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December 31: The Epoch Times: Germany shuts down half its nuclear power
plants, seeking reliance on renewable energy

Germany on Friday shut down half of the six nuclear plants it still has in operation. The decision to phase out nuclear power and shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy was first taken by the government in 2002. The three reactors now being shuttered were first powered up in the mid-1980s. Together they provided electricity to millions of German households for almost four decades. One is located near Hamburg; the other two plants are near Hannover and Munich. Some in Germany are calling for reconsideration of the policy because the power plants already in operation produce relatively little carbon dioxide. Advocates of atomic energy argue that it can help Germany meet its climate targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear power provides about 13% of Germany's electricity. The German government said this week that decommissioning all nuclear plants next year and then phasing out the use of coal by 2030 won't affect the country's energy security or its goal of making Europe's biggest economy "climate neutral" by 2045. Meanwhile, France planning to build new reactors as Germany is opting for natural gas as a "bridge" until enough renewable power is available, and both sides arguing their preferred source of energy be classed as sustainable.

December 31: The Washington Examiner: Putin ups the ante as
Russia-Ukraine dispute tenses up

While an invasion may not be imminent, tensions at the Russia-Ukraine border and between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Western leaders appear to be escalating rather than diminishing. Putin and Biden shared their second phone call of December on Thursday, after which each side issued strong statements about what they expect going forward. The White House said the United States and its allies "will respond decisively" if the Kremlin further invades Ukraine, while Putin said new sanctions against Russia would be a "colossal mistake" that would risk a "complete rupture of relations" between the two countries. Russia has amassed a significant military presence on its border with Ukraine in recent months, stirring up both rhetoric and fears of a possible invasion by an estimated 100,000 troops. The Kremlin has also test-fired hypersonic missiles as a show of force. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul told CNBC that Putin is upping the ante in the dispute, which he blames the Russian leader for creating. "The main issue is that Putin does not think that Ukraine should be an independent country," he said. "He thinks Ukrainians and Russians are part of the same nation, and therefore, Ukrainian independence for him is a problem, and Ukrainian democracy for him is also a problem." Putin has issued a list of demands, including a written commitment that Ukraine will never join NATO and that the military alliance's equipment will not be stationed in former Soviet countries. The Biden administration has rejected the demands. Putin's aggressive stance has caused some to question whether he is expecting a Western rejection that could then be used as the pretext for an invasion.

December 31: Fox News: Texas AG gets federal injunction against
another Biden vaccine mandate

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton scored what he considered to be a "win for the children of Texas" after a federal judge ruled against vaccine and mask mandates for Head Start programs initiated by the Biden administration. The ruling from Judge James "Wesley" Hendrix of the U.S. District Court Northern District of Texas orders a halt in required COVID-19 protocol conditions for the funding of Head Start. The new rules issued last month require children over 2 in Head Start programs to wear masks, while the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is requiring staff, contractors and volunteers in the program to be vaccinated by the end of January. "This is a win for the children of Texas for sure, given that parents should be making these decisions, not the Biden administration," Paxton said.

December 31: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden Administration tells
SCOTUS the vaccination mandate isn't really a mandate

The Biden administration on Thursday defended its vaccine "rule" to the Supreme Court, claiming opponents are wrong to call the policy a mandate. Justice Department lawyers are contending with claims from red states, business groups, and religious organizations who say Congress has never empowered the executive branch to require vaccinations. The Biden administration denies the rule is a mandate, since it gives employers flexibility to choose between mandating vaccines or implementing a testing policy. Victory for the administration in the Supreme Court would mean little from a political perspective. A lopsided majority of Americans oppose further mandates and restrictions to impede the Omicron variant, a grim political challenge Joe Biden acknowledged at a Dec. 21 press conference.

December 31: The Daily Caller: Governor's races to watch in 2022
Democrats four years ago rode a blue wave to governors' mansions across the country, flipping Republican-held seats in the Midwest, Northeast and West alike. However, many of those governors face Republican challengers amid a political environment that looks potentially promising for the GOP. They've already made two strong showings; one is Virginia (where they won) and another in New Jersey (where they came surprisingly close to winning). Here are some of the ones to watch:
Georgia: Republican Gov. Brian Kemp now faces both a serious Democratic challenger as well as one from within his own party. Whoever wins the state's GOP primary will likely face Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams in November. Abrams narrowly lost to Kemp in 2018.
Arizona: Republican Kari Lake, a former newscaster, secured Trump's early endorsement and leads the GOP field to succeed Arizona's term-limited governor. While Lake leads, she still has challengers in the GOP primary. The Democrat challenger is expected to be Secretary of State Katie Hobbs
Michigan: Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer won in a landslide in 2018 but her stringent coronavirus policies and her own violations of them have made her a target. The leading Republican challenger is retired Detroit police chief James Craif, but the GOP field is far from settled.
Nevada: Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak flipped the governor's seat in 2018, and while the state has been friendlier to his party than to Republicans in recent years, it remains a hard-fought battleground nearly every election cycle. Former Republican Sen. Dean Heller, who lost his seat in 2018, is now seeking a political comeback, and Heller is favored to win the nomination.
Other states with gubernatorial races, some of which could be testy, include Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, and Texas.

December 30: The Washington Examiner: EU weighs measures against
China over Lithuania/Taiwan issue

According to a senior European Union (EU), China's economic pressure on Lithuania represents a major threat to "the most sacred part" of the EU, and raises the likelihood that the European countries will wind down economic relations with the communist nation. "What the Chinese are effectively doing [is] they are trying to undermine the most sacred part of Europe's common policy, which is the single market," said Germany's Reinhard Butikofer, who leads the China delegation in the European Parliament. "China is trying to break the principles that are governing that common European project." Lithuania, a small member of the EU with shores on the Baltic Sea came into China's crosshairs after it made the decision to allow Taiwan to open a de facto embassy under its own name in this tiny nation. The Red Chinese, who claim sovereignty over Taiwan, demanded that multinational companies pull out of Lithuania or risk losing their access to Chinese markets. "Nobody should be foolish enough to believe that if China would be allowed to break Lithuania, they would refrain from making more and stricter demands next time, if another government ... does something they don't like," Butikofer contended. "The appetite of this authoritarian system to force others to do its bidding is not limited, and we will have to act accordingly." Some have suggested that this same statement could apply to the Biden Administration's demands and actions related to mandating all Americans to get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus.

December 30: The Epoch Times: Biden talks with Putin urges diplomacy
and calls for de-escalation

Joe Biden took part in a 50-minute telephone call with Russian President Putin Thursday. On the call, Biden urged Putin to de-escalate tensions with Ukraine, making clear that the United States and its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine, according to a White House statement. Biden reiterated that substantive progress in solutions for the Ukrainian issue can occur only in an environment of de-escalation rather than escalation. Russia has amassed troops at its border with Ukraine in recent weeks with estimates of more than 90,000 along the border and in Russian-annexed Crimea. Earlier this month, Moscow submitted draft security documents demanding that NATO deny membership to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries and roll back its military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe. The United States and its allies have refused to offer Russia any guarantees, citing NATO's principle that membership is open to any qualifying country

December 30: Fox Business: CDC tells Americans to avoid cruises
regardless of vaccination status

The CDC sounded the alarm on cruises Thursday amid a surge in Wuhan coronavirus cases nationwide, raising its travel warning to the highest level and telling Americans to "avoid cruise travel, regardless of vaccination status." "The virus … spreads easily between people in close quarters on board ships, and the chance of getting COVID-19 on cruise ships is very high, even if you are fully vaccinated and have received a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose," the CDC said in its new advisory. The federal government shut down cruises altogether at the beginning of the pandemic. Then in June, after 15 months of a no sail order, the CDC allowed cruise lines to restart trips under strict conditions. Several dozen ships are currently being investigated by the CD due to COVID-19 cases onboard, but the agency does not release the exact number of infections.

Florida Surgeon GeneralDecember 29: The Epoch Times:
L Surgeon General: Biden Administration is "Actively Preventing" Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
On Tuesday Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo in a letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, accused the Biden administration of actively blocking the sending of monoclonal antibody treatments for Wuhan virus patients in Florida. Both HHS and the FDA announced in September the federal government would pause the distribution of antibody therapies manufactured by Regeneron and Eli Lily. Ladapo, who was appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) several months ago, contended "federal agencies under your control should not limit our state's access to any available treatment for COVID-19." "Florida can expand treatment options for patients by distributing therapeutics to providers working in areas with a low prevalence of Omicron or clinics capable of variant screening," he added. Going a step further, Ladapo accused the administration of "actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments in the U.S." and remarked that the "sudden suspension of multiple monoclonal antibody therapy treatments from distribution to Florida removes a health care provider's ability to the best treatment options for their patients in this state."

December 29: Fox News: Democrat retirements surge as midterm elections approach
With the end-of-the-year holiday break fast approaching, the retirement announcements came quickly. Last week three more made their decision – Murphy (FL), Roybal-Allard (CA), and Sires (NJ) – saying they plan to retire rather than run for reelection. This brings to 23 the number of House Democrats who are either retiring or seeking another office. The Republicans need to gain only five seats to regain the majority that they lost in 2018. The GOP has history on their side with, on average, the party that holds the White House loses more than 25 House seats in midterm elections. Additionally, the one-in-a-decade Congressional redistricting process should favor the Republicans because they control more state legislatures and governors' offices.

December 29: The Washington Times: Tired of waiting for Washington to act,
upstart companies are acting to unseat big tech

Tech entrepreneurs are tired of waiting for Washington to challenge Big Tech and so they are doing it themselves. New upstarts are looking to dismantle Google's dominance in search, YouTube's grip over video and Facebook's stranglehold on the spread of information. The newest challenger is You.com, a search engine that wants to dethrone Google's position as the main gate for people to explore the digital world. Its CEO Richard Socher said one "monolithic monopoly" telling everyone what to read, write, consume and buy is crazy. People should be able to pick their own preferences. He is hopeful for antitrust action from Washington, but he is not counting on it. Socher's team has placed privacy as a priority, reflecting its opposition to targeted advertising. External services won't know who is searching because their platform only sends its own IP address instead of that of the searcher to those who are being searched. You.com's search function also allows people to examine more results from various other platforms without needing to open a new tab or search on those other platforms directly. Socher said You.com is not built around driving engagement but enabling people to "search less, do more."

December 28: One America News Network: Harris is lying about supply chain issues
CEO of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue, suggests Kamala Harris is lying about improving the country's supply chain. In an interview on Monday he responded to Harris' comments where she asserted "business is booming" and that the ports are open "24-seven". Unanue immediately called this "fake news" adding the ports are very much backed up due to staffing shortages with very few truck drivers being able to keep up with the pace of demand. He later blamed the Biden White House saying the crisis is due to the current administration undoing many of the Trump-era policies that otherwise kept the country intact. [Read more]

December 28: Fox News: Biden backtracks; Feds don't have an effective
plan for combatting the Wuhan Virus

On Tuesday Joe Biden, after claiming that there is no "federal solution" to the COVID-19 pandemic, boasted about his "federal plan" to combat the pandemic. Biden tweeted on Tuesday that his administration was behind every governor across the U.S. as they combat the coronavirus pandemic and bragged about a "federal plan" to address the growing omicron surge. But governors across the nation are saying the solutions will come at the state level. Biden, however, has put the federal government in a central role on pandemic mitigation measures. The Education Department opened civil rights probes into several states for banning school mask mandates. The president continues to mandate masks in airports, airplanes and on public transportation – and even though some experts say that wearing masks is in effective --his administration has increased fines for those who don't comply.

December 28: The Daily Caller: Gas prices are expected to reach $4 per gallon
by Memorial Day, industry experts predict

The price of gasoline is set to increase to $4 per gallon or more within five months, according to an industry analysis released Tuesday. The gas price surge is forecasted to take place by Memorial Day in late May, according to the report from GasBuddy, an app that tracks pump prices, and shared with CNN. But the analysis said the average cost of gasoline at pumps nationwide would then fall throughout the summer and fall of 2022, declining below current prices. "We could see a national average that flirts with, or in a worst-case scenario, potentially exceeds $4 a gallon," Patrick De Haan, the director of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, told CNN.

December 27: The Washington Times: Biden signs the NDAA, which has some
good stuff in it

Biden signed into law the annual defense-policy bill on Monday. The final version of the $770 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorizes a nearly 5% increase in military spending over 2021. "This year's NDAA provides our military with a crucial funding increase to ensure that our warfighters have the tools they need to combat the threats our nation faces," he said. Included in this year's NDAA are several key measures aimed at countering Russia and China.
• It authorizes just over $7 billion for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, a plan designed to counter China's growing influence in the region. It also contains language reaffirming U.S. support for Taiwan.
• It authorizes $4 billion for the European Defense Initiative and provides funds to bolster Ukraine's defense forces.
• It blocks the Pentagon from removing service members who refuse to take the Wuhan COVID-19 vaccine with less than a general discharge under honorable conditions.
• It also leaves in place provisions from previous years which ban the transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees to the U.S., despite Democrats this year resuming their push to close the Bush-era facility.

December 27: The Washington Examiner: Supply Chain stories of 2021
In 2021, the world's supply chains felt the weight of increasing global demand. While the COVID-19 pandemic has primarily been a public health matter, government restrictions and changes to how supply chains operate wreaked havoc on the economy. These downstream effects were particularly felt as the United States approached the Christmas holidays. The Chinese government temporarily halted all its operations at a critical terminal of its Ningbo-Zhoushan port in August because a worker contracted COVID. The Meishan terminal, which service shipments to the United States and Europe, was suspended until further notice after a worker contracted the disease. The port eventually reopened more than a week after it shuttered. Still, it raised concerns that new coronavirus cases in China -- the world's largest exporter of goods -- could lead to further supply chain headaches down the road. [Read more]

December 26: The Washington Times: Efforts to clean up the voter rolls picks
up steam after 2020

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) went to Pennsylvania with a list of tens of thousands of people who were likely dead, but still on the state's voter rolls in the weeks before the 2020 election. The state was totally uninterested, according to Christian Adams, the organization's founder. But once the election was over, Adams says, the state changed its tune. It went into mediation with PILF, agreed to look into the list and even agreed to a settlement paying some of the group's lawyers' fees. The kicker, though, was that Pennsylvania prosecutors even brought charges against a man who, according to PILF's data, had registered his dead wife to vote, then requested her mail in ballot in the 2020 election. "All of the sudden they're happy to settle, and to clean up their rolls," Adams said.

December 26: The Daily Caller: Fauci wants vaccine mandates for domestic air travel
White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci welcomed the possibility of introducing vaccine mandates for domestic air travel Sunday, challenging Joe Biden's earlier comment. Fauci was asked if he agreed with the Biden's assessment that domestic air travel vaccine mandates were not "necessary at this time." Do you agree "...that there shouldn't be a vaccine requirement for domestic air travel?" Fauci was asked. "Well, it depends on what you want to use it for," he responded. "I mean, vaccine requirements for people coming in from other countries is to prevent newly infected people from getting into the country." Of course, nothing was mentioned about the influx of illegal aliens entering the country across the southern border and the issue that most are not vaccinated. Fauci concluded that anything that encourages people to get vaccinated would "be welcomed."

December 26: Fox News: NYT writer "doesn't understand" why parents
should have a say in kids' education

New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones has echoed failed 2021 gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's comments on a parent's role in education. "Did you intend for the 1619 Project to become public school curriculum, or did you intend it to start a debate to improve the curriculum of how we teach American history?" NBC's host Chuck Todd asked. Though Hannah-Jones said that the project was pitched as a "work of journalism," she admitted that it "could be a great learning tool for students." She also argued against critiques of the project, saying, "It's only become controversial because people have decided to make The1619 Project controversial."

Christmas in Galveston - Have a Merry Christmas

December 24: The Washington Times: Manufacturing jobs coming back
to the U.S. due to supply chain issues and rising costs in China

The supply chain crisis and the pandemic have reinforced an economic maxim that executives at manufacturer Acme Alliance in Northbrook, Illinois, have emphasized for two decades: Keep your operations and jobs near your customers. A maker of custom finished aluminum die-cast components for autos, heavy trucks and agricultural machinery, Acme officials estimate that 20% of their U.S. sales over the past five years have brought back jobs to the U.S. "We keep telling our customers that the best strategy is to source locally," said the Acme President. "You reduce your level of inventory, your quality is better, you save a lot of costs with traveling. So finally, after this whole problem with COVID and now these logistics issues that we've been seeing all over the world, they realize that it makes a lot of sense," he said. Other companies increasingly are following Acme's example. The rising cost of doing business in China also makes it more attractive to move jobs back to the U.S., analysts have said.

December 24: The Daily Caller: New York court issued opinion siding with Veritas
The New York Supreme Court issued an opinion Friday that The New York Times improperly published privileged legal documents belonging to Project Veritas. Project Veritas is in the midst of a suit against the NYT for defamation, and the paper published a story last month containing internal legal memos in which Project Veritas employees and attorneys discussed the outfit's journalistic tactics. Project Veritas had argued that the NYT published the documents to harm their opponents in the ongoing litigation.

December 23: The Epoch Times: Omicron variant of the Wuhan COVID-19 virus
less likely to end up with hospitalizations or death than the Delta variant

The Omicron variant of the Wuhan virus is up to 70% less likely to result in hospitalization, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said on Thursday. According to the government agency's preliminary findings on the new variant, the risk of hospital admission for an identified case with Omicron is reduced compared with a case of the Delta variant. Someone with Omicron is estimated to be as much as 45% less likely to attend the emergency department compared with Delta, and as much as 70% less likely to be admitted to hospital. However, Omicron is believed to be infecting more people who have previously had the Wuhan covid-19 virus, with 9 ½ % of people being reinfected with Omicron. The Omicron variant also appears to evade vaccines better than previous variants. Though a booster jab is said to provide more protection against the variant, data suggests protection starts to wane 10 weeks after booster vaccination. Researchers estimated that natural immunity, or protection from a prior infection, reduces the risk of hospitalization by 50% and the risk of a hospital stay of one night or more by 61%.

December 23: Fox News: Democrats queuing up to pass changes in the Senate
filibuster rule so they can pass "crazy" legislation

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said this week he plans to force a vote on the Senate's "ill-conceived and abused" [his words not ours] 60-vote filibuster threshold in the new year – a move that's outwardly meant to pressure moderate Senate Democrats but which may backfire on vulnerable Democrat caucus members running for reelection. "If Schumer continues down this path… I think we'll send him a gift basket or something," National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Chris Hartline said. Schumer is upset the Senate cannot debate and pass the federal election takeover legislation because he cannot find 60 votes to override a GOP filibuster. Consequently, he is considering plans to tee up a potential change to the procedure. But doing so could well force vulnerable Democratic senators like Masto (D-NV), Kelly (D-AZ) and Hassan (D-NH) to cast an affirmative vote about changing Senate procedures to advance Democrats' agenda items. Warnock (D-GA) who is facing a touch 2022 reelection fight has said he will support changing the rules. It is highly likely that the GOP would use votes to change the filibuster rules against these members. It's not about the rule itself. It's about why they do it, that is likely to surface in campaign advertising, noting that the Democrats are trying to change the rules because they can't pass their "crazy agenda" without changing the rules. Part of this agenda is to have a federal takeover of elections, eliminating the voter ID requirement in most states, and passing bills that add trillions of dollars to the national debt and increasing taxes on the middle class and job creators in the midst of spiraling inflation. Schumer did not make it clear whether he would seek the nuclear option that would apply to all senate legislation or targeted exceptions for bills on certain issues.

December 23: Fox News: TX Dem gets no response from Kamala Harris
on border issues

Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) whose moderate district covers nearly 200 miles of border with Mexico, slammed Kamala Harris as being uninterested and uncooperative on the border, one of the main issues in her policy portfolio. The Congressman said he has been disappointed by his interactions with Harris, who was tasked by Joe Biden to be the border Czar dealing with the migrant border crisis. When Cuellar learned she was finally visiting the border in June, more than three months after being appointed by Biden to handle the issue, his staff called her office to offer advice. Her office never returned the call. "I say this very respectfully to her: I moved on," Cuellar said. "She was tasked with that job; it doesn't look like she's very interested in this."

December 22: The Daily Signal: VA parents accuse school district of
racism, file lawsuit

A Virginia school district is indoctrinating students with an ideology that "teaches children to affirmatively discriminate based on race," nine parents and eight minors allege in a new lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday by Alliance Defending Freedom in Albemarle County Circuit Court against the Albemarle County School Board, Superintendent Matthew Haas, and Assistant Superintendent Bernard Hairston. The parents accuse Albemarle County Public Schools of implementing an "Anti-Racism Policy" beginning in 2019 with a stated purpose of eliminating "all forms of racism" in the school system near Charlottesville, Virginia. "Defendants [the school board] claim that they want to stand against racism," the lawsuit says. "But rather than eliminate racism from the school district, defendants have done the opposite."

December 22: Fox News: Dems working to assault the filibuster rules in
2022 after election take over bill stalls in the Senate

Senate Democrats are gearing up for a frontal assault on the legislative filibuster in the new year after their efforts to pass an elections bill were stymied by Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who opposes state legislation like that passed in Texas to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat, and wants to have the Federal government seize control away from the states. He threatened to hold a vote to change how the Senate operates if Republicans block a Democrat-supported elections bill in January. In this reporter's opinion Schumer is very short-sighted. Former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) changed the rules over judicial nominations and it came back to bite the Democrats where the GOP took over control of the Senate. Additionally, if the Federal government attempts to take over how state's conduct their elections, legal action has already been threatened based upon the contention that the Constitution gives this authority only to the states.

December 22: Townhall.com: White House plan to ship 500 million
Wuhan Virus test kits is falling apart

Yesterday after scoffing at the idea, the White House announced the Biden administration plans to ship 500 million Wuhan coronavirus tests to Americans who sign up to receive them. "I'm announcing today: The federal government will purchase one half billion -- that's not million; billion with a 'B,' additional at-home rapid tests, with deliveries starting in January," President Biden said during remarks in the State Dining Room. "We'll be getting these tests to Americans for free. And we'll have websites where you can get them delivered to your home." The problem? None of the infrastructure is in place to get the job done and tests won't arrive until at least mid-January 2022.

December 22: The Washington Times: McConnell floats the idea of letting Manchin
keep his position on the Senate Energy Committee if he joins the GOP

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) floated the possibility of allowing Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) to keep his committee chairmanship in a party-switch deal that would give Republicans majority control (51-49) of the upper chamber. McConnell said that the GOP had been courting the West Virginia Democrat to defect for some time. While prior attempts failed, McConnell said Manchin's opposition to the White House's $1.75 trillion social welfare and climate change bill has created a new opportunity. "I think what Manchin is discovering is that there just aren't any Democrats left in the Senate that are pro-life and terribly concerned about debt and deficit and inflation," he said. "So he feels like a man alone. If he were to join us, he'd be joining a lot of folks who have similar views on a whole range of issues." Mr. McConnell added that a party-switch deal could be enhanced by assurances that Manchin would keep his chairmanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. If Manchin became a Republican, it would not be that he was leaving the current Democrat party but that the Democrat party had left him.

December 21: The Daily Caller: Joe Biden: I'm not supposed to be having
this news conference…

Joe Biden told reporters that he was not supposed to have a press conference Tuesday afternoon. The press conference was originally about the fight against the Omicron variant of COVID-19 over the upcoming winter months. Biden ended up talking to reporters about his massive $2+ trillion spending bill and Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin's opposition to it. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 6.8% so far this year, with a 0.9% increase in November alone. The CPI increase this year is the largest increase in almost 40 years.

December 21: The Epoch Times: Ignoring empirical data, UCI Dr./Professor
fired for not getting vaccinated, even though he had natural immunity

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, the longtime professor of psychiatry at the University of California–Irvine School of Medicine who sued the university over its Wuhan COVID-19 vaccine mandate because it made no exceptions for natural immunity, has been fired by the institution for refusing the vaccine. In a blog post Kheriaty said he received notice of what he called his "arbitrary and capricious" firing on Dec. 16. It was effective the same day. The termination ends his UCI medical teaching career and his longtime role as director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health. He noted that he had worked nights helping the UCI president draft triage guidelines for scarce resources and vaccines during the pandemic. He also found a local supply of N-95 masks when they were so scarce that hospitals were keeping them under lock and key. "Everyone at the university seemed to be a fan of my work," Kheriaty wrote. "Once I challenged one of their policies, I immediately became a 'threat to the health and safety of the community.' No amount of empirical evidence about natural immunity or vaccine safety and efficacy mattered at all. Upon his firing, Kheriaty wasn't even allowed to use his paid leave time and was ordered to stay off the campus because he was not vaccinated.

December 20: The Washington Times: Dems irked at Manchin's killing Biden's social engineering bill, call for making the Senate based upon population not two members per state
The collapse of Democrats' social welfare bill at the hands of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVA) has renewed the call by some liberals for abolishing the Senate 's constitutional design of two votes per state and replacing it with something more like the House, where more populous states have greater influence. They are irked that one Democrat Senator who is from a small state like West Virginia could sink Joe Biden and their agenda. Because they didn't get what they wanted, they are looking to overturn the wisdom of the founding fathers who established the House as being population based, and the Senate which provide equal treatment to each state regardless of size or population.

December 20: Breitbart News: Dems hold on the House crumbles as three
Democrat members announce their retirement within 24 hours

Three vulnerable Democrats announced they would not be seeking reelection, all within 24 hours of each other, bringing the total number of House Democrats not seeking reelection to 23. These members were Albio Sires (D-NJ) Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) and Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA).

ecember 20: Townhall.com: Cruz: Dems treatment of Manchin could convince
him to change parties

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz praised Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia on Monday over his recent pledge to vote against the Build Back Better Act and said that Democrats' "nasty" responses to the news could lead the moderate Democrat to join the Republican Party. Manchin said Sunday that he "cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation," prompting staunch criticisms from the White House and Democratic lawmakers in the House and Senate. "I think Joe's decision was the right decision. I think it's a really big deal," Cruz said in Phoenix. "The Build Back Broke Bill was a disaster. It was a train wreck. It was Bernie Sanders' socialist budget. It was trillions in new spending, trillions in new debt, trillions in new taxes, it would have driven inflation through the roof."

December 19: The Washington Times: Manchin; It's not going to happen,
he can't support Biden's Build Back Better spending bill

Senator Joe Manchin upended Joe Biden's domestic agenda on Sunday by signaling his opposition to the $1.75+ trillion Build Back Better Act, effectively killing the measure outright. Manchin (D-WVA) said he had struggled for months over whether to support the mammoth social welfare and climate change legislation, but ultimately could not because of skyrocketing inflation. "I've always said this, but if I can't go home and explain to the people of West Virginia, I can't vote for it," he said. "And I cannot vote to continue this piece of legislation. I just can't. I've tried everything humanly possible. I can't get there. … This is a no." The senator's decision poses a death blow to the Biden domestic agenda. Democrats were planning to move the bill via budget reconciliation, a process that allows some spending and tax measures to avoid the Senate's 60-vote filibuster threshold and pass via a simple majority.

December 19: Fox News: Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR): The Democrats want to
destroy the Senate's customs in order to maintain their power

Senator Tom Cotton warned that Democrats are on a clear path to try and destroy Senate customs in order to maintain their power. "I think they have this mono-maniacal obsession with seizing power and trying to hold on to power forever. It's not just about passing a five trillion-dollar bill. There are also constantly on Sen. Manchin's (D-WVA) case about the rules and the customs of the Senate which usually require 60 votes in a bipartisan fashion to pass a major legislation. They want to destroy those customs," he said. "It's not because they want to pass bills that will confiscate your guns. They will do that, of course, but the main reason is because they will pass bills that will forever cement the Democrats in power."

December 19: One American News Network: (Video) Ballot irregularity findings turned over to the Arizona Attorney General
An ad hoc joint Arizona House and Senate hearing for election integrity uncovers voting irregularities. Specifically, the members are turning over the data they found related to approximately 35,000 ghost ballots that were reportedly cast in Maricopa County. The Arizona
AfghanistanEvacueesAttorney General already has a criminal investigation in process. Many in the state legislature want to tighten up voting by mail.

December 18: Fox News: Private group gets out 39 U.S citizens and left behind by Biden in the evacuation of Afghanistan
Almost 40 American citizens and lawful permanent residents left behind from Joe Biden's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan were evacuated Friday by a volunteer civilian group, Project Dynamo. Thirty-nine were evacuated from the war-torn country Friday and arrived at New York City's JFK airport on Saturday morning thanks to the volunteer group. Among the evacuees, more than a dozen children including an 11-month-old American child. "This is the first known major airlift rescue with American boots on the ground since the U.S. government abandoned the country of Afghanistan in August," James Judge, a spokesman for the organization said. The Biden administration on Monday admitted it left hundreds more U.S. citizens behind in Afghanistan after chaotic withdrawal. The numbers, disclosed in a press release from the State Department, are drastically higher than the estimates Joe Biden gave regarding the number of Americans left behind in Afghanistan after U.S. forces left the country.

Wreaths laid at gravesites in Arlington National CemetaryDecember 18: The Washington Times: Volunteers lay 150,000 wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery to honor the fallen

Resuming an annual tradition paused last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Arlington National Cemetery welcomed roughly 40,000 volunteers on Saturday to lay wreaths to honor service members. More than 150,000 wreaths were placed on gravesites for Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit effort founded in 2007 that brings in volunteers every December to honor those who died in service to the country. Similar ceremonies take place at veteran cemeteries both in the United States and around the world at 3,100 locations. Wreathes Across America ships more than two million wreaths around the world for the annual event.

December 18: Fox News: Fear is a powerful tool as Biden warns of a
"winter of death" from the omicron variant of the Wuhan Virus

As the omicron variant of the Wuhan virus is poised to become the new leading variant in the U.S., with many schools and businesses are closing their doors over what Joe Biden is predicting to be a winter of "severe illness and death." He previously claimed he would "shut down the virus," and added he would not "shut down the economy" or "shut down the country." But we shall see what he proposes and whether he is successful as he is set to speak to the country on Tuesday to outline additional steps he will take to combat the spread of the virus. Meanwhile a number of schools are announcing they will return to remote learning even though the data about the omicron variant indicates it is less potent than the original Wuhan virus with less deaths resulting from the latest strain.

December 18: The Washington Free Beacon: SCOTUS gets appeals to
Biden vaccine mandate amidst appeals court ruling

Legal attacks on Joe Biden's employer vaccine mandate reached the Supreme Court Friday night after a federal appeals court cleared the way for its enforcement earlier in the day. The justices were flooded with emergency appeals from red states and conservative legal groups within hours of the lower court's decision. The mandate requires 80 million workers to get vaccinated or wear masks and pay for weekly tests or face termination. The White House is warning employers to prepare for compliance with the mandate despite its uncertain legal prospects, sagging popularity, and relaxed enforcement guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The pressure campaign is augmented by blue state authorities who are enforcing mask and vaccine mandates of their own in response to the latest COVID variant. Vaccine disputes will likely dominate the High Court's work going into the new year.

December 18: The Daily Caller: GOP win in Virginia came from what the
Democrats say they support but which they failed to implement

Democrats and their media allies were nearly unanimous: The Republican upset in all the statewide races in Virginia was a result of white supremacy. But with the election of a GOP Anglo, Hispanic and African American the claims seemed to fall on deaf ears. The numbers following the election revealed something Democrats scramble to say they support, and still somehow failed to notice in this case: Diversity. Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin attracted a more plural voting bloc than former President Donald Trump in 2020, capturing a greater amount of moderate and black voters. The appeal also led to several reliably liberal enclaves in northern Virginia to shift right by margins of 4-5 percent, even while remaining majority Democrat. Above all, parents across Virginia, no matter their race, voted for Youngkin because they felt that he "honored their commitment to education."

December 17: The Epoch Times: Three judge panel rules Biden mandate of vaccines for firms with more than 100 employees can go forward; appeal to SCOTUS expected
A federal appeals court late Friday in a split decision ruled that the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for private employers of companies exceeding 100 people can take effect. The rule issued by OSHA meant that some 84 million U.S. workers faced a January 4th deadline to get vaccinated before it was paused. It's unclear after the latest ruling Friday when the requirement will be in effect. The Trump-appointed dissenting judge, Joan Louise Larsen, in her dissenting opinion, noted that Congress hadn't authorizes OSHA to create such a rule; furthermore, to work around Congress, the rule did not meet the emergency standard of necessity that the secretary of labor needed to bring it about. Larsen noted further "[A] multitude of petitioners—individuals, businesses, labor unions, and state governments—have levied serious, and varied, charges against the mandate's legality. They say, for example, that the mandate violates the nondelegation doctrine, the Commerce Clause, and substantive due process; some say that it violates their constitutionally protected religious liberties and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. To lift the stay [by the 5th Circuit] entirely, we would have to conclude that not one of these challenges is likely to succeed. A tall task."

December 17: News Max: Senate Parliamentarian nixes Democrat
immigration provisions

Democrats must drop an effort to let millions of immigrants remain temporarily in the U.S. from their expansive social and environment bill, the Senate parliamentarian decided Thursday, dealing the latest blow to a longtime priority of the party, migrant advocates and progressives. The opinion by Elizabeth MacDonough, the Senate's nonpartisan arbiter of its rules, all but certainly means Democrats will ultimately have to pull the proposal from their 10-year, roughly $2 trillion package. The measure carries health care, family services and climate change initiatives -- mostly paid for with higher taxes on corporations and the rich, but which will certainly spill over to impact the middle class – and is one of Joe Biden's top priorities ..

December 17: The Washington Times: Dem Senators huddle with parliamentarian
in an effort to circumvent a filibuster on the Federal voting takeover bill

Senate Democratic leaders are pushing forward to alter the filibuster process in order to secure passage of a sweeping overhaul of the nation's voting laws. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer plans to brief members of his caucus Friday on proposals to revamp the chamber's rules on filibusters, which require at least 60 votes to end debate on legislation and allow it to come to a floor vote. Party activists call the bill a top priority and have lobbied hard to change the filibuster rules in order to secure passage of the bill. A version of the bill already cleared the Democratic-controlled House. Several lawmakers are pushing for a one-time filibuster exemption just to pass the election legislation. Others want a more radical change to how Senate operates. Along those lines, there is talk of changing the filibuster rule to require 41 "no" votes for continuing debate rather than 60 "yes" votes for ending debate. A few have also floated a requirement that senators mount an old-fashioned "talking filibuster," which would require lawmakers to speak continuously on the floor in objection to a bill. Senators currently are allowed to merely object to ending debate, forcing leadership to round up the votes necessary to overcome the 60-vote threshold.

December 17: Fox News: Florida Sheriff praises homeowner who stood
his ground and shot an intruder who broke into his house

A Florida sheriff praised a homeowner for standing his ground and shooting an attempted home invader on Wednesday. "The homeowner did exactly what he should have," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. He had a gun and knew how to use it, the sheriff said, and "He gave him [the perp] an early Christmas present. Only Santa Claus gets to come in your house — and Santa Claus is invited." Police arrived on the scene and found 42-year-old Steven Stillwell shot on the living room floor. Stillwell was rushed to the hospital and was in critical, but stable condition.

December 17: The Daily Caller: If you try to rob someone who's packing heat,
you're going to find out real fast that bullets are fast and they hurt like hell!

A teen in Philadelphia blasted a robber attempting to steal from his mother. This video show the definition of playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes. If you attempt to rob a store and attack a young man's mother and he's armed, bullets are going to fly through the air. If you try to rob someone and your victim is packing heat, you're going to find out real fast that bullets are fast and they hurt like hell! His mother was under attack, he was outnumbered three to one and he didn't even hesitate. David Hookstead of the Daily Caller said, "I hope criminals are paying attention to this. There are people in this country who won't allow themselves to be brutalized. You pick the wrong person and you might pay with your life."

December 17: Breitbart News: Confirmed: Zuckerberg spent $332 million;
given to local election administrators

A compliance document filed with the Internal Revenue Service by the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) confirms the nonprofit spent $332 million in "grants and other assistance to domestic organizations and domestic governments" in the 2020 election to "increase civic participation by modernizing engagement between local gov[ernment] and the people they serve." Critics say these grants for "local election administration" were really thinly veiled efforts to get-out-the-vote for Democratic candidates, specifically for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

December 17: The Washington Examiner: Border Patrol agent resigns with fiery
letter saying the mission of the Border Patrol has become unrecognizable

A Border Patrol agent who resigned this week said the mission of the organization has become "unrecognizable" as federal law enforcement have been turned into "handmaids," according to a leaked copy of a letter sent to the chief. The agent of more than a decade, Mustafa Joseph, told Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz in an email sent on Monday that he could no longer do the job he signed up to do. "As the Patrol and the US Government at large slip more and more into the unrecognizable, it's unclear what I took an oath to defend starting from way back in 1996 as a Navy Corpsman. The Supreme Court, the last line of Constitutional clarity, is in disarray as well," wrote Joseph, an intelligence agent, adding that he submitted his resignation on Sunday. Joseph did not call out the Biden administration by name but said the "present reality" was changing the nature of the job. Unlawful entries between ports of entry rose during 2020 and hit six digits shortly after Joe Biden took office and hit 200,000 per month over this past summer.

December 16: The Washington Times: Airline executives testify before Congress that masks on airliners don't provide much additional protection against COVID

The chiefs of United and American Airlines told lawmakers Wednesday that the federal mask mandate doesn't give passengers much extra protection from COVID-19 on flights, while the head of a flight attendants union called for a crackdown on airport alcohol sales to curb a spate of unruly travelers who often object to wearing masks. During a Senate hearing to review the federal government's $54 billion bailout of airlines during the pandemic, Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) asked airline executives whether passengers will ever be able to fly again without masks. The CEOs of both United and American suggested the mandate isn't needed even now, citing the high-quality air filtration systems on most planes. "I think the case is very strong that masks don't add much in the air cabin environment," said United CEO Scott Kirby.

December 16: Fox Business: Retailers supporting groups wanting to defund police are asking for help amid smash-and-grab incidents; chickens coming home to roost?
Retail CEOs are calling on Congress for help amid the smash-and-grab lootings that are leaving them grappling with hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost or stolen merchandise. Some of those same companies, however, supported organizations last year that have called to defund or overhaul policing in the United States. "Many corporate leaders jumped on the woke bandwagon and wrote big checks to organizations that still continue to advocate to defund the police. They did not think of anything beyond not being labeled a racist," Sean Pritchard, president of the San Jose Police Officers Association said. Nearly two dozen CEOs signed the letter to Congress asking for support as theft crimes rage, including the chiefs of Target, Nordstrom, Levi Strauss, Ulta Beauty and Home Depot.

December 16: The Washington Free Beacon: 3,000 senior Israeli military leaders warn Biden and Democrat leaders; Iran nuclear deal threatens Israel's national security
A group of nearly 3,000 Israeli military leaders, soldiers, commanders, and intelligence officials are warning the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress that a new nuclear deal with Iran poses "a significant threat to Israel's security." These leaders, who organized under the umbrella group Israel's Defense and Security Forum (IDSF), raise concerns that the United States will sign a deal that gives Iran the cash assets needed to fund terrorism and put it on a glide path to a nuclear weapon that will be used to destroy the Jewish state, according to a letter sent last week to Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and senior Biden administration officials.The 2015 nuclear accord "is fatally flawed and represents a significant threat to Israel's security," the Israeli leaders write "Returning to this expired and flawed agreement would be a grave mistake." Iran's only goal, they say, is to create a "nuclear umbrella under which Tehran can dominate the region." The letter, sent on Dec. 9, comes as the Biden administration continues its diplomatic effort to secure a revamped nuclear deal with Iran, which would lift sanctions on the hardline regime and provide it with billions of dollars in cash assets.

December 15: The Washington Examiner: A visit from St. Nicholas; the NRCC

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has expanded its list of Democratic targets as redistricting has been completed in several states, with this broader playing field revealed through a digital advertising campaign scheduled to run through Christmas Day. The NRCC is targeting 40 House Democrats with a humorous digital spot that spoofs the poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas, better known as, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. But the targets themselves are eye-opening. They include new Democratic targets, some who were considered safe prior to redistricting, and reflect the Republicans' rising confidence that they are on track to recapture the House majority in 2022.

December 15: The Epoch Times: Federal Appeals Court reduces scope of halt of vaccine mandate of healthcare workers
A federal appeals court on Wednesday reversed a nationwide ban on Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for some 17 million health care workers. The emergency rule will take effect in 26 states due to the ruling from a three-judge panel made up of one justice appointed by George W. Bush and two Obama appointees on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Two federal judges last month blocked the mandate. The first ruling applied to only 10 states; the second ruling expanded the initial preliminary injunction to all 50 states. But the appeals court said it found "little justification" for the second move in the opinion. The mandate, issued last month by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), covers roughly 17 million workers. It requires facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding to force workers to get vaccinated. It has no testing opt-out.

December 15: News Max: Manchin and Biden are far apart on the huge spending bill
Joe Biden and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) are ''very far apart'' on the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act, which has been scored by the Congressional Budget Office as adding to the deficit over $3 trillion. The divide between Biden and Manchin means Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will likely not make it to the Senate floor in 2012 and perhaps not even then. Manchin wants the child tax credit cut from the bill because of the cost, though Democratic leaders are rejecting the idea. Senator Brown (D-OH) said it will not be zeroed out and "That's nonnegotiable." The child tax credit payments are set to expire at the end of this year unless lawmakers reauthorize it as part of the law. When asked by reporters if Biden is moving closer to him on the spending package, Manchin said: ''I wouldn't say that.''

December 15: One America News Network: Both GOP Gubernatorial candidates in Nev. lead incumbent Democrat in recent polls
Two Republican candidates in Nevada's gubernatorial race are leading Democrat incumbent Gov. Steve Sisolak in hypothetical match-ups. A survey released earlier this week by polling firm OnMessage Inc., showed 51 percent of respondents support Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo compared to 41 percent for Sisolak. Likewise former senator and Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller has held a 6-point lead over the incumbent, at 49 percent to 43 percent. "I'm standing here to announce my candidacy for governor because if we don't put an end to the single party rule eroding our state of the values, laws and opportunities to make Nevada great, we won't have a whole lot left to fight for," said Lombardo. Both Republicans have vowed to take back the state and put an end to Sisolak's administration.

December 15: The Daily Caller: As crimes spiral out of control, Democrats are reconsidering their support for defunding police departments
California Democrats are toughening their stance on crime amid increasing violence and homicides, with many politicians reversing course and pledging to invest in law enforcement. Crime in California has skyrocketed over the past two years, with homicides in San Francisco have jumped 15% in 2021 compared to 2020, and over 50% compared to 2019. Statewide, homicides, property crime, violent crime and larcenies have all risen since before the pandemic. Retail thefts in particular have plagued the state, most notably in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where organized gangs of criminals will break into and loot storefronts of their merchandise. Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon, shop owners are hiring private security firms to help protect customers and their merchandise.
(See story below)<

December 14: The Washington Times: Portland businesses hire private security firms to protect themselves because there aren't police to do it
Lisa Schroeder, the owner of Mother's Bistro & Bar in downtown Portland, OR, realized things had to change last month after she was on hold for more than an hour with the local police department. "I waited on hold on the nonemergency police number after an incident where a skateboarder trashed a bunch of glasses we had outside our restaurant for outdoor diners," Ms. Schroeder said. She finally hung up after being on hold for 1½ hours. Schroeder, fed up with repeatedly having to clean graffiti off the windows of her comfort food restaurant, figured it was time that she joined the growing roster of Old Town businesses hiring private security guards to protect employees and property. She was relieved to find out that another tenant in her building had already done just that. "Without police, you know, crime happens," she said.

December 14: The Washington Examiner:
Senate votes to raise debt limit to $2.5 Trillion

Senate Democrats voted Tuesday to lift the nation's debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion, providing enough money to extend federal borrowing authority beyond the 2022 midterm elections. Democrats passed the measure unilaterally without a single Republican vote. The vote passed 50-49 with one Republican abstention. The House is expected to approve the debt limit increase and send it to Biden's desk for approval as early as Tuesday. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned earlier this month the government would risk defaulting on its loans unless Congress acted to lift the borrowing limit by Dec. 15. Republicans refused to vote for a long-term increase in the borrowing limit, citing rampant spending by Democrats that is adding to the nation's staggering debt, which now stands at more than $27 trillion. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) nonetheless cut a deal last week to facilitate a quick passage with only Democratic votes, prompting backlash from conservatives.

December 14: The Daily Caller: Kroger "Jabs" unvaccinated workers in the back
Supermarket chain Kroger announced Tuesday it will eliminate paid emergency leave for unvaccinated employees who contract COVID-19 in addition to requiring some of them to pay a monthly $50 health insurance surcharge starting in 2022, according to a company memo. The country's largest supermarket chain, which employees roughly 465,000 workers, issued an internal company memo announcing the changes, which will start on Jan. 1, a company spokesperson said. Kroger is tightening their COVID-19 related policies as U.S. businesses face uncertainty over Joe Biden's recent federal vaccination mandate.

December 13: The Daily Caller: Loudoun County now allowing students to opt-out of Critical Race Theory-Inspired lessons
Loudoun County, Virginia, mother A.K. Carpenter said she was able to opt her child out of a critical race theory-inspired lesson plan following a months-long battle with leadership in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). LCPS is a "licensed user" of Second Step Programs, a branch of the left-leaning non-profit organization Committee for Children. In recent months, some Loudoun County parents raised issues with the district publicly about the program's ties to critical race theory. Carpenter said once she became aware of Second Step, she wanted her child removed from the programming because it has ties to "extreme ideology."

December 13: The Washington Times: Biden's big bill cuts hospital funds for poor in red states, shifts money to Obamacare
Joe Biden plans to pay for some of the massive spending in his social welfare and climate bill by cutting billions of dollars from hospitals in Republican-led states. The plan punishes the 12 red states that haven't expanded Medicaid by slashing $3.4 billion in federal funding for hospitals to treat the poor. Instead, the money goes toward a $73.9 billion expansion of the Affordable Care Act. "It's extremely punitive to the hospitals that have been on the front lines," said Mary Mayhew, president of the Florida Hospital Association. Florida is one of 12 states where Joe Biden and congressional Democrats propose cutting funding for hospitals that treat people who don't have insurance or use Medicaid. The Government program for the poor doesn't fully reimburse hospitals for medical care.

December 12: Fox News: "Trump hater" Chris Wallace resigns from Fox News
to move to CNN, which is probably a better fit for him

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace announced he's leaving the network. A short while later, CNN confirmed he was joining their new network streaming service, CNN Plus. Wallace said he's 'ready for a new adventure.' Wallace, the former anchor of Fox News Sunday since 2003, announced his departure on the program Sunday morning. "After 18 years — this is my final Fox News Sunday," Wallace said. "It is the last time — and I say this with real sadness — we will meet like this."

December 12: Breitbart News: Gov. Newsom (D-CA) calls upon legislature to
adopt Texas Heartbeat approach to rid the state of "assault weapons"

California Governor Gavin Newsom called upon the state legislature to send him a bill which would allow private citizens to sue "assault weapon" manufacturers, taking a page from the Texas Heartbeat bill which allows citizens standing to sue abortion providers in the state. Axios reports Newsom is pushing for suits with a cap of $10,000 and indicating his belief that numerous such suits may be what finally ends up getting such firearms out of circulation. Newsom said, "If the most efficient way to keep these devastating weapons off our streets is to add the threat of private lawsuits, we should do just that." The bill he wants would also allow citizens to sue "assault weapon" distributors and sellers. It would allow suits against "anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells…[a] ghost gun kit or parts" as well.

December 12: Fox News: It's Over! If you get COVID it's your own fault! You
could have been vaccinated! So says Colorado's Democrat Governor

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a liberal Democrat, declared in a new interview that the COVID-19 emergency is "over" and that he won't be implementing another statewide mask mandate in response to the spread of the omicron variant, explaining that if people aren't vaccinated at this point it's their "own darn fault" if they get sick. "Everybody had more than enough opportunity to get vaccinated." "Hopefully it's been at your pharmacy, your grocery store, a bus near you, [or at] big events. At this point, if you haven't been vaccinated, it's really your own darn fault."

December 11: The Washington Times: Dems changing rhetoric on vaccine
mandates, an acknowledgement they are losing support among voters

Democrats are increasingly talking up the testing option for employees who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19, a tacit acknowledgment that they are losing the public relations battle over the Biden Administration's mandates. Rhetoric about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) workplace rule initially highlighted the effort to get Americans vaccinated. After a slew of lawsuits, mounting worries about layoffs, and Republicans' portrayal of the mandate as an attack on individual liberties, Democrats are talking more about testing and masking requirements. "The OSHA rule does not mandate the vaccine. It's a way out of the weekly test. A weekly test that is a little swab swirled around your nostril five or six times for 30 seconds. That's the requirement," Sen. Christopher Murphy (D-CT) said Wednesday in a speech slamming a Republican resolution to quash the OSHA rule.

December 11: The Epoch Times: In the USA illegally? And living in FL?
DeSantis wants to move you to Delaware!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis set $8 million in his 2022–23 budget to transport illegal immigrants out of The Sunshine State. He proposed the spending in the Freedom First Budget to protect against harms resulting from illegal immigration. The spending may include the transportation of unauthorized aliens located within Florida to other states or the District of Columbia. "In yesterday's budget, I put in $8 million for us to be able to transport people illegally [in the United States] out of the state of Florida," he said during a press conference on Friday. The Republican governor listed Delaware, Joe Biden's hometown state, and Martha's Vineyard, where former President Barack Obama owns a mansion, as potential destinations to relocate the illegal immigrants. "If you sent [illegal immigrants] to Delaware or Martha's Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day," he contended!

December 11: The Washington Examiner: KY death tole likely to be
more than 100 after tornado

A local Kentucky hospital treating victims of Friday's deadly tornadoes says most of its victims have come in with chemical burns, long-bone injuries, and other crush injuries. The town of Paducah, where the injuries were reported located about 27 miles outside of the state's hardest-hit community of Mayfield, which saw 110 people trapped inside a candle factory that was hit by a tornado. Emergency personnel spent most of Saturday working to rescue the survivors. According to the Associated Press, twenty-two people have been confirmed dead in Kentucky, but Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said the number is "certainly" above 70 and will likely pass 100 before the day is through.

December 10: The Daily Caller: When in trouble, pivot, deflect, or blame someone else
White House press secretary Jen Psaki blamed Republicans' opposition to Biden's Build Back Better (BBB) plan when a reporter asked Friday about high inflation. A reporter asked Psaki about Biden plan to pass the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better plan [now scored as costing over $3 trillion by the Congressional Budget Office] as Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin continues to push back on its passage due to high inflation rates and its cost. Psaki criticized House Republicans for voting against the legislation by arguing that the provisions within Build Back Better will help lower the rising costs of products. Every Republican voted against Biden's BBB plan. The reporter pressed Psaki on the White House's stated belief that inflation is set to go down in the near future and whether experts have made the same prediction. Psaki responded that the administration "defers" to the Federal Reserve's predictions.

December 10: Breitbart News: Deafening silence from Democrat leadership as
Kellogg Corporation gets ready to replace 1,400 union workers who are on strike

House and Senate Democrats who have claimed to be champions of labor unions are curiously silent as the Kellogg Company, whose largest shareholder is the left-wing W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is set to replace about 1,400 American union workers who have been on strike since October 5th. American union workers employed at are protesting what they say are grueling working conditions at plants in Battle Creek, Michigan; Omaha, Nebraska; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and Memphis, Tennessee. The workers and their union, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers' International Union (BCTGM), allege that Kellogg's executives have threatened to move manufacturing to Mexico in an effort to bust up their striking. The BCTGM union representative has said Kellogg's "continues to threaten to send additional jobs to Mexico if workers do not accept outrageous proposals that take away protections that workers have had for decades."

December 10: The Washington Times: Biden slams SCOTUS for its
decision on Texas Heartbeat bill

Joe Biden on Friday said he is "very concerned" that the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) let a Texas abortion law remain in effect pending legal challenges. He said that leaving in place the law -- which bans abortions once a heartbeat has been detected in the infant and authorizes lawsuits against people who perform abortions -- puts women across the country at risk of losing their right to choose. "I am very concerned by the Supreme Court's decision to allow SB 8 to remain in effect in light of the significant consequences that law has for women in Texas and around the country, and for the rule of law," Biden said. "As I have made clear from Day One, I am deeply committed to the constitutional right recognized in Roe v. Wade nearly five decades ago." He called on Congress to pass legislation that would codify abortion as a constitutional right.

December 9: Fox News: Hispanics are waking up and opening up to the GOP agenda
Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) applauded Hispanic voters and the Republican Party. "We are waking up, the largest minority in the country, 60 million people, 20% of the population," she said. She contended that finally we (Hispanics) are realizing our values are some same as the GOP's -- God-fearing and law-abiding – adding that the GOP is welcoming them into their tent. She then pointed to the economy, saying, "What do you think that we come to this country for, to go to Disney World or to go to Saks to shop? We come because we want to have a better economic life… the last administration [Trump], the policies were so good for us and so good for our pocket that that is why we're waking up. Not only that, one of the reasons that I'm in Congress is to say to my people, the Hispanics, that the Dems, the Democratic Party, unfortunately, has been playing political football with us for the last 30 years…"

December 9: The Washington Examiner: DC Appeals Court says past president
cannot withhold documents by asserting executive privilege; headed for SCOTUS

The U.S. Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C., ruled against President Donald Trump's request to block documents from the House Jan. 6 committee, offering him two weeks to petition the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). The three-judge panel of the appeals court upheld a lower court's opinion, contending that when there is a dispute between a current and former president over whether to release records from the White House, the standing president's assertion prevails.

December 9: Fox News: Smollett found guilty as charged; flashback:
many Democrat leaders call it a modern-day lynching

After a contentious week of witness testimony, counsel arguments and deliberation, the jury found Smollett guilty on the first five counts and he was acquitted on a sixth count, of lying to a detective in mid-February, weeks after Smollett claimed he was attacked by Trump supporters in a hate crime. The jury found the 39-year-old guilty on five counts of disorderly conduct— for each separate time he was charged with lying to police in the days immediately after the alleged attack. Outside court, special prosecutor Dan Webb called the verdict "a resounding message by the jury that Mr. Smollett did exactly what we said he did." Smollett "wreaked havoc here in the city for weeks on end for no reason whatsoever," then compounded the problem by lying under oath to the jury, Webb said. Vice President Kamala Harris believed Smollett's story and posted about it on Twitter calling the alleged attack an attempted "modern day lynching." New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat who ran for president, also referred to the alleged attack as an attempted "modern day lynching."

December 8: Fox News: Texas parents arrested for speaking out at
Round Rock ISD school board meetings

Two Texas fathers who were arrested for allegedly disturbing meetings of the Round Rock Independent School District school board told Fox News they ultimately blame the school board and Superintendent Hafedh Azaiez for the arrests. The fathers characterized the actions as an effort to "intimidate" them into silence. The school board president disputed their claims. "I believe I was arrested on 9/17/21 to intimidate me and other parents and community members from continuing to speak out against the superintendent and five of the school board members," Dustin Clark, a father of four children in public schools who began speaking out at school board meetings virtually in April said. "We believe we were intentionally targeted for arrest to silence our voices because we were speaking out against the school district for illegal activity," Jeremy Story, a father of seven homeschooled children and a resident whose tax dollars go to support the school district contended. Reportedly the school board's police department filled out the probable-cause affidavit and the Williamson County Sherriff's office made the arrests.

December 8: Fox Business: Senate votes 52-48 to repeal Biden vaccine
mandate for private firms with 100+ employees

The Senate voted 52-48, Wednesday, to repeal a Biden-backed federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses. Moderate Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana joined Republicans to vote in favor of the repeal. Even with Senate approval, the GOP-backed resolution is unlikely to overturn the mandate. The Democrat-controlled House is not expected to take up the measure and the Biden Administration would likely veto the bill if it ever cleared Congress. Republicans brought the repeal to the Senate floor under the "Congressional Review Act," which allows Congress to review presidential executive orders. Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), who sponsored the resolution, said the mandate was an example of the "heavy hand of government" hurting businesses. The Biden administration's mandate – which has been suspended by the courts pending completion of the judicial process -- requires private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure their employees are vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo regular testing. Firms that do not comply face steep fines.

December 8: Fox News: Guatemalan Pres. hasn't heard word one from
White House border czar Harris in the last six months

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei told Fox News on Wednesday that he has not spoken with the White House since Vice President Kamala Harris, the Biden administration's border czar, met him in Guatemala City over the summer. He said that there is "much to be done" to fix the migration crisis affecting both nations, as Guatemalans flee, often illegally, into the United States. Giammattei suggested the problem "…needs to be stopped on the basis of structural causes," pointing to the drug cartels that are largely in Mexico who also smuggle Guatemalans and other humans into the U.S. "It's a big business to run trafficking-person schemes. It's a $4 billion business for these criminals. And therefore, we need to address structural causes," Giammattei contended.

December 8: The Washington Examiner: Federal Court orders an independent
"special master" to review Project Veritas materials seized by the FBI

A federal court in Manhattan ordered the appointment of a special master to review materials seized from Project Veritas during an FBI raid last month tied to alleged theft of Ashley Biden's diary, the youngest daughter of the president. The order marks a victory for the conservative investigation group's founder James O'Keefe, who had requested the court to appoint a special master to oversee any searches of his phones. "The Court determines that the appointment of a special master is warranted here because 'it is important that the procedure adopted not only be fair but also appear to be fair,'" Veritas' filing said. Last month, FBI agents raided the homes of O'Keefe and residences linked to people who previously worked for Project Veritas, reportedly looking for evidence relating to a diary belonging to Joe Biden's 40-year-old daughter.

December 8: The Washington Examiner: Meadows sues Pelosi and
January 6th panel members

Mark Meadows is suing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the House select committee who are investigating the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol. The lawsuit, filed in D.C. federal court on Wednesday, comes after the panel said it had "no choice" but to move forward with recommending criminal contempt of Congress proceedings against the subpoenaed former Trump White House chief of staff after he changed course and said he would no longer cooperate with its investigation. Meadow's filling states, "Mr. Meadows, a witness, has been put in the untenable position of choosing between conflicting privilege claims ... and having to either risk enforcement of the subpoena issued to him ... or, alternatively, unilaterally abandoning the former president's claims of [executive] privileges."

Containers (CEUs) jammed in port with no more room to handle moreDecember 7: The Epoch Times: China's quarantining ships crews likely to add to supply chain delays and issues
As part of Communist China's COVID Zero strategy, international shipping giants confirmed that crews are required to face a seven-week quarantine. Chinese seafarers returning to the country are mandated to quarantine. In addition, vessels are prohibited from refreshing their crews and bringing on new members for two weeks. Shipowners and managers have had to re-route ships. This has resulted in additional shipping delays and different staff. Many of these large companies, including Evergreen and Ocean Network Express, have informed customers that they are suspending bookings for cargo destined for smaller ports. "China's restrictions cause knock-on effects," said Guy Platten, the secretary-general of the International Chamber of Shipping, in a statement. "Any restrictions to ship operations have an accumulative impact on the supply chain and cause real disruptions." This has prompted shipping operators to urge Beijing to relax its COVID restrictions or, at the very least, prioritize the shipping industry. If not, market analysts say, China would be responsible for exacerbating the international supply chain disruption and trigger a ripple effect across global commerce.

December 7: The Daily Caller: Russian invasion of Ukraine would
ignite a massacre to both

There will be a "really bloody massacre" if Russia invades Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, the Ukrainian defense minister, told CNN. It would impact Europe as an estimated 4 to 5 million Ukrainians would attempt to seek refuge throughout the continent. He warned that Ukraine would not be the only country to suffer losses, as "Russian guys also will come back in the coffins." Russia has an estimated 175,000 troops on the border with Ukraine. Reznikov said the battle-hardened Ukrainian forces should not be underestimated. "So, we have 250,000 official … members of our army. Plus, I said 400,000 veterans and 200,000 reservists. 175,000 (is) not enough to go to Ukraine," he said. He has requested additional military equipment from his allies but doesn't expect foreign troops will be necessary. Meanwhile the Kremlin is denying it plans to attack Ukraine just like it made similar claims before its invading the Crimea.

December 7: The Epoch Times: National School Board Association could
take a million-dollar financial hit as state chapters withdraw

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) could lose more than a million dollars in funding, as state chapters ended their membership and stopped paying dues in the backlash against a letter likening parents' protests to domestic terrorism. In its Sept. 29 letter to Joe Biden, the NSBA characterized disruptions at school board meetings as "a form of domestic terrorism and hate crime," and encouraged the federal government to quell what they termed as "angry mobs" of parents seeking to hold school officials accountable for teaching the Marxism-rooted critical race theory and for imposing COVID-19 restrictions such as mask mandates on their children. Although the NSBA offered an apology for "some of the language" used in the widely criticized letter, the fallout continued. So far 27 of 49 state school board associations have distanced themselves from the national federation, saying they were not consulted or informed on the letter's content. Seventeen of them have terminated their membership. These 17 chapters collectively contributed $1.1 million to NSBA's funding in 2019. This accounted for 42 percent of the $2.6 million annual dues paid to the NSBA by all 49 state chapters in that year.

