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What is Truth?

December 12, 2016

Commentators, on KLBJ in Austin, last week lamented that young college students --- which they claim are some of the most educated people in our society -- no longer believe the "mainstream media. "  They couldn't understand how anyone wouldn’t believe our most "reliable sources of information."  They even had a guest call in, who said he was a professor, commenting about his students who didn’t  research their sources and didn’t  apply critical thinking.  The statements they themselves made were all antidotal and they offered no real evidence.

So if the trend they’re so distressed about is true; whose fault is it?   First and foremost the media has earned this distrust by its own actions.  There are many montages that have been put together that demonstrate how, on the same day, different news channels offered the same story with the same slant, using the same key words.  Even to the untrained observer it would seem this was a coordinated effort.  
We learned from undercover Veritas Project videos that there was indeed coordination between the Clinton Campaign, the DNC and the media.  Reporters even sent advance copies to Clinton for approval. Now we see there were only two polling agencies that reported accurately.  The others missed the boat and allowed the media to use them as a propaganda tool in an apparent attempt to suppress Republican voter turnout.

The National Education Association (NEA) is also to blame. The NEA has worked to subvert parental influence and local control in education. They have supported initiatives to indoctrinate students through social engineering projects.  The first step was to remove prayer and the pledge of allegiance from classrooms.  Today many students are woefully undereducated concerning American history and have only been taught hatred and contempt for the founders. 

In America we are in jeopardy of losing our freedoms simply because many of our young people don’t understand the foundations/principles upon which our nation was founded.  Understanding and appreciating who we are as Americans is a cornerstone to maintaining our freedoms.

Students who want to learn and who apply themselves know the frustration of being held back so their classmates who don’t apply themselves won’t be left behind.  In some cases students who fail to apply themselves are even advanced simply because they show up for class.  This has a devastating effect on our society. 

It is important to note many teachers don’t buy into social engineering and social advancement of students regardless of the student’s achievements and abilities.  They are able to encourage and interject a spirit of excitement into the learning experience. These teachers should be encouraged and rewarded.

A key to the learning process is making it exciting and something to look forward to.  Even if a student doesn’t know the answer to a question it’s more important to focus on teaching him/her how to find the answer.  Focus first on teaching the child how to read, how to compute and how to reason, yes reason. The rest will take care of itself! 

John, Mark and Bill

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