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Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay are writing columns on important issues for today.


The three Musketeers Give Back to the Community!

May 20, 2013

It not unusual for political candidates to think they have some special knowledge or ability that is needed by society. The act of putting oneself in front of friends, neighbors and strangers, in an attempt to persuade them, to choose you to represent them, whither in a local election or a national office is a heady thing.

To some, the candidate is no longer seen as a person but a product ... a commodity. As with any commodity, for example aspirin, candidates are often viewed as a “miracle drug” that solves all their ailments from diaper rash to denture discomfort!

What is unusual is for candidates — after putting forth their best efforts, draining their savings accounts, putting a strain and spotlight on their families and damaging their own egos — to act with respect toward their opponents. To pray for one another, break bread together and become united behind the fight to save their country,  the “One Nation under God” they love so much.
We — Mark Mansius, Bill Sargent and John Gay — are not the only candidates that ran the race for Texas 14th Congressional District because we believed we had received a call from God to run. We are just three that have chosen to set aside the time and effort to continue to make an impact on our local community and to give back to that community.  We want to continue our efforts even after we lost the 2012 primary race.  Why, because “It’s not about us.  It’s about our nation, our children and our children’s children.”  Simply put we care enough to use our own “special” knowledge, skills and abilities to make a difference. 

Each of us is quite interested in history. Mark Mansius has a special love of U.S. history; Bill Sargent has a background on Capitol Hill and a hands-on understanding of its workings; and John Gay is a small businessman who is a problem solver.

And so it is these “Three Musketeers” will be hosting a weekly column. Each week one of these former candidates will pen an article and the other two will critique and edit it. We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we look forward to bringing them to you.

John, Mark and Bill