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Responding to Terrorism

June 27, 2016

What happened in Orlando?  Murder happened, plain and simple.  It makes no difference whether those murdered were straight, homosexual, transgender, men or women.  It was murder.  As with the Paris attacks before it; it was a horrific act.   And it’s now clear that it was a terrorist act upon a soft target.

Last week we witnessed a big “show” by Congressional Democrats who staged a sit in the House of Representatives.  The reason it was a “show” is that the four bills they wanted to vote on were offered in the Senate earlier in the week and all four of them were shot down gaining less than 50 votes each; that’s less than a majority.  And Speaker Ryan made it clear that he wasn’t willing to allow failed legislation that would take away Americans access to “due process” to come up to the House floor where it would also fail.  A staged sit in was nothing more than a bullying tactic, a political stunt and worse, the legislation the demonstrators sought wouldn’t have impacted the ability of the Orlando shooter to get a gun.

So what should be our response?  First, we should disregard the political antics of the Congressional Democrat demonstrators. 

Second we should admit that experience shows if you don’t allow people to have a gun then it’s the law abiding citizens who will relinquish their weapons and be unprotected, not those who are set on disobeying the law in the first place – the City of Chicago which has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country but which leads the nation with 1,300+ homicides so far this year being a perfect example. 

Guns aren’t the problem, radical Islam is the problem!  If the radical Muslim in Orlando didn’t have guns he’d have found another way, perhaps like Timothy McVey did in Oklahoma City.

One of the Senate’s so called bipartisan bills would keep people on the “no fly” list from buying a gun.  The problem is that there’s no “due process” involved with putting a person on that list.  Anybody could be put on it for whatever reason and they wouldn’t even know it.  And if you ended up being placed on that list you would have to prove you’re not a threat.  Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? And, again, this wouldn’t have stopped the Orlando shooter from getting a gun!

Instead of panicking perhaps we should, at least temporarily, stop taking in “refugees” from nations where radical Islam is a problem until these refugees can be thoroughly vetted.  Perhaps an even better solution would be to help them by settling them closer to their homeland so they can return when the crisis has passed. 

We should also secure our borders.  The open (illegal) immigration policies of the current administration allow drug smugglers and terrorists, yes terrorists, to enter the U.S. unfettered.

Finally, don’t allow fear to rule you or this nation. If terrorists can cause us to cower, to close our society and to cause us to always be looking over our shoulders, they have already won!

Bill, Mark and John



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