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Galveston County Daily News Header Enemies of Israel Should Think Twice!

August 4, 2014

Israel is being invaded by terrorists using tunnels combined with firing rockets, into Israeli civilian areas, trying to inflict maximum casualties. What are they supposed to do?  There are those well meaning people, some of them with bumper stickers, that say  "Give Peace a Chance", or "Well that didn't work, why not try peace?" 

We all want Peace, but ask yourself what would you do if you had only fifteen seconds from the sounding of an alarm to make it to a bomb shelter?  That is what the people in Israel need to have in the back of their minds 24x7.  Many of them are living in these bomb shelters because of the thousands of rockets being lobbed into their county by Hamas.

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that ten thousand pro-Palestinians protested in London and France calling for peace.  Go back about seventy years when Germany was launching “Buzz Bombs” on Britain and ask yourself, at that time were there ten thousand people in the streets calling for peace?

We all want Peace; the problem is we are dealing with people who are bent on destroying all Christians and Jews and are willing to sacrifice their own children to accomplish their goal. This is not a misunderstanding that can be mitigated by discussing our feelings.   Secretary of State John Kerry said these people need to step up and be reasonable. But being reasonable is not what they are about. They have been at war for over a thousand years.  Presidents from as way back as Jimmy Carter have been trying to find a lasting solution but it has been an elusive goal.  Why? Because one of the parties wants to destroy the other and anything short of that is an unacceptable compromise!  And in the meantime our Secretary of State expects them to be reasonable when he has continually blamed Israel for the failure of the negotiations.

Yet night after night we see pictures of Palestinians wailing for lost children and loved ones.  We too, weep over the loss of life but we should put this into perspective.  Hamas is launching rockets from school yards where there are children.   When Israel strikes back to eliminate the threat to their country; civilians die.  Who are we to tell the Israelites not to strike back against weapons that threaten their own people when it is Hamas, not Israel that is placing these people in harm’s way?  Using children and civilians as human shields is a cowardly act by the aggressor. 

But note the difference in thinking here.  Israel doesn’t act needlessly and it believes in the sanctity of life.  Hamas, which was elected as the leadership for the Palestinians, does not value life in the same way.  From its perspective, life is expendable as long as it moves them further down the road to the elimination of the nation of Israel.

So what is the answer? Is Israel always right? The answer is no, but in this case they are. They need to destroy the threat to their country and the United States needs to stand with them saying they have a right to defend themselves. 

A closing thought.  Scripture records that God said I will bless those who bless my people and I will curse those who curse them.  God doesn’t mince words!  The enemies of Israel should give that some thought before they launch more rockets. 

John and Bill and Mark