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District Court Judges' look at the Criminal Justice Systen Part III

2020 Election Riddled with
Claims of Voter Fraud

Discrimination in any form is wrong

January 6, 2021
The Galveston County Daily News

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free ... . You’ve got to be on one side or the other,” Lincoln contended.

“Progressive” policies have sought to upend the very unique architected foundations for freedom. The 2020 election furthered that split being riddled with compelling accusations of election fraud. Numerous polls found that 40 percent to 50 percent believe the results of the presidential race could’ve been decided by fraudulent means.

The evidence isn’t weak. An actuarial expert, who once led Texas’ insurance fraud department, assessed the possibility of significant vote switching by the Dominion election machines and Smartmatic software. Rather than challenge the findings, opponents dismissed what appears to be at least a 3 percent-plus vote shift to Biden.

An expert evaluating Arizona’s result stated the anomalies were so significant no one could honestly certify the results without significant investigation. Over-voting (where more vote than are registered) in only swing state Democratic cities raises even more questions, especially when these results were reported after other vote counts showed a significant lead by President Trump.

One swing state allegedly broke its election laws. An investigative group telephoned a statistical-sized group of Republicans in critical swing states asking, did you vote? It discovered hundreds of thousands didn’t vote yet records showed they did. A hundred thousand did vote, but their votes weren’t recorded.

A grassroots organization in Arizona canvassed several heavily Democratic areas in the Phoenix area asking the same types of questions based on voting records. It found 5 percent of the several thousand checked were fraudulent votes, some voters had moved out of state and hadn’t lived in the area for years, etc. Clearly someone else voted for them.
A Rasmussen 2020 survey focusing on major party platforms doesn’t breathe comfort into the coming firestorm either. Sixty percent believed Joe Biden would raise their taxes and opposed doing so. Seventy percent were opposed to Biden’s open borders policies and granting legalization to illegal aliens. Few supported the Biden “green new deal.” Packing to the Supreme Court was only supported by the ultra-left. Defunding of police departments garnered limited support. So, is it reasonable to assume that somehow the proponent of these policies was actually elected without getting help from outside sources?

Adding fuel to the fire- storm, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Texas’ lawsuit against several states for failing to conduct lawful elections, even though almost half of the other states joined the Texas suit. Really disturbing is the unwillingness of courts to even consider the merits and allowing evidence to be presented. If our nation is to heal the court needs to hear the evidence and then to make an informed decision; not reject the concerns out-of-hand and nor allowing the case to be presented.

We support fair and lawfully conducted elections where voters can rely upon the outcome as being accurate. We hope you do as well.

Authors and Columnists
Authors and Columnists Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius
January 6, 2021
Mark Mansius lives in Saint George, Utah;
and Bill Sargent lives in Galveston