December 6: The Washington Examiner: LA police say the city is unsafe
and tourists should avoid it

Los Angeles Police Department detective Jamie McBride said he advises visitors not to come to the city because he considers it unsafe. McBride blamed Gov. Gavin Newsom for rising crime rates in California and accused progressive district attorneys of "advocating for the criminals." "We're telling people don't visit because we don't think we can keep you safe right now," he said. He said the " zero bail" policy and Prop 47, which reduced sentencing for various nonviolent crimes, have led to an increase in crime. The San Francisco Bay Area in California has seen a rise in organized retail theft since the pandemic. Companies such as Best Buy and Walgreens have said the spike in crime has become one of their top challenges. A 2020 survey by the National Retail Federation ranked three of California cities — Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento — as part of the top 10 worst cities in the U.S. for retail crime. Los Angeles topped that list.

December 6: Fox News: Texas fires back at the Biden lawsuit on redistricting
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted the Biden Administration's recently announced voting rights lawsuit, alleging that the suit was a "preposterous attempt to sway democracy." "The Department of Justice's absurd lawsuit against our state is the Biden Administration's latest ploy to control Texas voters," Paxton tweeted. "I am confident that our legislature's redistricting decisions will be proven lawful, and this preposterous attempt to sway democracy will fail." The Biden lawsuit alleges the districts drawn by Texas lawmakers violate the federal Voting Rights Act by diluting the voting strength of minority voters. "The department's career voting law experts have assessed Texas's new redistricting plans and determined that they include districts that violate the Voting Rights Act," Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a press conference announcing the lawsuit.

December 6: The Epoch Times: Former White House economist;
Fed rate hikes not likely to stem inflationary spiral

On Monday, prominent economist and former White House official Tyler Goodspeed warned that the two expected hikes in the key interest rates next year will likely be insufficient to stop the growth of inflation. "We are still $1.8 trillion cumulatively short on business investment. So I think the bigger picture … …still points to a lot of inflationary pressure, and I don't know that the two rate hikes are going to cut it," Goodspeed said. Goodspeed formerly served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors on behalf of the administration of President Donald Trump.

December 6: The Epoch Times: US diplomats to boycott winter games
in Communist China, but not US athletes

The United States said on Dec. 6 it won't send an official delegation to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics in protest against the Chinese regime's ongoing human rights crisis in Xinjiang. The move won't affect American athletes, who will still be allowed to compete. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the regime's "ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity" means Washington "cannot proceed with business as usual." "U.S. diplomatic or official representation would treat these games as business as usual in the face of the PRC's [People's Republic of China] egregious human rights abuses and atrocities in Xinjiang, and we simply can't do that," Psaki told a daily press briefing on Dec. 6, weeks after President Joe Biden said the administration was considering such a move.

December 6: KRQE New Mexico: Democrat State Senator leaves the party,
tired of the partisan politics of both Democrats and Republicans

State Senator Jacob Candelaria (NM) is no longer a Democrat saying he's tired of partisan politics. He changed his party affiliation to Decline to State. While addressing the Roundhouse Monday, he said both Democrats and Republicans need to start using some common sense and work together. He also said his former party needs to wake up. The former Democrat often butted heads with party leaders including Governor Lujan Grisham who he, along with Republican Greg Baca, sued over her use of COVID relief funds.

December 5: Fox News: Bob Dole dies at 98; MSNBC downplays his
accomplishments because of his support of Trump

Progressive MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan posted what many considered to be an inappropriate dig on former presidential candidate Bob Dole's passing. The Kansas Republican passed away at age 98 on Sunday morning after approximately four decades of serving in the Senate. Dole most famously ran as the Republican presidential nominee in 1996 against President Clinton. The New York Times highlighted Dole's military and public service in a tweet announcing his passing, but Hasan used the tweet to also highlight Dole's support of President Trump. "Bob Dole, who endorsed and voted for Trump twice, and called himself a 'Trumper' as recently as July, has passed away," Hasan tweeted. Critics called out Hasan for what they took as to be an unnecessary comment on the day of Dole's passing.

December 5: The Washington Examiner: Perdue expected to announce
his run for Governor of Georgia against Brian Kemp

David Perdue is expected to announce a primary challenge against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. The former U.S. Senator intends to challenge Kemp for his office in the Republican primary. Perdue was reportedly recruited to run against Kemp by Donald Trump. While some see this decision as reflective of an attempt to usurp Kemp over his actions post-2020, the Kemp team appears unfazed. "Perdue's only reason for running is to soothe his own bruised ego because his campaign for U.S Senate failed to inspire voters at the ballot box," a Kemp spokesperson said. Polling appears to be in the incumbent's favor. A November survey conducted by Republican operatives found that Kemp led Perdue 38% to 32% among primary voters, with Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones receiving 16% of the vote.

December 5: The Epoch Times: COVID outbreak reported on US cruise
ship despite passengers being fully vaccinated

At least 10 cases of COVID-19 have been reported on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship disembarking in New Orleans, officials said. All of the crew members and passengers taking part in the cruise have been fully vaccinated, according to the Louisiana Department of Health. The agency didn't reveal the conditions of those who were infected with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus. The Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship had left New Orleans on Nov. 28, making stops in Mexico, Honduras, and Belize. The ship was set to reach New Orleans on Dec. 5, according to its itinerary. Authorities with the department of health stated that more than 3,200 people were on board the ship.

December 4: Townhall.com: Cuomo fired by CNN
Just days after announcing Chris Cuomo had been "suspended indefinitely," CNN has issued a statement that he has been fired. "Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week pending further evaluation of new information that came to light about his involvement with his brother's defense. We retained a respected law firm to conduct the review, and have terminated him, effective immediately," CNN said in a statement on Saturday. "While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light." Even though Cuomo has been fired, the statement noted CNN "will investigate as appropriate."

December 4: The Washington Times: Stacey Abrams second run for GA
Gov faces new tests and intrigue

Stacey Abrams announced a long-awaited second run for Georgia governor this week, but with Democrats facing a sour national environment and Republican Gov. Brian Kemp facing challenges within his own party, the 2022 campaign will look different from 2018. Abrams' narrow loss, highlighted by her claims that Kemp used his prior post as secretary of state to unfairly push voters away, vaulted her to national stardom.

December 4: The Washington Examiner: Explosion near Iranian nuclear facility
An object exploded Saturday in the night sky near the Iranian nuclear facility in the town of Natanz, with state television saying it was a missile exercise. Natanz's governor said there were no casualties and that a report would be released Sunday. Initial reports said the explosion was a defensive strike against a hostile drone, but officials have denied this. Instead, they say it was a drill to test how quickly their defense missiles work. Locals reported a loud sound and a bright flash at around 9 p.m.

December 4: News Max: Dershowitz: SCOTUS on verge of "cataclysmic"
decision regarding Roe v. Wade

While Roe v. Wade has been Supreme Court precedent for 50 years, it is facing its biggest legal test right now as Mississippi seeks to move the timetable on abortion restrictions., according to constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz. "There are only three justices [Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan]… who would uphold Roe v. Wade completely," Dershowitz said, putting Roe v. Wade on the table. Conservative Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch figure to be on the side of overruling Roe v. Wade, while Chief Justice John Roberts is in the middle and likely attempting to pull in the newest Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to join him, according to Dershowitz. "The key question is going to be whether Chief Justice Roberts can persuade either Justices Barrett or Kavanaugh to join him in upholding Roe v. Wade, while also upholding the Mississippi statute that changes the timing from viability [of a fetus] of 23 weeks to 15 weeks," Dershowitz said.

December 4: The Galveston County Daily News: Supply Train Issues;
We're all jammed up

All U.S. ports are jammed with containers. At one point, Los Angeles had 65,000 cost equivalent units (CEUs), no space for more and over 115 ships waiting offshore to offload cargo. It's suspected one ship broke an underwater pipeline by dropping anchor while waiting to enter port. What happened to the "just in time" supply chain? What's different today than a year ago? The pandemic; paying people not to work, and mandating vaccine shots or face termination of employment are just a few of the things that happened.

December 3: News Max: 19,000 men and women in the U.S. military
are not taking the covid vaccine

The number of vaccine holdouts in active-duty Marines and Navy sailors is now an estimated 19,000, a figure more than double the 9,500 original count by the services. The new figure comes as the deadline for those servicemembers to be vaccinated under Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's vaccine mandate expired Nov. 28. The Marines' 5% unvaccinated rate was expected, but the Navy discovered "discrepancies" before reporting their final numbers this week, lowering the vaccination rate to just over 97%. Even a 3% hit on the branch "may have a deleterious effect on a unit as a whole," retired Marine Corps officer and former communications chief for the service David Lapan said. "While there is no short-term impact to readiness due to unvaccinated sailors, we are constantly evaluating the long-term impact to the force," Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Andrew DeGarmo told the Washington Post. "The health and safety of the force is our top priority to sustain mission readiness." Meanwhile, there remains uncertainty over the long-term effects of getting the vaccine and associated booster shots. Hospitals around the country are reporting a higher number of vaccinated patients verses the unvaccinated.

December 3: Breitbart News: Jobs report falls way short of expectations;
disaster for Biden economics

The U.S. economy added only 210,000 jobs in November, 300,000 short of expectations. Economists had forecast 545,000 positions added to payrolls and an unemployment rate of 4.5 percent. The unemployment rates for adult men and adult women declined to 4.0 percent. The white unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent and the black unemployment rate fell to 6.7 percent. The Hispanic unemployment rate declined to 5.2 percent. There was little change in the unemployment rates for Asians, at 3.8 percent, or teenagers, at 11.2 percent. Meanwhile the labor force participation rate (those people seeking employment) inched up to 61.8 percent in November. Employment in retail trade declined by 20,000 in November. General merchandise stores shed 20,000 jobs, clothing stores shrank employment by 18,000, and sporting goods, hobby, book, and music store employment declined by 9,000. That raises questions about the strength of retail going into the holiday season.

December 3: The Washington Examiner: Fugitive parents of suspected Michigan school shooter still missing hours after attorneys said they would return
The fugitive parents of the suspect in the deadly Michigan high school shooting were still missing hours after they were charged with involuntary manslaughter and missed a Friday afternoon arraignment. A search is underway, with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office working with the FBI and U.S. Marshals. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN that his team did not yet have any leads. The attorneys for Jennifer and James Crumbley, whose son is 15-year-old shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley, released a statement saying their clients were not on the run and planned to turn themselves in, but by the evening hours, local officials said they were not privy to their whereabouts. As the night went on, more details emerged about the Crumbleys, including that they withdrew $4,000 from an ATM in Rochester Hills which is about 10-15 miles out from Oxford, where the high school shooting took place on Tuesday, and it is the same city where they were supposed to show up for their Friday afternoon arraignment, a law enforcement official said. The same official said law enforcement was tracking the Crumbleys with cellphone pings but could no longer do so because the devices were turned off.

December 2: News Max: Oklahoma sues Biden Administration over
vaccine mandate for national guard forces

The State of Oklahoma has sued Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for their vaccine mandate on the state's National Guard on Thursday. The lawsuit was filed by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and Attorney General John O'Connor. It requests relief against the vaccine mandate it deems unconstitutional and asks to enjoin the federal government from enforcing the mandate against the state's National Guard forces. The suit also asks to keep the federal government from withholding funding from the Oklahoma National Guard or its members. "Biden's vaccine mandates are a clear abuse of power," O'Connor wrote in a statement announcing the legal action. "He does not have the authority to make healthcare decisions for Oklahomans. "It is sinister that Biden is threatening Oklahomans with the loss of their jobs if they do not surrender their personal rights and freedoms to the federal government. [Joe Biden] is using private employers to do his dirty work."

December 2: The Washington Times: Manchin (D-WVA) won't rule out supporting GOP effort for a partial government shutdown in order to stop Biden vaccine mandates
Sen. Joe Manchin, a key swing vote for Joe Biden's legislative agenda, is refusing to rule out supporting a GOP effort to defund the White House's vaccine mandate in exchange for keeping the government open. Manchin (D-WVA) argued Thursday he was still "working" through the situation and had yet to make a decision on the topic. "I've been very supportive of a mandate for the federal government [and] for the military," he said. "I've been less enthused about it in the private sector." Manchin's refusal to rule out the possibility could pose a major problem for Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY). At the moment, five GOP senators are threatening to use an arsenal of legislative procedures to delay consideration of a short-term funding bill meant to keep the government open past Friday. The Republicans say they will stop obstructing passage of the bill if Democrats agree to strip out funding for enforcement of Biden's vaccine mandate. "[Joe] Biden is waging a cruel campaign to punish unvaccinated Americans," said Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS). "My colleagues and I will use all means at our disposal to make sure no American has to choose between jab or job."

December 2: Townhall.com: Biden Administration officials admit current
inflation is not "transitory;" likely to be with us long into 2022

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen acknowledged Thursday that "transitory" is not the best word to use to describe rising inflation in the United States. "I'm ready to retire the word transitory," Yellen said at a Reuters Next conference. "I can agree that that hasn't been an apt description of what we're dealing with." Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell also acknowledged this week that the inflation rocking the U.S. economy isn't transitory and "that factors pushing inflation upward will linger well into next year." "I've heard some people say that, within 12 months, there won't be talk of inflation," top real estate investor Christopher Merrill said. "I think it's prudent to… to assume that there is going to be some level of inflation in the near term, and really, for the next decade, because of how much money we're printing right now in the system."

December 2: One America News Network: Biden attempts to downplay
inflationary spiral hitting the country and supply train issues

Joe Biden attempted to downplay the numerous economic crises facing the nation. He claimed the economy is currently doing well and is on its way to recovery. Biden made those remarks despite a looming debt ceiling crisis, an ongoing supply chain issues and skyrocketing inflation that Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell said this week has no end in sight. Biden attempted to downplay the ongoing supply chain woes while claiming his policies are responsible for helping ease bottlenecks. Back in November, Marsha Blackburn commented "Joe Biden's strategy is to blame everyone but himself for the record-high inflation his administration has ushered in." Meanwhile, Biden touted his release of 50,000 barrels of oil from the petroleum reserve (about a day's worth of U.S. domestic usage) while falsely blaming the petroleum industry for being responsible for increasing costs at the pump.

December 2: Breitbart News: Biden's inflation causing hardship during
holidays for nearly half of American households

Inflation is inflicting financial pain on millions of U.S. households, with lower-income brackets being the hardest hit, a Gallup survey says. The survey found 45% of American households report recent price increases are causing their family some degree of financial hardship. Prices have risen at the fastest pace in decades just as Americans are headed to shops and online to make Christmas season purchases. High home heating fuel prices are also hurting household finances as the nights start turning colder across the U.S. and the Biden Administration is attempting to move away from fossil fuels and toward the less reliable green energy. Gallup 's survey says 10% are suffering "severe" hardships and another 35% "moderate" hardship from the current inflationary spiral with lower-income households feeling the pinch more severely.

December 2: The Epoch Times: Georgia school board association withdraws from national affiliation mid issues over targeting parents upset with school boards
The Georgia School Board Association (GSBA) has joined a growing list of state chapters severing ties from the National School Board Association (NSBA) after the national group called for federal intervention in parental protests. In a widely criticized letter to Joe Biden, the NSBA characterized disruptions at school board meetings as "a form of domestic terrorism and hate crime," urging the federal government to invoke counterterrorism laws to handle what they characterized as "angry mobs" of parents seeking to hold school officials accountable for teaching the Marxism-rooted critical race theory and for imposing COVID-19 restrictions such as mask mandates on their children. Just five days later, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo directing federal law enforcement to help address an alleged "disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence" against school leaders.

December 1: The Daily Caller: Justice Thomas, where is abortion a
protected right in the Constitution?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas questioned Wednesday where in the Constitution abortion is protected as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over a Mississippi abortion law case that challenges Roe V. Wade. "Would you specifically tell me, specifically state what the right is, is it specifically abortion? Is it a liberty? …Is it autonomy? Is it privacy?" Thomas asked. "The right is grounded in the liberty component of the 14th Amendment, Justice Thomas. But I think that it promotes interest in autonomy, bodily integrity, liberty and equality. And I do think it is specifically the right to abortion here, the right of a woman to be able to control, without the state forcing her to continue a pregnancy, whether to carry that baby to term," one of the lawyers challenging the Mississippi law said. "I understand we're talking about abortion here," Thomas said. "But what is confusing is that we, if we were talking about the Second Amendment, I know exactly what we're talking about. If we're talking about the Fourth Amendment, I know what we're talking about because it's written there. What specifically is the right here that we're talking about?" ProLife advocates are hoping this case will allow state legislatures to determine if, and when, abortions are allowed. Under the tenth amendment, rights not granted to the federal government come under the purview of each individual state.

December 1: The Washington Times: GOP looking at government shutdown
in order stop federal vaccine mandate

A cadre of GOP House and Senate lawmakers say they are planning to force a government shutdown later this week over President Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Republicans Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah are pitching lawmakers within their respective chambers to block the short-term funding measure needed to keep the government afloat past Friday. The lawmakers plan to object to any legislation averting a government shutdown unless Democrats agree to defund enforcement efforts for the White House's vaccine mandate for workers at large and mid-sized U.S. businesses. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to bring up the stop-gap funding measure as early as Wednesday. Despite the efforts of Mr. Roy and other Republicans, the legislation appears headed to passage given that Democrats narrowly control the chamber. Within the 50-50 Senate, the situation is more tenuous. To avert a government shutdown at least 10 Republican senators will have to back the measure to overcome a likely filibuster.

December 1: The Washington Examiner: Women's Tennis Association withdrawing
all events from China over Beijing's treatment of tennis star

The Women's Tennis Association announced on Wednesday it will suspend all of its tournaments in China citing a lack of confirmation regarding the safety of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, who disappeared last month after claiming a former high-level Chinese Communist Party official sexually assaulted her. Steve Simon, the chairman and CEO of the WTA, said in a statement that he made this decision because he could not bring himself to ask WTA athletes to compete in China when Peng is not allowed to speak freely. He added that he is concerned about the risks players and staff could face if the WTA continued to hold events in the country, including in Hong Kong, next year. The decision comes as the Olympic Games are scheduled to be held in China next year.

November 30: The Galveston County Daily News: State Senator Taylor decides not to run in 2022, citing Middleton's decision to run and the resources needed to win
In a surprise announcement that might send ripples through Galveston County's delegation in Austin, state Sen. Larry Taylor announced Tuesday he won't seek a fourth term in the Senate. The decision was motivated in part by a plan by state Rep. Mayes Middleton to run for the Senate seat, Taylor said. County party sources had been rumoring Middleton's plan to move up to the Senate. Some sources said Middleton had told Taylor he'd held the seat long enough, raising questions about other elected officials who have served in office for ten or more years. "I tried to tell him, I'm just going to go one more time, why don't you wait," Taylor said. "But he's ready to go and wanting to spend a lot of money. I feel pretty confident I could win, but it would take a lot of resources." Middleton announced his plans to run for the Senate seat shortly after Taylor's announcement.

November 30: The Washington Times: Lawmakers want answers about how
crime syndicates in China and Russia pilfered billions of US COVID relief funds

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill demanded hearings into fraud in the government's coronavirus unemployment benefit program after hearing that crime syndicates in Communist China, Russia and other adversary nations pocketed tens of billions of dollars. Both Republicans and Democrats demanded accountability for mismanagement of funds. Of more than $700 billion in pandemic unemployment assistance Congress approved, as much as $175 billion fell into the hands of foreign fraudsters, and most of that went to syndicates that have the backing of other governments. Republicans on the House Oversight and Reform Committee have been calling for hearings for almost a year, but the Democrat leadership has yet to schedule a hearing. This revelation comes amid the Biden Administration's push for over $1.75 trillion budget resolution.

November 30: One America News Network: Senate fails to cut off debate
as Reps say the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) falls short of
addressing national security threats

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blocked "a lackluster defense bill" proposed by Democrats. On Monday, the Senate voted 51-45 to reject a Democrat motion to close debate and vote on the NDAA. Earlier, McConnell had warned Democrats this would happen if they failed to hear concerns made by Republicans. He said threats to U.S. national security have gotten immensely worse, especially in the Middle East over the last year. "In 10-months in office, despite naïve happy talk from the administration, the threats we face are remarkably worse. The vacuum they left in Afghanistan has emboldened terrorists from Iran's militias in Iraq, Syria and Yemen to the highest ranks of the Taliban's government," McConnell said. He also called out Democrats for neglecting the mounting threats to America and international security from Russia as well as China. "For four years, my colleagues, the Democratic leaders, seem constantly focused on Putin and Russia," he said, "But now with Putin flaunting his power and Russia engaged in ongoing cyber-attacks, weapons tests and troop build ups —[all we hear is] crickets." The Kentucky Republican added, the current draft of the NDAA fails to take on America's greatest threat on the international stage — China.

November 30: The Washington Examiner: Manchin (D-WVA) meets with McConnell
(R-KY); discusses US energy policy and the Biden $1.75 trillion spending bill

Sen. Joe Manchin, a key centrist Democrat who holds considerable influence over Joe Biden's $1.75 trillion social welfare and green energy legislation, met Tuesday with top Republican Mitch McConnell to discuss energy policy, among other things. Manchin, who represents West Virginia and is the state's former governor, huddled with McConnell as top Senate Democrats attempt to plot a pathway to pass Biden's Build Back Better legislation by the end of the year. Manchin opposes efforts by Democrats to include provisions aimed at ending fossil fuels, providing tax breaks for green energy, and imposes a methane fee that would hike energy prices. Manchin told reporters following the meeting that the two lawmakers "talked a lot about the area we represent, Kentucky and West Virginia, on some issues we all agree on. Energy is one of them."

November 30: The Daily Caller: White House Fox News correspondent presses
for a reason why Biden isn't visiting the victims of the Waukesha massacre

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki why Joe Biden has yet to visit the victims of the Waukesha massacre during a press briefing Monday. The suspect, Darryl Brooks, allegedly drove his car through a Christmas Parade, November 21st in Waukesha, WI. Biden condemned the attack, however Doocy pressed on why Biden has yet to visit the victims. "Since [Joe Biden] said that this administration is monitoring this situation closely," Doocy asked, "It has been revealed by prosecutors that the assailant swerved his truck side-to-side, as part of an intentional act, to run over as many people as possible. Why hasn't [Joe Biden] visited the members of this Christmas parade attack?" he asked. Psaki responded that any presidential visit consumes a lot of local resources and that the timing was not good.

Boxes along side railroad tracks in East Los AngelesNovember 29: The Epoch Times: Thieves in CA raid railroad containers with electronics aboard
Thieves continue to target shipping containers loaded onto Union Pacific trains in the Los Angeles region, leaving open boxes strewn across the ground around the tracks. Cargo theft reports along the West Coast of the United States have increased 42 percent year-over-year, according to CargoNet, an industry organization dedicated to the prevention of cargo theft. "This comes as no surprise, as California continues to struggle with frequent thefts of high-end computer electronics shipments," CargoNet reported. Various law enforcement departments are working together in an attempt to get a handle on the problem. CargoNet reported 359 supply chain thefts and fraud incidents across the United States and Canada in the third quarter of 2021. Nearly 70% of these thefts in the third quarter of 2021 occurred in California as thieves are attracted to lingering containers on trains. The Port of Los Angeles reported that the average time cargo remains in the terminal is a little longer than eight days with over 66,000 containers stored at the docks. Officials are reporting that supply chain issues means cargo is going to be sitting longer and that creates a larger opportunity for thefts. Southern California ports are considering charging a $100 a day fee for containers left at the docks more than nine days (if scheduled to be moved by truck) and $100 per day after six days for those to be moved by rail.

November 29: The Washington Examiner: Biden BBB measure will
grant amnesty to 5.6 million illegals

More than 6 million illegal immigrants in the United States would be granted amnesty and allowed to obtain government benefits by House Democrats' Build Back Better Act, according to a review by the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO concluded in November that approximately 6.5 million noncitizens who live in the U.S. largely as a result of illegally crossing the southern border before January 2011 would be granted parole and immediately go from being unlawfully present to lawfully present. The proposal would be the largest-ever amnesty, double the size of the one that went through during the Reagan administration in 1986. The term amnesty refers to being pardoned, in this case for the federal offense of illegally entering the country between ports of entry and residing in the U.S. without permission.

November 29: The Epoch Times: Federal judge blocks Biden vaccine
mandate in ten states

A federal judge halted the Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers, although the ruling only applies to ten states (Missouri, Nebraska, Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and New Hampshire). The mandate, promulgated earlier this month by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), required approximately 17 million workers to get a jab or face termination. But according to U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp, CMS lacks the authority to impose such a broad mandate. "Plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their argument that Congress has not provided CMS the authority to enact the regulation at issue here," Schelp wrote in a 32-page ruling that granted a request for a preliminary injunction. "Congress did not clearly authorize CMS to enact this politically and economically vast, federalism-altering, and boundary-pushing mandate, which Supreme Court precedent requires," he wrote. The judge agreed with Missouri and nine other states, finding the mandate was arbitrary and capricious for several reasons, including CMS's not showing "…that vaccination status has a direct impact on spreading COVID in the mandate's covered healthcare facilities."

November 29: The Washington Times: Salvation Army pulls "discussion guide" on racism that advocacy group claims was given to donors as a call to "repent" for being white
The Salvation Army said Monday it has withdrawn a discussion guide on racism that it says was intended for its church members but which an advocacy group claimed was given to donors as a call to "repent" for being White. Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, the Salvation Army's national commander said "If that document is getting in the way of the fulfillment of our mission, [we're] going to remove it because nothing can be allowed to affect the fulfillment of [our] critical mission." The group has been flooded by email complaints over its guide "Let's Talk About Racism," one critic said. Meantime an online petition quickly garnered more than 14,000 signatures asking the organization to denounce critical race theory. The organization's leaders are concerned how the "guide" could impact the $175 million "red kettle" donations it collects each year.

November 28: The Daily Caller: Minnesota public school tried to charge
parents more than $900,000 for requested records

A public school district in Minnesota told a law firm representing concerned parents that it could cost upwards of $901,121.15 to complete a government records request. An attorney at Mohrman, Kaardal, & Erickson in Minneapolis sent a Government Data Practices Act Request to the interim superintendent at Rochester Public School District in Minnesota on Sept. 20 asking for the release of information on the development of curriculum, conferences, or seminars for teachers and students related to "equity and social justice topics, often referred to as Critical Race Theory. The request was made on behalf of "Equality in Education," a concerned parents association. The school district was requiring the payment of the fee prior to conducting the search. Some believe this is simply a tactic to keep from being forced to provide the information on CRT to the public.

November 28: Fox News: "More money than God" Chinese titan lavished
Hunter Biden with 3-carat gem, offer of $30 million

The Biden family offered their services to a huge, Communist Chinese-government-linked energy consortium to expand its business around the world. How do we know? Because of hundreds of emails documenting the deal found on Hunter Biden's laptop, left in a Delaware repair shop in April 2019. In her new book, "Laptop from Hell," New York Post columnist Miranda Devine tells the tale.

November 27: Fox News: Federal DOT, which is headed by Pete Buttigieg,
accused of lobbying for legislation with public funds

Biden's Department of Transportation is being slammed on social media over promoting his Build Back Better agenda with some people accusing the department of improperly lobbying. The "meme," posted by DOT, is in the form of a popular meme format where a man and a woman are texting each other in bed from different places. The meme was criticized by many online from those who didn't find it funny as well as from those who suggested the department had improperly lobbied for specific legislation, in this case the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better bill being debated in Congress. "This appears to be lobbying," former California Assemblyman and Vice-President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation tweeted. "I didn't think federal agencies were allowed to be so blatant in promoting specific legislation. The Secretary of Transportation can, of course, but the DOT's official website? Seems unusual."

November 27: The Washington Examiner: Civil rights or civil suits against
Rittenhouse doomed to fail; experts say

Following the jury's acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who was acquitted of felony homicide charges over the deaths of two protesters in Kenosha, WI, legal analysts contend any follow-up civil rights case "will fail" if prosecutors push for one. The verdict prompted a condemning response from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who called the verdict a "miscarriage of justice" that "justifies federal review" by the Department of Justice. However, legal analyst and Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson to the Examiner the self-defense evidence in Rittenhouse's criminal case "will be just as overwhelming in a civil case." There is no obvious basis for a civil rights prosecution against Rittenhouse," said Jacobson. "The videos are the videos, and the testimony already is under oath from witnesses and alleged victim Gaige Grosskreutz. A civil case will fail even by a preponderance of the evidence," Jacobson added.

November 27: One America News Network: LA on high alert as smash-and-grab
robberies continue in California

A citywide tactical alert was imposed throughout a majority of Los Angeles on Saturday after the city was hit with multiple smash-and-grab robberies. Los Angeles Police are on high alert after the city underwent at least six flash mob style robberies on Black Friday. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department continued looking for suspects Saturday after they said eight males barged into a Home Depot Friday night. According to officers, the group walked directly towards their pick of crowbars, sledgehammers and other tools, clearing out the stores entire hammer section. Employees said a group of up to 20 males believed to be 15- to 20-years-old pulled up to the storefront in about 10 cars prior to the incident. "We tried to actually stop them. We closed the front entrance and they put their sledgehammers up like whoever got in the way they were going to hurt them," said Romo. Police told local news outlet KCBS this robbery was extra concerning as the tools could be used against more stores in the area. The string of crimes come as the Golden State grapples a surge in smash-and-grab robberies from large groups and the LAPD has begun boosting its patrols in high-profile shopping districts.

November 27: The Epoch Times: WI Senators concerned groups may try
to "exploit" parade murders

Outside parties may attempt to exploit the killings at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, the two U.S. senators who represent the state said in a rare joint statement on Saturday. The exploitation would be for "political purposes," Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D) and Ron Johnson (R) said. "As the U.S. Senators representing Wisconsin, one from each political party, we are asking anyone considering such action to cease and desist," they said. A person driving a red SUV plowed into a parade in Waukesha on Nov. 21, killing six and leaving some 61 others injured. Darrell Brooks of Milwaukee was arrested and is being held on $5 million bond. Social media accounts linked to Brooks, who is black, shared anti-white messaging, including denigrating remarks about supporters of former President Donald Trump. In one post in 2020, Brooks said he wanted to knock white people out. In another, he indicated support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The next hearing in the case is not scheduled until January 2022.

November 26: The Washington Examiner: AG Garland accused of politicizing
the Department of Justice

Attorney General Merrick Garland is under fire from Republican lawmakers for allegedly politicizing the Justice Department. Congressman Jim Jordan said about the AG's school board memo controversy "My gut tells me that the main focus was this was politics. And that's what the Justice Department has been under Garland." He added: "Joe Biden criticizes the Georgia election law, a few months later they sue Georgia. Joe Biden criticizes the Texas pro-life law. Eight days later, they sue Texas. Joe Biden's White House is working with the National School Boards Association … and, five days later, he issues the memorandum." Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, echoed this theme, telling Garland: "Since your confirmation, in less than a year, the department has moved as far left as it can go" and that "you've politicized the department in ways it shouldn't be."

November 26: The Epoch Times: Unrest erupted in the Solomon Islands after the government decided to switch its allegiance from Taiwan to communist China
A building belonging to Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was reportedly set ablaze by demonstrators who called for the prime minister's resignation, as unrest in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara continued for the third day. Civil unrest has spiraled out of control stemming from the PM's decision to switch diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to Beijing. The Malaita province of the Solomons has been traditionally pro-Taiwan as opposed to the Solomon central government which apparently is not.

November 26: One America News Network: Biden imposes travel ban on eight
African nations after accusing Trump in 2020 of being xenophobic

The Biden administration is placing travel restrictions on several South African countries amid the discovery of a new COVID-19 variant. On Friday, the White House said Biden will restrict travel from eight countries, including South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. While a timetable for the travel bans has yet to be disclosed, Biden claimed he will listen to what his medical team advises. The new variant, which has been called B.1.1.529, has also alarmed global health officials who claim the variant may evade vaccines and might be more transmissible than previous variants. Biden imposed travel restrictions into the U.S. due to coronavirus fears despite previously slamming former President Trump as xenophobic for doing the exact same thing in 2020.

November 26: Fox News: FL reports lowest COVID cases per capita in the
nation - no vaccine mandate

Florida is reporting the lowest amount of coronavirus cases per capita in the nation after Gov. Ron DeSantis was widely criticized by media outlets for his handling of the virus. The Sunshine State reportedly has a daily average of six per 100,000 which is a 2% decrease over the last two weeks. DeSantis has been slammed by critics in the media since the start of the pandemic over his opposition to government-imposed mask and vaccine mandates. In 2020, a Democratic politician accused DeSantis of going on a "killing spree" for opposing mask mandates. Meanwhile, as Florida rates remain the lowest, coronavirus cases are surging in many states where strict lockdown orders were issued by Democratic governors, particularly in Michigan which leads the nation in COVID-19 cases per capita and where Gov. Whitmer imposed some of the most controversial restrictions in the nation during the height of the pandemic.

November 25: The Washington Examiner: Former DA charged in Georgia's
Ahmaud Arbery case

A former Georgia district attorney was charged for allegedly mishandling the Ahmaud Arbery murder case and was booked into jail. Jackie Johnson, 49, a former Brunswick Judicial Circuit district attorney, was booked into Glynn County jail on Wednesday after she turned herself in. Jail records show Johnson was released the same day and did not have to pay a cash bond. Johnson is accused of discouraging police from making arrests in connection with Arbery's death. She faces a felony charge of violating her oath of office and a misdemeanor count of obstructing police work. Johnson has denied any wrongdoing and said she recused her office from the case because one of the men now convicted in the murder of Arbery, Greg McMichael, had been an employee.

November 25: The Washington Examiner: GoFundMe removes page trying to raise $5 million to get WI parade massacre subject out of jail; Reinstates Rittenhouse page
A GoFundMe page raising money for the $5 million bail to get the Waukesha, WI, Christmas parade massacre suspect, Darrell Brooks, released from jail was has been taken down. The page, set up by someone using the name James Norton, was removed "before any funds were raised because it violates GoFundMe Terms of Service," a GoFundMe spokesperson said. Separately, GoFundMe is once again allowing fundraising for Kyle Rittenhouse's legal fees after the platform removed his campaigns for violating its policy against aiding people accused of violent crimes. The fundraising platform explained that Rittenhouse's acquittal means his situation no longer violates its terms and conditions against "raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime."

November 25: Townhall.com: Texas women wanting to abort a child fleeing
to other states now that the TX heartbeat law is in effect

Texas women who are seeking an abortion are reportedly traveling to Maine to undergo the procedure. This comes as a result of the state's 'heartbeat' law that banned abortions after fetal heartbeat detection. The Texas law took effect September 1st. TheTexas abortion provider Whole Woman's Health told the Texas Tribune that they have been operating at 20 percent to 30 percent of their service levels compared to previously. News outlet WGME in Maine reports a spokesperson at abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood said that women now are crossing state lines and traveling hundreds of miles north to undergo an abortion. WGME reports that unlike most states where a physician must do the abortion procedure, Maine allows nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified nurse midwives to do so. The Texas law has been heard by the SCOTUS but no decision has yet been announced.

November 24: The Washington Free Beacon: Senate forces Biden to
Dump OCC nominee

Five Senate Democrats told the White House late Wednesday they will not support Lenin scholarship recipient Saule Omarova to serve as Comptroller of the Currency, nuking her chances to serve as the country's bank regulator. The Democrats—Tester (MT.), Sinema (AZ), Kelly (AZ), Warner (VA), and Hickenlooper (CO)—join all Senate Republicans in opposition to Omarova, who came under scrutiny over her proposals to use the banking system to "bankrupt" the oil and gas industry and her education in the Soviet Union. The failed nomination marks a major setback for progressives, who championed Omarova over her criticism of big banks and fossil fuel companies. Omarova faced questions about her academic history throughout the confirmation process, in recent years scrubbing her resume of references to a thesis she wrote about Karl Marx while studying on a Lenin scholarship at Moscow State University in the 1980s. Additionally, Omarova was arrested in 1995 on charges she stole $214 in merchandise from a T.J. Maxx store in Madison, WI, where she was studying for her doctorate degree.

November 24: The Epoch Times: Taiwan invited to participate in US-sponsored Democracy Summit; PRC not happy
The communist regime in China is angry that Taiwan will take part in a U.S.-led democracy summit alongside 109 other governments in December, after the Biden administration announced an invitation list on Nov. 23. China (PRC) is not invited to the summit, according to the U.S. State Department's participation list. Burma (also known as Myanmar), Russia, and Vietnam are also not among the invitees. In addition to Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea, and the Philippines are among the governments in Asia that are invited to participate in the "Summit of Democracy," to be held virtually on Dec. 9 and 10. According to the White House the summit seeks to "galvanize commitments and initiatives across three principal themes: defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption, and promoting respect for human rights." Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen thanked Washington in a tweet for "hosting this global conference to bring countries together in defence of our shared values.

November 24: The Epoch Times: Pulling oil out of the reserve is a drop in the bucket; Biden energy policy needs change or we'll be controlled by offshore oil producers
A coordinated global release of oil reserves led by the United States, resulting in 70–80 million barrels of additional crude supply, fell well short of the amount markets were pricing in, and according to Goldman Sachs has turned out to be little more than a symbolic gesture as global oil prices rebounded to a one-week high on Tuesday. Analysts at Goldman Sachs said in a note titled "a drop in the ocean," dated Nov. 23 that "on our pricing model, such a release would be worth less than $2/bbl, significantly less than the $8/bbl sell-off that occurred since late October." Biden ordered 50 million barrels of oil to be released from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) to help cool surging energy costs, reportedly the largest such release on record. The White House expects the aggressive action to be indicative of its efforts to ease pain at the pump. [See Related Story] "It's not going to work simply because the strategic petroleum reserve—any country's strategic petroleum reserve is not there to try to manipulate price," said Stephen Schork, editor of the Schork Report. SPR exists to offset short-term, unexpected supply disruptions. "There's a considerable amount of bets out there that we will see $100 a barrel oil," and he predicts this increase will happen in the first quarter of next year, especially if winter in the Northern Hemisphere gets severe.

November 23: Fox Business: DOE Secretary doesn't know the volume of domestic use of gasoline; that Biden's plan to release from the strategic reserve will only be enough for 3 days
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Tuesday admitted that she did not know how many barrels of oil the U.S. consumes per day when a reporter suggested that the 50 million barrels the Energy Department plans to release would last less than three days. Granholm outlined Biden's strategy to release the barrels of oil currently held in the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to maintain "adequate supply" amid global shortages and skyrocketing gas prices. But the Petroleum Reserve is only to be used in national emergencies, which raises the question is the increase of the price of oil – especially amid the efforts by the Biden Administration to phase out fossil fuels in favor of "going green" – an emergency and what are the risks of using it as a pricing mechanism? So, is this a national security emergency or only a political emergency of the Biden Administration?

November 23: The Daily Caller: Manchin (D-WVA) calls on Biden to reinstate
the XL pipeline

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin redoubled his efforts to convince Joe Biden to reinstate the Keystone XL pipeline, arguing that it would bolster U.S. energy independence. Manchin, the chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, made the comments following Biden's decision to tap into the U.S. emergency oil stockpile. The federal government will release approximately 50 million barrels of oil from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the White House said Tuesday. [See Related Story] "I continue to call on President Biden to responsibly increase energy production here at home and to reverse course to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built which would have provided our country with up to 900,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada, one of our closest allies," Manchin said. "To be clear, this is about American energy independence and the fact that hard working Americans should not depend on foreign actors, like OPEC, for our energy security and instead focus on the real challenges facing our country's future," he continued. Senator Manchin is a key vote in the evenly split U.S. Senate and has been a stumbling block for many of the Administration's progressive agenda items. [See related story]

November 23: The Washington Examiner: Rittenhouse meets with Trump -
Biden defamed this young man

After President Trump meet with Kyle Rittenhouse he described him as a "nice young man" who endured "prosecutorial misconduct." The meeting happened at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Rittenhouse, whose actions last summer got mixed into the 2020 election discussion, made headlines earlier this week after putting Joe Biden on notice for what he views as defamation. "He should never have been put through that," Trump said. "That was prosecutorial misconduct, and it's happening all over the United States right now with the Democrats." Rittenhouse slammed Biden during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Monday, stating a 2020 campaign ad linking him to white supremacists was "actual malice" and defamed his character.

Meanwhile, as also reported in the Washington Examiner, White House press secretary Jen Psaki distanced Joe Biden from past comments he made alluding to Kyle Rittenhouse, suggesting to reporters at Tuesday's briefing that when Biden compared Rittenhouse to white supremacists on the campaign trail, he was really denouncing former President Donald Trump. Rittenhouse, found not guilty by a jury on all charges related to multiple shooting deaths at a 2020 protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said in a recent interview that he believes Biden had maliciously defamed his character.

November 23: The Navy Times: PRC protests Navy's transit of destroyer in international waters
China on Tuesday protested the passage of a US Navy destroyer through the Taiwan (formerly the Formosa) strait, calling it a deliberate move to undermine stability in the region. The Navy said the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer Milius "conducted a routine Taiwan Strait transit" on Tuesday "in accordance with international law." "The United States military flies, sails, and operates anywhere international law allows," the 7th Fleet's website said. said the statement posted on the website of the 7th Fleet. U.S. Navy ships routinely transit the Taiwan Strait, which lies in international waters and is a main conduit between the South China Sea and northern waters used by China, Japan, South Korea and others. Beijing's protest follows Taiwan's introduction of upgraded F-16V fighter jets into its air force to help counter the threat from the increasing number of incursions by Chinese warplanes into the airspace around the island.

November 22: Fox News: Bernie gets the bill his dreams while it
will be a disaster for the nation

Does Joe Biden really want to crush low-income Americans with high inflation? Since he took office, it seems his every decision has tilted toward driving prices higher. The White House has squashed U.S. oil and gas production – impacting gasoline and home heating costs. It has spent money from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, to pay workers not to work, causing a critical labor shortage. In an effort to find workers, businesses have boosted wages and this in turn has requited them to increase their prices boosting the cost of nearly everything. And not comes the "Build Back Better" (BBB) spending bill which will cause inflation on steroids! This means the little guys will be taking it on the chin. But all this is a long-held ambition of Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who wants to create a cradle-to-grave socialist-style economy. Sanders, who dislikes capitalism, abhors successful Americans like Elon Musk and has zero confidence in the opportunity economy. Bernie, who wants to transform our country. If the BBB was scored honestly, which the CBO failed to do, the cost will be about $5 Trillion, even though Joe Biden says it won't cost anything and has promised that the only people impacted by increased taxes will be those earning over $400,000 annually. Biden's promise, of course, is not true, its all smoke and mirrors. Just like when Barrack Obama promised that with ObamaCare that you can keep your doctor and your medical plan. All told, Biden's BBB is a spending eruption akin to what might transpire if you give a teenager a credit card with no limits – a total lack of discipline and divorcement from reality. Only the teenager in this picture is Bernie Sanders.

Looters in CaliforniaNovember 22: The Epoch Times: Organized ban of 40 looters snatch and grab from store in the Bay Area; Why would stores want to stay in this environment?
Another mob of looters targeted several San Francisco Bay Area retailers on Sunday night, marking the third such incident in as many days. Police told CBS News in San Francisco that they responded to the multiple calls of smash-and-grab looting incidents at the Southland Mall in Hayward, located south of Oakland and north of San Jose. They told the station that robbers used hammers to smash cases before running off with jewelry at a jewelry store. "I would say at least 30 to 40 [people] from what I saw," an unnamed witness said, which was corroborated by another witness. "But then after the main group of kids rushed out, we saw 15 to 20 scattering, some even came back in." A nearby Macy's store in the mall was also ransacked, witnesses reported. "We saw all the other stores closing. They were panicking, so we were panicking and quickly closed our store and barricaded ourselves," said another female witness. "It was very scary," added another. "People with no morals, no sense for other people's safety. I feel helpless. It's disturbing." Video footage uploaded to Twitter shows a throng of young people wearing hoodies looting Sam's Jewelers and running from the scene.

November 22: The Washington Free Beacon:
Progressive WI DA behind bail catastrophe learn firsthand what happens
when you implement a George Soros judicial reform approach

"When we pay too little attention to the underlying causes and characteristics of individuals in the criminal justice system, we make significant errors, which can lead to greater problems," Milwaukee County district attorney John Chisholm wrote in a 2019 paper about criminal justice reform. But after Darrell Brooks' car rampage in Waukesha, WI on Sunday, Chisholm admitted the amount of bail that had been set earlier this month was "inappropriately low" after he had been arrested for domestic abuse and eluding police. Chisholm has been a leading figure among "progressive prosecutors," leftwing lawmen who favor diversionary programs and community-building to locking up criminal defendants. His handling of the Brooks case is already sparking blowback to their growing influence over the justice system, much of which has been boosted by financial contributions from the leftwing billionaire George Soros.

November 21: The Epoch Times: Misinformation abounds - The Rittenhouse case
It's been reported that Kyle Rittenhouse shot "three black men." That he "traveled across state lines with a gun." That he had an "AK-47." All three of these are false information being about Rittenhouse, whose trial ended last week in his being acquitted on all five charges related to the killing of two white men and injuring another who threatened him. The people spreading this misinformation included lawmakers and reporters. Some of these were CBS' reporter Mark Strassman and Harvard professor Cornell Brooks on CNN. Rittenhouse, 17 years old at the time, shot three men, two fatally, with an AR-15 in Kenosha, WI on Aug. 25, 2020. All were white, as is Rittenhouse. The gun was bought by a friend and was picked up by the teenager, from a home in Kenosha. Rittenhouse claimed self-defense. The jury agreed, clearing him of all charges after video footage and witness testimony during the trial showed he was attacked by all of the men he shot. But as Jeffrey McCall, a communications professor at DePauw University said, "As soon as the Rittenhouse situation happened in Kenosha, the establishment media immediately created a narrative that would work with their particular, preferred narrative. As we now know, that led to a good many mischaracterizations and errors at that time." But "by now, those media outlets are so committed to that narrative that they can't drag themselves to correct previous errors or provide accurate details today. This not only reflects that some media outlets work with predetermined, ideological narratives, but that they are also too lazy to report facts as provided in the actual trial," McCall added. In the meantime, the media chose not to cover the $50 million in destruction done by the rioters in Kenosha. With this kind of blatan and reckless reporting is there any surprise that millions of people no longer trust what the media is telling them and their market share is shrinking?

November 20: The Washington Examiner: What ifs? What if Biden resigned or had to leave office… what would be next? It's complicated and fraught with pot holes
Questions about Vice President Kamala Harris's political future reached a boiling point this week, sparking discussion of the most extreme and least likely method of dislodging her from Joe Biden's orbit. Fox News reportedly received a tip that they should "start to familiarize" themselves "with the confirmation process not just in the Senate, but in the House, for a vice president." Consider this, if Harris was to become President and the VP spot became vacant, that would mean there is nobody to break a tie in a 50-50 split Senate. Go a step further, selecting and confirming a new Vice President would also be difficult; in the House as well as the Senate. In the Senate it would take Republican votes along with the votes of centrists like Joe Manchin (D-WVA) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). In the House the far-left members of the Democrat Party would most likely not accept a middle of the road candidate (like Gerald Ford was back in the 1970s). Filling the Vice-Presidential slot requires both the House and Senate to concur and there appears to be no unifying choice waiting in the wings. It looks like the only way for Democrats to get around this quandary is to drop Harris – who has lower polling numbers than Biden -- from the ticket in 2024. But then the question is, can the cognitively challenged Biden hang in there for three more years? And further, given the state of Biden's mental health, is it likely that Biden will run for a second term? The end result is that Biden is stuck with Harris and replacing her is highly unlikely given the current circumstances.

November 20: Fox News: Left wing not happy with Rittenhouse verdict
want to get their pound of flesh

In the aftermath of the Rittenhouse verdict, figures on both sides of the case are threatening new filings and investigations. It seems likely that the case will move into a new stage of litigation, particularly civil litigation. However, advocates on both sides may be overstating their likelihood of success. These lawsuits come with risks and considerable costs. Immediately following the verdict, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) called for the Justice Department (DOJ) to investigate the "miscarriage of justice" Others have called for a federal civil rights case against Rittenhouse. The jury faithfully applied the Wisconsin law and came to a well-founded verdict of acquittal. It is a dangerous precedent to investigate jury decisions simply because you disagree with their decisions. There is also no clear basis for a civil rights prosecution. Rittenhouse is White and shot three White men. He was not accused of a hate crime. Moreover, he is not a member of law enforcement or government agency, so he did not deprive anyone of their civil rights under federal law. Rittenhouse could face lawsuits from the families of the deceased or from Gaige Grosskreutz, who survived being shot in the arm. That includes wrongful death actions. The risk of such torts actions is that they proceed under a lower standard of proof. Rather than shouldering the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard of the prosecution, the plaintiffs would have to only prove responsibility by a "preponderance of the evidence." However, that is no guarantee of conviction. All three men attacked or threatened Rittenhouse before he used his weapon. The common law protects not just self-defense but mistaken self-defense where a person may have erroneously (but reasonably) thought that he was under attack. There is also more leeway in the admission of evidence in civil cases on both sides. That could further complicate any recovery by these plaintiffs.

November 20: The Epoch Times: Biden Admin wants court to allow
unfettered access to Project Veritas items seized in raid

U.S. government lawyers argue a federal judge should not accept a proposal by Project Veritas to appoint a special master after FBI agents raided homes linked to the journalism group. After agents executed search warrants on several homes linked to Project Veritas, including a residence of its founder James O'Keefe, the group's lawyers asked a judge to appoint a special master, or a retired judge, to sift through material seized by federal agents and to separate out information privileged material, whistleblower material, and material about news investigations. What they find troublesome is there were no limits imposed in the search warrants not the government's authority to seize same. Earlier this month agents seized cell phones and other electronic devices from O'Keefe and two former Project Veritas journalists. The raids were motivated by the apparent belief the group committed crimes in its handling of a diary said to be penned by Ashley Biden, daughter of Joe Biden. Project Veritas says it was given the diary last year, but passed it onto law enforcement when it could not verify its authenticity. Veritas the "extraordinary actions taken by the government, most significantly the use of search warrants to seize news gathering materials from journalists, appear to be founded on the premise that the diary does belong to Ashley Biden." They claim the government does not have the authority to investigate and punish journalists who merely obtained the diary and possessed it temporarily." Veritas believes the "appointment of a special master to review the seized materials is necessary to protect core First Amendment interests and attorney-client privileged information." An Obama-appointed District Court Judge halted the extraction of files from the seized devices last week as she considers the request. [See Related Story]

November 20: Fox News: WI shoppers shocked by soaring prices
as Thanksgiving approaches

Wisconsin shoppers told Fox News they are battling higher prices and supply shortages on Thanksgiving staples, especially turkey. "I just can't imagine how everything is so much more expensive than it used to be around the holiday season," one woman said as she exited a grocery store. A Thanksgiving dinner for 10 has increased by 14%, according to a Farm Bureau survey. It also found that the price of a 16-pound turkey shot up as much as 24%. But some shoppers in Kenosha, WI thought it was even higher. "Probably 30 to 40% increase on a lot of the stuff, especially the turkey," another shopper said. Meanwhile, consumer prices are up 6.2% compared to last year, the Labor Department reported last week.

November 20: The Epoch Times: Business lobby files notice with
6th Circuit over Biden vaccine mandate

The Job Creators Network (JCN), a business advocacy group, has filed a notice with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals—which is hearing all legal challenges to Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine requirement—and sent a letter to the White House saying it expects them to comply with a court decision to freeze the mandate. "We expect the White House to respect and listen to the judiciary rather than barnstorming ahead and bullying businesses to comply with this rule whose legal fate is in serious jeopardy," JCN said. "We expect the White House to respect the rule of law and observe the court's temporary stay." It comes days after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it would suspend enforcement of the mandate after an appeals court reaffirmed its decision to temporarily block the rule, which was published earlier this month. Affecting tens of millions of private-sector employees, the mandate triggered a barrage of lawsuits from businesses, individuals, and other groups. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said businesses with 100 or more workers should move ahead and implement the federal governments' rule requiring workers to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing, in spite of the temporary stay.

November 19: The Washington Examiner: Rittenhouse found not guilty
on all five counts

A Wisconsin jury on Friday found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges related to the fatal shootings of two men during a riot in Kenosha last year in a landmark case that captivated, and divided, much of the nation. The jury returned the verdict after three and a half days of deliberations and a three-week trial that fueled contentious debates on cable television news. The case has been a political lightning rod that challenged the doctrine of self-defense, the right to protest, and the gray areas in between. "The jury has represented our community in this trial and has spoken," Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger said following the verdict. Dudley Brown, executive director for the National Foundation for Gun Rights, said the "American justice system worked as designed, and a young man who has been lambasted, defamed, and threatened by the media and the anti-gun Left was declared innocent of all the charges against him."

November 18: The Epoch Times: PA doc fired after opposing vaccine mandate
Pennsylvania pediatrician Dr. Chaminie Wheeler has put her career on the line for both speaking freely about the COVID-19 vaccination, and refusing to get the shot. Up until this month, Wheeler worked for two hospital systems in Pennsylvania – Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the St. Luke's medical system. "I have been fired and was told not to come back from [Children's Hospital] because I did not comply with what they wanted me to do to my body," Wheeler said. She says she also lost her job in St. Luke's medical system after speaking to the media against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. "That was a freedom of speech issue. If I had chosen to stay quiet, I am fairly certain I would have been given a health exemption," Wheeler said. "I love taking care of children, but because I am an outspoken physician, that has been taken away from me." Apparently someone also reported Wheeler to the medical board for speaking against the mandate, prompting an investigation and she had to hire a lawyer to help save her medical license. "Talk about tying the hands of physicians. You can't even say what you think."

November 18: Fox News: NH mom breaks silence when her son was suspended from playing football because of a tweet about there only being two genders
The New Hampshire mother of a high school student-athlete suspended from playing in a football game for telling a classmate there are "only two genders" spoke out publicly for the first time on Thursday. "My first reaction was that I was shocked," the mother said. Her son, a football player at the school, had texted a classmate while off school grounds. "My son had already told me about the incident, so I knew what had happened," the mother added. "When I saw the text messages, I agreed with my son. All he did was state an opinion. I defended him on the phone to the vice principal and said, 'He has a right to his opinion.'" The student and his mother sued Exeter High School and Vice Principal Mary Dovholuk Nov. 4, alleging they violated the teen's constitutional right to free speech along with the New Hampshire Bill of Rights. The school has a written policy on "transgender and gender nonconforming students" that says they have the right to be addressed by their preferred name and pronoun, irrespective of their biological sex.

November 18: The Epoch Times: Florida enacts prohibition on vaccine
mandate for businesses

Florida Legislature on Wednesday passed sweeping legislation that seeks to protect unvaccinated workers from federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Four measures were adopted along party lines during the three-day legislative session. The bills now head to Governor DeSantis' (R-FL) desk for his signature. If signed, Florida will become the first state that issues financial penalties for businesses that require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. The bills would block the imposition of COVID-19 vaccine mandates if workers decide to opt out for medical reasons, religious beliefs, immunity based on a previous infection, regular testing, or an agreement to wear protective gear. The bills also prohibit schools and governmental entities from imposing mandates and allows parents to sue schools with masking requirements. Additionally, the bills would block the public release of records regarding state investigations of vaccine policies in businesses. Proponents are saying workers can get the vaccine, or decide not to, without being forced one way or the other by the government. Democrats are arguing that the passage of these measure is simply political theater. "We've gone from 15 days to slow the spread, to three jabs to keep your job. Are you kidding me," DeSantis said? "We've been clear in the State of Florida that we want people to be able to work and provide for their families. "In Florida, you have an opportunity to earn a living, and it should not depend on these shots."

November 18: Fox Business: CBO: Biden bill won't pay for itself as claimed
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated Thursday that Joe Biden's social spending bill will add $367 billion to the federal deficit over the next 10 years. "CBO estimates that enacting this legislation would result in a net increase in the deficit totaling $367 billion over the 2022-2031 period, not counting any additional revenue that may be generated by additional funding for tax enforcement," the CBO said. The CBO score raises doubts about the Biden administration's claim that the $1.75 trillion in spending outlined in a framework agreement for the "Build Back Better Act" is fully covered by offsets included in the bill. Treasury Department and White House officials say enhanced IRS tax enforcement will generate $400 billion in new tax revenue, while the CBO estimates it would generate net revenue of about $127 billion after expenses.

November 17: The Epoch Times: DOJ Inspector General; DOJ must
address concerns about politicization of the agency

The Dept. of Justice (DOJ) must address deepening concerns that it's not insulated from political influence, the agency's watchdog stated in a new report. DOJ failed to follow policies and procedures designed to protect it from accusations that it's politicized or partially applying the law in a number of cases, including while investigating Donald Trump's campaign during the 2016 election and in leaks to the media, Inspector General Michael Horowitz noted. "Numerous national events in the past year have crystalized the urgency for the department to address this challenge in a meaningful way," he wrote. Several events "have all raised questions about the department's objectivity and impartiality" and "negatively impacted the perception of the department as a fair administrator of justice," Horowitz said. Critics on both the left and right have said the DOJ in recent years has acted wrongfully. Democrats repeatedly criticized the department during the Trump era, including over its bid to lower the jail sentence of Trump ally Roger Stone. Republicans also found problems with the agency, in particular over its handling of the probe into whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russia that relied heavily on the now-discredited Steele dossier. This week, fresh strong reactions were triggered after a whistleblower said internal documents showed the DOJ used counterterrorism tools against parents of school-age children. The documents "prove that the FBI was, in fact, using counterterrorism tools to investigate concerned parents who have attended school board meetings — which directly contradicts Attorney General Merrick Garland's sworn congressional testimony," Parents Defending Education said in a statement.

November 17: The Washington Times: Biden's National Security Advisor under
fire for his roles in Afghanistan withdrawal and Russian collusion investigation

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, already under fire for his role in the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, is facing growing calls to resign amid questions about a suspected connection to debunked claims of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Multiple reports surfaced last week that Sullivaln, a longtime confidant of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a two-time presidential hopeful, is the "foreign policy adviser" named in special counsel John Durham's indictment last week of Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann, charged with lying to the FBI about what he knew about Trump and Russia. Citing "well-placed sources," Fox News reports Sullivan is the adviser in question. The news report appeared to tie Sullivan to Clinton campaign efforts to amplify the Russian collusion narrative during the height of the 2016 race.

November 17: Fox News: Police Report reveals striking details about
Biden nominee arrested for retail theft

A police report from 1995 reveals new striking details about Joe Biden's nominee to be comptroller of the currency's "retail theft" arrest. The police report detailing the arrest of Saule Omarova, Biden's pick to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Omarova, who was 28 years old at the time, was arrested in 1995 for "retail theft" from a T.J. Maxx store in Madison, Wisconsin. The police report, filed by a T.J. Maxx security agent, says she stole $214 worth of merchandise before being caught. The nonprofit American Accountability Foundation published the police report on Twitter. Meanwhile Breitbart News reports its not hard to see that the Russian-born nominee opposes the free enterprise system, while supporting a reset in the economy that is modeled as one where government controls what is available for purchase by the American public. She has argued for the abolition of private sector banking, has urged said that all corporate charters should be conditioned on pledges to serve bureaucrat approved purposes, and said that the bankruptcy of oil and gas companies would be welcomed.

November 17: The New York Post: Well a truck driver did it in NJ, now a man who fled communism to come to America has announced he will run against Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
An Albanian immigrant who fled repressive communism for freedom in the USA is seeking to oust veteran senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the current majority leader of the U.S. Senate. Aleksander Mici, a Republican, said while Schumer voted to raise taxes, "I was suffering, like millions of Albanians, under a tyrannical communist dictatorship and struggling to make it to America." "And now almost three decades later, the past is prologue: under Chuck Schumer's leadership, Democrats are still doing everything in their power to raise costs on everything, while everyday Americans struggle," Mici, a Bronx resident, said. It's admittedly a long shot but a truck driver in N.J. defeated the long-term Democrat leader of the New Jersey state senate. So anything is possible! "Enough is enough. America is worth fighting for and I can't sit on the sidelines while out-of-touch socialists disguised as 'progressives' try to destroy our great nation," Mici said.

November 16: The Epoch Times: FBI whistleblowers reveals agency is using counterterrorism resources against parents who voice opposition at school board meetings; Republicans want to know why
An unnamed whistleblower has disclosed documents suggesting the FBI is using its counterterrorism resources to investigate parents or individuals who oppose school board policies, board members, teachers, or other staff. The alleged FBI-sourced documents indicate the Bureau's Counterterrorism and Criminal Division has "created a threat tag, "EDUOFFICIALS," to track instances of related threats." The documents were signed by Counterterrorism Division Assistant Director Timothy Langan and then-Criminal Division assistant director Calvin Shivers. GOP legislators pointed out that AG Merrick Garland testified before of a House panel that the FBI and Department of Justice were not using counterterrorism resources to target alleged threats (opposition to) school board members. However, the newly unveiled document seems to disprove Garland's comments. House Judiciary Republicans contend the whistleblower's disclosure is evidence federal law enforcement used counterterrorism resources at the behest of a "left-wing special interests group" to go after parents.

November 15: The Epoch Times: It's about power and control, not forgiveness,
as Michigan Governor vetoes COVID-19 legislation

On November 11th Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) vetoed a Republican-backed bill that would have forgiven some penalties imposed on first-time violations by businesses of Michigan's COVID-19 requirements. According to the supporters, the bill would have prevented the Michigan Occupational and Safety Health Administration (MIOSHA) from issuing fines to businesses for a "first-time civil violation of an emergency standard related to COVID-19, if the employer corrects the violation." The Bill would also have required MIOSHA to reimburse civil fines paid for violating executive orders related to COVID-19 that have been struck down by the Michigan Supreme Court.

