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Confronting Legal Impossibilities

June 5, 2017

“Robert Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law.  It is a legal impossibility,” opened Gregg Jarrett in an op-ed piece.  Recently Rod Rosenstein acting as Attorney General called for an investigation for “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”  

The problem is collusion during campaigning with anyone isn’t a crime under U.S. law.  Meanwhile the role of a Special Counsel is to investigate criminal activity.  If collusion isn’t a crime, then Mueller must broaden his investigation into other -- “tangential” -- issues.   

At the same time the media witch hunt continues. After the legal firing of former FBI Director Comey, a leak from unnamed sources claimed Comey’s notes recorded the President stated in a meeting about General Flynn, “I hope you can let this go.”  The liberal news media immediately claimed obstruction of justice.  Their knee jerk conclusions pose some problems. 

First, so much of the unnamed-source information on the Trump campaign or conversations was later denied by those the media had claimed were harmed.  Even if those accusations were true, a comment such as “I hope” or “I wish” doesn’t come close to meeting the standard proscribed by law: "corruptly attempted to influence, obstruct, or impede the due administration of the law.” 

Many comments made by Comey -- which later were proven false -- also brings strongly into question the reliability of any of his comments.  Yet, much of what the media is feeding us, over and over again, is a criminal scenario for something that’s not a crime.  Finally, the word “corruptly” has a long legal definition that the purported statement by the President doesn’t come close to meeting.

Several comments made in public testimony by former Obama administration officials have made it clear that, even after months of investigating, the FBI and other Federal investigative organizations have found zero evidence of collusion.  This is interesting since it didn’t take years, but only weeks, to find significant evidence of illegal and criminal conduct by Hillary Clinton which the Justice Department refused to prosecute.  

Our nation faces critical issues from sky rocketing Obamacare costs, counterproductive trade agreements, complicated and oppressive business and individual tax laws, and other issues.  And yet the liberal media is pushing a narrative designed to draw our attention away from getting important things accomplished, while using mostly unnamed and unverifiable sources who are saying things that are often proven false or out of context.   Even some Democratic strategist have said, “everyday Americans don't really care about this, they care about their gas prices ...”

There’s no evidence Trump has done anything criminal and they’ve been seriously searching for months!  Gregg Jarrett closed with this thought, “How, then, is it possible to obstruct the investigation of a crime… which is not a crime?” 

We should be spending our time solving real issues.  In times past, the American electorate remained silent attempting to keep the peace.  Now it’s time to voice strong support for those who want to get things accomplished.

Mark, John and Bill


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