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That's Why We Call Them Terrorists!

December 14, 2015

It became clear early on; that the San Bernardino attack, was a terrorist act. "Workplace violence perpetrators" don’t know how to move and shoot while covering their partner. That’s a skill that takes specialized training!  But our President and Hillary are slow to place blame on “radical Islam” or to even mention those words. They contend a few bad people should not be considered representatives of all who are of that religion.  That’s interesting because whenever there's gun violence they paint honest gun owners with one broad brush and calling for more gun controls. 

There are countless examples of criminals illegally using guns stolen from lawful gun owners (and even those stolen from police officers)  to perpetrate violence.  A person, who wants to get a gun and is willing to break the law, is not deterred by stricter gun laws.  The bottom line, even California – with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation – found their laws were fruitless in stopping the San Bernardino attack.

Many are left asking the obvious, “Does anybody really think that strict gun controls would have stopped this atrocious and unthinkable attack?”  The California attack makes the truth clear -- terrorists can get guns, and even pipe bombs, regardless of what the laws say.

At different times, we have experienced living in others countries.  Other nations often handle things differently.  In Switzerland, immigration policy has changed, but has always been driven by national needs.  First, every household has guns and their owners know how to use them.  Second, under the current laws, if you enter Switzerland they know who you are, how long you’ll stay, and the purpose of your visit. You are strongly expected to leave when the terms of your residence visa expires.  Additionally, they don’t allow free immigration from nations outside of Europe. If you want to immigrate to Switzerland from nations outside of Europe, they require that you have a skill they need!  Oh, and by the way, the crime rate is virtually non-existent and there have been no terrorist attacks in Switzerland!

Still the Administration wants us to take in refugees from Syria and other nations, when there is no way to safely vet whether they’re a threat to our national security; even when the  Administration knows full well that ISIS is boasting of infiltrating the refugee camps with trained freelance killers. 

We find it interesting that right on queue (almost as if it had been organized ahead of time) the New York Times had a front page editorial calling for strict gun controls.   It’s point of view? The United States suffered its worst terrorist attacks since September 11 and all law-abiding citizens need their guns taken away.

Meanwhile, at Liberty University in southwestern Virginia, President Jerry Falwell, Jr. encouraged students to take the free on-campus concealed handgun training and to carry weapons.  This campus president understands terrorists and thugs choose soft targets (no gun zones) where they can terrorize people…   …after all, that’s why we call them terrorists!

Bill, John and Mark








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