November 15: The Daily Caller: CRT advocate tells Fort Worth School Board he has "1,000 soldiers" "locked and loaded" to counter opponents to Critical Race Theory
A pro-Critical Race Theory (CRT) parent told attendees at a Texas school board meeting that he has 1,000 soldiers "locked and loaded" for those who "dare" question the need for race-based curricula. Video confirms that Malikk Austin addressed parents who had expressed their discontent over CRT pedagogy being taught in the Fort Worth Independent School District during the public comment portion of the meeting. CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue "antiracism" through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

November 15: Fox News: Russia shoots down one of its own satellites in
an anti-satellite test; creates a debris field – National Security threat?

Russia has shot down a satellite in orbit over the weekend, the U.S. Space Command revealed Monday, creating a "debris-generating event in outer space" and required the International Space Station to alter course in order to avoid the debris. Seradata, which operates a launch and satellite database, reported that the downed satellite belonged to Russia and was targeted in an anti-satellite test. "The Cosmos 1408 satellite is a retired Tselina-D class electronic intelligence/signals intelligence satellite launched in September 1982 and which has been dead for decades," the Russians reported.

November 15: The Washington Times: Three Loudoun County teachers take
school board to court to stop the school system's "pronoun policy"

Three Loudoun County public school teachers are headed to Virginia state court Monday to ask that the school system's new mandatory policy on pronouns be halted. Tanner Cross, a physical education teacher, filed a lawsuit after he was suspended from his job after objecting to the proposed policy at a May school board meeting. Since the policy passed in August, two other teachers — Monica Gill, a high school history teacher, and Kim Wright, a middle school English teacher — have joined as plaintiffs. The policy requires county faculty and students to use the pronouns that students request regardless of their biological sex.

November 15: One America News Network: Treasury Secretary says COVID is responsible for inflation! Really?
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is blaming the rapid inflation seen in the U.S. economy solely on the COVID-19 pandemic. During an interview Sunday, the 75-year-old said if the country wants to see inflation go down it will all depend on how Joe Biden and his administration continues to deal with the pandemic. Yellen emphasized Biden's top priority in office was getting Americans vaccinated and back to work. But Biden's mandates have created additional issues, especially with the supply chain. His attempt to have OSHA force employers to get truckers vaccinated – currently on hold by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals – if implemented faces a large number of truckers threatening to quit. Seventy percent of goods and products in the USA are transported by truck and truckers walking off the job will only increase the current shortage of drivers and may well cause shortages across the country, not to mention increased costs for those that actually reach their destinations. Yellen repeatedly stressed once people start spending more on services and the demand for products goes back to normal that inflation will also level out, but inflation in itself is why many Americans are making efforts to save their finances as opposed to spending them. In November 2020, inflation was at a relatively normal level and no vaccine existed. Yet, somehow Yellen still insists handling the pandemic, which in Biden's eyes means getting more Americans vaccinated, will solve all these cost issues. Really?

November 14: The Washington Examiner: Dan Bongino interviews BLM leader; leader refuses to condemn BLM riots
A New York Black Lives Matter leader who recently threatened "bloodshed" if there was not police reform clashed with Fox News's Dan Bongino Saturday after he refused to condemn rioting. Bongino, a former NYPD officer, asked Hawk Newsome if he condemned "riots and burning down buildings" which took place in New York City last year. Newsome refused to condone them.

November 14: Fox News: Ukraine and NATO allies are concerned about
a possible Russia invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has claimed that Russia has amassed nearly 100,000 troops near his country's border and voiced concerns over a possible invasion. Zelenskyy said that the action made it clear to the world "who really wants peace and who is concentrating nearly 100,000 soldiers at our border" during a video speech broadcast Wednesday on his website. Russia has dismissed any suggestions of an attack as inflammatory, instead complaining about increased activity by NATO in the region. American officials consulted European allies on the situation, warning that Russia could attempt to invade the country in the near future. On Thursday, Russia claimed one of its fighter jets forced a British spy plane to change course after flying near Crimea.

November 13: The Epoch Times: Biden hikes Medicare premiums that will consume the 5.9% COLA Announced earlier
Joe Biden's administration on Friday announced it is raising Medicare premiums, a move it blamed in part on the cost of drugs. The Medicare Part B standard monthly premium will rise by nearly $22 to $170.10 next year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said. "The increase in the Part B premium for 2022 is continued evidence that rising drug costs threaten the affordability and sustainability of the Medicare program," Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, administrator of the agency, said in a statement. But doesn't this beg the question "Why doesn't the Administration simply raise just the cost of Part D – which covers drugs?" This approach would only impact those who opt into the Part D coverage and not affect Part B premiums. The Biden Administration also contends "spending trends driven by COVID-19," is another cause for the premium increases. In addition to the monthly premium, the annual deductible will rise from $203 to $233 and Medicare Part A inpatient deductibles will jump $72 to $1,556 next year. Medicare part A daily coinsurance and skilled nursing facility coinsurance will both increase at least $9. The Social Security Administration announced last month that recipients will get a 5.9 percent increase in benefits. However, the 14.5% jump in Medicare premiums—the highest since 2016—will likely eat up the entire adjustment for Social Security recipients with the lowest benefits, according to Senior Citizens.

November 13: The Washington Free Beacon: Thousands of Massachusetts
parents pull their children out of federally funded sex education classes

Thousands of Massachusetts parents opted their children out of a federally-funded sex education curriculum that teaches kindergartners about genitalia. Worcester Public Schools this week announced that 13 percent of its students opted out of sex education, including 20 percent of K-4 students. The "Rights, Respect, Responsibility," or "3Rs," curriculum teaches elementary students about gender identity and instructs high school students to act out scenes in which gay and transgender couples decide to have sex. The curriculum's authors include current and former Planned Parenthood employees. It is published by Advocates for Youth, a progressive group that since 1995 has received $26 million from the Centers for Disease Control. Progressive advocacy groups are escalating efforts to expand sex education curricula to elementary schools and cover controversial issues such as gender identity and abortion. Commonly known as "comprehensive sex education," this approach has angered parents, many of whom have flocked to school boards to oppose curricula.

November 13: The Washington Times: Court rips Biden's broad vaccine
mandate as a "sledgehammer" and not a "scalpel"

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Friday kept in place its stay on the Biden administration's push to require COVID-19 vaccinations for employees at businesses with 100 or more workers effective Jan. 4 of next year, saying it found "a multitude of reasons" to believe a legal challenge is "likely to succeed on the merits." The three-judge panel of Judges said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) Nov. 5 Emergency Temporary Standard, or ETS, had the potential to cripple the businesses to which the measure applied. Last Saturday, the three judges issued a temporary stay, which the Labor and Justice departments opposed, saying a block would prolong the pandemic and "cost dozens or even hundreds of lives per day," the Associated Press reported. The 5th Circuit's sharply worded 22-page opinion says that the OSHA November mandate "grossly exceeds OSHA's statutory authority."

Meanwhile Townhall.com reports that DOJ it will fight the court's decision that keeps them from forcing vaccinations on individuals who reject getting them. DOJ said it will "vigorously defend" the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for businesses, which OSHA was expecting to enforce starting Jan. 4 before an appeals court blocked the requirement from taking effect. Judge Kurt Engelhardt, one of the three 5th circuit court justices considering the case pointed out that a stay was in the best interest of the public, citing economic uncertainty and opposition to a sweeping vaccine mandate. "The public interest is also served by maintaining our constitutional structure and maintaining the liberty of individuals to make intensely personal decisions according to their own convictions - even, or perhaps particularly, when those decisions frustrate government officials," he wrote.

November 13: The Washington Examiner: Oklahoma National Guard refuses
to honor the Biden vaccine mandate

The Oklahoma National Guard has rejected the Department of Defense's vaccine mandate Thursday, telling the troops they will not be penalized or punished for not getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The order handed down from Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino, who was appointed earlier this week by Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt, is in contrast to the prior adjutant who had advocated for all soldiers and airmen to be vaccinated. Reportedly the change in command had nothing to do with the commanders' views on the vaccine mandate.

November 12: The Daily Caller: Washington Post issues "massive" correction
about the Steele Dossier; no longer stands by the accuracy of its reporting

The Washington Post reported Friday it deleted and corrected portions of two articles about the Steele Dossier after the paper decided it "could no longer stand by the accuracy of those elements of the story." The outlet "took the unusual step of correcting and removing large portions of two articles" that were published in both March 2017 and February 2019 "that had identified a Belarusan American businessman as a key source of the 'Steele dossier'." The Post said they changed the headline and several sections identifying businessman Sergei Millian as the source of the Steele dossier were removed. An editor's note attached to the 2017 article clarified that while The Post originally believed Millian was the source of the dossier, "that account has been contradicted by allegations contained in a federal indictment filed in November 2021 and undermined by further reporting by The Washington Post."

November 12: The Epoch Times: South Carolina Gov. wants investigation into pornographic materials found in school libraries
Gov. Henry McMaster (R-SC) has called for an investigation into pornographic material in public school libraries in the state. "It has come to my attention that public schools in South Carolina may be providing students with access—whether in school libraries, electronic databases, or both—to completely inappropriate books and materials, including sexually explicit and obscene images or depictions," McMaster said in a memorandum to the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) on Wednesday. McMaster referred to an incident in the Fort Mill School District in which he said parents petitioned to remove "Gender Queer: A Memoir" by Maia Kobabe. "If the school personnel had performed even a cursory review in this particular instance, it would have revealed that the book contains sexually explicit and pornographic depictions, which easily meet or exceed the statutory definition of obscenity," McMaster said.

November 12: Fox News: The Rittenhouse Trial: Judge may allow jury
to consider a lesser charge

The Wisconsin jury that will decide whether to convict accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse may be allowed to consider lesser charges in addition to those prosecutors originally brought against him. Arguments over what would be included in jury instructions were contentious at times, with attorneys rehashing debates they had earlier in the trial or in pretrial hearings. At one point, as the two sides debated what a particular photo showed, Judge Bruce Schroeder lost his temper. With many legal observers saying prosecutors struggled to poke holes in Rittenhouse's self-defense claims, Schroeder's decisions on what he will allow in terms of lesser charges could be significant. The judge said he would issue his final rulings Saturday, but he also made some findings from the bench and indicated how he was inclined to rule on others. He addressed Rittenhouse directly at one point toward the end of the day's proceedings, which took place without the jury present. He told the defendant that by having the lesser charges included, "you're raising the risk of conviction, although you're avoiding the possibility that the jury will end up compromising on the more serious crime. And you're also decreasing the risk that you'll end up with a second trial because the jury is unable to agree."

November 12: The Daily Caller: Missouri utility company warns customers
of possible black outs caused, in part, by Biden's energy policies

An upcoming Biden administration decision on a key pipeline could lead to widespread blackouts, Missouri-based power company Spire Energy warned in an email to its customers. The natural gas company, which serves 1.7 million homes throughout Missouri, Alabama and Mississippi, emailed customers Wednesday that a federal review of the STL Pipeline could jeopardize their energy supply. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will discuss revoking the pipeline's permit during a November 18 hearing. "The STL Pipeline was built to support your energy needs, along with those of more than 650,000 homes and businesses in the St. Louis region," Spire President Scott Carter wrote in the email. "Since 2019, this safe, fully operational pipeline has been bringing even more reliable and affordable natural gas to our community." "Unfortunately, while the STL Pipeline continues to operate today, it is now in jeopardy," the email continued.

November 12: Fox News: Federal judge stops FBI from data mining
on James O'Keefe's phone

A federal judge ordered the Department of Justice to stop extracting data from the phones of Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe days after his home was raided by the FBI as part of an investigation into the missing diary belonging to Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley. The order, which came on Thursday from District Court Judge Analisa Torres from the Southern District of New York, granted the request from O'Keefe's legal team for an independent "special master" to be appointed to oversee the review of his devices. "We are gratified that the Department of Justice has been ordered to stop extracting and reviewing confidential and privileged information obtained in their raids of our reporters, including legal, donor, and confidential source communications," O'Keefe's attorney Harmeet Dhillon said. "The First Amendment won a temporary victory today, but Project Veritas has a long way to go to hold the DOJ and FBI accountable for their actions." According to the order, the DOJ must confirm to the court by Friday that it has paused its review of O'Keefe's phones.

November 11: Fox News: DeSantis threatens to send all the illegals Biden
is sending to Florida to Delaware

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Wednesday floated the idea of sending illegal migrants to Joe Biden's home state of Delaware, in response to the dozens of migrant flights DeSantis says have landed in Florida at the behest of the Biden administration. "If they're going to come here, we'll provide buses," DeSantis said of the migrants on the flights. "I will send them to Delaware." "If he's [Biden] not going to support the border being secure, then he should be able to have everyone there," DeSantis said. The Republican governor has been ramping up his battle with the administration over migrant flights into Jacksonville, over seventy by some estimates.

November 11: Fox News: CA school district refusing to comply with Governor Newsom's vaccine mandate
A California school district announced Wednesday it will not be adhering to Governor Gavin Newsom's (D-CA) pending COVID-19 vaccine mandate. In a 5-0 vote, the Calaveras Unified School District Board of Trustees decided to "not 'support, enforce or comply with'" the mandate. The decision came during a Tuesday meeting and applies to both students and staff. According to CUSD, they will discuss and possibly make a decision on mask mandates and testing protocols at a later meeting. The district previously said it was aware of the possible repercussions, including loss of funding and "other formal actions." The district's decision to not go along with the mandate comes about a week after U.S. health officials gave the final approval to kid-size vaccination doses for children aged 5 to 11.

November 11: The Washington Examiner: Internal memo uncovered; collusion between National School Board Assoc. and White House on targeting parents as domestic terrorists Newly revealed
documents provide more details about how the White House and the National School Boards Association [NSBA] communicated prior to the NSBA's letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists. The letter, which spurred Attorney General Merrick Garland to direct the FBI and other Justice Department arms to help police alleged threats against school board members, has raised the suspicions of Republican lawmakers. They believe the letter was the product of collusion by the White House and the school boards group which later renounced it. An October 12 memo from NSBA President Victoria Garcia shows the NSBA met with White House officials in Mid-September. The memo includes the idea of "requesting federal assistance." AG Garland revealed last month that DOJ and the White House communicated about the late September NSBA letter just before he issued his October memo directing the FBI start looking a "disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence" against school employees and school board members. It said the DOJ will "discourage these threats, identify them when they occur, and prosecute them when appropriate."

November 11: The Washington Examiner: Appeals court blocks capitol riot
committee from obtaining Trump documents

A federal appeals court granted a hold sought by former President Donald Trump to block the National Archives from handing over documents to the Jan. 6 House committee. The order is a victory for Trump, who sued the House and the National Archives and claimed executive privilege over more than 700 records related to the Capitol riot. A federal judge had rejected attempts by Trump earlier this week to stop the delivery of the first batch of documents, which was slated to happen on Friday, after which Trump's team appealed. The Thursday order from the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia sets oral arguments to take place at 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 30.

November 11: The Epoch Times: IL Hospital bucks judge's order to allow use of Ivermectim, gets hospital scolded, patient get medication and vastly improves
An Illinois hospital defied an emergency court order over the weekend, refusing to allow an unvaccinated outside physician to give the less expensive drug ivermectin to a COVID-19 patient who was dying while being treated with expensive remdesivir, before finally relenting after being scolded by the judge. The legal fight in the Illinois state court system comes as studies continue on the effectiveness of ivermectin in treating COVID-19. The costly drug remdesivir has been given emergency use authorization by the FDA for treating certain categories of patients hospitalized with COVID-19. In this instance, 71-year-old Sun Ng was visiting his granddaughter the United States from Hong Kong when became ill with COVID-19 and was hospitalized at Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois. His condition worsened dramatically and he was intubated and placed on a ventilator a few days later. Ng's daughter sought legal help after the hospital refused to allow her father to be treated with ivermectin. Her attorney Kirstin M. Erickson said the case "is about a daughter who wants to save her dad's life. The remdesivir medication the hospital had been administering was proving ineffective the lawyer said. Subsequently the court order the hospital to allow the use of ivermectin. "There could be some financial backing here, politically, other things motivating it," attorney Erickson said. "I don't know what it is." In most cases Ivermectin costs about $1-3 per pill while remdesivir typically runs about $3,000 per dose, she said. Then the hospital refused to allow Ng's doctor to enter their facility to administer ivermectin because he was not vaccinated. "I can't think of a more extraordinary situation than when we are talking about a man's life," judge Fullerton said. -- one physician testified that someone in Ng's situation, has only a 10 to 15 percent of survival. The judge ordered the hospital to all Ng's doctor [Alan Bain] access to his patient. As a result of the new treatment, Ng's condition is improving – he passed a 60-minute breathing test that he could only previously tolerate for 5 minutes.

November 10: Fox News: Rittenhouse judge gives prosecution a tongue lashing
The judge presiding over Kyle Rittenhouse's trial scolded the prosecutor during a fiery exchange on Wednesday during cross-examination. "Don't get brazen with me," Judge Bruce Schroeder told prosecutor Thomas Binger in the courtroom. The exchange came after Binger asked Rittenhouse a series of questions regarding whether he knows that deadly force cannot be used to protect property. The judge soon asked the jury to exit the courtroom. Schroeder accused Binger of improperly trying to introduce testimony that he had earlier said he was not inclined to include. Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards also suggested Binger might be attempting to provoke a mistrial. "I was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post-arrest silence. That's basic law. It's been basic law in this country for 40 years. 50 years. I have no idea why you would do something like that," Schroeder told Binger.

November 10: One America News Network: Manchin (D-WVA) continues to have
concerns over inflation and out of control spending

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) has raised concerns about the rising inflation rate under the Biden administration. In a tweet Wednesday, the Democrat said "the threat posed by record inflation to the American people is not transitory and is instead getting worse." His remarks came after the Consumer Price Index rose to 6.2 percent in October, which is the biggest inflation jump in more than 30-years. Manchin has been outspoken about the negative impact of inflation on the economy as Biden pursues his spending agenda. "Throughout the last three months I have been straightforward about my concerns that I would not support a reconciliation package that expands social programs and irresponsibly, adds to our $29 trillion in national debt that no one seems to really care about or talk about," he said. Manchin pointed to the high prices for gas and groceries, which have sky-rocketed under the Biden administration and added, "Americans know the inflation tax is real and D.C. can no longer ignore the economic pain Americans feel every day."

November 10: Fox News: Prosecutor in Rittenhouse case may have made a fatal error
Fox News contributor Ted Williams said Wednesday that the prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial "may have made a fatal error" that could "lead to a mistrial or dismissal of this case with prejudice." Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger "may have made a fatal error when he asked him, 'Why didn't he speak up earlier?' he explained. "Kyle Rittenhouse had Fifth Amendment rights: the right to remain silent. He did not have to speak up earlier, and that, I believe, was very prejudicial. I think it very well could in the near future here lead to a mistrial or dismissal of this case with prejudice. Dismissing a case "with prejudice" means it "cannot be brought again, and the judge may very well make that decision pursuant to some of the 'stupid' questions that the prosecution put on in this case," Williams said. The former Washington, D.C. homicide detective added that putting Rittenhouse on the stand was "worth [the risk]." A defense attorney should not put his client on the stand "unless it's necessary," he said, as it was here since Rittenhouse's legal team claims self-defense. In this case, Rittenhouse's lawyers wanted him to be able "to explain to the jury just what was going on."

November 9: The Daily Caller: Key prosecution witness in the Rittenhouse trial
claims he was asked to change his testimony by the prosecution team

A key witness for the prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial testified Tuesday that he was asked to change his statement by the prosecution team. Nathan DeBruin was taking photographs of the events the night that Rittenhouse killed two protestors and injured another, according to WISN. Prosecutor Thomas Binger asked DeBruin to identify a person in a picture after he could not make an identification Binger told DeBruin who the person was and then asked him again to identify the person. Rittenhouse faces charges for the murder of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum as well as shooting and injuring Gaige Grosskreutz during a protest. Meanwhile it has not a good day for the prosecution in the trial as Tucker Carlson of Fox News explained how many of their own witnesses confirmed that the defendant, Kyle Rittenhouse, fired in self defense after being threatened with a handgun by one of the people he shot.

November 9: The Epoch Times: Biden considering shuttering another US pipeline
The Biden administration is reviewing shutting a pipeline in Michigan after anonymously sourced reports said federal officials were quietly studying its potential environmental impact. A White House spokeswoman has confirmed same. When pressed by a reporter during a news conference, White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre disputed reports saying Joe Biden was going to terminate Enbridge Inc.'s Line 5 pipeline, which stretches from Canada into Michigan. However, she conceded that the Army Corps of Engineers was reviewing the matter. "Yes, we are. We are," Jean-Pierre said. "I thought you were saying that we were going to shut it down, but that is not inaccurate. The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing an environmental impact [statement] to look through this.

November 9: Breitbart News: For the Left; Governor in black face is better than African American elected to serve as Lt. Governor
Tuesday on Fox News Channel Daily Mail (U.K.) columnist Meghan McCain discussed the left's reaction to Winsome Sears, a black Republican woman, elected Virginia's lieutenant governor. MacCallum of Fox News said, "What do you make of the backlash against her?" McCain responded "I think it's awful. It's a historic moment in the fact that she's a Republican, and by the way, a veteran should be getting much more applause. If she were a Democrat, she would be on Rolling Stone magazine. Instead, she's a punch line on 'Saturday Night Live.' She's offered to go on shows like Joy Reid and have a conversation about her beliefs. They have not invited her on. It's disgraceful. I'm excited that she's my lieutenant governor, and it's just a glaring example of the hypocrisy of the left. Everyone is someone that should be celebrated, any woman in office is someone that should be celebrated unless they're a conservative woman. But it doesn't matter because those of us see it for what it is, and it is a historic moment. And I have high hopes for the kind of leadership she's going to bring into Virginia." Referencing former Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's racist photo in his medical school yearbook, McCain said, "Wait, really quickly. It's better to have a blackface governor who appeared in blackface and/or a Klan's outfits than have a first conservative black woman as lieutenant governor. That's what's OK for the left right now."

November 8: Fox News: NJ Gubernatorial candidate weighing options, perhaps a

New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli is not ready to concede, arguing that the election is still too close to call but making clear that are not making accusations of fraud. "No one on this team is alleging fraud or malfeasance, as we have not seen any credible evidence of that," the campaign said in a statement Monday. The campaign noted that while there is around a 66,405 vote gap separating Ciattarelli and Democratic Governor Murphy, there are still about 70,000 provisional ballots left to be counted. Additionally, an unknown number of vote-by-mail ballots will continue to be received through Monday. "Waiting an additional day or two for all votes to be counted should not be controversial," Ciattarelli legal counsel Mark Sheridan said Monday. The campaign has discussed the possibility of asking for a recount, though officials would not commit to taking that route until they can assess the situation after all ballots have been counted.

November 8: The Daily Caller: Fairfax County, VA principal tells mom who
exposed pornographic book that parents aren't allowed in the school libraries

A Fairfax County, Virginia, mother reported that the principal at her son's school told her that parents are not allowed to check out books at its library. On Oct. 27, Stacy Langton, a mother of six kids, went to Fairfax High School (FHS) to pick up one of her sons for an appointment. While she was at the school, she and her son decided to look for the book, "All Boys Aren't Blue," by George M. Johnson, which depicts the author's experience of sodomy and sexual assault by his older cousin, according to Langton. Langton previously spokeout at a Sept. 23 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) school board meeting, where she went viral for her calling out the contents of "Lawn Boy" by Jonathan Evison and "Gender Queer" by Maia Kobabe, which she said contained child pornography and pedophilia available to young teenagers in the district's libraries. The school policies were sent to the parent by the principal and apparently neither of them mentions that parents are barred from entering the school's library or from checking out books. Additionally, the school librarian knew the parent and failed to say anything; like "parents aren't allowed in the library," or "you cannot check out books."

November 8: The Washington Times: John Durham wins with revelations of
Dem scheme behind the Trump-Russia probe

Special counsel John Durham's latest indictments impugn the source of the now-debunked Steele dossier's most salacious accusations, which quickly elevated Durham from zero to hero in the eyes of some of his harshest critics. His investigation into suspected wrongdoing b FBI officials in launching the Trump-Russian collusion investigation was viewed as a laughingstock by former President Donald Trump and his supporters. They mocked the investigation for taking more than two years to produce only one guilty plea. But the investigation roared to life this fall as Durham secured indictments against two defendants with ties to the Democratic Party.

November 7: The Epoch Times: FBI searches home of Project Veritas founder
The FBI searched the home of Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe on Saturday, about a day after the agency executed a search warrant at homes belonging to various Veritas associates. The FBI has confirmed that "a court-authorized law enforcement action" was carried out "in furtherance of an ongoing investigation." O'Keefe neighbor Jimmy Maynes also confirmed to local New York media that the Veritas founder's home in Mamaroneck was searched by federal law enforcement agents in the dark, which lasted several hours on Saturday. In a statement on Friday uploaded to YouTube, O'Keefe confirmed that the FBI is investigating his group and conducted searches at the homes of current and former Project Veritas journalists. O'Keefe said "Apartment and homes of Project Veritas journalists and former journalists had been raided by FBI agents," adding that he believes the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York is targeting the group. In 2020 Project Veritas was contacted by individuals who claimed to have obtained a copy of a diary belonging to Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden's youngest daughter, he added in the video. Alleged tipsters told the organization that the diary was found "abandoned in a room" after she left and that the diary contained "explosive allegations against then-presidential candidate Joe Biden," O'Keefe said. Veritas never published the contents of the diary but turned it over to law enforcement. Other media did publish the contents of the diary. "At the end of the day, we made the ethical decision that because, in part, we could not determine if the diary was real, if the diary in fact belonged to Ashley Biden, or if the contents of the diary occurred, we could not publish the diary and any part thereof," O'Keefe said Friday.

November 7: Fox News: Democrat Governor opposes Biden vaccine mandate
Gov. Laura Kelly (D-KS) came out against Joe Biden's vaccine mandate as one that is not the "most effective" or "correct" for her state. "Yesterday, I reviewed the new vaccine mandate from the Biden Administration. While I appreciate the intention to keep people safe, a goal I share, I don't believe this directive is the correct, or the most effective, solution for Kansas," she said in a statement released Friday. "States have been leading the fight against COVID-19 from the start of the pandemic. It is too late to impose a federal standard now that we have already developed systems and strategies that are tailored for our specific needs," she continued. Biden directed all private companies with 100 employees or more to enforce a vaccine requirement starting Jan 4.

November 7: The Epoch Times: Down-ballot successes in VA and NJ give GOP
confidence heading into 2022

Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) President Dee Duncan said that this week's down-ballot seat flips in statehouse elections in Virginia and New Jersey revealed a part of the bigger picture the party plans to unveil in 2022, when 36 states hold elections. "A lot of thought and data went into this and we won round one of the fight for the '22 cycle," Altogether, the GOP flipped seven seats in Virginia's House of Delegates, and now holds a majority advantage at 52–48. "We believe that we practice what we preach. Fifty-seven percent of the candidates that we ran in flips in Virginia were either female or minority candidates and that is something that we're incredibly proud of," he added. In New Jersey, Republicans managed to flip six state assembly seats and two state senate seats. This has narrowed the Democrats' advantage in both chambers. Coming into election day, Democrats had controlled the Assembly with 52 seats to Republicans' 28. In the Senate, Democrats had 25 seats to the Republicans' 15. Based on data from the National Conference on State Legislatures, Republicans control 3,974 seats, or 54 percent, of the total 7,383 legislative seats; 61 out of 98 chambers; 30 of 49 legislatures; and carry total control in 23 out of 49 states.

November 6: Fox Business: Three judge Federal Appeals Court issues temporary stay of Biden-OSHA's vaccine mandate on firms employing 100 or more employees
A federal court issued Texas a temporary victory in its lawsuit against the Biden administration's coronavirus vaccine mandate issuing a stay on the controversial federal government regulation in Texas. "Yesterday, I sued the Biden Admin over its unlawful OSHA vax mandate," Texas' Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted Saturday. "WE WON. Just this morning, citing "grave statutory and constitutional issues," the 5th Circuit stayed the mandate. The fight is not over and I will never stop resisting this Admin's unconstitutional overreach!" Earlier in the week, Paxton sued the Biden administration over the mandate and argued that the move to force workers at companies with over 100 employees to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing is "flatly unconstitutional." "Biden's new vaccine mandate on private businesses is a breathtaking abuse of power," Paxton tweeted Friday. "OSHA has only limited power & specific responsibilities. This latest move goes way outside those bounds. This 'standard' is flatly unconstitutional. I'm asking the Court to strike it down."

November 6: Newsmax: Eleven states sue Biden Administration over business
vaccine mandate

Attorneys general in eleven states filed suit Friday against Joe Biden's administration, challenging a new vaccine requirement for workers at companies with more than 100 employees. The lawsuit filed in the St. Louis-based 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals argues that the authority to compel vaccinations rests with the states, not the federal government. "This mandate is unconstitutional, unlawful, and unwise," said the court filing by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, one of several Republicans vying for the state's open U.S. Senate seat next year. New regulations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate that companies with more than 100 employees require their workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested for the virus weekly and wear masks on the job. The requirement is to kick in Jan. 4. Failure to comply could result in penalties of nearly $14,000 per violation. Schmitt said Missouri has 3,443 private employers who could be covered by the vaccine requirement, with nearly 1.3 million employees. He said he sued "to protect personal freedoms, preserve Missouri businesses, and push back on bureaucratic tyrants who simply want power and control."

November 6: Fox News: Senator: The thirteen Republicans who supported the massive infrastructure spending bill need to be concerned about early retirement
Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) on Saturday criticized Republicans who voted in favor of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which passed in the House on Friday night. "It was very surprising to me to see 13 Republicans basically bail Nancy Pelosi out," Hagerty said. "She did not have the votes within her own party to do this. We had 13 Republicans that decided to step up and help her in this way, and what they did is put themselves on a path to early retirement."

November 6: The Epoch Times: House passes Trillion dollar infrastructure bill
with the help of some Republicans

After a day of negotiations, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill by a vote of 228 to 206, sending it to President Joe Biden's desk late Friday evening. The measure includes some $550 billion in new spending that seeks to fund the construction of roads, bridges and highways, public transport, water infrastructure, as well as power and broadband infrastructure, and cyber security, among other initiatives. Having passed the Senate in August it goes now to Joe Biden for his approval. Thirteen Republican members voted in favor pushing the measure over the goal line. Without their support the measure would have failed to pass. Six progressive Democrats voted against the measure. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had sought to hold votes on both the infrastructure and budget reconciliation bills on Friday but was forced to postpone on the latter after some moderate Democrats said they wanted a least 72 hours to review the text of the bill, and to review the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) scores on the spending bill to understand the "true cost of the legislation." They also wanted the Senate to confirm it would not make changes to the bill in the interim period.

November 5: One America News Network: Texas is repurposing shipping containers to plug holes in border and to channel approaching caravans into area where there are more police
Texas is filling gaps in the border wall with repurposed shipping containers, creating their own makeshift border wall. In an interview on Thursday, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) praised the undertaking, saying that Texas has found a resourceful way to curb the approaching caravan. He said they're strategically placing the containers to channel migrants into areas where more police and Border Patrol agents are available. "It's a tool that the governor is using to try to help slow down, curb this invasion, this invasion that we're seeing at our southern border," said Nehls. There is a total of 1,250 miles of border in Texas. Nehls said it's a lot of area to cover, but Texas is doing the federal government's job for them because they refuse to do it on their own.

November 5: The Washington Times: Moderate Democrats may stand firm on wanting a CBO scoring of the humongous spending bills before they will vote for it
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's attempt to force through President Biden's multitrillion-dollar social welfare bill without a proper estimate of its cost hit a roadblock Friday when five moderate Democrats refused to go along. The five House Democrats are refusing to yield. They argue that passing a more than 2,000-page spending bill without proper time to review and understand its economic impact would be a dereliction of public service. Earlier this week, the five lawmakers staked out their position in a letter to Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat. While not officially opposed to the bill, they say their support hinges on an in-depth analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.

November 5: Breitbart News: Durham finds evidence of Russian collusion, but
it wasn't by Trump but by Clinton associates

Special Counsel John Durham's indictment of "dossier" source Igor Danchenko revealed the first real evidence of "Russian collusion" -- and it was linked to Hillary Clinton's associates and not Donald Trump nor his presidential campaign. Danchenko became the main "Russian" source for former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the fraudulent "Russia dossier" on Donald Trump on behalf of opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which was secretly being paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The "dossier" was fed to the FBI and the press, and was used in FISA surveillance warrants on (innocent) Trump aide Carter Page. This much was known but the indictment revealed even more. Charles Dolan, Jr. who had Russian contacts sought for by Trump's enemies was working with Danchenko. Dolan had relationships with "senior Russian Federation leadership" including Russian President Vladimir Putin's press secretary and his staff. He also was friendly with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and his deputies. He arranged meetings for Danchenko with Russian officials who gave information that ended up in the sensational Stelle dossier.

November 5: The Daily Caller: Democrat governors association decides not to
back candidates running to unseat DeSantis in Florida

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) has abandoned any hopes of taking down Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), with the organization saying they have no plans to give much financial support to any Democrats seeking to unseat the governor. The organization is slated to deprioritize the state, which received more than $15 million in the past two gubernatorial cycles, two Florida Democratic consultants told Politico. The decision comes as the organization fears resources would be wasted on the race against DeSantis and would better be used to defend incumbent governors in other, more winnable states, according to the report. Johnathan Ducote who is a Democratic consultant said the DGA "is playing mostly defense this year.

November 5: Newsmax: Virginia Dems concede election as GOP takes control of
the House of Delegates

Although AP has not yet called all the races, Democratic leaders in Virginia conceded Friday that Republicans have won control of the House of Delegates. House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn issued a statement acknowledging the GOP majority. Republicans expect control over 51 seats in the 100-member chamber. The Republican sweep of al three statewide races and control of the House is being seen as a backlash against a Democratic majority that has pushed through a series of progressive reforms over the past two years. The General Assembly is currently split, with Democrats holding a slim 21-19 majority in the Senate. Senators are not up for reelection until 2023.

November 4: Newsmax: VA attorney general elect plans to investigate sexual
assaults in northern Virginia schools when he take office

Virginia Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares said Thursday he intends to investigate two notorious sexual assault incidents reported in northern Virginia public school. NBC Washington reported the announcement as Miyares and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin spoke about their plans to change Virginia law to allow the attorney general step in when local officials feel the commonwealth's attorney is not doing an adequate job. Miyares specifically referenced northern Virginia, the news outlet reported. Last week Miyares applauded the effort by five former attorneys general of Virginia to call on the state's attorney general to investigate the Loudoun County School Board over its handling of the sexual assaults of two female students in the district's high schools at the hands of a boy wearing a skirt. These former AGs also expressed concerns about recently enacted legislation they contend "told local school systems not to report sexual assaults." The father of the first victim was arrested during a school board meeting the following month, as officials were discussing transgender school bathroom policies, after an altercation with another parent.

November 4: The Washington Times: Senate GOP blast Biden over dishonorable discharges for unvaccinated troops
Senate Republicans on Thursday blasted Biden's plan to dishonorably discharge active-duty military personnel who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The White House has remained firm on its vaccine requirement for service members and has doubled down on the possibility that troops could be separated under the worst of terms. "Next Thursday … is Veteran's Day, a day that we stop, that this nation pauses, to honor our veterans," Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) said. "Our president instead is choosing to dishonor our military active-duty officers by forcing them to be separated from the military and then pushing upon them a dishonorable discharge." The remarks come after more than 8,000 active-duty members of the Air Force and Space Force missed the services' vaccine deadline on Tuesday. Service members could face "administrative or non-judicial punishment [under UCMJ] — to include relief of duties or discharge" for refusing the vaccine per Pentagon guidance issued in August.

November 4: iHeartRadio/KTRH: Biden Administration's OSHA sets deadline
for forced vaccinations, even though OSHA doesn't have the authority to do so

Joe Biden's administration has set a January 4 deadline for U.S. companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that employees are fully vaccinated or regularly tested for COVID-19 before a nationwide mandate takes effect, CNBC reported. Additionally, the administration has also delayed the deadline for federal contractors to meet stricter vaccine requirements for staff, moving the date back from December 8 to January 4, in adherence with the deadline for private companies and healthcare providers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the Labor Department released the new vaccines rules in a document shared on the Federal Register's website, and require all unvaccinated workers to wear masks by December 5, as well as show proof of a negative COVID test on a weekly basis once the January deadline has passed. Companies will not be required to pay for or provide tests unless otherwise required by state or local laws or in labor union contracts, according to the new rules outlined by the Department of Labor.

November 4: The Daily Caller: White House dodges calls for analysis of costs
for its 3.5 trillion spending proposals

White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged calls for an official cost analysis of Joe Biden's spending plans, which the administration has repeatedly insisted "costs zero dollars." Jean-Pierre once again argued that the bill is "paid for" in response to questions at Thursday's press briefing. Reporters pressed her on whether Biden should move forward with the bill even as Democrats in the House call for an official cost analysis. "Some House Democrats have demanded that the legislation receive an official cost analysis before the House takes it up for a vote. Does the White House think it's wise to move forward with a vote before members have a firm understanding of what's in it and how it will be paid for?" a reporter asked. In avoiding answering the question jean-Pierre responded, "First of all, the president has been very clear —He wants to get this moving — there's an urgency, [and] members of both chambers have been very clear about getting this done."

November 4: Newsweek: China tells people to stock up on supplies,
prompting panic buying and fears of war over Taiwan

China has recommended that citizens purchase and store supplies in case of an emergency, sparking speculation and stockpiling, the Associated Press reported. According to local Chinese media, the Commerce Ministry posted a notice on November 1 suggesting that citizens stock up on vegetables, rice, noodles, cooking oil, and other necessities. Although the government did move quickly to reduce fears, rumors began to circulate online about a possible escalation with Taiwan. This comes amid the mainland's increased aggression of sending warplanes into Taiwanese air space. Concern over a potential escalation spread throughout social media and prompted many to begin mass purchasing and hoarding supplies. Stores have also started posting messages on their windows asking customers to purchase a reasonable amount of goods. These messages also urge consumers not to listen to unfounded rumors online.

November 4: One America News Network: NC high school students protest
after student suspended for reporting sexual assault

Students at a North Carolina high school walked out of class after a teenage girl was suspended for reporting a sexual assault. On Wednesday, more than 100 students at Hawthorne Academy High School protested outside the building following the suspension of a 15-year-old girl. The girl reportedly notified school officials she was being sexually assaulted by a male student, where she was then accused of filing a false report and later suspended. The girl's mother said she went to the principal and said "the police are telling me that he did do these things, he admitted to them, and that I have the right to press charges…you're telling me this didn't happen?" Many students are calling it victim-blaming as others applauded in support of the girl and in protest of the school's handing of reported sexual violence. Meanwhile, local police reportedly investigated and pressed charges against a male minor for sexual battery despite school administrator's failing to take action.

November 3: Fox News: Truck driver who spent $6,000 on his campaign is
about to upset Democrat president of the NJ senate

The president of the New Jersey state Senate is in danger of a stunning upset loss to his GOP truck driver challenger. Sen. Steve Sweeney, who is the longest-serving legislative leader in New Jersey history, is trailing Republican challenger Edward Durr by thousands of votes. Durr spent only $6,000 on his general election campaign, according to campaign finance filings but is on the verge of a stunning upset over Sweeney. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sweeney trails Durr by about 2,000 out of 62,000 votes cast, or almost 4 percentage points. This was with all expected votes in from all reporting precincts; it was unclear why the Associated Press has yet to declare a winner Wednesday night.

November 3: The Washington Times: SCOTUS to hear first major gun control
case since 2010

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in a major gun rights case that could lead to more guns being legally carried on the streets of New York City and Los Angeles and could threaten restrictions on guns in subways, airports, bars, churches, schools and other places where people gather. The case before the court centers on NYC's restrictive gun permit law and whether limits the state has placed on carrying a gun in public violate the Second Amendment. The court last issued major gun rights decisions in 2008 and 2010. Those decisions established a nationwide right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. The question for the court now has to do with carrying a gun in public for self-defense. In most of the country gun owners have little difficulty legally carrying their weapons when they go out. But about half a dozen states, including populous California and several Eastern states, restrict the carrying of guns to those who can demonstrate a particular need for doing so. The justices could decide whether those laws, known as "may issue" laws, can stand.

Newly Elected LtGov in Virginia November 3: Fox News: Sears (VA-R) wins Lt. Governor race,
says she would die for America as supporters chant "USA"

Winsome Sears delivered a patriotic speech as she claimed victory in her race to become the first woman and woman of color to be elected Virginia's lieutenant governor. "I'm telling you that what you are looking at is the American dream," Sears said during her victory speech. Sears, a Marine Corps veteran, claimed victory in a speech early Wednesday morning. "In case you haven't noticed, I am Black. And I have been Black all my life, but that's not what this is about," she continued. "What we are going to do now is be about the business of the Commonwealth," she said. "We have things to tend to. We are going to fully fund our historically Black colleges and universities. We're going to have safer neighborhoods, safer communities, and our children are going to get a good education." Winsome's opponent has yet to concede.
With the Sears win the Commonwealth has elected three Republicans to statewide office; one Caucasian, one Black and one Hispanic.

November 2: The Daily Caller: GOP wins VA Governor
race for first time since 2009

Glenn Youngkin will be Virginia's next governor after beating former Gov. Terry McAuliffe Tuesday night, making him the first Republican to win statewide in over a decade and ending Democrats' total control over the legislative process held for nearly two years. Youngkin led by just over two points when the AP called the race early Wednesday, buoyed by record turnout in rural areas and an energized Republican base. He trailed McAuliffe in nearly every poll up until the final days of the race, when late momentum gave him the lead in a state that Joe Biden won by over 10 points just a year ago. Additionally, Republican Winsome Sears won the state's race to be lieutenant governor, while Jason Miyares, also a Republican, was elected in the state's attorney general race. Republicans also appear to have flipped six seats in the Virginia state house, a margin that, if it holds, would turn Democrats' 10-seat majority into a 51-49 GOP majority.

November 2: Breitbart News: Biden returns from Europe; silent after
blue-state Virginia goes red

Joe Biden returned from his trip to Europe early Wednesday morning, remaining silent after his party lost in the blue state of Virginia and margins stayed tight in New Jersey. He did not speak to reporters are departing Air Force One nor respond to questions yelled at his arrival at the White House just hours after he predicted a former Gov. Terry McAuliffe win in Virginia. "We're gonna win," Biden boasted to reporters in Glasgow, Scotland after the climate summit, just five hours before media outlets began calling the race for Republicans. "I think we're going to win in Virginia."

November 2: Fox News: McAuliffe (VA-D) camp shell-shocked as Youngkin
(VA-R) takes commanding lead in race for Governor

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's camp was left shell-shocked as Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin surged to a commanding lead in a state that Joe Biden won by 10 points just one year ago. Youngkin emerged with a slim lead in the polls over McAuliffe heading into Election Day, foreshadowing his strong performance on Tuesday. McAuliffe's election night party was initially buzzing with enthusiasm as supporters waited for polls to close. But that enthusiasm gradually shifted over the course of the night, as Democratic hopes for a swift victory melted away. The room had largely emptied out even before Youngkin had addressed supporters at his own party.

November 2: One America News Network: Manchin (D-WVA) says the massive
budget reconciliation bill is a "recipe for economic crisis" and he will not support it

Sen. Joe Manchin has thrown yet another monkey wrench into the Democrats' massive spending plans. In a press briefing on Monday, the moderate Democrat said he would not support the Democrat-devised reconciliation package and stressed it's time to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Manchin then took aim at progressives in the lower chamber for holding the infrastructure bill hostage in an attempt to tie their massive social spending proposals to the much needed legislation. Additionally, he condemned Democrat leaders for trying to jam the bill through Congress swiftly to score political points for the Biden administration. Joe Biden had hoped to pass his massive spending agenda before his international tour at the G20 and COP26 summits, but his agenda remains stalled in Congress.

Joe Biden wants to stop the use of fossill fuels but had an 85 car caravan at the G20 summittNovember 2: The Washington Times: Climate hypocrisy? Biden takes heat for carbon footprint at UN summit
President Biden is burning a lot of fossil fuels in the name of fighting climate change. The president was accused of hypocrisy for his 85-vehicle motorcade last weekend at the Group of 20 summit in Rome, followed by his 21-car convoy from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Scotland, for the U.N. Conference of the Parties, or COP26, climate confab. The BBC headline Tuesday declared: "COP26: Onlookers transfixed by Biden's 21-strong motorcade," while Fox News dubbed the conference a "gas-guzzling get-together." Mr. Biden's entourage reportedly included four planes and a Marine One helicopter, prompting Sen. John Barrasso, ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, to raise questions about the administration's carbon footprint.

November 1: The New York Post: Will history repeat itself? Every time a Democrat is elected president and then makes a sharp "left turn"
The Governorships in VA and NJ go Republican In 1993 Bill Clinton was elected president and then moved left, dumping his welfare reform promises in favor of an unpopular nationalized health care scheme that a Democratic Congress never even put to a vote, raising taxes on the middle class, and promoting the boutique liberal cause of gays in the military. Then the off-year elections in Virginia and New Jersey moved from blue to red, forcing Clinton to move back toward the political center. Then the pattern repeated itself in 2009, after Barack Obama won and then immediately moved left pushing through a $1 trillion "stimulus" spending bill that was mostly a payoff to Democratic constituencies, along with his unpopular "Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare). Once again, the Virginia and New Jersey governorships moved from blue to red. Now it looks like history may repeat itself as Joe Biden has taken an extreme left turn and the normally Democrat states of Virginia and New Jersey are in a neck and neck horse race in their governor's races.

November 1: The Daily Caller: State NSBA members slammed letter to White
House about domestic "terrorist" parents

State members of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) slammed the organization following its letter addressed to Joe Biden's administration that compared parental concern at school board meetings to actions of "domestic terrorists," according to emails obtained by Parents Defending Education through a public records request. The NSBA sent a letter on Sept. 29 that asked Joe Biden's administration to use federal law, such as the Patriot Act, to stop alleged threats and violence in public schools toward school board members over actions that could be "the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes."

November 1: Fox News: Civil rights leader condemns McAuliffe's race-based
teacher plan as "racist" and "insulting"

A civil rights leader and Virginia parent activists condemned Virginia Democratic gubernational candidate Terry McAuliffe for emphasizing the race of teachers in Virginia's public school system and lamenting that more teachers are white while roughly half of Virginia public school students are not. "We got to work hard to diversify our teacher base," McAuliffe had said at a campaign event in Manassas Sunday. "Fifty percent of our students are students of color; 80% of the teachers are white…" Bob Woodson, a civil rights veteran and president of The Woodson Center said McAuliffe's of comment "It is explicitly and implicitly a racist approach to education." Woodson condemned McAuliffe's idea as insulting and racist.

October 31: The Epoch Times: American Airlines cancels over 1,500 flights; claims it is not vaccine mandate related
American Airlines canceled over 1,500 flights between Oct. 29 and Oct. 31, blaming staff shortages and inclement weather. In addition to 340 flights being canceled on Friday, 540 were canceled on Saturday, and 650 were canceled on Sunday, a spokeswoman for the Texas-based airline said. The company claims that high winds at its Dallas hub caused the problem, leaving air crews in some airports stranded and looking for hotel space, according to the pilots association that represents Americans pilots. The pilot's association claims this was not a COVID vaccine related issue but more a lack of management that caused many pilots to find themselves stranded in various locations.

October 31: Fox News: Austin city leaders defunded the police, now voters will
decide whether that was a good decision

Amid nationwide protests seeking police reforms last summer, the Austin, Texas, city council decided to cut about one-third of its police budget – the largest cut of any major city in America. Councilman Greg Cesar, a progressive who spearheaded the push to cut funding, said the vote offered a moment to "celebrate what the movement has achieved for safety, racial justice and democracy." But since the budget cut, Austin has gotten much less safe. According to statistics compiled by the data analysis firm AH Datalytics, the city has seen nearly a 71% increase in homicides over the past year; the increase is one of the largest the firm has tracked. Additionally 911 calls for service increased by 30% while the number of officers available to respond decreased in large numbers. It has gotten so bad that callers have been asked to call the non-emergency number for many calls for service. In response a group, Save Austin Now, got proposition A on the November ballot. The measure would require the city to maintain two police officers per 1,000 residents as opposed to the current 1.6, promote additional training and offer incentives to recruit officers who speak additional languages.

October 31: The Washington Times: Biden's Administration is starting to realize
the threat of Iran getting nuclear weapons is real, scrambling for a solution

Top Biden administration officials warned Sunday that Iran 's nuclear program is "starting to be a problem" and that the U.S. and its allies have limited time to strike a deal with Tehran before it stockpiles enough material for a nuclear bomb. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the administration is hopeful that all sides can come back into compliance with the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a 2015 pact that limited Iran 's nuclear weapons program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. President Biden confirmed Saturday that talks with Iran, which have been on hold since June, are set to resume. But officials acknowledge they have little time to spare. Blinken said the U.S. and its allies are considering other options — presumably including military action — if diplomacy is unsuccessful and Iran 's nuclear program reaches an even more dangerous phase. October 30: The Galveston County Daily News: Can we survive three more years of the Biden Administration's foolishness Respected polls show Americans aren't happy about the performance of the White House. It's evident the Biden Administration is drowning in a sea of crises of its own making, and average Americans are paying the price. Bad choices by the Biden Administration have the average American worried, and rightly so. Washington seems to be in free fall. We desperately need responsible leadership. Can we survive another three years of this foolishness, the OpEd piece asked.

Red ArrowOctober 30: The Galveston County Daily News: Can we survive three more
years of the Biden Administration’s foolishness

Respected polls show Americans aren’t happy about the performance of the White House.  It’s evident the Biden Administration is drowning in a sea of crises of its own making, and average Americans are paying the price.   Bad choices by the Biden Administration have the average American worried, and rightly so.  Washington seems to be in free fall.  We desperately need responsible leadership.  Can we survive another three years of this foolishness, the OpEd piece asked.

October 30: Fox News: Biden Admin walks back statements about Protecting
Taiwan against a Chinese attack

Biden's statement last week, later walked back by the White House, that the U.S would protect Taiwan in the case of an attack by Beijing, could be a window into an ongoing policy debate about the Biden administration's strategy in the region, experts told say. The remark quickly made headlines, as the U.S. policy for decades has been one of "strategic ambiguity" toward how it would respond to such an attack. The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act commits the U.S. to support Taiwan, including providing it defensive capabilities, but not necessarily to engage in a military conflict. After Biden's remarks, the White House soon clarified the comment, and said the President was not abandoning strategic ambiguity. A White House spokesperson said after the town hall that "We will uphold our commitment under the Act, we will continue to support Taiwan's self-defense, and we will continue to oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo."

October 30: The Daily Caller: The USA has experienced a record-breaking reduction
of harmful emissions from energy production, including under Trump's policies

The U.S. has reduced emissions more than any other country in the world even with former President Donald Trump's decision to leave the Paris Climate Accords. "In the last 10 years, the emissions reduction in the United States has been the largest in the history of energy," International Energy Agency (IEA) Executive Director Fatih Birol said at a Department of Energy press conference in 2019. "Almost 800 million tons. This is a huge decline of emissions." Since 2000, the year the U.S. emitted the most carbon dioxide, the IEA reports emissions have declined by more than 17%. Emissions have declined 3.7% since 2015 when world leaders signed various climate commitments during a high-level United Nations conference. During both periods, U.S. energy output has increased by 38% and 14% respectively, the IEA data showed.

October 30: The Washington Free Beacon: VA Democrat Gubernatorial candidate
hit with ethics complaint about receiving foreign money

A government watchdog group hit Terry McAuliffe with a campaign finance complaint on Friday over a $350,000 donation he received from a foreign-owned company linked to an overseas money laundering probe, according to a copy of the filing. The National Legal and Policy Center is asking the FEC to "promptly investigate" whether the contribution to the Virginia gubernatorial candidate violated federal laws prohibiting campaigns from accepting political donations from foreign nationals. "Terry McAuliffe has a history of accepting foreign contributions. The FEC must fully investigate these serious charges that he accepted $350,000 in illegal foreign contributions for his current campaign," said Washington, D.C. attorney, Paul Kamenar, counsel to NLPC, who drafted and filed the complaint with the FEC.

October 29: The Daily Caller: Loudoun County VA school system hit with
another sexual assault allegation

The Loudoun County Sheriff's department is reportedly investigating "multiple" incidents of alleged sexual groping at a middle school in Loudoun County Public Schools, just outside the Washington, DC suburbs. Kraig Troxell, the spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department said a seventh-grade boy at Harmony Middle School was allegedly "touching other students inappropriately over their clothing." The incident was reported on Wednesday, October 27, though Troxell confirmed additional incidents during the week. A spokeswoman for the family of the girl allegedly assaulted said the family is requesting privacy as it seeks legal counsel. An email sent to Harmony Middle School parents on Oct. 28 informed them that the administration is "aware" of the incident and is "taking all the proper steps following such an incident." Loudoun County Public Schools have been rocked by allegations of sexual assault after a report uncovered that a teenage girl was assaulted by a "gender fluid" teen in a high school bathroom. A judge in Loudoun County rendered the juvenile court equivalent of a guilty verdict to the skirt-wearing teen who assaulted his female classmate.

October 29: The Epoch Times: Nurses opting for temp jobs rather than staff
assignments because traveling nurses are paid more

In parts of the country where COVID-19 continues to fill hospitals, a rotating cast of traveling nurses helps keep intensive care units fully staffed. Hospitals have to pay handsomely to get that temporary help, and those higher wages are tempting some staff nurses to hit the road, too. Nearly two years into the pandemic, there's some truth in a joke circulating among frustrated ICU nurses: They ask their hospitals for appropriate compensation for the hazards they've endured. And the nurses are rewarded with a pizza party instead! Theresa Adams is an ICU nurse who helped build and staff COVID units in one of Ohio's largest hospitals. She recently left for a lucrative stint as a travel nurse in California. Travel nurses take on temporary assignments in hospitals or other health care facilities that have staffing shortages. The contracts typically last a few months and usually pay more than staff positions. October 28: One America News Network: Podesta paid $1 million by Huawei to promote them with Biden Administration New reports are shedding more light on well-known Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta's involvement with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. According to reports, Podesta was paid $1 million by Huawei to promote them to the Biden administration. The amount is double what Podesta said he had received earlier this month in his third quarter lobbying report. However, it has been found that he may have been given the $1 million in two separate installments across June and September. This comes as the Biden administration has been advised to keep Huawei on the trade blacklist. Meanwhile, Huawei remains on the U.S. export control list.

October 28: One America News Network: Podesta paid $1 million by Huawei to promote them with Biden Administration
New reports are shedding more light on well-known Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta’s involvement with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.  According to reports, Podesta was paid $1 million by Huawei to promote them to the Biden administration. The amount is double what Podesta said he had received earlier this month in his third quarter lobbying report.  However, it has been found that he may have been given the $1 million in two separate installments across June and September. This comes as the Biden administration has been advised to keep Huawei on the trade blacklist.  Meanwhile, Huawei remains on the U.S. export control list.

October 28: Texas Scorecard: Dems deploy an army of attorneys in order
to try and bring down the TX election integrity law

Democrats and their allies on the left are deploying an army of attorneys to fight against Texas' newly enacted election integrity law in court. In typical fashion, Democrats are counting on their friends in the judiciary to do what they were unable to do in the state legislature. Strengthening election integrity was a top priority for Texas GOP voters and lawmakers heading into 2021, as similar reforms failed to pass in 2019, but Democrats vehemently opposed any measures to make voting more secure. The new law, which is heralded a making it "easy to vote, but hard to cheat" goes into effect on December 2nd. Some of the lawsuits were even filed before the Governor signed the bill. Five federal lawsuits filed in September have now been consolidated into a single case that involves more than two dozen plaintiffs represented by at least 60 lawyers. The suits wrongly claims the new law violates the Voting Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the U.S. Constitution by making it disproportionately harder for minority and disabled voters to cast ballots. Most of the plaintiffs are Democrat-allied organizations like LULAC Texas, the League of Women Voters, Texas Organizing Project, statewide teachers' union Texas AFT, FIEL Houston, and Workers Defense Action Fund. Facing off against the army of leftist lawyers, the Texas attorney general's office is representing the governor, attorney general, and secretary of state—all named as state defendants. They filed a motion this week seeking to dismiss the suit on a number of substantive and procedural grounds. One outside group has stepped up to fight alongside Texas to protect its new voting laws. Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a nonprofit law firm dedicated exclusively to election integrity, filed a motion earlier this month asking to intervene in the case. "This is an attempt by the plaintiffs to weaponize the Voting Rights Act into a partisan tool and to remove power from the people of Texas to run their own elections," said PILF President J. Christian Adams. The gaggle of left wing attorneys and special interest groups had filed a motion to deny PILF's request so that Texas will be denied support from outside sources. Adams said on Newsmax that PILF can make arguments the state can't, particularly ones highlighting weaknesses in Texas voting processes. "This group of well-funded lawyers are trying to stop us from helping Texas because we will make legal arguments that will assist Texas," Adams said. "The left spends millions of dollars on lawyers to undermine our election system." The first pre-trial conference is scheduled for November 1.

October 28: One America News Network: Final framework for Biden Admin.
vision for remaking America released

Joe Biden unveiled the final framework of his "Build Back Better" agenda and incorrectly continued to claim the bill would cost American taxpayers nothing. "Over the next 10 years, it will not add to the deficit at all," he claimed. "It will actually reduce the deficit." Biden detailed the compromise deal at the White House on Thursday, which includes universal Pre-K for three- and four-year-old children, subsidized child care and an extension of the larger child tax credit. It also focuses on climate change, expanding tax credits for clean energy initiatives. The final bill doesn't include a previously proposed billionaire's tax, paid family and medical leave or a proposal to allow IRS surveillance of American's bank accounts. It also doesn't include any measures to address issues Americans are currently dealing with, such as the supply chain blockage, surging gas prices or the crisis at the southern border. Economists have said spending trillions of dollars on Biden's social agenda will make the current inflation pressures worse. In the meantime, it's still unclear if this package will gain support from far-left progressives with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) saying on Thursday "it needs to be improved."

October 28: The Washington Examiner: Biden Administration considering
paying illegal aliens $450,000 each, Really?

The Biden administration is reportedly considering paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to migrant families separated at the southern border during the Trump administration, about $1 billion in total. Officials from the departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Justice have proposed paying each person $450,000, or nearly $1 million per two-person family, to settle claims about the lasting traumatic and psychological effects of being torn apart as a result of former President Donald Trump's zero-tolerance policy. The payments are in response to lawsuits filed in the aftermath of the policy, which was rolled out nationwide in April 2018 and shuttered in June 2018.

October 27: The Daily Caller: Cruz grills AG Garland on alleged conflict of
interest over son-in-law benefitting from critical race theory actions

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland on an alleged conflict of interest regarding his son-in-law's education company during a Wednesday hearing. In the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing Cruz cited reports that Garland's son-in-law profits from an education company that promotes concepts associated with critical race theory. Garland has denied any conflict of interest, Cruz asked Garland if he sought and received a decision from an ethics adviser at the Department of Justice (DOJ) before making a decision that could financially benefit his son-in-law. Garland was cut off as he was saying that the memorandum directing the FBI to target the growing movement of parents protesting school boards has nothing to do with critical race theory, to which Cruz said: "So you're saying no!? Just answer it directly. You know how to answer a question directly. Did you seek an ethics opinion?" As the Attorney General attempted to pivot and avoid answering the question Cruz asked, "Why do you refuse to answer the question? Why don't you just say no? If critical race theory is taught in more schools does your son-in-law make more money? Yes or no?" Cruz received no response to his question.

October 27: The Washington Times: U.S. General; with China's test
launch of a hypersonic weapon we are very close to a "sputnik moment"

China's recent test of a major hypersonic weapon system is "very close" to a "Sputnik moment" in the standoff between the U.S. and its global rival, America's top general said in an interview that aired Wednesday, conceding that Beijing's rapidly expanding military capabilities are of deep concern at the highest levels of the Pentagon. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley confirmed reports that China conducted a landmark test of its hypersonic weapons program this summer. Chinese Communist Party leaders have denied those reports and said the object was merely a spacecraft. Gen. Milley shot down those claims. To describe the significance of the event, he reached back to a Cold War watershed moment when the Soviet Union stunned the world by launching the first satellite into orbit. Although he did not discuss details, the general acknowledged that the test marked a "significant technological event" that underscores how much progress China has made in the past decade with its hypersonic program and a host of other military domains.

October 27: The Washington Examiner: Democrats turn down lobbying
job at Facebook as scandals pile up

Facebook is reportedly struggling to hire Democrats for its lobbying shop in Washington despite paying top dollar, a potential sign that the social media behemoth is now deemed radioactive by many on the Left. Joe Biden's administration and Democrats in Congress have threatened to go after Facebook with aggressive regulations, lawsuits, and investigations, and that appears to be making it an unattractive employer for top talent. Making matters worse, some senior Democratic lobbyists have left the company recently. "It's the same reason Democrats don't work for the NRA: You still have to look yourself in the mirror," Pat Williams, a Democratic lobbyist who used to run AT&T's lobbying team said.

