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History Repeats Itself
Time and Time Again

August 31, 2015

In the years following the reign of King Solomon, the nation of Israel split into Northern and Southern Kingdoms.  Most of their leaders practiced wickedness.  The Southern Kingdom did better at following their Law, and had some Godly leaders, but in the end both rejected Him.  They received many warnings, which fell on deaf ears.  God’s people (Israel) would reject Him, instead deciding to go their own way.

In 722 B.C. the Assyrians successfully invaded Israel’s northern kingdom, conquering it.  Subsequently the Southern Kingdom also fell. This led to years in captivity and bondage for the people of Israel.  The lesson they learned the hard way is rejecting God means you’re on your own, left without His help.  It was a hard and painful lesson. 

April 30, 1789 the first joint session of Congress was held in Federal Hall, NYC at the inauguration of President Washington. Washington’s remarks made it clear that without “divine help” our nation would never have been created.  He, and others, in spite of their weaknesses knew from personal experience that divine help had been unmistakably with them.  He knew the idea of freedom of religion was also in God’s design. But, he and other founders knew that the Constitution would only work for “a moral and religious people.”   George Washington knew that if our nation every walked away from these Godly principles, it would be left without Divine help and protection. 

In his first official act as President, Washington, and the Congress assembled, walked a few blocks to St. Paul’s Chapel where the newly formed government prayed; dedicating our nation to God.

212 years after this event -- September 2001 -- the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists.  St. Paul’s Chapel is located at the edge of ground zero but was left undamaged from the implosion of the Twin Towers.

So what happened in these 212 years?  We have seen a continual turning away from our Biblical roots --  millions of unborn children aborted; the selling of baby body parts for profit; the lowering of moral standards; pornography running rampant; redefining families; removing the ten commandments from the public square; trying to do things in our own strength; seeking what pleases us and the list goes on.

After 911 some political leaders said we will rebuild and do it stronger, as if we could do it solely by ourselves without seeking Devine help.  For a short while, “religious practices” increased, but soon we returned to pre-911 habits.  

Perhaps we should have seen 911 as a warning that if we continue down this path the nation will follow in the footsteps of ancient Israel.  Perhaps we should rely upon the powerful principle of repentance, ask for forgiveness, and turning our hearts back to God.

We need to understand where our true protection resides and where to put our trust and steadfast reliance. Without God’s protection, we risk experiencing the same bondage Israel did.  But God’s purpose is always redemption for all, it’s not too late. 

Bill, Mark and John

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