hunter Biden did receive the money.  Trump chose to make an issue of Hunter Biden’s cash haul from Russia, Ukraine and China with the implication that unsavory figures were trying to buy Vice President Biden and the Obama administration. 

September 30: Townhall.com: Associated Press: Guidance for reporters to cover up leftist violence
Mobs of violent left-wing kooks have been roaming the streets of American cities for months terrorizing residents, murdering Trump supporters, beating people to a pulp, shooting police officers, and assaulting drivers in vehicles. Now, the Associated Press (AP) issued guidelines -- closely adhered to by many journalist -- dictating what words are politically correct at the time and what words to avoid. The AP issued new guidance on Wednesday telling journalists to avoid using the word "riot" when covering leftwing events and refrain from reporting on property destruction because, according to the AP, such reporting has been used in the past as a way to stigmatize protests against lynching and racial injustice. To the AP, it's not the job of journalists to report the news. It's the job of journalists to advance a narrative.

September 30: Fox News: Trump Campaign: President has
‘continuously denounced” white supremacists
The Trump campaign on Tuesday told Fox News that President Trump has “continuously denounced” white supremacists, including during the first presidential debate, when they say he did so “twice.”  Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh  said that the president has “repeatedly, over the course of years now, denounced white supremacists and has been consistent in doing that.”  During Tuesday night’s debate, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who moderated the first showdown between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, asked the president if he was willing to denounce white supremacists.

September 29: The Daily Caller: Biden: I’m not going to
answer that question
Joe Biden refused to say whether he would pack the Supreme Court when questioned during Tuesday night’s presidential debate.  “Whatever the position I take, that will be the issue,” Biden said when asked if he will pack the court. “The issue is the American people should speak. You should go out and vote. You are voting now. Vote and let your senators know how strongly you feel. Vote now. Make sure you in fact let people know.”  Trump responded that the people have already spoken and as Justice Ginsburg had said, presidents are elected for four years, not three-and-a-half.

September 29: Breitbart News: Snippets from the first Presidential Debate
- Biden said his son, who served in the military, was a patriot and not a loser. Trump said Hunter was thrown out of the military dishonorably for cocaine use and didn’t have a job until Biden became vice president. Biden said his son had a drug problem and is proud that he fixed it like a lot of people. 
- Trump said despite the impeachment hoax, there has never been an administration that has done what his has done. He talked about the lowest unemployment numbers and the greatest economy before COVID hit. He also noted that the economy is on its way back.
- Moderator Wallace said Trump has repeatedly criticized Biden for not calling out Antifa. He asked if Trump is willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups. Trump said he is willing to do that but that almost everything he seeing is from the left-wing.  We need to do something about Antifa.  Biden said Antifa is an “idea” and “not an organization,”
- Wallace asked Biden if he called Oregon’s governor and Portland’s mayor to tell them to deal with the 100 days of riots.  Biden answered, he’s not the president, to which Wallace said then you didn’t call them?
- Biden pushed his environmental agenda to which Trump said it would cost trillions of dollars.  Wallace gave Biden a pass on what it would cost and also Biden’s claims that the cost of doing it would pay for itself.  Trump said if you go green it would be the end to the airline industry.
- At one point Trump said that Biden had signed on to the Green New Deal.  Biden said that was not true. Trump said that’s what the Democrat party wanted upon which Biden responded, “I am the Democrat Party.”
Personal observation: The debate was disappointing to me with all the interruptions and at times it seemed like Biden and Wallace were ganging up on the President.

September 29: The Washington Examiner: Biden is speechless
Biden said he supports law enforcement but when Trump asked him to name one law enforcement group that supports his presidential run, Biden stood speechless.  "He doesn’t have any law support. He hasn't law enforcement support. Who do you have? Name one group that supports you. Name one group that came out and supported you. Go ahead. Think, we have time," Trump demanded of Biden.   Biden demurred, saying they didn't have time for him to answer the question.

September 28: The Epoch Times: Kenosha, WI sheriff endorses
Trump for reelection
The sheriff of the Wisconsin county that saw rioting after the police shooting of Jacob Blake says he’s endorsing President Donald Trump for reelection because of how Trump responded to the unrest.  “When the violence began, we had immediately put in the call to have local and state resources respond to the situation. Many responded, but we still needed more help. This is where the president stepped up and offered us the full resources of the federal government,” Sheriff David Beth wrote.  “The president’s swift and bold response to support our law enforcement family and my community made it clear that he’s the strong leader Wisconsin and America needs. It’s also why I am proud to endorse President Trump for reelection this fall.”

September 28: Fox News: Supreme Court fight may be the center of the Trump-Biden debate
If the deadliest pandemic in a century, the worst economic downturn in decades, and a summer of nationwide protests over racial inequity weren’t enough for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump to battle over at Tuesday at the first of three presidential debates, another combustible topic’s been tossed into the toxic political mix.   That issue - the most bitterly partisan of all political battles – is a Supreme Court nomination fight, and it’s coming with just five weeks to go until Election Day.  The former vice president’s urging the GOP controlled Senate to hold off on any vote on the president’s nominee – conservative federal appeals court judge Amy Coney Barrett – until the winner of the presidential election’s determined.  Trump said he thinks Barrett could be confirmed ahead of Election Day on Nov. 3. Trump argued there’s "tremendous amount of time” from the kick off of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings on Oct. 12 until the election.

September 28: The Washington Times: Lawsuit: Harris County, TX is illegally
registering “noncitizen voters” despite state and federal laws that prohibit same
Texas’ largest county has been approving voter registrations even when people say they’re not citizens, according to a lawsuit announced Monday that found some of those people managed to cast ballots, too.  The Public Interest Legal Foundation says it uncovered dozens of examples of people who registered in Harris County over the last two decades, either admitted they weren’t citizens or left the box blank, yet were registered anyway. They were removed from the rolls after they later stated, again, that they weren’t, in fact, citizens.  The Public Interest Legal Foundation says there are others it didn’t catch, including new applicants.

September 28: The Daily Caller: About 1,400 Virginia voters got two absentee ballots
Around 1,400 Virginia voters received two absentee ballots in the mail, according to multiple reports.  The problem blamed on the printer by Fairfax County election officials apparently resulted in employees accidentally sending out two ballots.  Officials instructed people who received two ballots to destroy the second and noted that only one would be counted.  “This is what [Trump’s] concerned about and I am too and I wanted to bring it to your attention,” Jean Brennan, one of President Donald Trump’s supporters said.

September 28: The New York Post: North Carolina considered a toss up, new poll suggests
President Trump and Joe Biden are essentially tied in the presidential race in the battleground state of North Carolina, according to a poll released Monday.  “North Carolina is shaping up to be the key battleground everyone thought it would be heading into the election cycle. Although Trump has gained some ground with key groups like Hispanic voters, he is running behind Biden among suburban voters and women voters, two key groups that will determine the outcome of the presidential race in North Carolina,” said Meredith’s poll director David McLennan.  In the US Senate race that could determine the political makeup of the upper chamber, incumbent Thom Tillis is trailing Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham. 

September 28: The Epoch Times: China’s 5G Tech won’t save its economy,
former regime’s finance minister says
China’s former finance minister Lou Jiwei warned in a recent speech that China’s “immature”  5G  technology is likely to become a failed investment.  In recent weeks, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has emphasized the need for the country’s economy to develop an “internal circulation system” in other words, having domestic sectors produce all the goods for Chinese consumption, from raw materials to manufacturing.  The economy should “create a new development pattern where domestic and foreign markets can boost each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay,” Xi had said.  But Lou said that China’s 5G innovations—heavily subsidized by Beijing—could become a “blockage point” to this “internal circulation system” because no applications can be found for hundreds of billions of investments.

September 27: The New York Post: Ballot-harvesting racket busted in Minneapolis
A ballot-harvesting racket in Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district — where paid workers illegally gather absentee ballots from elderly Somali immigrants — appears to have been busted by undercover news organization Project Veritas.  One alleged ballot harvester, Liban Mohamed, the brother of a Minneapolis City Council member, is shown in a  Snapchat video rifling through piles of ballots strewn across his dashboard.  “Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman,” says Mohamed, aka KingLiban1, in the video. “I have 300 ballots in my car right now . . .”   “Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. . . . Look, all these are for Jamal Osman,” he says, displaying the white envelopes.”

September 27: Fox News: Senator Hawley to Schumer: Leave religion
out of the SCOTUS confirmation discussion
After President Trump nominated Judge Barrett to the  Supreme Court, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to Senate Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) asking Democrats to avoid attacks on her Catholic faith during the confirmation process.  Hawley specifically cited comments made by Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) during Barrett’s nomination hearing for the U.S. Court of Appeals in 2017.  "I call on you and every member of the Democratic caucus to publicly reject Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s egregious personal attacks on Judge Barrett’s Christian faith during her previous confirmation hearings, and to pledge you will abstain from that kind of anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-faith vitriol in the hearings to come," Hawley wrote. Senator Feinstein is the most senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Hawley went on to call out other Democrats like Sens. Dick Durbin (IL) and Mazie Hirono (HI) who also made Barrett's religion a focal point of the previous hearings.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham, Chair of the Judiciary Committee, outlined the timeline for the confirmation process: Introductory hearings, October 12th; Q&A hearings October 13-14; reporting the nomination to the Senate floor October 22nd.  After that, its up to the Senate Majority Leader to determine when to take up the matter, Graham said.

September 27: The Washington Times: Feds finally nab illegal alien
who has been released by NYC police ten times
Federal agents say they finally have caught an undocumented immigrant they’ve been after for several years but who was released 10 times by police in  New York under sanctuary city policies.  Jhonny Soto-Ubaldo was arrested on federal gun charges this month, giving U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement a new chance to place a detainer on him requesting he be turned over for deportation after his time in the federal prison system is over.  This time it’s likely to be honored since New York isn’t part of the equation!   “How can local politicians — in good conscience — say they’re protecting their constituents when they pass laws that release criminals back into our communities?” said Thomas Decker, director of deportation operations in the New York field office.

September 27: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden again fails to respond
whether he would favor the “packing” of SCOTUS.
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden again would not give a committal answer Sunday on whether he supported packing the Supreme Court.  "I know you're going to be upset with my answer," he said. "But what I'm not going to do is play the Trump game—which is a good game he plays—take your eye off the issue before us. If I were to say yes or no to that, that becomes a big issue." Some Senate Democrats have called for expanding the Supreme Court's size if they take power next year as retaliation for Republicans filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat. Biden said he opposed the idea while running for the 2020 nomination and earlier in his career called it a "bonehead idea." His rhetoric has shifted since Ginsburg's death on Sept. 18, however, as he also said Monday he would not give his opinion because it would shift the "focus" from Trump.

September 27: Townhall.com: Cruz responds to Blumenthal saying he
will refuse to meet with SCOTUS nominee Barrett
Within minutes of President Trump officially nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court on Saturday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) declared the nomination process "illegitimate" and vowed not to meet with Trump's nominee.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz responded “Excellent idea! And if you & all your Dem colleagues boycott the hearing altogether, we’ll avoid the political circus & the desperate attempts to smear Judge Barrett and her family.”

September 26: The Texas Tribune: Obama-appointed Federal Judge
orders the reinstatement of straight party voting in Texas
Less than three weeks before early voting begins in Texas, a U.S. district judge has blocked the state from eliminating straight-ticket voting as an option for people who go to the polls this November.  In a ruling issued late Friday, U.S. District Judge Marmolejo cited the coronavirus pandemic, saying the elimination of the voting practice would “cause irreparable injury” to voters “by creating mass lines at the polls and increasing the amount of time voters are exposed to COVID-19.”  Marmolejo also found that the GOP-backed law would “impose a discriminatory burden” on black and Hispanic voters and “create comparatively less opportunities for these voters to participate in the political process.”
[Is anybody tired yet of judges legislating from the bench?  The state legislature passed the law back in 2017 and now, less than 40 days before Election Day, she wants to change the rules?  In Galveston that will mean that all the ballots will need to be reprogrammed and over 15,000 mail in ballots will need to be reprinted and sent out with the distinct possibility that voters may send back  the wrong ballot and not have their votes counted! ]

September 26: The Epoch Times: Trump and Republicans urge Dems to
treat SCOTUS nominee Barrett with respect

President Trump and Republicans urged the Democrats to handle Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination with respect. Trump made the remarks on Saturday during a speech nominating Barrett as a U.S. Supreme Court justice in the Rose Garden.  “I further urge all members of the other side of the aisle to provide Judge Barrett with a respectful and dignified hearing that she deserves,” he said.  “I urge lawmakers and members of the media to refrain from personal or partisan attacks,” he added.  Barrett, 48, a devout Catholic, serves as a circuit judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, a position the Senate confirmed her to in 2017. She previously worked as a law clerk to late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

September 26: The Daily Caller: Dem impeachment witness: Trump’s SCOTUS
nomination deserves a seat on the court
Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman argued Saturday that Judge Amy Coney Barrett “deserves” a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Feldman, who recently served as one of the House Democrats’ expert witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings, wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg detailing qualifications just hours before the president made her nomination official.

September 26: Fox News: Napolitano: This is a moment of triumph for Trump
President Trump has been "utterly faithful" to his promises about the  Supreme Court, Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitant said Saturday. "For Donald Trump, this is a moment of triumph. Three justices in the three and a half years -- all of a similar intellect and all of a similar attitude about the Constitution," the former judge said.  "Very few presidents have had this many nominees and Donald Trump is still in his first term," he added. "He has been utterly faithful to his promises with respect to the intellect and ideological orientation of the people that he has nominated."

September 26: The Washington Examiner: Barrett’s nomination will energize the Trump base
David Bossie, who served as deputy Trump campaign manager in 2016, said, “These types of events that you cannot plan on can be pivotal. This nominee will absolutely excite an already excited base to turn out to vote to reelect Donald Trump.  “Putting justices on the court helped get this president elected in 2016, and it will help him get reelected in 2020.”

September 26: The Epoch TimesLawmakers introduce bipartisan bill to limit
the number of justices on the Supreme Court to nine
Congressmen Denver Riggleman (R-VA) and Collin C. Peterson (D-MN) are proposing to amend the U.S. Constitution in order to permanently set the number of Supreme Court justices at nine, a move that is aimed at undermining efforts to pack the nation’s top court.  The congressmen said they were worried that partisan efforts to expand the court’s size could set off a battle that could further polarize the country. “If one party succeeds in packing the Court, the next party to hold a majority may choose to do the same in retaliation. My amendment will preserve the integrity of the Court and permanently protect Americans from these dangerous proposals,” Peterson said in a statement on Friday.

September 25: The Daily CallerWho says the campaign
ads need to be negative?
Check this one out!
Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw released a joint ad that paid homage to both “Mission: Impossible” and “The Avengers.”  “Who says campaign ads have to suck? Check this out. Mission Impossible meets the Avengers,” Crenshaw tweeted.  The full video features Crenshaw, who was elected in 2018, undertaking a mission to create a team dedicated to “saving Texas.” That team includes Republican Texas congressional candidates Beth Van Duyne, Wesley Hunt, Tony Gonzales, August Pfluger and Genevieve Collins.

September 25: Fox News: Advertisement uses Ginsburg, Obama, and Clinton’s
words to push for confirmation of President’s Supreme Court nominee
A new video ad uses the late Justice Ginsburg's own words to argue the case for filling the Supreme Court seat left empty by her death last week. The advertisement released Friday is part of the GOP’s push to get Ginsburg’s successor on the court before the Nov. 3 election.  "The president is elected for four years, not three years, so the power he has in year three continues into year four,"  former Justice Ginsburg said in September 2016.

September 25: The Washington ExaminerTrump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett
to replace Ginsburg, but be careful, he can always change his mind
Speculation is building that Amy Coney Barrett will be President Trump's selection for the Supreme Court vacancy.   Sources told the NY Times Trump plans to announce Saturday afternoon that the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge will be his third nominee to the high court, but they stressed caution because the president has a history of changing his mind at the last minute. CNN first reported that Barrett's nomination was imminent and she was Trump's favorite from the start.   "She was the plan all along," the official apparently told CNN. "She's the most distinguished and qualified by traditional measures. She has the strongest support among the legal conservatives who have dedicated their lives to the court. She will contribute most to the court's jurisprudence in the years and decades to come."

September 25: The Washington Times: Trump announced his “Platinum Plan” for black Americans
resident Trump proposed a second-term agenda for Black America on Friday that would designate the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations, make lynching a national hate crime and boost investment in Black communities by nearly $500 billion.  At a speech in Atlanta, the president outlined his “platinum plan” for Blacks, calling it a “contract with Black Americans” for the next four years. He accused Democratic nominee Joe Biden of pandering to Blacks at election time.  “For decades, Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have taken Black voters for granted,” Trump said. “They made you big promises before every election — and then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and sold you out. The Democrats will always take Black voters for granted until large numbers of Black Americans vote Republican.”

September 25: The Washington Free Beacon;  Trump announces plan to send
33 million Medicare recipients $200 to help pay for prescription drugs
Thanks to Donald Trump's leadership skills, millions of American seniors will soon receive $200 cards in the mail to help them cover the cost of prescription drugs.  The president announced the initiative on Thursday at an event with health professionals in North Carolina. "Under my plan, 33 million Medicare beneficiaries will soon receive a card in the mail containing $200 that they can use to help pay for prescription drugs," Trump told the cheering heroes. "Joe Biden won't be doing this."

September 24: The Daily Caller: Records shows FBI employees had concerns about the Flynn probe
FBI employees who worked on Crossfire Hurricane called the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn a “nightmare” and expressed relief when the bureau considered closing the probe in November 2016, according to messages released on Thursday.  Flynn’s lawyers released the documents in a court filing in his federal criminal case on charges that he lied to the FBI.  The messages show that some FBI employees questioned investigative steps that the bureau took in the investigation. The FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation against him and three other Trump campaign advisers in August 2016 over their possible ties to Russia.

September 24: USA Today: Military ballots for Trump in Pennsylvania discarded
U.S. Attorney David Freed said federal authorities were alerted Monday to the discovery by the Luzerne County district attorney in Pennsylvania that a number of military mail in ballot for President Trump had been discarded.  This prompting an inquiry by the FBI and state police.  "At this point we can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded," Freed's office said in a statement, adding that of the nine ballots seven had been cast for Trump.  "Two of the discarded ballots had been resealed inside their appropriate envelopes by Luzerne elections staff prior to recovery by the FBI and the contents of those 2 ballots are unknown."

Meanwhile Fox News reports the Department of Justice has ordered the Pennsylvania county to change its mail in ballot practices.  The letter from DOJ to Luzerne County officials indicated that additional ballot materials were found in a dumpster. Freed said their investigation yielded "troubling" findings, including that the county allegedly improperly opened ballots.   “Even though your staff has made some attempts to reconstitute certain of the improperly opened ballots, there is no guarantee that any of these votes will be counted in the general election. In addition, our investigation has revealed that all or nearly all envelopes received in the elections office were opened as a matter of course," the DOJ letter said.

September 24: CBS News Dallas: Longview County Commissioners charged
with possible involvement in vote harvesting
Authorities arrested four Gregg County Commissioners, in Longview, Texas on charges in connection with an organized vote harvesting scheme during the 2018 Democratic primary election, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Thursday.  To increase the pool of ballots needed to swing the race in Commissioner Shannon Brown’s favor, Brown, along with Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, and DeWayne Ward allegedly targeted young, able-bodied voters to cast ballots by mail by fraudulently claiming the voters were “disabled,” in most cases without the voters’ knowledge or consent.   In total, the state filed 134 felony charges against the four defendants, including engaging in organized election fraud, illegal voting, fraudulent use of an application for a mail-in ballot, unlawful possession of a mail-in ballot, tampering with a governmental record and election fraud.  Penalties range from six months in state jail to 99 years in prison.

September 24: The Daily Caller: Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan
President Donald Trump will unveil and sign a series of executive orders Thursday in North Carolina that will make up the body of his “America First” health care plan.  Administration officials claimed that the plan will fulfill three core tenets: lowering costs for patients, presenting them with more care options, and increasing the quality of care offered.

September 24: Fox News: GOP plans for Supreme Court confirmation process
Fox News reached out to several conservative GOP senators this week, in an effort to gauge their plans for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, whom he plans to announce on Saturday. Senate Judiciary member Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said “If you are a conservative woman in DC, you are treated like a fourth-class citizen.  Democrats are chastising these women because they take their child by the hand and go to mass with them.”  She stressed the need for Congress to exercise its “Constitutional duty” to place a Justice on the court, adding that the GOP-controlled Senate would move swiftly to approve Trump’s nominee and vote her out of committee, then “immediately” move to a floor vote.

September 24: The Washington Examiner: Filibuster and court packing puts Dems in tough spots
Democratic Senate candidates find themselves maneuvering around questions about the party's threats to expand and pack the Supreme Court over President's Trump's plan to fill an open court seat weeks before the election.  Some Democrats have said it's necessary to expand the composition of the Supreme Court from nine, where it has stood since 1869, to around 11 justices. The idea is to dilute the 6-3 conservative majority expected on the bench once a replacement is confirmed for the late Justice Ginsburg, who died on Friday. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York has alluded to the court-packing and filibuster elimination ideas over recent days.

September 24: The Washington Times: Harris set for a Supreme Court
show down after coming up short with Kavanaugh
When Sen. Kamala Harris went toe-to-toe with Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing, things didn’t quite work out as planned.  The California senator suggested he had compromising conversations about the special counsel probe into Trump-Russia collusion — an allegation he vehemently denied, defusing her bombshell of a question.  Democrats hope  Harris, now the party’s vice presidential nominee, has the goods this time to be the master inquisitor and anti-confirmation chief against the president’s third Supreme Court nominee.

September 23: Breitbart News: Louisville: Protests break out, gear unloaded from
U-Haul after no murder charges brought
Protesters took the streets of Louisville Wednesday after a Kentucky grand jury did not bring murder charges against any of the officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.  A pair of videos shared to social media shows protesters unloaded shields and signs from a U-Haul truck. It is unclear who rented the truck. One shield read “BLM” in red, while another one had the phrase, “Protect Black Women.”  Another video shows protesters shouting, “We didn’t get it, burn it down!” while marching through Louisville.

September 23: The Epoch Times: California:  New petroleum powered
vehicles to be banned as of 2035
California plans to ban the sale of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks starting in 2035 in a dramatic move to shift to electric vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Wednesday.  Newsom told a press conference the state was committing to a “firm goal” to phase out the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 and was encouraging other states to take similar action.  Newsom’s order labeled the elimination of gasoline-powered vehicles a “goal” and a “target” after his office said earlier his order would require the sale of nothing but zero emission passenger vehicles starting in 2035.

September 23: Townhall.com: Murkowski is a maybe on SCOTUS confirmation vote
If Democrats were counting on Lisa Murkowski to vote against President Trump’s next nominee to the Supreme Court, they should think again.  Sen. Murkowski said Tuesday she could not rule out that she would vote to confirm a Trump nominee if the Judiciary Committee approves one before the November election.  “We don’t have a nominee yet. You and I don’t know who that is. And so I can’t confirm whether or not I can confirm a nominee when I don’t know who the nominee is.”  Sen. Mitt Romney took a similar position Tuesday, so it looks nearly impossible for Democrats to block Trump from seating his third Supreme Court justice.

September 23: The Washington Examiner: Why the SCOTUS nomination could move quickly
The week of Oct. 12 marks the likely start of confirmation hearings for the next nominee to the Supreme Court.  Republican sources on Capitol Hill signaled the process will begin mid-October in the Senate Judiciary Committee, where lawmakers will spend several days questioning and then voting on the female nominee President Trump plans to announce on Saturday at 5 p.m.  Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, has not announced the schedule, but the Oct. 12 start date confirmed by Republicans sources allows the nominee time to complete pre-hearing paperwork and collection of background material by staff. Perhaps most importantly, it allows time for the nominee to hold private meetings with individual senators which could start next week.

September 23: The Epoch Times: Trump: New restrictions on Cuba including travel and cigars
President Trump on Wednesday unveiled new restrictions on Cuban exports and barred Americans from staying at properties owned by the Cuban regime.   “Today, as part of our continuing fight against communist oppression, I am announcing that the Treasury Department will prohibit U.S. travelers from staying at properties owned by the Cuban government,” Trump said at the White House. “We’re also further restricting the importation of alcohol and Cuban tobacco,” he added.  Trump added that Wednesday’s “actions will ensure U.S. dollars do not fund the Cuban regime.”  433 properties have been identified by the Department of State as being owned by the Cuban Communist Party officials.

September 23: The Daily Caller: Barr: “No Concept” more misunderstood
than the “separation of church and state”

Attorney General Barr said Tuesday that there is no concept more misunderstood in American public discourse than the “separation of church and state.”   “In American public discourse, perhaps no concept is more misunderstood than the notion of separation of church and state,” Barr said. “Militant secularists have long seized on that slogan as a facile justification for attempting to drive religion from the public square and to exclude religious people from bringing a religious perspective to bear on conversations about the common good.”

September 23: The Epoch Times: Congressional Report: Biden’s son connected
with Russian, Chinese nationals while father was Vice President
The son of former Vice President Biden engaged in millions of dollars in “questionable financial transactions” with associates and foreign individuals, including the wife of the former mayor of Moscow and people with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, according to a new congressional report.  Hunter Biden’s dealings raise conflict of interest concerns as well as concerns about crimes, counterintelligence, and extortion, according to the joint report from the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and Finance Committees

September 23: The Washington Times:  Biden keeps spinning “fables”
despite 1988 election disaster
Joe  Biden blew up his 1988 presidential bid with a plagiarized fictitious account of his hardscrabble roots, but the experience failed to cure him of his tendency to exaggerate, conflate and even invent stories about his upbringing and political history.  Since the start of the 2020 campaign, Mr. Biden has been caught on numerous occasions spinning false and even ludicrous yarns, a tendency that has prompted head-scratching from his supporters and exasperation from conservatives stunned that his tall tales have yet to torpedo his salt-of-the-earth image.  “This has been a career-long problem that he’s had,” said Rick Manning, president of the free-market Americans for Limited Government. “I think a lot of people look at the things he’s doing now, and say, oh, he’s getting older, and that may be true, but the fact is, this is his historical record. This is not a recent phenomenon. This is who he is.”

September 23: The Daily Caller: McCarthy: If Pelosi tries to impeach Trump in an effort
to delay the Senate confirmation process he'll move to have her removed as Speaker
“I will make you this one promise, listening to the speaker on television this weekend, if she tries to move for an impeachment based upon the president following the Constitution, I think there will be a move on the floor to no longer have the question of her being Speaker. She may think she has a quiver — we do too,” McCarthy told reporters.  “The president is supposed to move forward and he will. The Senate is supposed to take the action and they will — it’s their constitutional right and they are following through,” he said.

September 22: The Daily Caller: Biden refuses to disclose his position on packing the Supreme Court
Democratic presidential candidate  Biden declined to say in an interview Monday whether he would support adding seats to the Supreme Court, signaling a shift from the primary race when the former vice president said he opposed increasing the number of justices because Democrats would “live to rue the day.”  “It’s a legitimate question, but let me tell you why I’m not going to answer that question,” Biden said asked if he supports the concept of packing the Supreme Court.  Democrats have increasingly expressed support for legislation to add justices to the court if Republicans confirm a justice to replace deceased Justice Ginsburg.

September 22: Breitbart News: Romney supports voting on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee
Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) announced that he supports a Senate vote on President Trump’s forthcoming Supreme Court nominee.  “The Constitution gives the president the power to nominate and the Senate the authority to provide advice and consent on Supreme Court nominees,” Romney said.  “Accordingly, I intend to follow the Constitution and precedent in considering the president’s nominee. If the nominee reaches the Senate floor, I intend to vote based upon their qualifications.”

September 22: The Epoch Times: Democrats cannot stop the confirmation
of a new Supreme Court Justice, only the Republicans can
Senate Democrats have virtually no chance of stopping Republicans in the chamber from confirming a sixth conservative justice on the nation’s highest court before the Nov. 3 election, Senate experts on both sides of the aisle say.  There are parliamentary delaying tactics that will slow things temporarily such as quorum calls and repeatedly demanding time-consuming on-the-record votes, but most of the advantages are with the 53 Republicans who control the Senate, as long as they stay united.  Plus that Majority Leader McConnell is a master of Senate procedures.  “The fact is that for just about everything the Democrats can dream up, McConnell’s got a response,” Democratic strategist Jim Manley told The Epoch Times.

September 22: The Daily Caller: Dems: Pennsylvania may see 100,000 mail in ballots rejected
As many as 100,000 Pennsylvania voters could have their ballots discarded in November due to a state law that requires absentee ballots to be returned inside a secrecy sleeve, according to a Democratic official on the Philadelphia city commission.  Of course, this would mean that these voters failed to follow the instructions sent out to them with their ballot.  Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ordered election officials to discard “naked ballots” in a decision issued last week, a move which Democrats say could result in tens of thousands of ballots being disqualified.  Having ballots submitted in a secrecy sleeve allows the ballots to be processed to determine whether to accept or reject them without disclosing who the voter supports.

