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Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay are writing columns on important issues for today.

World View: Is your chart upside down?

November 4, 2013

Does anyone know where our Bible Stories, Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales are?  We’ve been looking for them but they seem to have been misplaced.  Actually they have been stolen. Generations around the globe were raised on stories of magic and wonder, wisdom vs. foolishness and good vs. evil.  As children we were read stories from The Bible, Grimm’s, Aesop’s Fables, Hans Christian Andersen, Jane Austen, and countless others.  Stories that made children think and gave us a common knowledge, a.k.a. “common sense”.

Why are nursery rhymes important and why do they threaten tyrants?  Nursery rhymes were originally used by parents to teach their children about current events because they could not speak the truth openly due to their oppressive governments; (i.e. political correctness). When our government was formed the founding fathers included the First Amendment to guard against such oppressive government actions. 

Why would anyone steal our nursery rhymes; something so vital to our culture?  The first rule of warfare is to divide and conquer the ones you are against.  By removing our nursery rhymes they broke down one of the three basics components that constitute or make a nation what it is.  The three components of a nation are borders, language and culture (more about that later).    

In their May 5, 2009 issue, Woman’s Day magazine ran an article in the Live Well- momfidence section, an article by Paula Spencer, titled “Bring on the Fairytales.”  Ms. Spencer laments that these stories “seem to be in danger! … and must be saved”.  She points out that these stories which “stretch the imagination and the vocabulary” are being lost to those who say “’Fairy tales are too scary’”.  I (John) remember reading in a paper over twenty years ago, (seems it was the Atlanta Journal-Constitution) that “Jack and The Beanstalk” was being removed from public schools because it was deemed too violent for young children. 

Who are these “Do-Gooders” who steal from those who have stores and replace them with video games of hijacking and murder?  They are those who want to build a Utopia, a Xanadu, a Shangri-La on Earth.  For them they can’t believe in Heaven because that would mean that God exists.  Without God there is no good or evil, no right or wrong, therefore stories of good vs. evil must go.  These folks are guiding their ship (life) not focused on a stationary object, like a star, but the light from each other.  Their light keeps moving; therefore their morals are guided by a moving set of standards for acceptable behavior.

Without God they are free from guilt and consequences.  So the old tried and true “paradigms have to be shifted” (their words).  They call themselves Liberals or Progressives but their world view is upside down.  If you turn a chart over your results are the exact opposite of what the same chart right side up is indicating. 

John, Mark and Bill