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Our Elections are Secure, dispite ludicrous allegations
The Investigation of
Michael Flynn was a Travesty

Letter to the Editor: Unintended Consequences; Voting by Mail

May 12, 2020
Galveston County Daily News

Back when we were a group of colonies, agents of the King used “General Warrants” to harass selective colonists.  One author wrote, “Writs of assistance gave the King’s men – customs officials generally, but not exclusively – carte blanche to search the homes, papers and belongings of anyone.”  These warrants were valid for the life of the King and opened the door for tyrannical government agents to target citizens by looking for crimes as opposed to investigating criminal acts where there was “probable cause” to obtain a warrant. It was this practice that inspired the writing of our 4th amendment in the Bill of Rights.  There isn’t a more powerful practice for destroying freedom than what happened with these “General Warrants.” 

Recently the Justice Department dropped charges against Michael Flynn, a three-time decorated General, who had been tapped by the President Trump to be his national security advisor.  Flynn was strong armed – bankrupted and his son threatened -- into pleading guilty for lying under oath about a phone call he made to the Russian Ambassador. The charge was deceptively set up as being a friendly chat with two FBI agents. Flynn wasn’t informed of his rights and persuaded to allow the interview without White House counsel.

With recent revelations, it’s clear that a group of high-level DOJ/FBI Obama operatives targeted Flynn before the new President officially took office. A possible reason is that Flynn was the only member of the Trump team who understood the intelligence community and who had the ability uncover their efforts to subvert the 2016 election of Trump. 

In time, the world became familiar with several deep-state actors (Peter Strzok and Lisa Page). Through released text messages between these two and others, rogue FBI agents  -- with the knowledge and blessing of Director James Comey -- were bent on initiating an investigation into a duly elected President without “probable cause.” In essential, they were practicing the tyrannical action used with “Writs of assistance.” Without evidence this group misused the FISA process to authorize the spying on an American citizen (Flynn) as they made an unencumbered search for a crime with which to impeach the President.  After more than two years of investigation by a group of enemies of the President, the Mueller Investigation, couldn’t find a crime

This is an American travesty. A group of rouge agents sought through the cover of the FBI’s stellar reputation to practice once again on the American people and its citizens the twisted and tyrannical action rooted in “writs of assistance.” 

Flynn’s life and reputation were at least temporary ruined. The process of the strong-arm process used broke him financially. Only with the help from a new legal team, the head of the DOJ and the DOJ Inspector General, and members of different political parties, have the American people learned of the nightmarish actions of powerful rouge government leaders.

Those involved should be held accountable.  They should be required to financially compensate and make whole Flynn and others who were inappropriately targeted.

Author and Columnist
Photo of Bill (Sarge) Sargent
May 12, 2020