September 22: The Washington Times: CBO: The Federal Debt is reaching “unsustainable” levels
Federal debt is nearing “unsustainable” levels, but low interest rates have created a window of opportunity for policymakers to rein it in, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said Monday, delivering a mixed forecast for the government’s long-term outlook.  Federal spending, currently 21% of gross domestic product, will rise to 31% by 2050, with most of that increase coming from interest payments on the rising debt, said CBO Director Swagel.  Federal revenue, meanwhile, stood at just 16% of GDP last year and will reach only 19% by 2050.  The gap between the spending and revenue numbers illustrates the problem.

September 21: The Washington Times: DOJ declares NYC, Portland and Seattle “anarchist jurisdictions” and moves to cut federal funding
The Justice Department on Monday declared New York, Seattle and Portland, Oregon, “anarchist jurisdictions,” the first step toward revoking federal funding from those cities because they allowed violence and mayhem to persist during racial justice protests.  The designation of the cities, which are all led by Democrats, is in response to President Trump’s order this month to cut off federal aid in response to unchecked rioting in the streets.  He ordered federal funds withheld from cities where state and local officials slashed police budgets, refused help from federal officers and otherwise refused to rein in the violence.

September 21: The Washington Examiner: Trump vows to reverse blue collar carnage
President Trump took aim at the “economic treachery” of his Democratic opponent  blasting the former vice president for the loss of thousands of jobs in Ohio while touting his own "America First" trade agenda.   In a speech in Dayton on "Fighting for the American Worker," his first of two events in Ohio on Monday, Trump accused Biden of being “a die-hard globalist” who inflicted "terrible damage" on Ohio's economy during his years in Washington.  The North American Free Trade Agreement, which Biden supported when it was approved in 1993, caused the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the Dayton area, Trump said. Biden, he added, "should be begging for your forgiveness."

September 21: Fox News: Herschel Walker claims China donating to BLM w
ho passing the money to Dems
Former NFL player Herschel Walker on Monday claimed that money from China is supposedly funding the Black Lives Matter organization and that money is then donated to the Democratic Party.  The claims from Walker came in a video he posted on Twitter, writing in the caption that the 2020 presidential election was the most important in history, not just for the President of the United States “but for all branches of Gov’t.”   “I just saw the Democratic Party raise a lot of money and a lot of it came from ActBlue,” Walker says in the video, referring to the online fundraising payment professor that facilitates donations to Democratic and left-leaning organizations.

September 20: Townhall.com: Excuse me Mr. Biden, did you really say…
Speaking in Philadelphia, Democrat Presidential candidate Biden made several untrue statements.  He claimed that the Trump campaign challenged him to release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees only after Justice Ginsburg passed away.  Actually, Trump made the challenge when the President released his own list on September 9th about ten days prior to Ginsburg passing away.  Biden also claimed the court would not be meeting again until after the election when the court’s  session starts on October 5th about a month prior to November 3rd.

September 20: The Daily Caller: Pelosi won’t rule out a possible impeachment
ploy to keep the Senate from considering a Supreme Court nomination
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to rule out the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr in order to derail a Supreme Court nomination.  If impeachments were brought to the Senate, it would shut down any action in the Senate until such accusations, regardless of how flimsy they may be, are dealt with.

September 20: Breitbart News: Michael Moore: Biden why are you ignoring blacks in Michigan
Liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore expressed concerns over Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden’s outreach to Black voters in Michigan on Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Weekends.”  There’s nobody on the ground.  Biden has only come to Michigan once and met only with people in two white towns, he contended.

September 19: Fox News: Battle over replacing Gingburg prompts threats,
calls for arson: “Burn Congress down”
Almost immediately after news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, some verified Twitter users threatened arson and apparent violence in order to block Republicans from replacing her before the elections.  "If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f-----g thing down," author Reza Aslan tweeted. He later responded to Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s vow to hold a vote on President Trump's nominee. "Over our dead bodies, literally," he tweeted.

September 19: The Daily Caller: North Carolina supporters at a Trump rally chant “Fill that Seat”
President  Trump’s supporters started chanting “fill that seat” during his rally in North Carolina on Saturday, roughly a day after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, leaving a vacant court seat.  Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have confirmed their intentions to fill the seat before Election Day on November 3. Democrats have criticized the move, saying the Senate should wait on confirming a replacement until after the election. Trump confirmed in North Carolina that his nominee will be a woman, saying earlier that he will announce a name next week.  Three names considered to be on the list are:  7th Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett, 11th Circuit Court Judge Barbara Lagoa and 4th Circuit Court Judge Allison Rushing

September 19: Fox News: Cruz: Three reasons RBG’s seat needs to be filled before Election Day
First, this nomination is why the American people elected Donald Trump as president and this confirmation is why the American people voted for a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said.  Second, twenty-nine times in our nation’s history we’ve seen a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year or before an inauguration and in every instance, the president proceeded with a nomination.  And finally, as we approach what is likely to be a contested election that hangs in the balance of the Supreme Court, our nation is at risk of a constitutional crisis without nine justices on the bench. [The possibility of a 4-4 tie could conceivably mean Speaker Pelosi could become the President.]

September 19: The Epoch Times: Trump: Deal on Tiktok is moving forward
President Trump has given his approval “in concept” to a deal being discussed between American companies Oracle and Walmart with China-based company Bytedance for ownership of TikTok.  “We have some very big news on TikTok, TikTok is moving along,” the president told reporters before leaving the White House to attend a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on Saturday. He said that his administration was working with Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison and Walmart to ensure that any deal with Bytedance would mean that security for the app “will be 100 percent.”

September 18: Townhall.com: Dems won’t like Tulsi’s stance
on ballot harvesting

The former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gsbbard (D-HI) has introduced the Election Fraud Prevention Act with GOP Congressman Rodney Davis (R-I) to help end the unfair practice of ballot harvesting that threatens the integrity of our elections.   "Our bipartisan bill protects the chain of custody for every one of our ballots by prohibiting funding from going to states that allow this practice of ballot harvesting to occur," Gabbard said in a video shared to Twitter on Friday. "This bill will actually encourage states to stop this practice that's ripe for fraud and that poses a serious threat to the integrity of our elections. 

September 18: The Washington Times: Trump asks the Supreme Court to approve
census count without illegal immigrants for apportionment purposes

The White House said Friday that the administration will ask the Supreme Court to approve his plan to have the Census Bureau produce a count that doesn’t include illegal immigrants, tossing a major hot potato over to the high court just as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died of pancreatic cancer.  At stake is the count used to divide up seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Mr. Trump says that while the 2020 census will still produce its overall count of all persons living in the country, only a count of legal residents should be used for apportioning House seats.

September 18: Fox News: Trump reacts to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death,
says justice “led an amazing life”

President Trump on Friday called late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “an amazing woman who led an amazing life” and said he was “sad” to learn of her passing, but didn't say anything about plans for nominating a replacement.

September 18: The Daily Caller: Schumer & Waters warn Republicans not
to try to fill Ginsburg’s seat prior to the election
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters quickly warned President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Friday against attempting to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat.

September 18: The Washington Examiner: McConnell: If the President submits a
nomination the Senate will vote this session on Trump nominee to replace Ginsburg
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will vote on President Trump’s nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday.   “President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate,” McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said in a lengthy statement praising Ginsburg as “thoroughly dedicated to the legal profession.”

September 18: The Washington Times: Trump warns Biden would turn
Minnesota into a “refugee camp”
President Trump told Minnesota voters Friday night that Democrat Joseph R. Biden would turn the state “into a refugee camp” of evacuees from predominantly Muslim countries, declaring “I am your wall between the American dream and chaos.”  “Sleepy Joe will turn Minnesota into a refugee camp,” Mr. Trump said at a campaign rally in Bemidji, the mythical birthplace of Paul Bunyan. “Biden will overwhelm your children’s schools, overcrowd their classrooms, inundate your hospitals. Biden has even pledged to terminate our travel ban in jihadist regions.”

September 17: The Texas Monthly: Build the Ike Dike!
The forthcoming October issue of the Texas Monthly has a column on building the coastal spine and the lack of gumption, on the part of many Texas politicians, to move the project forward.  Unfortunately, we have seen many members of Congress paying lip service to the idea without taking any definitive actions to get it done.  “Here we are, twelve years after Ike,” the Texas Monthly says, “and there’s still little to show for all the different proposals. …  In contrast, it took only six years after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 for New Orleans to have its own significant barrier and water pump system up and running to protect the region from storm surges.”  Our Louisiana neighbors benefited from having consensus plans on the shelf, bipartisan advocacy by senators and House members who were sympathetic and ready to directly fund the whole thing. [Look at “Coastal Barriers – Protecting People, Property, and Industry” for additional information on this project and some of the issues that have been raised.]

September 17: The Washington Times: Barr puts Justice Department on notice
Attorney General Barr went on the attack against Justice Department career prosecutors this week accusing them of going rogue in trying to score political scalps.  The broadside came during a speech to honor Constitution Day in which Barr also made a vehement defense of his conduct as the country’s top cop and his absolute authority to make decisions about what cases move forward.   The speech quickly became a flash-point in the two-year battle between the attorney general and front-line prosecutors, who have bristled — and some even quit cases — as Mr. Barr and his top deputies inserted themselves into sensitive investigations.  Barr assailed prosecutors as part of the “permanent bureaucracy” saying they must follow the direction of the agency’s leadership.  “Name one successful organization or institution where the lowest level employees’ decisions are deemed sacrosanct — there aren’t any,” he said. “Letting the most junior members set the agenda might be a good philosophy for a Montessori preschool, but it is no way to run a federal agency.”  Barr said he, not career prosecutors, have the final say in cases.

September 17: The Washington Examiner: China appeals to Russia,
other regional allies, to counter U.S. influence
China wants to enhance "security and strategic coordination" with Russia and other neighboring states to counter American influence on its periphery.   “They even coerce countries into picking sides as part of their attempts to wage the so-called new Cold War,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told media Thursday. “As the world is entering a period of turbulence and change, strong China-Russia relations are of greater significance in sustaining regional and world peace and security.”  The call for additional security cooperation is an apparent attempt to fortify one of China's chief weaknesses when it comes to competition with the United States.  “One of the biggest advantages we have ... is our robust network of alliances and partnerships,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday. “They have nearly none, and we have many.”

September 17: The Epoch Times: House unanimously passes election security bill
A bipartisan bill designed to bolster election security and election security infrastructure research was unanimously passed in the House Wednesday.   The legislation provides funding to establish a Center of Excellence in Election Systems and authorizes research to be conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Science Foundation (NSF) to modernize election systems across the United States.  According to the Department of Homeland Security, election infrastructure includes, voter registration databases, Information Technology infrastructure and systems used to manage elections, voting systems and associated infrastructure, storage facilities, and polling places.

September 17:The Daily Signal: California wants me to vote even though
I haven’t live there for eight years
States across the country are experimenting with a mass switch to mail-in elections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  But is it wise for states to make such a big change, especially in light of messy voter rolls around the country?  This fall the Alameda County Registrar of Voters notified me by mail at my parents’ address in Oakland that I would receive a ballot when the state sends them out Oct. 5. This is following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order that all California voters receive a mail-in ballot before the Nov. 3 election.  The problem is that I haven’t lived in California since 2011.

September 17: Townhall.com: Biden’s town hall event shows why CNN isn’t
moderating the Presidential debates
Joe Biden praised the idea of incorporating fact-checkers into the presidential debates, but those desperately needed fact-checkers were nowhere to be found at CNN's town hall event with Biden on Thursday.   In stark contrast to President Trump's town hall event with ABC's George Stephanopoulos earlier this week, CNN's Anderson Cooper and a crowd of mostly friendly supporters took turns asking the 77-year-old candidate softball questions.   Biden told all sorts of falsehoods during the one-hour event on CNN.  For example, Biden lied when he accused President Trump of not mentioning the coronavirus in his State of the Union Address. 

September 17: The Daily Caller: Woman with concealed pistol hold fatal stabbing
suspect at gunpoint at store while waiting for the police
A woman with a concealed pistol held a fatal stabbing suspect at gunpoint until police arrived at a supermarket in Michigan, numerous sources reported.  The suspect stabbed an 85-year-old man multiple times in the head and neck at a store in Michigan.  Police were first dispatched to the scene at 12:30 p.m. but while en route, the situation was upgraded to a stabbing in progress. To keep the suspect from fleeing, the woman, who had a concealed carry permit, ordered the 29-year-old stabbing suspect to the floor until officers arrived to take him into custody.

US mail in the Dead Letter Office September 16: The Epoch Times: More than 349K dead registrants remain on voter rolls in 41 states
Nearly 350,000 dead registrants remain on voter rolls across 41 states, according to an audit (pdf) conducted by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF).  The number is a major improvement over the last time an assessment of similar scope was performed in 2012, when Pew Research turned up 2 million deceased voters on the rolls.  In the 2016 and 2018 elections, states credited 14,608 registrants for voting after death, the PILF report found. North Carolina led the United States in both 2016 and 2018

September 16: The Washington Examiner: Biden: I trust the scientists but I don’t trust Trump
Joe Biden tip toed between doubting the effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine while suggesting that President Trump is rushing the process to release a vaccine before the election.   "I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don't trust Donald Trump," he said at a scripted press conference on Wednesday.  Biden brushed off questions about whether there is a risk that his questioning of Trump could prevent people from trusting and taking a legitimate vaccine when it is released.   "Trust the scientists. It's one thing for Donald Trump to say the vaccine is safe. OK? Then give it to the board of scientists," Biden said.

September 16: The Washington Times: Biden can’t count on Catholic vote;
traditionalists swing to Trump
Catholic voters have an opportunity in November to help elect only the second Catholic president in U.S. history (Biden), but already the more devout followers are lining up behind Trump.  Gone are the days when nearly 80% of Catholic voters united to push Irish-Catholic Democrat John F. Kennedy into the White House in 1960. A Pew Research Center poll released last month found that 50% of registered Catholic voters plan to vote for Trump, while 49% back Biden.

September 16: The New York Post: Since July Trump fields roughly five times reported
questions than Biden and Trumps are not scripted
President Trump fielded 867 more questions from reporters than Joe Biden over the last two months.  That number is five times the amount of queries that Biden answered between July 19 and Sept. 15, a review of the candidates’ interviews and briefings shows.  Trump answered a total of 1,141 questions from a Washington press corps that he maintains is openly hostile to his administration, while Biden responded to just 274 questions from local networks and liberal cable news channels such as CNN and MSNBC.  There are also indications that Biden’s questions from townhall participants had been planted by his campaign and the answers projected on teleprompters.

September 16: The Post Newspaper: The Criminal Justice System: The Judges' Perspective (part 2)
From Crime to Punishment. We've looked at the Criminal Justice System from a law enforcement, prosecution and the criminal defense attorney perspective. Now let's look at it as judges see it! I spent about five hours interviewing District Court judges in Galveston Kerry Neves and John Ellisor. This is the fisrt of three columns that attempt to answer some questions you may have.

September 16: Fox News: Moderate Dems pressure Pelosi and House leadership to
move new COVID-19 bill; “Stop the stupidity!”

Moderate Democrats, especially those in swing districts, have been pressuring House Speaker  Pelosi to pass another COVID-19  relief bill, signaling that blaming the Senate Republicans and the White House for the inaction isn't flying back home with their constituents who need help.  One of the boldest efforts of revolt came Tuesday when the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus revealed their $1.5 trillion coronavirus relief plan, with 25 Democrats breaking with their leadership and joining 25 Republicans on a compromise proposal.

September 15: Texas Scorecard: Texas Supreme Court stops Harris County Clerk: mail-in ballots
The Supreme Court of Texas dealt a severe blow to plans by Democrat Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins to send mail-in ballot applications to all 2.37 million registered voters in the county.  On Tuesday afternoon, the state’s highest civil court issued a stay against the county in response to legal action filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Acting on behalf of the state, Paxton was challenging the county’s unsolicited mailing of ballot applications.  Opponents to Harris County’s scheme argue that sending applications to all registered voters could cause voters to provide false information on the form, confuse them about their ability to vote by mail, and impede the ability of those who are able to vote by mail by clogging up the infrastructure with applications from those who do not qualify.

September 15: Texas Scorecard: On another front, Democrats loose a similar
mail-in ballot effort in federal court
Texas Democrats lost another attempt to undermine state voting laws in the courts, failing for a second time to force universal vote-by-mail, a process more vulnerable to fraud and abuse than in-person voting.  Last week, a federal court rejected Democrats’ arguments that Texas’ limits on voting by mail unconstitutionally discriminate on the basis of age.  Under Texas law, only voters who are 65 or older, disabled, in jail, or outside their home county during an election are eligible to vote by mail.  The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that allowing older voters to cast mail-in ballots does not violate the 26th Amendment, which prohibits denying or abridging the right to vote on account of age.

September 15: The Epoch Times: Trump: “Historic Day for Peace”
as Middle East deals are signed at the White House

President Donald Trump declared a “historic day for peace” as two historic Middle East peace deals were signed between several Gulf states and Israel.  Trump said the move will “change the course of history,” bring about a “new Middle East,” and create an era of “peace and prosperity.” He noted that the White House achieved two peace agreements in a single month. “It’s an important day for peace,” he said.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed deals with the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the three nations agreed on the measure to normalize relations.

September 15: The New York Post: PA judge throws the book at Lancaster rioters
A Pennsylvania judge threw the book at several protesters accused of rioting — by setting their bail at $1 million each — in the wake of the police shooting of a knife-wielding Lancaster man. Lancaster police nabbed a dozen people and one juvenile for staging the riots around 3 a.m. Monday in clashes that culminated in police deploying tear gas at the crowd.  The mob marched from the scene of the shooting on Laurel Street to the police station, chucking glass bottles, rocks, bricks, gallon jugs filled with liquid and plastic road barricades at cops, police said.  The $1 million bail makes one think about that there can be consequences for one’s actions.

September 15: Fox News: Refugees from socialist countries; Don’t let it happen here
One of the most memorable moments from the Republican National Convention came when Cuban-born Maximo Alvarez cautioned Americans against creeping socialism. “I’ve seen movements like this before,” he warded last month.   The Florida businessman is hardly alone among those who fled socialist countries. On social media and in interviews with Fox News, other immigrants who settled in the U.S. say that recent political shifts here – including class warfare, riots and language policing, not to mention calls for expansive government programs – are starting to remind them of what they left behind. 

September 15: The Washington Times: COVID-19 may adversely impact Biden support
College Democrats would usually be fanning out on campuses at this point in the election season, signing up fellow students to turn out votes for their presidential nominee, Joseph R. Biden.  The coronavirus pandemic has put the kibosh on most of that — and Biden backers fear their candidate could lose much of the campus-based youth support Democrats have come to count on in years past.  Owen Voutsinas-Klose, president of the College Democrats at the University of Pennsylvania, figures his organization will miss out on registering upwards of 3,000 voters after the school went all-virtual for the fall semester.

September 15: The Epoch Times: Trump vs. Biden Tax Plans; going in different directions
Both presidential candidates plan to make changes to the tax code, but largely in opposite directions. While Trump plans further tax reductions; Biden plans to raise taxes.  Trump would expand the Opportunity Zones in depressed areas, give tax breaks to companies that bring manufacturing back to America, and place tariffs on imports of offshored goods.  Biden would give tax breaks to those who buy electric cars, install solar panels, or make their homes more energy-efficient. Further credits would go to babysitters, the elderly, and those who pay more than 30

Ad; No Police equals No PeaceSeptember 14: The Daily Signal: “No Police – No Peace” signs
go up in three states across the nation
Six billboards declaring “No Police, No Peace” have gone up, two each in New York City, Dallas, and Atlanta.   The move comes amid an increase in both violence in the streets and angry anti-police rhetoric.   Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot and seriously wounded Saturday night as they sat in their patrol car. And in St. Louis, a 35-year-old police officer was wounded in the shoulder during a traffic stop, becoming the ninth officer shot since June 1.  
(See the Video

September 14: Fox News: Trump welcomes opportunity to have 4th debate with Biden; no response from Biden campaign
President Trump welcomed the idea of a fourth presidential debate moderated by podcast giant Joe Rogan.  Rogan floated a proposed matchup during a recent installment of his podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience."  His proposal is to have “no one else in the room, just the three of us." We’d live stream is “so no one can edit it, and I would want them in there for hours,” Rogan said.  “If they wanted to do that- they both wanted to come here in Austin, sit down and have a debate – I would 100 percent do it.”  “I don’t think that Biden can handle it," Rogan said,  "I mean, people get mad at me for saying this, I think there’s something wrong -- and I don’t think there’s something wrong because I’m guessing or because I’m pro-Trump, I’ve seen him fall apart."

September 14: The Washington Times: Black Lives Matter activists loot in Lancaster, PA
after police officer kills charging knife-wielding suspect

The police shooting of a knife-wielding suspect Sunday evening sent Black Lives Matter activists in The Keystone State into a frenzy of looting and property destruction.  Lancaster County saw fires, bricks thrown through windows and a new round of looting after a male knife-wielding suspect identified as Ricardo Munoz was shot and killed after cops responded to a 911 call.  BLM rioters are aggressively pounding on the police station in Lancaster, Pa. in response to the police shooting of a Latino man who charged at a cop with a knife. [See knife in the hand of the assailant]

September 14: KTLA-TV: Two sheriff’s deputies help each other after ambush;
Law enforcement seeks the suspect
Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who were the victims of an apparent ambush over the weekend near a Compton Metro station are now in stable condition as the manhunt for their shooter continues, officials said Monday.  Surveillance video from the scene showed the two deputies being shot at point-blank range while they were sitting inside their patrol car around 7 p.m. Saturday across the street from the Blue Line Metro station, the Sheriff’s Department reported.

September 14: The Daily Caller: Key impeachment witness admits he is
“absolutely” a “never Trumper”
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the Trump impeachment probe, said in an interview airing Monday that he is “absolutely” a so-called “Never Trumper.”  Trump has publicly criticized Vindman, who was fired from the National Security Council in February, after the Senate voted to acquit Trump following his impeachment trial.  Trump tweeted that Vindman was fired from the National Security Council for being “insubordinate.” He accused Vindman of providing inaccurate testimony to Congress about the phone call with Zelensky.

September 14: Fox News: Trump campaign returns to the economy as focus
The Trump campaign is set to release a mid-eight-figure ad buy Tuesday touting the economy during President Trump’s first term after a recent emphasis on "law and order" messaging, saying the economy is the "defining issue" of the 2020 presidential race.  But the content of the new ads will shift from the message of recent ad buys – painting the president as the “law and order” candidate – and resume its pitch of a strong economy under Trump.  “We believe the economy, and who is best to handle the economy, is going to be the defining issue in this race,” the official said. “Voters know that President Trump built the world’s best economy once, and he’s already doing it a second time.”

September 13: Fox News: San Francisco, where else, to vote
whether to allow 16 year-olds to vote
San Franciscans will cast their ballots in November to decide whether 16-year-olds can vote in local elections.   The proposition, if passed, would make San Francisco the first major U.S. city to give 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote in municipal elections.   Advocates of the measure say lowering the voting age would instill a lifelong habit of voting.

September 13: The Daily Caller: Protestors: We hope they (the ambushed deputy sheriffs) die;
block entrances to the emergency room
Protesters blocked the entrance to a Los Angeles County emergency room early Sunday morning after two cops were shot while sitting in their vehicle.  The crowd chanted, “We hope they die,” according to LA County Sheriffs.  “To the protesters blocking the entrance & exit of the hospital emergency room yelling “We hope they die” referring to two LA Sheriff’s ambushed today in Compton: Do not block emergency entries and exits to the hospital, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter. “People’s lives are at stake when ambulances can’t get through.”

September 13: The Washington Times: Trump’s “law and order message” expands the
electoral map to an unlikely battleground state

President Trump has put Democratic challenger Joe Biden on the defensive in Minnesota, an unlikely battleground that hasn’t voted Republican in a presidential election since 1972.
It’s a rare opportunity for Mr. Trump to expand the electoral map and potentially capture Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes to offset a potential loss in Michigan or Wisconsin, two states that he narrowly won in 2016.  Mr. Trump came close to winning Minnesota four years ago. He lost the state to Hillary Clinton by a little more than 1.5 percentage points. This time, his law-and-order message has been amplified by months of unrest and riots in Minneapolis.

September 13: Breitbart News: Georgia election officials receive 98 voter fraud case referrals
Georgia’s state election board has referred 98 cases of voter fraud to the Secretary of State’s office, some cases of which include individuals voting on behalf of dead people (and we thought that only happened in Cook County, IL!).  Last week the Secretary of State (Raffensperger) announced that his office had been sent these cases spanning from the 2014 elections through this year.  “A fraudulent vote dilutes the power of those voters who follow the rules and undermines the fundamental democratic idea of one person, one vote,” Raffensperger said. The cases included incidents of people voting twice or individuals  knowingly takingadvantage of glitches or poll worker errors” in order to double-vote.

September 13: The Post Newspaper: The Criminal Justice System: The Judges' Perspective
From Crime to Punishment. We've looked at the Criminal Justice System from a law enforcement, prosecution and the criminal defense attorney perspective. Now let's look at it as judges see it! I spent about five hours interviewing District Court judges in Galveston Kerry Neves and John Ellisor. This is the fisrt of three columns that attempt to answer some questions you may have.

September 12: The Epoch Times: U.S. welcomes back U.S. companies from China
White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Sept. 11 the Trump administration could create financial and credit incentives to help re-shore U.S. manufacturing and jobs.  “It’s like the prodigal son in the Bible, you know, we want the prodigal son to return home,” Kudlow said at the virtual annual conference of the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

September 12: Townhall.com: Rioters caused $50 million in damages in Kenosha, WI
We all saw the rioting, looting and pure chaos that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the shooting of Jacob Blake. When the riots first began, a rioter pulled a gun out on a reporter. An elderly man attempted to defend his business and the mob beat him to a bloody pulp.  According to Heather Wessling, the vice president of economic development for the Kenosha Area Business Alliance, 100 businesses have sustained significant damage and roughly 40 businesses are "out of business" for good. Based on the business association's findings, around $50 million in damage was done to buildings and businesses.

Detroit's Top Cop says he is staying!September 12: The Washington Times: More than 20 police chiefs have
resigned or retired; Detroit’s Top Cop says he is staying
Left-wing protesters want Detroit Police Chief James Craig to join the ranks of law-enforcement leaders leaving the job in droves, but the no-nonsense chief says he’s not going anywhere.  “I am not going to allow criminals to attack our police officers, attack property, and I absolutely am not going to allow them to take over our city streets,” Chief Craig said Saturday on Fox Business. “We speak a very different language. They know it. And they want me to leave. The best way to respond to that is: I’m staying.”

September 12: The New York Post: Trump: If you are voting by mail, do so early, then go to the polls and make sure it was received; if not, vote again provisionally
Trump urged voters in North Carolina to mail their ballots in early — and to make their way to the polls on election day to vote again if their mail votes are not recorded.  “NORTH CAROLINA: To make sure your Ballot counts, sign & send it in early,” he tweeted Saturday. “When Polls open, go to your Polling Place to see if it was counted “ (we assume he means received) and if not vote in person  Here in Texas a person can call the election office to confirm their ballot was received and if not they can vote provisionally in order to ensure their vote counts.  “Don’t let them illegally take your vote away from you!” Trump said.

Texas Senator Ted CruzSeptember 12: Fox News: Ted Cruz: DOJ should investigate whether Netflix violated federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography
Texas Senator Ted Cruz called on the Department of Justice to investigate Netflix and the "Cuties" filmmakers to determine whether they broke any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography.  The Republican senator and a growing list of federal lawmakers are appalled that Netflix is streaming the controversial film -- claiming the comedy-drama sexualizes young children and appeals to pedophiles.

September 11: Fox News: Trump announces deal between
Bahrain and Israel to “normalize relations”
This is not the first notch in Trump’s belt for moving toward peace in the Middle East. First he brokered a peace deal between the UAE and Israel, and now this. President Trump on Friday announced that Bahrain has agreed to "normalize relations" with Israel, another diplomatic win for the president coming after a similar agreement with the United Arab Emirates just last month.  “This is really something special, very, very special," Trump said in the Oval Office, predicting that the region "will become more secure and prosperous" as a result of the diplomatic moves.

September 11: Jewish Journal: Meanwhile the Arab League rejects a
Palestinian Authority resolution condemning the Israel-UAE deal
The Arab League, which is currently chaired by the Palestinian Authority (PA), rejected a PA resolution condemning the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said during the meeting that the UAE violated the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative stating that Arab nations will not normalize ties with Israel unless a Palestinian state is established under pre-1967 borders.  The Arab League’s decision is a big deal and a major change in directions from the past.

September 11: The Daily Caller: Bret Baier: Biden’s national press secretary
didn’t answer questions he was asked, not once!
Fox News anchor Bret Baier repeatedly asked Joe Biden campaign national press secretary TJ Ducklo on Thursday if the former vice president “has ever used a teleprompter” during interviews — he never got an answer.   Instead Duicklo said  the question was “straight from the [Donald] Trump campaign talking points.”  And that’s not the only question which he failed to answer.  Time after time Ducklo pivoted to talk about the Biden talking points and ignored the questions being asked. 

September 11: The Washington Times: Mueller’s staff wiped smartphones clean
before returning them to DOJ
The staff of special counsel Robert Mueller turned in 27 government smartphones that had been “wiped” of all data, including the iPhone of Andrew Weissmann, according to new Justice Department numbers.  Of over 100 relinquished iPhone 6s and 7s in 2017-19, 12 were cleansed of any texts, emails, photos and notes due to password failures. Some were automatically wiped. Others were left in airplane mode and, with no password, were reset to factory settings which cleaned data.  According to previous Justice Department reports, investigators have the forensic skills to rebuild deleted phone data if needed.