October 26: The Washington Examiner: A GOP win in VA on Tuesday
could set back the Biden agenda

A win by Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governor's race presents a mortal threat to Joe Biden's agenda, prompting congressional Democrats to accelerate efforts to enact legislation before Election Day. The vote is set for Nov. 2, next Tuesday, leaving Democrats little time to resolve their differences and pass some version of the $3.5 trillion "reconciliation" package proposed by Biden and supported by congressional progressives but opposed by centrists. If Biden's agenda heads into Election Day still in limbo and Democrat Terry McAuliffe loses to Youngkin in reliably blue Virginia, bridging the gap between the progressives and the centrists could prove futile.

October 26: The Epoch Times: Judge finds Loudoun County boy guilty
in bathroom assault

A Virginia judge on Monday found a teenage boy guilty of sexually assaulting a schoolmate. The crime took place at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn on May 28. The boy, 15, was convicted on one count of forcible sodomy and one count of forcible fellatio, both felonies, local media reported. "I found the facts sufficient to support the charges," Pamela Brooks, the chief judge of the county's Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, said during the hearing. The victim said she and the boy had consensual sexual encounters before the assault but that she did not consent to what he did in May. A defense attorney for the boy tried arguing that his client reasonably believed he had permission because of the previous encounters. Neither the girl nor the boy are being named because they are juveniles. Sentencing was put off until another case is adjudicated involving the male. He was charged with sexually assaulting another student at Broad Run High School, authorities have said. That assault took place on Oct. 6.

October 26: The Daily Signal: OSHA to issue vaccine mandate but
there's a catch, Congress didn't give them the authority

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is about to require 80 millionworking Americans to get vaccinated. There's just one catch: OSHA lacks the legal authority to impose a vaccine mandate. Declaring that his patience was "wearing thin" with unvaccinated Americans, Joe Biden on Sept. 9 announced that OSHA would require companies with at least 100 employees to mandate that workers either get vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 tests. OSHA sent a draft mandate to the White House on October 8, Once the White House completes its review, OSHA will issue the order, and then get sued. OSHA will then need to persuade a court that workers are in "grave danger" and that it is "necessary" to protect them against that danger. Under the law the danger must come from "exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or new hazards." Seeing that COVID is not a toxic substance that is a poisonous element or compound, it doesn't meet the threshold that allows OSHA to act. In short, Congress has not given OSHA license to mandate COVID-19 vaccines. Lawmakers needn't prohibit OSHA from imposing a mandate that they never authorized the agency to issue in the first place. On the contrary, if Congress wants a general vaccine mandate, it must pass a law establishing one.

October 25: Newsmax: Bill O'Reilly: GOP will take the VA Governor's race
Conservative media host Bill O'Reilly told Newsmax that former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) will lose the gubernatorial race to his Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin. Appearing Monday on NewsMax,' O'Reilly said: ''The poor father in Loudoun County whose daughter was raped, that's going to cause McAuliffe to lose, so Youngkin will beat him eight days from today.'' According to an Emerson College poll conducted Oct. 22-23, McAuliffe and Youngkin are neck and neck at 48% each. ''If McAuliffe loses, that's huge. That's a big, big negative for the Democratic Party,'' O'Reilly said. Seven days from now, we will find out if O'Reilly is correct!

October 25: The Daily Caller: Loudoun County VA forcing parents to sign a
non-disclosure agreement before they watch critical race theory video

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is requiring parents to sign a form comparable to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to view a portion of the district's new curriculum inspired by critical race theory. As part of LCPS' broader equity agenda, the district spent approximately $7,700 to become a "licensed user" of Second Step Programs, a branch of the left-leaning non-profit organization Committee for Children. According to a copy of the NDA-style form, "eligible parents" at LCPS must sign the document to view the Second Step curriculum. Curriculum presentations can only be given in person and parents cannot broadcast, download, photograph, or record "in any manner whatsoever."

October 25: Breitbart News: Facebook employees beg supervisors to cut
Breitbart traffic on their platform

According to Tucker Carlson of Fox News The Wall Street Journal got ahold of a bunch of internal documents from Facebook from the company's internal racial justice chat room. They found among many other things Facebook employees are obsessed with the site Breitbart. They hate Breitbart. Breitbart shouldn't be allowed to talk. Why is it on Facebook? So apparently Facebook cut traffic to Breitbart News by as much as a fifth without telling them." Carlson then asked Breitbart Editor in Chief Alex Marlow if this surprised him. Marlow responded, "I was shocked only by the framing of it. The Wall Street Journal put out the story as if it was going to be some sort of damnation hit piece on Breitbart. And it contained a smoking gun in it, which is that these woke SJWs had pressured Facebook's senior management to diminish, not just Breitbart, but traffic across conservative media—deliberately cutting down their most engaged users to favor corporate, billionaire-backed multinational conglomerates to promote their news over Breitbart's, which is accurate and incredibly popular and was thriving, if not dominating, on the platform."

October 24: Newsmax: Turkey to expel U.S. ambassador
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that he had told his foreign ministry to expel the ambassadors of the United States and nine other Western countries for demanding the release of philanthropist Osman Kavala. Seven of the ambassadors represent Turkey's NATO allies and the expulsions, if carried out, would open the deepest rift with the West in Erdogan's 19 years in power. Kavala, a contributor to numerous civil society groups, has been in prison for four years, charged with financing nationwide protests in 2013 and with involvement in a failed coup in 2016. He has remained in detention while his latest trial continues, and denies the charges. In a joint statement on Oct. 18, the ambassadors of Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and the United States called for a just and speedy resolution to Kavala's case, and for his "urgent release." They were summoned by the foreign ministry, which called the statement irresponsible.

October 24: Fox News: FL governor actively recruiting out of state police officers
who are leaving their home state due to vaccine mandates

Florida Governor DeSantis (R) argued on Sunday that COVID-19 vaccine mandates "will wreak havoc in the economy." "What Bidens doing is unconstitutional. He does not have the authority to do this," DeSantis said. "In addition to be taking away people's personal choices, it will wreak havoc in the economy because even if a small percentage of these folks end up losing their jobs or voluntarily walking away, you're going to have huge disruptions in medical, in logistics, in law enforcement.". Florida's policy is clear, nobody should lose their job based on whether they get these injections, he contended. It should be an individual's choice not a mandate. The Florida governor also said his state is "actively working to recruit out of state law enforcement" who risk losing their jobs unless they get the vaccine. Last week the Chicago police union's first vice president, Michael Mette, issued a blistering attack on Mayor Lori Lightfoot's vaccine mandate.

October 24: The Epoch Times: Biden mandate may further supply chain issues
as truckers seriously consider quitting instead of getting the "jab"

American truckers don't like taking orders. But the Biden administration has increased pressure on them to take the vaccine—willing or unwilling. Throughout the pandemic it was the truckers, among others, who endured hardships to keep America's infrastructure running – long lines at bathrooms where in some case they waited hours. Now, with supply chains disrupted, Americans need them more than ever. But faced with the prospect of a forced vaccination, many drivers are considering quitting. "I'd fight it," said veteran trucker referring to vaccine mandates. "I think a lot of us will be quitting. Who likes to be forced to do stuff you don't want to do?" Polls by the trucking publication Commercial Carrier Journal and OverDrive indicate that up to 30 percent of truckers will seriously consider quitting if forced to vaccinate. If they quit, the consequences for America may be massive. US Transport estimates that 70 percent of American freight goes by truck. The silver lining is that the forth coming OSHA mandate will only apply to trucking firms with over 100 employees and most of the trucking firms in the country are small companies with around six trucks or fewer. Additionally, independent truckers earn about $50,000 more a year than those in companies with larger fleets. So many truckers will not be impacted. But it still upsets them that they are being told what to do, and "Joe Trucker" like it!

October 23: The Epoch Times: FL Governor; Come to Florida,
use our ports, we're open 24/7

Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis said the ports in his state can act as part of a solution to ongoing supply chain issues. "…we have capacity at all of our ports … We've got capacity, and all of our ports can offer these businesses good incentives if they reroute their ships," the governor told Tucker Carlson on Fox News. "We've already had some ships rerouted. We expect to have more, but if you're going to sit off the coast [of California] for days on end, you might as well just bring it to Florida. We've got great logistics on the ground that can get it to market." "I think Florida can be part of the solution here," he added. Unlike California, ports in Florida are always operated with 24/7 service, he said.

October 22: Fox News: Fauci caught in a lie, NIH admits it funded the "gain of function" research that gave us the coronavirus
Despite repeated denials by Dr. Anthony Fauci that his agency used American taxpayer money to fund Chinese gain-of-function research on bats infected with coronaviruses, the National Institutes of Health – which oversees NIAID – admitted in a letter to House Oversight Committee ranking member James Comer (R-KY) that a "limited experiment" was indeed conducted. Earlier this year, Senator Ron Paul (R-KY) accused Fauci of "obfuscating the truth" and at one point asked if he wished to rescind prior remarks given that it is a felony to lie to Congress. The Brooklyn-born doctor responded that "if anyone is lying, it is you."

October 22: One America News Network: General Electric workers
protest mandating getting the vaccine

More than 200 General Electric employees in New York protested on Friday against the company's vaccine mandate. This comes after roughly 150 workers lined up outside of the General Electric facility in South Carolina Thursday. GE said all its staff members must comply with the federal mandate and get vaccinated by Dec. 8. However, some of the protestors have said this isn't about the actual vaccine, but rather about their personal rights. These "are folks who want to have the ability to make a choice as to whether or not they take one of the COVID-19 vaccines," said Attorney James Lawrence. "It's a pro-individual freedom, pro-bodily autonomy position." Gov. Henry McMaster (R-SC) initially said he would fight Joe Biden's mandate, but has now said he won't stop businesses from mandating the vaccines. He added the state has no authority to do so.

October 21: The Epoch Times: Southwest takes a $75 million hit over
cancelled flights and staffing issues

Southwest Airlines endured a $75 million loss over widespread cancelations and delays earlier this month that spanned several days, the Dallas-based carrier announced Thursday. Over the span of about a weekend, Southwest canceled around 2,000 flights. While the firm blamed poor weather conditions and unspecified staffing issues on the cancelations, other major U.S. carriers appeared to operate normally. According to its earnings release, Southwest suffered "an estimated $75 million negative impact as a result of flight cancellations from operational challenges experienced earlier this month and related Customer refunds and gestures of goodwill." The company announced it will cut back on flights in December to avoid a similar shortfall due to "more conservative staffing assumptions."

October 20: The Washington Examiner: Portland feeling results of not supporting police - crime spirals out of control and police leaving for places they are appreciated
An explosion of violence in Portland has forced police to resort to creative tactics in an effort to address increasing gun violence with limited resources. City officials began earlier this month placing traffic barrels on streets where high-speed drive-by shootings have broken out in an effort to obstruct future ones. Meanwhile some "calls for service" have gone unanswered due to a lack of available law enforcement personnel.

October 21: The Epoch Times: U.S. Commerce Dept. approves
high tech licenses to two Chinese companies on the "Entities List,"
may help the Chinese develop hypersonic weapons

Suppliers to two blacklisted Chinese companies—telecom giant Huawei and China's top chipmaker SMIC—were approved to receive billions of dollars' worth of licenses[301 worth $103 billion] for U.S. technologies shipments between November and April, documents released by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Oct. 21 detail. Huawei and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) were put on a U.S. trade blacklist, known as the "entity list," in May 2019 and December 2020 respectively by the U.S. Department of Commerce (Bureau of Industry and Security) over national security concerns. Their addition means that American companies seeking to sell to them must apply for a license with the department. Huawei equipment had previously been banned from use by the federal government over security concerns. SMIC is the largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips in mainland China and is known to have ties to the Chinese military. The House Foreign Affairs Committee's bipartisan support for releasing the information was an indicator of how serious a matter this is, said Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX). McCaul contended such licenses, if materialized into actual shipments, could end up being used by the Chinese military, and suggested that American technologies could be responsible for China's reported test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic weapon.

October 20: The Epoch Times: Senate Republicans filibuster
a Democrat bill to federalize elections

Republicans successfully filibustered the missed titled Democrats' Freedom to Vote election bill Wednesday, denying the legislation the 60 votes needed to move on to floor debate. The bill would have created new requirements for groups to disclose information about their donors, named Election Day a national holiday, and created federal standards for voting by mail, early voting, and voter ID. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he hoped the bill, which he decried as an effort "to have the federal government take over how elections are conducted all over America," would fail to win Republican support. Since they took control of the government, Democrats have insisted that voting rights are under assault across the nation as states strengthen their voting laws. These critics claim that laws to bolster voter ID requirements or to limit absentee voting disproportionately affect minorities, an argument that the Supreme Court rejected in 2021. Many GOP senators emphasized the importance of allowing states to control their own elections rather than the federal government intervening.

October 19: Fox Business: Southwest Airlines reverses course and
will not fire unvaccinated employees

Southwest Airlines is dropping plans to put unvaccinated workers that are still waiting to be approved for a medical or religious exemption on unpaid leave starting in December. Instead, employees whose accommodations weren't reviewed or approved by Dec. 8 will have to keep working. "The employee will continue to work, while following all COVID mask and distancing guidelines applicable to their position, until the accommodation has been processed," according to an internal note sent to employees. The Dallas-based carrier initially said it began mandating vaccines for its 54,000 employees in order to comply with new rules from the Biden administration requiring companies with federal contracts to have a fully vaccinated staff.

October 19: The Daily Signal: LA teacher sues school board for terminating
him for his political views and exercising his free speech rights

Fired Louisiana teacher Jonathan Koeppel is suing his former school board and superintendent on grounds of unlawful termination. He was fired in August for what he says are because of his conservative political activism and for refusing to wear a mask, even though he had received a medical exemption. School officials allegedly claimed Koeppel's social media posts, which are politically conservative, are unprofessional. The teacher and his attorney, Kevin Vogeltanz, filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana against the St. Tammany Parish School Board and Superintendent Frank Jabbia on Oct. 4. "I lost my job and career in education because the [St. Tammany Parish School Board], my former principal, the assistant superintendent, and superintendent do not believe that I have a right to the First Amendment," Koeppel said. Koeppel has been a vocal advocate against mask mandates and against the teaching of critical race theory and gender identity ideology in the classroom.

October 19: The Epoch Times: Militiamen to head for Texas county border
to help local law enforcement which is swamped by illegal aliens

For months, Texas ranchers have dealt with a relentless stream of illegal aliens traversing their property, cutting fences, breaking into their homes, and threatening them. Their patience is wearing thin. Rural Kinney County shares 16 miles of border with Mexico and has become a major thoroughfare for illegal immigrants trying to avoid law enforcement. The county sits between Del Rio and Eagle Pass—two major illegal border-crossing areas in Texas. The Kinney sheriff has only six full-time to cover 1,360 square miles to cover, it's an insurmountable task. Meanwhile, Sam Hall, the founder and president of militia group Patriots for America, has spent the past week in Kinney County. He promised he'll have around 40 men in the county by the end of the week and a total of 100 by around Oct. 26, with more coming. The militia's arrival is happening against the backdrop of reports that 60,000 to 85,000 mostly Haitian migrants are on their way toward the border. "As a militia, we can't detain or arrest people. We can disrupt and frustrate until the county or DPS can get there," Hall said. He said the militia is self-funded, but members are having to take time off work to join. He anticipates that members from Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana will travel to Kinney County.

Protestors in CaliforniaOctober 18: One America News Network: Statewide; Calif. School walkout is underway to protest Gov. Newsom's forced vaccination policy
California parents and teachers who oppose Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom's vaccine mandate planned a statewide walk-out. Those choosing to rally against the policy targeting students joined forces on Monday. Protest organizers urged parents to keep their children at home and asked teachers who support the walkout to stay home as well. This statewide demonstration comes in response to Newsom's vaccine mandate that took effect last Friday. Once fully approved, California school children who attend in-person classes would be required to take the vaccine. However, parents like Babe Prieto of Sacramento said forced vaccinations are unconstitutional and violate the bodily autonomy of their children.

Meanwhile United Press International reports the Department of Justice is asking the SCOTUS to bar implementation of the Texas Heartbeat bill. Both those who oppose the Biden vaccination policy and those who oppose the anti-abortion Heartbeat bill believe that a person has the fundamental right to determine what happens with their body. However, we think it is highly likely that those who support abortion rights (and opposing the Heartbeat bill) would come down on the side of those who oppose mandating vaccinations of those who don't wish to get the "jab!" Monday's filing comes after the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided against the Justice Department last week and allowed Texas' abortion ban to stand.

October 18: The Texas Scorecard: TX AG launches new election integrity unit
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced today his office has formed a new 2021 Election Integrity Unit to ensure the November 2 election is run "transparently and securely." Paxton described the unit as a group of agency lawyers, investigators, support staff, and resources specially tasked with monitoring the election and responding to reports of alleged voting law violations. He said the unit's primary function is "to serve as a focused resource to both election officials and the public." Paxton's statement suggested his office would not only continue to "pursue prosecutions for criminals willing to commit election crimes," but would also hold county elections administrators accountable for "attempts to bend or break the boundaries of lawful practices." The public can report suspected election code violations to the AG's office by email
[ electionintegrity2021@oag.texas.gov ].
Paxton's office reminded voters they have the right to cast their own ballots without being coerced at the polls or by mail-ballot harvesters.

October 18: The Washington Times: Electricity Generation Issues;
Coal power surges as natural gas prices rise

Coal-fired electricity generation climbed this year in the U.S. for the first time since the Obama administration, spurred by spiking natural gas prices, a setback for the Biden climate agenda and a sign that the president's drilling crackdown may be backfiring on his administration. The U.S. Energy Information Administration said Monday that electricity generated by coal-fired plants is expected to jump by 22% in 2021 over last year's levels for the first year-over-year increase since 2014. The reason: the rising cost of natural gas, which began climbing in April and hit a 13-year high this month, fueled by pent-up pandemic demand that has overtaken production.

October 18: The Daily Signal: Biden is drowning in a sea of crisis's of his own making
Joe Biden is drowning in a sea of crises of his own creation, and Americans are the ones who are paying the price. Some of these include:
- The ongoing humanitarian and national security calamity at the southern border.
- Thirteen U.S. service members are dead, and an unknown number of our citizens remain stranded in Afghanistan following Biden's disastrous withdrawal.
- COVID-19 is still rampant, despite Biden's promises that he would defeat the virus, while his vaccine mandate has divided the country.
- Americans are not taking the millions of jobs available and the economy is stalled, as many have chosen the option of being paid by the government to stay home instead of working.
- Failure to identify the growing supply chain disruption. Labor shortages are a contributing factor, including a lack of truck drivers to help unload ships and transport goods. And
- Energy prices continue to rise, helping to drive mounting inflation and hurting Americans—especially those with moderate or low incomes—at a time when the economy should be hitting its stride coming out of the pandemic lockdowns.
It is on the costs of energy where Biden's failures are most starkly visible. On his very first day in office, Biden scrapped the Keystone XL pipeline, killing 11,000 jobs in the process and making good on his campaign promise to be hostile to the fossil fuel industry. Continuing his assault on natural resource development, Biden suspended oil and natural gas leases in Alaska. These and other bad choices have turned the USA from an energy independent nation into one that is dependent on nations we cannot trust. As we learned from our dependence on China, this is not something we want to repeat.

October 16: Townhall.com: Delta joins companies that will not
fire unvaccinated employees

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian said that the company will be dropping its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, making it the only U.S. airline that will not require employees to receive their shots. Bastin said "The Claman Countdown" that Delta has achieved a vaccination rate of more than 90 percent and expects it to increase by an additional 5 percent over the course of the next month despite a mandate not being in place. Bastian emphasized there is a need for religious and medical accommodations for employees who elect against getting vaccinated while avoiding having to threaten employment. "By the time we're done, we'll be pretty close to fully vaccinated as a company without going through all the divisiveness of a mandate," he said. "We're proving that you can work collaboratively with your people, trusting your people to make the right decisions, respecting their decisions and not forcing them over the loss of their jobs."

October 16: The Washington Times: Law enforcement "disgusted" with
lack of support from the Biden Administration

Joe Biden's relationship with America's law enforcement community has gone from bad to worse in the nearly nine months that he has occupied the Oval Office, according to veteran police officers. Rank-and-file cops and unions who broke away from Bid to endorse former President Trump now say they are "disgusted" with what they see as a lack of support from the White House. "It's been worse than I thought, especially with what I know about Biden," said Paul DiGiacomo, president of the New York City Detectives' Endowment Association. "Biden was once a very strong supporter of the police, but he doesn't appear to be one anymore," Mr. DiGiacomo continued. "Honestly, I haven't seen anything I can point to in a positive manner." Even officers who backed Biden in 2020 say that they are frustrated with his performance on law and order issues. October 16: The Washington Examiner: Members of the Biden court-packing commission quit amid allegations of Democrat-partisan politics Two conservatives backed out of participating in Joe Biden 's bipartisan commission analyzing potential changes to the U.S. Supreme Court, as other legal experts in the group accused a preliminary court reform draft of being partisan. The White House released its preliminary draft discussion materials Thursday evening, ahead of deliberations by the commission during a virtual hearing on Friday.

October 16: Fox News: U.S. Civil Rights Commission blasts AG Garland for his
attack on parents expressing their disfavor with non-responsive school boards

Four out of the eight members of the U.S Commission on Civil Rights have penned a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, chastising him for his recent memo regarding parents who protest school boards. "We write to express our concerns regarding a recent memorandum issued by your office," the four members wrote in the letter, questioning Garland's motive for issuing the memo which instructed the FBI to take the lead on a task force to address threats against school officials, including creating a centralized way to report such threats. "Your memorandum did not cite any specific examples of 'harassment, intimidation and threats of violence' that would provide any basis for law enforcement action by the Department," the letter read. "We are concerned that much of what the NSBA calls threats and acts of intimidation—and compares to "domestic terrorism and hate crimes"—can be merely classified as political speech."

October 8 (discovered story on October 16): The (Hudson Valley, NY) River: Upstate dairy
farms are facing an uncertain future

As the dairy industry looks west to large commercial firms, small-scale farmers in the Northeast are faced with an ultimatum: go big or go home. Jay Sharkey, owner of The Farm at the End of the Lane in Greene County, NY was among more than 100 small dairy farmers in the Northeast to receive notice this summer that his creamery, Maple Hill, would no longer pick up his milk next year. That will leave Sharkey with nowhere to send the 1,000 pounds, or about 116 gallons, of milk his farm yields per day. Sharkey searched for other places to send his milk—"I contacted Horizon and they're not taking any milk; I contacted Organic Valley, they're not taking any milk"—but had no luck. Horizon Organic, which is owned by the multinational conglomerate Danone, announced at the end of August that 89 farms across the Northeast will be losing their contracts in August 2022.

October 15: The Daily Caller: Left wing members of VA School Board resign amid massive backlash from parents
Beth Barts, a prominent left-wing member of the Loudoun County School Board, announced her resignation from her position in a Facebook post Friday. In March, Barts was at the center of the recall effort to remove six school board members, who were accused of being part of an anti-racist Facebook group that allegedly created lists of parents who opposed Critical Race Theory (CRT) or who called for the reopening of schools for in-person learning. Loudoun County residents called for Barts' job in an August petition, which accused her of violating state and local policies by holding illegal meetings through email and on Facebook groups, exposing confidential information from closed school board sessions and using her personal social media account to discuss official business in private Facebook groups.

October 15: One America News Network: DeSantis: Biden is
trying to plunge people into destitution over mandates

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has taken aim at the Biden administration over its handling of the U.S. economy and coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, DeSantis derided Joe Biden's energy polices, warning he's veering away from making America energy independent. He said under President Donald Trump, America had a strong energy sector. But now, DeSantis said Biden is begging international organizations to lower the price of oil. DeSantis also reaffirmed he would not back down in his fight against the Biden administration's vaccine mandates. He claimed Biden's mandate, particularly the provisions forcing Medicaid and Medicare-linked hospitals and employers of more than 100 people to jab their staff, is illegal and unconstitutional.

October 15: The Washington Times: Pelosi and Schumer see support from
minorities and Blacks plummet

Support among Black voters and other minorities for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer is plummeting. Between April and September, Black support for Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer dropped from 50% to 39%, according to Pew Research polling data. Support among Black voters for Congress' overall Democratic leadership skidded from 82% to 59% in that same time frame.

October 14: One America News Network: FOIA'd documents show Attorney
General Garland's son-in-law benefits from Critical Race Theory

A new report suggested Joe Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland may have a conflict of interest over critical race theory. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by America First Legal has revealed Garland's daughter is married to Xan Tanner, who holds a top position at Panorama Education. The company he works for received $16 million from Facebook in 2017 to promote critical race theory and gender ideology programs in schools. This comes after Garland's Department of Justice suggested parents who oppose such teachings in public schools are engaging in "domestic terrorism." America First Legal said these ties raise ethical concerns in the DOJ to advance far-left propaganda for financial gain. "AG Garland ordered the DOJ to use its vast national security powers to target parents who object to critical race theory being forced onto innocent children. It is therefore exceptionally urgent that the Department disclose all records pertaining to the Garland family's financial interest in critical race theory and any and all ethical conflicts that arise from that financial interest," said Stephen Miller, America First Legal founder.

October 14: The Washington Times: Far left Dems plan on purging moderates from
the party because they opposed the Biden $3.5 Trillion spending bill

The political impasse among Democrats over Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion social welfare and climate change bill has convinced liberals that the only way to advance their agenda is by purging moderates and taking over the party. Although some on the far left have long held this view, many say the intransigence of moderate Democrats on Biden's spending agenda has hardened their resolve. "A lot of activists and donors who never thought about primaries are now understanding that it really matters whether we have a corporate-aligned Democrat or a bold progressive in these seats," said Adam Green, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

October 14: Breitbart News: Sinema (D-AZ) privately told Democrats she will not support the reconciliation bill before the infrastructure bill
Despite the intense pressure campaign, Senator Sinema has reportedly told Democrats in the House that she will not support Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion plan prior to passing the waiting bipartisan infrastructure bill. "In an online meeting, Sinema and fellow Senate moderate Joe Manchin said they would not abide by any deadlines adopted by leadership to force votes on the package," it was reported. "Congress already faces a pair of critical deadlines around Dec. 3, when the government faces the risk of shutdown and a historic debt default."

October 13: The Washington Examiner: Arizona senate liaison says there are more important findings from the forensic audit that should be forthcoming shortly
Two and a half weeks after Cyber Ninjas and its subcontractors released their findings to the public, making headlines for showing no proof of fraud that former President Donald Trump and his allies claim to have cost him the November contest in Arizona, a member of the team said there are still results to produce.

October 13: Fox News: Capitol police officer shot unarmed Babbitt on Jan. 6,
internal documents reveal

More than 500 pages of internal documents from DC Metropolitan Police concerning the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol on Jan. 6 reveal witness accounts stating she was not holding a weapon at the time of her death and how "upset" the officer was after shooting her. "These previously secret records show there was no good reason to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt," stated Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, which obtained the documents through a May 2021 FOIA lawsuit. "The Biden-Garland Justice Department and the Pelosi Congress have much to answer for the over the mishandling and cover-up of this scandalous killing of an American citizen by the U.S. Capitol Police."

October 13: We the people news: This is what civil disobedience looks like
in the US

There is a feeling of disquiet in the air in America. Our government thinks they get to determine if we have Thanksgiving or Christmas with our families. Our military has ended an American promise that no one is left behind by unilaterally leaving Afghanistan, deliberately leaving thousands of Americans and our allies behind. Millions of jobs are open, while millions remain on the unemployment rolls. The Biden Justice Department has declared that parents attending school board meetings are domestic violence threats. Airline schedules seem to be little more than wish lists as air traffic controllers and pilots are making individual protests against the Biden vaccine mandate which threatens the jobs of thousands of these trained professionals. . So what's happening here? It is a civil disobedience being put into action by those who contribute to modern civilization. When this happens through thousands of independent decisions by people in the transportation sector who no longer are willing to provide their consent to be governed, it causes major disruptions. In 2021 America, we are seeing people being threaten with losing their livelihood if they choose to not be vaccinated or refuse to show proof of vaccination.

Southwest Airlines Jet in flight with mountains in the backgroundOctober 12: AG.com: Southwest Airlines CEO changes course; no employees will be fired for not getting vaccinated
During an interview with ABC News, Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, walked back an earlier decision and said no employees will be fired over the company's vaccine mandate. Originally he had said all 56,000 U.S. Southwest employees needed to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 24, or face termination. Kelly also said the vaccine mandate is "very controversial," and not something he wanted for his company. "This is a government mandate, it's a presidential order, and we're doing our best to comply with that according to the deadlines that have been set," Kelly said.

October 12: The Epoch Times: Elected officials sue Oregon over gerrymandering
A group of former Oregon elected officials filed a suit on Monday with the state court in an attempt to block the Democrats' new redistricting maps, which the GOP alleges violate the state's constitution. The plaintiffs include a former secretary of state, two legislators, and a mayor of a small town. Their lawsuit argues that the new map of 6 congressional districts, is a partisan gerrymander that favors Democrats and violates Oregon laws. "The Oregon Constitution also prohibits partisan gerrymandering through its multiple provisions protecting voters' rights to participate in the political process, express political view, affiliate or support a political party, and cast a vote," the petition filed with the court states. The Democrat majority in the Oregon legislature was able to push through the new maps in September, after the Oregon legislature's Speaker of the House, Tina Kotek, created a special committee tasked with drawing the lines for the new congressional districts. Governor Kate Brown, also a Democrat signed the new maps into law.

October 12: One America News Network: White House targets Texas and Florida
over policies prohibiting the mandating of getting vaccine

The Biden administration has targeted the governors of Florida and Texas for banning questionable vaccine mandates in their states. On Tuesday, Biden's officials accused Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) of "putting politics ahead of public health" by outlawing vaccine mandates. The White House also attempted to stir up COVID-19 fears to justify its mandates. Earlier this week, Abbott signed an executive order banning forced vaccinations by any entity in Texas, while DeSantis made a similar decision. Biden believes that federal law trumps state laws. But wait a minute, doesn't the federal government (the United States) get its power and authority from the states? If we remember our history correctly it was the states that came together to create the federal government and to place restrictions on its authority.

October 12: The Epoch Times: Missouri hospital warns of staff shortages if
vaccines are mandated for healthcare workers

The CEO of a hospital system in rural southeastern Missouri warned that Joe Biden'[s announced COVID-19 vaccine mandate for most healthcare workers could trigger significant staffing shortages. "Our reality is we need staff to work. And in return for your working, we're not going to ask you to get a vaccine mandate," Scotland County Hospital CEO Randy Tobler said. About 60% of his workers have taken the "jab," he estimated. "There were people in the hospital that freely shared that if the vaccine mandate happened on our account or on anyone else's, they would not work here. That's just something they weren't going to put in their body." Noting that he's lost about 18 percent of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tobler said he cannot afford to mandate vaccines that would alienate even more staff. The mandate, he said, won't make the nurses want to get vaccinated but will instead prompt them to quit.

October 12: The Daily Caller: Top Dem from KY retiring
as he faces tough reelection bid

Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky, the chair of the House Budget Committee, announced Tuesday that he will forgo running for re-election. Yarmuth, first elected in 2007 and the only Democrat in Kentucky's congressional delegation, has been a central player in helping to craft President Joe Biden's multitrillion-dollar budget bill. His retirement comes just over a year before the 2022 midterms, a potentially difficult cycle for Democrats who seek to defend their slim House majority. "It's been an incredible journey since my first campaign in 2006 until now," Yarmuth said. "I will continue to fight for Louisville in Washington for another 15 months, and then, I will retire from Congress." In an accompanying video, Yarmuth, 73, said that he never planned to stay in Congress for more than 10 years and that he wanted to spend more time with his family.

October 11: NewsMax: Poll; 56% of voters believe cheating tainted
Biden's 2020 victory

A majority of likely voters believe cheating tainted Joe Biden's victory over former President Donald Trump in last year's election, a new Rasmussen Reports survey found. A total of 56% of respondents are convinced "it's likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election," the poll shows and that includes 41% who said it was "very likely" while 39% said it wasn't likely the election was affected by cheating. The latest results show a 5% increase. A whopping 84% of Republican voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that cheating affected the outcome of the November election. Unaffiliated voters (54%) and Democrats (32%) were less inclined to think that. The latest Rasmussen survey also found that 65% of likely voters believe that wider use of mail-in voting will lead to more cheating in elections, including 51% who say it's "very likely." Most Democrats (67%) think mail-voting becoming permanent is a good policy while 73% of Republicans and 53% of unaffiliated voters think permanent vote-by-mail is a bad policy.

October 11: The Epoch Times: Texas Governor bans vaccine mandates
by entities

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday issued an executive order that bans vaccine mandates "by any entity," including private employers, in the state. "The COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and our best defense against the virus, but should remain voluntary and never forced," Abbott said in a statement upon issuing the order. The order says "No entity in Texas can compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19." "I hereby suspend all relevant statutes to the extent necessary to enforce this prohibition," Abbott wrote in the order. He also added to the legislature's special session a request for legislation to codify his executive order.

October 9: United Press International: U.S. 5th Circuit allows temporary
resumption of the Texas "Heartbeat" law

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals late Friday temporarily allowed Texas' "Heartbeat" law – termed by pro-abortionists as the strictest in the nation -- to again be enforced after freezing an Obama appointed federal judge's temporary blocking of the law. The state appealed the order just two days after it was issued. A panel of 5th Circuit justices restored enforcement of the law hours after Texas asked the court to step into a lawsuit that the U.S. Justice Department filed against the state. Enforcement of the law will be allowed to continue until at least Tuesday, when a response from the Justice Department is due. After the court considers arguments from both sides, the court can decide whether to continue allowing enforcement of the law or allow a lower court to once again temporarily block it.

October 9: Fox Business: Michigan Governor on the hot seat after Ford announces plans to open electronic vehicle plant in either Tennessee or Kentucky
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has come under fire recently after Ford announced it will open electric vehicle and battery plants in Tennessee and Kentucky because Michigan didn't meet the criteria for the company's new campuses. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) said the decision "leaves a lot of questions." "Why was the governor not aware of Ford's desires to expand and build an EV plant that would provide, as we see right now, over [11,000] jobs?" Walberg asked. "How did this happen under Gov. Whitmer's watch, especially in a time when Michigan, because of lockdowns ... has been challenged economically, and we need to encourage people to stay in the state, to come to the state and expand in the state?" Ford CEO Jim Farley cited "unique sites" in Kentucky and Tennessee "that were large, shovel ready with many other advantages." "If a MI site had met our criteria, we know the state & DTE would have worked extremely hard to make a competitive bid," Farley said last month.

October 9: One America News Network: WI group suing five mayors and
cities for giving preferential voting to people likely to support Dems

The Thomas Moore Society's attorney (Erick Kaardal) is suing five cities and their mayors for granting preferential voting treatment to voters in areas that typically vote Democrat verses other areas of the state that vote for Republicans. Kaardal contends that this is unequal treatment and is a violation of the Constitution. The Obama Administration won a case that said it is an infraction against the equal protecting laws when one subset of voters is favored over another, just like it is an infraction if one subset of voters is suppressed. Kaardal further contends that each of the mayors has violated not only the equal protection clause but also state law.

October 9: Breitbart News: Biden to cancel federal border wall in Texas
DHS plans to terminate all remaining border wall projects in the Border Patrol Laredo and Rio Grande sectors of Texas. The projects have been paused since January as directed by Joe Biden. The decision brings finality to all the remaining border wall projects in South Texas as Texas considers erecting its own fences. In the Friday announcement, DHS said it will begin initial preparations to conduct environmental site work and stakeholder outreach on other Congressionally approved border wall projects that the administration cannot cancel unilaterally. The administration promises not to construct any new border barrier systems or execute permanent land acquisition related to these projects.

October 9: The Washington Examiner: Pilot's union to American Airlines; reconsider you decision to fire unvaccinated employees — could impact ability to offer flights
The union representing pilots for American Airlines warned the company could face a staffing shortage ahead of the busy holiday travel season if it implements a stringent COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The Allied Pilots Association requested that American Airlines find "alternate means of compliance with the Executive Order be made available for professional pilots" so as not to prompt mass firings and unpaid leave following Joe Biden's September announcement mandating large employers to require vaccinations or weekly testing.

October 8: The Daily Caller: U.S. Coast Guard's elite rescue teams face mass
exodus over COVID-19 mandate

One of the most exclusive units of the United States Armed Forces is at risk of facing a mass exodus over the DHS COVID-19 vaccine mandate, a recently-retired member said. At least 60 of the Coast Guard's 340 elite Aviation Survival Technicians – better known as helicopter rescue swimmers – are seeking exemptions from the vaccine mandate, retired rescue swimmer David Kroll contended in an exclusive interview. The Coast Guard is already short on rescue swimmers, Kroll said, and a loss of dozens more would threaten the effectiveness and stability of the force. He said the Coast Guard is already at least 20-30 swimmers short of where it would like to be, and ideally would have about 380 active swimmers. Additionally, there are at least 30 of the Coast Guard's 800 rescue pilots who are seeking exemptions. It is unclear whether they will be granted exemptions and, if so, in a timely manner.

Senator Manchin, who brokered compromise with McConnell, holds his head in his hands as Schumer blasts McConnell and the GOPOctober 8: CNN: Joe Manchin (D-WVA) who brokered the debt limit deal with Republicans holds his head in his hands in dismay as Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blasts GOP
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) sided with Senate Republicans in strongly disapproving of a fiery, partisan speech by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Thursday night before a vote to raise the debt ceiling by $480 billion. Schumer, seemingly unable to be grateful for the help of eleven Republicans, lashed out with such vitriol that it took both Democrats and Republicans by surprise. The eleven GOP senators voted to increase the debt ceiling by an amount certain for two months, thereby giving the Democrats an additional window of opportunity to work out a bipartisan compromise. Apparently, the Senate Democrat leader is not willing to take the high road which may come back to bite him in the long run.

October 8: The Daily Signal: AG Garland's threatening memo comes with some
serious conflicts of interest; family members may profit from his threats

Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a threatening memo on Monday calling on the FBI to address "violent threats against school officials and teachers." It was an obvious shot at parents who oppose schools and school boards that promote woke ideology and critical race theory in classrooms that exploded this year. Not being widely reported is that Garland's son-in-law is the co-founder of Panorama Education, a company that works with school boards to promote "culturally responsive training" and other ideas associated with critical race theory. According to a non-profit education watchdog group Panorama received a $1.8 million contract to conduct "social and emotional learning" monitoring in Fairfax County Public Schools that collected data on students. Fairfax County has been a battleground for debates between parents and the local school board on issues such as teaching Critical Race Theory. Note the last word "Theory," which means it is an idea and not proven. Garland's memo was released with no actual evidence of crimes committed, only vague references to a "rise in criminal conduct." If anything, there have been more cases of those promoting critical race theory who've made public threats. In July, Michelle Leete, vice president of communications for the Virginia state PTA and first vice president of the Fairfax County NAACP yelled out to a pro-critical race theory crowd that opponents of their ideas should "die." Let them die. Don't let these uncomfortable people deter us from our bold march forward. However, this rhetoric was met with applause and not a hit of a federal investigation! The Garland memo solidifies the trend of weaponizing agencies to target and threaten political foes. It's a tactic that was used under Joe Biden's former boss (Obama).

October 8: The Washington Free Beacon: VA Dem. Gubernatorial candidate
received $200K donation from a registered foreign agent

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe raked in a $200,000 donation from a registered foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates, according to campaign finance and lobbying disclosure records. [It is illegal to receive and use funds from foreign nationals.] The August donation came from Terakeet, a digital marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization cofounded by a McAuliffe adviser. The company registered as a foreign agent for the UAE last year as part of a larger campaign to rehabilitate the country's image. Activist groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have accused the country of committing war crimes and targeting civilians in airstrikes while leading a military coalition with Saudi Arabia in Yemen. The Terakeet donation comes as McAuliffe's links to foreign money and lobbying activities are under increased scrutiny. It was reported last week that McAuliffe recently a $350,000 contribution from a company owned by a Sri Lankan-British national—whose businesses are at the center of a money laundering case in France—in a potential violation of federal campaign finance laws.

October 7: One American News Network: McConnell's debt limit compromise
accepted by Dems; pushes can down the road until early December

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced an agreement on the debt ceiling. While speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, the New York lawmaker confirmed a deal has been reached to extend the limit through early December. He hopes they can "get this done" as early as Thursday. The agreement would increase the debt limit by $480 billion, which is what the Treasury Department has said is the amount needed to fund existing debt. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) proposed the "fixed dollar amount" extension on Wednesday. The Kentucky lawmaker said Democrats would still need to use reconciliation for a long-term hike unless they abandon their "reckless" spending plans.

October 7: Fox News:

McConnell tells Biden the GOP will not vote again to
pull their fat out of the fire

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has informed Joe Biden that he, along with other Republican senators, will not vote to raise the debt ceiling in December should Democrats face "another 'avoidable' crisis." "Last night, Republicans filled the leadership vacuum that has troubled the Senate since January," McConnell said in a letter to Biden, referencing the vote taken to increase and extend the debt limit through early December, in which eleven GOP senators voted in favor. "I write to inform you that I will not provide such assistance again if your all-Democrat government drifts into another avoidable crisis." Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) had "three months' notice to handle one of his most basic governing duties," McConnell wrote. "Amazingly, even this proved to be asking too much [for them]," McConnell concluded. "Your lieutenants on Capitol Hill now have the time they claimed they lacked to address the debt ceiling through standalone reconciliation, and all the tools to do it," he continued. "They cannot invent another crisis and ask for my help."

October 7: The Washington Times: Biden "painted into a corner" as
"get tough" policy with Russia falls flat on its face

A bipartisan push on Capitol Hill to force the White House to expel hundreds of Russian diplomats has backed President Biden into a corner, fueling doubts about his promise to get tough on the Kremlin and raising questions about whether the U.S. has squandered leverage to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Lawmakers are pressing Biden to retaliate diplomatically after Russia virtually banned the U.S. Embassy in Moscow from hiring Russian and third-country employees, forcing the American outpost to let go of more than 180 staffers. The unusually aggressive step underscored how far relations between the Cold War adversaries have fallen. The lack of a strong response from Washington has given fresh fuel to critics who say Mr. Biden hasn't kept his campaign promise to crack down on Mr. Putin and dissuade Moscow from needling the U.S. whenever and wherever possible. Democrats in the 2020 campaign sharply criticized President Trump for what they said were repeated failures to hold Mr. Putin to account.

October 7: Fox News: VA School Board sues parents for receiving
documents they mistakenly released under a FOIA request

A Virginia school board is suing two mothers, arguing that documents "inadvertently and mistakenly" released through a Freedom of Information Act request and shared online included confidential information. The Goldwater Institute on Thursday filed a motion with a Virginia judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Fairfax County School Board against Debra Tisler, who obtained documents from the board through a Freedom of Information Act request, and Callie Oettinger, who shared the redacted documents on her website.

October 7: Fox News: Be careful what you say,
it may come back to bite you! Dems supporting the defund police movement try to back away from their support

A new video dropped by the Republican National Committee (RNC) highlights Democrat officials' support for defunding the police as the Democrat Party tries to back away from the idea. The RNC took aim at prominent Democrat lawmakers ranging from "Squad" leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) publishing 7 straight minutes of Democrats echoing talking points of the "defund the police" movement. One example: "…only by completely dismantling that system and rebuilding it intentionally with the community members at the table do you have any hope of getting it right," said Beto O'Rouke (D-TX). The new video, entitled "7 Minutes of Democrats Saying Defund The Police," comes as the Democrats desperately try to move away from the rhetoric as crime spikes around the country. The party's attempts to distance themselves from the defund the police movement, however, were put in further jeopardy after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) hired new top employees with a history of pushing defund the police rhetoric.

October 7: The Epoch Times: VA judge hands victory to parents seeking
to recall school board members

A Virginia-based parent group attempting to oust five Loudoun County School Board members was given a win after a Loudoun County Circuit Court judge ruled Tuesday in favor of the organization's recall petition against a board member who sought to dismiss it. On Tuesday, a judge denied Loudoun County school board member Beth Barts' motion to dismiss the case and also removed Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Buta Biberaj from the case. The group Fight For Schools and others have alleged that Barts was involved in a private Facebook group that violated the School Board's Code of Conduct and other laws after members allegedly tried to attempt to reveal private information about parents and opponents. Ian Prior, who is involved in the charge to remove Barts from the school board, said he is pleased with the judge's decision on Tuesday.

October 6: The Epoch Times: McConnell offers to help Democrats suspend the debt limit (at a fixed amount and without progressive's additions) through December, giving Dems plenty of time to act in a bipartisan manner
Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R-KY) on Wednesday proposed a deal with Democrats that would help them suspend the debt ceiling before the United States defaults. McConnell in a statement said Republicans would help Democrats expedite the process known as reconciliation to address the debt limit. He also said the GOP would let Democrats pass an emergency debt limit extension at a fixed dollar amount, which would cover current spending levels into December. "This will moot Democrats' excuses about the time crunch they created and give the unified Democratic government more than enough time to pass standalone debt limit legislation through reconciliation," he said. "Alternatively, if Democrats abandon their efforts to ram through another historically reckless taxing and spending spree that will hurt families and help China, a more traditional bipartisan governing conversation could be possible."

October 6: News Max: Billionaire donates 98% of cost of border wall for Texas
Billionaire Timothy Mellon has contributed nearly 98% of the donations to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's $54 million border wall fund, The Texas Tribune reported on Wednesday. Mellon, who is based in Wyoming and the grandson of banking tycoon and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, donated $53.1 million in stock to Texas in August, according to public records. Before Mellon's donation, Abbott's private fundraising campaign, which started in June, had raised only about $1.25 million in its first two months.

October 6: The Epoch Times: Households brace for higher heating costs
as gas prices soar – Part of Biden plan to move to renewable energy?

The relentless rise in natural gas prices continued on Wednesday, highlighting the looming threat to American households bracing for higher heating costs in the event of a harsh winter. In October natural gas prices have gone up over 9% reaching their highest level since 2008. This is still better than Europe and Asia where prices have more than tripled this year. The problem, apparently, is not the lack of natural gas in the U.S. [the U.S. has plenty] but decisions by the Administration to limit the reliance on fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy. Storage of gas in Russia is low, in part because of the arrival of an early winter; thereby draining resources. In some cases, factories in continental Europe have shutdown with reverberations in food production in the United Kingdom.

October 5: The Daily Caller: Senators pepper Deputy AG about how
DOJ views American parents who protest at school board meetings

Senators repeatedly questioned Deputy Attorney General (AG) Lisa Monaco about a memorandum written by AG Merrick Garland regarding law enforcement responses to alleged harassment toward public education officials. Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) repeatedly quizzed Monaco about the memo, which was sent to law enforcement officers and district attorneys Monday night. Garland wrote that the Justice Department "is committed to using its authority and resources to discourage … harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff." The Senators asked if DOJ was suggesting that parents protesting at school board meetings that their kids were being indoctrinated and that school boards called recesses in their meetings because they were confronted by parents fit within the AG's definition of harassment and intimidation.

October 5: Fox Business: Manchin (D-WVA) softening his position, may be
willing to spend more than $1.5 Trillion

Senator Joe Manchin, said Tuesday he is open to a social spending bill larger than $1.5 trillion, signaling the possibility that the moderate Democrat could soften his stance on the topline number following days of tense negotiations on President Biden's signature piece of legislation. "I'm not ruling anything out, but the bottom line is, I want to make sure that we're strategic, we do the right job and we don't basically add more to the concerns that we have right now," Manchin told reporters. October 5: Fox News: Senator's wife angry that those who have harassed her and her husband face no charges while Kelley Paul, wife of Ron Paul slammed the lack of accountability faced by mobs and violent thugs who have threatened her family. She tweeted about the time a "Republican-hating woman" called Sen. Paul's office, threatening to shoot his entire staff and, she just learned, the perp will not be charged. She also noted that nobody is being charged for when she an her husband were attacked by a mob as they made their way back to a hotel after attending an acceptance speech by President Trump at the White House. She noted further that neither did anyone face charges for fake anthrax and death threats being sent to their home, she said. But now, she continued, people who "express indignation at a school board meeting" about Critical Race Theory or mask mandates will be the target of the Biden administration. No wonder Kelly Paul is angry!

October 5: The Washington Times: Because the GOP won't help the Dems get
rid of the debt ceiling, Schumer is considering getting rid of the filibuster

Seasoned Democrats warned former Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) that it was unwise to get rid of the availability to filibuster judicial appointments. He didn't listen, and it came back to bite them when the Republicans took control of the Senate. As a result President Trump had little problem getting his judicial appointment approved. Now, since the Republicans are saying they are not going to help the Democrats increase, or get rid of, the debt ceiling, they are considering following in Harry Reid's footsteps. At the center of the controversy is that the Dems want to spend, spend, spend trillions upon trillions of dollars and the Republicans are saying you've spent enough! A few lawmakers propose a change in the Senate rules specifying that the filibuster, a 60-vote threshold needed to cut off debate on a piece of legislation, does not apply to the debt ceiling. Instead, Democrats say, any rise in the debt ceiling should require only a simple majority of 51 votes. For such a carve out to be enacted all 50 Senate Democrats would need to back the change. At the moment, the proposal has only garnered the backing of a handful of lawmakers.

October 4: One America News Network: Debt ceiling and battle over
what will happen with the U.S. economy heats up

The debate has heated up in the upper chamber as senators from both sides sparred over the debt ceiling. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took aim at each another amid the battle over who had control over the U.S. economy. Schumer pointed his finger at Republicans blaming them for the legislature's in ability to fund the government at the start of the fiscal year (October 1st). He went on to threaten and then blame the GOP for stopping social security and veteran payments. [Every notice how the Dems threaten and make this a political tool when they cannot get their own way?] However, McConnell pointed out Democrats were having a tough time passing their agenda, despite controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House. "This unified Democratic government is having trouble governing. It couldn't even pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which the president negotiated and the Speaker of the House promised it would pass last week," he expressed. "The majority needs to stop sleepwalking toward yet another preventable crisis. Democrats need to tackle the debt limit. We gave them a roadmap and three months' notice. I suggest that our colleagues get moving." McConnell suggested.

October 4: Fox News: DOJ launching campaign to bully and threaten
parents speaking out to school boards that aren't listening

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is launching an effort to combat what it said is an "increase" in "threats of violence" against school officials and teachers across the country. The effort is being led by Attorney General Garland who is ignoring the rights of parents to testify and speak out about issues impacting their children and their children's education. In doing so he has directed the FBI and U.S. attorney's offices to hold meetings with federal, state and local law enforcement leaders in the next 30 days, during which they will discuss ways to combat what the DOJ called a "disturbing trend" of harassment and threats against school officials. Critics point out he is forgetting the first amendment that prohibits the federal government from restricting citizen's rights "to petition the Government for the redress of grievances." [Thank God this guy never made it to the Supreme Court bench!] They say that Garland and the Biden Administration is attempting to bully parents. The DOJ will also be launching a task force aimed at addressing the issue, while attempting to determine how the federal government could use its powers to prosecute crimes and to assist local law enforcement in incidents that are not federal crimes. Specialized training will also be made available for local school boards and administrators to assist them in recognizing behaviors that constitute a threat, as well as helping them report the incidents to appropriate law enforcement agencies while preserving evidence to assist in the prosecution of crimes.

October 4: Fox News: Liberals and progressives confront and threaten an Arizona Senator in an attempt to harass and bully her into voting the way they want
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was confronted at an airport, in a restroom, and on an airplane by progressives who demanded to know why she is refusing to support a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens and Biden's $3.5 trillion socialistic wish list (the budget reconciliation bill that is packed with substantive policy issues as opposed to only items that impact the budget).

October 3: Fox News: McConnell accuses Dem leadership of letting the
left wing of their party defeat a bipartisan infrastructure bill

Senate Republican Leader McConnell (R-KY) on Saturday accused Democratic leadership of "letting the radical left run Capitol Hill" after a bipartisan infrastructure bill stalled in the House amid demands from the far-left wing of the Democratic caucus that a $3.5 trillion spending package be passed first. "Socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) rallied against the Administration's infrastructure bill and defeated it. With Americans already suffering the worst inflation in 30 years, Democrats have taken our roads, bridges, ports, airports, and waterways hostage to ram through an historically reckless taxing and spending spree that would hurt families and help China," McConnell said. The vote on the bipartisan legislation in the House, which had previously passed the Senate, was delayed on Friday after the progressive wing of the Democratic caucus refused to back the bill until the separate reconciliation bill -- packed with left-wing agenda items on issues like the social safety net and tackling climate change -- was passed.

October 2: One America News Network: Taiwan angered by
Communist Chinese air force incursions

Taiwan sharply criticized China on Saturday after Beijing marked the founding of the People's Republic of China with the largest ever incursion by the Chinese air force into the island's air defense zone. Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained for a year or more of repeated missions by China's air force near the democratically governed island, often in the southwestern part of its air defense zone close to the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands. Taiwanese fighters scrambled against 38 Chinese aircraft in two waves on Friday, the Taiwan Defense Ministry said. It said Taiwan sent combat aircraft to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them. "China has been wantonly engaged in military aggression, damaging regional peace," Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang told reporters on Saturday morning. The first wave of incursions comprised 18 J-16 and four Su-30 fighter jets plus two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and an anti-submarine aircraft, while the second had 10 J-16s, 2 H-6s and an early warning aircraft, the ministry said. The first batch of Chinese aircraft all flew in an area close to the Pratas Islands, with the two bombers flying closest to the atoll, according to a map issued by the ministry.

October 1: Fox News: Sotomayer of SCOTUS denies NYC teachers'
plea to block vaccine mandate

SCOTUS Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to block a New York City requirement mandating that public school teachers and employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Sotomayor, appointed to the court by President Obama in 2009, denied a challenge from New York City teachers who were attempting to halt a mandate instructing them to be vaccinated by the end of the day October 1 or be placed on unpaid leave until September 2022.

October 1: Breitbart News: Biden Desperate; To House Democrats; vote
for trillions in spending or the January 6th "rioters" win

Joe Biden has sought to motivate Democrats on Capitol Hill to vote for his multi-trillion-dollar spending bills by warning them that if the bills fail, those who supported the Capitol "riot" on January 6th will celebrate a political victory. One bill is a bipartisan $1.2 trillion "infrastructure" bill (most of which doesn't targets traditional infrastructure). The other is a $3.5 trillion catch-all spending bill that includes Democrats' most radical priorities, and which Biden has recently linked to his "Build Back Better" policy agenda. It can only pass the Senate through the so-called "reconciliation" process, which has been abused by recent Democratic administrations to evade the Senate's filibuster rule. Biden, who recently appointed an alleged domestic terrorist to his Cabinet with the conformation of Tracy Stone-Manning to lead the Bureau of Land Management on Thursday, referred to the January 6 riot in private meetings with Democrats.

September 30: The Washington Times: Pelosi delays $1.2 Trillion
infrastructure bill for second time

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) threw in the towel on getting the Thursday floor vote that she had hoped would deliver a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to Joe Biden. In a "Dear Colleague" letter, Pelosi acknowledged that "Discussions continue with the House, Senate and White House to reach a bicameral framework agreement to Build Back Better through a reconciliation bill." The bill, which Pelosi originally planned to bring to the floor Monday but moved to Thursday, could not attract enough support from Congressional progressives, who demanded the legislation be paired with Mr. Biden's $3.5 trillion social welfare package.

September 30: Fox News: California Governor signs "reform" bill
opposed by law enforcement

California Gov. Newsom signed a series of police reform bills Thursday to address so-called law enforcement misconduct. The law would strip officers of their badges for a range of incidents, among other measures. During his remarks, California Attorney General Rob Bonta said there is a "crisis of trust" when it comes to law enforcement. "We're delivering concrete solutions from banning dangerous holds that lead to asphyxia to multiple other mechanisms that improve accountability and oversight and transparency," he said. But more than three dozen groups representing police officers opposed the legislation, claiming it subjects law enforcement officers to double jeopardy with vague definitions of wrongdoing and calls for the use of an oversight panel that would potentially be biased and lacking in expertise about law enforcement. [Stand by; what are the chances that because of this law police officers will retire early or seek employment in other states? Time will tell.]

September 30: The Epoch Times: Voters in Seattle get to decide
whether socialist councilwoman is to remain in office

The effort to recall Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant is set to be certified. "There's a sufficient number of signatures" for the recall petition to be certified, Kendall Hodson, chief of staff for King County Elections reported Thursday. Election workers were working on finalizing details of the petition but had already confirmed 105 percent of the signature threshold in preparation for any court challenges. Critics say she should be recalled because she misused resources to promote a ballot initiative last year and allegedly misused her position when she let hundreds of people into City Hall after hours. They also say she violated the state's confidential program by leading a march to the home of Mayor Jenny Durkan, a Democrat. Washington state's Constitution allows recalls for an official who "has committed some act or acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office, or who has violated their oath of office." A King County judge said last year that four of the six allegations outlined by recall organizers were legally sufficient and a subsequent appeal to the Washington state Supreme Court was rejected.

September 30: The Daily Caller:GOP points out marriage penalties in
Democrat spending bill

Over thirty GOP senators criticized the Democrats' reconciliation bill Thursday for including "marriage penalties" in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden. "Current marriage penalties occur when a household's overall tax bill increases due to a couple marrying and filing taxes jointly," the letter explained. "A number of other federal programs, such as Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, ad Section 8 housing assistance, also create marriage penalties by eliminating or reducing benefits for couples who marry," they said. The letter explains that the reconciliation bill could nearly double the $1,578 "marriage penalty" for a couple. If, for example, one spouse earns $12,000 and while another earns $30,000, additional taxes imposed on the hypothetical couple for getting married would consume more than 6% of their annual earnings, the letter stated.

September 29: The Epoch Times: Dem. Gubernatorial candidate says
parents shouldn't have a voice in what public schools teach

Virginia's Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe argued that parents should not tell schools what to teach, during the final debate before the upcoming Nov. 2 election. The remark by McAuliffe, who served as governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018, came after Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin said he believes that parents should be given more say in the decisions of local school districts, including what kind of books their children are exposed to at school. "What we've seen over the course of this last 20 months is our school systems refusing to engage with parents," Youngkin said. "In fact, in Fairfax County this past week, we watched parents so upset because there was such sexually explicit material in the library they had never seen, it was shocking." This issue comes as some school boards are limiting access to their meetings and the Department of Justice is suggesting the FBI should be looking at the behavior of parents in school board meetings and whether any laws are being violated.

September 29: Fox Business: Manchin stares down Biden, Democrat leaders, declaring he will not support trillions in spending
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) said Wednesday that he would not support "spending trillions more" on social programs, highlighting an ongoing dispute between the moderate Democrat and party leaders that threatens to derail negotiations on President Biden's $3.5 trillion spending bill. In a lengthy statement on the negotiations, Manchin said he has "made clear to [Joe Biden} and Democratic leaders" that it would be the "definition of fiscal insanity" to greenlight more spending despite funding shortages for social security and Medicare. Manchin also cited concerns about the potential impact to inflation and the shaky U.S. economic recovery. "While I am hopeful that common ground can be found that would result in another historic investment in our nation, I cannot – and will not - support trillions in spending or an all or nothing approach that ignores the brutal fiscal reality our nation faces," Manchin said. "There is a better way and I believe we can find it if we are willing to continue to negotiate in good faith."

September 29: Breitbart News: Meanwhile the House is in disarray with progressive Democrats saying they will not support the infrastructure bill; Thursday's vote may be pulled
Two Democrat Senators who are familiar with the House negotiations on the so called infrastructure bill claim there may not be enough votes for the House to pass the bill without an Republican support, even though the Democrats control the chamber. One source said there are "at least two-dozen progressives planning to vote 'no' on infrastructure without a separate vote on a larger social spending package." It looks like Speaker Pelosi will pull the bill instead of having it fail to pass due to a lack of support within her own caucus. Doing so will gut Joe Biden's so called "Build Back Better" agenda.

September 29: The Washington Examiner: Biden underwater in two polls in North Carolina and Texas
Joe Biden's plummeting approval rating is no secret, but the extent to which people have soured on his presidency is notable and worth keeping in mind when the 2022 midterm elections roll around. Two separate polls detail just how poorly Biden is performing. A Quinnipiac poll of Texans found that Biden's approval has dropped 24 points since June, down to 32%, with his disapproval growing to 61%. In other words, his net approval there went from -5 to -29. Meanwhile, a North Carolina poll from High Point University shows Biden 10 points underwater among adults. Biden only lost North Carolina in 2020 by a 49.9%-48.6% margin.

September 28: The Washington Examiner: White House confirms Biden turned down advice from the military on how to evacuate Afghanistan
White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Tuesday that Joe Biden turned down advice from two of his top military advisers about keeping military assets in Afghanistan during the U.S. troop withdrawal in August. "As [Joe Biden] told ABC, ending the war in Afghanistan was in our national interest," Psaki tweeted. "He said advice was split, but consensus of top military advisors was 2500 troops staying meant escalation due to deal by the previous admin. [Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin], the Chairman [of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley], and [U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. Frank McKenzie] all reiterated." Psaki declined to elaborate on the "private conversations" Joe Biden had with his advisers but reiterated that "regardless of the advice, it's his decision. … He makes decisions about that what's in the national interest, and he believed we should end the war." [Regardless of the consequences, such as leaving Americans behind enemy lines and leaving state of the art military hardware in the hands of the Taliban?]

