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The Election Process Has Begun

February 8, 2016

Last Monday, Iowa voters once again opened the political party process for electing the President.  Tomorrow New Hampshire will hold the first Presidential primary.  New Hampshire, by law, sets their primary election date such that they are always the first of the primaries held in the United States.

Although both of these states are small, they significantly influence or indicate early on the final outcomes.  Since 1970, 50% of the eventual party nominees won their respective party Iowa caucus.   Although both major parties hold a caucus, they use different rules in that Democratic delegates must vote publically, while Republican delegates vote privately.

Up until 1992, the elected president had always won New Hampshire. Dwight D. Eisenhower defeated the Republican darling Robert Taft in New Hampshire.  A few incumbent Presidents including Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman canceled their reelection bid after poor showings in the New Hampshire primary while Jimmy Carter found his national presence in Iowa. 

This year’s Iowa caucus placed Texas Senator Ted Cruz in first place followed four points back by Donald Trump, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio running a close third with Doctor Ben Carson fourth.  Meanwhile former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Iowa caucus by a series of coin tosses breaking a virtual tie with Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders.  

With our national debt jumping over the $19 trillion mark earlier this month; with ISIS gaining ground around the world; with Russian Migs harassing U.S. intelligence aircraft flying in international airspace; and with China expanding its sphere of influence it’s become evident that there is a huge leadership vacuum in Washington or perhaps something worse.  We see North Korea and Iran continuing to expand their ballistic missile capabilities.  We see open borders that the Administration has failed to secure.  We see dangerous terrorists being released from Gitmo and terrorist attacks in our own homeland.  Is it any surprise that the American people are looking for a leader who will act to address these issues?

The American political voice of “We the People” is speaking out.  We invite all citizens to carefully and prayerfully consider each candidate on the ballot and vote accordingly. With respect to the presidential candidates, we ask you to consider:

  • How will your candidate lead on the world stage?  
  • Will your candidate protect our borders?
  • What will that person do to protect American citizens living overseas?
  • Will that person stand with our long-time world allies or continue to let them down?  
  • Will your candidate honorably protect and foster our freedoms from forces both within and without that want us to surrender them?  

Look beyond the political hype, the bluster, the theatrics, and the promises that won’t be honored.  Rather than being enticed by political entertainment, or flowery speeches, be wise.  Look at the character of the people running.  Has your candidate consistently demonstrated a pattern of speaking the truth, a behavior that tells you, you can trust him to be honest?  Pray about who you will support; choose, but choose wisely!

Mark, Bill and John

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