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Hillary; Who's Telling the Truth?

March 14, 2016

Recently a politician said that the Republican Governor of Michigan should resign over the water pollution problems in Flint.  This is nothing less than outright political rhetoric and here’s why:

     First, the lead contamination in Flint’s water is a local issue.

     Second, the local Environmental Quality Department and the Flint Water Treatment Plant failed to add the needed corrosion control chemicals to the Flint River water.  There’s no evidence that the Governor was even aware of the decision, let alone participated in it.

     Third, the Governor took quick action and got the $67.4 million in state funds to address the problem and requested another $165 million. 

So why is Hillary Clinton calling for the Governor’s resignation?  Could it be the old Clinton political tactic that; when guilty of something divert attention away from it so people won’t focus on her shortcomings?
When asked by Scott Pelly of CBS News if she ever lied; Clinton’s response was “I have tried in every way I know how… to level with the American people.” When asked point blank “Have you always told the truth?”  she said “I’ve have always tried to…!”  Trying to do something and doing it are two entirely different things!  

Clinton concluded “I don’t believe I ever have [lied]…”

Clinton's emails show that then Secretary of State Clinton lied to the families of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attack telling them a film was responsible for the attack when she knew full well that it was a terrorist attack.  Charles Woods, Tyrone Woods’s father, recalled the ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base where he spoke with Clinton as the bodies of these four brave Americans were returned to U.S. soil.  In his notebook he wrote “And she [Clinton] said ‘We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.” [Lies?]

Then there’s Hillary’s Emailgate!  First she said she never received any classified information on her private server and that having the server was not a violation of State Department policy.  Then, when it was proven she had received classified documents, she said they weren’t marked as such.  The truth is that some of these emails were so sensitive that they could reveal the identity of human intelligence assets overseas and using a private server to conduct official business is against government policy.  [More lies?]

It’s also been discovered that she had instructed her staff how to send email without the header information that might show the classification of the information.  [Deception?]

Meanwhile the FBI is investigating Clinton’s actions and a former staff-member was granted immunity for revealing what he knows.  

Is it because of the growing realization that Hillary isn’t trustworthy that she’s attempting to place blame for Flint’s water problems on the Governor?  History is replete with stories of those who sought political power at all costs only to ultimately abuse it.   Could Hillary’s politically motivated accusation be a diversion to distract the voter's attention from her own irresponsible actions?

Bill, Mark and John

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