September 28: The Daily Caller: Senator Cotton to SecDef and Joint
Chief: Were you asked about keeping troops in Afghanistan; were
your recommendations heeded; and if not, why didn't you resign?

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) the Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Milley about whether Joe Biden had been advised about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Within the limited time allotted, Cotton said, "It's a simple question, Secretary Austin. He [Joe Biden] said no senior military leader advised him to leave small troop presence behind. Is that true or not? Did these officers' and Gen. Milley's recommendations get to the president personally?" "Their input was received by the president and considered by the president for sure," Austin insisted. Then turning to Gen. Milley, Cotton said, "Gen. Milley, I can only conclude that your advice about staying in Afghanistan was rejected. I'm shocked to learn that your advice wasn't sought until August 25 on staying past the August 31 deadline," Continuing, Cotton said. "I understand that you're the principal military adviser, that you advise, you don't decide, the president decides. If all of this is true, Gen. Milley, why haven't you resigned?"

September 28: The Epoch Times: Florida sues Biden over release
of illegal aliens in their state

The Biden administration's repeated release of illegal immigrants has drawn a legal challenge from Florida's Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody who has sued the federal government over its "catch-and-release" policy, which has led to the freeing of over 225,000 illegal immigrants this year. The suit primarily concerns the treatment of immigrants seeking asylum, which is granted in cases where authorities rule they have a legitimate fear of persecution based on their race, religion, or several other reasons. The law requires the government to "detain the asylum seekers" until authorities rule on their case. But Biden has released at least 225,000 illegal immigrants, including asylum seekers, so far, according to Customs and Border Protection data. "Releasing this many arriving aliens into the interior necessarily means that the government is violating congressional commands in the immigration laws," the law suit states.

September 28: The Washington Times: New York Governor:
COVID-19 shots are from God! Really?

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) told a Brooklyn megachurch that vaccines against the COVID-19 virus come "from God to us," and appealed for "apostles" to spread the word among "less-smart" vaccine skeptics who she claimed are ignoring God. Speaking at the Christian Cultural Center, Hochul declared, "I prayed a lot to God during this time. God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers, He made them come up with a vaccine that is from God to us." "I know you're vaccinated, you're the smart ones," she continued. "But you know there are people out there who aren't listening to God, [to] what God wants. You know this! You know who they are," she continued. "I need you to be my apostles, I need you to go out and talk about it, and say, 'We owe this to each other,'" she concluded. [Regardless of how you feel about vaccines, whatever happened to people praying and asking the Lord what is best for them, personally, and then letting them make their own decision, without being pressured as to what should be put into their body?]

September 27: The Daily Caller: Biden arguments before the SCOTUS
On Nov. 3, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on a landmark Second Amendment case challenging New York's century-old law making it next-to impossible for the average citizen to obtain a permit to lawfully possess a handgun outside their home. The Biden administration last week filed a brief urging the High Court to dismiss the challenge to the law. One could conclude from the Administration's argument (which some say is absurd and laughable) that the United States is a nation founded on firearms restrictions rather than firearms freedom. Moreover, the DOJ lawyers are declaring that New York's highly prohibitory handgun permitting law is "most modest"! To this Justice Department, giving state bureaucrats near-absolute power to decide whether a law-abiding citizen may exercise his constitutionally guaranteed right to possess a handgun for self-defense "fits comfortably" within what the Department considers the long "history and tradition" of government regulation of weaponry.

September 27: The Washington Free Beacon: Dems "inflate"
resume ahead of critical Congressional race in Iowa

During Christina Bohannan's (D-IA) brief political career has put her experience as an "environmental engineer" front and center. "As a law professor, an environmental engineer and a mother, I believe I have the skills, energy and passion that Iowa City needs at this critical point in time," she wrote in May 2020. The problem is that she left out that the extent of her environmental engineering career was when she served as an intern over twenty years ago. She worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protections, but the highest rank she received was that of "engineering intern." This really would not be a problem, except for the fact that Bohannan is highlighting her environmental engineering experience as a major reason voters should vote for her.

September 27: One America News Network: Senator Scott (R-SC) says talks
over police reform collapsed over the issue of defunding the police

"When you tie funding losses [to police reform] you should expect an allergic reaction from me," Senator Tim Scott(R-SC) said on Face the Nation. "We have about a million dollars in grant money that goes to police. When you start to say, that in order to receive those dollars you must do A, B, and C… you lose eligibility for the two major pots of money… when you tell local law enforcement agencies that you are ineligible for money, that's defunding police." Scott said. "There's no other way to spin that," he contended. He concluded that if you want keep communities safe, you need to adequately fund the police.

September 26: Fox Business: FedEx employees are Fed Up! Say they won't deliver to homes of Biden, Harris, and BLM supporters
A former FedEx employee is out of a job after posting a rant on TikTok in which he vowed never to deliver packages to the homes of people who support, Joe Biden, Kamala Harria or Black Lives Matter. The employee posted a video while apparently seated in a FedEx delivery truck. "What's up TikTok," he said while wearing his FedEx uniform. "Just wanted to come on here and let all you know, [I]f you have a Joe Biden, Kamala …" Black Lives Matter flag I will not deliver your [package] "…I will bring that back to the station. And I'll keep doing that…"

September 26: The Washington Examiner: Israeli soldiers kill at least four Hamas terrorists in gun battle
Israeli troops killed at least four Hamas militants in gunfights on Sunday during raids against the terrorist group's cells in the occupied West Bank, according to Israeli military officials. Israeli army spokesman Lt. Col. Amnon Shefler said the country's forces were involved in a joint operation with the Shin Bet internal security agency and the Israel Border Police when they came under fire while carrying out arrests in the West Bank on Sunday. Shefler said the goal of the operation was to "stop a Hamas terrorist organization cell that is operating in Judea and Samaria with an intent to carry out terror attacks," referring to the West Bank by its biblical names.

September 26: The Washington Times: DHS admits approving DACA applications in violation of court order
Homeland Security's legal immigration agency has admitted to a judge that it approved new DACA applications despite the court's order halting that work. Tracy Renaud, who was acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at the time, said last week that it had just discovered two applications were approved as renewals, but in fact, they should have been treated as new applications and should have been blocked under Judge Andrew Hanen's July ruling. Those are in addition to nine other new applications found in late July that had been fully processed.

September 25: One America News Network: Arizona election auditors disclose Maricopa county election databases were wiped clean the day before the audit was to start
Cyber security contractors said an administrator account deleted the entire Maricopa County general election results the day before the audit began. Digital forensic auditors Ben Cotton and Doug Logan presented their findings to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann in Phoenix on Friday. In his technical analysis, CyFIR founder Ben Cotton maintained the EMS server was connected to the internet February 1 and SQL logs indicated election records were wiped that day right before two audits were due to begin on February 2. "Almost the same time exactly. Obviously, this requires an explanation," he contended. Cyber Ninjas founder Doug Logan confirmed this finding of the forensic audit. Logan went on to explained, "some individual went into an application and they chose specifically to run something that would clear all records in the system that was used to generate the official results, the day before an audit started."

September 25: The Washington Times: Herschel Walker debuts pro-America
campaign for the U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker made his on-stage debut with former President Donald Trump on Saturday, embracing his pro-America agenda. Mr. Walker, an ex-NFL player who frequents Fox News, promoted unity and called on Georgians to reject narratives that say the country is racist. "Don't let the Left try to fool you with this racism thing, that this country is racist, this is the worst country in the world because it's not," Mr. Walker, who is Black, said in his speech.

September 25: The Washington Examiner: VA Governor's race heating up,
harbinger for mid-term elections
Republican Glenn Youngkin is surging in the Virginia governor's race as Joe Biden's job approval ratings tumble, forecasting a brutal 2022 for Democrats across the country absent a major political turnaround. Youngkin, a private equity investor, and former Gov. McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee, are neck and neck in Virginia in recent polling six weeks before Election Day. Youngkin actually led by 5 percentage points in one mid-September survey, and Republican insiders privy to private polling said the data was not far off from what they are seeing in other internal assessments. Simultaneously, Biden's job approval ratings are now underwater , especially among crucial independent voters. To be sure, there are several factors influencing the Youngkin-McAuliffe campaign. But Republicans say their ace in the hole is Biden's newly precarious standing, and that is what should concern Democrats elsewhere. A Republican victory in Virginia, a Democratic-leaning state where Biden defeated former President Donald Trump by more than 10 points just one year ago, would be a political earthquake, setting the tone for major GOP gains in next year's midterm elections.

September 24: The Epoch Times: Arizona election audit confirms Biden win but says there are tens of thousands of votes that cannot be verified with only a 9,000 vote margin of victory
A report from auditors who reviewed Arizona's most populous county's 2020 election results confirmed that Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump but said there were numerous errors, adding that local election officials refused to comply with their investigation and that there were tens of thousands of votes that could not be verified because of local officials lack of cooperation with the audit. Senate President Karen Fann said the results of the hand count audit were similar to the original election results, but stressed statutes were violated and the chain of command wasn't followed. "I'm very disappointed to see that Maricopa County refused to cooperate with us," Fann noted "Not only did they not cooperate with us, they even went so far as to sue us. The auditors said Maricopa officials were not cooperative and said their actions prevented a total audit of the election results from being carried out.

In a related report by Dan Bongino he talks about what this means, he said, if your bathroom scale adds ten pounds to your true weight and it does so for everybody then it is "reliable" because it does it the same for all who use it. But it isn't a "valid" result as to how much you actually weigh. Bongino contends that the hand count of the votes in Maricopa County is "reliable" but because of the stonewalling and withholding of access to the electronic data by county officials and questions about how tens of thousands were received and counted raises the question about the "validity" of the vote count.

September 24: Fox News: FBI investigating assault on US female service member
by Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss, TX

FBI officials confirmed an investigation is underway into an alleged attack of a female U.S. military service member by a "small group of male [Afghan] evacuees." being housed at Fort Bliss. The alleged attack took place on September 19th in a housing complex in New Mexico. Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-NM) who represents New Mexico's 2nd congressional district, called the news a "vetting failure." "My prayers are with the courageous soldier and her family. This is yet another tragic failure in the vetting process for Afghan nationals," Herrell tweeted. "The American people deserve answers." The incident comes on the heels of two Afghan refugees being charged with federal crimes at a Wisconsin military base.

September 24: The Daily Caller: No whipping of Hatians by Border Patrol,
video confirms

An Associated Press reporter who was at the border when the now virial report was made has confirmed that nobody was whipped and that, instead, the "whips" were in fact long reins on the border patrol officer's horse. Democrats and corporate media outlets have been reporting since Monday that border patrol agents were whipping Haitian migrants at the southern border, after video and pictures emerged of agents riding on horseback with seemingly long reins. Kamala Harris, Tuesday, condemned what she termed "horrible" treatment of Haitian migrants and calling for an investigation into the incident. Joe Biden said the video was "beyond an embarrassment" for the U.S. and added that the accused agents "will pay" for whipping migrants. So much for supporting law enforcement at the border!

September 24: The Epoch Times: AZ audit turns up disturbing info
According to the Arizona audit report the official results do not match the totals from the "Final Voted File." An area of concern were duplicate ballots found during the review of the over 2 million ballots. A total of 29,557 duplicate ballots were identified in the presidential election with 2,592 more duplicate ballots counted in Maricopa County than had been sent for duplication. The number of ballots sent for duplication and those counted should be the same. We should have had 27,869 of both originals and duplicates and they should have matched up perfectly," the auditors said. "The County delivered boxes of paper ballots that were commingled and incorrectly identified … the auditors could not rely on the County's description of ballot boxes or batches identified on the manifest," they reported. Shiva Ayyadurai, one of the auditors, said his team was hired only to verify whether the envelopes contained a signature—not whether the actual signature matched that of the voter in question. Out of the 1,929,242 return envelopes provided, 17,322 duplicates were found, with some voters having cast the same ballot three to four times, more than 25% of which were received after Election Day, many without signatures.

September 24: News Max: Arizona Audit shows errors: 17,000 duplicate ballots apparently counted and more; Hand count shows Biden win
Auditors who reviewed voting results cast in Maricopa County, Arizona, in last November's election said Joe Biden's vote total was 99 more than officially certified. But at the same time, they maintained they'd found multiple election anomalies, among them more than 17,000 duplicate ballots. The "mainstream media" is only reporting the first part of the story and ignoring the remainder. Among the finding not being reported are that ballots came from voters with matching addresses and signatures but different voter IDs; blank signature boxes were stamped verified and approved; and the number of blank signatures increased by 25% after Nov. 4 [the day following Election Day] through Nov. 9. The after-the-fact audit is not expected to change the election results retroactively; many advocates of the recounting process have called it a means of ensuring fairer, more accurate and above-board elections in the future.

September 23: The Daily Caller: Funding for Israel's Iron Dome protection passed
by an overwhelming vote with one Kentucky Republican voting against

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) joined with eight Democrats to vote against funding $1 billion in aid for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system Thursday. In a 420-9 vote, Massie joined with Reps. Carson (D-IN), Omar-MN), Tlaib (D-MI), Newman (D-IL), Pressley (D-MA), Garcia (D-IL), Grijalva (D-AZ), and Bush (MO). The Aid restores the Iron Dome, a defensive system engineered to intercept rockets fired toward the country from Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip. Democrats have been slammed for removing this funding from the normal appropriations process and consequently moved it as a separate bill. "This week, we witnessed Nancy Pelosi cave to the Anti-Semitic requests of her most radical members," Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said in a statement. "It is unacceptable that House Democrats would be willing to deny funding for Israel's purely defensive system that saves innocent lives from Hamas terrorists' indiscriminate rocket attacks. While the Far-Left Squad would abandon our ally and align themselves with international terrorist organizations and the Iranian regime, I am proud stand with Israel," she said.

September 23: Fox News: Where's the dough Joe? Biden may owe $500,000
in back taxes

Joe Biden may have improperly avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office and could owe the IRS up to $500,000, according to a Congressional Research Service report. "Joe Biden wants to raise taxes by $2.1 trillion while claiming the rich need to pay their 'fair share.' But in 2017, multi-millionaire Joe Biden skirted his payroll taxes — the very taxes that fund Medicare and Obamacare," said Congressman Jim Banks, who chairs the Congress' Republican Study Committee. Banks said the report indicated that Biden improperly used "S corporations" while he and First Lady Jill Biden raked in over $13 million on speaking fees and book sales in 2017 and 2018, but counted less than $800,000 of it as a salary that could be taxed for Medicare. The story comes as Biden attempts to lead the charge toward passing a $3.5 trillion bill that would help fund childcare, education, and health care. In order to help pay for the cost of the massive legislation, Biden's plan calls for targeting tax avoidance while raising taxes on people in high income brackets who Biden claims don't "pay their fair share."

September 23: One America News Network: Afghan pilots who fled ahead of
Taliban takeover being held in Tajikistan while pleading to come to the USA

Afghan pilots and personnel who have been held by the government in Tajikistan since fleeing there on Aug. 15. There are 143 Afghans detained at a sanatorium in a mountainous, rural area outside of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, waiting and hoping for over a month for transfer by the United States. After flying there with 16 aircraft as their military's ground forces crumbled before the advancing Taliban, the Afghans say they had their phones taken away. They were initially housed in a university dormitory before being moved on Sept. 1. Contact with family is extremely limited. Although they appear to be held in humane conditions, they are on edge, uncertain about the future. Among the military personnel at the facility are two Afghan women, including a pilot who is eight months pregnant.

September 23: The Washington Examiner: White House orders border authorities to
clear illegals from under international bridge in Del Rio as BLM protest approaches

The Biden Administration has set a deadline of Friday night to clear out the Haitian migrant camp that has caused major headaches for the White House, sources say. Two senior officials within DHS said the camp, underneath the Del Rio-Acuna International Bridge, is creating bad "optics" and drawing renewed scrutiny to the administration's inability to curb illegal immigration. At one point, more than 15,000 people were in the camp, though the number had dwindled to less than a third of that by Thursday. "They want those people out from under that bridge so they can't be seen anymore," the first official said. "It's an optics thing. They are moving them around for process and release. They're going to have everyone at the bridge gone in the next two days."

September 22: Townhall.com: Its confirmed; Obama DOJ went rogue to spy
on an ex-Trump official

It took too long to confirm. It deals with the Russian collusion hoax and the unlawful targeting of Carter Page, a former 2016 Trump campaign official. Page had worked with the CIA, State Department, and the FBI in years past. There was plenty of exculpatory evidence to prove he wasn't a Russian asset. Obama's Department of Justice intentionally omitted these key pieces of information when applying for a FISA spy warrant during the campaign. Page has long since been exonerated of the ludicrous charge that he was a spy and part of this Trump-Russia collusion delusion that engulfed the political class and the DOJ for years. Very powerful anti-Trump forces worked and manufactured evidence to support this baseless claim. They always collapsed under scrutiny, but the damage was done.

September 22: The Daily Caller: White House press corps pushes Psaki as
to why Biden won't take questions

Multiple members of the White House press core pushed White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday to explain why Joe Biden has taken so few questions in recent weeks, calling for him to hold a formal press conference. There have been numerous instances of Biden turning his back on reporters or aides shouting down questions since the he first started facing criticism for his execution of the U.S. withdrawal (surrender) from Afghanistan at the end of August. The lack of transparency has continued as his administration faces a mounting immigration crisis. A reporter listed out the many issues Biden has yet to weigh in on, including the "collapse" of negotiations around police reform on Capitol Hill as well as the impending government shutdown, asking when Biden will open himself up to a formal press conference.

September 22: The Washington Times: Biden goals close to collapse amid
Democrat feuding Democrats are feuding over spending, Border Patrol tactics
and other issues as time runs short on Biden's first-year agenda.

Dozens of liberal House Democrats vow to vote against Biden's $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. Such a defection will doom the measure if they reach no agreement on a companion $3.5 trillion plan for social safety net programs. Meanwhile, moderate Democrats in the House and Senate want to pare down the $3.5 trillion bill. Even then, it might not pass. With time running out, 11 liberal Democratic senators urged Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) to delay a vote on the smaller infrastructure bill scheduled for Monday. "They go together, and they have got to go together," Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said. "That was the agreement that was made. … That's the agreement that has to be kept."

September 21: The Washington Examiner: Georgia Judge: State officials to update court on current investigations into counterfeit ballots
A Georgia judge asked state officials to update his court on current investigations into allegations that counterfeit ballots were cast in the populous Fulton County during the 2020 election. Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero, who oversees the lawsuit filed by voters against members of the county's elections board, requested information from state election investigators and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation about any findings up to this point. They have 20 days to respond.

September 21: Fox Business: Once again, the US House considers passing a Continuing Resolution to fund government through December 3rd
The US House voted Tuesday night to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government through Dec. 3 and raise the $28 trillion debt ceiling. The measure (HR 5305) passed on a straight party-line vote of 220-211, but will need the support of at least 10 Republicans to pass in the Senate. Citing opposition to Joe Biden's agenda, nearly every Republican in the Senate has expressed opposition to tying the debt ceiling into the bill that funds the government. The federal government faces a looming shutdown on Oct. 1 if Congress cannot reach a consensus by the Sept. 30 deadline. The government is also slated to hit the debt ceiling by mid-October, which Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said.

September 21: The Epoch Times: TX adopts another anti-abortion law
Texas Gov Greg Abbott (R) on Monday signed a bill, which adds more limits and raises criminal penalties for the use of abortion-inducing medication, that goes into effect in three months. This comes a few weeks after Abbott signed the bill under the charges for "intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly" violating the law's provisions would result in a felony with fines of up to $10,000 and between six months and two years in prison. Proponents have said the bill would "crack down on unsafe 'mail order' abortions and increase the reporting requirements for complications resulting from all types of abortion, " and could be subject to an extradition process. The earlier bill incentivizes individuals to file lawsuits against anyone suspected of helping a woman get an abortion in Texas and became effective September 1st after the Supreme Court rejected an emergency request from abortion providers to block the law from going into effect.

September 21: Fox News: Biden refuses to take questions from U.S. reporters after British Prime Minster responded to questions from the media
Joe Biden declined to call on U.S. reporters Tuesday after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took questions from reporters from the United Kingdom during an Oval Office meeting. After a brief conversation with Biden that touched on issues ranging from climate change and transport infrastructure to lifting the ban on British beef, Johnson opened the floor for reporters from his home country. "Would it be okay if we have just a couple of questions, just a couple?" Johnson asked, looking over to Biden, who replied, "Good luck." After Johnson had taken several questions from British reporters, the press pool was then corralled out of the Oval Office while Johnson was mid-sentence, prompting a flurry of shouted questions from reporters. Biden has raised eyebrows for repeatedly implying that White House staff controls when and where he is allowed to take questions from the press. He has used phrases that suggest he is being "instructed" on which reporters to call on from a pre-selected list. On several occasions, he has said he is "going to get in trouble" if he answers questions from reporters.

September 21: The Epoch Times: 30 bipartisan state Attorneys urge lawmakers to pass a number of antitrust/big tech measures
A bipartisan group of 30 U.S. state attorneys general have come together to urge lawmakers to pass a number of bills that tighten antitrust laws aimed at Big Tech companies. In a letter sent to leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives, the group urged them to continue making improvements to the antitrust laws via a range of six bills that passed the House Judiciary Committee in June. These include the Ending Platform Monopolies Act, the American Choice and Innovation Online Act, the Platform Competition and Opportunity Act, the Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching ("ACCESS") Act, the Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act and the State Antitrust Enforcement Venue Act. Four of the bills directly address Big Tech's platform powers while two others empower enforcers. The group urged Congress to include a provision in the legislation that confirms that the states are "sovereigns that stand on equal footing with federal enforcers under federal antitrust law, including with regard to the timing of challenging anticompetitive mergers and other practices."

September 20: The Epoch Times: Did the Joint Chiefs Chairman step out of line?
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, could have jeopardized the national security of the United States in allegedly secret calls in October 2020 and January 2021 to Gen. Li Zuocheng of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA), according to former U.S. military officers. Reportedly the calls were to assure the Red Chinese that the U.S. would not attack them. "General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we're going to attack, I'm going to call you ahead of time. It's not going to be a surprise," a book alleged Milley said. Some U.S. lawmakers have described Milley's actions as treasonous, saying the general overstepped his authority, and have called for Joe Biden to fire Milley. To the shock of many Milley has not denied making he calls and has defended his conversations calling them "routine" and "perfectly within the duties and responsibilities" of his job. According to the new book, Milley on Jan. 8 also conveyed instructions to senior military officials not to take orders regarding military strikes or launching nuclear weapons from anyone without the chairman's approval. Military leaders said "The chairman is little more than a presidential military adviser, who is prohibited by law from exercising executive authority and does not have nuclear release authority." To at otherwise would be far outside his authority.

September 20: The Daily Caller: Durham "Russiagate" indictment could lead
to Jake Sullivan

If Robert Mueller's sprawling investigation into President Trump and associates for bogus allegations about a Russia conspiracy in the 2016 election was a Category 5 hurricane, John Durham's probe into the corrupt origins of Russiagate has so far been a tropical depression. Democrat lawyer and former federal prosecutor Michael Sussmann of Perkins Coie, a law firm for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, was indicated by a federal grand jury last week for lying to the FBI during a September 2016 meeting with then-General Counsel James Baker.

September 20: The Washington Examiner: Civil suit filed against Texas doctor
who violated abortion ban in the first test of law's constitutionality

San Antonio-based physician Alan Braid has been sued for defying the Texas abortion ban, a decision he admitted to last week expecting a legal challenge. The civil suit will be the first legal test of the law's constitutionality. The ban on abortions after six weeks, before many women know they are pregnant, does not make exceptions for cases of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. It is enforced by private citizens, who are authorized to sue anyone who aids and abets the procedure for a minimum of $10,000. The law went into effect on Sept. 1, and abortion rights advocates were powerless to stop it when the US Supreme Court declined to issue a temporary injunction one day later. Less than a week after the law was implemented, Braid said he performed an abortion on a woman still in her first trimester but beyond the six-week cutoff.

September 20: The Washington Times: Activists, progressives demand reversal of parliamentarian ruling against putting amnesty provision into the budget reconciliation bill
Immigrant rights advocates said Monday that Democrats must change, ignore or overturn the Senate parliamentarian's ruling that the law precludes adding an amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants to the $3.5 trillion budget bill. Some activists said they're willing to give party leaders more time to change Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough's mind with an alternative legalization plan. But a growing chorus of voices said Democrats must ponder tougher measures, including voting to overturn her decision, upend 30 years of Senate practice and bully the amnesty through Congress. The tough talk underscored the stakes for Democrats on immigration after years of promises for action that ended without a bill clearing Congress.

September 19: The Epoch Times: Biden Admin warns states the federal debt crisis could trigger a recession
[The answer? Stop spending all that federal money and don't enact the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill!]

The Biden administration has issued a warning that the pending federal debt crisis could trigger an economic recession that would impact economic growth and trigger job losses across the United States. "Hitting the debt ceiling could cause a recession. Economic growth would falter, unemployment would rise, and the labor market could lose millions of jobs," the White House said in a letter to state and local governments that was released Friday as the White House argues that the national debt ceiling needs to be increased, something both Republican and Democrat controlled Congresses have – some would contend unwisely – done for years!

September 19: One America News Network: Amid vaccine mandates, hospitals see
an increase in employee shortages

Hospitals across the U.S. are facing shortages over vaccine mandates. While some public health experts have said new vaccine mandates may not show its impact for several months, hospitals are already facing staffing shortage as workers are refusing to be vaccinated. In New York, hospital and nursing home employees are required to get vaccinated in the coming weeks or face the possibility of losing their jobs. President/CEO of Thompson Health, Michael Stapleton, said the vaccine mandate could lead to even more of an increase in job openings as there are workers who still haven't received the COVID-19 vaccine. "We're going to lose people over this mandate. That breaks my heart," said Stapleton. "These are great people who have cared for our community over and over again. They've dedicated their careers to taking care of people and now they're not going to potentially be able to. That's horrible." Other hospitals, including one in Texas, are saying they may need to close their doors if getting the "jab" is required.

September 19: The Washington Examiner: Here is an idea, the US should buy
French submarines and give them to Vietnam
(opinion piece)
The purchase of a number of French Shortfin Barracuda submarines and providing them to Vietnam would have an interesting twist. First, the Biden administration would repair relations with America's oldest ally which has already recalled its ambassador from the U.S. Second, it would supply a rising security partner (Vietnam) with newly potent means of challenging China's imperialism. And third, it would test President Emmanuel Macron's commitment to international security in the South China Sea. Taking this action might help quell France's rage over Australia's cancellation of a submarine contract worth tens of billions of dollars. France is mixing justifiable anger (it has lost a lucrative contract worth thousands of jobs) with a healthy degree of hypocrisy (France's government-owned Naval Group was playing games with its timetable, cost estimates, and production/sourcing commitments). Still, these submarines could provide outsize value to the U.S. and broader international security interests were they built for Vietnam.

September 18: The Washington Times: Biden faces major leadership failures in
first eight months in office, accentuated by what happened in the last month

In the last month the Biden Administration has faced a number of leadership challenges in rapid secession including: The mistargeting of a drone attack on Afghan terrorists who turned out to be civilians; the FDA's rejection by a vote of 16-2 of Biden plans for widespread COVID-19 booster shots, saying it needs more data before approving additional shots; France recalling its ambassador over the US, and not France, being selected as the builder of a nuclear submarine for Australia; and the continuing invasion of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants over the US southern border requiring DHS to shut down the Del Rio point of entry. Amid all of this, Biden's approval numbers have fallen into the basement with a 44% approval rating, a nine point drop in the last week.

September 18: One America News Network: Is it about control or health? FL to fight Biden Administration efforts to limit shipment of antibodies to the Sunshine State
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) pledges to "work like hell" to ensure his constituents have access to monoclonal antibodies to fight COVID-19. The statement on Thursday was in response to the Biden administration clamping down on shipments of the antibodies to the Sunshine State. Health and Human Services seized control of the supply lines this week and limited Florida's deliveries by half. DeSantis claimed such sudden disruption would cause patients to suffer. Meanwhile, the governor is looking to go around the federal government and buy directly from the source.

Anti-vaccine passport protestors carry "We are not your lab rat" signs in NYC's Central  ParkSeptember 18: The Epoch Times: Thousands rally in NYC against vaccine passports
Thousands gathered near Central Park in Manhattan on Saturday to express their discontent with the vaccine mandates and passport requirements implemented on the city by Mayor Bill de Blasio this month. New York City started enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate Monday, with de Blasio warning that "there'll be consequences" for those who do not follow the rules. The mandate requires establishments to put up certain signage and verify customers' COVID-19 vaccine proof, such as vaccination cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York City vaccination records, other official immunization records, the NYC COVID Safe App, or the Excelsior Pass. The protest leader was heard to announce: "If you took the vaccine, I love you. This not against you, we are pro-freedom." Protestors held signs like the one shown here by the Epoch Times; "We are not your lab rats…"

September 18: One America News Network: Timely? GA Secretary of State signs
petition to ensure only citizens vote

Georgia's secretary of state is pushing for an amendment to the state's constitution, granting only U.S. citizens the right to vote which is already a requirement of federal law. On Thursday, Brad Raffensperger signed his name on a petition launched by grassroots organization "Americans for Citizen Voting." In 2020, the organization led the charge in helping pass amendments in Florida, Alabama and Colorado to ensure illegal immigrants couldn't vote in their elections. Americans for Citizen Voting President Christopher Arps said, "This measure has the overwhelming bipartisan support of the American people… everyone should agree that only American citizens should vote." Meanwhile, opponents of the change have argued non-citizens don't have the right to vote in Georgia already. However, Raffensperger has argued the language needs to be clearer and more direct. Amendments to the Georgia constitution require a 2/3rds majority vote in both the state's House and Senate.

September 18: Fox News: Oops; Wrong target!
We hardly needed more confirmation that Joe Biden's plans for protecting Americans and their interests are inept. And yet we just got it: U.S. military officials have acknowledged that the August 29, 2021 drone strike in Kabul -- that the Biden administration said was against a car with Afghan terrorist heading to the airport to attack American troops – actually was innocent civilians and children. Wars and terrorism are a brutal business and sometimes innocent people die but don't think for a second there is moral equivalency among combatants. Terrorists intentionally target innocents. Lawful combatants have an obligation to refrain from targeting civilians, and—balanced with the military necessity of conducting operations and protecting their own forces—to take reasonable efforts to mitigate civilian casualties. Unlike our terrorist foes, the U.S. military operates under these rules. Experts point out that this is a harbinger of future events. Without real time intelligence and the ability to verify targets, this likely could happen again.

September 18: The Washington Times: Pompeo: Biden's handling of North Korea
is dangerous

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday warned that Joe Biden is making "dangerous moves" on North Korea and his lack of a coherent response to Pyongyang's provocations jeopardizes American credibility with allies who want "leadership from the United States." "I'm concerned that the United States is returning to an Obama-era policy of 'Strategic Patience' 2.0,'" Pompeo told an audience of dignitaries from South Korea and Japan at a virtual gathering Saturday that included remarks from other former high-level U.S. diplomats and lawmakers. Pompeo referred to years of waffling on NK by the former Bush and Obama administrations, prior to the Trump-era escalation of sanctions and other pressure on Pyongyang led to historic denuclearization summits between former President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

September 17: The Daily Caller: The lawsuits are coming; small business plans
to sue over Biden vaccine mandate

The Job Creators Network (JCN) announced plans to sue the Biden administration over its mandate requiring private sector workers to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. The advocacy group said it would soon file a lawsuit alongside several of its small business members JCN argued the mandate would make hiring more difficult, harming small businesses that are already struggling to find workers amid the slowing economic recovery. "Biden's vaccine mandate on small businesses is unconstitutional and a dramatic overreach of federal authority," JCN President Alfredo Ortiz said in a statement. "To hold the Biden Administration accountable and stand up for small businesses, Job Creators Network plans to file a lawsuit to block the implementation of this order." Ortiz also contended that given the current economic times this mandate comes at the most importune time.

September 16: Texas Scorecard: TX and 22 other state attorney general's pledge
to fight, if adopted, Dems federalizing of election laws

This week, Texas and a coalition of states warned Congress they will "aggressively defend" against Democrat-priority legislation to impose federal control over states' election processes. On Monday, 23 state attorney generals issued a challenge to U.S. House and Senate leaders, opposing H.R. 4 and promising a legal fight if the bill becomes law. H.R. 4 establishes the U.S. Department of Justice as a "federal election czar" dictating how states must administer their elections. It would require states to get permission from the federal government before enacting any election reforms—a throwback to "pre-clearance" requirements in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that were meant to last five years but remained in effect until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled their continued application unconstitutional in 2013. Opponents contend the bill permits politically appointed bureaucrats to meddle in state affairs, is unlawful, and violates state sovereignty. They view it as a heavy-handed effort to circumvent Supreme Court decisions, state sovereignty, and the will of the people. The bill passed the house last month and now must overcome the 60 vote filibuster threshold in order to pass the Senate.

September 16: The Washington Examiner: Democrats concerned about the
direction of polling data

The public's dour view about the country's direction is a concerning trend for Joe Biden and congressional Democrats before next year's midterm elections. However, the polling data suggest it won't be easy for Republicans to capitalize upon it. Biden's flagging job approval numbers have become fodder for political reporters amid the persistent COVID-19 pandemic and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal (surrender). But right direction-wrong track questions — meaning the number of Americans who think the country is headed in the right direction, compared to those who believe it's on the wrong track — suggest Biden and Democrats will have to message carefully before the 2022 cycle. Meanwhile, Republicans are struggling with their brand.

September 16: The Daily Caller: Grand Jury indicts lawyer for lying to the FBI and
conspiracy; Durham investigation of Trump-Russia collusion

As a result of the Durham investigation, a federal grand jury indicted prominent lawyer Michael Sussmann, who represented the Democratic National Committee after Russia hacked its servers in 2016. ,According to court documents, he has been indicted for allegedly lying to the FBI. The indictment claims Sussmann lied when he stated to the General Counsel of the FBI that he was not acting on behalf of any client in conveying particular allegations concerning a Presidential candidate, when in fact he was acting on behalf of specific clients, namely, Tech Executive-1 and the Clinton Campaign. People familiar with the matter told the New York Times (NYT) that John Durham, the special counsel appointed by the Trump administration to review the Russia investigation, asked a grand jury to indict the cybersecurity lawyer. Sussmann is a partner in a law firm that had a separate division that represented Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and the Democratic Party, the NYT reported. Durham's case apparently focuses on who Sussmann's client was in September 2016 when he gave the FBI data and analysis that he said could indicate the Trump organization was linked to the Kremlin and associated financial institutions.

September 16: The Daily Signal: "Stew" in the market brings higher meat prices!
Last year, during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, there were reasonable concerns regarding higher-than-normal meat prices, including poultry. There was nothing nefarious about the higher prices, just simple economics at play, and the harsh realities of a global pandemic. And as expected, the resilient food-supply system came through, and prices came back down. The major meat shortages some feared never came to pass. However, we are starting to see meat prices rise again. The Biden administration is pointing to "potential corruption" in the meat-processing industry as the cause. But the laws of supply and demand argue otherwise. There is still a high demand for meat at grocery stores. Meanwhile farmers are experiencing higher feed costs and meat processing facilities are being impacted by higher labor costs as well. All this and supply-chain disruptions translates into higher prices for consumers. But the federal government is ignoring how the federal government itself might have contributed to this price influx. As government inserts itself it adversely impacts the operation of the free market economy.

September 15: One America Nnews Network: PA Senate authorizes subpoena for election audit
Republican state senators in Pennsylvania are taking steps toward a possible 2020 election audit. On Wednesday, the State Senate voted seven to four to authorize 17 subpoenas requesting information from Gov. Tom Wolf's (D) office. The lawmakers are seeking information on all voters in the state, including partial Social Security numbers, driver's license details and how they cast ballots (e.g., in person or by mail in balloting). State Sen. Cris Dush (R) said the review is necessary in order to address allegations of voter irregularities in the swing state. Dush argued "we're not responding to proven allegations. We are investigating the allegations to determine whether or not they are factual." In the meantime, in a related story, rumors are that the Arizona audit will show that more than 250,000 illegal votes were cast in Arizona during the 2020 election in which Biden won the state by a slim margin of approximately 10,500 votes.

September 15: The Epoch Times: New security pact announced by the US, UK,
and Australia amid rising Chinese influence

The United States, the UK, and Australia on Sept. 15 announced a new trilateral security partnership for the Indo-Pacific, amid rising Chinese assertiveness in the region. The first move under this partnership, called "AUKUS," would be for the United States and the UK to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines. The new security alliance was announced by Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a joint virtual press conference from each of their capitals.

September 15: The Epoch Times: Japanese hold nationwide military drills amid Chinese aggressiveness
In a related story, Japan has started a nationwide full-scale military drill on Wednesday for the first time in nearly 30 years as it aims to enforce its capabilities to defend remote islands amid China's assertive actions in the Indo-Pacific. "In order to respond effectively to various situations, including attacks on the islands, it is essential that the necessary forces are deployed quickly and extensively, depending on the situation," Nobuo Kishi, the country's minister of defense said. "In an increasingly uncertain security environment, the focus of our work will be on operational readiness," he added. The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (GDSF) announced that the military exercise will involve all units and will be carried out until mid-to-late November. The drills will include around 100,000 personnel, 20,000 vehicles, and 120 aircraft, the network reported.

September 15: Fox News: Analysis shows those vaccinated last year twice more
likely to get Covid-19
than those recently inoculated
Moderna Inc. has released a set of data which suggested its COVID-19 vaccine is effective in preventing serious health issues or death from "variants of concern" while admitting that efficacy decreases over time, such that those who received the vaccine last year were twice more likely to contract a breakthrough case of the coronavirus disease. According to the Moderna released data, the "study shows lower risk of breakthrough infection in participants vaccinated more recently (median 8 months after first dose) than participants vaccinated last year (median 13 months after first dose)." The research found that those who were vaccinated earlier on had a 50% higher rate of symptomatic breakthrough cases during the months of July and August compared to those who had received the vaccination later.

September 15: The Daily Caller: House committee deals Pelosi a blow as Centrists
Dems join Republicans causing a tie vote on part of the $3.5 trillion budget bill

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce rejected a key drug pricing control bill in a stunning rebuke of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leadership. Democratic Reps. Kurt Schrader, Scott Peters and Kathleen Rice voted alongside their Republican colleagues on the panel, creating a 29-29 tie on the vote to move the bill forward. The committee meeting was held to mark-. up parts of Democrats' sweeping $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package. Schrader said during the hearing. "For many years now, I've been committed to addressing drug prices in a meaningful way. Americans, regardless of political affiliation, have made it clear Congress has to actually act and get something done." He contended the bill had several provisions that would stifle innovation.

September 14: The Epoch Times: Heavily indebted Chinese developer the target
of angry investors-protesters

Thousands of disgruntled investors besieged the headquarters of the world's most indebted property developer in China to demand repayment of loans and financial products on Sept. 13. On Sept. 8, investors found the company (Evergrande) had suspended payments to its wealth management products, raising panic among investors who have been protesting since last Friday, fearing their money will all be lost. Simultaneous rallies were held in major Chinese cities. "Return our hard-earned money," most slogans read, also called out by crowds. Videos circulated on social media show that the local government mobilized a large volume of the police force to monitor attendees.

September 14: The Daily Caller: Senator Kennedy; So you think justice Kavanaugh
is "intellectually and morally bankrupt?"

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La) criticized Joe Biden's judicial nominee Jennifer Sung Tuesday over a letter she signed that called Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh "intellectually and morally bankrupt." During the hearing Kennedy pressed Sung, Biden's nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, over a letter from Yale Law students and alumni, which heavily criticized then-Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh. The Senator asked if she believes Kavanaugh is morally bankrupt, to which she said "my personal opinion is not appropriate for me to say. I respect his authority as a Supreme Court Justice." "So you do think he is morally bankrupt," Kennedy followed up? Sung finally confirmed that she had signed the letter that was addressed to fellow alumni and not the public. Kennedy responded, "I think you allowed your political beliefs to cloud your judgment." He went on to say "I cannot imagine what it's going to be like to be a litigant in front of you, with that demonstration of lack of judicial temperament and judgment."

September 13: The Washington Times: McCall takes on Blinken over the failed
evacuation from Afghanistan

The top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee [Michael McCaul (TX)] told Secretary of State Antony Blinken Monday that the administration's withdrawal from Afghanistan was an "unconditional surrender to the Taliban" and an "unmitigated disaster of epic proportions," saying the situation in Afghanistan is now far worse than it was before the 9/11 attacks. The criticism came as the committee, marking started its inquiry into the chaotic U.S. troop withdrawal and scramble to evacuate U.S. citizens and Afghan refugees, which ended Aug. 31. "This didn't have to happen," McCaul told Mr. Blinken. "But the [Joe Biden] refused to listen to his own generals and the intelligence community who warned him what would happen when we withdrew."

September 13: Fox News: Gov. DeSantis; Biden is "obsessed" with Florida,
maybe its because they want to protect the freedoms of their people

Joe Biden won't be on the Florida ballot next year when Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) runs for a second four-year term steering the Sunshine State. But the Governor, speaking at a fundraiser in Nebraska, was taking on Biden nonetheless. "My message from Florida is this: When Joe Biden violates the Constitution, when Joe Biden attacks the jobs of Floridians and Americans, when Joe Biden targets the livelihood of Florida families and American families, I am fighting back against him," DeSantis said. DeSantis used his speech to criticize Biden over his handling of the rocky U.S. withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan and Biden's executive order last week mandating COVID vaccines for up to 100 million American workers. DeSantis, who narrowly won is election in 2018 has seen his popularity surge among Republican voters in his state and around the nation over the past year and a half, thanks in large part to his combative pushback against COVID restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

September 13: One America News Network: Gov. Newsom's wife allegedly tried to
bride actress to be quiet about Weinstein raping her

Actress and activist Rose McGowan, who made headlines in the New York Times for detailing Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault history, now says Gov. Gavin Newsom's (D-CA) wife tried to silence her before the article's release. On the Daily Wire's Rubin Report last week, McGowan detailed a call she received from Jennifer Newsom in which she claims she was coerced into staying silent about Weinstein. The actress has accused Weinstein of raping her at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997 when she was 23-years-old. McGowan said the call from Newsom's wife came six months before the New York Times piece exposing Harvey Weinstein broke in 2017. McGowan claimed Newsom's wife cold called her and told her Weinstein's attorney wanted to know what it would take to "make her happy." She mentioned in the interview how it was obvious she was trying to make the story go away.

September 12: The Epoch Times: Major supermarket chain warns of spike in inflation
An executive of one of the largest US grocery store chains, Kroger, warned grocery prices are about to become even higher this year as inflation starts to impact more and more Americans. Inflation is running hotter than previously anticipated, and prices are slated to rise an additional 2-3 percent during the second half of 2021, Gary Millerchip (Kroger's CEO) said. Kroger will be "passing along higher cost to the customer where it makes sense to do so," he said. Millerchip's remarks come as White House officials blame meat processing companies for the increase in beef, poultry and pork. The Administration officials failed to mention that inflation may be the cause despite the producer price index increasing by 0.7 percent in August 2021 over the previous month. Final demand prices have also risen 8.3 percent from a year ago, which is the biggest increase since 2010, according to a Department of Labor report issued on Sept. 10. Additionally, some companies are concerned that inflation in 2022 will continue to be greater than it has been in 2021. [Editorial Comment; The Administration apparently does not see the correlation between the increase in spending, increasing the national debt, and printing more money to cover same as a major cause of inflation.]

September 12: Fox News: Liberal Justice Beyer opposes political realignment of
the US Supreme Court SCOTUS

Justice Stephen Breyer said in an interview how politically charged the Supreme Court has become in terms of people's attitudes toward the judiciary, while expressing hope that the institution will not lose the faith of the public. Breyer, 83, discussed an idea from his new book, "The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics," in which he quotes Alexander Hamilton in stating that unlike other branches of the federal government, the judicial branch relies on public acceptance to maintain its authority. Despite the political polarization of the country, Breyer doesn't support "court packing" and believes there should be a branch of government that is outside the confines of politics. A number of Democrats have proposed taking away the current conservative majority on the court by expanding its size and allowing Joe Biden to appoint several liberal justices. Breyer warned that this is what could ultimately lead to the court losing the people's trust. "Well, if one party could do it, I guess another party could do it," he said. "On the surface, it seems to me you start changing all these things around and people will lose trust in the court."

September 12: The Epoch Times: Manchin (D-WVA) is a no vote on the $3.5 trillion
budget bill, but will he stick to his guns?

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) confirmed Sunday that he will not vote for a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that contains a number of climate, social welfare, and other initiatives, arguing that the price tag is far too high. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) won't "have my vote on" the package, Manchin said, "Chuck knows that, and we've talked about this." The senator said, ""We've already put out $5.4 trillion and we've tried to help Americans in every way we possibly can and a lot of the help that we've put out there is still there and it's going to run clear until next year, 2022, so what's the urgency? It's not the same urgency that we had with the American Rescue Plan. We got that out the door quickly. That was about $2 trillion."

September 11: The Washington Times: Biden gets tough on the unvaccinated
minority while pivoting away from his Afghan debacle

The percentage of Americans fully vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus quietly passed the 50% mark in early August, a milestone overshadowed by Senate wrangling over an infrastructure bill, a House probe into the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and the Taliban's march through Afghan provinces. A month later Joe Biden, battered by lousy jobs reports and a disastrous exit from Kabul, is hammering the "minority" of Americans who remain unvaccinated and jumping headlong into the thorny world of mandate politics. Leaning heavily on us-versus-them rhetoric, betting voters will take his side as he tempts backlash and lawsuits over his sweeping mandates on private employers. Republican governors from across the nation have threatened to sue over the forthcoming rules from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which would levy fines on companies with over 100 employees which don't require their workers to get vaccinated or to fire them.

September 11: Fox News: President Bush speaks at PA crash site
President George W. Bush shared a message with veterans and service members during his Saturday speech marking 20 years after the September 11, 2001, attacks. He spoke from the Flight 93 National Memorial in Stoystown, Pennsylvania, where he remembered some 3,000 people who lost their lives in four separate terrorist attacks on the most significant day of the 43rd president's two-term presidency. "After 9/11, millions of brave Americans stepped forward and volunteered to serve in the armed forces, and military measures taken over the last 20 years to pursue dangers at their source have led to debate," Bush said. "But one thing is certain: we owe an assurance to all who have fought our nation's most recent battles. The cause you pursued in the call of duty," he continued. "is the noblest America has to offer. You have shielded your fellow citizens from danger. You have defended the beliefs of your country and advanced the rights of the downtrodden. You have been the face of hope and mercy in dark places. You have been a force for good in the world."

September 11: The Washington Examiner: Biden says AL Qaeda could come back
while defending the US withdrawal/surrender in Afghanistan

Joe Biden said the terrorist group responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks could "come back" now that the United States has fully withdrawn from Afghanistan. Biden, who visited each of the three crash sites on the attacks' 20th anniversary, said a surge in militancy from al Qaeda is possible after asserting previously that the group is "gone" from Afghanistan. "Could al Qaeda come back? Yeah," Biden told reporters in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, near the site where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into an empty field on Sept. 11, 2001. "But guess what? It's already back other places. What's the strategy? Every place where al Qaeda is, we're going to invade and have troops stay in? Come on."

September 10: The Daily Caller: Old man Fauci doesn't have an answer to why
those who have recovered from Chinese coronavirus are required to take the vaccine

Dr. Fauci said Thursday that he didn't have a "firm answer" as to why those who have been previously infected with the Chinese coronavirus and have natural immunity are being required to take the vaccine. CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta noted a recent Isreali study that found people with natural immunity from Covid due to a previous infection were much less likely to become infected, be hospitalized, or die from Covid than their counterparts who had never been infected but had received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Gupta asked if previously infected people should also get the vaccine, and if so, how Fauci plans to make the case for those people to get it. "You know, that's a really good point, Sanjay. I don't have a really firm answer for you on that," Fauci said. "That's something that we're going to have to discuss regarding the durability of the response."

September 10: The Washington Free Beacon: Postal service unions spent big bucks
on Biden; now they are exempted from the federal vaccine mandate… Why?

Questions are being asked why the postal service is being exempted from the Biden federal vaccine mandate. Is it because they deliver mail in ballots? Is it because they gave big bucks to the Biden campaign? Or are we to believe that somehow the science says they don't need it while the rest of the workforce including those companies that employ over 100 people is being mandated to get the jab? According to USPS, its status as an independent agency exempts it from the Biden executive order so that the nearly 500,000 postal workers will not be required to get vaccinated. The fact that the letter carrier's union spent about $3 million to boost Biden and other Democrat candidates, apparently had nothing to do with their being exempted. This raises the question "Does this exemption also apply to all the other independent federal agencies" like The Consumer Product Safety Commission, The Federal Reserve, The National Science Foundation, The Federal Maritime Commission, etc.?

September 10: The Daily Signal: Biden mandates vaccine for Federal employees,
contractors, and all employees in businesses with 100 or more workers

Joe Biden announced a string of mandates requiring federal employees and a sizable number of private sector workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. "This is not about freedom or personal choice," Biden said in formal remarks Thursday evening. "It's about protecting yourself and those around you, the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love. My job as president is to protect all Americans." Biden said the Department of Labor will require all employers that have 100 or more employees—"that together employ more than 80 million workers"—to make sure their workforces are vaccinated. The president's executive order requiring federal workers to be vaccinated likely will affect about 2.1 million civilian employees, plus millions of contractors.
[See related column on Freedom verses Socialism]

September 9: The Daily Signal: 18 States pass election reform measures amid
attacks claiming voter
Here is what some of these measures do:
Alabama: The new law prohibits curbside voting and requires that applications for absentee ballots be received no less than ten days prior to Election Day.
Arkansas: This measure requires voters who cast provisional ballots to show ID by noon on the Monday after Election Day as opposed to its previous law that only required a sworn statement. An additional measure puts stricter limits on ballot harvesting, the practice in which political operatives distribute and collect large quantities of absentee ballots. It also prohibits election officials from distributing unsolicited applications for absentee ballots.
Arizona: One measure requires the secretary of state to compare death records to the statewide voter registration list. Another enhances the security of voting machines. The state bans the use of private money to pay for election administration (i.e., Zuckerber's $350 million to election offices across he country in 2020). An additional measure directs the removal of inactive voters from from an early-voting list if they have not voted in two consecutive election cycles. And a fourth law requires voters to sign the envelope in which they submit an absentee ballot.
Florida: In Florida a law was enacted that restricts ballot harvesting by only allowing immediate family members from delivering absentee ballots, and then limiting it to no more than two ballots from others. Additionally, like Arizona, it banns the private funding of election administration while requiring that voters request absentee ballots in order to receive one. It also increases security for ballot drop boxes which was a pandemic-related tactic used in the 2020 election.
Georgia: In Georgia there is now a requirement voter IDs be provided in order to cast an absentee ballot. It also prohibits political operatives from offering food, bottled water, or anything of value within 150 feet of polls.
Idaho: Similar to Arizona and Florida, Idaho passed a measure that requires all state election funding must come from federal, state, or local government entities.
Indiana: Indiana will also prohibit local election jurisdictions from accepting or spending funds that come from private donors for the purpose of running elections.
Iowa: A new Iowa law – a battleground state in recent years – now requires absentee ballots to arrive at election offices by the close of Election Day in order to be counted. It also the number of days for early voting from 29 to 20.
Kansas: A new measure in Kansas limits the number of ballots one person may return to an election office to ten; a measure to limit ballot harvesting. This measure was passed over a veto by their Democrat governor.
Kentucky: Kentucky has increased security for absentee ballots and requires a paper trail for voting machines. It also sets up an online portal for absentee ballot requests and adds three days to in-person early voting, up from the previous 19-day limit.
Louisiana: The Louisiana state legislature added a procedure for election officials to remove dead voters from registration rolls within 30 days of receipt of a death certificate.
Montana: A new Montana law requires voters at the polls to present either a state driver's license, a tribal photo identification card, a state ID card number, or a military ID. Other measures close voter registration a noon the day prior to an election, restrict paid ballot collectors (harvesters), and allows local election officials to reduce polling place hours for locations with fewer than 400 registered voters (provided other polling locations are open and available).
Nevada: Nevada passed a measure that increases the authorized size for a precinct from 3,000 to 5,000.
New Hampshire: New Hampshire was the only New England state to pass election legislation this year. In doing so they require their Secretary of State to provide information on matches of death records against the list of voters. Additionally they passed a law requiring those who register to vote on Election Day to complete an affidavit and to provide a photo taken prior to Election Day.
Oklahoma: Oklahoma established a 30-day limit for a county election board to remove dead voters from its registration list. It also passed another measure that expands early in-person voting and requires applications for absentee ballots to be received no later than 5 p.m. on the third Monday preceding an election. A third measure allows the State Election Board to participate in multistate organizations that maintain voter lists, such as the nonprofit Electronic Registration Information Center. This will help guard against people attempting to vote in more than one state in the same election.
Texas: In its third try, Texas enacted a measure the extends early voting hours, prohibits election clerks from mailing out an application for an absentee ballot unless a voter request one, and bans "drive-through" voting. The measure also requires voter ID for mail-in ballots and safeguards for poll watchers. The law also requires the Texas secretary of state to use specifics on a driver's license to "verify the accuracy of citizenship status information," previously this was done on the honor system and seldom checked unless an issue presented itself. [See related column on what the Texas law, SB-1, actually does.]
Utah: Utah's HB-12, requires the names of dead voters be removed from rolls and assigns the state's lieutenant governor to enforce it. And finally,
Wyoming: Wyoming law now requires voters to show ID to vote in person. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, a state or tribal ID, a passport, a military ID, or one from a Wyoming public school, university, or community college.

New York City Police Commissioner 2001September 10: Regent University: Do you like the Blue Bloods TV show? If so, you may enjoy seeing this!
Here is an interview with the real, and former, New York City Police Commissioner (Bernie Kerik) talking about what happened on September 11, 2001, the NYC response, the preparations for such a catastrophic event, and how the attack on the World Trade Center compares with what happened with the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.  It will give you an in-depth understanding of what happened twenty years ago and how it relates to today. 
[This is Segment #2 in a series “9/11, a 20 year Retrospective” presented by Regent University and Michele Bauchmann]

September 9: One America News Network: Trump reaches out to families of the
fallen, invited to attend at least one funeral service

President Trump has reportedly reached out to the families of the fallen service members killed in the Kabul airport attack. On Wednesday, an advisor said Trump had been making phone calls to the grieving families. In addition, they said the 45th president would try to attend a funeral of one of the Marines in Manhattan.  The mother of 20-year-old fallen Marine Kareem Nikoui invited Trump to her son’s memorial service after what she said was a disappointing meeting with Joe Biden. She wrote to Facebook that “it would be such an honor” if Trump would attend.  Although Trump responded to her funeral invitation, he has not confirmed publicly if he would be in attendance on Sept. 18.

September 8: Townhall.com: Eleven Trump appointees to the Military Advisory
Boards told to resign or get the boot…  KellyAnne responds

Eleven Trump appointees to the Military Academy Advisory Boards have been by the Biden administration that they must resign or will be removed.   Not only have many signaled that they will not resign, but they've announced such decisions in particularly memorable ways. White House Press Secretary confirmed as much.  Kellyanne Conway, a former senior counselor to Trump, was one of the 11 asked. She responded by a letter to Joe Biden saying   "I'm not resigning, but you should!" In part, her letter read: "Your decision is disappointing but understandable given the need to distract from a news cycle that has you mired in multiple self-inflicted crises and plummeting poll numbers, including a rise in new COVID cases, a dismal jobs report, inflation, a record amount of drugs coming across the southern border, and, of course, the chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan that left hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afghan allies stranded under Taliban rule."

September 8: The Washington Times: As migrants pour in from Afghanistan the
country has been eager to receive them

America has had countless waves of migrants in the past, but rarely has the country been as eager to receive them as it has for the tens of thousands of Afghans who are being airlifted into the country.  Charities and resettlement agencies say they have been overwhelmed by the response, with offers of open arms, leads on apartments and a flood of supplies.  The desperate airlift out of Kabul had barely kicked into gear last month when a call went out from Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington for items such as shampoo, razors, wall art and alarm clocks — anything that could help a suddenly displaced Afghan family arriving with only what they could carry.  A few days later the director of the Adventist group, asked folks to halt drop-offs because organizers needed time to process the crush of items.

September 8: The Washington Free BeaconDem in Iowa swing district reportedly
donated money to bail out illegal immigrant
Swing-district Democratic congressional candidate Christina Bohannan donated money to pay bail for illegal immigrants through a group that works to achieve a "world without police."  In July 2019  Bohannan said she was "glad to contribute" to Prairielands Freedom Fund.  Just one month before Bohannan's donation, the group—which also advocates the elimination of prisons—promoted a campaign to "rally for the abolition of Immigration Customs Enforcement" and "melt ICE."  Two years later, Bohannan is setting aside her radical past in an attempt to recast herself as a moderate, bipartisan alternative to Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA).  The Democrat says she "is running for Congress because she believes we need less bickering in Washington, and more working together." Prior to her campaign announcement, however, the state legislator scrubbed all her policy positins from her 2020 campaign site, including sections that condemned Iowa's popular voter ID law and endorsed taxpayer-funded sex change surgeries.

September 7: The Daily Caller: US Dept. of State won’t approve private
evacuation flights out of Afghanistan
The U.S. State Department will not give official approval to any private evacuation flight from Afghanistan seeking to land in third countries, leaked emails show.  “No independent charters are allowed to land at [Al Udeid Air Base], the military airbase you mentioned in your communication with Samantha Power,” a State Department official said in a Sept. 1 email to Eric Montalvo, who organized a number of charter flights out of Afghanistan.    “In fact, no charters are allowed to land at an [sic] DoD base and most if not all countries in the Middle Eastern region, with the exception of perhaps Saudi Arabia will allow charters to land,” the department official wrote. “You need to find another destination country, and it can’t be the U.S. either.”  Whose side is the Department of State on?  Is this part of the Biden plan for the evacuation of U.S. citizens found behind enemy lines?  Fox News reported that the Biden administration has delayed private evacuation efforts while American citizens and our Afghan allies remain trapped in Afghanistan. 

September 7: The Washington Free Beacon: VP Harris-backed bail fund freed
abuser who is now wanted for murder

A bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris freed an alleged domestic abuser just weeks before police arrested him again this time for murder.  Minneapolis police arrested George Howard Aug. 29 after the career criminal allegedly shot 38-year-old Luis Martinez Ortiz to death following a road rage incident. Roughly three weeks earlier, the Minnesota Freedom Fund bailed Howard out following a domestic violence charge.  Harris faced criticism on the 2020 campaign trail after she urged her followers to "chip in now" to the Minnesota Freedom Fund "to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota" days after George Floyd's death. According to American Bail Coalition executive director Jeffrey Clayton, the group "definitely got a windfall" in the wake of the Democrat's endorsement, raising a staggering $35 million as violent protests swept the nation.

September 7: The Washington Times: US-funded research at Communist Party lab
in Wuhan, China, raises new questions about the origin of COVID-19
New documents revealed Tuesday are offering new insights into the scope and target of U.S.-funded research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute research lab in China and raise new questions over the origins of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that has infected more than 4.5 million people around the globe.  The more than 900 pages of documents obtained by online investigative news site The Intercept through FOIA litigation against the National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers previously undisclosed details of U.S.-based EcoHealth Alliance bat coronavirus research at the lab funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).   The revelations also provoked fresh scrutiny of NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, whose been accused by some lawmakers of misleading Congress about the extent of U.S. involvement in the Chinese lab’s gain-of-function research on coronavirus.

September 7: One America News Network: Texas Gov. signs election integrity legislation to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a sweeping election reform bill into law after a battle with Democrats. Abbott signed the bill on Tuesday, which marked just days after it cleared both chambers of the state legislature.  The legislation would tighten requirements for absentee voting as well as ban 24-hour and the use of drop boxes.  It also attempts to stop ballot harvesting and expands the minimum hours of early voting.  Additionally, implements voter ID requirements for those voting by mail.  “One thing that all Texans can agree, and that is that we must have trust and confidence in our elections,” Abbott said. “The bill that I’m about to sign helps to achieve that goal. One thing that it does is, it insures that every eligible voter will have the opportunity to vote.”

September 6: The Epoch Times: A Texas City offers Samsung extensive property
tax breaks to build a $17 billion chip plant; If successful ground breaking could
take place as early as the second quarter 2022

The city of Taylor, Texas, is planning to offer Samsung extensive property tax breaks if the company chooses to establish its new $17 billion chip plant in its jurisdiction.  Taylor is one of several sites Samsung is currently considering for a chip factory that could create around 1,800 jobs in the region that is selected. As of yet, none of the other potential sites have disclosed any potential tax breaks they might give the tech giant.  According to a proposed resolution Taylor is set to offer a grant for the land it will use equivalent to 92.5 percent of assessed property tax for 10 years, 90 percent for the following 10 years, and then 85 percent in the 10 years after that.  Additionally, the city will also potentially offer a 92.5 percent tax waiver on new property built on the site for 10 years and the repayment of development review costs.

