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Finally, There is a
Commitment to the Truth!

January 30, 2017

Many attended, and many more watched, the presidential inauguration on Television.  There has been much debate in the media about the truthfulness of President Trumps claims about how many saw the inauguration. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer expanded on the claim that the Trump inauguration was watched by the largest audience so far by including those who watched it on television, the Internet, computers and smart phones.  Then he made a very interesting comment, one we should not pass over lightly. 

In response to a question about whether he would ever lie to the press, Trump’s Press Secretary said no and if additional information came to light about an issue he’d make sure that a correction is made.  Going further he said that it goes both ways.  Reports that the bust of Martin Luther King had been removed from the oval office were patently false and reporters should respond, as he would have, and print a retraction.

What matters more than the number of people who saw the inauguration is the people who longed to hear the encouraging words spoken by our President and those others who protested by disrupting Washington’s streets, looting, and destroying other’s personal property.  Many of The President's voters/supporters who would have loved to have attended were hard at work helping their employers but were there in spirit?  Meanwhile those who protested, once again left trash and debris for others to clean up at taxpayer's expense and local businesses in ruin. They obviously weren't concerned about the environment, trees, or the riotous example they set for their children.

There was talk about President Trump's divisive rhetoric. Yet there wasn’t mainstream media backlash when Obama said that "elections have consequences" and "the GOP can go along for the ride but must sit in the back".  The press didn't take Obama to task for spending billions on a stimulus package that didn't do anything to build roads, bridges or schools. Obama himself later admitted the "shovel ready jobs" weren't as shovel ready as he thought.  Yet the money was spent (some would say wasted) on companies like Solyndra that took the money, made donations to the Democratic National Committee and then shortly thereafter  went bankrupt.

Accusations of lies by Presidents are not new, but surprisingly absent is the ringing of hands when President Obama repeatedly said we would save an average of $2,500 per year on healthcare costs and we could keep our health plan and our doctor if we wanted to.  The mainstream media has proven again and again that they cannot be relied on to report the unbiased truth. Meanwhile Press Secretary Spicer made a really serious promise to always tell the truth and make corrections if and when misinformation is inadvertently released. 

We the people long ago quit listening/believing the media but now with the President continuing to use his Twitter account we can all get the unfiltered story from the person we elected President.  No further interpretation/filtering is needed from the press!

John and Bill, and Mark

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