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George Soros
The Man Behind the Throne

August 29, 2016

Recently mega-billionaire, George Soros’ emails were hacked.  All 2,576 of these emails were released to the public last week granting us a clearer view into Soros’ left-wing Empire.  In one instance, he used his close relationship with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, telling her of his wish to manage the foreign affairs in Albania suggesting who should be dispatched to Tirana with the purpose of ending the unrest there.  Shortly thereafter the Department of State dispatched Soros’s hand-picked “negotiator” to Albania. 

The Panama Free Trade Agreement gave billionaires another country for laundering large sums of wealth at significantly lower tax rates. Then Secretary Clinton valiantly fought for passage of this measure which Congress enacted in 2011.  Later leaks revealed that Soros managed several holdings in Panama taking advantage of low tax rates, bank secrecy agreements, and a government which purposefully refused to share banking information with outside nations. 
George Soros is a private citizen, not a government official.  He’s rich, powerful and closely allied with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  He doesn’t seem to hesitate in using his influence with her.  His life’s motivation appears to be to further his own selfish ambitions and he has a history of funding radical groups that don’t have the best interests of America at heart. 

On the political front, Soros gave $25 million to Clinton and Democrat campaigns.  In this “pay to play” environment,  if Hillary is elected is Soros part of the deal? 

He’s spent millions to support protest groups who generally have been less than peaceful including, Ferguson and Occupy Wall-Street.  The Washington Times reports he donated $33 million to Black Lives Matter which has been embolden to stir up hatred and strife.  Shouldn’t we all realize that All lives matter! 

Soros once provided an insightful view into his feelings about the United States, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” 

During a CNN interview, when asked about taxing the rich, he commented,  “… the super bubble really resulted in creating a great increase in inequality, and now we have the after effect where you have slow growth, but if you could have [a] better distribution of income, then the average American would actually be better off.” 

When Soros was faced with a multi-billion US tax bill following the closure of a tax-deferred loop-hole in 2009, his response was to move his hedge-fund holdings to low-tax Ireland a week before the bill was signed, then in 2014 he reorganized again this time moving his holdings to the tax-advantaged Cayman Islands.  In 2017, Soros’s holdings will owe almost $7 billion in US taxes.  We wonder what his next tax avoidance tactic will be.

What we find even more interesting is the recent ads by the Clinton campaign claiming she will raise taxes on the rich and tax penalize companies who move jobs overseas.  Hillary Clinton's history proves that she will sell favors, like her husband Bill did, while the American taxpayers and unfavored businesses pay the bills.

Mark, Bill and John



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