September 11: Breitbart NewsTrump honors flight 93 heroes in PA from 9-11;
“America will always stand tall and fight back”
Friday, President Trump spoke at the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania, honoring the Americans who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 while fighting back against terrorist.  “The 40 on Flight 93 did the most American of things, they took a vote and they acted together,” Trump said. “They charged the cockpit. They confronted the pure evil and in their last act on this earth they saved our Capitol.”  The president reminded Americans the hijacked flight was just 20 minutes away from their target.  “The only thing that stood between the enemy and a deadly strike at the heart of American democracy was the courage and resolve of American men and women,” Trump said.  The president recalled prior to their heroic action, they prayed together and called their families to say goodbye.  The president noted the post 9/11 spirit where Americans came together despite their differences to pray and mourn together as they faced the challenge of rebuilding.

September 11: The Galveston County Daily NewsWhere were you on this day in 2001?
On this day in 2001, I was sitting in my Commerce Department office in Washington, DC – just one block from the White House – when the word came of the terrorist attack in New York City and at the Pentagon.  Many of my colleagues went into panic mode…  …Currently there are those -- foreign and domestic -- who would destroy us and the freedoms America represents.  So today, resolve to stand firm and fight for our freedoms as we remember those who lost their lives on 9-11 and especially the first responders who ran to help those whose lives were in danger.

September 10: Epoch Times: AG Barr: Wouldn’t say there
won’t be more indictments from the Durham investigation
Attorney General Barr, pressed during an interview with NBC Thursday on whether Durham is nearing the end of his investigation, responded that he would not characterize where exactly Durham is in the probe.  He was then asked whether he’d say it’s unlikely there will be further criminal charges.  “No, I wouldn’t say that at all, no,” Barr said, adding: “There could be.”  Barr said he would not get into whether Durham will release information before the Nov. 3 election and whether there could be an interim report on what the U.S. attorney has uncovered.  But he said possible criticism over a hypothetical interim report wouldn’t stop him from doing what he thinks is right.

September 10: The Wall Street Journal: Democrats torpedo GOP’s limited COVID-19 relief package
Democrats blocked Senate Republicans’ coronavirus aid package from advancing Thursday, the latest skirmish in the political battle over stalled pandemic relief and economic stimulus.  The bill, which drew 52 votes in support, needed to get 60 votes in order to advance.  The Democrats opposed the measure because it didn’t include funding to help mismanaged blue states and cities which were in the red prior to the COV ID-19 pandemic.

September 10: Fox News: White House considering executive action on COVID-19
relief in light of Democrats blocking Congressional action
The White House is reportedly considering issuing a new round of executive actions amid dwindling hopes for a bipartisan coronavirus relief deal.  Trump administration officials have discussed efforts to unilaterally provide support for the beleaguered airline industry and bolster federal unemployment benefits, according to The Washington Post.  The administration has also weighed moving without Congress on allocating more money for school vouchers, and changing President Trump's temporary payroll tax deferral to make it more effective, the Post reported.

September 10: Townhall.com: Some voters in PA are having a “come to Jesus” moment
Typically Democrats do well in Philadelphia and large cities while Republicans do the same in more rural counties.  In swing counties like Bucks, Lehigh, and Northampton there has been a tilt toward Republicans in voter registrations.  If these new voters actually go to the polls and vote it could be setting up a situation where the Philly area simply won’t be enough to counter the red wave outside of the city. The Capital-Star noted that conservative Democrats in the state are finally jumping ship and becoming Republicans whilst soft Trump voters are now having their ‘come to Jesus’ moment and decided to give the president another term in office. It’s likely that endless rioting and lawlessness that Democrats have quasi-endorsed had some bearing on this trend.

September 10: The Washington Times: GAO: Trump sent SWAT teams to
quell riots and violence in May and June
The federal government deployed SWAT teams from 16 different federal divisions to deal with the unrest surrounding racial justice protests in May and June, Congress’ chief watchdog said in a report Thursday that reveals the extent of Trump administration action.  Teams deployed from Buffalo to Miami, and from San Diego to D.C., in some cases as the main protection for federal buildings and in other cases as backup to other national or local law enforcement agencies, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  Some of the cities included the District of Columbia, El Paso, Dallas, House and Pearland (TX),  Detroit, St. Louis; Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City; Seattle and Denver.  Federal officials say they sent in reinforcements after violent riots broke out around the federal courthouse and local police were told to stand down.

September 10: The Daily Caller: NH Voter with shirt slandering Trump
took it off and voted topless
A female voter who showed up to a poll in New Hampshire on Tuesday voted topless after she was told she couldn’t wear a shirt that slandered Trump because it violated electioneering rules.  The unidentified woman apparently attempted to vote wearing a “McCain Hero, Trump Zero,” t-shirt.  However, as a polling worker was checking her name off the voter list, a poll worker told the woman she couldn’t wear a shirt with a political candidate featured on it while she voted.  Instead of stepping out of the polling area and turning her shirt inside out before voting, an argument ensued, the woman removed her shirt and voted, much to the dismay of poll workers and other voters who were present.

September 9: Fox News: Trump’s Supreme Court list for vacancies
President Trump on Wednesday announced a list of 20 more people he would consider nominating to the Supreme Court, including three sitting Republican senators.  The list includes Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Tom Cotton (R-AR).  The president said the 20 new names are being added to his previous list of 25 judges.

September 9: The Daily Caller: Trump down played threat of COVID-19 to avoid public panic
President Donald Trump says he downplayed the severity of the coronavirus to avert a sense of panic Wednesday.  Trump’s comments came hours after Woodward released recordings in which Trump can be heard saying in that he both knew the virus was more severe than the flu and decided to downplay its severity. Trump’s response echoed White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who argued Trump did not lie to the American people, but tempered his language to avoid panic.  “We don’t want to run around screaming and shouting ‘oh look at this, look at this.’ We have to show leadership and leadership is all about confidence,” Trump said.

September 9: Breitbart News: Fauci defends Trump on COVID-19;
“I don’t think he ever distorted things”
Dr. Anthony Fauci defended President Trump from claims Wednesday that he lied about the coronavirus, saying I don’t recall anything that was any gross distortion in things that I spoke to him about.”  On Wednesday, it was revealed that Trump told journalist Bob Woodward that he had downplayed the threat of the coronavirus pandemic to prevent the public from panicking.  Referring to Trump’s coronavirus press briefings, Fauci said, “I don’t think he said much different than what we said [to him] when we were in the Oval Office.”  In public statements about the coronavirus pandemic, going all the way back to January, Trump took a very optimistic view — arguably for some, an overly optimistic one.

September 9: The Post Newspaper: Part Two: The criminal defense attorney's role in the
Criminal Justice System

Our criminal justice system guarantees every defendant the right to legal representation and a fair trial.  Criminal defense attorneys play a critical part in this process. It's a tough job and defense attorney Byron Fulk shared “I would find this line of work very stressful without the faith in have in the Lord. I don’t know how I could do this job without it.  A lot of married attorney’s end up divorced or with alcohol issues.  Without the undergirding of faith, people in my line of work tend to burn out.”

September 9: The Epoch Times: US revokes over 1,000 visas of Chinese nationals over military links
The United States has revoked more than 1,000 visas of Chinese nationals over military links, a State Department spokesperson said on Wednesday.  “We continue to welcome legitimate students and scholars from China who do not further the Chinese Communist Party’s goals of military dominance,” a department spokesperson said in a statement.  “As of September 8, 2020, the Department has revoked more than 1,000 visas of PRC nationals who were found to be subject to Presidential Proclamation 10043 and therefore ineligible for a visa.”

September 9: The Washington Free Beacon: Democrat’s choice for Kansas Senator;
Favorite charity is Planned Parenthood

Democratic Kansas Senate nominee Barbara Bollier told supporters that she and her husband made Planned Parenthood the first interest group they donated to long before her switch from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.  While she has campaigned as a moderate, Bollier boasted to students at a virtual town hall on Sept. 1 that she is a lifelong supporter of the nation's largest abortion provider.

September 9: Fox News: AG Barr: Chicago murder rate cut roughly in half
since before operation legend
The federal government through Operation Legend has "reversed" Chicago's surge in violence, making more than 500 arrests and charging 124 people with federal criminal charges since it started, officials announced.  U.S. Attorney General William Barr said during a Wednesday morning press conference in the Windy City that the federal program had helped decrease Chicago's murder rate to the lowest it's been "at any time" since April.

September 9: The Washington Times: Trump nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
after Israel-UAE peace agreement
President Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, shortly after his administration helped broker a new peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.  “For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees,” Christian Tybring-Gjedde, the member of the Norwegian Parliament who nominated Mr. Trump, said.  In his nomination letter to the Nobel Committee, Mr. Tybring-Gjedde also cited Mr. Trump’s “key role in facilitating contact between conflicting parties and … creating new dynamics in other protracted conflicts, such as the Kashmir border dispute between India and Pakistan, and the conflict between North and South Korea, as well as dealing with the nuclear capabilities of North Korea.”

Former Vice President Biden's mental acuity questionedSeptember 8: The Washington Free Beacon:
White House stenographer: VP’s “mental acuity” has deteriorated, “not the same Joe Biden”
Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer said the vice president’s public speaking ability has deteriorated significantly since leaving office to the point where he’s "not the same Joe Biden."  "It is a complete difference from what he was in 2017," Mike McCormick, who worked as a White House stenographer for 15 years and with Biden from 2011 to 2017, told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview. "He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago."  "He doesn’t have the energy, he doesn’t have the pace of his speaking," McCormick said. "He’s a different guy."

September 8: The Washington Examiner: Trump supporter takes on Silicon Valley tech giant after doctored video said she was voting for Biden
It was the first time Joan Herbert had made her political views so public. She said she was pleased the finished campaign advertisement got her pro-Trump message across so clearly.  Sitting in a darkened bedroom, the Pennsylvania mother of four delivered her message without speaking, flipping through a series of cue cards.   “I’m afraid to say this out loud,” reads one. “I won’t risk my children’s future with Biden.”   Within hours of her video hitting social media, it had been picked up and edited to replace her cue cards with words attacking the president and his record.

September 8: The New York Post: Trump signs order to stop drilling along the Florida coast
Trump compared himself to conservationist President Teddy Roosevelt during a speech in swing-state Florida, which he called “my home.”  Trump issued the 10-year ban on oil drilling as a new NBC News/Marist poll finds him tied with Democrat Joe Biden in Florida, with both candidates having 48% support.  Trump recently hit Biden during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania for supporting a ban on fracking of oil and natural gas — a stance Biden then disavowed.

Rochester's Police Chief and Command Staff  ResignsSeptember 8: The Daily Caller: The’re attempting to destroy my character; Rochester Police Chief and command staff resign
The Rochester, New York, police chief resigned Tuesday amid increasing scrutiny over his handling of the police-involved death of Daniel Prude. “As a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character,” Chief Singletary said in a press release. “The events over the past week are an attempt to destroy my character and integrity.”   He continued: “The mischaracterization and the politicization of the actions that I took after being informed of Mr. Prude’s death is not based on facts and is not what I stand for.”

September 8: The Hill: Senate to vote on COVID-19 bill
The Senate will vote Thursday on a scaled-down GOP coronavirus relief bill.   Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told reporters that he expected a vote on Thursday.  "Republicans are making yet another overture. Today we're releasing a targeted proposal that focuses on several of the most urgent aspects of this crisis, issues where bipartisanship should be especially possible," McConnell said during a Senate floor speech.  The bill will need 60 votes to overcome Thursday's procedural hurdle, something  that is unlikely given Democrat opposition.  

September 7: The Daily Caller: Battleground States may see unprecedented amount
of absentee ballot rejections

Up to three times as many voters in battleground states could have their votes discarded compared to 2016 if states reject absentee ballots at the same rate as the 2020 primaries, The Associated Press reported.  Millions of voters plan to vote by mail amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and postal delays have been reported across the country.  Rejection rates could be even more pronounced in urban areas where ballot rejection rates have been higher throughout the 2020 cycle.

September 7: Townhall.com: Swing-state labor union endorses Trump’s re-election
A labor union in a major swing-state threw their support behind President Trump’s re-election on Monday. Boilermakers Local 154, based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, represents over 2,500 active and retired energy workers.  The group recognized Joe Biden’s vendetta against oil and natural gas, as the former vice president said he would ban fracking during the presidential primary. 

Over 100 boat owners put on a parage for Trump in central WisconsinSeptember 7: Sky News: (Video) Pro-Trump supporters put on boat parade in Wisconsin
Lake Winnebago is located in west central Wisconsin and it was the scene this Labor Day weekend of a large boat parade by Trump supporters. Over 100 boats participated and, Wisconsin being a swing state makes that even more interesting.  One of the participants said  This is great, we are out on the lake and don’t need to fearful of  the mob and rioters...  there are no Biden supporters here!

September 7: The Washington Times: Most voter plan to cast ballots in person this year,
even in “all mail” states
While President Trump and top Democrats snipe over mail-in voting, the reality is that most voters, even in states that host “all mail” elections, will cast ballots in person like.  What sets all-mail states apart is that they send a ballot to every registered voter with the option to send it back by post. But in Colorado, an all-mail state, 73% voted in person in 2016. So did 65% of Washington state residents and 59% of Oregonians, who were the first to adopt the system.

September 7: The Washington Examiner: DOJ to file antitrust lawsuit against Google, sources say
The Justice Department will reportedly file antitrust charges against Google later this month focused on how it has used its search dominance in the online advertising business.  The Justice Department and some state attorneys general have been investigating Google over the past year or so, focused on the anti-competitive conduct in Google's online advertising business fueled by its dominance in the search engine sphere, connecting online publishers and advertisers to hundreds of millions of users.  A bipartisan coalition of the top legal officers from 50 states and territories announced last September that it would investigate Google’s alleged monopolistic practices.

September 7: The Daily Caller: Wounded Vet says “STOP using my image,”
Trump never called me a “loser”
Four-tour Iraq War veteran and comedian Bobby Henline demanded Monday that people stop using his image for “propaganda.”  Within a day of a report from The Atlantic claiming that President Donald Trump had called wounded veterans’ “losers” and saying that no one wanted to see them, Henline’s face appeared on anti-Trump memes that used that message.  “I don’t know what Trump said, but I’m sure he didn’t call me a loser. I didn’t hear him call me a loser, so this has got to stop. Stop using my image,” Hemline said.

September 6: The Post Newspaper: Defensive Stand: The Role of a Criminal Defense
Attorney in the criminal justice system
From Crime to Punishment. The basis of our criminal justice system is that every defendant has the right to legal representation and a fair trial. Criminal defense attorneys play a critical part in this process. This is the first of two columns about the role criminal defense attornys play in the criminal justice system.

September 6: The New York Post: American Airlines faces turbulent
times from allowing employees to wear BLM pins while on duty

Top brass at the nation’s largest commercial jet carrier is facing turbulence from within after it announced that flight attendants are now allowed to wear Black Lives Matter pins on their uniforms while on duty.  The move has irked some of American’s staffers, including those who have spouses or relatives who are in law enforcement — because they consider the BLM movement divisive and anti-police, saying it promotes and condones violence.  Not mentioned is the possibility of customers who may choose another carrier because of American Airlines decision; further negatively impacting their bottom line which has been affected the COVID-19 pandemic. 

September 6: The Washington Examiner: San Fran gym owners livid after discovering gyms
in government building have been open for months while they have been forced to close

Gyms within government buildings in San Francisco have been open for months, despite privately owned establishments being ordered to close due to the coronavirus.   The gyms that have been open for government employees include those for police officers, judges, lawyers, bailiffs, and paralegals, according to the report. One such gym, the Hall of Justice gym, has been open since July 1.   “It just demonstrates that there seems to be some kind of a double standard between what city employees are allowed to do and what the residents of San Francisco are allowed to do,” Dave Karraker, owner of MX3 Fitness in the Castro, said.

September 6: The Washington Times: Obama appointed judge issues restraining order
forbidding completion of the 2020 Census by September 30th
An Obama appointed federal judge late Saturday issued a restraining order against the Trump administration forbidding it from ending in-person census counting on Sept. 30, ruling that more time is needed in order to have an accurate count.  Lucy H. Koh, a federal district judge in northern California (part of the infamous ninth circuit) blocked the Census Bureau from following through on its Aug. 3 plans, which called for surging census takers into the field in August and September in order to be done by the end of the month, so that a count submitted to Congress by the end of this year.

September 6: The Associated Press: Indiana sheriff defects to GOP saying
“I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets”
The sheriff of southern Indiana’s largest county has switched to the Republican Party, accusing Democrats of endorsing flag burning, failing to acknowledge God and not supporting police.  Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding made his announcement this past week with Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch in attendance.  “I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets,” Wedding said. “I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government and everything we stand for.

September 6: Townhall.com: USPS investigating mail bags dumped LA suburbs, 
raising concerns about voting by mail in November
Over the last few months Trump and Republicans have wondered how the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be able to handle the influx of mail this fall with the election in November.  The concerns may be valid, especially considering the USPS is now launching an investigation into bags of mail being dumped in two different locations in a suburb of Los Angeles.  One of the instances was caught on a surveillance camera outside of a spa. A Budget rental truck can be seen backing up before a man jumps out and unloads the bags of mail and boxes. 

September 6: The Daily Caller: Sources close to Trump said “It never happened”
referring to the Atlantic’s report based on anonymous sources
Former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said,  “I was actually there and one of the people part of the discussion — this never happened.”  Dan Scavino said, “I was with POTUS in France, with Sarah, and have been at his side throughout it all. Complete lies by ‘anonymous sources’…”  General Keith Kellogg, national security adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, also defended the president, saying, “The Atlantic story is completely false. Absolutely lacks merit. I’ve been by the President’s side. He has always shown the highest respect to our active duty troops and veterans with utmost respect paid to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those wounded in battle.”  Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie said he had not heard Trump disparage American service members and add, “I would be offended too if I thought it was true. Again, I think ‘anonymous’ are the same people that brought you fake heart attacks, fake strokes, Russian collusion.”

September 5: Townhall.com: Former Obama adviser comments
on Trump’s rebounding economy
Things are starting to look up and everyone is noticing, including one of President Barack Obama's former Economic Advisers, Jason Furman.  "In rough terms, three million jobs created this month, according to the household survey. All of those jobs are people returning from temporary layoffs. That's good news. That's the healing. That's the reopening. 8.4 [percent of unemployment] is certainly lower than I thought we would get the unemployment rate by the summer," Furman explained during an interview. "[It's] lower than even I thought it would be at the end of the year."

September 5: The New York Post: Black Lives Matter riots in Manhattan cause $100K in damages
Eight people were arrested Friday night when a group of 150 Black Lives Matter protesters smashed windows and graffitied the storefronts of Lower Manhattan chain stores and banks, police sources said.  At least two Starbucks, five banks and a Duane Reade had their windows busted, causing an estimated $100,000 in damage.  Police recovered two stun guns, smoke grenades, and burglary and graffiti tools.  One of the arrested protesters was from Portland, OR, and another was from Iowa, the sources said.

September 5: Fox News: Minnesota could go red as “crazy” urban liberals drive people to Trump
President Trump could flip Minnesota -- a state that has been blue since 1972 --  because of a mishandled coronavirus response and continuing civil unrest in Democrat-run cities, GOP Senate candidate Jason Lewis said Saturday.  The former congressman is battling incumbent Democrat Tina Smith in a Senate race that Real Clear Politics recently moved from "leaning Democrat" to "toss-up."  "It's sort of a microcosm of the entire country. As the urban liberals become a little bit more crazy, it drives everybody else into Trump country and red country," Lewis said.   Meanwhile, acknowledging the importance of the state, Joe Biden (D-DE) has announced he will campaign in-person in Minnesota as the rival campaigns ramp up advertising statewide.

Image of Joe BidenMarch 29, 2020; Flashback: The Gateway Pundit:
Former Secret Service Agent: We needed to protect women from Vice President Biden

A former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him. “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.” The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family. According to the source, a Secret Service agent once got suspended for a week in 2009 for shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. The situation got so heated, the source told Cassandra Fairbanks, that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.
[Flashback post by Cassandra Fairbanks, originally published in 2017. On September 2, 2020, Judicial Watch (JW) filed a Freedom of Information Act request for " All records related to a reported incident in 2009 in which a United States Secret Service Agent reportedly was involved in an altercation with, or attempted to strike, then Vice President Joe Biden” during a photo opportunity. Judicial Watch was informed that said documents had been destroyed because of "retention standards." JW noted that they did not deny the incident actually took place, only that the record were no longer available.]

September 4: The Washington Examiner: Neil Cavuto: Media asking “decidedly
friendlier questions” to Biden than Trump
Fox News host Neil Cavuto said there are already notable differences in the way the press have engaged with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden versus how they have covered President Trump the past three years.  Cavuto said if journalists are tough on Trump, they should handle Biden the same.  "It could be the friendly approach, the fact that he [Biden] constantly praises the press. I get that. … if you're gonna be a jerk to one, it might be beneficial to just be the same jerk to all,” he contended.  Cavuto also criticized the press's handling of Biden on Friday in Wilmington, Delaware, saying they threw him easier questions than Trump.

September 4: The New York Post: Biden’s Kenosha town hall marred by
eyebrow-raising statements and scripted questions
Joe Biden’s town hall event in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Thursday was marred by a number of controversial and eyebrow-raising incidents, including the Democratic candidate claiming that the light bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison, and a questioner refusing to adhere to a pre-written script she was “told to go off.”  Biden said during the event that a black man invented the light bulb — and “not a white guy named Edison.” Meanwhile, participants at the event appeared to have been screened prior to the town hall, where they were “told to go off” a prepared script,  One woman remarked, “My name is Portia Bennett. I’m just going to be honest, Mr. Biden, I was told to go off this paper but I can’t. You need the truth, and I’m part of the truth. I was born here, raised here,” the woman said. “I have to give you the truth of the people.”

Melania Trump -- Getty imageSeptember 4: Breitbart News:
First Lady Melania Trump: Atlantic story is untrue
First Lady Melania Trump is hitting back at an anonymously sourced story published in the left-leaning publication, The Atlantic, that made inflammatory statements her husband’s allegedly made about fallen American soldiers.  “[The Atlantic] story is not true,” Mrs. Trump said. “It has become a very dangerous time when anonymous sources are believed above all else, & no one knows their motivation. This is not journalism – It is activism. And it is a disservice to the people of our great nation.”  Meanwhile, Presidential critic Josh Bolton said on camera that he was present when the decision was made not to travel in inclement weather and that he didn’t hear any such comments as were published in The Atlantic.  The timing of the story is interesting seeing that it allegedly happened two year ago and it is just now being published in the last two months of a neck-in-neck Presidential campaign.

September 4: The Daily Caller: The Atlantic’s owner has donated $1.2 million to Joe Biden
and other Democrat candidates since 2019, may influence publication’s content
The Atlantic’s majority owner—Powell Jobs -- has donated over $1.2 million to Democratic candidates and political committees since 2019 while reportedly keeping in close contact with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, who published an anonymously-sourced story alleging President Trump denigrated fallen American soldiers.  Reports are that Jobs often communicates with The Atlantic’s editor-in-chief and may influence the publication’s content.    Trump and multiple igh-level administration officials have denied The Atlantic’s report, and said crucial aspects of the report were flawed.  The story opened saying Trump had falsely claimed he canceled a visit to the venerated Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018 because rain had grounded his helicopter and the Secret Service refused to drive him there. However, BuzzFeed News reporter Jason Leopold published documents Thursday evening showing that the Navy – which controls the Presidential helicopter -- did indeed cancel Trump’s air transport to the cemetery that day due to rain.

September 4: Fox News: President Trump’s approval ratings returns to pre-COVID-19 levels
President Trump’s approval rating is back up to its pre-pandemic high of 52 percent, according to a Rasmussen poll.  Friday’s Rasmussen Reports approval rating for Trump was 52%. At the same time, 48 percent disapprove. Strong feelings for the president are equal on both sides-- 42 percent strongly approve of the president’s job and 42 percent strongly disapprove.  The last time Trump hit 52 percent approval was late February, weeks before coronavirus lockdowns kicked in.

September 4: The Washington Free Beacon: George Soros pours in millions to
win women in battleground states
Liberal billionaire George Soros is funding a multimillion-dollar effort to turn out women voters for Democrats in battleground states.  Supermajority, a Soros backed progressive women's group, is launching a $10 million campaign targeting women voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.  

President Trump at Airport Rally -- Latrobe, PASeptember 3: C-Span: Trump speaks at Latrobe, PA airport; Heralded as one of his best speeches by Rush Limbaugh
President Trump delivered remarks at a campaign event in Latrobe, PA. He listed his administration’s accomplishments during his first term and addressed the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Conservative radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, repeatedly commented on his September 4th program that this was one of the President’s top five speeches.

September 3: The Gateway Pundit: Participant at Biden Kenosha event spills the beans; given paper of what to say
Today in Kenosha, Wisconsin at a Biden event a woman admitted on camera that she was given a piece of paper telling her what to say. The Biden team has managed their events by ensuring all comments and questions the former Obama VP is asked are pre-approved, and set up so that Biden can read the respective answers on the teleprompter.

September 3: The Washington Times: Trump takes fight to battleground states
President Trump brought $5 million in federal aid for an airport runway in Pennsylvania on Thursday, plus nearly $50 million this week to fight street violence in Wisconsin and the designation of a North Carolina town as a World War II “heritage city,” as he and Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden narrow their campaigns to a baker’s dozen of battleground states that will decide the election.   Much of the battle will take place in the upper Midwest states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, in the Rust Belt states of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, even in the relatively small electoral-vote prizes of New Hampshire and Maine.  Add to those battlegrounds Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Iowa, and Nevada, and that’s the 2020 map for the final two months of the campaign.

September 3: Fox News: Biden make awkward “they’ll shoot me” quip during Wisc. Visit
Former Vice President Biden used an unfortunate choice of words Thursday while visiting Kenosha, Wis. in the afternoon of the police shooting of Jacob Blake His speech aimed at addressing racial unrest veered into talking about inequities in taxes at one point. He stopped himself from laying out his tax policy in detail, saying if he goes on any longer "they'll shoot me."

September 3: United Press International: Space X launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida
SpaceX launched 60 more of its Starlink satellites Thursday morning from Kennedy Space Center in Florida -- the 12th mission for the company's fledgling broadband Internet service.  Liftoff occurred on time at 8:46 a.m. EDT under clear skies from Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center.   The launch will bring the total number of Starlink spacecraft in orbit to more than 600 as SpaceX prepares to roll out broader testing of the network.

September 3: The Washington Free Beacon: U.S. pulls $62 million in funding from WHO
formalizing its exit after accusations of it working for China
The Trump administration pulled $62 million in funding from the World Health Organization on Wednesday and is taking further steps to withdraw from the body. The US is on track to cut its funding and personnel from the agency before July 2021.  U.S. officials reiterated demands that the organization implement a series of widespread reforms to limit China's interference in the body. American diplomats have been pressuring the organization for months over its efforts to help China hide evidence of the coronavirus's origins. The Trump administration maintains the WHO was complicit in Beijing's efforts to promulgate lies about the virus in the early days of its spread.

September 3: The Daily Caller: White House press secretary opens briefing
by playing video of Pelosi’s violation of COVID-19 restrictions
White House Press Secretary McEnany began Thursday’s press conference by playing a video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi receiving a coronavirus restriction-violating haircut.  The White House has blasted Pelosi – second in line for the Presidency-- for her salon visit on Monday, arguing it is emblematic of what they say is Pelosi’s unwillingness to work with President Donald Trump and Republicans to provide coronavirus relief. Congress is currently out of session, leading Trump to attempt to provide relief through executive orders.  “Nancy Pelosi was not in the halls of Congress when I asked where she was; she was not working in good faith to make a deal for the American people,” McEnany said. “Nope, Nancy Pelosi was found in San Francisco at a hair salon, where she was indoors even though salons in California are only open for outdoor service. Apparently, the rules do not apply to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

September 3: The Washington Times: Poisoning backlash could hand Trump
another foreign policy win
The furor sparked by the apparent poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexander Navalny could hand President Trump an unexpected foreign policy win, as Germany weighs whether to pull out of the controversial oil pipeline project with Moscow that Washington has long sought to kill.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel this week faced escalating calls from her domestic rivals to cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline — or at least use the threat of a German pullout to press the Kremlin into providing answers about what actually happened to Mr. Navalny.  The prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in an induced coma for nearly two weeks in Germany, where doctors say tests have shown that he was poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent called Novichok. The Putin government has denied allegations it ordered Mr. Navalny killed.

Parking Lot of  burnt cars at dealershipSeptember 3:
United Press International: Kenosha mayor
lifts curfew, citing nights of relative peace
More than a week after protests in the Wisconsin city of Kenosha erupted following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, officials have ended a state of emergency curfew, citing several nights of relative peace.  This period of “relative peace” included the time when President Trump visited the city.  Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian announced the curfew's suspension in a statement Wednesday, saying the decision was made following consultations with law enforcement and community leaders.

