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Lawlessness in America

November 2, 2015

Our nation was founded as a nation of laws. No person was supposed to be above the law.  The Director of the FBI recently addressed a historic increase in crime in America, especially murder.  What’s causing this spike in crime?
In many countries down through the ages laws were arbitrary rules that were imposed upon the citizenry to control them.  America’s founders made it clear laws are only lawful if they have the consent of the governed.  The Constitution is the U.S.’s highest law within its limits such as immigration, national security, and foreign policy but not powers granted to the states.  That's why all members of the military and elected officials in the United States swear allegiance to it.

The President, Congress, and the Supreme Court; all are subject to The Constitution.  But what if there were powerful government officials who disagree with The Constitution?  What if they plainly said they think The Constitution is a negative charter that tells government what it can't do rather than what it can do? What if they ignored The Constitution and the protections it guarantees to ordinary Americans?

 The President has imposed executive orders without working with Congress.  The Justice Department refused to prosecute Lois Lerner for her targeting of TEA party groups. Hillary Clinton, with her private email server, has violated laws designed to protect our nation's secrets -- laws that Edward Snowden broke and, if captured, would have been immediately locked up. Apparently, in today's America, you are above the law, if you have political power.

 Political power is built or destroyed by the mainstream media.  They attempted to do this at last week’s GOP debate – it backfired on them!   Often it’s the media that drives the political machine that can fuel this lawlessness.  Sound bites can be edited and manipulated.  Video clips can be misused and are often emotionally slanted.

Throughout history there have been many unjust laws decreed but in America the people have worked and fought for justice and it’s the right and duty of law abiding citizens to peacefully resist lawlessness and to cling to justice.  If this is no longer the "Home of the Brave", it soon won't be the "Land of the Free" either.  Our Founding Fathers wisely understood human nature and wrote laws to protect us from tyranny that always develops when power goes unchecked.

 But, the lawlessness being displayed and championed in Washington today shows a general disrespect for law and order.  We believe the public display of this attitude by elected leaders has emboldened the lawless. This is a dangerous trend that weakens the thin blue line (law enforcement) that protects us all.     Many claim The Constitution is outdated or claim rights that don't exist.

If you don't have a copy of The Constitution, get one online or from organizations that provide free copies. Every American should read The Constitution once a year and know what their rights really are. It is our heritage; it is our birthright and our protection.

John, Mark and Bill















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