September 6: The Epoch Times: Communist China flexing its muscles; sends
bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone
China sent 19 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sept. 5, continuing its aggressive posturing at the self-governing island, which scrambled jets in response. The incident has drawn concern from both current and former U.S. officials.  According to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, the incursion involved 14 fighters, four bombers, and an anti-submarine aircraft.   It was the third straight day that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decided to fly its aircraft into Taiwan’s aircraft defense zone.  An ADIZ is a publicly-declared area next to a state’s national airspace, in which approaching foreign aircraft must be ready to submit their identifiers and location. The area allows a state the time to judge the nature of the incoming aircraft and take defensive measures if needed.

September 5: One America News Network: State senator says AZ election audit is
real, all states should do them
Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers (R) has called for an audit of the 2020 elections in all states ahead of upcoming results of the Arizona audit. In a series of tweets on Sunday, Rogers said the results of the Arizona audit would soon be released, despite recent delays.  Rogers stressed state legislators could not speed up the process, but the results would be “real.” She also urged all states to audit their 2020 elections in order to prevent fraud moving forward.  “When the Arizona audit drops, it is on the other 49 states to make sure they are doing audits. Start calling your reps and senators now,” she expressed on Twitter. “…We are not going to stop until we know the truth.”

September 5: Fox News: Report: State Department, not the Taliban, stop rescue flights out of Afghanistan
Americans engaged in the rescue of U.S. citizens, SIVs and green card holders left behind by Joe Biden in Afghanistan are horrified by what they describe as inexplicable delays from the US Department of State that are preventing evacuation flights from leaving the country.   State’s delays are recklessly endangering American lives, three different individuals involved in the private evacuation effort told Fox News.   Numerous individual private groups have said the only thing preventing the flights from leaving Afghanistan is the Biden State Department.    "This is zero place to be negotiating with American lives. Those are our people standing on the tarmac and all it takes is a f****ing phone call," one of those individuals, who has been integral to private evacuation efforts from Afghanistan, told Fox News.  "If one life is lost as a result of this, the blood is on the White House's hands. The blood is on their hands," that individual said, adding: "It is not the Taliban that is holding this up – as much as it sickens me to say that – it is the United States government." 

September 5: Fox News: Escaped Afghan doctor warns of human rights abuses
An Afghan doctor and humanitarian whose life’s work was upended by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is warning that his homeland could become a hive of human rights abuses following Joe Biden’s much-criticized withdrawal of US forces.  "It was not a wise decision to leave a nation in a very, very hard situation," Dr. Wais Aria said. "People deserve to have their civil rights. The women deserve to have their rights."   Aria and his family were beaten by the Taliban on multiple attempts to reach Kabul’s airport before the final U.S. plane left. After spending days waiting outside the perimeter, they finally got in and are now safely in Virginia, where they’ve lived since 2017.

September 5: The Daily Caller: Taliban holds plane with Americans on it at the
airport; shades of Jimmy Carter’s hostage crisis
The Taliban is preventing a plane carrying Americans from taking off from Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport in Northern Afghanistan, Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul said Sunday.  “We had six airplanes at Mazar-i-Sharif airport. Six airplanes with American citizens on them as I speak, also with these interpreters, and the Taliban is holding them hostage for demands right now,” McCaul said. ““zero” Americans have been able to leave the country since U.S. military forces left on Aug. 30,” he added.

September 5: Townhall.com: Is a civil war likely in Afghanistan? 
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said that it is "likely" that conditions of a civil war could develop in Afghanistan now that the U.S. no longer has a military presence in the region and that such a conflict could lead to the "reconstitution" of terror groups such as al-Qaeda or ISIS.  "I think there's at least a very good probability of a broader civil war, and that will then in turn lead to conditions that could in fact, lead to reconstitution of al Qaeda or a growth of ISIS or other myriad of terrorist groups," he continued.  The general noted that, now that U.S. troops have been pulled from Afghanistan, maintaining U.S. security and intelligence gathering in the region will be increasingly difficult.  Biden’s treatment of Afghans who assisted the US and who have been left behind to fend for themselves, the General did not say, will make the recruitment of human assets in Afghanistan all the harder.

September 4: Fox News: Democrats in “panic mode” over California recall election; deploy over 700 operatives and spend more than $80 million in a state that has legalized ballot harvesting
Democrats are in panic mode over the possible recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom.  Opponents have raised over $80 million to fight the September 14th recall -- seven times more than what supporters of the recall have done. Public employee unions are the biggest contributors to Newsom, but George Soros is in for more than $1 million.  The anti-recall (pro-Newson) campaign has deployed 700 staffers to target 10.3 million voters and take advantage of California’s 2016 legalization of ballot harvesting -- which allows political operatives to pick up and deliver mail-in ballots.  Here, in Texas, ballot harvesting has been outlawed because of it has been shown to open the opportunity for fraudulent voting, indeed there have been numerous instances in Texas where individuals have been charged in such schemes.  Governor Newson told the Sacramento Bee last month that he fears the impact of a successful recall "will be quite pronounced for many, many years, …I think it will be felt all across the country."

September 4: The Washington Times: Planned Parenthood gets temporary
relief from Texas “Heartbeat” law, other abortion providers are not so lucky

A judge has temporarily shielded some Texas abortion clinics from being sued by, and only by, the state’s largest anti-abortion group under a new law banning most abortions.  The temporary restraining order was issued Friday by District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble in Austin in response to a Planned Parenthood request. Although the law remains in effect, the judge’s order specifically shields Planned Parenthood’s clinics from whistleblower lawsuits by the nonprofit group Texas Right to Life, its legislative director and people working in concert with the group. A hearing on a preliminary injunction request is scheduled for Sept. 13. The temporary restraining order does not stop Texas Right to Life lawsuits from non-Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in the state. It also doesn’t prevent people who aren’t affiliated with Texas Right to Life from suing Planned Parenthood.  The Texas “Heartbeat” law which prohibits most abortions after the heart beat of a baby can be heard, went into effect on September 1st.

September 4: Townhall.com: Democrat Governor of Oregon sued by first
responders over COVID vaccine mandate

Gov. Kate Brown (D-OR) is being sued by police and firefighter groups over the state's vaccine mandate.  According to a local news outlet, The Fraternal Order of Police, a group of firefighters in Klamath Falls, and nine Oregon State Police are named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Brown and the state of Oregon are named as defendants.   The lawsuit claims the executive order violates both the state and U.S. Constitutions, citing the First Amendment and freedom of religion and expression.  “Forcing them (the plaintiffs) to decide between their livelihoods and vindicating their statutory and constitutional rights is unconscionable and wrong,” the lawsuit states.  While Governor Brown strongly believes that Oregonians “…must have the ability to control our own bodies and make informed decisions about [their] health..." as it relates to a woman’s right to have an abortion; she apparently does not hold the same view as it relates to a person deciding whether to take a COVID vaccine.  

September 4: Fox News: Top FDA officials quit amid White House failure
to keep its promises over following the [COVID] science

Joe Biden’s Sept. 20 deadline for rolling out the COVID booster shots has been marred by pushback from scientists, citing a lack of reliable scientific data, resulting in the recent resignations of two FDA senior officials. For some, the move contradicts his vow to "follow the science" on matters related to COVID policy.   According to the New York Times, public health experts are speaking out that keeping pace with the White House’s Sept. 20 timeline put increased pressure on scientists, who are analyzing the evidence, to proceed with the administration’s established strategy and timeline.   The issue was put on full display earlier this week, when two FDA officials - the director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review Marion Gruber, and its deputy director Phil Krause - filed their resignations from the agency, apparently over a disagreement they had with the FDA’s top vaccine official  and the Biden administration’s push to roll out the vaccine booster shots.

September 3: The Daily Caller: While Biden claims “America is back” many
allies are skeptical

America is back” was President Joe Biden’s foreign policy mantra as he took office, but his disastrous handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan has shaken U.S. allies and given a green light to China on the global stage.  While global leaders were initially complimentary of Biden’s administration, many of those same allies have criticized America’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan. Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair went so far as say, “the abandonment of Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, not in their interests and not in ours. We chose to do it. We did it in obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars.'”  Blair was not alone in offering harsh words for Biden.  Norbert Röttgen, chairman of the German parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee said; “I say this with a heavy heart and with horror over what is happening, but the early withdrawal was a serious and far-reaching miscalculation by the current administration.  This does fundamental damage to the political and moral credibility of the West.”

September 3: The Washington Free Beacon: Afghan refugees tested for
COVID 19 after arrival in US not before

Afghan refugees coming to the United States did not receive COVID-19 tests before departing Kabul, the State Department  said.  The State Department’s disclosure comes amid increased scrutiny of the Biden administration’s handling of more than 100,000 Afghans, who fled the country following the Taliban’s takeover. The agency requires COVID tests before it allows foreign travelers to arrive in the United States, but it waived the requirement for those who evacuated from Afghanistan.  "Given the extraordinary circumstances, a blanket humanitarian exemption was issued for the requirement of pre-departure COVID testing for all individuals the U.S. government transported by aircraft from Afghanistan," an agency spokeswoman said.

September 2: One America News NetworkTexas “heartbeat” law takes
effect after SCOTUS declines to hear abortionist’s challenge

Texas has taken a major stride in supporting the sanctity of life. At midnight Wednesday, the state’s heartbeat bill went into effect. This allows private citizens with information about a criminal abortion to report it to law enforcement or sue any abortion provider who kills an unborn child after a heartbeat is detected. Additionally, any person who aids or abets these illegal abortions can also be sued.  Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, said the law represents a turning point in the nation and is a huge victory for women.  “The point of the law is to protect unborn children and to recognize the humanity of the unborn child who has a heartbeat, who has fingers, toes, hair, eyes,” Graham contended. “And to empower the mother to choose life and feel like she can bring a child into the world with the multiple resources available.”  Graham went on to add, she hopes this law will push Planned Parenthood into providing women with options besides abortion, especially considering they have claimed 97 percent of their services do not include abortion.

September 2: Townhall.com: Democrats in a panic after the 5-4 SCOTUS
decision on the Texas “heartbeat” bill

After the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Wednesday night to uphold the Texas heartbeat legislation, which bans abortion after six weeks, Democrats have launched into a panic over the potential of similar legislation being introduced and passed in states around the country.   As a result, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Joe Biden are working to undermine the ruling – specifically, they are considering codifying the Roe v. Wade decision.   One reporter asked the White House press secretary, "Why does [Joe Biden] support abortion when his own catholic faith teaches it is morally wrong?"  Not answering the question Psaki responded, "I know you have never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant but for women out there who have faced those choices, this is a difficult thing."

September 2: United Press InternationalNew York City dealing with
flooded streets from the remnants of Hurricane Ida
Severe flooding in New York City after heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Ida led to at least 29 deaths throughout the region, authorities said Thursday as floodwaters deluged the city and leaders urged residents to stay inside.  New York City was inundated with rain overnight and caused mass flooding that brought travel above and below ground to a halt.  3.5 inches of rain reportedly fell in Central Park in one hour. 

September 2: The Washington TimesCalifornia teacher removed after
she had her students pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag

A California school district has removed from the classroom a teacher who took the U.S. flag down from her classroom and told her pupils to pledge allegiance to the gay-pride flag instead.  According to the Blaze, Kristin Pitzen has been placed on administrative leave in the Orange County Newport Mesa Unified School District.  ”We are aware that one of our teachers posted a video on their personal social media that caused alarm and concern related to saluting the American flag,” spokeswoman Annette Franco said. “The teacher is no longer in the classroom.”

September 2: The Daily Signal: The Heritage Foundation’s publication reports on another effort to “cancel culture:” cutting off the ability to make online payments if the platform disagrees with your opinion!
When White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that people who spread “misinformation” “shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others,” she revealed the left’s chilling plan for censoring content that goes against the left’s narrative.  It is becoming increasingly clear that political leaders on the left and Big Tech are joining arms to not just de-platform dissident voices from social media, but to bar them from the digital space entirely, including from having the ability to make and receive payments online.  Fortunately, conservative commentator Dan Bongino has stepped up to address this issue in the digital payment space.  He recently announced the creation of  AlignPay, a new platform that pledges to process the digital payments of organizations, regardless of their political beliefs. The launch of AlignPay highlights an important point: One of the most effective ways for conservatives to counter censorship is to develop, support, and promote alternative platforms, thereby providing users with greater choice. 

September 1: Fox News: Former US ambassador accuses Biden of leaving hundreds
of Afghan women to die because of botched evacuation
Despite a catastrophic US withdrawal from Afghanistan and bureaucratic red tape hindering outside rescue efforts along the way, non-government groups have been and are still working to help bring U.S. citizens and stranded Afghan allies to safety.  Among those at greatest risk under Taliban rule are women, who make up roughly half the country’s population and were severely oppressed during the Islamist group’s previous time in power in the late 1990s, according to Ambassador Kelley Eckels Currie, the former U.S. ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues.  Those same women now feel the most vulnerable, she said, especially lawmakers, judges and prosecutors who put terrorists and militants in jail – even as the Taliban has said it is offering a blanket amnesty to Afghans who worked with U.S. forces and that it will respect women’s rights, under sharia.

September 1: Breitbart News: White House refuses to confirmed leaked report on
a July Biden conversation with Afghan president about a concern over the
apparent collapse of the Afghan government
The White House Wednesday refused to address leaked details of a conversation between Joe Biden and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani revealing concerns about the government collapse as early as July.  “I’m not going to get into private diplomatic conversations or leaked transcripts of phone calls,” Biden press secretary Psaki told reporters.  The Reuters report revealed details of the transcript of the July 23 conversation, where Biden said, “There is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.” The report demonstrates that Biden knew the conditions in Afghanistan were going poorly but failed to take any corrective action, while all the time Biden publicly signaled confidence in the government’s defense against the Taliban.  The White House has repeatedly and falsely claimed that no one could have known Afghanistan could have fallen so quickly.

September1: The Daily Caller: Afghanistan; Biden White House spins, dodges and stops short on questions about what went wrong
Despite Joe Biden’s efforts to project his resolve in leaving Afghanistan, members of his administration have seemed reluctant to answer questions about things that went wrong.  At Wednesday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki skipped over a question about reports that American journalists were among those left behind in Afghanistan.  When a Fox News White House correspondent asked about constraints in getting people to the Kabul airport Psaki immediately pivoted talking about the number of people who were rescued.  She never did “circle back” to answer the initial question. 

September 1: The Washington Times; Calif. Wildfires fan the flames as Gov. Newsom faces a recall election and accusations of forest mismanagement
The calamitous California wildfire season is fueling the recall campaign against Gov. Gavin Newsom as opponents accuse the Democrat of inflating his forest management progress while putting fire prevention on the back burner.  The governor has been dogged by an investigation that found he overstated by 690% the acreage of overgrown forest treated by the state in 2020, scaled back former Gov. Jerry Brown’s Forest management goals and axed $150 million from the wildfire prevention budget.   Last week, CapRadio and NPR’s California newsroom followed up by revealing internal emails showing that CalFire removed key documents on Newsom’s forest treatment goals from its website on June 23, the same day as the original report.  The disclosures have pumped oxygen into the recall campaign. Opponents accuse Newsom of focusing on climate change instead of the tree thinning and brush clearing needed to prevent small blazes from erupting into infernos.

September 1: The Epoch Times: New Orleans sets curfew to guard
against crime after hurricane  Ida

New Orleans has imposed a curfew following Hurricane Ida in a bid to prevent looting and other crime, Mayor LaToya Cantrell said.  In a press briefing on Tuesday, Cantrell said the city’s police and the Louisiana National Guard will enforce the curfew that runs from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.  “There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to be on the streets of the city of New Orleans,” Police Chief Shaun Ferguson said at the briefing, referring to the curfew.

August 31: The Daily Caller: 159 Members of Congress call for giving
the 13 fallen the Congressional Gold Medal

Nearly 160 House members signed on to a bill Tuesday that would posthumously award congressional gold medals to the 13 U.S. servicemembers killed in Afghanistan Thursday.  The  bill, originally brought forth by Lisa McClain (MI), garnered support from 137 other Republicans and 21 Democrats. It was unveiled one day after the last American plane took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, officially ending the longest war in American history.  “These heroic men and women are gone far too soon, and we must honor them for their bravery in helping U.S. citizens and Afghan allies safely evacuate Afghanistan,” McClain said in an accompanying press release. “My heart aches for the families and loved ones of our servicemembers. We will always remember their service and pay tribute to their sacrifice.”

August 31: Fox News: Biden press secretary grilled on Biden’s
broken promise not to strand any Americans in Afghanistan
White House press secretary Jen Psaki was grilled Tuesday on whether Biden regrets promising to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan until every American citizen is out after he broke that promise by leaving more than a hundred behind Monday.  "We are going to get every American citizen out. That has not changed," Psaki said during her daily press briefing.  A reporter asked Psaki why Biden allowed his credibility to "go out the door" by making a promise to stay in the country until every American was evacuated.  "Well, first I would say the (Biden) remains committed to getting every American citizen who wants to get out, out," Psaki responded. "That’s an enduring commitment, one that will not change and one we’re going to focus on every single day."  Psaki cited Thursday’s terrorist attack in Kabul that killed 13 U.S. service members, saying a "risk assessment" determined the withdrawal must be completed by the deadline.  Another reporter later asked Psaki why Americans still in Afghanistan should trust Biden's commitment to get them out, when he broke his previous vow to get all Americans out before completing the withdrawal.

Photo of Taliban forces riding on an armed U.S. HumveeAugust 31: Breitbart News: Biden admits to leaving 10% of the Americans in Afghanistan
In his first address to the American people after completely pulling out of Afghanistan, Joe Biden admitted he was leaving ten percent of Americans, who the United States intended to evacuate, in the country now controlled by a jihadist organization.  During the speech Biden said, “the bottom line” — now that the U.S. evacuations are complete and service members will not be shuttling Americans and high-risk Afghans out of the country — is only “90 percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave. And for those remaining Americans, there is no deadline. We remain committed to get them out if they want to come out.”  By saying this, Biden is openly admitting to the country — and the world — there are still ten percent of Americans who the U.S. wanted to evacuate out of the country left there by Biden.

August 31: The Washington Examiner: The U.S. surrender in Afghanistan may have lasting impact that will be felt for decades
Retired generals and other military veterans believe the Afghanistan withdrawal will have a lasting negative impact that could last "for decades.”  Retired Maj. Gen. Joe Arbuckle said in a phone interview he wanted “accountability” because it is “one of the bedrock foundations of our military." That's why he believes Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Milley should resign.  Arbuckle helped organize 88 retired generals and admirals to sign an open letter published by “Flag Officers 4 America” on Monday, coinciding with the U.S. final withdrawal from Afghanistan after the U.S. had poured 20 years, billions of dollars, and thousands of lives into the country.

August 30: Fox News: Marine’s family slams Biden after his scripted” meeting with pregnant widow
The family of one of the Marines killed in Afghanistan last week slammed  Joe Biden’s meeting with the Marine’s pregnant widow as scripted and a "total disregard" to the service member’s death.  Biden was at Dover, Delaware to attend the return of the 13 service members.  Lance Cpl. McCollum’s wife (Jiennah) was the only family member who got to speak with Biden.  Others refused to meet with him because they held Biden responsible for their fallen family member.  But Jiennah’s meeting with Biden didn’t go well.  Apparently he appeared to show a "total disregard to the loss of our Marine," talking instead of the service of his own veteran son, Beau Biden, and his death from brain cancer.  One of the corporal’s sisters said "You can't f--- up as bad as he [Biden] did and say you're sorry.  This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands." 

August 30: One America News Network: Biden Impeachment not out
of the question, but a conviction is
House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is not ruling out impeaching Joe Biden over his failure in Afghanistan. In an interview he said Congress has a constitutional responsibility to hold Biden and his officials accountable for the ongoing crisis.  McCarthy added, Biden didn’t share with Congress his plans and data on the withdrawal. He stressed Biden’s officials apparently evaded congressional oversight. McCarthy went on to say GOP lawmakers are collecting the data and they may draft articles of impeachment against Biden if it’s supported by facts. But with the Democrats in control of the House it is unlikely that articles of impeachment would be adopted.  Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Biden’s mishandling of the Afghan crisis is “much worse than Saigon.” The  Kentucky lawmaker said Vietnamese militants did not seek to attack the U.S. after the fall of Saigon in 1975

August 30: Fox News: Biden lies, retired naval aviator says after
unsuccessfully trying to get American family access to Kabul airport
Retired Navy Aviator Brett Odom, who is helping Americans evacuate Afghanistan, said on Monday that people were denied entry by the Taliban into Hamid Karzai International Airport.  "I worked for a family last night for about eight hours. They had been trying to get into the back gate, the south gate. It was the only one open yesterday and they had been turned back by the Taliban multiple times. They had been beaten. They were scared. They were terrified. And we could not get them through last night," Odom said.  Odom's comments came after a video reportedly showed Americans being denied.  Informal networks of people were able to get them through multiple checkpoints but “…they could not get into the gate. The gates were closed. They were outside, waving their passports. We are telling them to scream that 'I'm an American. I need to get on this airplane.' And no one let them. And you know, we heard that went all the way up to the top of the military leadership," Odom said.   Reportedly there are about 350 U.S. citizens still trying to leave Afghanistan and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

August 29: The Daily Caller: Distraught Mother of Slain Marine:
‘All You … Who Voted For [Biden], You Just Killed My Son’
The mother of slain U.S. Marine Rylee McCollum spoke out in a radio interview Saturday saying, “Every Democrat who is listening, you did this to my son!”  “My son did die in vain. This was an unnecessary debacle. It could have been handled properly. They had months and months to remove everyone from Afghanistan and they chose not to. And so they sent in freaking what? 6,000 troops? And my son, through the laws of statistics, my son was one of the ones that just got blown up in a freaking terrorist bomb yesterday,” McCollum said.  “I never thought in a million years that he would die for nothing. For nothing. Because a feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap wanted a photo-op on Sept. 11, that’s what kills me!”

August 29: Fox News: Marine who was fired for criticizing the disastrous
Afghanistan withdrawal says he’s resigning his commission, wants
nothing from the Administration or the VA

The U.S. Marine relieved of his command for calling out his superiors over the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that led to the deaths of 13 service members said Sunday he was officially resigning.   In a tell-all video posted on social media, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller acknowledged he was sacrificing a comfortable retirement by criticizing the way the withdrawal was handled.   "I could stay in the Marine Corps for another three years, but I don’t think that’s the path I’m on. I’m resigning my commission as a United States Marine, effective now," Scheller said. "I am forfeiting retirements, all entitlements, I don’t want a single dollar. I don’t want any money from the VA. I don’t want any VA benefits [even though] I’m sure I’m entitled 100%."   Many, including those who have served in theater, are fed up with the administration and those in the military who are attempting to cover up the debacle.  Scheller reiterated that he was forfeiting a potentially $2 million pension fund for the rest of his life by going through with his actions, but warned that going after "stability and money" makes one a "slave to the system" and makes you compromise on your principles.

August 29: News MaxU.S. air strike hits bomber targeting Kabul airport
U.S. officials say an American drone strike has hit a vehicle carrying multiple Islamic State suicide bombers heading for the Kabul airport. A military official said the strike on Sunday caused “significant secondary explosions” indicating the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material in the vehicle.   The officials said Sunday that initial reports indicate there were no civilian casualties caused by the airstrike, but one official said they are assessing reports of any other collateral damage.  The attack comes as the United States winds down a historic airlift that saw tens of thousands evacuated from Kabul’s international airport, the scene of much of the chaos that engulfed the Afghan capital since the Taliban took over two weeks ago. After an Islamic State affiliate’s suicide attack that killed over 180 people, the Taliban increased its security around the airfield as Britain ended its evacuation flights Saturday.  U.S. military cargo planes continued their runs into the airport Sunday, ahead of a Tuesday deadline earlier set by Joe Biden to withdraw all troops.   However, Afghans remaining behind in the country worry about the Taliban reverting to their earlier oppressive rule — something fueled by the recent shooting death of a folk singer in the country by the insurgents.

August 29: Townhall.com: Hurricane Ida knocks out all power to New Orleans
Sixteen years after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Hurricane Ida has made landfall on Sunday as a Category 4 storm. It has been reported that all of Orleans parish is without power due to "catastrophic transmission damage."  The amount of people in the state without power before the eye made landfall was 614,000 Energy customers.   The storm was a Category 4 but close to Category 5 with sustained winds of 150 mph, 7 mph below a category five storm. 

August 29: The Washington Times: Conservative investment funds
fight back against “woke” corporations

Fortune 500 corporate boardrooms increasingly have embraced a “woke” agenda — corporations like Gillette and Bank of America.  In response, some Wall Street players now are offering exchange traded funds (ETFs) that exclude left-wing companies, taking a page from the activist playbook that created investment programs to boycott enterprises deemed environmentally unfriendly.  A pair of investment programs that launched in the last year — the American Conservative Values ETF and the 2ndVote Advisers ETF — are led by directors who seek companies that have not launched ad campaigns or issued bulletins that they think prioritize liberal politics more than profits.

August 28: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden loses before SCOTUS mount,
two this week

The Biden administration is struggling to find its footing in the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Thursday night’s decision ending the federal ban on evictions is the latest in a string of judicial reversals for Joe Biden. Earlier in the week, the Court ordered the president to maintain the Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy for asylum-seekers. This spring, Biden appointees at the Justice Department blundered into a unanimous defeat in a little-noticed criminal sentencing dispute.  In some cases, the errors were self-inflicted. The administration has enacted policies knowing they were on uncertain legal ground, doubled down on assertions picked apart in the lower federal courts, and flipped positions in pending cases only to lose by a lopsided margin. In an unusual delay, Biden didn’t nominate a solicitor general, the government’s top representative in the High Court, until Aug. 11.

August 27: The Daily Signal:  Biden is still in excuse mode over his
Afghanistan debacle; blames Trump
In his last speech Joe Biden continues the blame game on the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan fingering the terrorist group ISIS-K for the bombings at the Kabul airport and then delivering more excuses why the hole he dug isn’t getting deeper.    Moreover, he thinks working with the Taliban still makes sense.  It appears his spent more time saying he was taking the appropriate steps rather than having a serious plan to address a situation that is rapidly spiraling out of control.  Biden acknowledged the U.S. know the threat was coming while apparently not taking steps to counter it.   After creating an impossibly unsustainable situation with a chaotic no-plan plan for withdrawal—one in which he ignored the advice of military leaders and the intelligence community—he stated he was relying on the advice of military commanders. Some characterize this as being like Gen. Custer, after he was surrounded, asking his lieutenants, “What do we do now?”  Biden wrapped up his press conference by once again blaming former President Trump for the actions the Biden administration have taken.

August 27: The Epoch Times: 13 US service men murdered
by ISIS bombing in Kabul
Thirteen U.S. service members were killed in a terrorist bomb attack outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan yesterday.  At least 18 service members were wounded and officials warned the toll could grow, AP reported.  The deaths mark the first U.S. military combat-related deaths in Afghanistan since February 2020 when Donald Trump was President.  The ISIS terrorist “managed to reach a large gathering of translators and collaborators with the American army, and then he detonated his explosive belt,” an ISIS group claimed.  Joe Biden threatened to retaliate for the bombing saying,  “To those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes America harm, know this: We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay. I’ll defend our interests and our people with every measure at my command,” Biden contended. 

August 27: The Texas Tribune: 5th Circuit deals a blow to pro-abortionist,
denying motions to stop Texas heart beat bill from going into effect
A Texas law that would ban abortions after as early as six weeks is poised to take effect Wednesday, after a federal appellate court's rulings stymied efforts to block the law.  On Friday night, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals canceled a hearing planned for Monday, at which more than 20 abortion providers had hoped to persuade a federal district court in Austin to block the law from taking effect. Providers have sued to overturn the law which they contend is the nation's strictest and would create what they call a “bounty hunting scheme” in allowing members of the general public to sue those who might have violated the law. The law, would prohibit abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected without specifying a time frame,before many women know they are pregnant. But if there is a heartbeat, proponents of the law would say, there is also a life.

August 26: Fox News: Biden makes it public saying he has a list of which
reporters to call upon, let’s see, who is first?
On Thursday, while taking questions from reporters, Joe Biden said, “Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O'Donnell from NBC."   He then called upon correspondents from Reuters and the Associated Press who pitched him softball questions.   What overshadowed the questions asked was Biden’s remark that he was “instructed” to call on certain reporters, raising the specter that the questions they were to be asking was some how pre-scripted by White House staff.  "Who the hell is in charge here?" Washington Examiner commentator Tiana Lowe asked.   "Amazing. And everyone goes along with this," The Spectator contributor Stephen Miller wrote, adding, "He is not in charge."

August 26: Fox News: Freshman Congressman calls for cabinet to
invoke the 25th Amendment
Freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) called upon Kamala Harris and members of the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Biden from office following the botched – now turned deadly –  withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.  He went on to warn of China’s ambitions on the world stage, the resurgence of Russia, rising inflation, chaos at the southern border and other global predicaments threatening the U.S. – and argued that confronting them will take strong, decisive leadership.   "Joe Biden’s physical inability to lead is not a political talking point – it’s a demonstrable fact," Cawthorn said.   "He is not mentally fit to serve as president of the United States…  I cannot sit idly by and watch the nation that I love spiral into death and devastation because our leader cannot discharge his duties," he said. "There is no time to wait, the time for action is now."  

August 26: The Washington Examiner: SCOTUS blocks Biden eviction moratorium
The Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration's "targeted" eviction moratorium Thursday, saying Congress would have to act to enforce a federal pause on evictions meant to provide protections to renters while removing property owner protections during the coronavirus pandemic.  A majority of justices ruled in favor of petitioning landlords are "virtually certain" to succeed in arguing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded its legal authority in issuing its newest moratorium earlier this month. The court vacated a lower court stay that blocked enforcement of a decision that already overturned a previous rendition of the moratorium. 

August 26: News Max: Biden Administration gives Taliban a “hit list”
of Afghans who helped the US

Politico reported that the Taliban got the names from U.S. officials of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies who’d be allowed into the militant-controlled perimeter of the Kabul airport — permission that outraged critics called it a ''kill list."  Unnamed U.S. sources said the move was supposed to expedite the evacuation of fleeing Afghanistan in the wake of the rapid Taliban takeover of the country.  ''Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list,'' one unnamed defense official told Politico. ''It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.''  On the ground, the Taliban started blocking all but U.S. citizens and green card holders, stopping Afghan people who had assisted the U.S. over the past twenty years.

US Military Helos unofficial rescue mission in AfghanistanAugust 25: Townhall.com: Screw Biden; CIA and US troops conducting rescue missions in Afghanistan

To Americans who might be trapped in Afghanistan after August 31, the Biden administration has two words for you: “good luck.” Oh, you can send an email or something to let the Biden White House know you want to leave post-deadline, but the overall message is clear. You’re on your own. Biden is going to leave Americans behind and they’ve admitted it. The Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. military are conducting extraction operations to evacuate Americans using helicopters and ground troops as the window begins to close for rescuing all people at risk in Afghanistan.  According to US officials the CIA has launched clandestine operations to rescue Americans in and outside of Kabul in recent days.  The missions are using American military helicopters but under the operation and control of the CIA.   A congressional source knowledgeable about the evacuation effort said U.S. troops had gone into Kabul on joint missions with other allies to designated locations where they have picked up U.S. citizens, green-card holders, and Afghans who hold special visas for helping the U.S. military.  The air and ground operations are considered perilous under the current circumstances in the country as the U.S. has begun to assign priority on evacuating Americans over Afghans who are at risk. Those include the many thousands of Afghan interpreters and others who worked for the U.S. government but remain inside the country and face retribution from the Taliban.

August 25: The Epoch Times: Moderate House Dems force Pelosi to change House rules in order to pass the $3.5 trillion budget resolution spending bill
Speaker of the House Pelosi (D-CA) advanced Joe Biden’s unprecedented $3.5 trillion spending blueprint on Aug. 24, but only after resorting to a doubtful parliamentary procedure that, in essence, says that nine moderate Democrats that had voted earlier for a smaller measure but refused to support the increased spending, would have their votes counted as voting for passage.  The maneuver is of doubtful constitutionality.  Known alternatively as the “self-executing rule” and “deem and pass rule,” the maneuver was initially used when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President but debate still rages among legal scholars over its constitutionality.  Under the maneuver, a representative’s vote for one measure by the House is “deemed” to also apply in a specified manner to an entirely separate measure even when he or she decides not to vote on the separate measure.

August 25: The Daily Caller: Don’t blame the troops, blame the elites in DC for the Afghanistan debacle
America cowers and runs from yet another country in which we should never have had a military presence. What is it going to take for us to limit the power of Washington in all matters of importance?   The chaotic images of our botched evacuation of Afghanistan should further enforce what we all should know by now: we are not the world’s policeman. And watching what is going on in Chicago, Portland, Atlanta, etc., it’s clear we can’t even police our own cities.  This botched pull out of Afghanistan and the disjointed and dishonest speeches about it, is what you guys get when you elect a 78-year-old career politician with early-stage dementia. Rescuing Afghan translators that helped us is viewed as a must by Americans. We need them in the White House because daily Jen Psaki, the Pentagon spokesman and the Secretary of State Blinken rotate trying to interpret what Joe Biden is trying to say.

August 25: Fox News: Americans encouraged to leave Afghanistan immediately but not to try and make it to the Kabul airport
The United States embassy in Afghanistan has issued a statement warning Americans trapped in the country not to travel to the airport due to security threats.   "Because of security threats outside the gates of Kabul airport, we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this time unless you receive individual instructions from a U.S. government representative to do so," the statement from the embassy reads.  "U.S. citizens who are at the Abbey Gate, East Gate, or North Gate now should leave immediately," the embassy added. 

August 24: The Texas TribuneSCOTUS: Biden must comply with ruling to restart the “remain in Mexico” program for asylum-seekers
The Supreme Court on Tuesday said the Biden administration must comply with a lower court’s ruling to reinstate President Donald Trump’s policy that required many asylum-seekers to wait outside the United States for their cases to be decided.  The administration had asked the court to put on hold a federal judge’s order that the “remain in Mexico” policy known as Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) had to be immediately reimplemented. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ruled earlier this month that the Biden administration did not provide an adequate reason for getting rid of the policy, and that its procedures regarding asylum-seekers who enter the country were unlawful.  The court ruled 6 to 3 that the administration had not done enough to say why it was changing the policy (perhaps other than perhaps it was a Trump policy!).

August 24: The Texas Tribune: Possible fallout from Washington Dems attempt to federalize elections could be to require DOJ approval for redistricting and changes to state voter laws
The U.S. House on Tuesday passed a bill that could complicate both the coming round of redistricting in Texas and a voting restrictions bill currently under consideration in the state Legislature.  Known as the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the bill would reinstate sections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that were written to protect people of color. Over the last decade, the U.S. Supreme Court rolled back some of that landmark law’s provisions.  The bill passed along party lines, meaning all Democratic Texans in the U.S. House supported it and all Republican delegation members opposed it.  The prognosis in the Senate is unsure given that the bill will be subject to a filibuster which may allow the Republicans to block its consideration.

August 24: The Daily Signal: HR 4; another attempt to Federalize elections
The House Rules Committee voted Monday on rules governing debate on election legislation known as HR 4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. The controversial bill now goes to the House for a vote.   After Democrats failed to pass HR 1, a highly partisan piece of election legislation, they crafted HR 4, which the Heritage Foundation says is a danger to states’ election rights. HR 4 “gives federal bureaucrats control over all these state [election] rules all over the country,” says von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission. “It is an unbelievable invasion of state sovereignty.”   The bill is likely to pass along party lines in the House, but faces a battle in the evenly divided Senate, he says. 

August 24: Fox News: Afghan allies turn to unofficial channels as the world is rocked by Biden inaction
Chaos, confusion and terror have marked the Biden  Administration’s  Afghanistan withdrawal over the past week, with Americans and Afghan allies pleading for help escaping Taliban-controlled Kabul and uncertainty at the city’s U.S.-held airport.  And with special immigrant visa applicants cut off from escape by Taliban checkpoints, retired Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Rogers said that non-government organizations have been working through unofficial channels to try and help.  "Everyone is pissed about this even being necessary," he said. "But if [Joe Biden] doesn't want to step up and lead, someone else will."  Last week, Rogers helped raise the alarm that his former U.S.-contracted Afghan interpreter was trapped in Kabul, hiding from the Taliban and hoping to make it out of the country.  "It's embarrassing on an international scale that we are even in this situation," Rogers said. "It's insulting to not even have a number of Americans left to get out."

August 24: One America News network:  House GOP: If any American’s injured or killed with the equipment Biden left behind in Afghanistan, their blood will be on Biden’s hands
House Republicans, many of whom served in Afghanistan themselves, took to the steps of the Capitol building for their impassioned pleas to the Biden administration to get Americans safely out of Afghanistan. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) opened up the press conference to reassure those Americans still trapped in Afghanistan that despite the White House’s neglect, Republicans remained dedicated to their safe return home.  “To those Americans who are still abandoned behind enemy lines, we want to let you know you are our top priority,” he asserted. “Our number one priority here as House Republicans is to make sure every single American who has been stranded behind enemy lines is safely returned home to the United States.”  Congressman Banks (IN) said in Biden’s hasty withdrawal, the administration left the enemy with $85 billion worth of equipment. This included 75,000 vehicles, 200 airplanes and helicopters, more than 600,000 small arms and light weapons, night vision goggles and body armor.  He said, “if any of these weapons or this military equipment is used to harm, injure or kill any American now or anytime in the future, the blood is on Joe Biden’s hands.” 

August 24: Judicial Watch: Colorado judge clears the way for a suit forcing the state to clean up its voter rolls
A federal court has ruled Judicial Watch’s lawsuit can proceed against Colorado officials to force a cleanup of the state’s voter rolls.  The lawsuit was filed in October 2020 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado on behalf of itself and three residents of Colorado against the Colorado Secretary of State, and the State of Colorado for failing to clean the state’s voter rolls as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA).  The court’s decision came after Colorado filed a motion to dismiss the case.  The court ruled that the individual plaintiffs have standing to sue based on the fact that “noncompliance with the NVRA undermines the individual plaintiffs’ confidence in the integrity of the electoral process and discourages their participation [in elections].”   Chief District Judge Philip A. Brimmer also ruled that Judicial Watch’s allegations about Colorado’s voting lists were enough to allow the lawsuit to proceed.

Bill Sargent testifying before a House committee, August 23, 2021August 23: YouTube: Texas Election Integrity Bills need “Real Time” enforcement
“Section 31.005 of the Texas Election Code needs to be amended to allow the Secretary of State to enforce, not only violations of voting rights, but also violations of the election code,” a former election official from Galveston County testified before the Texas House Select Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies. The witness pointed to violations by Shelia Jackson Lee and the Fort Bend District Attorney which were allowed to occur in the 2020 election but for which there was no action taken to stop the infractions.   His recommendation was that the Secretary of State be given the authority to call DPS to investigate, to verify if a violation has occurred or is occurring, and to stop it.  This would leave the responsibility for prosecutions in the hands of the Attorney General while allowing the Secretary to act in real time.   

August 23: The Daily Caller: Private team organizing flights out of Afghanistan say Biden has been an “impediment” to their evacuation
- A team coordinating privately chartered flights out of Afghanistan said they’ve received no support from the Biden administration in trying to get Americans and vulnerable Afghans out of the country and that it’s been an ‘impediment’ to their efforts.
- Former Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor described the lack of support from the administration as “frustrating” and “a massive f**k up.”
The Biden administration has been an “impediment” to a private effort to get people out of Afghanistan, Robert Stryk, who is arranging privately chartered flights to get Americans and vulnerable Afghans out of the country said.   “The Brits and South Africans have been … awesome and heroic in getting people through the Mil Gate,” contended.  “What I am witnessing everyday is the very best and the very worst of America,” Stryk explained. “I have seen the humanity of private citizens who are contacting me and pledging their time, monies, and in some cases their lives to bring our citizens and these Afghan patriots out of harm’s way, while at the time personally experiencing the Biden administration’s abject failure to protect its citizens and those Afghans that fought and worked alongside of us.”  “It’s morally reprehensible,” Stryk said. “It’s been the U.S. private sector who has stepped in to save the blood and treasure the Biden administration is leaving behind.”

August 23: The Washington Times: Mutually assured destruction; Moderate Dems battle out approach to the infrastructure bill and budget reconciliation
House Speaker  Pelosi (D-CA) was poised to force an initial vote Monday evening on President Biden’s $3.5 trillion expansion of America’s social safety net, gambling that the president’s arm-twisting tactics were sufficient to bring a cadre of moderate Democrats to heel.  Led by Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ) the moderate Democrats were refusing to support advancing the package, which is set to pass along party lines.  Instead, they argued that the House should take up Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal, which passed earlier this month with a large bipartisan margin.  “Like the rest of America, we have waited far too long for legislation that will actually fix our nation’s infrastructure,” Gottheimer said. “That’s why the House can’t afford to wait months or do anything to risk passing the historic infrastructure package.”

August 23: One America News Network: House Freedom Caucus slams Dems for $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill
The House Freedom Caucus held a press briefing regarding Democrats’ wasteful spending plans. Amid the House’s return to the Capitol on Monday, members of the House Freedom Caucus laid out their perspective on both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion budget.   The group of Republicans slammed Democrats over their push for wasteful spending in both bills by saying further discussion needed to take place before they were passed. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) pointed out instead of the House reconvening to address the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, they came back to discuss Socialist Democrat spending bills that would rack up the national debt.   “Thousands of Americans are still on the outside of gates looking to try to get into the airport in Afghanistan, in Kabul,” he stated. “…Instead of having conversations about what we can do to push this administration to do its job, we’re here to spend $3.5 trillion we don’t have and we’re here to have the federal takeover of elections.”

August 22: News Max: Governor Abbott tests negative for COVID after short illness
Texas Governor Greg Abbott, whose state is engulfed in a fourth COVID surge, said he tested negative for COVID-19 on Saturday after having a "brief and mild" bout with the infection this week.  Abbott said he will continue to quarantine at the recommendation of doctors and will continue to work to open infusion centers for antibody therapy treatment across his state.  Abbott received a monoclonal antibody treatment, it said. It did not give any indication as to when the governor contracted the virus.    The highly infectious Delta variant continues to rampage across Texas and other states with low levels of vaccinations.

August 21: The Epoch Times: PRC dream?  Taiwan will fall like Afghanistan
Taiwan’s foreign minister accused Beijing of wanting to follow the Taliban’s footsteps by seizing control of the democratic island, saying the island has no desire to to subjected to communist rule.   The Afghanistan debacle has spurred debate about whether Taiwan would meet the same fate in the event of a Chinese invasion. The Chinese state media, meanwhile, have also seized the opportunity to cast Washington as an unreliable ally, pushing narratives such as “Afghanistan today, Taiwan tomorrow.”  The communist regime in China, which views Taiwan as part of its territory despite the latter being governed as a distinct entity, has threatened to use force to bring the island into its fold. “China dreams of emulating the Taliban, but let me be blunt: We’ve got the will [and] means to defend ourselves,” the  island’s foreign minister Joseph Wu said.

August 21: The Washington Examiner: New MT seat may be up for grab
The nonpartisan chairwoman of the Montana redistricting commission is confident the Democrats and Republicans on the panel will reach a consensus on the boundaries of the state’s two congressional districts.   Maylinn Smith said disagreements have been minimal among the two Democrats and two Republicans on Montana’s independent Districting and Apportionment Commission. But that could change as the panel grapples with drawing two congressional districts after population growth earned the state a second representative in the House for the first time in three decades.

August 20: Fox News Carlson: Biden officials are turning on him
We’ve learned a lot in the past five days. Maybe the important thing we’ve learned is that Joe Biden is not capable of running the country. Biden is senile. Saying that out loud is not an attack. Any decent person feels sorry for him, watching him gaze vacantly into the middle distance, or stumble like a drunk man trying to cross an icy street as he careens through his prepared remarks. There’s no joy in watching any of that. That could be any of us someday. It’s not Biden’s fault he can’t think clearly. It’s an indictment of the people around him.   In the months before last November’s election, Biden’s own family knew perfectly well that he was in profound cognitive decline. They were worried about it.   Anyone who’s been paying attention had already caught on to this, of course. But until recently, it didn’t seem to matter a whole lot.   But in the last week, the entire United States military has just been humiliated by illiterate peasants in turbans — and if that’s not insulting enough, many of them were carrying our rifles as they did it. 

August 21: The Epoch Times: Pentagon confirms Americans have
been beaten in Afghanistan
Americans have been beaten in Afghanistan, a U.S. military official said Saturday.  A day after  he said the military was aware of reports that Americans were beaten by Taliban terrorists, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said that “we know of a small number of cases where some Americans … have been harassed, and in some cases, beaten.”  But he down played the total number.  The stunning admission came as the U.S. Embassy warned Americans against traveling to the U.S.-held airport in Kabul, where thousands of people are trying to enter to escape the country before American troops leave.  The U.S. military has largely chosen not to conduct operations outside the airport, leaving Americans and Afghans to fend for themselves until they reach the facility.

August 20: The Daily Caller: Boots on the ground conflict with
White House messaging on Afghanistan
The airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, is pure chaos and evacuation flights haven’t taken off in hours, CNN’s chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward told the network Friday. Ward, speaking live from Afghanistan, detailed scenes from the airport in Kabul, where swarms of people are desperately trying to get through the gates in the hopes of catching a flight out of the country. Ward said she and her team had been at the airport for 12 hours “and on the inner field for eight hours” before pushing back on how the administration is speaking about the situation.  “During the last eight hours, the time that we’ve been waiting here, we have not seen a single U.S. flight evacuate people,” Ward reported.   The CNN correspondent also highlighted how the reality in Kabul differs greatly from the “talking points” Americans are hearing from the Pentagon and the White House. She said the scene on the ground “shocked her,” in part because officials have been offering up different comments on the situation.  “Listening to the talking points  … I thought this whole thing was moving along swimmingly now,” she said. “And yet here I am, 12 hours later, and I haven’t seen a plane take off in eight hours. And I’m watching children coming up to me and saying, ‘please could you get me some food.’ So, it is clearly not working.   

August 20: The Washington Free Beacon: Biden Admin has no plan in
place to keep cash out of the hands of the Taliban

As the Biden administration scrambles to evacuate American personnel from Afghanistan, it’s overlooking the Taliban's plans to seize some $10 billion in assets held by Afghanistan's central bank, according to congressional foreign policy leaders.  Somewhere between $18 and $20 million in cash sits in the Afghan central bank's vaults and is likely to fall into the Taliban's hands unless the United States attempts to intercept the funds and fly them out of the country—a scenario that sources say is unlikely as the Biden administration struggles to pull Americans out of Taliban-controlled Kabul.  A Biden official said all Afghan assets held as investments in the United States—which amount to around $7 billion—have been frozen and "will not be made available to the Taliban." The Afghan central bank has around $10 billion in total assets, most of which are stored outside the country and out of the Taliban's reach in the short term.

August 19: The Associated Press: Biden blames Trump-Afghanistan
peace accord, while choosing not to use the “escape” clause
As President Donald Trump’s administration signed a peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020, he optimistically proclaimed that “we think we’ll be successful in the end.” His secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, asserted that the administration was “seizing the best opportunity for peace in a generation.”  Eighteen months later, Joe Biden is pointing to the agreement signed in Doha, Qatar, as he tries to deflect blame for the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan in a blitz. He says it bound him to withdraw U.S. troops, setting the stage for the chaos engulfing the country. But Biden can go only so far in claiming the agreement boxed him in. It had an escape clause: The U.S. could have withdrawn from the accord if Afghan peace talks failed. They did, but Biden chose to stay in it, although he delayed the complete pullout from May to September.  In the intervening three months he also failed to plan for the peaceful evacuation of US citizens and those Afghans who assisted the US during their time in country.

August 19: The Washington Examiner:  State Dept. Officials warned Biden
of need to evacuate civilians; three weeks before the Taliban takeover

U.S. diplomats issued an internal memo last month urging top State Department officials to take urgent action with evacuations as the Aug. 31 military withdrawal deadline approached. The cable warning of the possible fall of Kabul soon after the troop pullout, sent through the agency's confidential dissent channel on July 13, pressed the Biden administration to begin collecting information from Afghans who qualify for Special Immigrant Visas and start evacuation flights no later than Aug. 1, sources have said.   Lawmakers in Washington and others have leveled severe criticisms at the Biden administration for underestimating the speed by which Kabul fell into Taliban hands, with accusations that officials completely missed the threat altogether and congressional hearings already being called to assess the debacle.

August 19: The Epoch Times: Moderate Dems may imperil the Biden agenda
Troubles continue among congressional Democrats’ loose coalition of members as moderates in both chambers try to pull the party towards the center and progressives try to push it further left.  Recently, Democrats have squabbled over whether Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) $3.5 trillion budget resolution and the $1.2 trillion Senate-passed infrastructure bill should be considered together. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has expressed that she intends to force a vote on both bills at the same time as part of what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called Joe Biden’s “two-track strategy.”  But some moderate Democrats in the House are opposed to this move.   Nine moderate Democrats wrote Speaker Pelosi urging the speaker to consider the infrastructure bill separately from the budget resolution.  “We urge our House colleagues to follow the same path as the Senate: vote first on the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and then consider the budget resolution,” the letter reads. They rejected the idea that the House should “hold off on considering the Senate infrastructure bill for months—until the reconciliation process is completed.”   They concluded by saying that they “will not consider voting for a budget resolution until the bipartisan Infrastructure bill is signed into law.” In this they would join the 212 House Republicans, who will undoubtedly oppose passage of the pricey budget resolution. This move would be enough to negate House Democrats’ slim nine-seat majority, bringing a vote on both proposals at the same time to be rejected 221-211.  Meanwhile, Pelosi is facing an equal challenge from House progressives, who have said that they will not vote to pass the infrastructure bill without passing the budget resolution.

August 19: Fox News: Taliban going house to house, hanging people
who helped the US

As the U.S. military and Department of State rush to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies from Kabul’s airport, Taliban checkpoints are cutting off many from freedom and safety – and reports on the ground indicate the militants are summarily executing people who helped U.S. forces over the years.  Ryan Rogers, a retired Marine sergeant, said the interpreter he worked with during the bloody 2010 battle of Marjah in Helmand province is currently trapped in Kabul, prevented from reaching the airport as Taliban fighters seek out and murder former Afghan commandoes and interpreters.  "He told me yesterday they hung three [Afghan National Army] commanders that they had found," he said. "And that close to the place that he’s hiding, they’re going house-to-house and that they sent a transmission out saying they had plans for the people that operated with America."

August 19: The Epoch Times: Biden Administration curtailing arrests of Illegals
on the border; Judge blocks Biden from limiting arrest of illegal immigrants

A federal judge ruled Thursday that Joe Biden’s administration cannot, for now, curtail arrests of illegal immigrants, delivering yet another setback to the White House’s immigration agenda.  Trump appointee U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton granted a preliminary injunction sought by the states of Texas and Louisiana against two memorandums issued by the Administration ealier this year that sought to “prioritize” certain categories of illegal immigrants.  The case involves an immigration law provision that stipulates that illegal immigrants who had committed crimes shall be taken into federal custody after they’re released, but Administration’s memos attempted to direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) resources to detain illegal aliens based on the nature of the crime. Texas and Louisiana argued that the memo would prevent ICE agents from arresting and deporting other illegal aliens who had a criminal history.  Both states have seen rising costs related to detention facilities and an increase in crimes traceable to the memos, Tipton wrote in his 160-page order.  “The Court concludes the potential harms to the States arising out of the Memoranda outweigh any potential harms to the Government. The Court also concludes the public interest is served, rather than undermined, by an injunction,” he wrote.

August 18: Fox News Business: Former DNI: The problem in Afghanistan
is not the intel but Biden Admin not listening to the intel
Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe said “I think where you need to start on this [Afghanistan debacle] is an understanding, when this happened, so many people were saying, ‘Oh my gosh, how could this have gone so possibly wrong? It must have been an intelligence failure.’  Let me be clear, it was not an intelligence failure. It was a failure to listen to intelligence, which is something that early on has become a trend in the Biden administration that has led to so many of the problems that they've had.    When I was the DNI  we correctly assessed that this is precisely what would happen if we didn’t have a conditioned-based withdrawal, which is exactly the way this plan was put together. It had as its criteria: Number one, Get all of our kids home safely. Number two: We’re going to give us the best chance of ensuring that Afghanistan is never going to be used as a safe harbor to attack the United States or our allies again. The best way to do that was to ensure the withdrawal went through what folks referred to as ‘conditional’ or ‘conditioned.’   Really what I view it as is a series of gates or circumstances that had to be met, and the very first gate was President Trump directly communicating to the Taliban leader [Ghani] Baradar that in the course of this withdrawal, if a single American is harmed at the hands of the Taliban, I will take you out the way I took out Qasem Soleimani and the way I took out [Abu Bakr] Al-Baghdadi. Because of that, not a single American lost a life in the last 11 months of our administration.”

August 18: Rasmussen Reports: Poll shows most wouldn’t vote for Biden again
Most voters would not vote to reelect Joe Biden, and a significant number who voted for him in 2020 now regret their choice.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that, if the next presidential election were held today, 37% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for Biden. Forty-three percent (43%) would vote for former President Donald Trump, and 14% say they would vote for some other candidate. (Survey)   The survey of 1,000 U.S. Likely Voters was conducted on August 16-17, 2021 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

August18: News Max: GOP flips Connecticut state seat; could
impact California and Virginia
Special elections for the state legislature rarely attract attention beyond the boundaries of their states.  But in Connecticut’s 36th State Senate District, which Joe Biden swept last November, the victory of Republican Ryan Fazio Tuesday night was indeed drawing national attention.  Some observers even believe that Fazio’s running on a strong anti-tax line might encourage Republicans to do the same in the California gubernatorial recall Sept. 14 and the Virginia race for governor in November.  "Biden won this district by 25 points in 2020, we flipped it RED!" tweeted Republican National Chairman Ronna McDaniel soon after Fazio was declared the winner. Small businessman and Resident Town Meeting (RTM) member Fazio rolled up a 50%-to-47% win over liberal Democrat and gun contro activist Alexis Gevanter.  In the closing days of the campaign, Fazio strongly contrasted his commitment to "fiscal responsibility" with Gevanter’s support for "a new gas tax." 

August 17: ZeroHedge.com: China moves under security and diplomatic
guise to pilfer Afghan trillions

Kyle Bass is warning that China - which announced it was ready to deepen "friendly and cooperative" relations with the Taliban within mere hours after they toppled the Afghan government - is going to "move in under security and diplomatic guise" to pilfer Afghanistan's trillions in mineral deposits."On the basis of fully respecting the sovereignty of Afghanistan and the will of all factions in the country, China has maintained contact and communication with the Afghan Taliban and played a constructive role in promoting the political settlement of the Afghan issue," said Chinese spokeswoman Hau Chunying.  Three weeks ago Beijing hosted Taliban leaders as the Biden administration embarked on its "hasty withdrawal" from Afghanistan that led to its 'hasty' collapse.  Afghanistan is plagued with a curst of plenty.  It is projected that they have upwards of $3T worth of minerals. The US Pentagon believes that just one province has the largest lithium deposit in the world and it is highly likely that China is moving to get access to these resources under the guise of security and diplomacy. 

August 17: News Max: Lawmakers to probe Biden Administration
over “horrifying” situation in Afghanistan

Members of Congress, including many of Joe Biden's fellow Democrats, said on Tuesday they were increasingly frustrated with events in Afghanistan, vowing to investigate what went wrong.  "The events of recent days have been the culmination of a series of mistakes made by Republican and Democratic administrations over the past 20 years," Sen. Bob Menendez, Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement.  "We are now witnessing the horrifying result of many years of policy and intelligence failures," Menendez said.   Menendez said his committee would hold a hearing on U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, including negotiations between former Republican President Donald Trump's administration and the Taliban and the Biden's administration's execution of the withdrawal.  Committee Republicans said they wanted Secretary of State Antony Blinken to testify, "to understand why the State Department was so ill prepared for the contingencies unfolding before us," according to a letter sent to Menendez.

August 17: Fox News:  Astonishing: Joe Biden has not talked to any world
leaders since the Taliban took over the country in quick order and the
administration’s plan seems to be to rely upon the terrorist to let
10,000 Americans into the Kabul Airport unharmed
The Biden administration's downplaying of how the U.S. left Afghanistan behind, "stunned" “Special Report” host Bret Baier on Tuesday who expressed his "shock."   Baier: “I was stunned… From my analysis point of view, if the plan is that you’re going to tell more than 10,000 Americans who are scattered throughout Afghanistan, Kabul and other cities to make it to the airport and trust that the ring of Taliban fighters who surround the airport are suddenly going to get the word from their leaders to let them in and not have any problems, and that’s the White House plan, that’s stunning to me.  I think there are a number of things said in that press briefing that just shocked me. I think the false equivalence that you had the decision – leave 2,500 troops, get the evacuation to happen and then pull the troops out, keep Bagram Airbase, once you lost Bagram Airbase and the air cover for the Afghan security forces, all of that changes the dynamic. And now you are trusting the Taliban who just recently put out a statement saying, ‘Death to America’ in the past few weeks.”

August 17: One America News Network: Pentagon says Kabul airport is
secure and flights to retrieve US and Afghan allies have resumed

U.S. officials reported the Kabul airport has been secured and evacuation flights have resumed. During a press briefing at the White House on Tuesday, Biden officials added they have been in contact with the Taliban to ensure safe passage for evacuees.  However, some reports mentioned the Taliban set up checkpoints on roads leading to the airport and positioned militants in a circle around the facility. According to the White House, 11,000 American citizens were confirmed to be stuck in Afghanistan and just 150 have been rescued.  When grilled on the unorganized evacuation as well as reports of the Taliban beating and blocking people from passing through checkpoints, National Security Agency Adviser Jake Sullivan continued to downplay the dire situation.  “First, the earliest evacuation flights in any evacuation tend not to have every seat filled because the process of getting any evacuation underway has a throughput issue,” he explained. “Second, in terms of people being turned away, by and large, what we have found is that people have been able to get to the airport. In fact, very large numbers of people have been able to get to the airport and present themselves.”

August 17: News Max: Nearly 70% disapprove of Biden’s mishandling
of the  situation in Afghanistan 

As Joe Biden began to explain Monday why the U.S. policy on Afghanistan has resulted in a disastrous ending, a just-completed Trafalgar survey showed that nearly 70% of American voters nationwide disapprove of his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  The poll showed that 69.3% of American voters voicing disapproval, a strong 59.5% said they "strongly disapprove" and only 9.8% said they simply "disapprove."  More significantly, the survey found disapproval of Biden to be across the board.  Among Independents, 74.8% said they disapproved of the policy and among them, 65.8% said they "strongly disapproved."

August 16: Fox News: Leon Panetta (D) calls Afghanistan a “Bay of Pigs”
moment for Biden: “Our credibility right now is in question”

Former Democrat Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said Monday the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan was a "Bay of Pigs" moment for President Joe Biden, referring to the ill-fated, U.S.-backed effort to overthrow Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.  Biden has come under sharp criticism for the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan as the Taliban seizes control, and Panetta was asked by CNN's John King what this moment meant for the president.  "In many ways, I think of John Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs, you know?" Panetta said. "It unfolded quickly and the president thought that everything would be fine and that was not the case. But President Kennedy took responsibility for what took place. I strongly recommend to President Biden that he take responsibility and admit the mistakes that were made." Unfortunately, Biden has decided to blame the debacle on former President Trump.

August 16: The Washington Free Beacon: What will Joe do if China attacks Taiwan? China touts “US Humiliation” in Afghanistan in warning to the Island nation
China says "U.S. humiliation" in Afghanistan should be a warning sign to Taiwan and other U.S allies in the region that the American military "won't come to help" if war breaks out in the future.  As Taliban militants reclaim control of war-torn Afghanistan after the Biden administration's decision to remove all U.S. troops from the country, China is stepping in to fill the power vacuum. Communist Party officials have been talking to Taliban leaders, and China's embassy in Afghanistan is operating normally, even as the United States conducts an emergency evacuation of its personnel in the country.  Chinese state-controlled media and Communist Party loyalists gloated on Sunday over America's "humiliation" as the Taliban marched into the Afghan capital, Kabul, forcing U.S.-backed president Ashraf Ghani to flee the country while his government crumbled. China is now offering to fund post-war construction efforts in Afghanistan as part of its Belt and Road Initiative, a sweeping Communist Party infrastructure project that has helped the CCP gain a foothold in many countries across the globe.

August 16: The Washington Times: “Promises are being broken”
as US strands Afghan allies
Nearly 20,000 Afghans who assisted the U.S. in its war and nation-building efforts — and perhaps 50,000 of their spouses and children — are in danger of being stranded by the county’s chaotic collapse, putting faces on the human toll of America’s withdrawal.   U.S. planners figured they had at least until the end of the month, when the American military commitment expires, and perhaps months more while Afghan government forces fought the Taliban advance, to get as many allies as possible out of the country.  But the stunning abdication of the government over the weekend upended that timetable, leaving the Biden team scrambling to try to keep one airport open to give people who managed to make it to Kabul a chance to flee.