September 2: The Daily Caller: Pelosi’s hair dresser gets death threats, may close her salon for good
San Francisco salon owner Erica Kious told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the fallout from a visit from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made her consider shutting her business down for good.  Security footage showed  Pelosi walking without a mask inside the shuttered salon Monday as she visited one of Kious’ stylists, who each rent their own spaces. While Kious criticized the visit as a “slap in the face” after hearing about it, Pelosi called the visit and ensuing publicity a “setup” and demanded an apology.  Kious responded with a firm “absolutely not” when asked about Pelosi’s claim. [watch video]

September 2: The Washington ExaminerAG Barr; advocates of mass mail-in voting
jeopardize public confidence in the election
Attorney General William Barr warned during a CNN interview that advocates of mass mail-in voting are preventing public confidence in the upcoming election.  Barr said the reason why the United States has not seen examples of widespread voter fraud is because it has not tried mass vote-by-mail.   Barr cited a bipartisan commission on federal election reform, chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker III, that said widespread mail in voting could enable widespread fraud.  Barr said "Since that time, there have been in the newspapers, in networks, academic studies saying it is open to fraud and coercion. The only time the narrative changed is after this administration came in. But elections that have been held with mail have found substantial fraud and coercion," Barr continued. "For example, we indicted someone in Texas, 1,700 ballots collected from people who could vote. He made them out and voted for the person he wanted to. OK? That kind of thing happens with mail-in ballots."

September 2: Fox News: Best, Seattle cop, steps down, says cuts to department
would make destined to fail
Carmen Best, the first Black police chief in Seattle’s history, left her post Wednesday, saying on her way out that the city council's police budget cuts had put her in a "position destined to fail," according to a report.  Best, 55, announced her resignation Aug 10, after the council made good on its promise to approve sweeping proposals that would slash the police department budget by $4 million and cut as many as 100 officers from the force.  "How are we going to provide for adequate public safety…” in an environment where there is already had low staffing numbers and that is already struggling to keep up with the demand, Best told NPR. 

August 2: Breitbart News: Blake, Sr. has history of racist, antisemitic, anti-Christian
posts; set to meet Joe Biden
Jacob Blake, Sr., the father of the man shot August 23 by police in Kenosha, WI, appears to have a long history of racist, antisemitic, and anti-Christian posts on Facebook.   He is set to meet with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Thursday.  On September 13, 2017 he reportedly posted “A jew can’t tell me sh*t period.”  In November of that year he posted “The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorist and is not.”  The management of Breitbart News published the following disclaimer with its report: “The fact that Jacob Blake’s father appears to have a long history of bigoted social media posts has no bearing on questions surrounding his son’s shooting by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Nevertheless, since former Vice President Joe Biden has decided to meet with him on Thursday during a visit to the town, his extremist views are newsworthy.”

September 2: The Washington Times: “Cities on fire”: Chaos takes toll on Biden as race tightens
Nicole Murphy hasn’t ventured from her suburban neighborhood into Philadelphia since the racial justice protests and violence erupted three months ago.  “In Kenosha and other places, they were coming out of the cities into the suburbs and causing havoc. So, you never know. It’s an unsettling feeling,” said Ms. Murphy, 32, who works in the insurance industry.  This year she says she will vote for Trump.  Republicans believe there are many more out there like her, and they ran a full court press seeking to take advantage, demanding everyone from Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser explain why they can’t control the mayhem, death and destruction on the streets.  Mr. Biden announced he would make a trip Thursday to visit the site of recent chaos and bloodshed in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He had previously rejected the idea, saying it would only add to the turmoil.

September 1: United Press InternationalJudge in Georgia rules ballots mailed by Election
Day must be counted
A federal judge has extended the deadline for absentee voting in Georgia, in a move that allows the state to accept some ballots that arrive after Election Day.  U.S. District Judge Eleanor Ross  ruled that ballots must be counted if they're postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 3, and delivered within three days.  Democrats heralded the decision while Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs promised an “immediate” appeal.

September 1: Fox News: Chris Wallace calls Pence’s RNC speech “well-crafted” and “very effective”
Wallace said Pence had put forward "as strong a case as you can imagine for the Trump record."  Wallace concluded by highlighting what he called "the most remarkable thing about tonight."     "How often have you seen Donald Trump at a big public event where he doesn't say a word?" Wallace asked after the president and the first lady appeared onstage as Pence finished speaking.  "Actually, I applaud him," he added. "This is Mike Pence's night and he's not one-upping him. He's paying tribute to him. Mike Pence has been a good, loyal soldier. He did a really good job tonight and tomorrow it's Donald Trump's turn."

September 1: The Post Newspaper: Teamwork between law enforcement and the
DA's office results in murder conviction

From Crime to Punishment. On the evening of April 9, 2017, three men were breaking into cars in Galveston's San Luis Resort parking lot. A security officer was murdered in the process. This is a story what happened and the team effort to convict the murder defendant, sentencing him to 80 years in prison.

September 1: United Press International: Trump promises funding to help rebuild Kenosha
President Trump promised millions in funding Tuesday to help Kenosha, Wis., rebuild after protests he described as "domestic terror."  The president, Attorney General Barr and Chad Wolf, acting secretary of Homeland Security, toured scenes of some of the more destructive protests in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake last month. They also visited an Emergency Operations Center and held a roundtable discussion on public safety.

August 31: Breibart News: Trump: I don’t want my supporters confronting rioters a
nd looters, let law enforcement do that
During an interview with Laura Ingraham President Donald Trump stated that he does not want his supporters to confront left-wing protesters and that such matters should be left to law enforcement. Trump also stated that his supporters are good people who “can’t believe” the violence they see in some American cities.  “They [Trump supporters] turn on their television set, and they look at a Portland, or they look at a Kenosha, before I got involved and stopped it, or they look at Chicago, where 78 people were shot last weekend and numerous people died, or they look at New York, where violence is up by like, what? 150%. … They’re looking at all of this, and they can’t believe it,” the President said.

August 31: The Daily Caller: Biden stumbles in trying to describe the impact of COVID-19
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden struggled to describe the impact that COVID-19 has had on America during a Monday speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Biden’s speech marks a somewhat rare public appearance and is his first trip since the Democratic National Convention (DNC) amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. At one point, Biden appeared to try and explain how many people have died from the virus, but stumbled.  This was his first in person appearance where the news media was present since late July.  He did not take questions from the national media.

August 31: Fox News: Chaffetz: Schiff should lose his security clearance after intel leaks
If members of Congress have leaked classified information to the media, they should be prosecuted, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said on  Monday. Talking directly about House Intel Chairman Schiff who has misrepresented information on numerous occasions, Chaffetz said  "File a complaint at the Department of Justice and prosecute Adam Schiff.  I have seen it, I have heard it, I have listened to everybody complain about how he leaks classified information. Then prosecute him,” he contended.  "I don’t understand why he has a security clearance.  Nobody is able to describe that to me, because he has done this repeatedly, misrepresented information. It is documented, and he should lose his security clearance. But if he’s done something illegal, like leaked classified information, prosecute him."

August 30: Fox News: Trump’s message is resonating
within the black community
Black voters “are definitely listening” to President Trump’s message “and it is resonating,” Kimberly Klacik, the black Republican woman running for the Baltimore U.S. House seat held by the late Elijah Cummings, who was a Democrat, said on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”  “This is an administration that actually has real results coming into the community,” she said.  “A lot of people don’t talk about the fact that the criminal justice reform is something that many Black Americans thought President Obama would tackle. He failed to do that,” she continued “He didn’t even attempt to do it.”  In Dec. 2018, President Trump signed a sweeping criminal justice reform bill, marking a major legislative victory on an issue that garnered bipartisan support and was also a win for the African-American community.

August 30: The Daily Caller: Violent protestors take to the streets of DC for a second night
Protesters and police officers clashed yet again Saturday night in Washington, D.C.  One police officer was reportedly hit in the face when a rioter threw a water bottle into the police line, and police later smashed the window of a van painted with Black Lives Matter slogans. The driver of that vehicle was detained.  One protester, apparently concerned by the number of people coming into the area to join the protests from outside the Washington, DC area, confronted Daily Caller reporters and demanded to know where they lived. He went on to condemn “outsiders who are getting black people that live here hurt.”

August 30: The Washington Free Beacon: Dems claim Trump is to blame for riots
and looting in Democrat controlled cities; refuse offer of federal assistance
Multiple Democrats on Sunday said President Donald Trump was responsible for inciting violence in Democrat-run cities.  Looting and violent protests have plagued major American cities in recent months.  In response, Trump has repeatedly called for "law and order" and offered federal support to cities that are struggling with riots. Some local Democratic leaders, however, have refused federal assistance—Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, whose city has faced violent protests for more than three months, turned down Trump's offer of federal support on Friday. The mayor previously said that he plans to let the violence "burn itself out."  Meanwhile residents and businesses in minority communities have seen their parts of town decimated.

August 30: The Post Newspaper: The DA's duties help define "Justice"
From Crime to Punishment. This is part two of an eight part series explaining the Criminal Justice System in Galveston County. Most readers have had no contact with criminal justice other than perhaps serving on a jury. This series is designed to help give readers a better understanding of it from start to finish. This column lays out the background about how the DA's office works, giving you a foundation for the next column which will look at the DA's involvement in a high-profile murder case.

August 30: Fox News: DNI Ratcliffe: Congress leaked classified information;
we’re reducing the number of in person election-related briefings
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe defended his decision to scale back in-person election security briefings to Congress in favor of written reports and accused members of Congress of leaking information "within minutes" of briefings. Ratcliffe said he had been going above and beyond in briefing "not just the oversight committees but every member of Congress" but will no longer do so.  "Within minutes of one of those briefings ending, a number of members of Congress went to a number of different outlets and leaked classified information for political purposes," Ratcliffe said. "To create a narrative that simply isn't true, that somehow Russia is a greater national security threat than China.  I don't mean to minimize Russia. They are a serious national security threat, but day in, day out, the threats that we face from China are significantly greater," Ratcliffe contended. "Anyone who says otherwise is just politicizing intelligence for their own narrative."

August 29: Voice of America: Trump visits hurricane ravaged LA and TX
President Trump toured of the coastal areas of Louisiana and Texas Saturday that were ravaged by Hurricane Laura, leaving them without power and water as cleanup efforts continue in seasonally hot and humid conditions.  "One thing I know about this state [Louisiana], it rebuilds fast," Trump told a group of dignitaries.  Fourteen people were killed when the Category 4 storm devastated the area early Thursday.  "It's a tremendous number but …  it could have been, a lot worse," the President said.  He then flew by helicopter to nearby Orange, Texas, a city of more than 18,000 people. The area was the worst-hit in the state and its economy is dependent on chemical plants. He was greeted by several hundred supporters and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Abbott said the area is extremely fortunate after Laura turned slightly east, averting an “unsurvivable” storm surge forecaster had predicted.

August 29: The New York Post: Kenosha officers say Blake was holding
a knife, contradicting Wisconsin state investigators
The police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI touched off a renewed nationwide wave of anti-police sentiment.  Recent reports indicate that Blake was armed with a knife and had engaged in a violent struggle with officers moments before he was shot, according to new law enforcement allegations.  The knife-wielding Blake had put one of his arresting officers in a headlock and shrugged off two of their attempts to stun him into submission, an attorney for the police union told The Associated Press.  This account contradicts that provided by state investigators who had said the knife was recovered inside Blake’s vehicle.

August 29: The Washington Examiner: “Kenosha is Nashua, , Manchester,
and every other small city…”
Some believe New Hampshire is a perfect battleground for President Trump to drive his “law and order” message against Joe Biden, saying many communities there are similar to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where riots have recently occurred.  New Hampshire was the president’s first post-convention rally where he appeared in Manchester on Friday.  Local Republicans say Kenosha is a facsimile of the sort of modest towns and employers that proliferate throughout their swing state, opening the possibility that voters will respond favorably to Trump’s claim that mayhem would engulf the country unchecked if Biden wins the presidency.   “Kenosha is Nashua, Manchester, and every other small city in New Hampshire,” said GOP strategist David Carney.  “Those photos of small businesses have been burned into the mind’s eye of every small business owner and employee in New Hampshire.”

August 29: MSNBC/Fox News: Retired Milwaukee police chief on violence
across major U.S. cities
Retired Milwaukee police chief said in an interview that the typical police action is that when an armed suspect is arrested he or she is taken into custody without violence, but that this kind of action is not being reported by the media.  He also has said that in Milwaukee 80% of the African American homicides are instigated by other African Americans and that the vast majority of African American community wants more of a police presence, not less.  The problem is when political leaders are not willing to support law enforcement and/or are not willing to prosecute those who have been arrested.  Listen to the video

August 29: Law Enforcement Today: California DA: Officers must determine the
looters’ need for stolen property before charging them
... really?
The Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton wants police officers, while investigating looting cases, to determine if the looters “needed” the stolen merchandise prior to charging them. She was elected, in part, due to the financial backing of George Soros.  What has that brought? Chaos, anarchy, and criminals who are emboldened, no longer concerned about the consequences of their actions.  Pat Droney, a retired police chief commented that this is complete lunacy.   According to California law, a looting charge serves to increase the severity of the underlying charge, such as burglary or theft, if it occurs during a State of Emergency.  The law defines “looting” as taking advantage of a state of emergency to commit burglary, grand theft or petty theft.  Looting charges can be filed as misdemeanor or a felony and are punishable by up to 3 years in jail (PC 463 PD).  The entire state of California has been in a state of emergency instituted by Governor Newsom since March 4, 2020.

August 29: Breitbart News: Trump to travel to Kenosha, WI Tuesday
According to the White House, President Trump will travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday.  The president plans to meet with law enforcement and survey damage from the recent riots after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.  The Kenosha riots fueled calls for law and order in the state of Wisconsin after violent agitators torched and looted several downtown businesses for three nights.  The president and other Republicans repeatedly condemned the riots during the Republican National Convention speeches, making it a focal point of the event.

August 28: CNN: Senator Rand Paul and his wife protected from angry
protestors after the Republican Convention at the White House
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was surrounded by a large crowd of protesters in Washington, DC, overnight Thursday following the Republican National Convention and had to be escorted away from the event by police, according to a Washington Post video.  On Friday, Paul thanked law enforcement officers, claiming the officers protected him from a "crazed mob" that surrounded him near the White House.   "Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House. Thank you to (the Washington, DC, police) for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob," Paul tweeted, referring to both himself and his wife, Kelley.

August 28: The Daily Caller: Trump on attacks on White House RNC guests:
“Peaceful protestors my ass”
President Donald Trump criticized protesters who harassed attendees at his RNC speech Thursday night at the White House, going on to criticize the media for describing them as protesters.  “Protesters your ass,” Trump said during a campaign rally in New Hampshire. Trump’s statement comes as dozens of White House attendees were harassed, sometimes violently, as they left the final night of the RNC.

August 28: The Washington Times: Biden/Dems rethink riots response
as law-and-order message lifts Trump
Top Democrats scrambled to adopt a tougher approach this week to riots that have broken out in cities across the country, casting a worried eye at President Trump’s rising poll numbers, which experts said were driven at least partly by his law-and-order message.  Americans tell pollsters they are tiring of the clashes that have broken out on a nearly nightly basis in Portland for the last three months, and the riots that have seen a resurgence in the Midwest this week.  “They say, ‘I’m not for that,’” said Robert C. Cahaly, chief pollster at the Trafalgar Group, a political and corporate market research firm. “The narrative that we cannot let this chaos reign, there is a lot of people that agree with that.”

Fireworks after the GOP National ConventionAugust 28:
Fox News: Carlson: Trump’s RNC speech
makes it look he is likely to win reelection
President Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday was the first moment in weeks when he seemed likely to win reelection, Tucker Carlson said on said Friday.  He argued that Trump's discussion of riots and other unrest gives him an edge over Democrats, whom he accused of being reluctant to condemn such violence.  "The United States has flaws, but it's also, the president reminded us last night, the most free, just and exceptional nation on Earth," Carlson said. "That's true. In our country, free speech is allowed, violence is not allowed. What separates American democracy from Taliban theocracy, for example, is that in America people can disagree with one another and disagree with the government without fearing for their lives. This used to be obvious. It was the foundation of our civic life.

August 28: The Washington Examiner: Trump deploys heavy-hitters
on final night of convention after Biden’s low-octane lineup
When President Trump accepts the GOP presidential nomination at the White House on tonight, he will be following a heavy-hitting lineup of party leaders in what organizers see as a contrast to the final day of the Democratic convention and its cast of lower-profile speakers.  Trump campaign officials hope that it is one of a number of contrasts that viewers will notice.  “Americans don’t want to be told what to think by washed-up politicians and out-of-touch celebrities. They want to know what a candidate will do to make their lives better," said Samantha Zager, a spokeswoman for Trump 2020. "Joe Biden’s DNC proved that despite nearly 50 years in Washington, he has no real accomplishments to point to and no vision for America — he’s just an empty vessel being propped up by the radical Left."

August 28: The Washington Free Beacon: California gave $35 million “voter outreach”
contract to “Team Biden” firm
A consulting firm run by a top Biden campaign official is receiving $35 million from California for a voter outreach program linked to the state's coronavirus response.  The state awarded Democratic public relations giant SKDKnickerbocker the lucrative deal as part of the state's "Vote Safe California" program on Aug. 13. The program aims to "educate the public on the safety, security, and ease of voting in the November General Election amid the COVID-19 pandemic" and was launched following Democratic governor Gavin Newsom's May decision to send every registered voter in the state a mail-in ballot. The $35 million comes in addition to the $2.1 million SKDK has collected from the Biden campaign since June 2019.

August 27: The New York Post: Police release surveillance video of
suicide that sparked Minneapolis looting and rioting
Minneapolis police released surveillance video of a murder suspect committing suicide Wednesday — to dispel widespread rumors that cops killed the man.  The clip shows the man with a backpack just outside a closed revolving door and people nearby scrambling to get away. With his back turned to the camera, he appears to shoot himself as two police officers rush toward him.  The suspect was wanted in a fatal shooting earlier in the day. Unfortunately, false reports on social media about supposed police-involved shootings which never happened have sparked nights of violence in Minneapolis, Chicago, and else ware in recent days. 

August 26: The Washington Examiner: GOP Convention highlights the freedom to exercise one’s faith
Speakers throughout the Republican National Convention are aggressively courting President Trump’s religious base by touting him as a defender of the free exercise of faith.  In the convention’s second night, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo all wrapped their appeals in the language of faith, an approach followed by many of the lower-profile speakers as well.   Republican calls to the faithful are bound up in a wider message of cultural preservation. Trump, in the past week, has decried so-called cancel culture, claiming that Democrats want to “totally” silence voices that dissent from the party’s platform. On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. made a similar claim in a speech that focused almost exclusively on the dangers of “cancel culture.”

rioters in Wisconsin August 26: The Washington Times: Trump orders national guard and federal agents to Wisconsin to stop rioting
President Trump said Wednesday he was ordering National Guard troops and federal law enforcement officers to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to quell deadly rioting where two people were shot dead and another was seriously wounded Tuesday night during violent street protests.  Mr. Trump said Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, agreed to accept federal help after speaking by phone to administration officials.  “TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER!” Mr. Trump tweeted. “We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets.”

Breakers from Hurricane Laura hit the seawall in GalvestonAugust 26: United Press International:
LA and TX coastal residents flee to higher ground as Hurricane Laura approaches as a category 4

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards called on residents in the path of Hurricane Laura to evacuate as soon as possible Wednesday as the Category 4 storm took aim at the Gulf Coast. Forecasters expect the major hurricane to make landfall somewhere along the coast of western Louisiana or eastern Texas on Wednesday night. Edwards warned residents during a midday news conference that meteorologists are expecting "unsurvivable" storm surges of up to 20 feet. "In my five years as governor, I don't think I've ever had a press conference where I'm trying to convey the sense of urgency I'm trying to convey right now," he said.

August 26: Fox News: Chinese fire “warning shot” at U.S. naval forces
The U.S. on Wednesday announced it blacklisted Chinese officials and business executives involved in the military buildup of the disputed South China Sea, further ratcheting up tensions in the region ahead of the region -- the same day that Beijing reportedly fired missiles including an "aircraft-carrier killer" into the sea as a "warning" to the U.S.  China had claimed a U-2 spy plane entered a no-fly zone without their permission during a naval drill in the Bohai Sea, a military source said.  The Pentagon has given few details, but said a U-2 flew "within the accepted international rules and regulations governing aircraft flights."  The State Department announced the blacklist Wednesday morning. Immediate family members of those targeted may also be barred from travel to the United States, the department said.

August 25: The Daily Caller: Republican convention gets six times more
C-Span views that Dems previous week

he first night of the Republican National Convention drew nearly six times more viewers Monday than the first night of the Democratic National Convention the week prior on C-SPAN, The Hill reported.  The C-SPAN live stream of the start of the RNC had roughly 440,000 views, compared to the DNC’s opening night, which brought in 76,000 on Aug. 17, Nielsen Media Research recorded according to The Hill. 

August 25: Fox News: Trump pardons convict prior to his, and the FBI
agent who arrested him, speaking at the Republican convention
President Trump on Tuesday announced a pardon of Jon Ponder ahead of the convicted bank robber-turned activist's appearance at the Republican convention.  Ponder, who founded the nonprofit Hope for Prisoners, will be speaking at the convention, along with Richard Beasley, the FBI agent who arrested him.  "He has created one of the most successful reentry programs, Hope For Prisoners, in Las Vegas," Trump said in a videotaped at the White House. "Hope for prisoners is a movement that began as a dream, in a tiny prison cell, and is now making a difference in the lives of thousands, truly bringing hope that there is an opportunity and a community that is waiting and willing to offer them a second chance."

August 24: The Daily Caller: The Republican convention is expected
to be a lot different than the DNC of last week
Eyes are on the Republican Party as it prepares to make its rebuttal to last week’s Democratic National Convention, and the GOP has made some notable changes to how the convention will look. This includes presentations to live audiences where you will hear cheers and audience reactions to the speakers.  Trump is expected to appear each night, not just on the last night of the convention.  Following the opening of the convention in NC it will move to a federal facility in DC directly across the street from the Trump hotel.  The convention will be broadcast live, not like the prerecorded presentations used by the Democrats.  Trump will speak from the South Lawn of the White House while his wife’s speech will be from the Rose Garden.  Meanwhile, Vice President Pence will speak from Fort McHenry in Baltimore and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo will speak from Jerusalem where he is meeting with Arab and Israeli leaders.  

August 24: The Washington Examiner: SecState Pompeo seeks to build on historic
Israel-UAE agreement during five day trip overseas
Secretary of State Pompeo arrived in Israel, where he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he seeks to build on the historic normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates brokered by President Trump. According to the Department of State, the five-day Middle East tour, which includes stops in Sudan, Bahrain, and the UAE, is aimed at both “deepening Israel’s relationships in the region” and discussing “regional security issues related to Iran’s malicious influence.”

August 24: United Press International & Townhall.com: Postmaster General denies Democrat
charges that Trump ordered USPS changes and exposes “inaccuracies” in the Democrat narrative
U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy faced tough questions on Monday from Democratic lawmakers in Congress and denied accusations that cost-cutting measures he ordered were intended to hamper mail-in voting.  DeJoy, who faced a similar grilling in the Senate on Friday, appeared for Monday's hearing before the House oversight committee amid Democrat concerns that changes at the U.S. Postal Service were made to give President Trump a political advantage in the Nov. 3 election.  

"There are many inaccuracies about my actions that I wish to again correct," DeJoy said. "First, I did not direct the removal of blue collection boxes, or the removal of mail processing equipment. Second, I did not direct the cutback on hours at any of our post offices. And finally, I did not direct the elimination or any cutback in overtime." He did, however, "suspend these practices to remove any misperceptions" about our commitment to delivering election results. "Any further assertions by the media or elected officials is furthering a false narrative to the American people," DeJoy said. [more on the story]

Wisconsin car dealership goes up in flames with 140 cars torched by angry mobAugust 24: Fox News: Angry mob riots and attacks
Wisconsin car dealership, torching 140 vehicles
A Kenosha, WI car dealership was targeted by rioters overnight in the wake of the police-involved shooting of a Black man that was caught on video and circulated on social media.  The parking lot that typically stores a local business’s selection of used cars was instead filled with rows of the vehicles’ metal remains hours after rioters took to the streets in and around the city’s downtown area, according to several images shared on social media.   Before the facts of the case have been investigated, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers condemned the shooting saying “While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country.”

August 23: The Washington Free Beacon: Liberals embrace Post Office Conspiracy theories
With an expected surge in 2020 in mail-in voting, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and others have accused the Trump administration of a sinister effort to dismantle the U.S. Postal Service and undermine the election. "They’re going around literally with tractor trailers picking up mailboxes," Biden said at an online fundraiser last week.  What they are missing is that President Obama/Biden’s Administration did the same thing.  One retired postal employee said on the radio that there has been a dramatic reduction in the use of snail mail, starting with the introduction of the FAX machine through the use of texting and email.  In many instances it doesn’t make sense to pick up mail from a drop box that only handles one or two pieces of mail per day; better to put the infrastructure where there is a demand.

August 23: The Washington Examiner: LA jails refuse to turn over 25,000 illegal
criminal aliens to ICE
Los Angeles, home to the largest jail system in the United States, has ignored more than 25,000 requests from federal authorities to turn over illegal immigrants after they have been arrested for crimes by local law enforcement, according to federal dataThis week, Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced his department would stop transferring even the most dangerous offenders in the Los Angeles County Jail to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In his explanation, Villanueva said he was looking out for the 1 million LA residents who are also illegally residing in the county and too scared to report crimes to police because it could mean being sent back to their home country.

Graphic of possible hurricane tracks for Marco and LauraAugust 22: United Press International: Marco approaches hurricane status while Laura heads for the Dominican Republic before entering the Gulf of Mexico
Tropical Storm Marco intensified Saturday evening, prompting hurricane watches in Louisiana and Alabama and storm surge watches on the Alabama/Florida border.  Meanwhile Tropical Storm Laura headed towards Dominican Republic, leaving heavy rains in Puerto Rico.  Both have Louisiana and the northern Gulf as possible landfall targets.


August 22: Fox News: Portland protest data shows more than 490
arrests made during riots
Portland police have responded to at least 72 nights of protests, including 17 riots, and have made roughly 500 related arrests over the course of the more than 85 days since George Floyd's death on May 25 in Minneapolis. The Portland Police Bureau released “Protests in Portland,” a timeline showing where and when demonstrations were held from May 29 through Thursday. The timeline also shows how many arrests were made on each night and what kinds of crimes alleged to have been committed.

August 22: The Daily Caller: Dems put COVID-19 relief on hold as the
Speaker calls the House back into session to focus on the Postal Service
Democrats blocked bills regarding coronavirus relief Saturday while Speaker Pelosi brought the House back from recess to vote on a bill that would block the Trump administration from making changes to the Postal Service. Republicans took the opportunity to introduce three bills addressing coronavirus vaccine funding, amending the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and increasing funding to police departments nationwide.  “We could come together and provide our country with some of the critical resources necessary to fight this novel coronavirus,” Rep. Michael Burgess said. “Unfortunately, the House democratic leadership does not acknowledge or seem to even be curious as to whether or not they’re up to the task.”

August 22: The Washington Times: Trump: House is wasting
money on a hoax with the $25 billion Postal Service bill
President Trump dismissed House Democrats’ push to give $25 billion to the Postal Service ahead of their vote Saturday, arguing it was just another attempt to invoke universal mail-in ballots. USPS has been operating in the red for years.   Meanwhile, the Administration sees the Democrats push as linked to demands for universal mail in voting; something that is fraught with opportunities for voting fraud and the “harvesting” of ballots.  The Administration supports absentee voting but not universal mail in ballots.

August 21: Townhall.com: Trump campaign turns table on
Dems in the Washington Post

Laugh or cry? Well, it’s more of a double-edged sword thing the Trump campaign did to The Washington Post, but the memories of this are quite fantastic. The campaign literally bought tons of ad space on the front page of the publication, so when Kamala Harris formally accepted the Democratic nomination for vice president, it was all Trump ads on the homepage. It caused the Left to have a meltdown. 

August 21:The Washington Times: DNC delegates drop “Under God” from the pledge
At least two caucus meetings at this week’s Democratic National Convention began with recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance that omitted the phrase “under God.”  Two videos posted online — one of the person kicking off a Muslim meeting, and the other starting an LGBT meeting — showed the Pledge being recited incompletely. 

August 20: Fox News: Judge orders new election after Paterson, NJ
city council race marred by voter fraud
A judge has ruled that a new election will be held in November for a disputed Paterson City Council seat, just weeks after the race's apparent winner and a sitting councilman were charged with voter fraud. An investigation was then launched after the U.S. Postal Service's law enforcement arm told the state attorney general's office about hundreds of mail-in ballots located in a mailbox in Paterson, along with more found in nearby Haledon.  Ultimately, the Passaic County Board of Elections decided not to count 800 ballots cast in the race.  President Donald Trump has cited the disputed race as a case study in what could happen in an election conducted mostly by mail. His re-election campaign sued New Jersey on Tuesday in a bid to stop the state's plans to conduct the November general election mostly by mail.

