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The Republican Convention
A Recap

July 25, 2016

 Last week, Republicans meet in Cleveland, Ohio, to conduct business, ratify a platform, and formally nominate their candidate for the United States Presidency.   Describing the atmosphere, Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Sunday, remarked, “I will tell you “going down on the floor yesterday, it was a very different republican party than I have seen I seen in prior conventions.  It was much more of a country club type atmosphere in prior Republican conventions… ...This is much more of working class, white collar rather blue collar workers.”  On Tuesday, they formally nominated Donald  Trump and Mike Pence for President and Vice-President. 

In our view, the convention was a beginning toward answering Trump’s plans for addressing three major issues:  (1) adding order and meaning to America’s immigration policy and practices, (2) better refocusing world trade agreements in order to reestablish fairness, and (3) removing unnecessary Federal Government intervention on American business and into state powers.  Because two out of three Americans feel that the country is misdirected, Republicans were offered an opportunity to address this discontent.   We found meaningful contents among several speeches.
Former Mayor Giuliani spoke passionately about immigration and foreign policy that we must recognize and focus on enemies, “I did not say all of Islam.  I said Islamic extremist terrorism.” 

Newt Gingrich spoke about government regulation, “Donald Trump will get America building again. He will blow apart the ridiculous regulations and requirements that drive up infrastructure cost and drag out the time-line to get anything built.”

The Vice-President nominee, Mike Pence added depth to the importance of this election, “[T]his election will define the Supreme Court for the next 40 [years].”  And about prayer and God, “Should I have the awesome privilege to serve as your vice president, I promise to keep faith with that conviction, to pray daily for a wise and discerning heart, for who is able to govern this great people without it?”

In his acceptance speech, Donald Trump discussed a laundry list of issues among these were trade agreements.  “I am going to turn our bad trade agreements into great ones. America has lost nearly-one third of its manufacturing jobs since 1997, following the enactment of disastrous trade deals…  …NAFTA, China’s entrance into the WTO, South Korea, and Trans-Pacific. Never again [!] Continuing, “I pledge to never sign any trade agreement that hurts our workers, or that diminishes our freedom and independence. Instead, I will make individual deals…  …No longer will we enter into these massive deals, with many countries, that are thousands of pages long….”

We find these comments particularly interesting and even consistent with the foreign policy advice George Washington left in his Farewell Address, be friends with all yet steer clear of entangling alliances. We also find it interesting the last significant low number for Americans applying for food stamps was also the same month in which China entered the World Trade Organization. 

We hope Americans were listening and will prayerfully consider who their next President should be.    

Mark, Bill and John



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