August 16: The Epoch Times: Strong demand for gas powered vehicles
drives Detroit production plans and clouds Biden’s 2030 goal for electric vehicles
Automakers in North America plan to build more pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles than electric vehicles well into the late 2020s, with strong consumer demand for gasoline-powered vehicles charting sales trends that run counter to the Biden administration’s goal of boosting electric vehicles (EVs) to half the market by 2030, according to internal production forecasts reported on by Reuters.  Joe Biden signed an executive order in August establishing the goal of making half of all new vehicles sold in the United States either hybrid or fully electric by 2030. Biden’s order also set a new schedule for the development of new long-term fuel efficiency and emissions standards to tackle pollution and other objectives.  The outstanding question remaining is whether purchasers will buy these vehicles?  So far, it is doubtful that the love for gas powered vehicles will dwindle in favor of electric vehicles.

August 16: Texas Scorecard: Cruz objects and kills Senate consideration
of a federal takeover of elections
In another blow to Democrats in D.C. and the Texas Legislature, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, blocked Senate Democrats’ latest attempt to give the federal government control over states’ voting rules.  Last Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–NY) tried to pass Democrats’ already rejected election-takeover legislation by asking for “unanimous consent” to consider the measure immediately following a 15-hour debate on a $3.5 trillion federal spending bill.  Cruz shot down Schumer’s attempt to slip through a revised version of the anti-election integrity bill before lawmakers’ August recess, raising the single objection needed to kill the vote.

August 16: Fox News: US flights out of Kabul suspended as Afghan’s
cling to US C-17 aircraft 

Fast Facts:
- U.S. forces at Kabul International Airport fired into the air on Monday in an attempt to gain control of the crowd that is desperate to leave the country after the Taliban takeover, a report said.
- A video is widely circulating on social media Monday morning purportedly showing Afghans clinging onto the side of an American C-17 aircraft leaving Kabul airport in a desperate attempt to flee the Taliban. 
- The Department of Defense is preparing to immediately house thousands of Afghan refugees on American military installations, including Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX.
- Meanwhile top Biden official admits fall of Afghanistan 'unfolded at unexpected speed'
Heavily armed Taliban fighters swept into Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul on Sunday after the government collapsed, and the Afghani president fled the country, signaling the end of the United States’ 20-year effort to rebuild the nation after the withdrawal of the U.S. military from the region.  An administration spokesman said, "The president did not think it was inevitable that the Taliban were going to take control of Afghanistan.  He thought the Afghan national security forces could step up and fight because we spent 20 years, tens of billions of dollars, training them, giving them the best equipment, giving them support of U.S. forces for 20 years."  

August 15: One America News Network: Judge gives go ahead for Nunes 
defamation suit against the Washington Post

 A federal judge has ruled in favor of Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) and his defamation suit against the Washington Post. In a recent interview, the California lawmaker said he looks forward to deposing the Post as part of his suit.  The judge ruled against the Washington Post’s motion to dismiss the defamation claim last week, after a 2017 article described what it called a “late night visit” by Nunes to the White House. The Post later issued a correction, saying Nunes pointed out he didn’t believe the Obama administration had been wiretapping Trump Tower. According to the federal judge, the Washington Post wrote and published the article with “at least reckless disregard of the truth that it had previously reported.”  Nunes said the process may take a few months, saying he’s trying to track people down from five years ago and hold them accountable

August 15: Fox News: White House on vacation while Taliban takes over
Afghanistan at a speed unexpected by world leaders. Press office
not to be found. Afghan President flees the country
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is taking a break from her duties at the same time as controversy surrounds the silence of Joe Biden, who is on vacation while the Taliban quickly seizes control of Afghanistan.  Fox News sent questions to Psaki's White House email address Sunday morning and received an auto-reply.  Hours later, on Sunday evening, Fox News attempted once again to reach the White House spokeswoman.  The same auto-reply, stating that the voice of the White House would not be available for the next week, was sent.

August 15: The Texas Scorecard: Texas Supreme Court upholds Abbott
ban on mask mandates in Texas
After a number of school districts, cities, and counties began issuing their own local mask mandates, in defiance of an executive order from Gov. Greg Abbott expressly prohibiting the action, the Texas Supreme Court is temporarily upholding Abbott’s prohibition.  Last week, courts in Bexar and Dallas counties issued temporary restraining orders against Abbott’s prohibition on mask mandates. That move came as some local governments—especially school districts—issued new mask requirements as classes are set to resume around the state.  On Sunday evening, the Texas Supreme Courtissued a stay order on the TROs, effectively keeping Abbott’s ban on mask mandates in place until the case is formally decided, which could take several weeks.  Several jurisdictions around the state are defying Abbott’s order until the Texas Supreme Court makes its final decision.

August 14: The Epoch Times: How inflation impacts those on fixed incomes
A federal judge has ruled in favor of Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) and his defamation suit against the Washington Post. In a recent interview, the California lawmaker said he looks forward to deposing the Post as part of his suit.  The judge ruled against the Washington Post’s motion to dismiss the defamation claim last week, after a 2017 article described what it called a “late night visit” by Nunes to the White House. The Post later issued a correction, saying Nunes pointed out he didn’t believe the Obama administration had been wiretapping Trump Tower.  According to the federal judge, the Washington Post wrote and published the article with “at least reckless disregard of the truth that it had previously reported.”  Nunes said the process may take a few months, saying he’s trying to track people down from five years ago and hold them accountable. 

August 14: One America News Network: CA Gov candidate; elect me
and get rid of mask and vaccine mandates

California GOP gubernatorial candidate, Larry Elder, has promised to repeal mask and vaccine mandates if elected governor. Speaking to a crowded church on Thursday, the Republican show host said he believes Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) locked down California harder than any other state in the union.  The Bay Area church was chosen specifically because they have racked up $1 million in fines for defying COVID restrictions. Elder said all such restrictions on the people, businesses and churches in California would be lifted as his first act of governor.

August 14: News Max: Federal judge orders Biden to revive the remain
in Mexico asylum program
A federal judge ordered the Biden administration to revive a policy begun under former President Donald Trump that forces immigrants seeking U.S. asylum at the southern border to wait in Mexico while their applications are pending.  U.S. District Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk in Amarillo, Texas, ruled that the Biden administration “failed to consider several critical factors,” including the benefits of the Remain in Mexico policy, before ending the program.  It’s another setback for Joe Biden following a January ruling by a different judge in Texas that temporarily blocked the new administration’s plan to pause deportations of undocumented immigrants for 100 days.  Friday’s decision came in a lawsuit filed by the Republican-led states of Texas and Missouri, which claimed the suspension of the program was worsening conditions at the border and allowing criminals to slip into the country.  Biden suspended the Remain in Mexico program the day after he office on Jan. 20., amid criticism that it pushed migrants into squalid and dangerous housing south of the border.

August 13: The Washington Examiner: Lindell talks about the attack on him
The “MyPillow” CEO Mike Lindell described the alleged assault he says took place at his hotel Wednesday night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he is hosting a cyber symposium on 2020 election fraud claims this week.  Apparently two men approached to take a photo, and after one was taken, a third man "came up out of nowhere" to also ask for a photo, at which time he was accosted, Lindell told Flashpoint, a conservative talk show.

August 13: The Epoch Times: Dying Railroads getting $66 billion under infrastructure bill
A shiny passenger train racing across long empty stretches of American plains may be iconic, but it’s an economic anachronism, experts say.  Even so, the Senate’s infrastructure bill gives $66 billion toward the repair of Amtrak lines—nearly 60 cents to Amtrak for every dollar the bill put toward highways.  This figure doesn’t reflect the way Americans actually travel, said Cato Institute senior fellow Randal O’Toole. People drive 840 times more distance than they take Amtrak.  Unfortunately, travel by rail has been on the decline for years. 

August 13: One America News Network: SC Gov signs open carry with training bill
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R), along with his lieutenant governor and members of the State Assembly, took part in a ceremonial signing of the Open Carry with Training Act as the state took a step toward restoring constitutional freedoms for its residents at the Palmetto State Armory in Greenville.  The new law will allow for any legal gun owner 21 and older in the state, who owns a concealed carry permit, to open carry in South Carolina. In addition, those individuals will not need to respond to an officer if they ask to see a permit, unless there is probable cause.  Those who apply for these permits after the law goes into effect, will have to go through at least eight hours of training.

August 13: Fox News: First female combat vet and Senator laments Afghan collapse and Biden's actions
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IO), the first female combat veteran elected to the U.S. Senate, condemned the potential collapse of Afghanistan to the Taliban, as the insurgent group gains control of one provincial capital after another in short order ahead of  Biden’s August 21 troop withdrawal date.  Ernst blamed the president for the conditions on the ground, as the Pentagon engaged in a mission to help evacuate Americans from the U.S. embassy in Kabul.  While pentagon spokesmen made themselves available this week, Joe Biden remained silent and left for a vacation at Camp David in the midst of the impending crisis. Ernst said, "This is a very grim reality, not just for the United States but for so many of our partners around the world to see Afghanistan fall like this. It is all on President Biden's shoulders."

August 12: FrankSpeech.com: Mike Lindell attacked in his hotel and cyber symposium participant has his computers seized
(video; requires email address/phone number to access)
Mike Lindell and Phil Waldron report on efforts taken in attempts to disrupt the “My Pillow” guy’s three day cyber symposium in which cyber security experts address issues related to election integrity and abnormalities in the compiling of election results.  Reportedly Lindell was physically attacked at his hotel and a cyber security expert’s house was raided and all his electronics were taken by authorities.  The video addresses precautions and steps the symposium’s leaders have taken and what the participants should be aware of.

August 12: Fox News: Biden heads for vacation as multiple crises escalate; [oh well, it probably won’t matter cause he’s not there half the time anyway!]
Biden departed the White House for a vacation in Wilmington, Delaware as multiple crises escalated Thursday, most notably the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan that has forced the Pentagon to send troops to the country in a desperate attempt to help Americans there escape.  The Pentagon announced Thursday that the military is sending two Marine and one Army infantry battalion, roughly 3,000 troops, to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul in an effort to provide security for embassy personnel and other Americans trying to evacuate the country. An additional 3,500 troops out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina will deploy to Kuwait as a stand-by force in case needed.  The deployments come as the security situation in Afghanistan has quickly deteriorated in recent weeks, with Taliban forces rapidly taking over much of the country as they close in on the capital city of Kabul. Some intelligence assessments of the situation on the ground are dire, with one assessment predicting the Taliban could take control of the capital within a month.

August 12: News Max: The SCOTUS lifts NY ban on evictions
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday lifted New York state's ban on residential evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, handing a victory to a group of small landlords that challenged a moratorium that had been slated to expire on Aug. 31.  The justices granted an emergency request by the landlords to lift the ban on eviction proceedings while litigation over the dispute continues. The nine-member court's three liberal justices dissented from the decision.  A lower court in June rejected landlords' argument that the moratorium violated their rights to due process of law and free speech under the U.S. Constitution.

August 12: Breitbart News: The Democrat Left; No amnesty for illegals, No infrastructure bill!
Democrats within the Progressive Caucus are alerting lawmakers they will block the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill, which 19 Senate Republicans voted for, unless amnesty for millions of illegal aliens is passed through Congress.  Progressive Caucus Democrats said they plan to oppose the bill so long as moderate Senate Democrats and Republicans oppose passing a $3.5 trillion budget resolution that includes amnesty for illegal aliens. 

August 12: The Washington ExaminerTexas DPS deputized to track down missing Dems for arrest and return to the Capitol
Law enforcement officers in Texas were deputized Thursday to "immediately" begin tracking down Democratic lawmakers whose extended absence from Austin has denied the state House of Representatives a quorum for over a month.   The House sergeant-at-arms, who received 52 civil arrest warrants for the missing lawmakers earlier this week, took the initiative after the Texas Supreme Court blocked more attempts to keep top officials from ordering the Democrats' arrest. Three Harris County Democrat judges granted orders, which the state Supreme Court stayed, to block the arrests of the 45 Democrats.  Speaker Phelan said the rounding up of the missing lawmakers will begin “in earnest immediately.”

August 12: The Washington TimesStay out of the way: Oil states urge Biden to uncork US drilling instead of turning to OPEC
Republican leaders in oil-and-gas states want Joe Biden to get behind domestic producers instead of pleading with foreign governments to pump more crude as the administration seeks to counter surging fuel prices.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott advised the White House to “stay out of the way” after the administration announced Wednesday that it would ask OPEC and leading non-OPEC oil producers to boost their output in a bid to drive down world prices.  “Dear White House,” Mr. Abbott tweeted Wednesday. “Texas can do this. Our producers can easily produce that oil if your administration will just stay out of the way. Allow American workers — not OPEC — [to] produce the oil that can reduce the price of gasoline.” 

August 11: The Epoch Times: After 19 Republicans voted to allow the $1.3 trillion infrastructure to go forward, the senate passes another $3.5 trillion spending package
Democrats in the Senate early Wednesday passed a $3.5 trillion budget framework with no support from Republicans, though its final passage is not assured.  The budget was advanced 50–49, with all votes in favor coming from Democrats or nominal independents who regularly vote with the left.  The budget framework was sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-described socialist who is chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.  The House of Representatives, which Democrats also control, is poised to take up the measure during the week of Aug. 23, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told colleagues this week.

August 11: One America News Network:  The person who was removed from committee assignments over push for an election audit in GA is running for Lt. Governor
State Sen. Burt Jones (R-GA), a stalwart supporter of President Trump, has said he hoped to continue the legacy of America First as Georgia’s next lieutenant governor. In his first campaign ad released this week, Jones said he wanted to bring the Georgia GOP in a more conservative direction.  Since November, Jones has been leading the charge to look into the election irregularities in Fulton County.  For his continued push, he was stripped of his committee assignments in January. Despite being cut from his assignments, he has continued to push for audits into the election. “It’s unfortunate,” Jones said, “that we were unable to get it to the special session to address some of those glaring issues that we witnessed during the election cycle.  A group of people that sit in the leadership posts did not want to listen to us rank and file election officials.”  Incumbent Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R) was the driving force in throwing Jones and others off their committee assignments for questioning the 2020 election results. Following his efforts to force the Democrat Party line in the state, Duncan lost popularity among the Republican base and announced he would not run for a second term.

August. 11: Fox News: Loudon County VA teacher resigns at school board meeting over “equity” training mandate
A Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) teacher in Virginia resigned in front of the school board on Tuesday, stating in a defiant and emotional speech that she refused to continue pushing their "highly politicized agendas."  "Within the last year, I was in one of my so-called equity trainings that White, Christian, able-bodied females currently have the power in our schools and ‘this has to change,’" teacher Laura Morris said during the school board meeting.  "Clearly, you've made your point,” she continued.  “You no longer value me or many other teachers you've employed in this county. So, since my contract outlines the power that you have over my employment in Loudoun County Public Schools, I thought it necessary to resign in front of you. School board, I quit." Choking up, she added: "I quit your policies, I quit your training, and I quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas to our most vulnerable constituents – children."

Bill Sargent testifying before the Senate State Affairs Committee, August 9, 2021August 10: Texas Scorecard: Texas Senate hears testimony on election integrity legislation, again
For a third time this year, Texas state senators heard hours of public testimony on a high-priority comprehensive election reform bill before sending it to the full Senate for approval.  [View the video of the Editor’s testimony.]  The question posed again for election integrity advocates is whether the Texas House can pass this Republican priority.  “We want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Both are important,” said Chairman, State Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola). “Making sure everyone who is eligible to vote can vote, and that all those votes are counted, is critical.”  Hughes is the author of SB 1, the third version of his major election reform bill he’s filed this year, following Senate Bill 7 in the regular session and a similar Senate Bill 1 in the first special session.

August 10: Fox NewsTexas Supreme Court allows the arrest of House Democrats who don’t show up for work
The Texas Supreme Court Tuesday voided a Democrat district judge's temporary restraining order that blocked the possible arrest for  Democrat lawmakers who fled the state last month in order to stop the state legislature from acting on a number of measures, including the consideration of election integrity legislation.   Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said that the nearly 55 Democratic representatives should be arrested and returned to the state Capitol in order to do their jobs.  The state's Supreme Court ruling came after Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan petitioned the court Monday to overturn the protection order, meaning the lawmakers could all face arrest if they return from their month-long hiatus, during which they have been collecting per diem at the expense of Texas taxpayers.  

August 10: The Texas TribuneSpeaker Phelan signs arrest warrants for lawmakers who have fled the state in order to stop legislation action
Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan on Tuesday evening signed civil arrest warrants for 52 House Democrats still missing from the stateCapitol as he aimed to regain the quorum needed for the chamber to begin moving legislation during the second special session.  The move was confirmed by Phelan spokesperson Enrique Marquez, who said the warrants "will be delivered to the House Sergeant-at-Arms tomorrow morning for service."  Democrats who may be arrested would not face criminal charges or fines and could only be brought to the House chamber. Dozens of minority party members fled to Washington, D.C., during the first special session to block consideration of GOP-sponsored legislation.

August 10: The Daily Caller: Biden has a hidden plan to steal family wealth
Joe Biden has proposed sweeping changes to the tax code, such as raising the corporate tax and capital gains tax rates. But one provision buried within a Treasury Department document in particular has businesses and families concerned the administration may be seeking to confiscate generational wealth. 

August 10: Breitbart NewsGOP Senators greenlight outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing Jobs as part of the infrastructure bill; potential for massive benefit for the Communist Chinese
Republicans are highlighting provisions of the recently passed infrastructure bill that provides giant carve-outs for industries to bypass the “Buy American” rules.  The bill allows the heads of federal agencies to issue waivers to corporations to work around Buy American requirements if they consider the requirement “inconsistent with the public interest,” does not meet “satisfactory quality,” or if they believe buying American will increase costs for the projects.  The waivers will only be reviewed every five years, according to the bill, and will have to be justified in the Federal Register with a public comment period of no fewer than 30 days.  Due to China’s dominance in steel and manufacturing, the carve-outs are likely to be a massive benefit for corporations in China that often are linked to the Chinese Communist Party and party officials.

August 10: The Washington Times: Governor Cuomo  (D-NY) resigns
Disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday, saying it was the best outcome to avoid a costly and distracting impeachment trial over sexual harassment accusations from 11 women, allegations that he still denies.  Cuomo, a Democrat whose impeachment was a near certainty and who still faces criminal probes of his alleged sexual misconduct, said he will turn over control of the state in 14 days to Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul. The Democrat will become New York’s first female governor.  “Given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing,” Cuomo said in a televised address, his voice cracking with emotion. 

August 9: UPI.com: Military ordered to take the experimental vaccine
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said to the troops Monday he had consulted with military leaders and medical professionals about the mandate, prompting him to ask Joe Biden to approve it.  "Based on these consultations and additional discussions with leaders of the White House COVID Task Force, I want you to know that I will seek [Joe Biden’s] approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon the U.S. Food and Drug Agency licensure, whichever comes first," Austin said in the memo.  Biden said in a statement on Monday, that he "strongly support[s]" Austin's plan to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required vaccinations by mid-September.  The question remains is this a valid order?  Does it violate the civil rights of the troops?  If they don’t want to take it? What will they do?  The answers are not real clear to many observers.

August 9: The Washington Examiner:  AZ AG investigating Maricopa County’s failure to comply with subpoena 
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich opened an investigation into whether Maricopa County broke the law by refusing to comply with legislative subpoenas issued in connection to the 2020 election audit there, according to a letter made public on Sunday.  Deputy Solicitor General Michael Catlett informed the county’s legal arm in an Aug. 6 letter that the attorney general’s office will look at whether the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors failed “to comply with valid and enforceable legislative subpoenas” as alleged in the complaint, filed by Arizona Senate Majority Whip Sonny Borrelli, which spurred the investigation.  The Aug. 3 complaint alleged a “clear violation of the law” and followed the county’s failure to turn over router access and election materials to the Republican-led state Senate, which had demanded them as part of the audit of the county's 2020 election. 

August 9: Fox News: More than two dozen police officers turn their backs on Chicago  mayor after two of their colleagues were shot
More than two dozen Chicago police officers reportedly turned their backs when greeted by Mayor Lori Lightfoot late Saturday at the hospital where an officer remains in critical condition.  Chicago Police Officer Ella French, 29, was shot and killed during a traffic stop Saturday night, while her partner fights for his life at the University of Chicago Medical Center. As Lightfoot visited the hospital about midnight Saturday, about 30 officers turned their backs to her when she approached them on the 7th floor, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.  Sources say the male officer’s father, who is a retired Chicago cop, also gave the mayor an earful when she tried to talk to him. 

August 8: One America News Network: Police suicides on the increase amid attacks by the left
An alarming new report found suicides have been on the rise among America’s finest amid far-left incitement of anti-police sentiment. According to police non-profit Blue H.E.L.P., at least 174 officers died by suicide last year.  The report found police officers were more likely to take their own life than die in the line of duty. This comes as violent attacks on the police as well as shootings of officers have also been on the rise.  Blue H.E.L.P. has urged police officers across the nation to reach out and share their concerns, adding there is always a solution to any problems in life.  “All my brother and sister police officers all over this nation know if they call me, no matter what time of day or night or where they are, I will hear every word they say,” expressed Edwin C. Roessler, former Fairfax County chief of police. “I will get them the help they need. I will listen.”  Meanwhile, hundreds of police officers are retiring or relocating away from Democrat-run areas due to worsening work environments.

August 8: Fox News: Chicago police targeted in shootings
Chicago has seen an increased number of police officers targeted in shootings this year, police Supt. David Brown said Sunday after the most recent incident left one officer dead and another in critical condition "fighting for his life" after someone opened fired on them during a traffic stop.   Including the shooting that happened Saturday night, there have been 38 officers who have been shot at or shot during 2021 so far, Brown said. Of those, 11 officers were struck by gunfire. Brown said that was an extraordinary number after 79 officers were shot at or shot in all of 2020, which represented a 500% increase from the number of officers shot at or shot in 2019.  "Despite the shock, grief, pain and sorrow we feel this morning, our brothers and sisters in blue put this uniform on each and every day," Brown said Sunday. "They go to work risking everything to serve the people of Chicago. They come to work willing to run toward danger. Toward gunfire. And they’re willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of perfect strangers." 

August 8: The Washington Times: Eighteen Senate Republicans help push forward the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that will put the U.S. further in debt
The Senate worked into the night Sunday on Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, heading toward passage early this week in a debate that is pitting the president against former President Donald Trump.  In a 68-29 vote, the Senate advanced the 2,702-page bill after weeks of negotiations. The package’s consistent bipartisan support was evidenced by 18 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats to overcome the 60-vote filibuster threshold.  “It’s a win for Republicans, and it’s a win for Biden, it’s a win for Democrats,” said Sen. Mitt Romney R-UT) who helped craft the deal.

August 7: Fox NewsYou just can’t make this stuff up; Dems who fled Texas in order to stop the passage of election integrity legislation are suing Gov. Abbott for efforts to bring them home
Nearly two dozen Texas House Democrats who fled the state last month have sued Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican officials, alleging that GOP efforts to bring them back to the state Capitol for a special legislative session has infringed upon their constitutional rights.   The 22 plaintiffs claim they have been "deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, suffered much anxiety and distress over separation from their families, and much discomfort and embarrassment," because of their refusal to participate in the Texas legislative special sessions in Austin.  In the lawsuit the Democrats allege these Republicans have "by public statements and otherwise, to attempt to deny, coerce, threaten, intimidate, and prevent" Democrats and constituents from voting in elections, speaking publicly about their constitutional rights, and their right to not being arrested without probable cause.   The suit comes after Abbott called for the arrests of more than 50 Texas House Democrats who fled the state in July for Washington, D.C., in a bid to stop a voter integrity bill from passing in a special legislative session. [See what these election integrity bills actually do.]

August 7: The Washington Examiner: State Department encourages U.S. citizens to leave Afghanistan Immediately
The State Department says all U.S. citizens should leave Afghanistan “immediately" as the Taliban advance.  A directive issued on Saturday by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul calls on citizens of the United States to leave “using available commercial fight options” because they are “extremely limited” in their “ability to assist” due to “the security conditions and reduced staffing.”  The State Department ordered U.S. government employees working for the Kabul embassy who can work remotely to leave the country on April 27. The government’s advisory for Afghanistan remains at "Level 4: Do Not Travel" due to "crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, armed conflict and COVID-19."  Taliban forces continue to conduct violent attacks against Afghan officials and civilians alike as U.S. troops withdraw from the country.

August 7: One America News Network: Good Advice: Arizona Democrat Senator warns getting rid of the filibuster could backfire down the road
Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema warned removal of the filibuster would backfire on Democrats in the future. While appearing on The View co-host Joy Behar said unless Congress got rid of the filibuster, no one would be able to vote.  Sinema responded by asking the liberal hosts to think into the future and to not act impulsively today.  “If you eliminate the filibuster to pass that piece of legislation, then in four years or anytime when the other party gains control, without the filibuster in place, all of those voting rights protections could be easily wiped out with a simple majority vote,” she explained. “You could have a nationwide ban on mail in voting.”  Sinema’s position is also held by moderate Democrats such as Sen. Joe Manchin (WVA).  Sinema warned without the filibuster, the dominating party could jam legislation down the throats of the minority party, which would be wiped out once the opposing party gained control.

August 6: UPIOlympics officials strip Belarus coaches of credentials in Tokyo for roles in trying to force sprinter to board plane for home 
Olympic officials said Friday that they have revoked credentials for two Belarusian running coaches and asked them to leave the Olympic Village in Tokyo as they're investigated for supposedly trying to force sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya to return home.  The International Olympic Committee announced that it's stripped the credentials of coaches Artur Shumak and Yuri Moisevichin in connection with Tsimanouskaya's case.  Early this week, Tsimanouskaya sought and received asylum in Poland after she said Belarus officials tried to put her on a plane home. She feared danger in her home country over public criticisms about the Belarus Olympic Committee. She left Tokyo on Wednesday.  Friday, the IOC said that a disciplinary commission has been established to clarify the circumstances. In the interim, they asked the coaches to leave.

August 6: One America News Network: Cruz; The infrastructure bill is an inflationary trap
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, warning of the massive amount of inflation it would create. The Texas lawmaker spoke about the bill on Thursday, saying Democrats are looking to give billions of dollars to unelected bureaucrats to spend how they please.   He warned the bill would raise prices for everyday consumers and adversely affect manufacturing states like Texas. Cruz added the fact of the matter is the bill spends too much money and it’s not paid for.  Cruz pointed out the spending in the proposal is greater than what the U.S. spent to win World War II and claimed it is causing inflation across the country. He said Republicans should play their part and say enough is enough.

August 6: The New York Post: 1,800 9/11 survivors tell Biden not to attend 20th memorial reunion
More than 1,800 people affected by the 9/11 terror attacks have asked Joe Biden not to attend ceremonies commemorating the 20th anniversary of the tragedy next month unless he orders the release of documents, they claim could show links between the Saudi government and Al Qaeda.  The statement signed by nearly 1,800 survivors, first responders, and family members of victims, argues that since the 9/11 Commission issued its final report in 2004, “much investigative evidence has been uncovered implicating Saudi government officials in supporting the attacks.

August 6: The Washington Examiner: Israel prepared to strike Iran over drone strike on one of their merchant vessels
A top Israeli official said his country is ready to strike Iran in retaliation for a recent attack on an oil tanker belonging to an Israeli firm.  Defense Minister Benny Gantz replied, "Yes," when asked by the Israeli news site Ynet News on Thursday whether the Israeli Defense Forces was ready to take military action against Iran.  "Iran seeks to pose a multi-front challenge to Israel, as such is building up its forces in Lebanon and Gaza, deploying militias in Syria and Iraq, and maintaining its supporters in Yemen. Iran is a global and regional problem and an Israeli challenge," he added. He also said Iran is a global threat, not just a threat to Israel.  A so-called  “suicide” drown struck the bridge of the oil tanker the Mercer Street in the north Arabian Sea last week, killing the captain and one crew member.  Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom claimed Iran carried out the attack, pointing to evidence -- shrapnel found on the ship that was "nearly identical" to shrapnel found from other known Iranian attack drones. The evidence prompted the G-7 leaders to condemn the strike.

August 6: The Epoch Times: China may be the big beneficiary over Biden electric card mandate 
When Joe Biden announced in the White House August 5 that he wants half of all cars and trucks sold in the United States to be Electric Vehicles (EV) by 2030, the loudest applause may well have been in Beijing.  Biden told an assembly of labor and political leaders as well as top executives from General Motors and Ford that he signed “an executive order setting out a target of 50 percent of all passenger vehicles sold by 2030 will be electric and set into motion an all-out effort.”  The order directs creation of a national infrastructure of 500,000 charging stations to serve the projected boom in electricity demand for EVs and expanded federal tax credits as purchase incentives for consumers. Biden also wants huge increases in federal spending on research to develop new battery designs that can be made in America.  Currently 96% of all vehicles on the roads in the US are powered by internal combustion engines.

August 5: Texas Scorecard: Transparency and Chain of Custody take center stage at Texas election conference
Acknowledging Texans’ concerns about election security, a Secretary of State conference for election officials from across the state focused on having a transparent processes as key to building voters’ confidence that their votes count.  The state’s director of elections, Keith Ingram, and election administrators said transparency is key to repairing the underlying erosion of trust in the system and prescribed taking a proactive approach to providing information to the public. This included inviting the public to see how election offices across the state do business and to encourage people to volunteer to be poll watchers.   Topping the list of topics at the conference was chain of custody – the ability to track votes so people know their vote was counted. “Chain of custody equals security and transparency,” SOS said.  This the programming of ballots, logic and accuracy testing, supply pickup and delivery of equipment, seals and tracking, electronic media, and return and storage of records and equipment.  Under SB 598, which was enacted this year, electronic voting machines must have a paper ballot backup by November 2026. Such systems will let voters review their ballot in a hard copy before it is scanned into the electronic system. In 2026, “risk-limiting audits”— statistics-based manual recounts that verify the accuracy of election outcomes – will be required. 

August 5: One America News Network: DeSantis: Joe, I’m standing in your way
The feud between Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Joe Biden has ramped up to a whole new level. On Tuesday, Biden launched criticism targeting the governors of Texas and Florida where he commanded them to help him or “get out of the way.”  During a speech on Wednesday DeSantis addressed Biden’s statements and pointed a finger right back at him.  “Joe Biden has taken to himself to try and single out Florida over COVID. This is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to ‘shutdown the virus’ and what has he done? He’s imported more virus from around the world by having a wide-open southern border,” stated DeSantis.  The governor’s point matched that of many lawmakers and health officials who have expressed worry over the effect of the Biden border crisis on the U.S.’s coronavirus infection rate. He went on to expose the hypocrisy of illegals being shipped all over the country, quite possibly spreading the new COVID variants Biden is so watchful of.

August 5: The Galveston County Daily News: Election Legislation is about “voter suppression;” if you say it enough times and long enough, that still won’t make it true
Those who are opposing the Texas Election Integrity legislation are saying its about voter suppression and a Republican effort to make voting harder for minorities. The problem is this is a false narrative.  This column points out seven improvements to the Texas Election Code that benefit all voters in the state, including the expansion of the minimum number of voting hours and allowing the curing of ballots by mail that have carrier envelopes with missing or unreadable information.  House Democrats left the state to keep HB3/SB1 from being considered.  Maybe we should be asking ourselves, “Why?”   They need to stop acting like children and come home and do their job.

August 5: The Washington Times: U.S. grants deportation amnesty to Hong Kong residents in the United States
The Biden Administration declared a deportation amnesty for residents of Hong Kong who are in the U.S., saying Thursday that arrests and persecution by the Chinese Communist government are putting people in danger and they deserve a “safe haven.”  The move, known officially as deferred enforced departure, means those in the U.S. illegally or on legal visas who would have to return home soon can stay without fear of deportation. They also can be granted work permits to support themselves.    “Offering safe haven for Hong Kong residents who have been deprived of their guaranteed freedoms in Hong Kong furthers United States interests in the region,” Biden said.   “The United States will not waver in our support of people in Hong Kong.” This move has enjoyed bipartisan support and had been called for by members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

August 5: he Washington Examiner: GOP threats on debt ceiling plan complicate Dems $3.5 trillion big spending plan
Republicans are putting political pressure on Democrats over their proposed go-it-alone $3.5 trillion reconciliation spending and tax bill by threatening to vote against legislation to raise the federal government’s debt ceiling.   While Democrats are “extolling the virtues of their latest shopping list, they are afraid to up the limit on their credit card,” Senate Minority Leader  McConnell (R-KY) said on the floor Thursday.   “If our colleagues want to ram through yet another reckless tax and spending spree without our input, if they want all this spending and debt to be their signature legacy, they should leap at the chance to own every bit of it,” he said.  He warned: “If they don’t need or want our input, they won’t get our help — they won’t get our help — with the debt limit increase that these reckless plans will require.”

August 5: The Epoch TimesMinnesota public interest law firm takes on CRT (Critical Race Theory)
A public interest Minnesota law firm has filed a series of lawsuits on behalf of victims of CRTc -- based discrimination and retaliation as the grassroots movement against the ideology continues to grow.  “Our clients are bravely confronting CRT-inspired bullying, indoctrination, and retaliation, which is not ‘training’ or persuasion,” Doug Seaton, president of Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) said.  “They have been insulted, lied about, threatened, demoted and fired, simply for refusing to submit to this ideology. But the U.S. Constitution, the federal Civil Rights laws, and their Minnesota counterparts don’t permit this race-based discrimination, retaliation, compelled speech, and invasion of privacy.”  Critical race theory holds, among other things, that white people are inherently racist and that American institutions themselves are systemically racist. A CRT-based curriculum, for example, forces students to associate aspects of their identity with oppression.

August 4: Breitbart News: Report: Are you a foreigner and want to come to the United States?  Get your COVID shot first!
Hey Joe, does that apply to illegal aliens?

Joe Biden is reportedly readying a plan that will require foreign visitors to the United States to show proof of vaccination for the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus before entering the country.   According to Reuters the Biden administration has interagency working groups working “in order to have a new system ready for when we can reopen travel,” the official said, adding it includes “a phased approach that over time will mean, with limited exceptions, that foreign nationals traveling to the United States (from all countries) need to be fully vaccinated.” But this policy begs the question; What about the illegal immigrants flooding across the southern border, does this proposed policy apply to them? Probably not!

August 4: The Washington Times: COVID Delta Variant’s reported surge could impact recall election in California
California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) was riding high after a buoyant pandemic reopening in June when state Democrats decided to fast-track the gubernatorial recall vote, but what once looked like a strategic decision now looms as a possible giant blunder.   Shortly after state officials set the recall date for Sept. 14, the highly contagious delta variant began driving an unexpected surge in cases, prompting Newsom to impose vaccine and testing requirements for state workers and the state’s largest counties to implement a second wave of mask orders on a mandate-weary public.  With the uptick comes rising concerns about school reopenings and the possibility of another shutdown, meaning that Newsom’s worst issue — the state’s pandemic response — is peaking with the recall just five weeks away and mail-in ballots slated to be sent out starting Aug. 16.

August 4: The Daily Caller: FL Gov DeSantis and Dem Crist neck and neck in latest poll
Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is running just behind Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist, a new poll shows.  The survey, from Florida-based St. Pete Polls, found that 45% of voters would back Crist, who served as governor from 2007 to 2011, while nearly 44% would back DeSantis and 11% remained undecided. Crist’s lead, however, was within the 3,900-person poll’s 1.6-point margin of error.  The poll is slightly surprising given DeSantis’ high profile.   

August 4: Fox News: DeSantis to Biden: Don’t talk to me about COVID until you do your job at the border
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted President Biden on Wednesday telling him to do his job and secure the southern border and not say "blip" about the coronavirus until he does.  "Why don’t you do your job?" the Florida Republican said during a press conference Wednesday. "Why don't you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you, thank you."  "This is a guy who ran for office saying he’s going to shut down the virus," DeSantis added. "And what has he done? He’s imported more virus from around the world by having a wide-open southern border."

August 3: The Washington Times: Biden has plan for limited and targeted moratorium on evictions
The Biden administration is expected to buckle to pressure from progressive House Democrats and announce Tuesday a new, limited moratorium on evictions as landlords and tenants flood courts across the country after a comprehensive federal ban expired over the weekend.  The new action will be targeted to areas of the country with the highest rates of COVID-19 infections, covering 80% of U.S. counties and 90% percent of the U.S. population. The moratorium would last for 60 days, expiring on Oct. 3, according to sources familiar with the plan.  Tensions between the Biden administration and House Democrats escalated over the weekend with each side blaming the other for letting the moratorium lapse, potentially leaving as many as 15 million people homeless.

August 3: The Washington Examiner: MO Gov pardons Mark and Patricia McCloskey of firearms violations
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson pardoned Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the governor's office announced.  The husband and wife, who gained national attention in the summer of 2020 after brandishing firearms at harassing BLM protesters outside their St. Louis home, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in June over the incident.   Video of the encounter showed Mark manning an AR-15 and Patricia holding a handgun to confront the protesters whom they said threatened their lives.   “[They said] that they were going to kill us,” Patricia McCloskey said in July 2020. “They were going to come in there. They were going to burn down the house."

August 3: The Daily Caller: Sexual Harassment investigation report released by NY AG; NY Assembly Speaker to move quickly for impeachment
Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has lost the support of his State Assembly and will “quickly” face impeachment if he does not resign, the Democratic New York Assembly Speaker announced Tuesday.  The statement from Speaker Carl Heastie came hours after New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that an investigation found that Cuomo had sexually harassed staff and other women in the past. Democratic leaders in Washington have also abandoned Cuomo in droves, with both Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling for his resignation. 

Olympic Charmer from Katy, TX says she is proud to represent the USAAugust 3: Fox News: Gold medalist for wrestling from Katy, Texas, says she’s proud to represent the U.S.A.
U.S.A. wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock was asked a simple question by a reporter after she won gold at the Tokyo Olympics over Blessing Oborududu of Nigeria. "How does it feel to represent your country like this," she was asked.  "I love representing the U.S. I freaking love living there," the Olympic gold medalist said before pumping her fist, smiling, and pulling the stars and stripes tighter to her body.    Mensah-Stock, an unknown to Mainstreet USA before today’s interview after winning gold, is easily the most likable athlete to come out of the Games. Her smile, love of country, and positive nature have all captured the attention of citizens who’ve been beaten over the head by social justice warriors who’ve sucked the fun out of the Games.

August 3: The Epoch Times: CA Governor recall group sues to stop election guide from framing effort as a Republican or Trump takeover
Key backers of the recall election against California Gov. Gavin Newsom have filed a lawsuit to prevent the Democrat governor from framing the contest as a Trump-aligned Republican power grab in an official voter information guide that will be distributed publicly.  Orrin Heatlie, the lead organizer of the recall campaign, and Mike Netter, a board member of the recall committee, are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit call for each use of the word “Republican” and “Trump” to be stricken from Newsom’s so-called “recall argument,” the governor’s official response to the special election that will be included in the voter guide sent out ahead of the Sept. 14 vote.

August 2: Fox News: Is something going on?  Third Capitol Hill police officer to commit suicide after protestors entered the U.S. Capitol
A third police officer who responded to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol has died by suicide seven months after the incursion into the Capitol, authorities said Monday.   Gunther Hashida was found dead inside his home on July 29, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department said. It was unclear how he killed himself or if his response to the Capitol contributed to his death.   Hashida had been with the department since 2003 and was assigned to the Emergency Response Team within the Special Operations Division.  Hashida's death is the third known suicide of a police officer who responded to the Capitol during the attack in which supporters of then-President Trump stormed the building in an effort to overturn the election of President Biden. 

August 2: The Daily Caller: House Republicans urge dismissal of DOJ lawsuit over Georgia election laws
Over 50 House Republicans signed on to an amicus brief Monday requesting a federal judge throw out the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the state of Georgia.  The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Georgia in June over the state’s Election Integrity Act, a law passed in March that establishes voter identification requirements, expands early voting opportunities, regulates absentee ballot drop boxes, and cracks down on ballot harvesting, etc. The DOJ alleged the law discriminated against black voters by infringing on their right to vote, with Joe Biden comparing the law to Jim Crow laws.  The lawmakers’ brief said, “This lawsuit presents no viable basis for overturning the will of the citizens of Georgia, expressed through their elected representatives who have been given the constitutional authority and duty to regulate election.   This lawsuit is without merit and should be dismissed.” 

August 2: One America News Network: More allegations of voting fraud in multiple Georgia counties
For months election workers have been saying that they saw an abundance of evidence of vote fraud in the Georgia 2020 election. Some of the issues included tally sheets didn’t match up with the ballots cast; unsupervised drop boxes where ballots could be dropped off without anybody knowing who was depositing them in the box; the counting votes outside of the sight of election observers, and large numbers of fake ballots (like mail in ballots that had no folds and which were not printed on ballot paper). As the evidence piles up, calls for having an investigation are getting more attention.

August 1: One American News Network: Arizona AG says far left and Dems have abused election integrity for years
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has called on other states to join the efforts to restore integrity of U.S. elections. In a statement on Saturday, Brnovich said Democrats and left wing activists have abused U.S. election laws for many years.  Brnovich has been a strong and dedicated advocate for defending election integrity. He insisted Democrats have used COVID-19 to bypass state legislatures and changed election laws were the latest examples of such abuse.  In a separate interview the same day, the Arizona attorney general said American voters must be able to trust election results, but Democrats have been making it impossible. He went on to urge all states ban abusive electoral practices to reduce fraud going forward.

August 1: Fox News: New reports on Wuhan Lab raise serious questions
According to a Congressional report, months before the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus outbreak, the Wuhan National Biosafety Lab requested bids for major renovations to air safety and waste treatment systems in research facilities that had been operational for less than 2 years. "Such a significant renovation so soon after the facility began operation appears unusual," said the report from the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Republican staff.  The projects for air disinfection, hazardous waste and central air conditioning systems "all raise questions about how well these systems were functioning in the months prior to the outbreak of COVID-19."   The true reason for the procurement posting is unclear, as is when or if the work was even initiated.  It adds another circumstantial element to the controversial argument that the pandemic began in a Wuhan lab, including suspicious behavior by the Chinese Communist government.  The congressional staff will release their most detailed case yet arguing that researchers in Wuhan could have genetically manipulated the virus and that "the preponderance of evidence suggests SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released from…” the Wuhan lab. 

Rep. Mace (R-SC) questions Texas State Democrat Representative ThompsonJuly 31: One America News Network: Representative Mace (R-SC) takes on Texas Democrat representatives about voter ID (video)
Republican House member Nancy Mace grilled Texas State Democrat Representative Thompson about voter ID requirements.  She started asking if a person needed an ID to buy alcohol, cigarette, to pick up prescriptions.  She went on ask to whether Thompson needed an ID in order to fly a charger airplane to Washington, DC and then shifted asking what percentages of white and black Texans were registered to vote (72% | 70%).  It was a very interesting exchange which is worth watching.

July 30: The Washington Times: Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer meet; agree to continue to press for nationalizing voting rules
Joe Biden and congressional Democratic leaders, stymied by Republican opposition to their highly partisan voting-rights bills, agreed Friday to keep pushing for legislation “reflecting the priorities and values” of two stalled measures.  Biden and Kamala Harris met at the White House with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer ahead of a month-long congressional recess. Their discussion focused on what to do about Democrats’ inability to advance the two measures that would nationalize election standards for federal elections; including the prohibition of voter ID.  A large percentage of Americans favor having voter ID requirements Republicans oppose both measures, and the prospects of passing the evenly divided Senate are probably nil. 

July 30: The Daily Caller: Documents show group worked secretly with school board members to get Loudon County Christian teacher fired; recall election efforts gain steam to remove those school board members
Members of an activist Facebook group, including a member of the Loudoun County school board, secretly planned to get a gym teacher fired by disrupting “school activities,” according to screenshots of the post.  The group, “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County,” targeted Leesburg Elementary School gym teacher Tanner Cross after he had publicly opposed a proposed policy regarding transgender students.   A court decision ordering Cross’s reinstatement after he sued is currently being appealed by the Loudoun County school board.  An “action item” regarding Cross was posted in the group on June 1. In March, a post in this group calling for the creation of a list  of parents opposed to the use of critical race theory in Loudoun County public schools with the intention to “expose these people publicly” came to light and triggered a recall campaign  aimed at six members of the Loudoun County school board.  As of July 26th, over 90% of the needed signatures to force a recall election had been obtained. 

July 30: The Washington Examiner: DOJ sues Abbott for executive order prohibiting the transportation of migrants with Texas
The U.S. Justice Department is suing Governor Abbott (R-TX) of an executive order he signed on Wednesday.  The executive order states that "No person, other than a federal, state, or local law-enforcement official, shall provide ground transportation to a group of migrants" who are detained by federal immigration officials for illegally crossing the southern border.  It directs DPS to "stop any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion of a violation," providing department officials the authority to "reroute such a vehicle back to its point of origin or a port of entry." Abbott said this was necessary because Joe Biden is refusing to enforce laws passed by the Congress and because of Texans being exposed to COVID-19 and the delta variant brought into the country by these migrants.  DOJ’s suit claims "No State may obstruct the Federal Government in the discharge of its constitutional responsibilities.” 

July 29: One America News Network: AZ Senate subpoenas Dominion (video)
For months, the Arizona Senate has been in a standoff with Maricopa County over the routers, passwords and logs for the voting machines. In a last attempt to resolve the dispute out of court, the state subpoenaed the county and Dominion whom officials says is the only entity who has the administrative passwords to the machines. 

July 29: The Epoch Times: Capitol police walk back directive for arresting people who don’t wear masks in the US Capitol — Mask are required on the House chamber, not the Senate… the “science” changes as you walk from one side of the building to the other
The United States Capitol Police (USCP) reversed a decision to arrest people who do not comply with Tuesday’s reinstatement of the mask mandate.  “Regarding the House mask rule, there is no reason it should ever come to someone being arrested. Anyone who does not follow the rule will be asked to wear a mask or leave the premises. The Department’s requirements for officers to wear masks is for their health and safety,” the USCP said.  Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said she has received a memo in which Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told police to arrest visitors who did not comply with mask mandate and report members of congress.  “In today’s edition of Pelosi’s abuse of power, Capitol Police have been directed to arrest staff and visitors to comply with her mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. For Members, they advise not arresting but ‘reporting Members to SAA for their failure to comply,’” wrote Cammack in a statement. 

July 29: The Daily Caller: Sen. Kennedy (R-LA): You want me to vote for your nomination after you post this pro-abortion stuff on Twitter?
Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) flustered Joe Biden’s nominee to a senior position in the Department of Justice (DOJ) by quizzing him on a tweet during a confirmation hearing.  Kennedy pressed Dellinger on a 2019 tweet in which he claimed that “if there were no Republican men in elected office, there would be no abortion bans.”    “You wrote it. Here it is, bigger than Dallas,” Kennedy said as he held up a photocopy. “Do you think that my votes with respect to abortion are based on the fact that I want to control women?”  “You said every Republican, other than the ones that you like, have their position on abortion because they’re misogynistic … Did it ever occur to you that some people may base their position on abortion on their faith?” Kennedy asked.  “You’re up to be nominated. You want me to vote for you?” Kennedy asked.

July 29: Fox News: “Kiss My Mask;” Dem mayors and governors face blow back as they attempt to mandate mask wearing again
Democratic leaders around the country are facing criticism and blowback after they rushed to reimpose unpopular mask mandates following updated coronavirus guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The CDC said this week that even vaccinated individuals in areas deemed as high-risk should return to wearing masks indoors – prompting the new wave in face-covering requirements.  But the mandates are unpopular for numerous reasons. Some say the masks irritate them or hinder their breathing. People who wear glasses have to deal with fogged-up lenses that make it nearly impossible to see when they enter a building. And many critics have argued that requiring face coverings is government overreach.   The pushback has been especially pronounced among House Republicans, who have criticized Speaker Nancy Pelosi's rush to embrace mandates once again.

July 29: The Epoch Times: ME church seeks SCOTUS relief from Maine governor’s mandates
A Maine church filed a motion in the SCOTUS on July 27, seeking to prevent Gov. Janet Mills from issuing new COVID-19 restrictions.  Calvary Chapel of Bangor, alleges that the governor “continued to impose discriminatory and unconstitutional restrictions on religious worship services,” and even though Mills suspended the restrictions, “Calvary Chapel ‘remains under a constant threat’ that the governor will reinstate her unconstitutional restrictions at any time.”   Mills had issued a series of executive orders declaring religious services to be non-essential and illegal if they contain more people than she mandated.  The petition points out that in March 2020, Mills allowed businesses such as “Marijuana Dispensaries,” “Spas,” or “Tattoo Parlors” to operate, by the Calvary Chapel’s religious worship was not allowed.

July 29: The Washington Free BeaconFederal government gives defund the police group $89 million this year
The federal government provides tens of millions of dollars each year to a nonprofit group that supports the movement to defund police departments and dismantle the criminal justice system.  Officials with the Brooklyn-based Vera Institute of Justice have urged the government to "radically dismantle" police departments in order to fix a system they say dehumanizes people of color. The institute is heavily funded by the federal government. So far this fiscal year, the Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, and other agencies have awarded the Vera Institute more than $89 million in contracts and grants. The organization has received $811 million in federal funding since 2008, according to USA Spending, a federal budget database.  Meanwhile some Democrats see these, and other, defund the police efforts as an electrified third rail in the upcoming election cycle.

July 28: Zero Hedge: USA Today “scrubs” references suggesting vaccinated individuals may spread COVID with “Higher Levels” of the virus
“NBC News, citing unnamed officials aware of the decision, reported it comes after  new data suggests vaccinated individuals could have higher levels of virus and infect others amid the surge of cases driven by the delta variant of the coronavirus,” the USA Today reported in a passage that was later scrubbed from an article.  The story from the USA Today drops the reference to NBC News, but nonetheless corroborates the news: “CDC says vaccinated people may transmit virus, recommends masks indoors.”   “CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said new data shows the delta variant, which accounts for more than 80% of the new infections in the U.S., behaves ‘uniquely differently’ from its predecessors and could make vaccinated people infectious,” the article notes.

July 28: The Epoch Times: Biden seriously considering requiring vaccinations for all federal employees
Joe Biden said on Tuesday that his administration is considering mandating that all federal workers get the COVID-19 vaccine.   “That’s under consideration right now,” Biden said when asked if federal employees should be required to get vaccinated.  Biden was addressing members of the intelligence community.  Biden also blamed people who are unvaccinated for fueling the pandemic, in a response to a question about whether the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s new mask guidance sowed confusion in Americans. 

July 28: The Washington Examiner: DOJ bullies and escalates warnings to GOP states over election integrity laws and audits; blue states need not be concerned
The Justice Department fired a fresh round of warning shots at Republican-led state voting laws and GOP-led 2020 election audits on Wednesday.   With the release of two new federal guidance memos, Attorney General Merrick Garland made it abundantly clear he's not easing the pressure after he filed a high-profile lawsuit against Georgia last month and threatened action against the Arizona Senate's audit of the Maricopa County election ahead of its release of a report expected later this summer.   DOJ made it clear that it will use all its resources if eligible citizens are denied voting rights and access.  Having read the Texas voter integrity legislation I can tell you that I have not seen any provisions that are designed to keep eligible voters from voting, while increasing penalties for mail in vote harvesters.   In its move, DOJ is going beyond normal bounds by stating that states that go back to conducting elections as they did prior to Covid-19 are not excluded from a detailed review of their election practices. 

July 28: The Washington Times: Senior Dems bristle at being excluded from infrastructure discussion; threaten to bolt
Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) is rushing to prevent a revolt by senior Democrats in his caucus who bristle at being cut out of the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal.  The anger is most notable among committee chairs. Many have waited more than a decade for Democrats to control both the White House and Congress only to see their hopes for passing a big infrastructure package usurped by a bipartisan group of 10 lawmakers.  “Some of these guys have never chaired a committee,” said an aide to a senior Democrat. “They’re angry at having a potential spending bonanza bypass them, when their committees rightfully have purview over the matter.”  Schumer plans on holding the cloture vote Wednesday amid concerns that waiting longer will only give the committee chairs more time to stew about being left out of crafting the deal.  [Update:  Later in the day 17 Senate Republicans joined with the Democrats to allow the infrastructure bill to be debated, even though the bill has yet to be written.  The vote was 67-32.] 

July 28: The Daily Caller: Federal Reserve: Inflation could be “higher and more persistent” than initially predicted
The Federal Reserve admitted Wednesday that inflation could increase quicker and for longer than the central bank has projected in recent months.  Inflation could turn out to be “higher and more persistent” than previously expected if supply constraints continue to plague many economic sectors as they are now, Board Chairman Jerome Powell said during a press conference. According to Forbes, Fed officials have repeatedly stated that consumer price increases would be “transitory,” lasting 6-9 months.  “Inflation has increased notably and will likely remain elevated in coming months before moderating,” Powell said.  “As the economy continues to reopen and spending rebounds, we are seeing upward pressure on prices, particularly because supply bottlenecks in some sectors have limited how quickly production can respond in the near term,” he contended.

July 27: The Daily Caller: If you can’t get your way then bully those who disagree with you?  Rev. Jesse Jackson and 38 others arrested in Arizona refusing to leave Democrat Senator’s office
Jesse Jackson and 38 others were arrested Monday for refusing to leave Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s office in Phoenix, Arizona.  Jackson urged activists to fight for voting rights and an end to the filibuster, according to the Arizona Independent.  Hundreds of activists marched a mile to Sinema’s office chanting “end the filibuster now.” They said removing the filibuster would allow Democratic senators to pass voting-rights laws and raise the federal minimum wage, the outlet reported.  Warning:  Be careful what you ask for.  When Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) got rid of the filibuster for nominations – because some of the Democrat nominations were being held up – it allowed President Trump, a few years later, to appoint and get confirmed a large number of constructivist judges when the Republicans took over the chamber.  Senator Byrd (D) warned Reid against changing the filibuster rules, but he didn’t listen!

July 27: Fox News: Cliff hanger in the making as Newsom’s challenger takes the lead among likely California voters in the Governor’s recall election
Californians likely to vote in September’s recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom are divided on whether to oust the Golden State’s first-term embattled Democratic governor, according to a new poll.  And a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies/LA Times survey released on Tuesday indicates that conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, who won a court battle last week to appear on the ballot, is the current front-runner among the nearly four dozen candidates running to replace Newsom, should he be recalled.  The poll indicates how crucial turnout will be in the September 14th election in a state where registered Democrats greatly outnumber registered Republicans, but Republicans appear to be more motivated to cast ballots in the recall contest. Although Republicans only account for roughly a quarter of all registered voters in California, the poll indicated they made up a third of those most likely to vote.

July 27: Townhall.com: Interesting question; if the vaccine is supposed to protect people from the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus, why are masks necessary?
Speaking to reporters at the White House Tuesday afternoon, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the CDC will recommend masks be worn by vaccinated individuals who live in areas with high numbers Wuhan coronavirus cases. The CDC will also recommend masks for unvaccinated children under the age of 12 at school and inside the home.  During a back and forth with Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy, Psaki was asked why vaccinated individuals have to wear masks at all if the vaccines are effective against the disease. She was unable to provide a meaningful answer based upon science.   In addition, Psaki said federal agencies, such as the Veterans Administration, may institute vaccine mandates.  VA Secretary Denis McDonough was the first to do so on Monday for thousands of VA employees working in the government healthcare system. 

July 27: The Washington Times: CDC looking at flip flopping guidance and calling for vaccinated individuals to wear masks
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday will reportedly advise vaccinated persons to wear masks in indoor public spaces in parts of the U.S. with high or substantial transmission of the coronavirus, a major reversal of guidance issued two months ago as fears around the delta variant grow.  Officials will also tell vaccinated persons who live with vulnerable persons, such as young children and immunocompromised, to wear masks when they enter indoor public spaces, according to CNN and The Washington Post.  And it will recommend that all students, teachers and staff wear masks when school reopens in the fall.

July 26: Fox News: Biden; “You’re a pain in the neck” but I will answer your question
Joe Biden called a reporter a "pain in the neck" Monday in the Oval Office for asking him a question that was off his preferred topic of Iraq.  Sitting in the Oval Office with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Biden smiled as NBC's Kelly O'Donnell asked him to comment on Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough’s announcement that front-line VA workers would be required to get a coronavirus vaccine.  "You are such a pain in the neck, but I’m going to answer your question because we’ve known each other for so long," he said. "It has nothing to do with Iraq … I'll answer your question. Yes, Veteran Affairs is going to, in fact, require that all doctors working in their facilities are going to have to be vaccinated."

July 26: Fox Business: Unemployed Floridians sue state for cutting off additional benefits that, for some, is more than they could make by working in the middle of worker shortages
Out-of-work Americans in Florida filed a lawsuit against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday seeking to reinstate a pandemic relief program that paid out an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits.  In a complaint filed late Sunday on behalf of 10 unemployed Floridians, three attorneys argued that DeSantis, as well as the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and its director Dane Eagle, violated their "clear legal and statutory duty to secure such benefits for employees" by prematurely ending the benefits.  The attorneys are requesting an emergency injunction to force Florida to reinstate the $300 a week benefit until the case is decided, as well as provide four weeks of retroactive benefits.

July 26: One America News Network: 430 people killed in shooting over the last week
Shocking numbers from the GVA indicate more than 900 shootings took place in the U.S. between July 17 and July 23. In the 915 shootings accounted for, at least 430 people were killed with more than 1,000 injured. This comes as people across the nation are urging government officials to take action as gun violence surges.  The Gun Violence Archive (GVA) is a non-profit group that tracks data and numbers are constantly changing. GVA numbers show there were more than 43,000 gun deaths last year, marking the highest total in 20 years. On top of that, more than 170 of those victims were under the age of 12. However, the archive suggests the number of gun fatalities is expected to grow even higher this year with more than 24,000 gun deaths already recorded in 2021.

July 25: Fox News: Trey Gowdy; hypocrisy of Rep. Bush on personal security
“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy tore into progressive “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush, (D-MO) after campaign filings revealed she spent a shocking $70,000 on private security while publicly calling for reduced police budgets nationwide.  "Members of Congress are spending more money than ever on their personal security," Gowdy, a former GOP congressman told viewers. "It’s a track tragic reflection of the times we live in. Members of Congress have been threatened with all acts of violence. Because of these threats of violence, members of Congress are allowed to spend campaign money on their safety… safety is priority number one for members of Congress, as it should be. But what about you?" he said in his opening monologue.  He encouraged viewers to consider their personal safety as the country grapples with an unprecedented crime wave.

July 25: One America News Network: Many parents moving to homeschooling after pandemic
As schools plan to resume in-person learning, more parents have decided to homeschool their children. According to an Associated Press report, parents found homeschooling during the pandemic to be beneficial for their children.  “In the beginning, the biggest challenge was to unschool ourselves and understand that homeschooling has so much freedom,” said Arlena Brown, mother of four. “We can go as quickly or slowly as we need to.”  Across the board, parents claim more one-on-one time and flexible schedules allow them to take ownership of their child’s education.

July 24: Detroit Free Press: Michigan Gov. Whitmer stripped of emergency powers
Michigan legislators have stripped Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of the emergency powers she freely wielded during the coronavirus pandemic.   The state Senate approved the Unlock Michigan initiative on July 15. On Thursday, the state House passed the measure with a 60-48 vote largely along party lines.   The move will take effect in 90 days.  Whitmer utilized powers granted by the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945, which allowed her to enact significant health and safety restrictions in the early days of the pandemic.  "Hundreds of thousands of our families, friends and neighbors changed Michigan forever when they decided they had enough and stood up to make a difference," Republican Speaker Jason Wentworth said in a statement.   “They deserve a state government that is willing to do the same. They’ve earned that much. That’s why we had their back today and put this petition into law.”

July 24: Breitbart News: Herschel Walker blasts Olympia protests saying “if people don’t like the rules, then why are you here?”
Football legend Herschel Walker recently sounded off about Olympians protesting the American flag and kneeling before the games.  He questioned if the Olympics is the “right place” for Americans to protest their own nation in light of athletes from other countries “who would love to represent the United States of America” if they had the opportunity.  Walker competed in the 1992 Olympics when he raced with Team USA’s two-man bobsled team. He described the experience as one of his proudest moments “coming from South Georgia and representing the United States.”  Walker noted, adding, “I couldn’t have been more proud of anything.”

July 24: The Washington Times: Dems’ embracing of BLM nominee may put their domestic terrorism message at risk

By falling in line behind Tracy Stone-Manning, Democrats may have ensured her confirmation to head the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) but they also muddied the Biden administration’s message on domestic extremism — and handed Republicans an explosive ecoterrorism narrative.  Moments after the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee advanced the nomination Thursday on along party-lines, the Colorado Republican Party ripped Democratic Sen. John Hickenlooper for supporting Stone-Manning when the Senator knew full well her role in a 1989 tree-spiking plot which put the lives of people at risk. “This morning, John Hickenlooper voted to move forward an eco-terrorist and proven liar to lead the Bureau of Land Management,” Colorado GOP chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown said in a Thursday press release. “I believe that Colorado ranchers, loggers, farmers, and outdoors enthusiasts all deserve a leader at the BLM who isn’t an extremist.”