August 20: The Daily Caller: Germany not happy, Trump keeps his word
President Trump recently ordered a 12,000-troop reduction in American military personnel stationed in Germany. That leaves about 24,000 American soldiers still in the country. About half will return home with the remainder going to other NATO countries.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to be furious claiming the move will weaken the alliance; but she surely cannot be surprised.  Six years ago, all the NATO members pledged to spend 2% of their GDP on defense and Germany has failed so to do, expending only 1.4%.  Meanwhile German commercial interests claim that the troop withdrawals will hurt their decades of businesses serving U.S. installations.

August 20: Fox News Business: Goodyear clarifies its policy after diversity training slide
says BLM and LBGT apparel is okay while Police Lives Matter and MEGA hats aren't
After a firestorm stemming from a Goodyear tire diversity presentation to its employees and President Trump suggesting perhaps a boycott of the company might be in order; the company clarified its policies.  “I deeply regret the impression it has created and want to clarify Goodyear’s position,” Goodyear Chairman and CEO Rich Kramer said. “Goodyear does not endorse any political organization, party or candidate. We … ask associates to refrain from workplace expressions in support of any candidate or political party.”  “Second, Goodyear strongly supports our law enforcement partners and deeply appreciates all they do to put their lives on the line each and every day for our communities.”  He strongly said the slide in the presentation that initiated the firestorm was not sanctioned by Goodyear.

August 20: Fox News: Portland protestors with “Press” identification
seen throwing objects at police
People who purportedly identified themselves as “PRESS” on their clothing during the ongoing protests/riots in Portland were seen throwing objects at law enforcement officers during demonstrations-turned-riots overnight, according to a reporter on the ground.  Portland has endured more than 80 nights of increasingly violent and destructive demonstrations/riots. It’s also not the first-time people who had identified themselves as being members of the press have allegedly acted out.

August 20: The Washington Examiner: Pompeo initiates Iran sanctions ”snapback”
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo initiated the snapback of international sanctions on Iran despite the objections of European allies who maintain that the United States has no legal right to do so.   “These U.N. sanctions will continue the arms embargo,” Pompeo said at the United Nations, referring to the ban that is scheduled to expire in October pursuant to the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal. “No country but the U.S. has had the courage and conviction to put forward a resolution.”

August 20: The Washington Times: Govt. documents show instances of
Obama Admin spying on Trump campaign
President Trump responded to former President Obama’s convention attacks on Wednesday night with the Twitter counter-charge, “He spied on my campaign.”  Government documents show: (1) The FBI hired confidential human source Stefan Halper to spy on campaign volunteers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in 2016. (2) The FBI misled judges to win four wiretap warrants on Mr. Page. (3) The FBI put surveillance teams in 2016 on retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a campaign adviser, transition official and, briefly, White House national security adviser, a declassified bureau document showed. (4) A number of Obama officials, as they were leaving their posts, requested that Flynn’s name be unmasked from top secret National Security Agency reports on communication intercepts.

August 19: The Washington Times: Aging shipyards restricting
Trump’s desire to upgrade the Navy
The U.S. Navy’s fleet of ballistic missile submarines employ cutting-edge technology and at sea represent one-third of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.  But at port, critics warn, those sophisticated subs are serviced and prepped for missions at government-owned shipyards, all of which can trace their origins back before World War I and are desperately in need of 21st-century upgrades.  The need could not be more critical as the Trump administration seeks to return U.S. defense policy to a focus on “great-power competition,” with China in particular. The transition means an increased reliance on the Navy, government officials and defense analysts say.

August 19: The Washington Examiner: Dems convention video had
misinformation on Trump’s immigration stances
The Democratic National Convention was criticized for featuring a video that included misinformation about President Trump's stances on illegal immigration.  The video was of an 11-year-old girl, Estela Juarez, whose mother was deported.  The clip featured Juarez's remarks about the pain her family felt after her mother was deported alongside clips of Trump discussing his policies.   And then Juarez said "You separated thousands of children from their parents and you put them in cages."  The problem is that it was the Obama administration was in power when photographs were taken of children in cages inside a detention facility.

August 19: Fox News: Dems face possible environmentalist backlash
after dropping fossil fuel demand from platform

Biden’s campaign says that the Democrat presidential nominee remains committed to ending fossil fuel subsidies to fight climate change.  But Democrats faced some backlash from environmental groups after the party quietly dropped language calling for the end to the subsidies from its platform.  "Vice President Biden's commitment to ending fossil fuel subsidies remains as steadfast as it was when he outlined this position in the bold climate plan, he laid out last year,” Biden’s campaign said.  While he may face an internal backlash, he is likely to also face major problems with petroleum producing states and ports like Texas and Houston which has close ties to the industry.

August 19: The Washington Examiner: Trump hits his stride with airport rallies
President Trump hit all of his trademark lines, warning the audience in Yuma, Arizona, that “murderers” and “rapists” were desperate to cross from Mexico into the United States before accusing his election opponent of wanting to open the borders.  But Tuesday’s appearance was notable not just for the message, but for the medium — an energized president bringing an adoring crowd to its feet in a sweltering airport hangar.  Aboard Air Force One later, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who had been with the president on Monday's visits to Minnesota and Wisconsin, said, “Yesterday was the first time that I’d seen the mojo back. And then today definitely.”

August 19: The Post Newspaper: Part one of an eight-part series on
the criminal justice system in Galveston County

From crime to punishment, from official case files of the Galveston Police Department, this is the story of your police department in action. This story shows how many parts of the Department worked together – from a patrol officer, to CID, to SWAT -- to bring a criminal to justice.

August 18: Fox News: Gingrich: The Biden-Harris campaign
will start to collapse after the Dems convention
Former Speaker of the House predicts that the Biden-Harris campaign will start to fall apart after the Democrat virtual convention.  He suggests there are several threat to Biden getting elected: (1) His commitment to renew the Obama effort to destroy suburban neighborhoods which is a direct threat to the peace of mind for two-thirds of the American people. (2) Biden-Harris' support of using taxpayer money to pay for abortions through the ninth month of pregnancy which is opposed even by many pro-choice Americans. (3) Support for paying for COVID-19 relief for illegal aliens. (4)  Biden’s support for Beto O’Rourke’s pursuit of gun control and compulsory confiscation of weapons. And (5) his support for pro-criminal measures to defund the police.

August 18: The Washington Examiner: Trump campaign: Biden won’t
be able to deal with china; will harm farmers and factory workers

Allies of President Trump's campaign and his "America First" trade agenda are emphasizing what they say is the failure of Joe Biden to reckon with China's "trade war" against America's farmers and factory workers, believing it could help them win critical farm states such as Wisconsin.  "Joe Biden and his advisers just don't understand the threat of China," said Curtis Ellis, policy director at America First Policies and a former adviser to the Trump 2016 campaign. "They continue to talk about Trump's trade war. The Wisconsin farmers and the Wisconsin factory workers know that it's China's trade war.

August 18: The Washington Times: “Forcing Americans in the dark” –
Green energy push  blamed for California’s rolling blackouts
California’s electricity grid picked an inconvenient moment to stumble, at least for Democrats seeking to drum up support this week for Joseph R. Biden’s $2 trillion green-energy plan at the Democratic National Convention.  The Golden State’s ambitious renewable portfolio standard is coming under fire as the state’s energy grid buckles under the strain of an oppressive heatwave, prompting rolling blackouts that have left millions without power as the state moves to replace nuclear and natural gas as energy sources with solar and wind.

August 18: The Galveston County Daily News: Women’s Suffrage; a “Family Affair”
One hundred years ago today the 19th amendment was ratified.  It was signed into law the following week.  The journey to give women the right to vote was a long and hard one. It started 42 years earlier when Senator Aaron Augustus Sargent introduced the resolution to make it happen.  In the late 1800s, women didn’t become involved with the suffrage movement without the support of their husbands.  Aaron and Ellen Sargent were a team, working together to get women the right to vote. 

August 18: The Daily Caller: U.S. to sell 90 F-16 aircraft to Taiwan
The United States has made a 10-year, $62 billion weapons deal with Taiwan for the sale of 90 F-16 fighters.  The U.S. has long been Taiwan’s largest supplier of military weapons and the deal represents one of the largest in the nation’s history. The move is sure to anger China, which considers Taiwan to be under its domain. Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will produce 90 new-generation F-16s for sale to Taiwan. Taiwan last purchased a fleet of F-16s in 1992.   The U.S. government last year approved Taiwan for the purchase of 66 jets, but the new contract has been increased amid President Donald Trump’s increasing criticism of China

August 17: The Washington Times: Black Lives Matter crowd demands
Seattle homeowners “give up” property: “We’re coming for it”

Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle are demanding homeowners willingly give up their property to Black people as a form of reparations because they’re “coming for it” one way or the other.  Footage of the new demands was livestreamed Wednesday night and quickly spread across social media.  “Give up your house,” exclaimed one of dozens of activists marching through a neighborhood. “Give black people back their homes. You’re sitting their comfortably — comfortable as f— as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood. I used to live in this neighborhood and my family was pushed out and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends.”

August 17: Fox News: Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria mocked as DNC emcee:
“No one is more in touch… …than actors and celebrities”

The Democratic National Convention raised eyebrows right out of the gate with actress Eva Longoria emceeing the first night of the virtual event.  She served as a guide from segment to segment.  After briefly addressing viewers at home, Longoria conducted remote interviews with four ordinary Americans.  However, her hosting duties did not receive the warmest welcome on social media.  "When I think of who in the United States is best positioned to present a major party's nominating convention, the first person that comes to mind is definitely Eva Longoria," journalist Michael Tracey quipped.

August 17: United Press International; More than 3 million homes in California
to lose power in rolling black outs
The manager of California's power grid said an estimated 3.3 million homes and businesses in the state are likely to lose power amid rolling blackouts as California enters its third night of the black outs.  Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal said (on page A26 8/17/2020) the problem is caused, in part, by anti-fossil fuel Democrat politicians who have mandated that renewable (green) energy account for 60% of the state’s electricity by 2030, thereby causing public utilities to take fossil fuel electricity producing systems off line. The result is that when the sun goes down so does the ability to produce enough electricity to meet the demand.

August 17: The Washington Beacon: While Californians are experiencing rolling black outs
because of the state’s reliance on green energy, Biden wants the green new deal
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden believes that a "Green New Deal" is "a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face," and many elements of his $2 trillion climate plan mirror the controversial proposal.  Biden has largely avoided the limelight, campaigning via teleconference from his home in Delaware. But from that home, he has planned an administration on par with Franklin Roosevelt's, including a massive investment of taxpayer dollars in a climate plan which, one expert said would be "unachievable, fantastically expensive, and environmentally destructive."

Trump, unlike Biden, takes questions from the press corpsAugust 17: The Daily Caller: White House claims
NY lawsuit against Trump, Postmaster General
is “politically motivated”
The White House is firing back after 16 plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in Manhattan against President Donald Trump, the United States Postal Service, and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Monday.  “Politically motivated lawsuits are not rooted in giving Americans the power of the vote,” the White House deputy press secretary said.. “As part of recent negotiations, the President offered $10 billion for the Postal Service on top of a $10 billion dollar line of credit which was included in the CARES Act. While Democrats are spreading baseless conspiracy theories about the Trump administration’s assistance to the USPS to score political points, President Trump will continue to work to ensure the security and integrity of our elections.”

August 16: The UK Daily Mail: South Dakota declining the $400 boost
for unemployed because 80% of workers in the state have their jobs back
South Dakota appeared to be the first state to decline boosted federal employment aid designated under an executive order signed by President Trump earlier this month amid the ongoing China virus pandemic.  Governor Kristi Noem, one of Trump’s most vocal allies, said the state did not need to accept the additional federal jobless aid because workers are being rehired and its economy is on the mend after enduring economic fallout spurred by the outbreak of COVID-19.  Trump signed an executive memorandum on August 8 to replace the $600 boost unemployed residents received in their weekly payments with a $400 weekly payment, a quarter of which will be paid by the state.

August 16: The Jerusalem Post: China decries US-Israeli deal to
exclude China from 5G networks
Chinese media decried a reported memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would  committee Israel to not using Chinese equipment in building its 5G networks, calling the move "ungrateful."  Chen Weihua, a journalist for the Chinese state media said "Chinese cities like Shanghai provided a safe haven to some 30,000 Jews fleeing Nazi Europe in WWII, but now Israel returns the favor by being a US poodle against China in 5G."   Israel is close to joining the US State Department’s “Clean Network,” announced earlier this month, which seeks to protect national assets and individual privacy “from aggressive intrusions by malign actors, such as the Chinese Communist Party,” the State Department’s website reads.

August 15: Fox News: New York Dems angered after NYPD union endorses Trump
The NY Police Department (NYPD) union faced blowback from local Democrats after it endorsed President Trump’s reelection amid budget cuts and tensions between police and city lawmakers.  Trump spoke to members of the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA), an organization that represents 24,000 officers, and was formally endorsed by the group.  PBA President Pat Lynch said it was the first time he could recall the group ever endorsing a president. "In the New York City PBA, Mr. President, you earn the endorsement and you’ve earned this endorsement. I’m proud to give it."  Trump responded, "I've admired you my whole life, watched you do a job like nobody else, nobody else done it. Best of the best and I’m grateful happy you're here."

August 15: The Washington Times: Durham builds case against Obama’s Justice Dept.
President Trump and legal scholars say the first prosecution from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review of the Russian collusion probe has set the stage for more dramatic revelations, though the guilty plea in the first case didn’t add much to what was already known about the Obama administration’s Justice Department.  Ensnaring Clinesmith on false statements charge may be nabbing low-hanging fruit. But veteran prosecutors say it is an important tool for federal investigators to compel key witnesses to tell the truth and flip or face consequences.  “This is how you work your way up the ladder,” said Andrew Leipold, a law professor at the University of Illinois and a former member of the team assembled by independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr to investigate President Clinton.

August 15: Townhall.com: VP pick Harris laughs over a
question about her previous debate answers

We all knew former Vice President Joe Biden pigeonholed himself when he said he would pick an African American woman to be his running mate. It really narrowed down his pool of potential picks. When he announced Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate, some people were stunned. After all, Harris went after Biden on quite a few issues, most notably about how he worked with segregations and opposing busing students to integrate schools across the country.  "I do not believe you're a racist. And I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground, but I also believe – and it's personal. It was actually very hurtful – to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country," she explained. "And it was not only that but you also worked with them to oppose busing."

August 15: The Washington Examiner: Brutal Belarus crackdown sets
back NATO/US efforts to lure them away from Russian influence

Belorussian autocrat Alexander Lukashenko’s violent crackdown on protests against fraudulent elections is throwing a wrench into an effort by the United States and NATO allies to peel away Russia’s closest ally.   “If Lukashenko beats his own people, if he continues on what he's doing these days, then he is in Russia's orbit anyway,” a Baltic official said. “I don't see the point in speaking with him, engaging him, if he is beating people so brutally.”   Thousands of Belorussians poured into the streets of Minsk and other cities over the last week after Lukashenko claimed to have won 80% of the vote in a corrupt election involving the man known as “Europe’s last dictator.” It’s an unprecedented show of domestic hostility for his regime, but Western observers doubt that the upheaval is strong enough to force his departure.

August 14: The Daily Caller: Oregon state police to leave Portland amid continuing riots
Oregon State Police said Thursday that they are pulling officers out of Portland as unrest continues. The announcement comes as the city’s district attorney released a statement that protesters would not be charged for rioting and most other offenses.  State police are “continually reassessing our resources and the needs of our partner agencies, and at this time we are inclined to move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority,” said Capt. Timothy Fox, spokesman for the Oregon State Police.

August 14: The Washington Examiner:
Trump’s National Security Advisor: Biden taking credit for the
Trump middle east peace deal is the highest point of flattery
Though a rival on nearly all of President Trump's policies, former Vice President Joe Biden has to give credit where credit is due, said national security adviser Robert O'Brien.  This week, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to establish historic diplomatic relations a deal which Trump’s Administration brokered.  Surprisingly Biden praised the move.  Biden also claimed Israel's relationships with Arab nations are a culmination of several administrations' efforts, including that of former President Barack Obama.  But O'Brien pushed back saying "I think Vice President Biden’s claim for some sort of credit in this deal is the sincerest form of flattery."  The deal didn’t happen during the eight years of the Obama-Biden eight years in office.  It happened after three plus years of Trump leadership.

August 14: The Daily Caller: Postal Service facing hurdles as the Presidential election nears
The final votes of the 2020 primaries were cast Tuesday concluding a primary season marred by confusion, lawsuits and a United States Postal Service Inspector General investigation.  Threats of fraud, foreign interference and large-scale voter disenfranchisement have brought the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) ability to transport the expected surge of mail-in ballots this November into focus. The postal service, though, recently stood by its ability to handle the increased load.  However, recent primary elections across the country, which were upended by the coronavirus pandemic and in turn had to rely on mail-in voting systems, have been a cause for concern. The USPS inspector general discovered “issues related to the timeliness of ballots being mailed to voters, correcting misdelivery of ballots, an inability to track ballots, and inconsistent postmarking of ballots.   Wisconsin senators wrote the USPS IG after tubs of absentee ballots weren’t delivered to voters and hundreds of ballots arrived to election officials missing postmarks.

August 14: Breitbart News: Trump accepts raucous endorsement from NYC police union
The New York City Police Benevolent Association, the union that represents 24,000 of NYC police officers, on Friday endorsed Trump for reelection.  Trump welcomed a group of enthusiastic New York City officers to his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, for an event to announce the endorsement.  The police union president, Patrick Lynch, gave a passionate speech thanking the president for standing up for law enforcement at a time when many were afraid to do so.  Lynch said, “I cannot remember when we’ve ever endorsed for the president of the United States until now. That’s how important this is. …. Mr. President, we’re fighting for our lives out there we don’t want this to spread to the country, we need your strong voice across the country.”

August 14: The Washington Times: Trump: First guilty plea in
Durham probe is just the beginning
President Trump said Friday the expected guilty plea from a former FBI lawyer for wrongdoing in the Russia collusion probe was “just the beginning.”  The former FBI official, Kevin Clinesmith, will plead guilty to falsifying a key document used to surveil ex-Trump campaign associate Carter Page, his lawyer confirmed.  Trump called the FBI investigation of his campaign, which morphed into a special counsel probe that overshadowed his administration for three years, a “terrible thing.”  The indictment of Mr. Clinesmith, 38, is the first charge from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal inquiry into the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

August 14: The Daily Caller: U.S. Attorney steps in to give gunman
who crippled Philadelphia store owner 14 years in prison
A Philadelphia gunman who wounded a deli store owner in a shooting with an AK-47 that took place in 2018 has been sentenced to 14 years and three months in prison.  Jovaun Patterson, 31, pleaded guilty to federal attempted robbery and weapons charges back in December of 2018. The federal charges were brought against him after Patterson pleaded guilty to assault and robbery charges in exchange for a sentence of 3.5 years to 10 years in state prison.  U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain claimed the sentence was an example of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner offering “sweetheart deals to violent defendants.”  McSwain claimed the district attorney’s original plea deal with Patterson “sent a message that violent crime has little consequences.” He also claimed the way Krasner handled the case was “symbolic of a larger catastrophe” in Philadelphia.

August 13: Fox News: Bret Baier: Israel-UAE peace deal
is a “tectonic shift” in how the “Middle East operates”
The agreement normalizing relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, partially brokered by the Trump administration, marks a "tectonic shift in the way the Middle East operates," "Special Report" anchor Bret Baier said Thursday.  The fact that Israel is fully normalizing relations with the United Arab Emirates wasn’t expected to come to pass, Baier contended.  He said this deal is a "big foreign policy win" for Trump, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling it the "greatest advance toward peace in the Arab world in decades."

August 13: The Washington Times: Police are fighting back
through retirements and resignations
Angered by budget cuts and a lack of support from left-leaning politicians, police officers across the country are fighting back by walking off the job.  Protesters have convened nightly to demonstrate against police brutality, sometimes doing so by pelting officers with rocks and bottles, and calling them names including “Nazi” and the n-word if the officer were Black.  Mayors and city councils have bowed to protesters’ demands to slash police department budgets and divert funds to social programs for minorities.  Officers say they’ve been unfairly demonized and have had enough. They are resigning or retiring en masse, creating a new crisis — police forces that are both short-staffed and green.

August 13: The Daily Caller: Seattle’s mayor appeals court decision
that sets up the possibility of a recall election
Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan urged the state supreme court Wednesday to overturn a lower court decision that allows efforts to remove her from office to proceed.  King County Superior Court Judge Mary Roberts has permitted the recall effort, according to the Seattle Times.   According to the paper five Seattle residents submitted the petition due to the mayor’s handling of the police response to protests and a weeks-long encampment in the city formerly known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest.   A recall could be extensive, as the petitioners would have to collect over 50,000 signatures — one-fourth of the total voters in the last mayoral election.

August 13: The Washington Examiner: CDC: this Fall could be the
worst IF people fail to follow the guidelines
The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning that if guidelines are not followed, the United States faces “the worst fall, from a public health perspective, we’ve ever had.”   Invoking former President John F. Kennedy’s adage CDC Director Robert Redfield said “For your country right now and for the war that we're in against COVID, I'm asking you to do four simple things: Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and be smart about crowds.”

August 13: The Hill: Trump confirms acceptance of the
GOP nomination at the White House
President Trump confirmed he intends to accept the Republican nomination from the White House lawn, despite criticism about the location from Democrats.  The president said in an interview that he plans to make his socially-distanced acceptance speech at the White House in front of supporters.   "I’ll probably be giving my speech at the White House because it is a great place. It’s a place that makes me feel good, it makes the country feel good,” Trump said.  He has also said it is the least expensive alternative because security is already in place.

August 13: The New York Post: Trump: New York state is in play in 2020
In an exclusive Oval Office interview Trump said that his campaign is “putting New York in play” against Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election.  Trump told us that he believes a spike in violent crime and high taxes can help him win his home state in an upset against Biden and running mate Kamala Harris.  “Over the last six months what’s happened is insane. It’s [just] insane. So we’re going to try very hard to win New York and that will be the first time since Ronald Reagan,” Trump said.  “I will bring down taxes and I’ll make sure that the New York City is a safe place.

August 12: The Washington Examiner: Israel fends off
cyber-attack by North Korea
Israel said it thwarted a cyberattack against its defense industry by a hacking group tied to North Korea.   The Israel Defense Ministry announced the attempted infiltration on Wednesday, claiming that hackers used false job offers in a bid to gain access to sensitive networks and glean information. A statement said hackers known collectively as the Lazarus Group, or Hidden Cobra, constructed fake LinkedIn profiles in an effort to pose as potential employees.

August 12: The Daily Caller: Chicago mayor says the looting and rioting
are well planned and organized
Following looting and rioting in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Tuesday that the violence was a “planned attack” rather than a protest, Time reported.  More than 100 people were arrested and 13 officers injured amid the looting, which targeted high-end stores, with scenes depicting people breaking into businesses and running out with armfuls of clothes and jewelry Sunday. The violence was reportedly prompted by a shooting, but Lightfoot said it wasn’t a “spontaneous reaction.  When people showed up on Michigan Avenue in the downtown area with U-Haul trucks and cargo vans, and sophisticated equipment used to cut metal, and the methods that were used, and how quickly it got spun up… that wasn’t any spontaneous reaction,” the mayor said.

August 12: The Washington Examiner: Bret Baier: Media coverage of Kamala
Harris is disingenuous – she didn’t even make it to Christmas
Fox News anchor Bret Baier broke down national media coverage of Joe Biden's decision to choose Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, saying outlets grew warmer to her as Biden's pick rather than a candidate for the Democratic nomination herself.   “I think there is some forgetfulness, maybe purposefully, to Kamala Harris’s campaign.  Remember that Sen. Harris got out of the presidential campaign Dec. 3, 2019. She didn’t make it to Christmas. That’s two months before the Iowa caucuses," Baier said.  “She got out because she was considered not a good campaigner and she didn’t raise any money," Baier explained. "Now, to hear some in the media say that she’s an amazing retail campaigner and she had this magnetism that drew people to her, I just think disregards how the campaign ended.”

August 12: Fox Business: Biden’s choice for VP running mate could cost him the election
In what may go down as one of the worst vice-presidential picks in U.S. history, Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to be his running mate for the 2020 presidential election.  Harris is from California, a far-left state that Biden was certain to win regardless of who he selected to be his running mate.  She garnered so little support and enthusiasm among Democratic Party voters during the primary season that she chose to drop out of the race in December, more than a month before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.  And she has been heavily criticized by many on the far left for her stances on some criminal justice issues while she served as the top prosecutor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011 and attorney general of California from 2011 to 2017.

August 12: The Washington Times: Facebook “crackdown” foils
dark money liberal group’s election influence operation
Facebook has imposed rules to limit the reach of political groups that disguise their content as coming from local newsrooms, a crackdown that hits political ads from both the left and the right but in particular targets a big liberal advocacy group.  In a pivot from social media platforms targeting conservatives’ speech, the Facebook policy strikes a blow against Acronym, which pledged last fall to spend $25 million running leftist digital newsrooms in key battleground states during the 2020 campaign season.  Under Facebook’s new guidelines, digital newsrooms propped up by political activists may register as news pages, but they will be blocked from inclusion in Facebook News. Facebook said it could choose to ban news publishers from promoting their content if they fail to follow rules about misinformation and disclosure.

August 12: Fox News: DOJ-Seattle consent decree may
hamper Seattle’s City Council efforts to defund police
A proposal by Seattle City Council this week to strip the police department of funding and officers may face roadblocks because of a consent decree with the federal government.  The consent decree required the department to make sweeping reforms, including on the use of force, de-escalation training and new oversight with community involvement.   Seattle’s mayor has said   the council’s push for defunding will make it difficult for the city to fulfill its obligations under the consent decree – things like training, data performance, transparency or oversight.  U.S. District Court of Western Washington Judge James Robart, who oversees the federal agreement, issued a warning after City Council passed the proposal. He said, “the court encourages the city of Seattle to remain mindful of its consent decree obligation.”

August 11: The Inside Scoop: Trump reveals Dems Covid-19 list of demands
Among other things the Democrats were demanding a ban on voter ID requirements.  Democrats also wanted to ban signature requirements for federal elections, including in states that already have such requirements.  The Democrats also wanted to ram through universal mail-in-voting in all states, even after the disasters in NJ, NY, and PA.  In addition, they wanted to pack the bill with bailouts for mismanaged Democratic-controlled states and cities. 

August 11: The Washington Examiner:  FEC Commissioner: Substantial
chance that the 2020 results will not be available on Election Night

Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said there is a "substantial chance" that changes taking place to the voting process because of the COVID-19 pandemic will delay election results for the presidential and down-ballot contests. She noted the infrastructure to support mail-in voting may not be prepared to return results on Election Night.

August 11: The Daily Caller: Trump calls for Hong Kong made goods
to be labeled “Made in China”
The Trump administration is mandating that goods produced in and exported from Hong Kong be labeled as “Made in China.”  U.S. Customs and Border Protection published a notice Tuesday stating that goods exported from Hong Kong must now be labeled as “Made in China” rather than “Made in Hong Kong.”   The effective date of the labeling will be September 25 to afford manufacturers a 45-day grace period to ensure these goods are labeled properly. 

August 11: Fox News: Trump surprised by Biden’s VP pick
President Trump, in his first on-camera remarks about the new Biden-Harris ticket, said he was “a little surprised” that Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to be his running mate given her “very poor” primary performance -- but said she was his “number one pick” to face off against.  On the debate stage in Miami, Harris criticized comments by the former vice president spotlighting his ability to find common ground during the 1970s with segregationist senators with whom he disagreed, and over his opposition decades ago to federally mandated school busing.

August 11: United Press International: Biden selects Calif. Senator
Kamala Harris as running mate
Democrat Presidential hopeful Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, making good on his months-long promise to choose a woman to be the vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket.   "I have the great honor to announce that I've picked Kamala Harris -- a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country's finest public servants -- as my running mate," Biden tweeted Tuesday.

August 10: The Daily Caller: Nevada Nightmare in November
President Trump is gaining ground in Nevada. Democrats know it, so they cut a midnight backroom deal in a brazen attempt to rig November’s election. Governor Sisolak ensured mass chaos and an election nightmare with the stroke of a pen.    That is why Trump’s campaign and the RNC filed a lawsuit to stop the potential chaos in Nevada. The suit seeks to invalidate Nevada’s action as being unconstitutional; first because it allows ballots cast (and counted) after Election Day and because it violates the principle of one person one vote by not preventing some from having their vote count more than once.

Chinese J-10 Aircraft like that which flew close to Taiwan over the Fromosa StraitAugust 10: The Washington Times: China deploys fighter jets
across the Formosa Straits in advance HHS Secretary arrival
China on Monday briefly deployed two fighter jets across the midline of the Taiwan Strait shortly ahead of a visit between U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen,  Taiwan’s government said.  Mr. Azar’s trip marks the highest-level visit to the island by a U.S. official since 1979, but in the process has added fuel to already surging tensions between Washington and Beijing.  China has historically reacted with a special intensity to signs that the U.S. was bolstering the independence of Taiwan, which China considers an integral part of its territory.

August 10: Breitbart News: Rioting and looting hits Democrat-run Chicago
According to the Chicago Tribune, hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores.  Some of the store being looted included Nordstrom, Walgreens, Macy's, Coach, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. There was also gunfire and violence against police officers. As late as 5:45 a.m.  downtown Chicago is all but closed to those trying to get to work.  The details reveal just how organized this was….  The looting and rioting started just after midnight and lasted “nearly five hours.”  Get this…  “People darted through broken store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue carrying shopping bags full of merchandise,” the Tribune reports, adding, “Cars dropped off more people as the crowd grew. At least one U-Haul van was seen pulling up.”

