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Issues and Campaign Rhetoric

March 28, 2016

Recently, a former Presidential candidate [Mitt Romney] spoke quite pointedly about his dislike of many key policies being purported by another Presidential candidate.   The candidate [Donald Trump] returned fire without discussing the worth of his own ideas.

After being asked a question about a criminal investigation concerning conduct while serving in a powerful governmental position, another candidate [Hillary Clinton] simply answered, "Oh, for goodness, it's not going to happen. I'm not even answering that question!"   Regardless of whether the Administration, or the Department of Justice, tries to sweep this indictment under the rug, the truth about the lawlessness of this candidate will come out.  No citizen is above the law and we must all take responsibility for our own actions. 
Another candidate [Bernie Sanders] seeks to force high taxation on businesses through mandated wage controls (i.e., by raising the minimum wage without regard for increasing individual employee productivity).  The impact of his proposals will have the effect of increasing unemployment and forcing many companies out of business. Competent economists on both-sides of the political spectrum predict the result will be a sizeable reduction in the American economy. 

In our view, elections ought to be about issues; important issues.   During the next four years, the sitting President will likely appoint two justices to the Supreme Court, an action that will have long-term implications.  We believe these justices must be willing to defend the religious rights of all to practice both publicly and privately their faith including those founded upon Judo-Christian principles.  They must defend the inalienable rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence and framed in the Constitution and balance the powers found in the second and tenth amendments.  The right to own arms provides a critical balance for citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.  We must also stop federal invasion into the responsibilities granted to the states in the tenth amendment.

We would be wise to elect a President who understands America’s uniqueness and her role to both grant, exemplify, and practice freedom.  Can the world’s raging turmoil be attributed to President Obama’s misplaced foreign policy?  We believe the answer is yes.  America must lead with benevolent strength, guided by the tried and proven values of our founding. While Americans have struggled with, and always will struggle with, equality and justice for all; it is still the best system of government ever employed by mankind. 

Lastly, we must return power back to our citizens, and to the states, by eliminating restraints such as national mandated health care.  As one very experienced Presidential candidate [Ben Carson] reminded us, these issues are best solved through private benevolence and -- when there is a governmental need -- the states and local governments should have the authority to act.

America is a unique nation granted to us through our imperfect, yet inspired, founders.  Driven from personal experiences, they sought and were granted freedom’s formulas, which we ought to foster.  Elections are about issues, not political deflections, rhetoric, and attitudes which reflect being above the law, nor irresponsible socialism.  

Mark, Bill and John

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