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Questions About the Direction of America
Hillary's Health | Iran Ransom

August 15, 2016

Last week questions surfaced about Hillary Clinton’s health.  It started when The Drudge Report ran a story, with photos, of Clinton needing assistance from two men to climb a short flight of stairs.  Drudge laid out a timeline of Hillary’s “episodes” spanning several years.

  • In 2009 Hillary fell going to the White House and broke her elbow,
  • In 2011 she fell again while boarding a plane,
  • In 2012 Clinton fell at home causing a blood clot that kept her from testifying before the Congress about Benghazi,
  • This year she reportedly had “bizarre in-speech blackouts" where she seemed to completely lose her train of thought, frequent coughing bouts and “seizure-like bobble-head” episodes and her seeming inability to climb stairs on her own.
    [There are numerous videos available on YouTube #1 | #2]
Hillary Clinton requires help from two men in orderto climb up a short set of stepsHillary Clinton being held up by a man holding her hand and right arm

Reportedly she has been protected from stressful situations by not holding press conferences and taking only one or two questions from preselected journalist when meeting with them.

Now to be fair, Gerald Ford also had tripping and falling episodes and it didn’t seem to slow him down.   But some people are expressing growing concerns about whether Mrs. Clinton is physically capable of handling the stressful office of the Presidency.  An occasional fall is one thing, but they say a series of events may be something else.  Given Clinton’s pattern of not telling the truth and of not being transparent we may never know if there’s any legitimacy to these concerns.


Also in the news last week was the United States’ secret delivery of unmarked foreign currency to Iran.  According to the Obama Administration the $400 million was to repay Iran for weapons ordered from the U.S. thirty-seven years ago but which weren’t delivered because of the overthrow of the Shah of Iran.  Others claim this was a ransom payment to release American hostages which Tehran had abducted.   Which is the truth is a fruitless debate.

What is evident, however, is the Iranians are bragging that the astonishing amount of cash was a ransom payment and, after all, President Obama has been telling us for months that we can trust the Iranians!  Add to the mix that the hostages were released the very same day as the cash arrived!  In fact, one of the hostages was told by the Iranians that he and his fellow captives were being detained for several extra hours until the arrival of another plane – inferring they were awaiting the arrival of the unmarked cargo plane that was used to ferry the cash to Iran. 

U.S. policy has always been not to negotiate with terrorists and not to pay ransoms for hostages.  The reason is clear.  If you pay a ransom you only encourage the perpetrator(s) to abduct more hostages.  Since the date when the money was paid, more hostages have already been taken.  Two questions we might want to ask ourselves: Was it wise to make the $400 million payment in the first place and can America survive four years of Hillary Clinton?

Bill and Mark, and John



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