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The Executive Branch Must Act Within Its Authority

Debt Ceiling
[Threading the Needle won't be easy]
It’s Time to Clean House;
Restore Trust in Our Nation’s Institutions

Government Censorship Demands Action!

Published in Galveston County Daily News
August 2, 2023

I served 20 years in the US Navy with a Top Secret security clerance; Mark is a student of US history and together we'd like to share a deep concern we have for our nation.

Last month a baggy of white powder was discovered in a highly-secure and sensitive part of the White House, initiating a mass evacuation because it could have been anthrax or other dangerous substance and it was in close proximity to the Oval Office, the cabinet room, and the Presidential residence. It turned out the powder was cocaine, which is illegal to have, and an investigation was initiated about how White House security had been breached. Conjecture was it might belong to Hunter Biden, some high ranking official, or even the President himself -- all of whom have unfettered access to this high-security area. Then the investigation was abruptly closed, so we'll never know who did it. We'd like to know why. This seems to us to be a major national security breach. Did they close the investigation because they really don't want uncover the offender? Are political reasons at play? What if the white powder hadn't been cocaine but something far more dangerous?

This leads us to a related concern. The Hunter Biden has unrestricted access to the White House and all the Biden properties; properties where classified documents -- kept illegally by his father from his Vice-Presidential years -- were discovered. Hunter 's security clearance gives him access to highly-sensitive national security information. In a normal world, drug addiction is a cause for revocation of a security clearance. Additionally, the discovery of Hunter's close ties to Chinese Communist officials, his self-admission he's received payments from them, and allegations he was influence peddling further begs the question why does he have a security clearance at all? Add to this the sweet heart deal which included total immunity from current and future indictments that DOJ attempted to give him; allegations from Congressional investigators and whistleblowers that the Biden family have been involved with highly-questionable business dealings with the Chinese, Russian, and other foreign government officials tell us something just doesn't smell right. Why is this being allowed and who is minding the store? Who can we trust? The Bidens? DOJ or FBI leadership? Highly unlikely!

There seems to be a two-tiered Justice system. The Biden's get a slap on the wrist while DOJ is trying to put former President Donald Trump in jail. Both Biden and Trump had classified documents within their control. Biden took them as Vice President when he wasn't authorized to do so. Trump reportedly declassified the documents he had when he was President. Both were negotiating with the National Archives to work out what was authorized and what wasn't, but Trump's home was raided by an FBI SWAT team while Biden's wasn't. Biden is not facing prosecution while Trump, Biden's probable opponent in the 2024 election, is facing federal charges. It's time to clean house, restore trust in our nation's institutions and treat all suspected violators equally.

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Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius


Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius have written
over 250 guest columns since 2014 and continue to do so.
Bill lives in Galveston, Texas and Mark in St. Georges, Utah.
Both ran against each other in the 2012 Republican Primary
for Texas Congressional District 14, since then
they have become close friends and colleagues.