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Working Together
Makes Sense

July 17, 2017

Even though over the course of our columns we have been disparaged by some readers, we have strived to bring relevant topics and ideas to public discussion without attacking people’s character.  We are grateful to The Galveston County Daily News for its willingness to print all sides, giving the public a voice to debate ideas.  Democrats often tout that they brought us the 40 hour workweek and established child labor laws.  We’re not sure they did all that without any Republican assistance but we'll say thanks for their part in good legislation.  We are all better off when both parties do what is best for the nation, which sadly is rare nowadays.  Unfortunately the national Democrat Party has a long traceable history of being on the wrong side of history.

The Republican Party, while not perfect, was established to end slavery. In 1854 then Senator from Texas, Sam Houston, a former Jacksonian, voted against the Kansas-Nebraska Bill that would have extended slavery into the western territories. Houston had been Governor of Tennessee, then wrestled control of Texas from the dictator Santa Anna, was elected to be the first and third President of the Republic of Texas and he supported annexation by the U.S.   He subsequently lost favor, and future political office, because of his stand against the Democratic Party and their bid to hold onto slavery.  The Southern states were long a Democratic stronghold known as "The Solid South". 

The Solid South after The Civil War gave us Poll Taxes and Jim Crowe laws to hinder certain segments of our nation from voting.   Now they promote every fringe cause to hold onto power and promote themselves as the saviors of Latino and Black Americans.  Yet the plight of the people they say they want to help has often grown more desperate under  Democrat rule all the while they accuse Republicans of trying to keep people from voting.  The National Democratic Party along with the television media has done an amazing job of confusing the issues and casting blame on others, especially Republicans.  During The Great Depression the Democrats said it was caused by "rich Republicans” calling in their money.  Actually, The Great Depression was partly caused by flawed economic theories, which lead to an oversupply of manufactured goods, particularly of goods made obsolete by industrial advances.  It was a glut of supply that greatly outstripped demand.

Today the left-leaning television media appears to be imploding in a self-destructive spiral as they repeat fake news like a bad video loop.  They keep attacking Trump while in every story they have to admit there is no evidence for their speculations and their sources are all anonymous and untraceable.   It appears difficult for them to suspend the attacks long enough to report on important issues in other parts of the world.

We are facing other national crises and we need to work together as Americans and stop the backbiting attacks.  All have sinned, let's repent together and pray for our nation.

John, Mark and Bill

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