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Only the Brave Can Be Free

May 2, 2016

In the turbulent 1930's of the Great Depression, prominent scientists and engineers proposed what they called a Technocracy, a utopian energy-based economic system that these individuals would administer rather than through elected representatives.  In 1973 the Trilateral Commission revived this plan for a "New International Economic Order."

Recently, Sandra Korn, a Harvard University senior in the “joint history of science and studies of women, gender and sexuality concentrator,” contended academic freedom is outdated and "academic justice" is a much better concept.  

Lawrence Torcello, assistant professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology called "global warming" deniers criminally negligent and says they should be imprisoned. 

So what does all this intolerance have in common?  There’s always someone who thinks we have too much freedom and wants to limit it while ultimately destroying personal freedoms entirely; enslaving us all.  They say their motives and intensions are pure but the impact of putting them in charge; the rest of us will be at their mercy!  Their beliefs are a religion of reason but their objectives are unreasonable.  These are the same people who call for more tolerance for themselves but reject it for others. 

It’s been said whenever you give up freedom for security you will end up with neither.  With Obamacare they’ve already stripped our freedom to make healthcare decisions while driving healthcare providers and insurers out of business. 

They’re never happy with their victories; they always want more.  They despise it when someone works hard and becomes successful; calling upon government to take the fruits of a person’s labor to distribute it to others.   

They’ve stretched the fabric of our society to its breaking point with lies and continue to try to infect others with the lunacy of their worldview.  They warn of impending doom from the latest disaster if they are not given more control over our lives.  Even locally they use fear mongering, not facts and truth, as their weapons of choice. 

It is unsettling when corporations use bullying tactics against states that want to protect women and children by keeping unstable men from using women’s restrooms; or when they want to socially reengineer their customers and employees expectations. Some in our society won’t stand up and fight to keep their freedoms, similar to what happened in Germany in the 1930s (and you know how that turned out).

It’s important that people who apply themselves to meeting the needs of others through industry, also have the freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labor regardless of whether it’s to reinvest in their business, give 90% of their earnings to charity as RJ LeTourneau and J.C. Penny did, or to just freely exercise their freedom to "pursue happiness".  Ownership of private property is a primary bulwark of our liberty. 

Some are willing to give their freedom away, because of fear, intimidation, or political correctness. It’s important to remember the lessons of history; that once we give up freedoms, even a few of them; we shouldn’t expect to get them back. 

John, Mark, and Bill


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