July 24: The Washington Free BeaconLook what government-backed groups want to teach to your young children
Justin Thiel, 31, was ready to send his oldest daughter to kindergarten at the public school in his rural Nebraska town. He made a sudden change of plans once he read the new sex education standards adopted by the state.  The National Sex Education Standards, which provided a roadmap for Nebraska Department of Education, teach kindergartners the names of reproductive body parts and define gender identity and reproduction. Children in Grades 3-5 are taught about masturbation, hormone blockers used to transition pre-pubescent children, STDs, and the differences between cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, and "gender expansive." Grades 6-8 are taught about abortion, contraception, and differences between vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Grades 9-10 must teach "reproductive justice," which entails unlimited abortion access.

July 24: Townhall.com: Mississippi takes aim at Roe v. Wade as state law heads to SCOTUS
Is the Supreme Court going to overrule Roe v. Wade? That's the question raised by a Mississippi abortion case soon to come before court.  "The conclusion that abortion is a constitutional right has no basis in text, structure, history, or tradition, the attorney general of Mississippi, Lynn Fitch, writes in her brief. Specifically in question is a Mississippi law that prohibits abortion after 15 weeks, with exceptions for when the life or physical health of a mother is endangered, or in the case of severe, fatal abnormalities for an unborn child. Mississippi wants the court to throw out Roe and leave abortion legality up to the states. In states like New York, abortion would almost certainly remain.  The brief explains the reason for the law:  "At 5-6 weeks' gestation, 'an unborn human being's heart begins beating.'" And that at about eight weeks, the developing baby begins to move about in the womb. At nine weeks, "'all basic physiological functions are present.' As are teeth, eyes, and external genitalia." At 10 weeks, "'vital organs begin to function' and 'hair, fingernails and toenails ... Begin to form.'" At 11 weeks, there may be hiccupping as the diaphragm forms. At 12 weeks, there can be the opening and closing of fingers, "'sucking motions,'" and the baby "'senses stimulation from the world outside the womb.'" At that point, the child "'has taken on the human form in all relevant respects.'" In short, it describes what a mother and father who are welcoming their unborn baby see in ultrasounds. 

July 24: The Washington Times: 160,000 demonstrators reject France’s proposal to have a special COVID-19 pass in order to enter a restaurant and the vaccination of all healthcare workers
Some 160,000 people protested Saturday across the country against a bill requiring everyone to have a special virus pass to enter restaurants and mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all health care workers.  Similar protests were held in neighboring Italy.  Police fired water cannons and tear gas on rowdy protesters in Paris, although most gatherings were orderly.  Protesters chanting “Liberty! Liberty!” gathered at Bastille plaza and marched through eastern Paris in one of several demonstrations Saturday around France.

July 23: The Daily Caller: An analysis of what progressive bail reform is doing to American cities
One of the most popular policies among “progressive prosecutors” is creating headaches for many police officers and attorneys, not to mention individual citizens.    “Because we are sworn to protect and serve the public, we sincerely hope that we will not be proven right about this new law,” the Illinois Law Enforcement Coalition said in a statement earlier this year. “Please don’t let us measure its dismal failure by the shattered lives it produces.”  The statement was in response to a new criminal justice reform bill signed into law by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker in February. Among the provisions in the law is the elimination of cash bail by the year 2023.  Illinois is simply following in the footsteps of several other Democratic-controlled jurisdictions (like Houston) that have drastically reduced, or eliminated almost entirely cash bail. The policy is popular among progressive prosecutors, who argue that cash bail needlessly incarcerates people of color and those who are poor for crimes they haven’t yet faced trial for.  Amid a skyrocketing murder rate in nearly all of America’s major cities, some are beginning to question if this popular progressive policy is linked to the rise in homicides.  Many law enforcement agencies place the blame for the increase in crime squarely at the feet of elected officials, including mayors, city councilmen and judges.

July 23: The Epoch Times: 6th Circuit rules moratorium on evictions is unlawful
A federal court on Friday ruled that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) overstepped its authority by halting evictions during the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) coronavirus pandemic.  The Cincinnati-based U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed unanimously with a lower court ruling that said the CDC engaged in federal overreach with the eviction moratorium, which the agency has consistently extended for months. Several weeks ago, the CDC announced it would allow the policy, which was passed into law by Congress, to expire at the end of July.  “It is not our job as judges to make legislative rules that favor one side or another,” the judges wrote. “But nor should it be the job of bureaucrats embedded in the executive branch. While landlords and tenants likely disagree on much, there is one thing both deserve: for their problems to be resolved by their elected representatives.”  Previously, the CDC’s lawyers argued in court filings that Congress authorized the eviction freeze as part of its COVID-19 relief legislation, while simultaneously asserting that the moratorium was within its authority. Those arguments were rejected by appeals court.

July 23: One America News Network: Biden falling behind in 85 key Congressional districts by a nine point margin
The Biden administration has lost support on the key issue of border security in 85 battleground congressional districts. A poll conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee throughout the month of July found that voters believed Republicans in Congress were better equipped to deal with the issue of borer security.  The data highlighted voters trusted Republicans more on the issue in districts represented by Democrats by a nine-point margin. In addition, the poll found Independent and Hispanic voters have shown increasing discontent with the Biden border crisis and found they disapproved of his policies by a 23-point margin.

July 23: The Daily Caller: Jan. 6 protestors at the Capitol branded by prosecutors as “terrorists” while admitting they don’t meet the definition thereof
Federal prosecutors are attempting to pursue harsher sentences for those arrested for non-violent crimes in connection with the Jan. 6 protest at the Capitol by branding them as terrorists while acknowledging their actions don’t meet the legal definition of terrorism.  Court documents from the case of Paul Hodgkins, the first Jan. 6 protestor convicted of a felony to be sentenced, show U.S. Attorney Mona Sedky saying that “we are framing this in the context of domestic terrorism,” even though his actions do not meet any legal definition of terrorism.  “January 6th was an act of domestic terrorism,” Sedky said at Hodgkins’ sentencing hearing. “And we concede that Mr. Hodgkins himself is not under the legal definition a domestic terrorist, we’re not assuming he is. But he was part and parcel of an act of domestic terrorism that was going on around him, and that context is relevant when the Court is deciding how to sentence him.”

July 22: The Epoch Times: PA GOP to introduce new election integrity bill now that Democrat governor says he is willing to compromise
Pennsylvania state House Republicans will make another attempt at passing a voting overhaul bill after Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf signaled, he would support a measure that includes voter identification provisions.  House State Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove on Wednesday told other lawmakers in a memo that he’ll reintroduce a bill that Wolf vetoed last month. Other than proposing new voter identification requirements, the bill would move up the voter registration deadline, limit drop-box usage, and would allow for the pre-canvassing of mail-in ballots.  Reports are that Gov. Wolf said he isn’t opposed to voter ID.  Grove said, “The Pennsylvania Voting Rights Protection Act is solely predicated on the House State Government Committee’s extensive election oversight hearings, the most extensive election oversight work in the entire country.” Current law only requires voters in Pennsylvania to show identification when they vote for the first time, whereas the new bill proposes mandatory voter identification for every election. The new law would establish a department of election audits and fund it.  Although Wolf signaled he’s open to discussions, other Democrats pushed back against Grove’s latest proposal

July 22: The Texas Tribune: Beto funds Texas Dems’ stay out of the state — $600,000 — of course he does!
Beto O’Rourke has funneled $600,000 to Texas House Democrats in Washington, D.C., to help fund their stay, which could last for up to another two weeks as the lawmakers attempt to block passage of an election integrity bill in the state Legislature.  O’Rourke, who ran for the U.S. Senate, would favor getting rid of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate but supports what is essentially the same tactic by Texas Democrats who oppose election integrity legislation and who are “busting” the attainment of a quorum, thereby “filibustering”  and stopping any  legislation from passage.  This includes bail reform, property tax relief, and guys competing as gals in women’s spirting events. 

July 22: The Epoch Times: Biden opposes throwing out the filibuster altogether, well sort of
Claiming that “abuse of the filibuster is pretty overwhelming,” Biden said he would support going back to the so-called “talking filibuster” standard, where to use the procedure to block legislation, at least one minority party senator would have to stand on the floor and keep talking. Current rules allow a senator to declare their intention to launch a filibuster against a bill or motion, and then what’s known as a cloture vote is taken, which requires a 60-vote supermajority for further action on the matter.  “I would go back to that, where you have to maintain the floor,” Biden said. “You have to stand there and talk and hold the floor.”

July 21: The Washington Examiner: Voting machines in Fulton County PA decertified after audit of the 2020 vote count
Voting machines in Pennsylvania's Fulton County were decertified after local officials complied with a GOP-backed ballot audit and allowed a third-party contractor to access data.   The rural county, which borders Maryland, must do away with its Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5A voting system, employed in the 2020 presidential election, after Wake TSI, a software company, was allowed in December to gain access to and look over its “election database, results files, and Windows system logs," acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid told county officials in a letter on Tuesday.

July 21: Fox News<: Former Detroit Police Chief running to unseat Michigan Democrat Governor Whitmer
Recently retired Detroit Police Chief James Craig joined  “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday to expand on what he sees as the failed leadership of incumbent Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and announce a gubernatorial exploratory committee.   Craig, a Detroit native who spent the past 8 years leading the Motor City's law enforcement force – after tenures in Cincinnati and Portland – said that he "protected and served for 44 years" and now wants to do the same for the entire state of Michigan.

July 21: One America News Network: No chance it will go anywhere with Dems grip on House but GOP introduce bill to give funding to states that want to continue building a border wall
House conservatives have refused to back down against Democrats on border wall funding, saying it’s their “hill to die on.” This week the House Republican Study Committee revealed a bill to give $22 billion directly to border states that want to continue building President Trump’s border wall.  Last month, the committee along with President Trump visited a section of the wall in Texas that was almost complete, but was stopped under Joe Biden.

July 21: The Epoch Times: Study: Texas’ Oil and Gas industry supported 2.5 million jobs in Texas, 11.3 million nationally
Texas’ oil and natural gas industry supported more than 2.5 million total jobs statewide in 2019, a new analysis found, contributing the most to the state’s GDP and total income of any industry.  The industry contributed $411.6 billion to the state’s gross domestic product, including $251.2 billion to the state’s total labor income in 2019, the report found. 

July 21: Fox News: SC’s GOP AG celebrates Biden reversal on use of the CRT handbook
The Biden administration claimed that it was an "error" when the Department of Education linked to a radical activist group’s handbook that pushes critical race theory in schools, distancing itself from the organization to the relief of South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.  Wilson hailed the administration's walk-back as a victory for families claiming that the reversal by Biden came after a large number of GOP Governors pressured the White House.  

July 20: Fox NewsBeyond belief!  Absent Texas Democrat lawmakers equate threat of arrest to force their presence at the Capitol in Austin to slavery
Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson – one of the Democratic lawmakers that fled Austin in order to shut down the Texas state legislature from considering legislation that would expand voting hours while tightening election integrity,  delivered a fiery speech in which she appeared to compare Texas officials threatening her arrest with the act of a slave escaping the plantation.   Speaking in Alexandria, Va., on Friday, Thompson, D-Harris County said her caucus "refuse[s] to be a hostage."  Interestingly enough, during a hearing earlier this month before the House Select Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies several witnesses provided proof of vote harvesting, dead people voting, and people voting in Texas who moved to New Orleans 20 years ago.  All of these election violations and incidents of election fraud occurred in Thompson’s Harris County district and she is one of the leaders who fled the state in order to kill election integrity legislation.

July 20: The Washington Times: Runaway Texas Dems derailed as COVID-19
spreaders in group increase fears at the White House

The runaway Texas House Democrats framed their walkout as a bid to save democracy, but the message was swamped by a growing coronavirus outbreak that spilled Tuesday into House speaker Pelosi’s office.  A Pelosi spokesperson confirmed that a fully vaccinated senior aide tested positive for COVID-19 after contact with the state legislators, the darlings of the Democratic Party until four days ago, when they started testing positive for the coronavirus.  Now six members, or more than 10%, of the caucus have contracted COVID-19, fueling a White House scare, eclipsing the group’s civil rights narrative, jeopardizing their chances of meeting Joe Biden and prompting Republicans to accuse the legislators of stoking a superspreader event.

July 20: One American News NetworkWhite House:  Vaccines aren’t 100%
effective or  “Fool” proof

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed a fully vaccinated White House official tested positive for COVID-19. The comments came during a press briefing on Tuesday, where Psaki said the official contracted the virus “off campus.”  The White House official, along with an aide for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), both tested positive despite both being fully vaccinated.  This comes after six Texas lawmakers, from the nearly 60 Democrats who went to Washington D.C., have reportedly tested positive for the virus. Reports mentioned at least one of the cases involving the two staffers could have been linked to the group of Texas Democrats.

July 20: The Daily Caller: Parents in Fairfax County VA force recall of
school board member over keeping schools closed

Virginia parents submitted thousands of signatures Monday in an attempt to recall a Fairfax County school board member over her opposition for returning to in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Board member Elaine Tholen is accused of neglecting her duty for opting to keep schools closed for 12 months during the pandemic, WTOP News reported.  The Open FCPS Coalition claims to have submitted around 5,000 signatures for the recall, far more than the 3,500 that are required.  If a recall election is triggered, Tholen would become the first school board official in America to face a recall over support of school closures during the pandemic.

July 19: The Epoch Times: Texas state rep introduces measure to audit election results in the 13 most populous counties
A  Texas House representative announced Monday he’s introducing a bill for a forensic audit of the most populous counties’ election results.  According to the text of House Bill 241, introduced by Republican state Rep. Steve Toth, forensic reviews of counties with more than 415,000 population should be carried out before Nov. 1, 2021, and they should be completed before Feb. 1, 2022.  “Not later than March 1, 2022,” the bill’s text states, “the independent third party conducting the audit under this section shall submit a report to the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house of representatives, and each member of the legislature detailing any anomalies or discrepancies in voter data, ballot data, or tabulation.”  The counties that should be audited, would include Harris, Dallas, Bexar, Tarrant, Collin, Travis, Denton, Hidalgo, Fort Bend, El Paso, Williamson, Montgomery, and Cameron counties.  It’s not clear whether the Republican-led Texas Legislature has the appetite for the sweeping audit, which would be one of the largest election reviews in U.S. history.

July 19: The Washington Examiner: Texas Democrat jaunt to shut down state legislature will cost $1.5 million
Texas Democrats' trip to Washington, D.C., attempting to block GOP-backed voting bills from passing in the state Legislature will cost $1.5 million, a state lawmaker said.   State Rep. Armando Walle projected the lawmakers’-chartered flights alone cost upward of $100,000, according NBC News. Other notable expenses will include food, hotel lodging, and transportation, he said.  Last week, nearly 60 Democrats fled Austin, paralyzing the state's House of Representatives and drawing ire from their GOP colleagues. The majority of the Democratic lawmakers boarded private jets to Washington to meet with federal officials after Republicans pushed two pieces of legislation that would tighten voter integrity procedures while increasing the number of hours polls are open across the state. It is unclear whether taxpayers will end up paying partially or wholly for the Democrats' trip.  Democrats have insisted that no taxpayer funds are being used in the excursion, but their Republican counterparts have posited said upward of $1 million will be paid by residents due to the prolonging of a special session.

July 19: One America News Network: Reports surfacing Biden is asking the FED
to curb the inflationary spiral administration started by their expansive spending

Joe Biden has reportedly begged the U.S. Central Bank to curb inflation that has been spiraling out of control under his watch. According to reports on Monday, Biden asked Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to do “whatever it takes” to control inflation.   The reports indicate Biden officials have been worried that skyrocketing consumer prices would further erode his waning popular support. U.S. inflation rose 5.4 percent year-on-year this month, which was way above the Federal Reserve’s two percent target.  Biden and his officials have refused to admit that inflation poses a problem.  Central Bank experts say the FED could raise interest rates to contain inflation. However, such a move would also increase interest payments on U.S. national debt, which is nearing $30 trillion and could make deficit spending even worse. 

July 19: Fox NewsChina threatens to nuke Japan over Taiwan
The Chinese Communist Party aired a video in which it warned Japan of a nuclear response and "full-scale war" if the island nation interferes in China’s handling of Taiwan.   The video, which appeared on a channel approved by the CCP, singles out Japan as the one exception to China’s policy to not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear powers.  "We will use nuclear bombs first," the video said. "We will use nuclear bombs continuously. We will do this until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time."   The CCP claims that it will "liberate Taiwan," and it warns against Japan deploying "one soldier, one plane or one ship."  The video was deleted from Chinese platform Xigua after gaining 2 million views, but copies were uploaded to YouTube.  The threats follow comments made two weeks ago by Japanese officials about Taiwan’s sovereignty, with Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso saying that Japan must "defend Taiwan," The Japan Times reported. 

July 19: The Washington Times: Nearly two-thirds of likely voters polled
say Harris not prepared to be President

Kamala Harris apparently has some work to do with the voters before she seeks the top job.  Nearly two-thirds of likely U.S. voters, or 63.6%, said they are “not very confident” or “not confident at all” that Ms. Harris is “ready to be president,” based on her six-month tenure as vice president, according to a poll released Sunday.  The Trafalgar Group poll of 1,000 likely 2022 voters found that only 31.6% were “somewhat confident of “very confident” in her ability to handle the job.  The lack of confidence was most pronounced among Republicans, 88.4% of whom said Ms. Harris was not ready, but a sizable percentage of Democrats — 42.6% — also showed little faith in the California Democrat. Independent voters fell in the middle at 61.8%.

July 18: The Washington Times: Judge’s anti-DACA ruling has Democrats
scrambling to protect “dreamers”

A federal judge’s decision against the DACA program injected new urgency into Congress ‘ desire to give “Dreamers” a permanent legal solution. Still, the court ruling did nothing to overcome the deep divisions that have blocked every attempt over the past decade.  Judge Hanen‘s bombshell opinion said the program, invented by the Obama administration in 2012, cut too many corners and cannot legally stand.  He halted approvals of applications, though he said the more than 615,000 active DACA recipients would retain their protections.  This puts the program back on the same footing it had during most of the Trump administration, and it tosses a political hand grenade into the laps of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

July 18: The Washington ExaminerGOP opposes expanded IRS enforcement
as part of the massive infrastructure bill

GOP senators working to negotiate a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill are ditching plans to strengthen enforcement at the Internal Revenue Service as a way to pay for the legislation, Senator Portman (R-OH) said, Sunday.  Portman is one of 22 senators working to negotiate a compromise solution.  The proposal to increase IRS enforcement was floating like a lead zeppelin among his colleagues.  "One reason it's not part of the proposal is that we did have pushback. Another reason is that we found out that the Democrats were going to put a proposal into the reconciliation package, which was not just similar to the one we had but with a lot more IRS enforcement," he said. 

July 18: Fox News: Former Surgeon General; the face mask mandates
might have been premature and wrong

Former U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said coronavirus mask guidance may be "premature" or "wrong" in the face of potentially dangerous new variants.   Adams served as surgeon general under Trump, taking a prominent role throughout the early phase to fight off the pandemic. He recently voiced his own regrets and concerns over mask mandates since then.   "Last year Tony Fauci and I famously, prematurely, & wrongly advised against masks," Adams wrote in a rare admission of a misstep. "I felt it was the best call at the time, but now regret it."   "I’m worried the CDC also made a similarly premature, misinterpreted, yet still harmful call on masking in the face of [rising] delta variant."   He urged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to instead advise people to get vaccinated and wear masks in areas with higher cases of COVID-19 until numbers start to decline. 

July 17: One America News Network:  TEA Party president calls for GA
statewide ballot audit
The president of Tea Party Patriots says in light of evidence of provable fraud in Fulton County, a forensic audit of ballots should be expanded to include all of Georgia. 

July 17: Fox News: US AG disregards pledge to be nonpolitical; blasts
states that strengthen election integrity laws

Attorney General Merrick Garland violated his pledge to avoid "politicizing" the Department of Justice (DOJ) by blasting states' election laws in a statement honoring the one year anniversary of the death of civil rights giant Democratic Rep. John Lewis.  "Since 2013, there has been a dramatic rise across the country in legislative efforts that make it harder for millions of citizens to vote. This increase accelerated after the 2020 elections," Garland said on Saturday.  "The recent further narrowing of voting protections only underscores the need for legislative action. The Department of Justice is using all the tools at its disposal to protect the voting rights of all citizens, but that is not enough. We need Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would provide the Department with important tools to protect the right to vote and to ensure that every vote is counted."

July 17: The Epoch Times: Legal teams seeking extent of Biden’s coordination
with Big Tech in efforts to censor free speech  
A legal group is seeking information on the extent of the Biden administration’s coordination with Big Tech  after White House officials this week said they were in regular communication with the companies.  America First Legal filed on Friday a flurry of Freedom of Information Act requests seeking details on U.S. government agency communications relating to the current administration’s effort to push Big Tech to censor speech.  White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday told reporters that the administration is in regular touch with social media platforms and that officials are “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”  Psaki, “from the White House press room, announced that the federal government is coordinating with social media platforms to silence Americans’ voices,” Matthew Whitaker, former acting attorney general and an America First Legal board member said.

July 16: The Daily Caller: “Any sane person would say hell no”: Greg Gutfeld
says White House can’t be trusted to identify “misinformation”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that the White House should not be trusted to identify and flag “misinformation” for Facebook.  Gutfeld and “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters argued that the White House did not have the best track record when it came to identifying false narratives — and that the “collusion” between the federal government and a social media platform like Facebook should be a huge red flag.  Watters began the segment with a clip of White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who explained that the White House was partnering with Facebook in order to stop the spread of misinformation specifically with regard to the coronavirus vaccines. Psaki argued that false narratives about the vaccines were putting people at risk.  “If you are a government official, you can crackdown on free speech and just say, ‘Saving lives. We are going to take away your First Amendment. Saving lives,'” Watters said in response. 

July  16: The Washington Free Beacon: The U.S. could provide Cuban people
internet access cut off by the Communist regime
Federal Communications commissioner Brendan Carr says high-altitude balloons could be used to deliver internet to Cuba, as the country's communist regime shut down internet access to block protests from spreading across the country.  "There's an urgent need right now," he said, but "a lot depends on the level of federal support." The federal government could leverage a defunct google initiative that used stratospheric balloons like cell towers to deliver internet access.  Called Project Loon, the initiative was shuttered due to a lack of commercial viability. Sourcing the balloons and "de-mothballing" them from warehouses would pose a logistical problem but noted the technology had been successfully used around the world, including in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroyed cell towers in the country.  “The question is, how do we create the opportunity to continue to share videos and photos?"  Cubans have long struggled to access the web in Country due to censorship and poor internet infrastructure. According to the nonprofit Freedom House, Cuba has one of the lowest connectivity rates in the Western Hemisphere. Most Cubans don’t have access to the outside world.  Here’s a thought, how about using Gitmo as an internet hub.  At least that could reach the southeastern part of the island.

July 16: Fox News: Federal Judge: Biden Admin ordered to end
new DACA applications
A federal judge on Friday ordered the Biden administration to stop all applications for the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, after a coalition of states sued and claimed that the Obama-era program was illegal.  DACA was established under the Obama administration in 2012 and granted protection from deportation for approximately 800,000 illegal immigrants who came to the country as children.  Judge Andrew Hanen, a Texas judge, found that DHS violated the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) in creating the policy. He found that the policy was "illegally implemented" and ordered DHS to stop approving DACA applications, although he said it does not affect the status of any current DACA recipients.  Joe Biden signed a memo after entering office to protect DACA, ordering DHS to take "all appropriate actions under the law" to preserve the program and calling on Congress to give a path to citizenship for recipients.

July 16: One America News Network: Effort to suppress free speech re: COVID-19:
Biden to monitor social media posts and to counter those it doesn’t like
The White House announced their efforts with Facebook to take aggressive action on problematic social media posts. The administration said they would work to flag and censor anything they deemed to be disinformation about COVID-19.  Biden’s surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy announced his advisory on the dangers of health misinformation, which he called a “public health threat.”  The question one might ask is how would the mainstream media react if President Trump had attempted to take a similar action?  So far this time around there is little pushback from the media on this attempt to stifle free speech and to impose censorship.

July 15: One America News Network: More problems found in the
Georgia 2020 election
In Georgia the law requires you to vote in the county you live in.  If you move to a new county within the state, you have 30 days to move your registration.  If you fail to do so, you will not be registered to vote.  Over all, in Georgia, the data indicates there were over 100,000 people who were in that position but still voted illegally, many unintentionally.  The data indicates that at least 35,000 cast votes in Georgia should be stricken from the election totals.  Joe Biden, reportedly won the election in Georgia by approximately 12,000 votes.

July 15: The Daily Caller: The White House is working closely with Facebook
to flag what they term “disinformation” on social media

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that the White House is not only working with Facebook to flag disinformation on vaccines — it’s also asking Facebook to share data on the reach and engagement of posts deemed disinformation.  “We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation,” she said.  Facebook was one of several social media platforms that attempted to suppress discussion of the theory that COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan lab, calling such discussion misinformation. Evidence has since been uncovered suggesting the theory holds merit. 

July 15: Fox News Texas House Speaker charters flight for Democrats to
return to Austin
Texas' Republican House Speaker announced that he plans to charter a plane that will be on "standby" in Washington, D.C. waiting to bring home Democratic lawmakers that fled the state to avoid voting on an election integrity bill.   "I am demanding all of our colleagues in D.C. to contact my staff immediately in order to secure their seat on the plane and return to Austin in order to do the state's business," Speaker Dade Phelan said.  "The State of Texas is waiting." In addition to chartering the plane, Phelan also stripped El Paso Democrat Joe Moody of his leadership post.  Without the chamber quorum, Republicans have been unable to act on the legislation and voted on Tuesday to order state law enforcement officials to track down the fugitive members. 

July 15: The Epoch Times: Analysis of ballot images in Georgia shows
very probable voter fraud 
A group seeking to ensure that elections are run fairly said this week that an in-depth analysis of mail-in ballot images obtained through a court order shows that the hand-count audit in  Fulton County Georgia last year “was riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.”  The analysis of a sampling of ballots turned up at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots, containing 4,255 votes, that were added redundantly to the audit results, according to Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA). Nearly 3,400 were for Democrat Joe Biden.  They also found seven audit tally sheets they believe were falsified to contain fabricated vote totals. In one example, the group said, a batch containing 59 ballot images for Biden and 42 for former President Donald Trump was reported as 100 for Biden and zero for Trump.  The analysis also revealed that 60% of the 1,539 mail-in batch files contained votes that were incorrectly reported by Fulton County election officials.

July 15: The Washington Free Beacon: Texas Democrat moves to counter
Biden decision to allow the mail order of abortion drugs

Texas Democrat Senator Eddie Lucio is leading the charge to outlaw mail-order abortions after the Biden administration made the controversial decision to legalize the practice.  He sponsored legislation to enact criminal penalties against companies and individuals who ship abortion drugs directly to women by mail. Joe Biden’s federal regulators overturned a long-standing prohibition against abortion by mail in April, prompting pushback from pro-life lawmakers at the state level.  "The federal government has chosen not to enforce its regulations. … It will allow access to these drugs through the mail, and that is a major concern to me and to many people," Lucio said.   "Our thought here with this legislation is that pharmaceutical companies would not be able to mail the patient, or the woman, what we consider dangerous abortion pills."

July 14: Rumble.com: Tucker Carlson reports on the Georgia vote audit;
it’s an eye opener
Ballots scanned at least twice, mail-in ballots that were not folded as they would have to be if actually mailed, ballots that appear to have been filled in by a machine (printer) verses by a person and all voting for the same candidates, 35,000 voters who no longer lived in the county they voted in; it is all laid out in this Tucker Carlson Tonight video.  And this happened in a state where Joe Biden supposedly won by fewer than 13,000 votes.  But that is not all, the Senate races, two of them, could also have been impacted.

July 13: One America News Network: Arizona State Senator: Audit results
don’t match the 2020 election results
Sen. Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) suggested the audit of 2020 elections was set to reveal massive fraud by Democrats. In a tweet on Tuesday, Rogers said the numbers from the Arizona audit did not match the purported outcomes of 2020 elections.  The senator added it was still unclear by how many votes or whether the audit would change election outcomes. This comes after Senate President Karen Fann (R-AZ) said the numbers didn’t match in Maricopa County, as suspected previously.  “All we’re doing is just counting number of ballots. It’s a paper counting machine, is all it does,” she explained. “They haven’t released a number yet if you will, however, we do know that those do not match with the Maricopa County at this point.”

July 13: Fox News: The Five host blasts Biden for lying about election
integrity legislation and inserting race into everything

Biden claimed Republican-led election security reforms in states such as Texas, Georgia and Pennsylvania are akin to "facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War."  On "The Five," Greg Gutfeld said he was upset by Biden's race-infused rhetoric.  "He is a pathological, shameless liar," he said. "He ran on being a unifier, and all he does is bank on racial discontent. He is comparing this bill to the KKK [and] Jim Crow. All he does is foment racial conflict," Gutfeld said, additionally referencing the Texas election integrity bill that spurred the Democrats to leave the state. " In his speech, Biden said 17 states have enacted 28 new laws to "make it harder for Americans to vote."  Unfortunately, for those who actually read the Texas legislation, the opposite is the case with voting hours expanded and the option of correcting defects on absentee ballots (e.g., if a voter fails to sign the carrier envelope).

July 13: NewsMax: 4th Circuit Court says it is unconstitutional to keep
18-20 year-olds from having guns

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that regulations setting a minimum age of 21 for handgun purchases from licensed dealers violates the Second American rights of those citizens.  The three-judge panel delivered the ruling in a split vote 2-1, with an appointee of former President Donald Trump writing the majority opinion, arguing the laws relegated "either the Second Amendment or 18- to 20-year-olds to a second-class status."   "Looking through this historical lens to the text and structure of the Constitution reveals that 18- to 20-year-olds have Second Amendment rights," Judge Julius N. Richardson wrote. "Virtually every other constitutional right applies whatever the age. And the Second Amendment is no different."

July 13: The Washington Times: China deploys military early warning aircraft
to disputed South China Sea Islands
China’s military recently deployed electronic warning and surveillance aircraft and helicopters on two disputed islands in the South China Sea in what analysts say is a sign that the People’s Liberation Army has begun routine air operations from the bases.  Satellite images show deployments in May and June of PLA KJ-500 airborne warning and control aircraft to Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands. Other satellite photos showed the stationing of a Y-9 transport aircraft and Z-8 helicopter to Subi Reef in June and this month.  Last year, KQ-200 anti-submarine warfare aircraft were deployed on a third island base on Fiery Cross Reef.

July 12: The Daily Caller: Texas Dems can’t win in the legislature so their
legislators are in Washington, DC vowing to stay out of the state until
the special session is over
Texas Democrats fled their state Monday for a maskless flight to Washington D.C., with a case of Miller Lites in order to deny a quorum and prevent the passage of a Republican-proposed election integrity bill. Lt. Governor Patrick tweeted "Smiling House Dems fly off to DC on a private jet with a case of Miller Lite, breaking House quorum, abandoning their constituents, while the Senate still works. It’s my hope that Senate Dems report tomorrow to do what they were elected to do. We will vote on SB 1."

Shortly after landing in Washington D.C. the House Democrats indicated they plan to remain out of state until the end of the special legislative session that ends Aug. 6.  The Democrats realize that they don’t have the votes to stop the legislation any other way.  The problem with their tactic is that there’s no limit on the Governor calling special sessions and he could continue to call them until the bills he wants considered are finally brought to the House floor for a vote. Additionally, the Senate Finance Committee has placed a hold on funding the State Legislature, a measure the governor used his line-item veto to strike from the state’s funding measure during the regular session.  Funding for the state legislature runs out on September 1st, meaning they will no longer have any staff for the following two years.  The rumor is that the Texas Democrats picked Washington, DC so they could lobby Congress to pass federal election legislation.  However,  as long as the filibuster continues to be in play – and it seems unlikely to go away – there are not enough votes in the U.S. Senate to invoke cloture.
[This summary was expanded by our Editor to give you additional context and a fuller and more complete story]

July 12: The Epoch Times: Texas moves election bills forward; Will the
Democrats stay to allow them to be considered?

The Texas Legislature moved closer to passing several voting bills that prompted Democrat legislators in May to stage a walkout.  During a special legislative session called by Gov. Greg Abbott (R) over the weekend worked to advance several voting bills during oversight hearings. On Sunday, a Texas House Select Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies voted to advance a bill (HB 3) that would bring back a number of voting integrity-related proposals that didn’t pass during the previous session that ended May 30. Later on Sunday, Senate lawmakers advanced its version (SB 1) of the voting legislation in a committee vote.

Chairman Hughes of the Senate State Affairs Committee said the debate over the measure is now “bitterly partisan” but argued that “most of the security measures in Senate Bill 1 are not aimed at individual voters.” “The security measures in this bill, by and large, are directed at vote harvesters or folks who are trying to steal votes,” he continued. 

Meanwhile state Democrats are calling the measure “racist” and object to prohibiting 24-hour voting, the prohibition on using unstaffed drop boxes for mail in ballots, protections to ensure poll watchers are allowed to observe what election officials are doing in polling places and the prohibition on drive thru voting.  From my reading of the measures, I see nothing directed at people of color or minority groups. The bills are laser focused on ensuring everybody can vote while ensuring integrity of the voting process.  It remains unclear whether Democrats will repeat their tactic of walking out, thereby denying the House a quorum in order to proceed.  Rumors are that some Democrat members have made plans to leave the state in order to block floor consideration of these measures.

Thousands of Cubans peacefully protest their Communist dictatorshipJuly 12: Fox NewsUS Democratic socialists ignore Cuban protestors demonstrating against their communist dictatorship
Anti-government protests broke out Sunday in Cuba demanding freedom and calling on the disbandment of the country’s communist dictatorship, all while some of the U.S.’ most outspoken, self-professed Democratic socialists appear to be in lockstep by not acknowledging the historic events unfolding on the island about 90 miles from Florida.  Fox News has emailed Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Sen. Bernie Sanders and have yet to receive a response from any of them. As of early Monday, none have even mentioned the protest on social media.  Thousands of Cubans marched on Havana’s Malecon promenade and elsewhere to protest food shortages, high prices and the coronavirus outbreak in one of the biggest anti-government demonstrations in the country ever. 

July 12: The Daily Caller: Democrats and media go ballistic over
Texas “heartbeat” bill

Media figures and Democrats melted down Monday over a new Texas law that gives Americans the right to sue abortion clinics or individuals who help mothers obtain abortions in the state of Texas.  Texas’ Heartbeat Act, signed into law May 19, bans abortions after the unborn baby‘s heartbeat can be detected (usually by about six weeks). The law, which makes exceptions for medical emergencies but not in cases of rape or incest, gives private citizens both in and out of Texas the power to sue abortion clinics or individuals who help women obtain abortions. This may make the law more difficult to challenge in court, the Texas Tribune reported.

July 12: Fox News: Hume: Harris was really stupid to attack voter ID and
say rural voters cannot find an office supply store
Brit Hume reacted Monday to Kamala Harris bemoaning "rural" residents who apparently cannot find an office supply store to photocopy their driver's license to send to state election authorities. He told Special Report voter ID is a "tricky issue" for Democrats. "They're trying to label Republicans as people who want to suppress the vote.” But many of the things the GOP is getting passed across the country are very popular “and voter I.D. Is very high on that list," he said. "I think it's politically really stupid to come out and criticize voter I.D."  Hume added that Biden advisers are likely contemplating the effectiveness of having Harris out front as the point person on several such controversial issues like election reform, illegal immigration and border security.  He contended that sometimes she seems like a lightweight.    Harris was criticized for her visit to El Paso, Texas, after months of being ripped by critics for failing to visit the southern border. Then critics pointed out El Paso is some 800 miles upstream on the Rio Grande from the epicenter of the illegal immigration and human and drug trafficking crisis in places like McAllen, Del Rio and Roma.

July 11: Fox News: Trump tops the list of potential GOP presidential
candidates in 2024 in CPAC straw poll
Twenty-four GOP presidential nomination poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering in Dallas this weekend put Donald Trump way out in front in their poll of potential presidential candidates, with 70% for Trump.  Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis came it second with 21%.  No one else among the 19 potential 2024 Republican White House contenders topped 1%.

July 11: One America News Network: Arizona awaits final verification
of election audit’s results
The Arizona state Senate has asked the election auditors to conduct a machine recount of the number of ballots to verify their findings. Sen. Sonny Borrelli (R-AZ) says the move is designed to confirm the audit results and provide an additional level of scrutiny.

July 11: The Epoch Times: Thousands of Cubans protest nation’s
dictatorship across the Island
Thousands of Cubans took to the streets on Sunday in a number of cities to protest against human rights abuses, a lack of freedom, and a worsening economic situation in the communist-ruled country. Videos uploaded to social media appear to show demonstrations in a number of towns and cities, including the capital city of Havana.  Protesters, chanting in Spanish, said they “weren’t afraid” of the regime led by Miguel Diaz Canel, and said they wanted access to COVID-19 vaccines and an end to the regime.  The protest come amid reports of widespread shortages of, electricity, and vaccine across the Caribbean Island nation. This appears to be the first demonstrations against the government since 1994 and the first time that so many had protesters have been involved.  Shouts of “down with the dictatorship,” and “homeland and life” were also heard during the demonstrations, according to footage uploaded online.

July 10: One America News Network: 37 states suing Google for anti-trust
violations, Utah leads the charge
Thirty-seven Attorneys General file a lawsuit against Google, alleging the company’s control over its Android app store violates antitrust law. Utah’s Attorney General, Sean Reyes, is leading the bipartisan lawsuit about the matter.

July 10: The Washington TimesParents groups vow to fight Critical Race
Theory and not to back down
Parents groups formed to combat critical race theory in K-12 schools vowed not to back down after teachers’ unions said this week that they would go to court to allow the concept to be taught in the nation’s classrooms.  The leaders of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association have vowed to use their deep pockets and extensive political and lobbying muscle to defend teachers who support curriculums infused with critical race theory, which teaches that American laws and systems are inherently racist, and to employ opposition research teams to go after the groups hostile to that teaching.  “We aren’t afraid of them,” said Tina Descovich, a co-founder of Moms For Justice, a group that formed in large part to protest school shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now opposed to what it regards as divisive and harmful critical race theory methods. 

July 10: The Washington Examiner: Harris lambasted for remarks on
rural voters’ ability to cast ballots
Kamala Harris was decried for saying that some voter identification laws make it "almost impossible" for rural voters at the ballot box, with critics suggesting she doesn't think rural citizens have the wherewithal to use a copy machine.   Election laws requiring voters to include a copy of identification with their ballots threaten to shut out those who might not have access to a photocopier, Harris said.   Critics suggested Harris doesn't understand life in rural America.     This reminds me that they made Kamala Harris who has only ever lived in cities an envoy to rural Americans," said journalist Zaid Jilani.

July 9: The Epoch Times: Biden attempts to fire SSA Administrator,
but he refuses to leave
Joe Biden on Friday attempted to fire Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul, according to the commissioner, who said he won’t leave his post and will log into work on Monday morning because his term isn’t over. Saul was appointed by Trump to a six-year term.   In an interview with the Washington Post, Saul said he received an email from the White House Personnel Office on Friday morning about their decision. However, Saul is challenging the legality of the Biden administration’s decision.  Saul’s term is slated to expire in January 2025.  “I consider myself the term-protected Commissioner of Social Security,” he said, calling the attempted ouster a “Friday Night Massacre” and an “abuse” of power.  Republican lawmakers criticized the White House’s move to oust him.  “This removal would be an unprecedented and dangerous politicization of the Social Security Administration,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wrote. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) noted Saul was confirmed by a “wide bipartisan margin” and has several years remaining in his term.

July 9: Breitbart  News: Biden nominee tried to cover up Master’s
Thesis advocating population control
Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) requested last year that the University of Montana restrict access to her controversial master’s thesis, which advocated for the creation of population control propaganda for environmental reasons. The university confirmed the request to limit access to the thesis entitled Into the heart of the beast | A case for environmental advertising, which Stone-Manning authored in 1992.  In it Stone-Manning advocated for U.S. population control propaganda through a series of advertisements intended to “tug at the root of many of our environmental horrors, overpopulation.”  In other words she wanted to limit the U.S. population so that it would alleviate perceived stresses to the environment caused by humans.

July 9: The Washington Times: Rhetoric escalates over Biden’s move to
go door-to-door “encouraging
(?)” people to get vaccinated
The White House on Friday said GOP governors who rejected President Biden’s door-to-door vaccine effort are fueling attitudes that are “literally killing people.”  Biden’s Press Secretary Psaki characterized the proposed door-to-door campaign as an effort to inform the public. She said the governors had mischaracterized the initiative.   South Carolina Governor McMasters had directed state health officials to thwart the door knocking effort saying it was akin to pressuring people to get vaccinated.  “The prospect of government vaccination teams showing up unannounced or unrequested at the door of ‘targeted’ homeowners or on their property will further deteriorate the public’s trust and could lead to potentially disastrous public safety consequences,” Mr. McMaster wrote.

July 8: Fox News: Ads running during All-Star game hitting GA Senator
Warnock over MLB move from Atlanta
The National Republican Senatorial Committee will run an ad in Georgia during the MBL’s All-Star Game and Home Run Derby criticizing Sen. Raphael Warnock over the fact the MLB moved the event from Atlanta to Denver over Georgia's election security law.  The ad will run during both the Home Run Derby on ESPN Monday, July 12 and the All-Star Game itself the following day.  The NRSC said the ad buy will cost about $100,000 in total. "The All-Star Game, a $100 million boost to Georgia's economy, until the radical left woke crowd took it all away, forcing the MLB to boycott Georgia," the ad says. "Even Stacey Abrams opposed the boycott, but Sen. Warnock refused to oppose it." 

July 8: The Daily Caller: Obama ethics chief calls Biden out for helping
shield buyers of Hunter’s artwork
Ethics experts and art critics are raising concerns about Hunter Biden’s upcoming art show, in which his paintings are expected to sell for prices from $75,000 to as high as $500,000. The White House helped broker a deal under which the buyers of Biden’s “artwork” will be kept entirely anonymous even to Hunter himself, according to the Washington Post. The owner of the New York gallery where Biden’s show will take place, Georges Bergès, is also planning to set the prices for the art and withhold all sales records.  Walter Shaub, who led the Office of Government Ethics under President Barack Obama, also voiced his concerns to the Post. “Because we don’t know who is paying for this art and we don’t know for sure that [Hunter Biden] knows, we have no way of monitoring whether people are buying access to the White House,” said Shaub. “What these people are paying for is Hunter Biden’s last name.”

July 8: One America News Network: HHS Secretary attempts to defend
door-to-door effort for people who refused to be vaccinated
While Joe Biden and his cabinet remain fixated on raising the American vaccination rate, Republicans are pushing back against their methods of doing so. During an interview Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said the Biden administration has requested the names of Americans who have “refused” to take the experimental vaccine. Becerra failed to acknowledge that COVID-19 has a 99 percent survival rate. Instead, he claimed Americans must now give up their privacy to the government in return for stimulus checks.  “It is our business to try and make sure Americans can prosper, Americans can freely associate…and knocking on a door has never been against the law. You don’t have to answer, but we hope you do because if you haven’t been vaccinated we can help dispel some of those rumors that you’ve heard and hopefully get you vaccinated,” said Becerra.

July 8: The Washington Times: Harris: The DNC voter registration drive is
needed to stop GOP from “taking our power”
Well we always knew it but now there is no doubt, Kamala Harris is all about “power!”  She announced Thursday that the Democratic National Committee is more than doubling its spending to $45 million on voter registration to combat new Republican-backed state election laws.  Speaking at Howard University in Washington Harris said 17 states have enacted laws this year “that will make it harder for Americans to vote” by curtailing early voting and vote-by-mail.  She said the DNC is countering those efforts by adding $25 million to its previous pool of $20 million to “protect” voting.  Harris said. “We will not let anyone take away our power.”

Action Alert - You can join this Class Action Lawsuit!July 7: One America News Network:
President Trump announces class action suit against Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and their CEOs
President Trump announced a class action lawsuit against tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter as well as their CEOs. While speaking at a press conference in New Jersey Wednesday, Trump said the suit demands an end to shadow bans and censorship of differing viewpoints.  He went on to say he believes the case is “very compelling” and has no interest in seeking a settlement before a trial. He added, tech giants are working in conjunction with the mainstream media to suppress opposing views.   He said,  “There is no better evidence that Big Tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the United States earlier this year, a ban that continues to this day.  If they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone and, in fact, that is exactly what they’re doing.”  The suit also seeks punitive damages and injunctive relief. Anyone who has been a user of any of the three platforms, has resided in the U.S. between June of 2018 to present day and has had their account banned or censored by the defendants can join the suit.

July 7: The Washington Times:
Tucker Carlson claims NSA leaked the content of his email to other journalists;
he got a call from one of them who read the contents thereof back to him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed Wednesday that the U.S. National Security Agency [NSA] leaked to journalists the contents of his private correspondence.  “I learned that the NSA leaked the contents of my email to journalists in an effort to discredit me,” Carlson disclosed on the Fox Business channel.  “I know because I got a call from one of them saying ‘Oh, this is what your email was about’,” Carlson said.  He said he received the call Tuesday night shortly before his latest show aired.   “I got a call before air, like 7:15, from a journalist I know and like … and he repeated back to me what’s in my email.   He got it because the NSA had leaked it,” Carlson claimed.  It is illegal for the NSA to spy on U.S. citizens in the U.S.A.  If it can happen to Tucker Carlson, it can also happen to anyone they choose and weaponizing the intelligence community for political purposes is a dangerous thing.

July 7: The Epoch Times: Pennsylvania Senate Chair initiates forensic audit
of PA 2020-21 elections

A Pennsylvania state senator on Wednesday announced that he has triggered a forensic investigation of the 2020 and 2021 elections.  Doug Mastriano issued letters to several counties requesting information and materials that he said would enable an investigation. The counties included Philadelphia and York which represent different geographical regions and different political majorities.  “… millions of Pennsylvanians have serious doubts about the accuracy of the 2020 General Election,” Mastriano said. At least 40% “…of Pennsylvania voters are not confident that the results of the 2020 Election accurately reflected how Pennsylvanians voted” he contended. He believes there is a strong case for an investigation, noting that 2.7 million mail-in ballots were counted in the 2020 election, compared to just 263,000 in the prior presidential election, many without signature verification.  The counties were told to produce their records by July 31 which is within the federal 22-month records retention requirement.  If one or more counties do not comply, Mastriano plans to convene his committee and ask members to grant him subpoena power to force compliance.  He said his goal “…is to find out if our elections were safe and secure and if they weren’t, what went wrong and how are we going to address this.”

July 7: Fox News: Children of mothers who openly opposed CRT barred
from private school in Ohio

In a continuing effort to silence the voices opposing the segregationist approach to race relations a private Ohio school (The Columbus Academy) denied re-enrollment to several students, alleging that their mothers breached part of their contract by leading a public campaign against the school's purported attempt to "indoctrinate" students with left-wing ideas (i.e., Critical Race Theory).  "I feel like it is unfortunate that when you are speaking out and you are trying to say your truth, unfortunately, there are people who want to retaliate against you. In this case, they retaliated against our children, who are innocent," Andrea Gross said with Amy Gonzalez alongside her.  [Editorial Comment: The other side of the coin is who would want to have their child in a school that teaches CRT?  Instead of trying to bring people together, CRT is an effort to divide, or segregate, people based upon their race.  Shouldn’t we all be looking for things we can agree upon and the different talents we can bring to the table as opposed to building barriers and pitting one group of people against another?]

July 6: The Daily Caller: Raytheon, Defense Contractor, pushing Critical Race
Theory; White employees to confront their “privilege!”

Newly leaked documents show the second-largest defense contractor in America launched a Critical Race Theory (CRT) program last summer in which white employees are encouraged to confront their “privilege,” reject the principle of “equality,” and “defund the police.”  Activist Christopher Rufo published internal documents from Raytheon Tuesday that give an inside look into the company’s CRT programs.  Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes launched the “Stronger Together” campaign, instructing employees on “becoming an anti-racist today,” asked all employees to sign a “corporate diversity” pledge and check their biases, according to the leaked documents.  The program embraces the concept of “intersectionality,” encouraging white employees to “identify their privilege” and “step aside” for minority voices that are “more important than your own,” documents show.  CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist and teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race.  Unfortunately, instead of trying to bring people together CRT is an effort to divide, or segregate, people based upon their race.

July 6: One America News NetworkWell Hello! Nine key OECD nations
reject Biden “Global Tax Plan”
Joe Biden’s proposal to impose a global tax on the corporate sectors ran into a pushback by a number of foreign countries. At least nine members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have rejected Biden’s proposal to impose a 15 percent global tax.  U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced 130 of the 139 nations reached an agreement of the global minimum tax. The remaining nine nations including Hungary, Ireland and Peru have rejected the proposal. These foreign countries have maintained low corporate tax rates and argued their economies greatly benefit from hosting the headquarters of global corporations, especially in the technology sector.  And why should other nations try to cover for bad economic decisions made in the United States?

July 6: The Washington TimesSCOTUS hands Kamala Harris a defeat
with its donor privacy decision
Her name is no longer on the case, but Kamala Harris suffered a Supreme Court smackdown last week when the justices toppled California’s donor-disclosure requirement for charities.  As California attorney general, Harris turned up the heat on charitable nonprofits by insisting that they submit to her office the names of leading donors, then threatening to levy fines and suspend their state registrations if the groups refused to comply.   After a six-year legal battle SCOTUS in a 6-3 decision that found California’s demand for donor data “facially unconstitutional.”  The case now bears the name of the current California AG but it all started with Kamala Harris held that position and conservatives and free-speech advocates want to ensure that the pivotal role played Harris is never forgotten.

July 6: Townhall.comPlan B: After falling short of the July 4th 70% vaccinated
target, Biden now wants to send people door-to-door to “convince” them
to take the shots
After falling short, the administration is trying to come up with new ways to get Americans vaccinated. During the daily White House briefing Tuesday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed government officials plan to engage in vaccine outreach by going "door-to-door."  "Targeted community-by-community, door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need about how safe and effective the vaccine is," Psaki said.   "Now we need to go community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood and often times, door to doors. Literally, knocking on doors," Biden said.  Talk about coercion?  This approach is raising eye brows, especially from those who have decided they don’t trust the vaccine and don’t want it.  What if a person refuses after getting a personal visit from their federal government advocate?  Will there be consequences?  Who knows?

July 6: The Daily Caller: Gas prices reach their highest level in six years
amid low supply and high demand, stoking fears of inflation
Oil prices climbed to a six-year high Tuesday as OPEC and Russia continue to tamp down on global output.  OPEC failed to meet in its third attempt to discuss surging prices and an increase in oil consumption amid an opening global economy. July 4th gas prices were reportedly among the highest in almost seven years at a national average of $3 a gallon.  The price and demand increase is causing concern among executives and OPEC leaders that higher prices could impact the economic recovery from the pandemic and ramp up inflation.

July 5: One America News Network: Military: Many say they will quit if
forced to take Covid-19 vaccine

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) launched an effort to prevent forced vaccinations in the military after a massive outreach by troops. In a tweet on Monday, Massie said Democrats have attacked his recent proposal to ban forced vaccinations of U.S. troops. The congressman added he introduced HR 3860 to outlaw vaccine mandates in the military, which has been already back by 24 lawmakers. This came after reports claimed Joe Biden’s Pentagon might require vaccination for U.S. troops by September.  Maddie said service members reached out to him and warned of their resignation if vaccination mandates were to happen

July 5: The Washington Times: PA State Senate takes steps to conduct a
privately funded Arizona-type election audit
Republicans in Pennsylvania’s Senate are discussing launching a privately funded audit of the 2020 election.  A three-senator delegation led by state Sen. Doug Mastriano visited Arizona in June to receive an overview of the Maricopa County probe into the election and last week sought legal advice from a Pennsylvania law firm on the legality of using private funds to finance a similar endeavor, according to The Associated Press.  “Transparency is a must in our republic,” the delegation said in a press release last month announcing their plans to visit the Maricopa Election Forensic Election Audit. “Every citizen should be confident that their vote counts.”  The proposal for an Arizona-type audit in Pennsylvania is likely to face opposition from Democratic lawmakers and in state courts, but a Philadelphia-based lawyer said the probe could be permissible under state law.

July 5:
The Washington Examiner: Calls are being made to defund NPR after it
tweeted the Declaration of Independence has “flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies”

Many conservatives are calling to defund National Public Radio after it tweeted that the Declaration of Independence is "a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies."  After the liberal-leaning news organization posted a  Twitter thread on Sunday saying the Declaration "includes a racist slur against Indigenous Americans" while also "la[ying] the foundation for this country’s collective aspirations — the hopes for what America could be," many on the Right called for NPR's to be defunded.

July 5: One America News Network: China reveals plans for invasion of Taiwan
The Chinese state media released Beijing’s supposed plan of invading Taiwan, which has sparked concerns in Japan and South Korea. British Newspaper The Sun cited a Chinese propaganda outlet on Monday reporting Beijing’s plans to invade and defeat Taiwan in three steps.  The first step would be a sudden attack of Taiwanese military bases, followed by the second step of cruise-missile strikes on infrastructure. The third step was described as a bombardment of Taiwan by Chinese warships. 

July 4: The Daily Caller: Stacy Abrams purchased two homes valued at $1.4 million
after reporting massive debts in 2018; How do you suppose that happened?
Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams purchased two homes worth a combined $1.4 million following her failed 2018 bid to lead the state, public records  show.  Abrams purchased the homes despite reporting in a financial disclosure in early 2018 during her gubernatorial campaign that she owed the IRS $54,000 in back taxes on top of $174,000 in credit card and student loan debt.  Abrams purchased a 3,300 square foot home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, for $370,000 in September 2019, according to Nexis real estate records. The home is now worth $425,000, according to Redfin.  Just over a year later, in October 2020, Abrams sold an Atlanta townhome she purchased in 2004 and bought a 4,100 square foot home in the city for $975,000, Nexis records show. Her new Atlanta home is now valued at just over $1 million, according to Redfin.  Abrams’ financial situation appears to have improved considerably since her 2018 election loss to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.   According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution she repaid her tax, credit card and student loan obligations entirely by May 2019.  Wonder how she did all that after reporting all the debts in 2018?

July 3: One America News Network: Dem. Biden’s commission
on the SCOTUS discusses term limits

[Editorial Questions, why isn't this discussed when progressive justices are in the majority?  
Why are they also not including term limits for Members of Congress?]
Joe Biden’s Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court held its second virtual meeting this week, where some pushed for term limits for justices. Reports mentioned some on the commission claimed the court was a “political institution” and argued term limits could eliminate the political incentives of the appointment process.  One person proposed 18-year staggered term limits, but opposed adding more judges. The Supreme Court currently has nine justices. The staggered term limits would result in a vacancy every couple of years, which would give each president two appointees per term.  Biden created the commission through executive order in April. Republicans in both the House and the Senate have slammed the commission and argued it was a clear indication of the radical left’s great influence over Biden. Other people are asking why not do the same for Members of Congress?  After all, they too are part of the “political institutions!”

July 3: The Epoch Times: Federal judge strikes down tax provision of
the $1.9 trillion relief package
A federal judge issued a permanent injunction on Thursday to block the ambiguous tax mandate in Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package. U.S. District Judge Douglas R. Cole [from the District Court for the Southern District of  Ohio] ruled that the tax mandate in the America Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) exceeds the Congress’s authority under the Spending Clause due to its ambiguity.  The Interim Final Rule (IFR) issued by the Treasury Department intended to clarify the tax mandate “does not cure that constitutional violation,” the judge said.  The judge’s decision granted the State of Ohio’s motion for a permanent injunction that keeps the Department of the Treasury from enforcing the Tax Mandate.  The judge also expressed concerns that the tax mandate has breached the separation-of-powers principles laid down by the framers.  The Ohio Attorney General applauded the ruling and criticizing the Biden administration of overreaching.  “The Biden administration reached too far, seized too much, and got its hand slapped,” Attorney General Yost said. “This is a monumental win for the preservation of the U.S. Constitution—the separation of powers is real, and it exists for a reason.”

July 3: Fox News: Egyptian man with an expired visa violently attacks
Jewish rabbi in Boston
An Egyptian man who is accused of stabbing a rabbi outside of a Boston Jewish day school on Thursday overstayed his student visa and lost his legal status to be in the USA on May 14,  ICE officials confirmed.  Khaled Awad, 24, allegedly approached Rabbi Shlomo Noginski with a gun and demanded his car keys, at which point Noginski ran across the street to a park, where Awad stabbed him in the arm multiple times.  Reportedly Awad came to the United States in August 2019 on a student visa.  He failed to stay in college and on May 14th lost his legal status to remain in the USA.  Rabbi Shlomo Noginsk  is in stable condition and looking forward to resuming his Torah classes, Rabbi Dan Rodkin, wrote.  Awad allegedly pointed what appeared to be a firearm at police when they located him shortly after the stabbing. Three officers then drew their guns and told him to drop his weapon, which he did. 

July 2: One America News Network: MO AG asks SCOTUS to hear
abortion case
The Republican Attorney General in Missouri has requested the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a controversial abortion case coming out of his state. On Thursday, Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent a formal petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lower court decision against a state abortion law.  The lower court struck a 2019 law that banned abortion based solely on a prenatal diagnosis such as Down syndrome. Doctors were set to face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty of violating the law, which so far has failed to go into effect.  There is currently one remaining abortion clinic in Missouri, with state Republicans working to defund the Planned Parenthood in Saint Louis.

July 2: Fox News: Texas sheriffs sue Biden admin over immigration
policy barring deportations
Four Texas sheriffs, their counties, and ICE representatives have sued Joe Biden and officials as the Department of Homeland Security for preventing federal officers from deporting  illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds.  Kinney, Edwards, McMullen and Hudspeth counties along with the Federal Police Foundation filed a complaint Thursday calling on the Biden administration to allow ICE officials to do their job.  The lawsuit alleges DHS paused deportations and enticed criminal immigrants to come into the U.S. without fear of reprisal. "The ICE officers involved in this case are absolutely astounded at what their superiors are asking them to do: releasing people charged with rape of a child, releasing people charged with dealing drugs and resisting arrest," Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state and the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said.  "These are really serious criminals, and ICE is being ordered by the political leadership of the Biden administration to turn them loose."

July 2: The Epoch Times: SCOTUS to hear religious school tuition case from Maine

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to a Maine law that bans families from a student aid program if they choose to send their children to religious schools.  Parents in the Pine Tree State argue in their petition to the court that Maine’s prohibition against using taxpayer funds on sectarian schools violates the U.S. Constitution, contending that a SCOTUS decision last year held a state may not exclude families and schools from participating in a student-aid program because of a school’s religious status.  “By singling out religion—and only religion—for exclusion from its tuition assistance program, Maine violates the U.S. Constitution,” Senior Attorney Michael Bindas of the Institute for Justice, a public interest law firm that is representing the parents, said. 

July 1: Townhall.com: SCOTUS rules 6-3 that Arizona election integrity legislation does not violate the Voting Rights Act, Dems very disappointed
The Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s voting law that cracks down on ballot harvesting and takes aim at mail-in ballot fraud, despite a challenge from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The high court ruled that the reforms in Arizona’s law do not violate the Voting Rights Act (VRA). Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Thomas, and Barrett sided with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, while Justices Kagan, Breyer, and Sotomayor said that the law violates Section 2 of the VRA. The Court upheld two Arizona voting provisions: a ban on so-called "ballot harvesting," and a policy that throws out an entire ballot if it was cast in the wrong precinct. 

July 1: Fox News: Two final decisions by SCOTUS have reignited
Dems call for packing the Supreme Court
Democrats on Thursday expressed their displeasure with the Supreme Court’s final decisions of its 2020-2021 term, accusing the justices of doing "severe damage" to the political system and in some cases re-upping their calls to pack the court with liberal justices appointed by Joe Biden.  The court, in its decisions, stopped cold one of the Democrats favorite tactics of using the courts and activist judges to overcome what they have been unable to accomplish through the legislative process. One of SCOTUS' decisions was to let stand an Arizona election law, including a ban on ballot harvesting. The other was to strike down a California law that required nonprofits to disclose their largest donors to the state government for law enforcement purposes.   Democrats saw the Arizona decision as voting rights restrictions and while Republicans saw as election security measures. They struck down the California law on the grounds that it chilled free speech.

Image of the Arizona Audit underwayJuly 1: One America News Network: Arizona State
Senate to subpoena election routers and passwords
to complete its audit

Arizona election audit spokesman Randy Pullen said the state senate will subpoena the routers and passwords that are still being withheld by election officials. He announced the state’s plans to issue the subpoena while noting it has been difficult to complete the audit without information on the routers and passwords.  He said the state senators will determine the timeline for the examination of electronic equipment that was used during the 2020 elections in Arizona and confirmed the ballot count is now complete, but some electronic data is still raising questions.  Maricopa County recently announced plans to replace all of its subpoenaed election equipment while noting the county will “never use compromised equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections.”  Meanwhile while the Arizona Republicans believe it is a step in the right direction, the replacement of equipment is not going to undo the mistakes already made. They argue if the machines are not able to undergo a forensic audit to verify the presidential election result, then they never should have been approved to be used in an election in the first place.