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Strict Enforcement is
Better Than New Laws

September 14, 2015

Every day we hear more reports of violence in major American cities. Citizens in these cities live in fear from the thugs who roam their streets. No law-abiding citizen should have to live in constant danger. 

Cities like Chicago and Washington, DC respond with the Obama Administration's solution of enacting stricter gun laws.  The problem is these cities already have the strictest gun laws on the books and they just aren’t working!  With all these gun control efforts, it’s only the law abiding citizens who are complying.  Why should law abiding-citizens have their Second Amendment rights taken away because criminals and thugs don’t obey the laws? 

Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Washington, DC’s Chief of Police Cathy Lanier, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Michael Bloomberg and the President are calling for more restrictive laws while completely rejecting a solution that calls for the strict enforcement of the federal laws that already exist.   The reality is that every possible criminal act involving a firearm is already illegal in all fifty states.  It’s not more laws we need, its support for stricter enforcement by the very same leaders who are calling for more laws that will infringe on those of us who obey the law.  This is the reason America's founders wisely provided our second amendment rights. 

Eric Holder and Rahm Emanuel know that anybody who transports or receives a firearm or ammunition across state lines with the intent to commit a felony is subject to ten years in the federal penitentiary; a life sentence if drugs are involved.  This is despite the fact Holder’s Fast and Furious Operation sold guns to Mexican drug cartels.  

Gun control laws don’t keep those who want to obtain a gun illegally from getting one.  And releasing illegal immigrants who are felons doesn’t help solve the problem either! Just ask the family of Kathryn Steinle who was shot by an illegal alien/felon in San Francisco.  The lesson? – Criminals and thugs don’t follow the law!
Then consider the City of Detroit. Chief of Police James Craig, along with his local U.S attorney have started a campaign to get violators off the streets.  In June of this year billboards announced the campaign:
“You do the math: Felon + Gun = Long Federal Sentences!”

In Detroit an offender who uses a gun during a violent crime faces at least five years in jail; twenty-five if it’s a second offense.  Chief Craig also encourages law-abiding citizens to purchase guns and know how to use them.  In Spring, Utah the local government passed a resolution encouraging its citizens to buy a gun and is offering training on how to handle them.

What we are seeing across the country is that where law abiding citizens are encouraged to own and carry a firearm, violent crime has been reduced.

But there is another issue -- one that’s deeper than gun ownership. The founding fathers realized that in order for our nation to survive it required a moral people – people who know right from wrong.

Bill, John and Mark

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