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The American
Voters Have Spoken

November 28, 2016

Establishment Republicans, who have been tone deaf to the people who elected them, complained that "candidate" Trump would hurt down ballot elections and adversely affect the Republican Brand.  Many of these same people are now scrambling to make peace with President Elect Trump. Some of our friends overseas are now hopeful that the “Trump-effect” will extend to foreign countries like the Netherlands, France, Germany, Britain and Italy in their upcoming 2017 elections.

Not only did the Democrats lose seats across the nation in this election but their downward spiral has been gaining speed for several election cycles.  The Wikileaks dump of campaign emails, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner's emails and the Veritas Project videos; exposed the corruption of the DNC, the Clinton campaign and further exposed the media's bias and willingness to lie to the American people and to themselves as well.  The media began to believe their own polls that, it seems, were nothing more than a tool to demoralize conservative voters.

Then we learned some of the rioters were actually being paid to create disturbances  in front of the media which gladly covered these “staged” events.  Some "journalists" even ran their articles by the Clinton campaign to make sure their articles met with Clinton’s approval.  Hillary was also fed presidential debate questions before hand so she could prepare.  [Go to the Veritas Project videos to see and hear it straight from the mouths of top Democrat strategist.]

Even with all the shenanigans by the Democrats, the Republican Establishment, and the media, amazingly Trump still won.  Donald Trump was not elected by the Democratic Establishment, the Republican Establishment or even the media, but by the People.  To see how powerful this election was, take a look at the red, (from coast to coast) on a map, showing the anti-establishment vote.

This election was not as much an affirmation of Mr. Trump as it was a statement by the American voter that enough is enough.  The politics of going along to get along is not what the voters want. They want people who will truly represent them and who view elected positions as an opportunity to serve instead of a goal to be obtained and maintained.

It’s doubtful the attacks on Trump will stop. Will Trump back down? Highly unlikely! Will Trump's supporters abandon him, probably not but even if they do they will not abandon the reason they voted for him. The hard working, “God fearing, gun toting voters” in our nation have had enough. When Obama was elected they didn’t riot, but their quiet votes in this November’s election resulted in a revolution, a repudiation of establishment politics. 

Whether Washington gets the message and starts serving those who elected them is yet to be determined.  The time of heavy lifting and getting our nation out of the quagmire and elitism of the past few decades is now upon us.  The real battle is just beginning.  It’s time to put the anger behind us and focus on doing the people’s business.

John and Bill and Mark

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