August 10: The Washington Times: AG Barr: Many on the left want to tear down the system
Attorney General Bill Barr said many people on the left have gradually morphed into representing a “revolutionary” party that believes in “tearing down the system” and defeating political opponents because they’re “evil.”  “It’s a secular religion. It’s a substitute for religion,” Barr said on Fox News Sunday evening. “They view their political opponents as evil that because we stand in the way of their progressive utopia that they’re trying to reach.”  “So for them,” he said, “it’s careerism.  You know, ‘I sort of like my current gig, and I’ll do anything to stay here, and I won’t stand up for what is right. I won’t stand up for the country.’”

August 10: United Press International: Hong Kong police arrest pro-democracy media executive
Police in Hong Kong on Monday raided the offices of local newspaper Apple Daily and arrested several people, including the media organization's outspoken pro-democracy founder Jimmy Lai under a new controversial national security law.

August 9: Fox News: Trump stimulus executive orders
flips the tables on Pelosi and Democrats
President Trump’s executive orders are a political stroke of genius as the November election approaches.  They are a game-changer for the ongoing negotiations with  Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a win for the economy and millions of American workers.  The orders provide a $400 per week supplemental unemployment payment to out-of-work Americans, an extension of student loan relief and protections from evictions for renters and homeowners where federal funding in involved. He also declared a payroll tax holiday through the end of the year, granting workers who earn less than $100,000 per year a 7.5% boost in take-home pay.  Trump also declared it is his full intention to forgive the repayment of the payroll taxes next year via legislation and challenged Biden to announce the same intention.  If this is not done, then middle class workers could conceivably be paying double payroll taxes after the first of the year.

August 9: The Washington Times; Meanwhile Pelosi is calling the executive orders
unconstitutional; but are the Dems willing to go to court over this?
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that President Trump’s COVID-relief executive orders are based on questionable legal grounds and fall far short of the aid American people need.  “It was unconstitutional slop,” the Democrat Speaker said.   Senate Minority Leader Schumer said that the President’s executive orders was a “a big show but it doesn’t do anything.”  Though the speaker questioned the legality of the executive orders, neither Pelosi or Schumer said Democrats would seek to challenge them in court, which would block any aid from the public.  Meanwhile Treasury Secretary Mnuchin dared Democrats to block the orders.  “If Democrats want to challenge us in court and hold up unemployment benefits to hardworking Americans who are out of a job because of COVID they’re going to have a lot of explaining to do!”

August 8: The Daily Caller: Trump signs four COVID-19 executive orders
President Trump signed four orders aimed at providing coronavirus relief through executive action on Saturday as Congress is currently gridlocked on the issue.  Trump’s first order seeks to establish a payroll tax cut holiday from August 1, 2020 through the end of the year. The second directs the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other federal agencies to prohibit evictions. The third order establishes a $400-per-week addition to the paycheck protection program for workers.  The fourth will provide relief for Americans’ student loans.  These actions could put the Democrats in an interesting poliitical position [pitting themselves against the average American worker] if they go to court to stop his executive orders.

August 8: Breitbart News: Biden still ahead but his lead over Trump is shrinking
Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Biden’s lead over President Trump has shrunk to three points nationwide, according to recent polls.  The Hill-HarrisX poll released on Wednesday gave Biden a 43 percent to 40 percent lead in the national popular vote, while the Rasmussen Reports poll relesed on the same day gave Biden a 48 percent to 45 percent lead.

August 8: Breitbart News: Biden’s choice of a running mate may alienate part of his base
Former VP Biden will soon make national headlines by unveiling his running mate, but many of the candidates in contention are likely to pose major political risks for the presumptive nominee’s White House ambitions.  Biden, who has promised to make history by picking a woman as his vice-presidential nominee, has stoked speculation on the topic in recent months.   Behind the scenes, the former vice president’s campaign has struggled to find the right candidate. Although there are many high-profile choices, there is no single candidate acceptable to all of the constituencies within the Democratic Party, creating the likelihood that whomever Biden picks could end up alienating the very coalition he needs to win the general election.

August 8: The Washington Free BeaconBiden family continues to have tax problems
Hunter Biden was hit with a $450,000 lien in July over delinquent state income taxes, which he paid off in six days despite having no discernible income. Last year, he told the court judge in his paternity case that he was broke and unemployed.  The lien is the latest in a series of substantial tax problems members of the Biden family have faced over the years, from Joe's brother James’s six-figure tax debt in 2015 to multiple liens filed against Joe's sister Valerie and her husband. It also raises new questions about Hunter Biden’s finances, which have been scrutinized during the election cycle. The lien follows controversy over Hunter's high-paying consulting work for companies in Ukraine and China, and a high-profile child support case in which the younger Biden claimed he was in "significant debt" and refused to turn over court-ordered financial records.

August 7: The Washington Times: Trump to act by executive order
on unemployment benefits and payroll taxes, Dems “lost their chance” he said
President Trump said Friday night that he’ll take imminent executive action to extend federal unemployment benefits, defer payroll taxes and suspend housing evictions after contentious negotiations with congressional Democrats collapsed earlier in the day.  “We gave them their chance, but they view it as an election enhancement,” the president said. “We are going to do it in a way that’s just much easier.” Trump said he is prepared to declare a moratorium on evictions in federally backed housing, suspend student loan payments, extend federal unemployment benefits and defer payroll taxes through the end of the year, retroactive to July 1.

August 7: Fox News : Alexandria VA releases man from jail over
COVID-19, then he goes and kills his accuser
A Virginia rape suspect, who was released from jail because of concerns regarding the new COVID-19, went on to kill the woman who had accused him, according to police.  According to the Alexandria, VA police, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi apparently shot and killed the woman in late July, after he was released April 9.  He was indicted last year on charges that included rape, strangulation and abduction. The woman, identified as Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez, testified against him in Alexandria District Court in December.  He was jailed without bond in Alexandria – until the pandemic hit. Bouaichi’s lawyers argued that he should be freed awaiting trial because the virus endangered inmates and their attorneys. He was released on a $25,000 bond over the objections of prosecutors.

August 7: United Press International: U.S. economy added 1.8 million
jobs in July surpassing expectations; unemployment now 10.2%
The U.S. economy added nearly 2 million jobs during July, the Labor Department said in its monthly report Friday.  The widely-anticipated assessment said 1.8 million payrolls were added for the month. The unemployment rate declined to 10.2%.  "In July, notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, government, retail trade, professional and business services, other services and healthcare," the report states.  The assessment showed that the number of unemployed persons in the United States fell by 1.4 million last month.

August 7: New York Post: Trump to sanction Hong Kong leaders
The Trump administration said Friday it will sanction Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and 10 other Hong Kong and Chinese leaders for eliminating political autonomy in the territory.  The sanctions come less than a month after President Trump signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act to penalize authorities responsible for a broad crackdown on free speech.  “The United States stands with the people of Hong Kong and we will use our tools and authorities to target those undermining their autonomy,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

Black U.S. Veteran on what Biden thinks about blscks August 7: Fox News: Iraqi Vet: What Biden thinks about
Blacks is “offensive and gross”
Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden thinks the Black community is too “stupid to have a diversity of thought,” said Iraq War veteran Rob Smith on Friday.  “He is saying that our community is not as diverse in our thought as other communities and, by the way, this comes just a few months after he said that 'you ain’t Black' if you don’t vote for him,” Smith said.  “It’s offensive and it is gross,” he contended.

August 7: Fox News: Biden again praises Latino diversity as being
unlike the African American community”
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden doubled down on his praise of "diversity" within the Latino community "unlike" the Black community.  Speaking virtually on Thursday to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials conference, the former VP vowed that his administration will reflect "the full diversity of this nation" as well as "the full diversity of the Latino communities."  "Now what I mean full diversity, unlike the African American community and many other communities, you're from everywhere," Biden explained. "You're from Europe, from the tip of South America, all the way to our border in Mexico, and the Caribbean. And different backgrounds, different ethnicities, but all Latinos. We're gonna get a chance to do that if we win in November."

August 7: The Daily CallerMayor Wheeler to protestors: you will re-elect
Trump if you continue to try to murder cops
Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler told demonstrators they were helping President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign during a news conference Thursday after another night of protests in Portland, Oregon.  Protests on Thursday targeted a police precinct, where demonstrators allegedly disabled security cameras, broke windows, removed boards used to barricade the doors, started fires and shined lasers at officers’ eyes.  A number of civilian employees and 20 officers were apparently inside the precinct. “When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people who you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder,” Wheeler said

August 6: The Daily Signal: NV special session threatens voting integrity
Bills that genuinely promote the common good typically don’t get rushed to passage under the cover of night on strict party-line votes. Yet that’s what Nevada Democrats have done with an “election reform” measure they just pushed through an emergency special session of the state Legislature. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and his legislative allies claim the 100-page bill—the crux of which is an unprecedented expansion of mail-in voting and an allowance for “ballot harvesting”—is a necessary safety precaution in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic.

August 6: The Wall Street Journal: White House seeks crackdown on US-listed Chinese firms
Chinese companies with shares traded on U.S. stock exchanges would be forced to give up their listings unless they comply with U.S. audit requirements under a plan recommended Thursday by the Trump administration.  The proposal addresses a long-simmering dispute over U.S. regulators’ inability to inspect the financial audits of Chinese companies that sell shares in U.S; markets.

August 6: The Daily Caller: Chinese sentence three Canadians to death as tensions intensify
China sentenced a third Canadian citizen to death on drug charges Thursday as tensions between the two countries grow.  Xu Weihong was given his sentence by the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate Court. He had allegedly been making Ketamine, a powerful and commonly abused painkiller, since 2016.  Tensions between China and Canada have been escalating since 2018 when the daughter of the founder of Chinese tech company Huawei was arrested at an airport in Vancouver. Beijing saw the arrest as a move to prevent China from growing as a global technology power.  The U.S. wants Wanzhou extradited to face fraud charges related to deals that Huawei made with Iran.

August 6: The Washington Times: Trump signs buy American medicines executive order
President Trump signed a long-promised executive order Thursday that compels federal agencies to “Buy American” when it comes to a list of essential medicines and supplies, saying the coronavirus pandemic has underscored the need to bring supply chains home.  The order also streamlines the regulatory process for approving and standing up domestic manufacturing, so U.S. companies are prioritized.  Another component of the order will crack down on counterfeit medicines that flow into the country, mostly from China.

August 6: The Washington Examiner: Facebook slaps President’s PAC with 90 day ban
In what some are calling politically motivated, Facebook announced a ban on digital advertisements from the pro-Trump political action committee The Committee to Defend the President for sharing alleged misinformation.  The ban is expected to continue past Election Day.  The move comes one day after the social media giant deleted a video the president shared where he claimed most children are "almost immune" to the Chinese coronavirus, which the company said violated its coronavirus "misinformation" policy.

August 6: The Wall Street Journal: U.S. jobless claims decline for the first time
since COVID-19 started
Filings for jobless benefits fell to their lowest level since the coronavirus hit the U.S. in March—a sign layoffs eased somewhat in a still struggling labor market—but remained high.  Initial unemployment claims fell by a seasonally adjusted 249,000 to 1.2 million for the week ended August 1, the Labor Department reported.

August 5: The Washington Times: Trump Admin announces
$1 billion COVID-19 vaccine deal with Johnson and Johnson
The Trump Administration on Wednesday announced a billion-dollar deal with  Johnson & Johnson to secure 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine once it is developed, with President Trump saying a vaccine should be available well before the end of the year.  As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on public health and the economy, experts have raised concerns about whether a vaccine will be readily affordable and accessible to truly combat the spread in the U.S.  Johnson & Johnson said its vaccine would be provided on a “global not-for-profit basis.”

August 5 : The New York Post: An issue that cannot be ignored; Bidens mental acuity
He might be riding high in the polls, but Joe Biden’s mental acuity increasingly is an issue in the election campaign, and growling at reporters who ask about it is no way to alleviate voter concerns.  Asked during an event with the National Associations of Black and Hispanic Journalists if he had “taken a cognitive test,” Biden snapped.  “No, I haven’t taken a test! Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon, man!”  Frowning and irritated, he paused before ripping into the reporter, Errol Barnett of CBS News.  Continuing Biden said that’s like asking if reporter took a drug test for cocaine before coming on the program and asking if he was a junkie.

Before and After satellite images of the devisttion caused by the Beirut blastAugust 5: Fox News: Beirut blast –
before and after satellite images
The scale of devastation from Tuesday's Beirut blast can be seen in new satellite images that provide a sobering perspective of the pair of explosions that killed more than 100 people, injured 4,000 others and leveled several warehouses and buildings in the surrounding area.  The new pictures show massive damage to the city's industrial waterfront following the blasts that erupted next to the Beirut Port Silos.  Hospitals were also damaged and windows shattered miles away as the shockwave from the explosion moved from the industrial waterfront to the city's residential areas and shopping districts. The blast also changed the shoreline in the port, according to local reports. [Click on image for a larger view]

August 5: The Washington Examiner: U.S. Atty Durham set to interview John Brenan
U.S. Attorney John Durham will soon interview former CIA Director John Brennan, another sign that the investigation of the Trump-Russia investigators is ready to wrap up by the end of the summer.   Brennan has acknowledged that he is in the “crosshairs” of the criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation led by Durham. He recently claimed, and the White House acknowledged, that he asked the CIA for his official records, including his personal notes and any classified CIA documents that he had signed to help him write his upcoming memoir, but the agency denied his request.   

Meanwhile a top Mueller prosecutors has urged DOJ officials to “resist” Barr investigationsOne of former special counsel Robert Mueller's top prosecutors urged Justice Department officials to consider refusing to cooperate with two investigations overseen by Attorney General William Barr.  Andrew Weissmann, who was known as Mueller’s “pit bull” during the Russia investigation, struck a sense of urgency in a New York Times op-ed piece.  The two investigations noted are being conducted by U.S. Attorneys John Durham and John Bash related to the Russian investigation and the "unmasking" requests by Obama administration officials. 

August 5: The Washington Times: Sally Yates: Comey went “rogue” on Flynn
Former Deputy Attorney General  Sally Yates told senators Wednesday that James B. Comey went rogue as FBI director in January 2017 when he dispatched agents to interview Michael Flynn, President Trump’s national security adviser at the time, without her authorization.  Yates, who was the No. 2 official at the Justice Department in the early stages of the Trump-Russian collusion probe, said she neither authorized nor knew ahead of time about the FBI interview with Flynn.

August 5: Townhall.com: U.S. firm gets oil development contract with Syrian Kurds
A U.S.-based oil company has secured a contract with the Kurdish-led Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) to begin extracting oil in the Autonomous Administration of Northern Syria, Al-Monitor reported earlier this week. It named Delta Crescent Energy LLC as the U.S. company and said the deal was conducted “with the knowledge and encouragement of the White House,” according to a source.  Syrian Democratic Council representative Sinam Mohamad confirmed the intelligence to Al-Monitor but did not give any further details.

August 4: United Press International: Dozens killed, thousands
njured in Beirut explosion
Two explosions rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Tuesday afternoon, shattering windows for miles across the city. Dozens were killed and thousands injured, local officials said.  Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan said the blasts killed at least 73 people and injured more than 3,700. The Lebanese Red Cross said those numbers are likely to increase as the dust settles.  Authorities said a warehouse near Beirut's port was the source of the explosion after a fire started inside the building.  The secondary blast was larger, creating a shockwave that pushed through the city for a radius of miles, blowing out windows in its path. Lebanon's state-run National News Agency said the presidential palace sustained damage to windows and doors, though no one there was injured.

August 4: Fox News: FBI has opened 300 domestic terrorism
cases as a result of the recent riots
The FBI has opened more than 300 domestic terrorism investigations since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis which kicked off nationwide unrest and riots.  U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said at a Senate hearing that the feds have opened hundreds of federal criminal investigations surrounding the violence and rioting.  "They have since May 28 [opened] over 300 domestic terrorist investigations," Cox told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on preventing violent protests. "That does not include any potential civil rights investigations or violent crime associated with the riots."  In addition, Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told lawmakers that an estimated 140 federal law enforcement officers guarding a Portland federal courthouse sustained 277 injuries due to the violent and sustained nightly attacks at the building.

August 4: The Daily CallerHere is what GOP Senators want in a COVID-19 stimulus package
Senate Republicans remain skeptical about passing a trillion-dollar phase four coronavirus package before the August recess, as they say Democrats refuse to negotiate.  Florida Republican Marco Rubio said, the final bill “… needs to be something that helps people that are looking for jobs and can’t find them right now, helps small business survive, helps protect companies from being sued out of existence, helps develop more testing capability — and hopefully, ultimately, a vaccine — and helps with the extraordinary costs of going back to school in order to make schools safe.”  Meanwhile the Democrats seem to be stonewalling efforts to hammer out a compromise, even rejecting a short extension of the current law to allow time to come to agreement.

August 4: The Washington Examiner: Kobach looses bid for Kansas seat
in the Senate, deflating options for Democrats to nab the seat
Kobach, 54, lost his Kansas Republican Senate primary against Kansas U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall, wealthy plumbing executive Bob Hamilton, and others for the right to contest retiring Sen. Pat Roberts's seat.  The Tuesday race became a flashpoint for the GOP because of concerns it might cost spending more resources to defend him again his Democrat rival, a former Republican, now Democrat -- state Sen. Barbara Bollier.

August 3: Fox News: Seattle Police Chief speaks out
Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is urging elected leaders to "stand up for what is right" after a group of  protesters appeared outside her home over the weekend as pressures continue to mount over the enactment of police reform measures.   In a Monday letter to the nine-member City Council, Best said her home in Snohomish County was targeted Sunday night by "aggressive" protesters, prompting concerns from her neighbors. The crowd wasn't able to trespass or engage in illegal behavior, Best said, despite their attempts to do so.  "These direct actions against elected officials, and especially civil servants like myself, are out of line with and go against every democratic principle that guides our nation," she wrote. "Before this devolves into the new way of doing business by mob rule here in Seattle, and across the nation, elected officials like you must forcefully call for the end of these tactics."

August 3: Townhall.com: Why Trump is calling for a recount in a primary election
President Trump on Monday suggested that a Democratic Primary in New York should undergo a "revote." It's been six weeks since the election took place and there are still no declared winners in New York's 12th Congressional District and 15th Congressional District, both located in the New York City area.  “This is a small race with literally thousands of people… and it’s all messed up. They’re six weeks into it now they have no clue what’s going on."  According to the New York Times the results are still in limbo because the authorities failed to prepare for a massive increase in absentee ballots.  In fact, election officials saw 10 times the number of absentee ballot applications, likely due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. There have also been major delays in counting the roughly 400,000 ballots that were received. 

August 3: United Press InternationalTrump cracks down on federal
use of foreign worker visas
Federal contractors will no longer be able to fire high-skilled American workers to hire cheaper outsourced labor through H-1B visas, according to an executive order issued Monday by President Trump.  Trump's order requires federal agencies to audit contractors to assess whether competitive jobs are being taken away from Americans, a statement from the White House said. The White House criticized the federally owned Tennessee Valley Authority, which announced in June that the agency would lay off more than 60 information technology workers.  "President Trump's actions will help combat employers' misuse of H-1B visas, which were never intended to replace qualified American workers with low-cost foreign labor," a statement from the White House said.

August 3: The Washington Examiner: Montana Senate race heats
up with Democrat challenger’s actions questioned

A Republican ad suggests Montana’s Governor, Steve Bullock, used his gubernatorial power to enrich his brother’s company.  Bullock (D-MT) is seeking a U.S. Senate seat.  While he often flaunts campaign finance reforms that he signed into law  a paper trail revealed a close relationship between Bullock and the firm, including the previously unreported fact that the company is a tenant in a building in which the governor has a sizable financial stake.   "Bullock has been accused of steering state contracts to his brother's company," the ad says.  “In fact, the company founded by Bullock's brother received more than $14 million from state agencies.”

August 2: The Washington Times: US struggles to preserve access to Diego Garcia
It has been described as the most strategically vital U.S. military installation in the world, but the Diego Garcia air base is at the center of a bitter geopolitical fight over colonialism, national security and human rights, a fight that has pitted Washington and London against virtually the rest of the world.  The base, named for the largest island in the Chagos Archipelago in the remote waters of the Indian Ocean, sits on land claimed by the British and leased to the U.S. government for the sole purpose of operating a military base. The United Kingdom separated the islands from Mauritius, a former British colony, three years before Mauritius gained its independence in 1968.  Diego Garcia is now a part of the British Indian Ocean Territory, which critics paint as a vestige of the United Kingdom’s colonial past.

August 2: Washington Free Beacon: Chinese try to blame pandemic on U.S Army
Chinese propagandists are casting blame for the coronavirus pandemic on a U.S. military research lab that shuttered its biowarfare division more than 50 years ago.  Chinese diplomats and state-run media outlets have repeatedly spread the conspiracy that the coronavirus originated in Maryland's Fort Detrick research lab, often in response to criticism about the country's response to the pandemic.  President Richard Nixon closed down Fort Detrick's offensive biowarfare division in 1969—50 years before the first coronavirus cases were reported in Wuhan, China. Fort Detrick now focuses on defensive biological research as well as cancer research. U.S. officials have frequently criticized the Chinese government for using the Fort Detrick conspiracy theory—and other unproven allegations—to blame the outbreak on the United States.

August 1: The Washington Times: GOP convention is three weeks out;
tentative plan is to keep the press out
No journalists will be allowed in the room when President Trump is re-nominated by the Republican Party, according to the tentative plan three weeks out from the convention.  This, a first in modern history, was revealed by a spokesman for the convention who said that the party expects all events in Charlotte NC, later this month to be restricted because of the coronavirus.  Reportedly the restrictions are related to the space available and limitations imposed by North Carolina leaders.  Convention spokesmen said that the intent is for parts of the convention to be live streamed.  However, representatives of the National Republican Committee have said the decision has not yet been finalized.

August 1: Breitbart News: Trump offers solutions to jobless aid; Democrats reject
them in a cat-and-mouse game where the Dems want a sweeping bill
With aid expiring, the White House has offered a short-term extension of a $600 weekly unemployment benefit that has helped keep some families and the economy afloat during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.  The Democrats, however, have rejected it.  Democratic leaders panned the idea in late-night talks at the Capitol, opting to keep the pressure on for a more sweeping bill that would deliver aid to state and local governments, help for the poor and funding for schools and colleges to address the pandemic. Without action, the benefit runs out Friday. 

August 1: The New York Post: Trump-loving grandma outs
grandson to feds as Portland bomber
Shortly after midnight on Tuesday morning, videos captured the moment a makeshift bomb was thrown at the Portland federal courthouse during another night of violent protest. A Trump-loving, 69-year-old woman soon stepped forward to out the suspect publicly — as her own grandson.   Karla Fox says she recognized the alleged bomber as her daughter’s son.  In the hours after the IED attack, social-media users analyzed videos showing a slim male, wearing a distinctive olive vest with the word “ICONS” printed on it, throwing something over the fence at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse. Seconds later, a large explosion erupts, covering the front door in flames. The man picks up something off the ground and sprints off-camera. Police said the concussion could be “heard and felt more than a block away.”

August 1 : The Washington Times : Rubio rips potential Biden VP
pick as a Castro sympathizer
Trump campaign surrogates in Florida on Saturday attacked Rep. Karen Bass, a potential running mate of Democrat Joseph R. Biden, as a communist sympathizer who would try to bring the U.S. closer to the socialist governments of Cuba and Venezuela.  “If God forbid Joe Biden is elected president and Congresswoman Bass becomes vice president, she will be the highest-ranking Castro sympathizer in the history of the United States government,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican. “I don’t believe in the last six decades that there has ever been anyone considered for the vice presidency … with this level of sympathy towards a Marxist regime.”

July 31: The Washington Times: Trump: NY’s mail-in voting
mess should be a warning for November
President Trump on Friday pointed to the still-undecided election results in New York’s 12th Congressional District, which was inundated with absentee ballots on June 23, as an example of the chaos looming if states rely on universal mail-in voting in the November presidential election.  “They’re never going to have the result of that election — never the correct result,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. “Thousands and thousands of ballots are missing.”  He said if mail-in voting is expanded on a national scale in November, “You won’t know the election result for weeks, months…”
[See related story]

July 31: Fox News: Supreme Court rules on case on building a border wall
Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli gave "two enthusiastic thumbs up" Friday to the Supreme Court's 5-4 vote denying a request to halt construction of the border wall over environmental concerns.  "The president has told us and he has directed his administration to press ahead aggressively, but always within the boundaries of the law, always within the boundaries of the law," Cuccinelli said.  “And the Supreme Court acknowledged that today and has let the building of the wall continue past 200 miles more than a month ago, [it] will pass 300 miles before well before the end of the summer. And we'll pass 400 miles not long after that."

July 31: The Daily Caller: Biden criticized Trump’s handling of PPP
loans as son-in-law benefited from the program
A medical investment firm staffed by Joe Biden’s son-in-law, Dr. Howard Krein, and co-founded by Howard’s brother, Steven Krein, received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan in April, less than two weeks before Biden publicly criticized the Trump administration’s management of the program.  Krein, who is married to Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, and also serves as an informal advisor to the Biden campaign, is the chief medical officer of StartUp Health, which as of Septemer 2018 had built up an investment portfolio valued at over $31 million. The firm received a PPP loan valued between $150,000 and $350,000 on April 12 to retain the jobs of 18 people, according to The Wall Street Journal.

July 31: The Washington Examiner: Trump to ban Communist China’s TikTok from the U.S.
The United States will ban the popular social media app TikTok, President Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday.  The president suggested he would be able to use emergency economic powers or an executive order to enforce a ban of the app.  “Well, I have that authority. I can do it with an executive order,” Trump said.  He could do so as early as Saturday.  TikTok, a Communist Chinese-owned app that allows users to share short-form videos, has been scrutinized by the State Department and federal officials over possible cybersecurity concerns. The move to ban the app comes as tensions between the U.S. and China have escalated since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

July 31: Townhall.com: Women arrested for stealing crucial
medical information on behalf of China Communist Party

A 46-year-old California woman who used to live in Ohio has pleaded guilty after stealing pediatric medical research for the Chinese Communist Party.   “Li Chen was a trusted researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, conducting cutting-edge U.S. government-funded research,” FBI Cincinnati Special Agent in Charge Chris Hoffman released in a statement. “With her guilty plea, she admits that she abused this trust to establish a company in China for her own financial gain. The FBI is committed to working closely with partners such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital to protect the innovations that make America a world leader in science and technology.”

July 30: News Busters.com: CBS experiment proves mail-in ballots could be a disaster
CBS did an experiment to determine just how safe mail-in ballots will be in November. CBS Weekend News journalist Tony Dokoupil set up a campaign “headquarters” and mailed 100 “ballots” to himself through the U.S. Post Office. The results were not encouraging. They also refute the dismissive tone of other journalists when covering Donald Trump’s concerns about mail-in voting.   “Twenty-one percent of our votes hadn’t materialized after four days.” That number eventually improved, but concluded with a shocking three percent failure rate. Dokoupil explained consider the fact that that means three people who tried to vote by mail in our mock election were, in fact, disenfranchised by mail. In a close election, three percent could be pivotal, especially in what’s expected to be a record year for mail-in voting.

July 30: The Daily Caller: NASA launches rover to Mars;
searching for signs of ancient life
NASA launched its new Mars rover, Perseverance, atop a United Launch Alliance V rocket Thursday from Space Launch Complex 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.  Perseverance is the largest and most technically complex Mars rover ever built, the Associated Press reported. The car-size rover is plutonium-powered and contains an assortment of cameras, microphones, drills and lasers.

July 30: The Washington Times: Finally, Portland clears protesters from riot staging area
Police early Thursday cleared the park that had been used as the staging area for attacks on the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, as local officials began to make good on their promise to step up security so federal forces could draw back.  The move came after another night of clashes that saw demonstrators throw objects and breach the fence surrounding the Hatfield Courthouse, and federal police push back with tear gas.  The protesters chanted “Feds go home,” aware that under a deal between Gov.  Kate Brown and the Trump administration, Homeland Security agents and officers are supposed to begin leaving Thursday and state police will take over the lead on calming protests.

July 30: The Washington Examiner: Full DC Circuit agrees to hear the Michael Flynn Case
An appeals court has agreed to rehear the criminal case against retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, which the Justice Department is attempting to dismiss.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued an order on Thursday that states that oral arguments for the en banc review are scheduled for Aug. 11.  Judge Emmet Sullivan, the judge overseeing the case, had filed a petition for a rehearing of the case against President Trump's former national security adviser by the full appeals court after a three-judge panel ordered him to accept the DOJ’s motion to dismiss the case.

July 29: The Washington Free Beacon: Local officials buck Virginia Dem’s Gun Control Push
Local officials across Virginia are resisting the push from Virginia Democrats to adopt gun-free zones.  Lawmakers in Powhatan County—located just outside Richmond— unanimously passed a "No Local Gun Control" resolution that would prevent localities from creating gun-free zones. Larry Nordvig, the independent Powhatan County supervisor who introduced the county's resolution, said he hopes the resolution sends a message to the statehouse.  "The tension is growing and the blame is entirely theirs," he said. "Our natural-born rights are being eroded at lightning speed, and I intend to help citizens stand against government overreach. … The time for talk is over. It's time for action."  Powhatan is the fifth county to pass the resolution since the new gun-control measures went into effect in July.

