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The "Affordable" Tax
Day is Here!

April 18, 2016

Well today is the deadline, the deadline for filing and, in many cases, paying increased taxes.  What many discovered is that part of this increase is directly attributable to the “Affordable Care Act” (“ObamaCare”).  It’s a stark reminder of the many ways this law continues to harm American Families six years after enactment.

While ObamaCare’s tax increases are many, let’s focus on just one:  The individual mandate.  This mandate requires every American to be covered by a health insurance policy that complies with the government-established rules, requirements and restrictions.  In doing so it reduces coverage through higher deductibles and increased premium costs.

In 2015 the “low-cost” bronze plans cost an average of $2,484 for individuals, $12,420 for a family of four.  Those who can’t afford it, or don’t want coverage, face possible tax penalties.  That’s bad news for millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck.  The 2015 tax penalty was $325 per adult and $162.50 per child or 2% of the household income whichever is greater.  These increase to $695, $347.50, and 2.5% respectively in 2016.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates the average household without the government-mandated coverage will owe $661 for 2015 and $969 for 2016.  For those who earn too much to qualify for subsidies these figures increase to $1,177 for 2015 and $1,450 for 2016.

Remember, ObamaCare was brought to you by a Congress that was under Democratic party control.  House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) commented you have to pass the bill before you know what’s in it!  Senate Majority Leader  Reid (D-NV) got the bill passed under reconciliation which required only 51 votes from the Democrat controlled Senate.  And, of course, Obama signed it. 

Since then 12 of the 23 federal ObamaCare Co-ops have gone bankrupt and eight of the remaining eleven are on critical care life support!

The chickens are coming home to roost as the American public learns not only that they cannot keep their doctor or healthcare plan (as Obama  promised) but neither is this coverage “Affordable!”  Millions of Americans now know that the premium for healthcare coverage cost much, much more than the original coverage they were happy with.  Additionally, they discovered that in order to make it “affordable” they need to increase their deductible by whopping margins.  And oh yes, the Supreme Court found the Affordable Care Act wasn’t really about healthcare at all but about taxation (thus the reason why your taxes increased this year).

“Are the Republicans any better?”  Our Texas Congressmen/Senators promised they would never vote to fund ObamaCare.  They said it in every campaign since the law was enacted.  Actions, however, speak louder than words.  Many of these same Members of Congress voted for the omnibus spending bill last year that fully funds Obamacare! 

As Republicans we are saying we need to hold all elected officials accountable.  If they promised not to fund ObamaCare then we should hold them to their promise.  If their word is no longer their bond, we should show them the door!

Bill, Mark, and John


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