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2020 Election Riddled with Claims of Voter Fraud

Discrimination In Any Form
Is Wrong

Biden's energy decisions undermine US, Aid our adversary China

January 27, 2021
The Post Newspaper

We’ve been told that Black Lives Matter. Last year it was a major theme on the news as riots erupted from the killing (sometimes described as justified and other times not) of unarmed African Americans at the hands of police officers.  We would contend that all lives matter regardless of the person’s skin color.  The fact that anyone, including our Black friends and neighbors, would fear the police is of concern to us. Yet, it seems fitting to put the “Black Lives Matter” issue into perspective.

According to FBI statistics, the deaths of 444 unarmed people (no racial or ethnic specifics noted) were labeled as “justifiable homicides” in 2014.  Yet every year there are over 330,000 deaths of unarmed Black children in the wombs of African-American women.  According to national statistics, non-Hispanic white women (who make up 60% of the overall U.S. population) have 37% of the abortions in our country. Black women make up only 13% of the population, yet they have 36% of the abortions.  So, why is there such a disproportional number of Black women having abortions?  Sure, sociological issues play a part.  But Ryan Bomberger contends the abortion industry, and particularly Planned Parenthood, is targeting Black women.

Bomberger is a biracial man who is the product of a rape.  He doesn’t know his biological mother or whether she is black or white, but he’s really thankful for her courageously choosing for life and then offering him up for adoption.  According to The Epoch Times, where we originally read Bomberger’s story, he was adopted by a family that eventually had 13 children, ten of whom were adopted, representing a variety of ethnic backgrounds, including Black, biracial, Native American, and Vietnamese. His adopted parents showed their love through actions and service to their community instead of rhetoric.

Bomberger, the founder of the non-profit Radiance Foundation, posted 15 billboards in Atlanta saying “Black children are an endangered species” and referring people to TooManyAborted.com.  About Planned Parenthood, he contends it has a “racist past and unaltered present.”  According to Bomberger, its founder (Margaret Sanger) originally wanted to eliminate the black population in the U.S.

But it’s not just Bomberger.  Others are chiming in about stopping the killing of unborn children, especially Black children.  The list includes Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s niece.  In the 1950s her mother was a college student and became pregnant.  She was convinced not to abort Alveda.  A few years ago, former NFL tight end Ben Watson gave a speech citing statistics that there are more black children aborted in New York City than are born.

Is Planned Parenthood coming after children on a racial basis, the lives that really do matter?  Every life is precious.  Every person has the potential to be a Booker T. Washington or a Martin Luther King, Jr.  All are a precious resource to our nation, but more importantly they are special to God.  Regardless of how or why they are conceived, they aren’t trash!  

And now we hear from the White House that the new Biden Administration wants to codify Roe v. Wade in order to strengthen the legal standing allowing the killing of unborn children.  We repeat, all lives are precious!  And just like with Bomberger’s and Alvedia King’s mothers, there are other options than abortion, options that save lives.  

Authors and Columnists
Authors and Columnists Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius
January 27, 2021
Bill Sargent lives in Galveston ;
and Mark Mansius lives in Saint George, Utah