July 29: The Daily Caller: Philly NAACP President under pressure
to resign over anti-semitic post
Officials are putting pressure on Philadelphia NAACP President Minster Rodney Muhammad to resign after a now-deleted anti-Semitic Facebook post.  Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania State Sen. Steve Santarsiero, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia have all called for Muhammad’s resignation.  The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia spokesperson Steve Rosenberg said that the group is “absolutely calling for him to step aside.”  “I think it was Sen. Williams that said the leader of a wonderful civil rights organization, and the minister of this mosque, with the history of the posts that have gone on, can’t remain in that role,” Rosenberg said.

July 28: The Washington Examiner: Rep. Jordan: Stop interrupting
the witness, let him respond
Democrat members of the House Judiciary Committee asked Attorney General Bill Barr lots of questions but by-and-large refused to let him answer, instead reclaiming their time to ask another leading question.  This prompted Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to condemn committee Democrats for what became a pattern of asking questions only to interrupt and not allow him to answer. Jordan noted hours into the hearing that Democratic members had repeatedly cut off Barr while shouting that they were "reclaiming my time." He asked why Democrats even invited Barr to testify if they were not going to allow him to fully answer their inquiries.  "I don't think we've ever had a hearing where the witness wasn't allowed to respond to points made, questions asked, and attacks — attacks made. Not just in this hearing, not just in this committee, but in every committee I've been on," Jordan said. "Particularly when you think about the fact that we have the attorney general of the United States here."

Meanwhile the Washington Times reports Bill Barr called out Democrats’ refusal to condemn the violence that has swept across Portland, Oregon, and other American cities.  “What makes me concerned for the country is this is the first time in my memory the leaders of one of our great two political parties, the Democratic Party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts,” Barr said in testimony.  “Why can’t we just say violence against federal courts has to stop. Can we hear something like that?” he asked.

July 28: Breitbart News: Oregon AG: Portland riots are “peaceful protests”
Ellen Rosenblum, the Oregon Democrat Attorney General, said on Monday that the violent riots in Portland were “perfectly peaceful.”  Rosenblum, the national co-chair for the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), spoke to Politico about the riots that have emerged in Portland, Oregon.  During the interview, Rosenblum described the violent attacks against law enforcement as “perfectly peaceful” and dismissed the targeted destruction of federal property by leftist mobs.  Despite Rosenblum’s claim, Attorney General William Barr told the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that rioters in Portland, Oregon, brought “knives, rifles, and explosives” as they protested outside of the federal courthouse in Portland.

July 28: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden speaks but doesn’t know where he is
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden told reporters he did not know where he was before a speech Tuesday in Wilmington, Del.  "Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center," Biden said, before freezing for a few seconds. "Actually, that's the one down where I used to work. That's a joke. I didn't know where we were."  After appearing to refer to notes, he correctly identified the location as the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center. Biden, 77, said the late Anderson, whose name he had just forgotten, was a friend of his.

July 27: The Washington Examiner: Senate unveils GOP HEALS Act
proposal targeted round of COVID-19 aid
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Republicans will introduce a bill later today to provide a new round of coronavirus aid that would reduce an expansion of unemployment benefits and provide a new batch of stimulus checks, but to a smaller group than a prior round of help.   “Senate Republicans have authored another bold framework to help our nation,” McConnell said, describing the GOP plan as “carefully tailored to this crossroads” in the coronavirus pandemic.  The measure will be introduced in segments addressing health, economic assistance, liability protection, and schools.   “They will be coming to the floor shortly to introduce their components. Together, their bills make up the HEALS Act,” McConnell said of the GOP bill, which is expected to cost roughly $1 billion.

July 27: The Daily Caller: Trump in NC: Two COVID-19 vaccines starting
Phase Three trials this week
Trump told reporters Monday in North Carolina that Moderna’s vaccine had already begun Phase 3 trials — conducted under the government’s Operation Warp Speed initiative — and noted that “there’s never been anything like this in terms of speed, nothing even close.” He added that Pfizer, which just landed a Warp Speed contract worth nearly $2 billion, plans to begin Phase 3 trials for its vaccine candidate later this week.   “We have shaved years off of the time that it takes to develop a vaccine,” he continued. “We have done it while maintaining safety.”

July 27: The New York Post: Sanders co-chair: Voting for Biden is like
eating half a bowl of sh _ t
A co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign vividly described how she feels about choosing between Biden and President Trump.  “It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of sh–t in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still sh–t’, ” Sanders co-chair Nina Turner said.  Turner, a former Ohio state senator, was quoted in an article analyzing Trump’s paths to re-election, including by exploiting disaffected supporters of Sanders’ socialist campaign, which lost to Biden despite winning the first three state Democratic contests this year.  Trump alleges the Democratic Party cheated Sanders, a Vermont senator, out of the nomination.

July 27: Fox NewsAG Barr to come out slugging over RussiaGate before House Judiciary
In his first-ever appearance before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Attorney General Bill Barr will condemn the "grave abuses" in the "bogus Russiagate scandal," while also highlighting Black-on-Black violence and defending law enforcement officers in no uncertain terms, according to a transcript of his prepared remarks provided to the Committee.  Barr's unusually aggressive posture will be matched by a full-throated defense from GOP lawmakers on the panel, including ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. "Ever since I made it clear that I was going to do everything I could to get to the bottom of the grave abuses involved in the bogus Russiagate scandal, many of the Democrats on this committee have attempted to discredit me by conjuring up a narrative that I am simply the president’s factotum who disposes of criminal cases according to his instructions," Barr is expected to say at the outset of his remarks. "Judging from the letter inviting me to this hearing, that appears to be your agenda today."

July 27: The Washington Free Beacon: Australia joins U.S. in opposition
to Chinese expansion in the South China Sea
Australia submitted a diplomatic note to a United Nations commission on July 23, signaling a shift from neutrality to support for the United States in its fight against China’s expansive South China Sea claims.  Australia’s note to the U.N. Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf challenged the legal basis for many of China’s claims, including those to the Paracel and Spratly Islands, as well as rights to sovereign and internal commerce in the sea’s zone.  Even further, Canberra rejected one of China’s more ambitious claims—that artificial islands can become internationally recognized—as fully incorrect. Australia "does not accept that artificially transformed features can ever acquire the status of an island," the diplomatic brief reads.

July 27: United Press InternationalU.S. to attempt to fly a helicopter on Mars
After years of design tweaks and dozens of flight tests, engineers are confident the Ingenuity helicopter is ready to make history with the first flight by a powered aircraft on another planet.  The mission is scheduled to launch from Florida on Thursday. If all goes as planned, the Mars helicopter will lift off from the Martian surface next April. But even if Ingenuity never makes it off the ground, the project won't be in vain, engineers said.   "Getting to Mars and doing a system check, that will be a victory. Separating from the rover, that's another victory. Every one of these milestones will be a reason to celebrate," Teddy Tzanetos, test conductor for the helicopter said.

July 26: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden campaign staffers claim the
campaign is suppressing Hispanic voters
Nearly 100 Biden staffers are complaining that the former vice president's campaign is "suppressing the Hispanic vote" in Florida.  The campaign field organizers  claim in an internal letter, which was sent to the Florida Democratic Party and obtained by the Miami Herald, that the Biden campaign inexplicably relocated several Hispanic staff members away from an area with a significant number of Spanish-speaking residents.  "The [Coordinated Campaign of Florida] is suppressing the Hispanic vote by removing Spanish-speaking organizers from Central Florida without explanation, which fails to confront a system of white-dominated politics we are supposed to be working against as organizers of a progressive party," the organizers wrote, according to the Herald.

July 25: Fox News: US officials raid Chinese consulate spy hub in Houston
U.S. officials pried open the doors of the Chinese consulate in Houston on Friday and took over the building shortly after Chinese officials vacated the facility on orders from the Trump Administration.  Federal officials and local law enforcement surrounded the Houston facility Friday afternoon as the Chinese officials moved out of the building.   The U.S. alleged that the consulate was a nest of Chinese spies who tried to steal data from facilities in Texas, including the Texas A&M medical system and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

July 25: Townhall.com: Black Trump supporter executed in broad daylight in Wisc
A black man, well-known for his boisterous support of President Trump, was shot and killed by an unknown assailant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday. Authorities say Bernell Trammell, 60, was sitting outside his publishing company when a vehicle pulled in front of the business and someone fatally shot and killed Trammell execution-style before speeding away. Trammell had reportedly spent the weeks leading up to his death advocating for Trump's reelection.

July 25: The Washington TimesFederal judge blocks Seattle’s ban
on crowd-control tools as police brace for weekend protests
A federal judge late Friday blocked a recently approved Seattle City Council ordinance banning police from using crowd-control measures like pepper spray as officers braced for a weekend of protest violence.  At an emergency hearing, U.S. District Court Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order on the Seattle ordinance passed last month, which bans the use of “less lethal” tools such as tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bags, pepper spray, flashbangs, ultrasonic cannons, water cannons, and other tools used to break up crowds.

July 25: The Washington Examiner: Thousands gather for anti-Putin rally
In Khabarovsk, Russia, protesters showed up on Saturday for their third straight weekend of demonstrations challenging President Vladimir Putin.   The city in Russia's far east drew tens of thousands of demonstrators to voice their outrage over the arrest of the region's popular governor. On July 9, Gov. Sergei Furgal was dragged out of his car and sent to Moscow on a 15-year-old murder accusation. Putin further inflamed the situation when he appointed Mikhail Degtyarev, an outsider, as the acting governor of the Khabarovsk region last Monday.  People in the streets shouted, "Shame on the Kremlin," and "We are the ones in power."

July 24: UK Daily Mail: Portland, OR: Federal agents fend
off 2,000 protestors
Federal agents violently clashed with about 2,000 Portland protesters overnight just hours after the Justice Department said it was investigating the use of force during demonstrations and President Trump threatened to send 60,000 officers into more cities.  The bloody standoff between protesters and authorities, which lasted into the early hours of Friday, marked the 57th straight day of unrest in Oregon's largest city as rioters continue to demonstrate against racism and police brutality.   Portland has become the scene of a controversial crackdown by federal agents, ordered by President Donald Trump, in a bid to stop violent protests that have been ongoing since the death of George Floyd two months ago. 

July 24: The Wall Street Journal: China retaliates, tells US to
close its consulate in Chengdu
As a deadline neared for China to vacate its Consulate in Houston, Beijing struck back with the latest in a series of near-daily blows in the downward spiral of the U.S.-China relationship.  On Friday, Beijing ordered the closure of the U.S. Consulate in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu, retaliating against Washington’s decision earlier this week to close China’s diplomatic outpost in Houston amid intelligence that Chinese diplomatic personnel were involved in economic espionage and visa fraud.

July 24: United Press International: Minnesota Governor signs police reform bill into law
Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed into a law police reforms following weeks of protests.  The Minnesota Police Accountability Act, which passed the Democratic-led House and the Republican-led Senate earlier this week, provides for mental health and crisis intervention training for officers, mandates monthly reports for each use of force incident and bans so-called warrior training and chokeholds. 

July 23: The Washington Free Beacon: Landmark Speech: Pompeo says
China is world’s biggest threat
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday identified China as the world's greatest threat and called on Western nations to unite against Beijing as part of a global effort to eradicate the Communist Party's growing control of the international order.  In one of his most significant foreign policy speeches since taking office, Pompeo said the Communist Party has committed gross human rights abuses, cyber espionage attacks, and routinely bullied Western nations. Pompeo said the world must immediately act to ensure that Communist China's vision for world dominance is not realized.  Pompeo spoke frankly about the dangers Communist ideology poses to the world and sought to reestablish America's democratic principles, saying the country will never bow before Beijing.

July 23: The Washington Examiner: AOC introduces amendment to defund
Trump “opportunity zones”

Liberal congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib filed an amendment to a House spending package on Wednesday that would defund the "opportunity zone" program created by President Trump's 2017 tax law.   If made into law the amendment would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from using any funds in a large House spending bill to administer or enforce the opportunity zone program, a tax break created by the 2017 tax bill meant to revitalize poor communities through private investments.   The tax incentive was created to benefit poor neighborhoods. Democrats opposed the measure.

July 23: United Press International: Trump cancels Jacksonville portion
of the National Republican Convention
President Donald Trump on Thursday canceled the Jacksonville, Fla., component of the Republican National Convention.  Trump said that the portions of the rally planned to take place in Florida would be replaced with “telerallies” and online events citing surging COVID-19 numbers in the state. Florida reported 10,200 new cases Wednesday for a total of 389,900 since the pandemic started.   "The timing for this event is not right, with what's happened recently, the flare-up in Florida, to have a big convention ... it's not the right time," he said.  The president added that he would still give a convention speech "in a different form" and portions of the event set to take place in the original host site in North Carolina, including nominations, would continue.

July 22: Fox News: China harboring military-biologist fugitive at its San Francisco consulate
The Chinese consulate in San Francisco is harboring a biology researcher who falsely denied connections to the Chinese military to obtain a visa and gain access to the country, according to the FBI.  Tang Juan is named in a filing document that cited a slew of other episodes in which Chinese nationals allegedly lied on their visa applications by hiding their military connections.  She stated on her J-1 visa application that she "had never served in the military, but open source investigation revealed photographs of her in the uniform of the Civilian Cadre of the People's Liberation Army  and that she had been employed as a researcher at the Air Force Military Medical University, which is another name for the Fourth Military Medical University," the FBI claimed. This information comes on the heels of President Trump ordering the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston.

July 22: The Washington Examiner: Taiwan fears an attack by China
Chinese Communist strategists have a growing interest in an assault on Taiwan, the island government fears.  "If we look at the contested issues around China's periphery, we see that for China, Taiwan would be an extremely convenient sacrificial lamb,” Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said at a Wednesday briefing for foreign press. "The threat is on the rise.”   Taiwanese officials seek to avoid a violent confrontation with the mainland regime while encouraging the growth of informal international support for Taipei, the last stronghold of the government overthrown in the Chinese Communist revolution.  Taiwanese officials seek to avoid a violent confrontation with the mainland regime while encouraging the growth of informal international support for Taipei, the last stronghold of the government overthrown in the Chinese Communist revolution.

July 22: The Washington TimesOregon elected officials AWOL while riots burn down Portland
Democrats have been lambasting President  Trump for sending in officers to protect federal buildings in Portland, but Republicans are increasingly asking where Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Mayor Ted Wheeler are. As the city braced for another night of violent protests, Oregon Senate Minority Leader Fred Giron cheered the arrival of federal law enforcement and said the governor should have handled the chaos herself.  “We have a governor that hasn’t lifted one finger to try to contain any of this, and today is its 56th day,” Mr. Giron said Wednesday on Fox News.

July 22: The Daily Caller: Ben Carson: HUD to rescind Obama-era housing rule
“At the request of the President, HUD will be tearing down the Obama Administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule,” HUD Secretary Ben Carson said.   “In nearly every case, it is a fact that local governments are more adequately equipped to deal with their community’s unique needs than any unelected bureaucrat in Washington.  President Trump made a promise to preserve America’s neighborhoods, I am pleased to report that promise has been kept.”  The Administration contends the rule hurt low income Americans by forcing federal funds into wealthy areas causing numerous local jurisdictions opted out of the program due to the cost. 
July 21: The Daily Caller: Trump: Mail-in voting could lead to
“most corrupt election in US History
President Donald Trump said Tuesday that mail-in voting could jeopardize the accuracy of the 2020 election. Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly clashed over funding for mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. The president has long expressed concern that an implementation of nationwide mail-in voting could lead to a surge in voter fraud ahead of November’s election.  A survey conducted earlier this year by the Republican National Committee (RNC) found that 62% of voters believe there is fraud in U.S. elections, and that 57% of Americans are concerned that mail-in voting could taint the integrity of U.S. elections.

July 21: The Washington Examiner: DHS will not pull federal law enforcement from Portland
The acting secretary for the Department of Homeland Security (Chad Wolf) vowed not to pull federal law enforcement officials out of Portland amid continued violent attacks on federal facilities despite local leaders demanding they leave.  Over the past two nights, protests have turned into criminal attacks on federal agents and officers standing guard at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse and other facilities.  Wolf said the department has sent in dozens to hundreds of personnel to the city because Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler has not done anything to shut down the violence 52 days since it began.

July 21: United Press International: Trump orders ban on counting
undocumented immigrants for House apportionment
President Donald Trump issued a memorandum Tuesday that blocks undocumented immigrants from being counted for apportionment of House representation after the 2020 census.  Trump ordered the ban in a presidential memorandum that he signed Tuesday.  The memorandum has sparked challenges in light of the Department of Commerce losing a Supreme Court case last year where it attempted to include a question about citizenship status on the 2020 census.  Still, the memorandum said that the constitution does not require undocumented immigrants to be counted for the purpose of apportionment of the House of Representatives.

July 21: Fox News: Trump: COVID-19 pandemic may get worse, encourages wearing masks
In his first official press briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic since April, President Trump  admitted that the public health crisis is likely to worsen as cases surge across the country and asked all Americans to wear masks in public.  While he hailed his administration’s response to the pandemic and the work toward developing a vaccine, he bluntly disclosed that the crisis is likely to spread more before it can be completely contained.  “It will get worse before it gets better,” Trump said of the pandemic that has infected close to 4 million Americans. “That’s something I don’t like saying but it is.”  Noting the concerns that forcing wearing masks  may impinge  personal freedoms, Trump pleaded with Americans to wear masks out in public to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  “We’re asking everybody when you’re not able to socially distance to wear a mask,” Trump said.

July 20: The Washington Times: California town erases BLM mural rather
than allow MAGA street art
A California city stripped away a Black Lives Matter street mural rather than allow a pro-Trump mural to be painted on its streets.  According to a report in the Sacramento Bee, Redwood City not only approved the mural near its Courthouse Square over the Independence Day weekend but even supplied the yellow poster paint.  But the mural was erased last week by the city’s power-washing crews.  Redwood City made the decision after a local attorney noted that the city was letting the Courthouse Square be used as a public forum.  Maria Rutenberg requested permission to paint a “MAGA 2020” mural nearby.

July 20: The Washington Free Beacon: St. Louis couple charged with felony;
was any crime committed

The armed St. Louis couple at the center of a June standoff with a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home was charged with felonies on Monday, according to the city's circuit attorney.  St. Louis Democratic circuit attorney Kimberly M. Gardner said she is bringing felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey for brandishing weapons at protesters who gathered outside their property. She accused the couple of trying to intimidate protesters by pointing firearms at them during the ordeal, which was captured on a viral video.

July 20: United Press International: Supreme Court denies Democrat request
to speed up case for Trump’s tax records

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied a request from congressional Democrats to finalize a ruling that would allow them to quickly resume the fight for President Trump's tax records.  Democrats petitioned the court last week to make final their ruling earlier this month that sent the case back to a lower court for further examination. Doing so would allow them to "accelerate the proceedings in the lower courts."

July 20: The Washington Times: Eastern Oregonians
seek to be part of Idaho

Rural Oregonians are considering bolting to Idaho after nearly two months of daily protests and rioting in Portland.  The “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho” group seeks to take the eastern and rural counties out of Oregon and put them in Idaho.  The group has already gotten enough signatures to put the initiative on the November ballot in at least one county!  Fueling the separatist effort is Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s coronavirus shutdown and the escalating protest violence in Portland where this weekend rioters ignited a fire inside the Portland Police Association office.  Such border-shifting movements are long shots at best — no state has done so since West Virginia left Virginia in 1863 — but the inability or unwillingness of Portland authorities to quell the unrest has created a political climate in which the old rules no longer appear to apply.

July 19: The Daily Caller: White House Chief of Staff anticipates Durham probe indictments
White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Sunday he expects indictments to be handed down from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.  “You’re going to see a couple of other documents come out in the coming days that will suggest that not only was the [Trump] campaign spied on, but the FBI did not act appropriately as they were investigating,” Meadows also said in an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

July 19: The Washington Examiner: Portland, OR: Police union building broken into and burned
Rioters in Portland set the city's Police Association office on fire during riots over the weekend.  The Portland Police Department said that protestors gathered outside the union building around 10:30 p.m. local time on Saturday after being cleared from a demonstration roughly two miles away from the building. When they arrived, the rioters cut off access to the area by lighting dumpsters on fire in the middle of the roads. They then broke down the doors of the facility and rushed inside and started a fire.

July 19: The Washington Free Beacon: Virginia mandates slavery lessons
for kindergarten, parents and educators take issue with new curriculum

Loudoun County is adding "social justice" to the mission of teaching elementary school students reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Washington, D.C., Virginia suburb—the richest county in the country—has teamed up with the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) education arm Teaching Tolerance to develop its new curriculum. The proposed lesson plan will restructure history and social studies classes to emphasize slavery as fundamental to American society for students from kindergarten to the fifth grade.

July 18: The Washington Times: Two-thirds of voters believe the media has a political agenda
The public’s distrust of the news media continues, though it is far more pronounced among Republicans than it is among Democrats, according to a new poll.  Almost two-thirds of likely U.S. voters — 63% — believe most major news organizations in America have their own political agenda according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, which found that only 27% of the respondents felt these large-scale news operations are impartial.  “Democrats (42%), however, are far less likely than Republicans (87%) and voters not affiliated with either major party (63%) to believe most news organizations are politically biased,” the poll analysis said.

July 17: The Washington Times: Iranian dissidents rally for regime change in Tehran
Iran’s theocracy is at the weakest point of its four-decade history and facing unprecedented challenges from a courageous citizenry hungry for freedom, Iranian dissidents and prominent U.S. and European politicians said Friday at a major international rally calling for the downfall of the dictatorship in Tehran.  The annual “Free Iran Global Summit,” held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brought together Iranian resistance groups and their allies around the world behind the common cause of pushing to replace Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s regime with a nonviolent democracy.  The summit was something of a technical marvel, uniting via Zoom tens of thousands of participants from 102 countries and 30,000 separate locations around the world.

July 17: Fox News: Trump blames surging violence on “stupidly run” cities
The President blamed surging violence across the country on “stupidly run” cities, while also offering support for facial coverings to stop the spread of coronavirus but saying he wouldn't issue a national mandate.  During the exclusive interview Trump was asked to explain why murder rates were up in cities like  Chicago and New York.  “I explain it very simply by saying they’re Democrat-run cities, they are liberally run. They are stupidly run,” the president said.  The president's comments came after at least 17 people were shot in NYC on Monday.  Trump added that Democrats who run the cities seeing a spike in violence “want to defund the police, and Biden wants to defund the police.”

July 17: United Press International: South Korea set to launch its first
military communication satellite
South Korea is poised to launch its first dedicated military communications satellite Sunday from Florida.  Liftoff of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is planned during a nearly three-hour window starting at 5 p.m. EDT from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, adjacent to Kennedy Space Center.   A 40% chance of storms or clouds that could interfere with the launch exists, according to a U.S. Space Force forecast.  Elton Musk's SpaceX delayed the launch Tuesday, with Musk posting on Twitter that the company was being extra cautious by checking everything thoroughly.

July 17: Fox News: Portland protests flood police precinct, chant about burning it down
Hundreds of protestors took to the streets surrounding a Portland, OR police precinct Thursday night, blocking traffic and chanting about burning it down, according to social media and a local report.   This was the 50th day of protests in the city.   Authorities told a local TV outlet someone lit a small fire in the street, while other protesters entered the police property.  Originally the police said they had no plans to engage with protesters, but changed their tune less than an hour later when a department tweet announced that they had heard people from the crowd discussing their desire to “enter the property and burn down the precinct.”

July 17: The Hill: Justice Ginsburg undergoing chemo for resurgence of liver cancer
Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg revealed on Friday that she has been undergoing chemotherapy since May due to a recurrence of liver cancer.  Ginsburg said in a statement that the treatment is unrelated to the infection that sent her to the hospital this week. She reported that the chemotherapy has been "yielding positive results." "My most recent scan on July 7 indicated significant reduction of the liver lesions and no new disease," she said in the statement. "I am tolerating chemotherapy well and am encouraged by the success of my current treatment. I will continue bi-weekly chemotherapy to keep my cancer at bay, and am able to maintain an active daily routine."

July 16: The Washington Free Beacon: Democrats spend over $50 million
defeating qualified black candidates in contested primary elections
Democrats spent more than $50 million this cycle to ensure that white candidates won the party's Senate nomination in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of the hopes and dreams of qualified black candidates attempting to bring more diversity to Congress.  White candidates Amy McGrath in Kentucky, Cal Cunningham in North Carolina, and MJ Hegar in Texas received early backing from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), which helped them win primary races against qualified black opponents.

July 16: The Washington Times: Trump takes on red tape regulations,
warns Biden would reimpose this burden
The President took a victory lap Thursday for his nearly four-year crusade of cutting Obama-era regulations on everything from farm ponds to light bulbs, a celebration carrying a warning that Democrat Biden would bury the president’s progress under an avalanche of new red tape.  A day after his administration finalized a rule speeding up environmental reviews of infrastructure projects, the president said he has been waging “the most dramatic regulatory relief campaign in American history.”  “We must never return to the days of soul-crushing regulation that ravaged our cities, devastated our workers, drained our vitality right out of our people and thoroughly crippled our nation’s prized competitive edge,” he said.

July 16: The Washington Examiner; China urges western companies
to ignore Pompeo’s warning of “Chinese thievery”
Chinese officials are urging Western companies to ignore U.S. warnings about the downsides of economic investments under the regime, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounces Beijing's aggressive economic and security policies.  “You’ve made the correct choice of putting down your business roots in China to seek development,” Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote to the Global CEO Council in a letter released Thursday on state-run media.

Meanwhile Pompeo attacked the NYT’s 1619 project as an attack on the American way of life and a gift to the Chinese Communist Party.  “The Chinese Communist Party must be gleeful when they see the New York Times spout this ideology,” Pompeo said at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. “Our founders also knew the fallen nature of mankind,” Pompeo said. “So, in their great wisdom, they established a system that acknowledged our human failings, checked our worst instincts, ensured government wouldn’t trample on these unalienable rights.”  Pomoeo blamed the 1619 Project for the recent wave of efforts to topple historic statues, issuing a condemnation that seemed to distinguish between monuments to Confederate leaders and memorials erected in honor of other icons of American history.

July 16: Reuters: Second Federal execution after Supreme Court weighs in
The U.S. government executed a convicted murderer on Thursday in the second federal execution in as many days after a 17-year pause, overcoming court orders that said condemned men should have time to contest the legality of a new one-drug lethal-injection protocol.  Following another overnight volley of final legal challenges that were cleared away in the small hours by the Supreme Court, Wesley Purkey was pronounced dead at 8:19 a.m. EDT.

July 15: The Washington Examiner: Congress likely to let the $600 unemployment benefit die
The extra $600 a week unemployment benefits currently, provided by the federal government, is highly likely to expire at the end of the month.  It is unlikely that any new relief bill will be completed within the next three weeks. This means that the $600 in additional unemployment benefits, created under the $2.3 trillion CARES Act coronavirus relief bill in March and scheduled to expire on July 26, will lapse for some time before Congress has a chance to decide whether continuing the benefit is appropriate.  Some on Capitol Hill believe this benefit encouraged some to stay on unemployment because they are getting paid more from the government than if they worked.

July 15: The Washington Times: Trump says he is willing to send in federal
law enforcement to help cities run by Democrats to combat “war zones”
President Trump is planning to direct federal law enforcement “help” for Democratic-run cities that have seen a rise in violence this summer, calling them “war zones.”  In a meeting with Attorney General Barr and other federal officials at the White House on Wednesday, the president said he’ll make a “very exciting” official announcement next week. “The left-wing group of people that are running our cities are not doing the job that they’re supposed to be doing,” Mr. Trump said adding that he may soon announce “what we’re planning to do to help them.”

July 15: Fox News: The National Association of Police Organizations e
ndorses Trump after backing Biden as VP in 08 and 12
The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) endorsed President Trump’s reelection Wednesday, praising his “steadfast and very public support” for law enforcement.  NAPO President Michael McHale said Trump's support is needed “during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many.”  “We particularly value your directing the Attorney General to aggressively prosecute those who attack our officers,” McHale wrote in a letter.

July 15: United Press InternationalBritain purchases General atomics
protector drones  for $81 Million
San Diego-based General Atomics will build three Protector drones for Britain in an $81 million deal, the British Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday.  The aircraft will also be deployed in intelligence, surveillance, targeting and reconnaissance missions, replacing Britain's current fleet of Reaper drones.  The aircraft is a modification of the MQ-9B drone, and features a 66-foot wingspan and the capability of traveling 300 mph.  It can carry a 3,900-pound payload of missiles and bombs, but most crucially is the first unmanned air vehicle to be certified as a remotely powered air system.

July 15: Townhall.com: Prominent Democrat civil rights attorney to support Trump
Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell, a prominent black Democrat has decided to be a Trump supporter.  He has come under fire from his colleagues for refusing to support Joe Biden and Black Lives Matter. Terrell said the 2020 Democrat party has been “hijacked by Black Lives Matter and that's why I've shifted away from the Democratic Party. Two major reasons: One, Joe Biden made the assumption that … if you're black you have to vote Democrat. I find that insulting and offensive to every African American because we don't vote as one group."   Continuing he said "Secondly, defunding the police is absolutely ridiculous. Democrats believe in law and order. Those are two major reasons I left the Democratic Party."

July 15: The Washington Free Beacon: Obama appointed judge blocks federal death penalty
D.C. District Court judge Tanya S. Chutkan on Wednesday halted the scheduled execution of a federal death row inmate, marking another instance of the Obama appointee stalling the Department of Justice's efforts to restart federal executions.  The order issued just hours before the inmate's scheduled death cited the execution of convicted murderer Wesley mental illness and dementia as potentially rendering him incompetent to be executed.  Chutkan also separately halted three other currently scheduled executions.  The Department of Justice appealed Chutkan's orders to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. From there it may need to proceed to the Supreme Court.

July 14: The Wall Street Journal: UK to ban China’s Huawei
from 5G networking
The British government said it would bar telecom companies from purchasing new equipment made by China’s Huawei Technologies Co. for their 5G networks in a further sign of the deteriorating relations between Beijing and the West. 

July 14: The Washington Times: Trump signs bill authorizing China sanctions
over Hong Kong crackdown

President Trump signed legislation Tuesday sanctioning Chinese officials and entities for China’s “repressive actions” against the people of Hong Kong, and issued an executive order ending the territory’s preferential treatment by the U.S.   The law authorizes the State and Treasury departments to impose sanctions on those involved in imposing the Hong Kong security law, and also targeted banks involved in significant transactions with offenders. In an hour-long announcement heTrump also highlighted his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden’s allowing “China to pillage our factories, plunder our communities, and steal our most precious secrets.  Joe Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party,” Trump contended.
[See video of the President’s news conference (starts 21 minutes in)

July 14: The Washington Examiner: “Open discrimination”:  CA’s churches
resist second shutdown
When California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that large sections of California would have to shut down businesses and churches because of a Chinese coronavirus, many religious leaders refused to comply with the order.   But even with the state's caution, some church leaders say that shutting down again is not an option. San Francisco and Western America Russian Orthodox Archbishop Kyrill, in an open letter to Newsom, said that the state's strictures on religious services, especially on singing, are "open discrimination," reminiscent of the "the era of godless persecutions in the U.S.S.R."

July 14: United Press International: First federal execution after US Supreme Court ruling
The federal government carried out its first execution in 17 years on Tuesday, putting killer Daniel Lewis Lee to death at a facility in Indiana after a rare early morning decision by the U.S.  Supreme Court.  Lee was put to death by lethal injection at the Federal Correctional Institution in Terre Haute, a medium-security prison operated by the federal Bureau of Prisons. It was the first federal execution since 2003.

July 13: The Washington Times: Biden leads Trump in national polls but the lead is shrinking
Joseph R. Biden has a 7-point advantage over President Trump in a new national poll released Monday, but his lead has been cut nearly in half since late May.  The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee topped Mr. Trump 49%-42% in the new national survey of likely voters by John Zogby Strategies and EMI Research Solutions.  The same poll in late May showed Mr. Biden ahead by 13 points, 54%-41%.

July 13: United Press International: CA Gov closes indoor businesses, places limits on churches
California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered multiple business sectors to close down once again amid rising COVID-19 cases in the state.  Newsom ordered dine-in restaurants, bars, movie theaters, zoos, museums and some other businesses to close throughout the state which reported 8,358 new cases on Monday.   Under the order some of California's most populous areas including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino and Ventura counties, will be required to shut down fitness centers, worship services, protests, offices for nonessential sectors, malls, personal care services, hair salons and barbershops.

July 13: The Washington Free BeaconThe number of police searches
and stops in Minneapolis plummets
The embattled Minneapolis Police Department has mostly ceased stopping and searching residents of the city, as resources are stretched thin by anti-cop protests and surging gun violence.  Official data released by the MPD show that cumulative stops fell 36 percent in the week after George Floyd's death at the hands of three officers, sparking nationwide protests. That trend has persisted—over the week between July 6 and July 12, MPD officers made just 193 stops, down 77 percent from the same week in 2019.

July 13:
The Daily Caller: TX Lt. Gov: “America better wake up and get angry about this”
Republican Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick condemned calls to defund the police and the Black Lives Matter movement, calling people who want to send social workers to domestic disturbances “plain out idiotic” Monday.  He accused Democrats of not wanting to back police officers at all and added that he is “so tired of this mob and these people on Facebook and Twitter attacking our police.”  “We are not going to have any police left,” Patrick said as he railed off statistics about cops dying. “America better wake up, and while they didn’t start this fire, Joe Biden and the Democrats are aiding and abetting this.”

July 13: Fox NewsHong Kong virologist claiming coronavirus cover-up
tells 'Bill Hemmer Reports': 'We don't have much time'

A Hong Kong virologist who fled to the U.S. earlier this year said in an exclusive interview Monday that that lives could have been saved if the Chinese government hadn't censored her work.  "This is a huge pandemic we have seen in the world," Li-Meng Yan said. "It's more than anything we've known in human history. So, the timing is very, very important. If we can stop it early, we can save lives." Yan told Fox News Digital last week that she believes the Chinese government knew about the novel corononavirus well before acknowledging the outbreak publicly. She claimed her supervisors, renowned as some of the top experts in the field, also ignored research she was doing at the onset of the pandemic that she believes could have saved lives.  "I have to hide because I know how they treat whistleblowers, and as a whistleblower here I want to tell the truth of COVID-19 and the origin of the SARS-2 COVID virus," Yan told Fox News Digital.

uly 13: Washington Free BeaconConcerns emerge as Congress moves
to hand airport security to the private sector
Congress is poised to hand over control of sensitive airport screening information to private companies, an unprecedented move that would limit the federal government’s control of passenger information and inspection.  The Senate is considering the Registered Traveler Act of 2020, which would entrust private airport screening companies such as Clear to assume control of security procedures that have traditionally been handled by the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. These privately owned companies would gain access to TSA databases containing passenger information and other data about individuals who may pose a national security risk. Currently, private companies are not permitted to access this government data.

July 12: The Washington Examiner: MO AG slams St. Louis prosecutor for “politically motivated decisions”
Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said the prosecutor in the case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey has “a record of making politically motivated decisions not based on the law.”  The McCloskeys made headlines earlier this summer for brandishing their guns at Black Lives Matter protesters who marched through their gated community. On Friday, St. Louis police seized the rifle seen in viral videos of the couple after officers executed a search warrant at their home. An attorney for the couple said he hopes to meet with St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner soon, as she was weighing charges against them.

July 12: The Washington Times: Dead cat gets a voter registration application in the mail
In a presidential election year, there’s always a push to get people registered to vote. For one Atlanta family, that push got a little interesting.  Ron Tims said he checked his mail Wednesday and found a voter registration application addressed to Cody Tims - his cat, who died 12 years ago.  “Third-party groups all over the country are targeting Georgia to help register qualified individuals,” the Secretary of State’s Office said in a statement. “This group makes you wonder what these out-of-town activists are really doing. Make no mistake about it, this office is dedicated to investigating all types of fraud.”

July 12: Fox News: Iran admits responsibility for shoot down of Ukrainian
airliner, blames miscommunication for the incident
A report released Saturday by Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization blames the shootdown of a Ukrainian jetliner on a misaligned missile battery and miscommunication between troops and their commanders.  The report signals a new phase in the investigation into the crash, as the aircraft's black box flight recorder is due to be sent to Paris, where international investigators will finally be able to examine it. It also comes as public opinion remains low over Iran's government as it faces both crushing U.S. sanctions and vast domestic economic problems.

USS Bonhomme Richard ablaze in San DiegoJuly 12: United Press InternationalFire breaks out on USS Bonhomme Richard, 21 injured
At least 21 people were injured after a three-alarm fire broke out following an explosion on the USS Bonhomme Richard, the Navy said.  A fire was called at 8:30 a.m. as the ship was docked at a Naval base in San Diego; 17 sailors and four civilians sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were transferred to hospitals for treatment, Naval Surface Forces reported on Twitter.   "USS Bonhomme Richard is going through a maintenance availability and has a crew size of approximately 1,000," they said. The cause of the fire was not immediately clear. USS Bonhomme Richard is a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, commissioned in 1998. It’s name is derived from the pen name of Ben Franklin.

July 11; The Washington ExaminerPeople will die with violent US-China
clash possible, says GOP lawmaker
A violent confrontation between the United States and China could take place within months, according to an American lawmaker wary of Beijing’s expansionist foreign policy.   “I would predict there will be a clash within the next three to six months,” Florida Rep. Ted Yoho, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee for Asia, said.  Yoho’s forecast attests to the suspicion that has come to characterize U.S.-China relations in recent years, as U.S. intelligence officials  assess that the world’s largest communist power is waging “a cold war” against Washington. That competition has played out in the economic sphere and between spy agencies, but Yoho thinks it could soon turn percussive as China seeks to tighten control of the shipping lanes around its borders.

July 11: The Hill: Trump wears mask during visit to Walter Reed
President Trump wore a face mask during his visit to Walter Reed hospital on Saturday, marking the first time he has done so in front of cameras.  Trump visited the medical center in Maryland to meet with wounded soldiers and health care staff who have been caring for COVID-19 patients. He wore a mask as he walked down a hallway with hospital officials, but the rest of his time at Walter Reed was closed to the press. 

July 11: Fox News: Rep Collins: Trump will ultimately prevail against Biden
Joe Biden maybe leading President Trump in some recent 2020 presidential election  polls, but Biden will soon have to answer for and explain his recent policy pitches, U.S. Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA)said Saturday night.  "I'm not worried because when you put up this president against Joe Biden, Joe Biden has to come out of the basement more than just to give a speech and a plan and remarks that he's going to have," Collins said.

July 10: The Daily Caller: College professors and
Students attempting to stop ICE deportations
Several of the nation’s top universities and professors have started developing plans to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from deporting students holding educational visas that aren’t attending in-person classes.  Starting this fall, students would be eligible for deportation unless they are taking at least one in-person course.  Students who hold F-1 or M-1 visas, which are for educational purposes, may not remain in the U.S. if their course load is entirely online, ICE said.  Numerous universities switched to online courses following the outbreak of coronavirus, but some are rethinking this decision in light of the ICE mandate. Several students and professors at universities that had previously shut down on-campus activities have begun to find ways to establish in-person classes to safeguard foreign students, and some institutions have sued the federal government.

July 10: The Washington Examiner: FBI concluded Flynn wasn’t
an agent of Russia and wasn’t lying
An internal Justice Department draft memo from late January 2017 indicates that the FBI concluded retired Lt. General Michael Flynn was not acting as an agent of Russia and noted that agents believed he did not think he was lying to them during an interview about his calls with Russia's ambassador.   The heavily redacted document (dated Jan. 30, 2017) was released to the Flynn defense team earlier this week and was made visible to the public on Friday in a filing with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

July 10: United Press International: Trump commutes Stone sentence
President Trump on Friday commuted the sentence of former campaign adviser Roger Stone, allowing him to avoid prison time for lying to Congress.  Stone had been scheduled to begin his 40-month prison sentence on Tuesday, though his lawyers were attempting to delay his report date because of the coronavirus pandemic.

July 10: The Washington Free Beacon: Iran reels after mysterious explosions
A large explosion rocked Iran’s capital for the third time in three weeks, according to the New York Times.  Though the exact site of the Thursday night explosion remains unspecified, analysts have reason to suspect "sabotage" due to its proximity to military and training institutions.  The incident is the latest in a series of explosions occurring near Iranian military sites between midnight and 3 a.m. since June. The first two transpired near Iran’s largest missile production facility and near the centrifuge of a nuclear base. Though the exact cause is unclear, intelligence analysts speculate that other countries looking to curb Iranian ambitions may be conducting sabotage while Tehran deals with internal crises, including the coronavirus pandemic.

July 9: Fox News: Supreme Court ruling in “Little Sister’s” case
big victory for religious freedom
The Supreme Court bolstered its standing as a defender of religious liberty with two decisions Wednesday vindicating that ideal. One of them, the Little Sisters of the Poor Saint Peter and Paul Home v. Pennsylvania.  The Little Sisters, a Roman Catholic nuns order runs homes for the elderly poor all over the world.  The Obama Administration forced them to comply with the Obamacare requirement to provide free contraceptives to employees.   Things changed when President Trump’s administration arrived and adopted a rule that expanded the conscience protection to cover the Little Sisters and other previously unprotected entities with sincere religious or moral objections to providing contraceptive coverage.  Then Democrats in Pennsylvania and New Jersey went to court and secured a nationwide injunction against enforcement of the accommodation.  Thankfully, the Supreme Court’s decision upheld the conscience protection. This is a victory for freedom of religion and conscience.   

July 9: United Press International: Australia ends Hong Kong extradition
treaty, extends visas with residency path
Australia said Thursday it will suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and create a path to permanent residency for citizens from the former British colony with temporary visas in response to a draconian national security law Beijing imposed last week. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said duringa press conference hat Australia has formally notified Hong Kong and advised Chinese authorities of plans to end their extradition treaty, stating the new security law "constitutes a fundamental change of circumstances" in regards to Australia's relationship with Hong Kong.

July 8: Townhall.com: With NYC in crisis what should happen to Mayor DeBlasio
The Democratic mayor of New York City has led his constituents into a circumstance involving multiple crises, including widespread violence, murders, looting, economic devastation, and abandoned school children. Now is the time for him to end the damage he has wreaked on the nation’s most populous city by vacating Gracie Manor

July 8:The Washington Times: Gap between social distancing vs. free pass on COVID-19 protests
For three weeks, Seattle officials allowed hundreds of protesters to take over a six-block area of Capitol Hill that included Cal Anderson Park, but parents still isn’t allowed to take her child to the local playground. “Apparently, my toddler is much more dangerous [than protesters],” said Ms.Sadovnik, a Seattle-based lawyer for the Freedom Foundation. “I guess all the law-abiding people have to be subject to all these restrictions, but if you’re protesting and looting and rioting, that’s OK, you don’t spread coronavirus.”

July 8: The Daily Signal: Supreme Court decides in favor of religious liberty
The Supreme Court strengthened the separation of church and state Wednesday and, for once, that’s a good thing.  The 7-2 keeps government out of decisions by religious institutions about who may teach their faith.   The high court’s decision combined two cases in which Catholic schools in California each fired a fifth-grade teacher, the fired teacher in one school said age was the real reason for her firing, while the teacher in the other one claimed it was disability.  The issue in these cases was whether religious institutions, such as schools and churches, may make certain personnel decisions without government interference. Federal courts have recognized that the First Amendment creates what is often called a “ministerial exception” to employment discrimination laws regarding certain positions.

July 8: The Daily Caller: Democrat Houston Mayor cancels Texas GOP
in-person convention while defending Floyd protests
Democratic Houston mayor Sylvester Turner announced during a virtual City Council meeting Wednesday that the Texas GOP would not be allowed to hold an in-person convention in Houston, but defended the George Floyd protests that took place in the city.  Turner said he instructed the publicly-owned Houston First Corporation, which operates the George R. Brown Convention Center, to cancel its contract with the Texas GOP.  The convention had been scheduled to take place July 16 and expected an audience of roughly 6,000 people.

July 8:
The Washington Free Beacon: Maine Senate Democrat candidate’s
husband benefits -- $1-2 million – from program she opposes

Maine Senate candidate Sara Gideon's husband directly benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) even as the Democrat railed against Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine) for supporting the small business relief fund.  Gideon, who serves as the state House speaker, has frequently criticized the PPP in the last few months, accusing Collins of creating a fund that bails out large corporations but abandons small businesses. What Gideon did not say in her PPP attack ads—one of which earned three out of four “Pinocchios” from fact-checkers—was that her husband's law firm received between $1 to $2 million in financial assistance from the fund.

July 7: Breitbart News: SD Governor: Monument debate “This isn’t
about equality anymore – This is a radical rewriting of history”

Gov.  Kristi Noem rejected the claim the push to remove statues and monuments was about “equality.”  She praised President Donald Trump’s efforts, including his July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore in her state, to defend monuments.  “I think it’s important we protect our history,” she said. “This isn’t about equality anymore. This is a radical rewriting of our history to take away our freedoms and liberties. It’s really trying to rewrite the foundation of this country. And so it’s alarming to me. I’m thankful that the president made the statement that he made in his speech about protecting Mount Rushmore and other monuments across the country.”

July 7: United Press International: US restricts Chinese over human rights record
In its latest reproach of China's human rights record, the U.S. State Department on Tuesday said they will deny Chinese officials entry to the United States who have restricted access of American government officials, journalists, independent observers and tourists to the Tibetan Autonomous Region.  In a statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said access to the Tibetan areas was of "increasingly vital" importance to regional stability due to the People's Republic of China's human rights abuses in the area and its failures to prevent environmental degradation near Asia's major waterways there.

July 7: Townhall.com:  USA Today twists itself into a pretzel trying to
explain about party roots of the KKK and the Civil War
Well, if you ever want to see linguistic gymnastics, just take a look at this USA Today’s fact check of the claim that the Democrats didn’t create the Ku Klux Klan or start the American Civil War. Are they really just low on material over there? Because this wasn’t even said by a major politician. It was an Instagram user. Yeah, so for USA Today to pull out the fact check guns on this is a tell-tale sign that the Left is fully aware of their racist past. And given how left-wing mob violence has grown and ‘woke’ crybabies taking scalps at major publications, best to just show you’re part of the team and strike back whenever you can.
[The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of this blog or its contributors]

July 7: The Washington Times: Obama judges undermine pipelines
in sneak peek of the Biden energy pan
The nation may be awash in oil and natural gas, but U.S. pipelines are running on fumes after three high-profile conduits ran aground in 24 hours, the victims of Obama-appointed judges and regulatory uncertainty under the possibility of a climate-woke Biden presidency.  In Monday’s triple whammy, a federal judge ordered the three-year-old Dakota Access Pipeline to empty pending an environmental review. The still-under-construction Keystone XL pipeline was further delayed after the Supreme Court upheld a lower-court order blocking a permit.  And despite winning its Supreme Court case last month, Dominion Energy and Duke Energy stunned the industry by abandoning after six years the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, citing the “increasing legal uncertainty that overhangs large-scale energy and industrial infrastructure development in the United States.”

July 7: United Press International: Lawmakers urge Pentagon to stop buying F-35 parts from Turkey
A bipartisan group of US senators sent a letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper this week asking the Pentagon to more quickly end its F-35 partnership with Turkey.  The U.S. formally removed Turkey from the international F-35 partnership in 2019 after it received delivery of a Su-35 Russian missile defense system, which the U.S. has warned could compromise the F-35.  Turkish manufacturers have been involved in building more than 900 parts for the F-35, and while Pentagon officials have found replacement suppliers for most, the shift could cost more than $500 million.

July 7: Fox News: Iowa BLM activist faces felony leak charges for allegedly
showing confidential police document on TV
Prosecutors in Iowa have filed a rarely used leak charge against Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors accused of stealing a confidential police documents and displaying it during a television news broadcast.  Two protesters have been charged with this felony that carries upto five years in prison.  The statute was intended to punish officers and others who share information that could undermine criminal investigations or violate privacy protections.  The document in question was a Des Moines Police Department bulletin that included photos of suspects.  It is document officers and state troopers had with them while patrolling a July 1 protest at the Iowa Capitol.

July 6: The Washington Times: “Unlock Michigan” launches veto-proof drive
to repeal Governor’s powers
Organizers said Monday that they will begin collecting voter signatures within days for a veto-proof measure that would repeal a law that has given Gov. Gretchen Whitmer broad emergency powers during the pandemic.  The ballot committee Unlock Michigan announced its plan after the state elections board approved a summary of the petition. It would rescind a 1945 law that the Democratic governor has cited to close businesses, limit gathering sizes and restrict other activities to curb the coronavirus.

July 6: Reuters.Com: U.S. Supreme Court curbs “faithless electors” in electoral college
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to free “faithless electors” in the Electoral College system that decides the outcome of presidential elections from state laws that force them to support the candidate who wins the state’s popular vote.  The justices unanimously rejected the idea that electors, who act on behalf of a state in the Electoral College vote that occurs weeks after voters go the polls, can exercise discretion in the candidate they back. The decision erased a potential complicating factor in the Electoral College as President Donald Trump seeks re-election on Nov. 3 against Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

July 6: United Press International: ICE authorized to deport foreign students
who are taking courses only online
International students in the United States on student visas cannot attend a university this fall if their studies are entirely online, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday.  In a statement, ICE announced that students on non-immigrant F-1 and M-1 visas who attend universities that operate entirely online amid the COVID-19 pandemic "may not take a full online course load and remain in the United States."

July 5: The Washington Times: Supreme Court Justice Roberts decisions are about politics
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has been labeled the Supreme Court’s swing vote after siding several times with the liberal wing, but both conservative and liberal court watchers say his judicial moves are all about politics.  Conservatives say he’s trying to strike a balance so the high court doesn’t appear too political. Critics say that balancing act is falling short and is resulting in an inconsistent record that appears to be more political than rooted in a particular jurisprudence.

July 5: The Washington Examiner: NYC shootings up 205% since disbanding police unit
After making the decision to disband its plainclothes "anti-crime" unit, New York City has seen a 205% increase in shootings in comparison to the same time period last year.   According to the New York Post, 116 shootings took place in the city since the officers were reassigned from June 15 to July 2.  In 2019 there were 38 shootings during the same period.   "I feel like we are giving the streets back to the criminals," said the mother of one shooting victim, whose son was shot just days after the unit was disbanded. "Whatever the problem they have, address it. But don’t disband the unit. Many lives would have been saved. Not just my son," she said.

July 5: Fox News: Trump announces second rally, this one in New Hampshire
President Trump’s re-election campaign announced Sunday that the president will headline an outdoor rally in the battleground state of New Hampshire next weekend, just his second rally since the Chinese coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation in March.  Campaign staffers said the rally will be held next Saturday, July 11, at the Portsmouth International Airport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

July 4:
WhiteHouse.gov: The text of President Trump’s remarks at Mount Rushmore
“Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities.  Many of these people have no idea why they are doing this, but some know exactly what they are doing.  They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive.  But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country, and all of its values, history, and culture, to be taken from them,” Trump said.

July 4: The New York Post: Trump gives fiery speech at Mount Rushmore
In a fiery speech at Mount Rushmore Friday night, President Trump slammed what he called the “left-wing cultural revolution” that has led to “violent mayhem” in the streets and the toppling of historic statues.  “They want to silence us. But we will not be silenced,” Trump said to cheers of “USA! USA!”  “We will not be intimidated by bad, evil people. It will not happen!” he said to more cheers from the thousands of supporters in the monument’s amphitheater before a Fourth of July fireworks show.  “We will never surrender the spirit and the courage and the cause of July 4, 1776,” he said.

July 4: Fox News: Trump announces new national monument
President Trump signed an executive order to establish a garden honoring “historically significant Americans who have contributed positively to America throughout our history,” Trump said.   It comes as a response to the anti-monument fervor that has gripped segments of the country, who have taken to either calling for the removal of, or simply attempting to tear down, monuments and statues of past American figures.   The proposed names on the list include Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, the conservative justice who died in 2016, black major league baseball player Robinson, teacher and Challenger astronaut Christa McAuliffe, the Wright Brothers, educator Booker T. Washington, and women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony.

July 4: United Press International: Trump signs bill extending pay check protection program
President Donald Trump signed a law Saturday extending the deadline for small business loans under the Paycheck Protection Program.  The extension of PPP, which was established to provide small businesses relief from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, was passed by Congress earlier in the week. Trump signed the legislation to extend the PPP, which expired Tuesday with $130 million unspent.  The new deadline for this program is August 8.

July 4: The Washington Examiner: Kavanaugh declines permission for
Illinois GOP to hold political rallies
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh rejected an application from Illinois Republicans challenging the governor's ban on political activity during the coronavirus pandemic.  Kavanaugh, a conservative member of the high court, declined the emergency request (which was placed to him by geography alone) that complained that Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, allowed religious gatherings and protests but not political rallies or gatherings beyond 50 people.

July 3: The Daily Caller: Getting out of hand – protestors block roads
to Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump’s arrival
Protesters blocked the roads leading up to Mount Rushmore ahead of President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July speech that is scheduled to take place there Friday evening. Footage shows protesters standing on top of several large white vans and blocking traffic into the monument ahead of Trump's appearance. The protesters were holding signs and flags and had reportedly slashed the tires of the vans they were standing on.

July 3: Fox News: Seattle police arrest ten in clearing out protestors
Seattle police clashed with protesters after being attacked with rocks, bottles and fireworks overnight Thursday in the now-cleared Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone. Police said 10 people were arrested after violence erupted.  Helmeted police forcibly cleared the area after the mayor ordered the response following weeks of non-action and two recent fatal shootings.  When the zone was cleared Wednesday, more than three dozen people were arrested on charges of failure to disperse, obstruction, assault and unlawful weapon possession.

July 2: United Press InternationalSenate passes bill to punish China
over its actions against Hong Kong
The U.S. Senate on Thursday unanimously passed bipartisan legislation to punish China for imposing a new sweeping national security law on Hong Kong, sending the bill to President 's desk to be signed into law.  The bill, the "Hong Kong Autonomy Act" will impose mandatory sanctions on persons and entities who contribute to China's defiance of its responsibilities to Hong Kong and those who infringe upon its autonomy as well as banks that conduct "significant transactions" with those people.

July 2: The Washington Free Beacon: WHO backtracks on China’s telling world about COVID-19
According to a WHO timeline tracking the spread of the virus, contrary to claims from both Chinese officials and the World Health Organization, China did not report the existence of the coronavirus in late 2019. Rather, international health officials discovered the virus through information posted to a U.S. website.  The quiet admission from the international health organization, which posted an "updated" timeline to its website this week, flies in the face of claims from some of its top officials, including WHO director general Tedros Adhanom, who maintained for months that China had informed his organization about the emerging sickness.

July 2: The Washington Times: Jobs Report shatters expectations
Employers added a record 4.8 million jobs in June as the economy bounced back from coronavirus shutdowns, prompting President  Trump to celebrate the “spectacular” news four months before he faces voters, while a key government forecaster warned that a full recovery is still years away.  The robust job gains bolstered nearly every sector of the U.S. economy. as the unemployment rate declined to 11.1% from 13.3% in May.  Combined with a revised 2.7 million jobs added in May, the Labor Department said 7.5 million Americans went back to work over two months.  The DOL reported the ten states with the highest unemployment rates at the end of June were Nevada: 25.3%, Hawaii: 22.6%, Michigan: 21.2 %, Rhode Island: 16.3, Massachusetts: 16.3%, California: 16.3%, Delaware: 15.8%, New Jersey: 15.2%, Illinois: 15.2%, and Washington: 15.1%, most controlled by Democrats.

July 2: The Washington Examiner: U.S. Attorney: 150 cases tied to rioting
The top prosecutor in the nation’s capital said the Justice Department has charged 150 people in cases related to acts of violence during protests that followed the death of George Floyd.   Acting U.S. Attorney for D.C., Michael Sherwin, selected by Attorney General William Barr in mid-May after a stint as deputy attorney general for national security, revealed the number on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Thursday evening while providing an update on the Justice Department’s law enforcement efforts tied to the demonstrations over the past five weeks. 

July 2: Townhall.com: Liberal journalist reports on Minneapolis riots and media coverage
Reporter Michael Tracey walked by the Minneapolis police headquarters, noting that the place looked like Bosnia. He also said that the breadth of the destruction is probably not being covered by the media because it could be seen as helping President Trump, who has promised to maintain law and order during the chaos. He found one dentist’s office that was used to give care to the uninsured in the community that was utterly destroyed. 

July 1: The Daily Caller: Hong Kong police arrest more than
300 less than a day after enacting security law
Hong Kong police arrested more than 300 people Wednesday during protests less than a day after China enacted a national security law for the autonomous territory.  Thousands of protesters gathered downtown Wednesday for a rally marking the 23rd anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China from the United Kingdom, and were met with riot police deploying pepper spray and pellet rounds, Reuters reported. The police made arrests as crowds reportedly chanted “resist till the end.”

July 1: The Washington Times: D.C. sued over BLM painted street
Judicial Watch filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday demanding access to D.C.’s streets to paint its own messages, after the city painted Black Lives Matter on one street and allowed protesters to paint their own “Defund the police” message next to it.  The conservative group said it wants to paint its own motto, “Because No One is Above the Law,” on a street near its D.C. officers.  Judicial Watch said the city has turned its streets into a public forum for political expression by painting and allowing the other messages, which means that it cannot shut out other competing messages or else it runs afoul of the First Amendment.

July 1: The Washington Examiner: Pompeo accuses China of “hostage taking”
to pressure Canada on Huawei
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the Chinese Communist Party of “hostage-taking” for its imprisonment of two Canadians, a move the Chinese government made after Canada arrested and began the extradition process for a top Huawei executive.   Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested by Canadian authorities in December 2018 at the request of the United States, indicted in the Eastern District of New York in January 2019, and charged with bank fraud and wire fraud as well as conspiracy to commit both alleged crimes. In the same 13-count indictment in the Brooklyn court, Huawei was charged with wire fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy, money laundering, and violations of sanctions against Iran.  After Meng’s arrest, China arrested two Canadian citizens who remain imprisoned.